Special Issue 81
(OBP 297)

Thursday 10th June 2004
next update week ending 19th June 2004

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A special issue to report on the use of a very special demonstrator in Oxford.

The photos have been supplied by Chris Maxfield

Dart 414 loads in Queen Street

Other pictures of 414 in service on 5 road last Monday

Clean air break through for Oxford? 

A pioneering system that could cut Nox gas emissions (Nitrogen oxide) in Oxford City Centre is being piloted by the Oxford Bus Company. If the trial is a success it could answer many of the immediate concerns about the air quality in central Oxford. This week a special bus fitted with a catalytic filter that removes Nox gases has been running on the no 5 route that links Blackbird Leys and Oxford Railway station. The bus is equipped with monitoring equipment to check its performance in real time. Early results are extremely encouraging.

The Oxford Bus Company has been at the forefront in preventing pollution over the last few years. It has already drastically reduced particulate emissions, most of it’s 160 strong fleet of buses and coaches are already fitted with “scrubbers” which trap the particulates and the programme to fit all the fleet will be completed in the next few weeks.

The Oxford Bus Company’s Managing Director, Philip Kirk, said. “ It is early days yet but the first signs suggest the filter could dramatically reduce Nox emissions and make a big contribution to clean-air in the city centre. Once the experimental programme has been completed the data will be evaluated.”

The special bus is fitted with an SCR, a selective catalytic reducer, which injects a catalyst, urea, into the exhaust gasses. Initial findings suggest it could cut Nox emissions by between 50 and 75%.

Malcolm Crowe, 10th June 2004

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