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Issue 159

Wednesday 4th January 2006
next update week ending 13th January 2006

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Well, better late than never as the bus said to the queue of passengers !!!! Sorry folks I intended to publish yesterday but duty called and I just didn't have time.

This issue promises to be a bumper one as there are two weeks of news and pictures with a slant on the past once again. So many of you seem to enjoy the old ones.

Thornhill Park & Ride development

Tuesday night's BBC South news reveals that work will start on the redevelopment of Thornhill Park & Ride in April this year and finish in 2008. I have not seen any plans but it is expected to be similar to Water Eaton.

Lewknor taxibus reprieve

The Lewknor taxibus service was due to finish at the end of January but news has emerged of a reprieve. The following press release was issued by Oxfordshire County Council and reads as follows.

Lewknor Taxi Bus Christmas present for people in South Oxfordshire

People in the Watlington area have been given an unexpected Christmas gift with news that their link to Oxford-London coaches will survive at least a little longer.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Transport Implementation Committee last month reluctantly voted to ditch the innovative Lewknor Taxibus service when current government funding runs out at the end of January.

However the service, which connects Watlington with Oxford Tube coaches at Lewknor Interchange, looks to have gained a last-minute reprieve following a new proposal from the existing operator and a change of heart from Buckinghamshire County Council.

The Taxibus service has won plaudits from users since it started experimentally at the end of January 2005. It has contributed to reduced car parking at Lewknor Interchange at junction 6 of the M40.

However the service has been expensive to subsidise and the County Council was not able to fund it following the end of central government grant funding next month.

The current service covers a wide area serving villages on both sides of the M40. In an effort to contain costs Oxfordshire County Council had looked at various reduced scale alternatives, including diverting part of the service into Stokenchurch in Buckinghamshire with funding sought from Buckinghamshire County Council.

Buckinghamshire County Council had initially turned down funding support and all seemed lost until Walters Limousines, the current operators of the Taxibus, came up with a pared down peak hours operation at much lower cost.

Buckinghamshire County Council offered to pay roughly half the cost of the new proposal; Stokenchurch and Watlington Parish Councils have offered support in providing and distributing publicity. As long as this support continues, this will enable the service to continue in its new form for one year. This will allow a longer term strategy to be discussed.

However, the future of the service will depend on the use that Watlington residents continue to make of it, and whether the anticipated passengers from Stokenchurch materialize.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport Cllr David Robertson said: “This is wonderful news for people in the Watlington area. My thanks to all of the organisations involved for being so flexible and co-operative. The result of their efforts is that we can now announce that this service will survive beyond January.”

This is indeed good news but the words of warning about support should be heeded. So often when people ask for a service and suggest support , this is not forthcoming and the service fails. One hopes that the residents of Stokenchurch and Watlington do support the revised service and if it does develop and prove viable it could grow with further increases.

We will have to wait and see. I will publish further details as they become available.

Rob Williams writes to point out that the proper address for the real time website  is not the acislive one that Quoted - although you do end up being redirected there.

Oxfordshire County Council have produced two leaflets about the system - one for Stagecoach and one for Oxford Bus.

In the future additional routes are being planned and we will have real time on more routes in the city.

AERE Harwell - what happened to the buses which ran the staff bus service?

Until the '90s staff transport was provided by AERE at Harwell and a special fleet of buses painted in blue and grey took workers to an from the site on a network of services. Latterly some Olympians, which eventually ended up with COMS plus some Nationals - one of which ended up with Tappins ran the service but many fondly remember the AEC double decks which plied the routes for a number of years.

Terry Partridge has provided some pictures of those AECs which ended up with Roselyns of Par in Cornwall.

Terry writes"One of Roselyns ( Ede, Par) Glyn. Regent V with PR H41/32F. Super buses. This one was 241 AJB. They retained the registration when it was sold to Ed Jacobs, a near neighbour of mine !"


The Edes sourced many of their vehicles from this operator Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell Berks.  They had 237 / 238 / 239 / 241 / 244 AJB  (13/104/105/107/110).  can be imagined they had led cushy lives and were "low" mileage ! 

Later acquisitions from AERE where the XAN VR's - the only VR's registered in Berkshire !

This Willowbrook Bedford YRQ was AERE no 166

Three here - two showing the AERE blue livery 

These Regent V's / Park Royal were built as such. The "cubby hole" was for the driver to see the doors. The DG ones would all be conductor crewed, though experiments were carried out to see if similar vehicles could be OPO.

Glyn Williams wrote on the South West Bus Group site "Noticed an AEC decker in Falmouth yesterday - I know nothing about these things - looks like a Regent to me but if its ex City of Oxford I guess it could be a Bridgemaster or something. Last legals showed ESJ at Saltash who have had a number of vehicles for sale on Ebay including a Wallace Arnold Leopard that has been trashed."

So it looks as if an AERE AEC is still alive and kicking down in deepest Cornwall.

Other site of interest which relate to this article are: which gives details of the history of Harwell

& which is part of the excellent web site run by Steve Annells.

Wycombe's new bus station

I am reliably informed that the new bus station, part of the redevelopment of Wycombe town centre is on target for a July opening.

More details as they become available.

That Iveco double decker again

In recent editions I pictured an Iveco double decker on loan to Thames Transit some years ago. Lew Rees writes "the IVECO double decker I believe is in Swindon area, the single decker was exported to Malaysia after use and no forthcoming orders, however it had great success in Malaysia resulting in many of the Italian buses being built locally."

Ross writes "the Iveco decker was sold by Abus earlier this year to a north Wiltshire operator (possibly called Phoenix and based in Swindon or Chippenham? I was at the Abus depot on the Saturday of the weekend of the Stroud running day (the date of which escapes me - sorry!) and it had been collected by its new owner the previous Wednesday."

(Has anyone got a recent picture of this bus for the record? Ed)

Winchester - New Year's Day 2006

A selection  of pictures taken by me at Winchester on New Year's day are included below. It was a really good day out and there was a lot to see. The weather was also very kind.



I rode on the two Bristol single decks which were superb and brought back many happy memories.

History corner

The recent coverage of historical news has generated further pictures and comment. I am indebted to Mike Penn who has come up with further pictures of Thames Valley and London Transport in High Wycombe and our area.

Mike writes "Here are some of the promised photos."

Thames Valley in High Wycombe around 40 or so years ago.

Thames Valley 574 (FMO 956) was an ECW bodied Bristol LL6B photographed on July 13th 1964. 
I'm not sure exactly where the photograph was taken but I believe it was near the railway station.
© Mike Penn

Three more photographs of Thames Valley buses taken at the same place, I believe it was the bus terminus at the railway station.  The date is September 28th 1968.

629 (GJB 267) was an ECW bodied Bristol LWL6B. © Mike Penn

730 (JRX 805) was an ECW lowbridge bodied Bristol KSW6B. © Mike Penn

856 (VJB 947) was an ECW bodied Bristol MW6G. 
Thames Valley bought only six Bristol MW buses although a number of MW coaches
originally bought for South Midland express services were downgraded for use as buses.
© Mike Penn

Two more Thames Valley photographs taken near the bus station which became operational on June 6th 1970.  As can be seen the Tesco store doesn't yet exist
but there is a new Sainsbury's store in the Octagon centre according to the advert on the bus. 
It appears that the traffic flow outside the bus station was the reverse of what it is today.  The date is 23rd August 1970.
(Indeed this a favourite spot for photos today but the scene behind the bridge is filled by Tesco's Ed.)

778 (JCY 991) is an ECW Bristol LD6G.  This was one of a number of Bristol LD and MW buses purchased from United Welsh during the late 1960s.
© Mike Penn

D52 (LBL 852E) is an ECW bodied Bristol FLF6G.  This was one of those involved in the exchange of Bristol FLF buses in a
number of NBC fleets for the equivalent number of Bristol VRs in Scottish Bus group fleets and was transferred to Central SMT in 1973.
© Mike Penn 

Photographs of London Country buses at High Wycombe.

RT4108  (LUC 457) was one of a considerable number of the type transferred to London Country on its formation on January 1st 1970. 
It is seen having just left the bus station on local service 326 (although the blind under the canopy reads 362). 
The date is September 26th 1970.
© Mike Penn

RF64 (LYF 415) was built as a Green Line coach and later received the modification treatment including a curved glass windscreen. 
Later it was downgraded to a bus with the side route boards removed, a yellow band in place of the light green one and London Country fleet names. 
However, when photographed on April 17th 1971, it was still on Green Line work, in this case the long 724 route to Romford via Watford and Hertford. 
Much of this route still exists though the terminal points have been changed to Heathrow Airport and Harlow.
© Mike Penn

RF612 (NLE 612) was one of those built as a country area bus.  It is seen on local service 442 passing the London Country garage on April 17th 1971.
© Mike Penn

RC10 (CUV 68C) was one of a batch of 14 Willowbrook bodied AEC Reliances bought by London Transport in 1965
and delivered in a flake grey livery with a green band for Green Line route 705.  Later they were repainted in
standard Green Line livery and moved on to a number of other routes.  It is seen amidst a cloud of exhaust smoke
having just left the London Country garage on Green Line route 711 to Reigate via central London.  The date is April 17th 1971.
© Mike Penn

RML2416 (JJD 416D) was one of 200 RMLs built for country area routes.  It is seen passing the London Country garage
on route 363 to Totteridge on April 17th 1971. 
It continued to serve London for a staggering 34 further years, being withdrawn from service 38 in October 2005.
© Mike Penn

MB95 (VLW 95G) was one of the first production batch of  MCW bodied AEC Merlins delivered for country area use. 
It is seen on service 305 to Uxbridge on April 17th 1971.
© Mike Penn

SM451 (DPD 451J) was one of a batch of 90 MCW bodied AEC Swifts delivered in 1971. 
It is seen on service 362 to Chesham on April 17th 1971.
© Mike Penn

Mike closes by saying "That's all for now.  I will send some 1978 photos next week."

I have to say that these really are superb photos and I am sure everyone joins me in thanking Mike for making them available to readers of The Oxford Chiltern Bus Page.

Other photos of interest.

I picked up a couple of pictures recently which have no copyright notice on them and so I thought readers would like to share them with me.

Carfax in the '20s and a solid tyred COMS bus which appears to bear the registration FC4751.
The excellent COMS history available from The Oxford Bus Museum reports these as Daimler Y types
probably this one having COMS own bodywork with 50 plus seats fitted.
They lasted in service from between 1924 and 1926 until around 1934. This suggests that this bus was
newly painted when photographed and this picture was taken some 80 years ago.
I wonder what the people in the picture would think if they were suddenly time shifted to 2005.

This very evocative shot of Thames Valley Bristol nr 476 was taken in Oxford and is interesting from several points of view.
I think that the picture would have been taken in the early to mid '50s judging by the livery.
I wonder at what point the nearside destination would have been removed, if at all and the location
would have been Gloucester Green but quite defeats me. I wonder what my readers know about the picture?

Thames Transit loans from Red Admiral

In the last issue mention was made of the Red Admiral buses which were loaned to Oxford's Thames Transit to commence their Park & Ride. Here is a picture of an example in service in Portsmouth. The photo comes from John Bristow and was taken on 19th February 1996.

COMS JFC776 again

John Bristow wrote regarding a picture of an ex COMS AEC Regal in later life and now a picture of it COMS days has come to light. I don't know who took the picture and will gladly acknowledge same if someone lets me know. I suggest it must have been taken in the early 1940s during the Second World War at Gloucester Green.



I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this page and look forward to your continued support in the future. A Happy New Year to you all.

Malcolm Crowe - Wednesday 4th January 2006

Visit the "OXFORD & CHILTERN BUS PAGE " Archives from October 2002 to date

News of the local companies – 4th January 2006

The latest edition of The Bucks Free Press notes that Arriva have increased fares fro9m January 1st. Most single and return fares were expected to increase by 5% and the discount on child fares has reduced from 40% to 35% of the adult fare.

Fortunately for regular travellers and seemingly as an incentive to encourage the sale of more travel cards - multi use day, week or four week tickets will stay the same.

The company blamed the increases on rising energy, insurance and employment costs.

The last fares increase was in October 2005 and before that in June 2005.

Nigel Peach reports that "Arriva have more single deckers operating in Wycombe. As well as the return of ex Oxford Marshall bodied Dart 3833 (M503 VJO), from Aylesbury (already reported), also returned before Christmas were ex London Dart 3819 (H369 XGC) also from Aylesbury, and sister 3818 which moved from Wycombe to Harlow a year or two back. I'm fairly sure this was subsequently withdrawn, but anyway it's back working here again! 

At the Cressex depot today (Thurs 29th) was Volvo B6 3135 (M715 OMJ) which my book tells me comes from Luton. Similar bus 3107 (L307 HPP) has been parked there out of service since the depot opened. 

The latest issue of the Thames Valley and Aldershot newsletter reports that Scania 3158 (N708 EUR) was involved in an accident. This has now returned to service having gained electronic destination equipment."

Frazer Peddle also wrote regarding some memories saying "...reading the last news letter (18th December) mentioning the "Asda free bus" recalled a memory from when I was about 4 years old (1987 approx.), when the Beeline/Alder Valley were operating in Wycombe operated the "Asda free bus" from Downley through Castlefield in my vague memory.  It terminated at Asda in Cressex at the main bus stop at Holmers Farm Way. After doing our shop there with my Mum & Grandma, we waited at the stop for an hour but the bus for the return journey didn't turn up, so a member of staff from the Asda store had to take us home!

The bus that was used from memory was the First series Bristol VR which was painted in Yellow so it was after the Beeline take over.

Please feel free to publish this onto the next OCBP newsletter, it may jog someone else's memory from that time!"

New date set for entry into service of the 757 coaches

I am told that the a new date has been set for the entry into service of the VDL/Van Hool wc accessible coaches for the 757. This will be 11th January 2006.

A nice picture of one of the new coaches from G Knight.
4065-4069  YN55WSW, WSV, WSX WSY WSZ. They are VDL SB4000+ 12.4m long with Van Hool Alicron C55FL bodies.

It seems that services in and around Stokenchurch are under review and the New Year should see some significant changes. More details will follow. To end the year of 2005 I picture the ex Motts Olympian 5108 which started life as a play bus in a London borough. Does anyone have a picture of this bus in its first life?

5108 pauses at The Kings Arms, Stokenchurch on its way into High Wycombe on 21st December 2005.

Gavin Francis took these two pictures on 19th December 2005

No special news just a couple of pictures for the rec ord. If you are a fan of the Metrobus then Carousel has a lot to offer.

These two shots show L530 from the rear with a very professional looking livery
and a line up of Metrobus buses in the yard on Baker Street.

Charlton Services, Charlton-on-Otmoor

I mentioned a coach I had seen and Ken MacKenzie from the PSV Circle responded that unless things have changed he records N4 PUS as follows:

N 4 PUS    Volvo B10M-62  YV31M2B12TA044110   Van Hool 32283  C53F         3/96         Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh (SS) by 4/04   (ex N621 PUS, 96-KK-2861, N621 PUS, LSK 871)

I also note that another addition to this fleet is a Volvo B10M-62 with Jonckheere Mistral 50 bodywork seating 50 new in 1998 to Shearings. It is registered M40BUS but was R943YNF.

If anyone has pictures of these two coaches I would appreciate publishing them on this page?

The last Metrorider T3 has gone to Wilts and Dorset for spares. Anthony Poulton sent this picture of T3. You can see Ants pictures at this link

Further to notes a week ago on the refurbishment of the 8xx series Volvos it is suggested that 801 will return in about 2 weeks time in its new guise.

The company's espress service was under attack in the local press during the last days of 2005 caused by the recent changes to the schedules. It was claimed that customers were finding difficulty in getting seats on the services and it was even suggested that some ugly scenes had developed. Criticism was also levelled at the fare increases and the reduction to a 15 minute service in the peak from the previous 12 minute service.

The company has responded with some new changes, due to take place on the 29th January. These were reviewed in the News Page for the 18th December.

Presently up to three coaches run up to London each afternoon to supplement the evening peak services from London to Oxford.

Alan Watkins writes with a question saying "I'm one of those silent types who dip in and out of your newsletters from time to time. Today it struck me you might be able to assist me with a personal query about an Oxford-labelled demonstrator. 

It was Duple-bodied Volvo B10M EHG467Y which I photographed at Membury services in overall white livery but with the fleet name Oxford & NBC double N logo at the front. 

Do you know whether this was a short-term hire, a short-term demo or an acquisition - or something else? I cannot find anything in my records, and a trawl through the net has failed to come up with an answer. 

Hence the HELP!"

MK Metro 

Glenn Knight writes "here is a photo i took of YN55 PZW Scania L94UB Wright Solar at Milton Keynes railway station in on the 6th December 2005 this is the new coloured MK Metro Orange and Blue livery."

Rogan Grey writes "I have just noticed there will now be TWO 757 services at Luton Airport! The other is of course the Arriva service to London. Will one of these be renumbered? If not I can see people waiting at the wrong stop and missing their coach! 

I asked National Express whether they were aware of this confusion and they replied that they were looking into it. Just checked Traveline and the 757 changes to 737 from 19/12/05. This checks out with NE website. I must ask them for a couple of free tickets for telling them! Guess I should just be pleased that somebody listened to me. Now it just needs Luton Airport to add the 757/737 to their web site."

Well Rogan as reported on this News Page some weeks ago the 757 Oxford service has indeed been renumbered 737 and most coaches now carry that route number. However over the last few weeks there are still some coaches operating the service with 757 route numbers. These coaches are from Feltham and it seems that they have not yet been changed.

Richard Sharman writes "Seen on the day after Boxing Day is Chipping Norton outstation,  a rather ironic sight seeing -

a) Double Deckers back on the 20(420 in old money!)

b) This would have been the scene fifteen years ago (but older buses!) 

I wonder if Stagecoach are interested in taking this depot back on!?

John Hammond writes "I have spotted Varios working journeys on the 5A/B on 23/12/05 and 29/12/05. On 29/12 it was 42586 T586SKG"

This is one of two similar buses recently transferred from Banbury. They were part of a batch of 9 similar buses acquired from Phil Anslow of Pontypool in 2000.

42588 was used for driver training of new Oxford Tube drivers on 30th December. The bus followed a number of diversionary routes used by the Tube when any part of the normal route is closed. It included Shepherds Bush to The Embankment and Bourne End, Marlow, Stokenchurch useful when the M40 is closed round High Wycombe and then the A40 through Wycombe becomes heavily congested.

Other Stagecoach news


Tim Hall of Swindon reports that "saw this Dart on the 28th December at Oxford Station working the X6. It was 34773 of Northampton depot and was at the time the newest Dart in the group outside Merseyside."


Marcus Lapthorn reports that "20689 is the latest Volvo B10M to emerge from refurbishment, being in service on the 51 route to Cheltenham today, along with refurbished 20682 and refurbished 20681 standing 'spare' at Swindon bus station. Also on the 51 was unrefurbished 20684 whilst unrefurbished 20685 was on the 66 route. Maybe 20683 or 20688 are now away for refurbishment?"

Gavin Francis writes "...was in Bullied Way just before Christmas and the place was packed. Watched Megabus trying to cram a full load of people and their luggage onto an old Hong Kong Olympian. For the first time I saw Megabus had hired another operator to do a Megabus service, I have never seen or heard of this before and have attached a picture."

The Plymouth coach mentioned by Gavin above.

Gavin took some more pictures of various working between Christmas and the New Year. The Birmingham service is now worked from Rugby by some coaches which used to be based at Dover for National Express services to Victoria.

52621 is seen in Bullied Way on a Birmingham service late last December.

Up from Devon - you can nearly hear 52342 saying "I'm up in London he he"

Based at Romford this Volvo, 52219, was also working Megabus relief services.

This time a Malcolm Crowe picture of ex Tube 50045 currently in Motivator livery - how long before it succumbs to City Link? -
is seen on the morning of 3rd January 2006 working the 0800 to Birmingham on a Leyton diagram.

The Megabus allocation as at 22nd December was:

13602 WLT416 Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 82 Aberdeen
13638 F265LSA Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 82 Aberdeen
13653 J925FPS Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 82 Aberdeen
50126 SV54 ELC Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50127 SV54 ELH Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50128 SV54ELJ Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50129 SV54 ELO Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50136 LX05BWL Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50137 LX05BWM Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50139 CN05FVU Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50147 MX05BWP Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50141 KX05HVE Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
50142 KX05HVF Neoplan Skyliner 91 Aberdeen
13645 H51SKG Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Cheltenham
13648 J515WAX Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Cheltenham
13611 OSK784 Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Chesterfield
13617 H445EGU Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Chesterfield
50145 YN05 WEC Neoplan Skyliner 91 Chesterfield
50146 YN05 WEF Neoplan Skyliner 91 Chesterfield
50150 YN05 WEK Neoplan Skyliner 91 Chesterfield
13604 331HWD Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Cwmbran
13619 511OHU Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Cwmbran
13627 HIL8410 Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Cwmbran
50133 CN05APV Neoplan Skyliner 91 Cwmbran
50134 CN05APX Neoplan Skyliner 91 Cwmbran
50135 CN05APY Neoplan Skyliner 91 Cwmbran
50140 CN05FVV Neoplan Skyliner 91 Cwmbran
50143 CN05FVW Neoplan Skyliner 91 Cwmbran
50144 CN05FVX Neoplan Skyliner 91 Cwmbran
50042 T42BBW MAN 24.350/Jonckheere (TUBE) 68 Inverness
50048 T48BBW MAN 24.350/Jonckheere (TUBE) 68 Inverness
50055 T55UBE MAN 24.350/Jonckheere (TUBE) 68 Inverness
50058 T58BBW MAN 24.350/Jonckheere (TUBE) 68 Walkergate
13625 H511FRP Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Rugby
52622 S902CCD B10 M Coach 49 Rugby
52618 S458BCE B10 M Coach 49 Rugby
52621 S901CCD B10 M Coach 49 Rugby
52619 S459BCE B10 M Coach 49 Rugby
13606 J702HMY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Leyton
13607 J703HMY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Leyton
13608 J734HMY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Leyton
13636 G128WGX Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Preston
50138 LX05BWN Neoplan Skyliner 91 Preston
13623 H494LNA Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Preston
13616 G189YRJ Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Manchester
50148 MX05BWN Neoplan Skyliner 91 Manchester
50149 MX05BWO Neoplan Skyliner 91 Manchester
13626 H41GBD Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Nuneaton
13618 H522FRP Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 82 Glasgow
13624 H987RKG Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 82 Perth
50046 T46BBW MAN 24.350
Jonckheere (TUBE)
68 Walkergate
50047 T47BBW MAN 24.350
Jonckheere (TUBE)
68 Walkergate
50040 T614DWL MAN 24.350
Jonckheere (TUBE)
68 Perth
50130 SV54 ELU Neoplan Skyliner 91 Perth
50131 SV54 ELW Neoplan Skyliner 91 Perth
50132 SV54 ELX Neoplan Skyliner 91 Perth
13620 H723KDY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Portsmouth
13621 H724KDY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Portsmouth
13601 BIW4977 Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Swindon
13609 J701HMY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Manchester
13630 H493LNA Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Walkergate
13633 G127WGX Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Walkergate
13613 J939MHC Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Winchester
13631 H492LNA Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Winchester
13622 H725KDY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Winchester
13612 J938MHC Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Worthing
13635 H763KDY Leyland Olympian/Alexander (HK) 86 Worthing


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Visit the "OXFORD & CHILTERN BUS PAGE " Archives from October 2002 to date

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