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Issue 140

Monday 8th August 2005
amended and updated 11th August 2005
next update week ending 19th August 2005

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A number of interesting items are covered this week from a wide area of our coverage plus a few surprise pictures.

Having mentioned Carole Morgan's 21st birthday last week I have received a few pictures from her father which show her interest in buses, even as a little girl. Seems she caught the bus enthusiast bug when, as a little girl, Richard took her with him bus outings.

Alexander - "a very special customer"

Another young enthusiast was on my coach to London and back last week and it is nice to see Stagecoach encouraging enthusiasts by letting this young person have an Oxford Tube drivers badge with his name on.

Alexander is described as a very important customer and he certainly knows his buses. He asks lots of questions, which whilst making me delve into my memory and still not having the answer, he then comes up with the answer which seemingly he knew all along. For an 8 year old he knows a great deal about buses in Oxford including their routes and types operated. He and his father joined me today on a 31/X31 Wantage working with Megabus 50058. It is great to see the youngsters coming along and I am sure our hobby will bring him lots of interest in the years to come.

Carole Morgan - of City Sightseeing in Oxford

Richard Morgan, also a driver on city Sightseeing took some pictures of his young daughter in her early days of enthusiasm for buses. It is great to see the younger generation coming along to continue our hobby in the years to come. Last week I featured Carole on her 21 birthday and we also have some pictures of her with a Tappins coach which she hired to take her friends on a birthday outing.

Carole with Tappins 419 last Sunday

Carole with her Dad Richard and a City Sightseeing Atlantean

Carole as a youngster at the wheel

Carole as guide on the bus.

Gloucester Green - a report from the last week

Last week saw increased police activity at Gloucester Green with uniformed officers on duty at the Green all day.

Also contractors were busy once again repairing the surface which is only one year old.

Bay 1 had to be used for Airline departures last week.

This was because contractors had possession of bays 6 and 7.

The Gloucestershire Steam & Vintage Extravaganza !  -  Report by Mr Cooke

Mr Cooke writes to say "Not exactly within your normal geography, but not that far from Oxford, I could not resist attending this event ! Held over last weekend at Kemble Airfield just about every form of vintage road transport could be found. From Bicycles to tractors to Cars and of course Buses ! This former RAF airfield is a lovely setting for any event, and with so much space and the Sun shinning it made for a great day out !

On the bus side the theme was Bristol Buses and half cabs, but a good mixture was to be found ! Rides could be had on Bristol LSX5G the prototype under floor engine bus, restored over 30 years ! Seen here passing the excellent preserved Bristol Britannia, now in full RAF scheme.

My favourite half cab was this superb AEC Regal." 


A reader's view on buses in Oxford - a reply by Stephen Le Bras

Mr Le Bras writes "I can't agree with your correspondent's view that anyone anywhere would want a continental style single decker with plenty of space for passengers to stand. Double deckers have style- you can see over hedges and walls. Long live the'decker!

As for bus stations on the outskirts of town/city, passengers want to shop and shops should be... in the centre of town/city.

It is a fallacy that people are run over by rampaging buses- in Oxford-and Cambridge- it is the bikes that are likely to get you first.

Didcot and Milton Park by Steve Annells

Steve Annells writes "A frequent addition to the Courtney Coaches-run Milton Park Shuttle to augment the route-branded Optare Solo YE52KPP is the very smart DAF SB220 / East Lancs Myllennium KXA54NLA in all silver-grey, but this last week I've also noted Scania L113 CRL / East Lancs R672NFR in white/purple 'Borough Bus' livery.  Both are very unusual types for this area.

For the record, R672NFR was in use again this morning! (8/8/2005)"

Chiltern Rail again - an update by Trevor Wilson

I am aware that the problems at Gerrards Cross on the line to Marylebone have generated some interest bus replacement vehicles and also some passengers have transferred to coach and car, at least for the time being. Trevor Wilson writes with some interesting news saying:- 

18.30 Saturday 6th August 2005. Chiltern Railways rail replacement coaches at Gerrards Cross. 


Trevor goes on say "I have read the Bucks Free Press article this week. This is also an active topic on the Chalfont St Peter forum - pages  and 

But Network Rail is the source of the BPF article - see the official statement: 

The report was issued by Jacksons to Network Rail et al at the start of last week (1st August) - so various parties inc the HSE have been reviewing it this week.  I am not yet aware of the outcome of the HSE and Network Rail deliberations. 

A likely start date for rail services is Monday 15th August and pictures of the current status of the work at Gerrards Cross are included below."



A quote from the Chiltern Rail web site says:- 

·         If the tunnel can be proven to be safe, Network Rail will complete the necessary track work to allow services to be reinstated in the week commencing 15 August


ow on to this week's News and photos. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week.

Malcolm Crowe - Monday 8th August 2005

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News of the local companies – 8th August 2005

Nigel Peach writes "I commented about having not seen Northern Counties Olympian 5134 (G131 YWC) for a long time. Inevitably it's reappeared!

Likewise ex Oxford Volvo B10M 3854, which I said last week has been out of action for about six months, is no longer in the bus station, but I saw from that day's listing, it was running on the 326!

We go on holiday on Sunday for two weeks. If past years are anything to go by, then stand by for all sorts of things happening while we're away!!!

Look forward to catching up when we return!

Arriva in Thame by your Editor.

Arriva Dart MPD 3484 passes Thame Market last Tuesday on its way from Princes Risborough.

Olympian 5124 on a short working to Worminghall leaves Thame last Tuesday

Arriva 5157 arrives from Aylesbury en route to Oxford.

Arriva 5158 waits time in Thame centre en route to Aylesbury last Tuesday.

I found there was a certain "old fashioned" air about Thame on a summer market day, an atmosphere I had not found for many a long year and well worth a visit.


Chris Maxfield sent a nice picture of a
Bakers coach taken at Harcourt Hill last week.

Mike Chadwick writes " mention that the Carousel Citaros "appear on other routes from time to time". In fact, the 1740 HW-Lane End 339 appears to be a regular Citaro working."

. MB51 was operating the 339 a week last Tuesday afternoon.

Nigel Preston sent a phone picture of two Oxford coaches.
Not of high resolution but at least a record.

Bus Monkey reports 

Mon 1st
616 on 15

Tue 2nd
616 on 5

Curly asked what about the ex Oxford Olympians and where are they now. He records the following for confirmation.

208 is with Thames travel and operates the 105

218 is with Charlton services

220 and 221 are with Worth's and 1 operated the last 70

22 is with Jeffs {l think}

223 and 224 are with Helmdon

Where are 214 and Titan 975?

He goes on to report that  

214's final duty was a 13B

221's final duty was a 601

22's final duty was a 22, 35 or 602

223's final duty was a 2A

224's final duty was a 22 or 601

975's final duty was 300

Curly also adds that for details of the St Giles Fayre diversions you can view\new/News%20Stories/News%20Story-StGilesFairDiversions2003.htm

Curly reports that on 03 Aug

A Volvo on the 8A With blinds on Barton and side and rear said it was the 8 ?? 

101 and 102 were on Park & Ride 300/400

04 Aug 

102 was on 4A . It Might have worked the 4 and 4C sometime in the Day 

641 on 2 in George St

101 on 400

Ian Pinnell has also been busy with a phone with a camera saying "Hello there Malcolm. I attach a picture of Trident 102, followed by 607 on the Barton Estate (Monday 8th August 2005) Its been a while I think since OBC had a Trident on the Barton Estate.

Apologies for the dodgy camera work and poor picture quality, but this was taken from my mobile phone!"


Chris Maxfield also sent some pictures and included a fine shot of a Citaro on 5 road. Is this a first?

Alex Evans was busy on a trip to Gatwick with a friend sending me a couple of nice pictures of an Airline coach en route Gatwick.


A seemingly new livery on this ex Wallace Arnold coach, picture by Chris Maxfield when he visited Banbury last week.

Ken McKenzie sent the latest fleet list and asks if there are any additions?

HEYFORDIAN Travel Limited, Murdock Road, BICESTER, OX26 4PP. 

ESU 940         Scania K112CRS                1806142                Jonkheere                            18844          C51FT          3/84                     Goodwin, Stockport (GM)  1/94    (ex A 60 JLW  by 2/88)

FIL 7662         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON47                     ECW        24978                    H45/32F       8/81            Hoar & Savage, Tilsworth (BD)  6/00      (ex JTY 373X by 1/03)

FIL 8317         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON49                     ECW        24980                    H45/32F       8/81            Hoar & Savage, Tilsworth (BD)  6/00        (ex JTY 375X by 1/05)

FIL 8441         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON128                   ECW        25003                    H45/32F       11/81           Hoar & Savage, Tilsworth (BD)  9/00        (ex JTY 398X  by 1/03)                                                                                                                             

FIL 9664         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON800                   ECW        25536                    H45/32F       5/83            Arriva Durham County (DM) 7227  1/02   (ex 1430 PP by 3/05, AEF 227Y by 1/03)

LDZ 2502        Scania K112CRS                1810746                Jonkheere 20279                  C51FT          2/87            Gillespie, Kelty (SE)  3/92                     (ex D313 VVV  3/92)

LDZ 2503        Scania K112CRS                1809052                Jonkheere 20278                  C51FT          2/87            Buddens, Romsey (HA)  4/92                    (ex D312 VVV  4/92)

SJI 4428         Scania K112CRS                1807035                Jonkheere   19293                 C51FT          2/85           Constable, Long Melford (SK)  3/95     (ex B989 MAB  9/94, RDU  4  9/88, B505 CBD  2/88)

VSF 438          Toyota HDB30R                  0001092                Caetano  051051                  C14FT          5/92            Hitchcox, Kidlington (OX)  9/98               (ex 1636 VB by 9/04, J 27 OPC  by 3/01)

XCT 550         Scania K112CRS                1807034                Jonckheere 19292                 C51FT          2/85            Cross Gates, Cross Gates (CS)  4/92    (ex B984 MAB  c8/89, HYY 3  11/88, B504 CBD  2/88)

YAY 537          Volvo B10M-60                   021524                  Van Hool 14036                    C49FT          5/89            Durham City, Brandon (DM)  4/96        (ex F483 OFT  4/96)

8216 FN          Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON1883                 ECW        26139                    H45/32F       5/85            Arriva Durham County (DM) 7253  9/01     (ex B253 PHN  by 10/02)                                                                                                                          

9682 FH          Scania K112CRS                1806431                Jonckheere 19244                 C53F            3/85            NEW  3/85                   (ex 1264 LG  by 3/05,  B157 YBW  10/88)

6595 KV         Scania K112CRS                1806423                Jonckheere 19242                 C53F            3/85            NEW  3/85                      (ex 5089 LG by 3/05, B156 YBW  10/88)

8779 KV         Volvo B10M-60                   023956                  Jonckheere 21990                 C51FT          8/90            Heather, Ruckinge (KT)  by 3/05   (ex H  10 HJC by 3/05, H  48 VNH)                  

7396 LJ           Volvo B10M-60                   031704                  Jonckheere 23062                 C53FT          5/93            Turner, Bristol  (GL)  3/99                 (ex K906 RGE  by5/02)

8252 MX         DAF SB3000DKV601           318899                  Plaxton    8912DHB1479        C53F            4/89            City of Oxford (OX) 135          5/98             (ex F135 LJO  6/98)

9467 MU         Scania K112CRS                1806420                Jonckheere 19120                 C55F            9/85            Cresswell, Moira (DE)  1/91     (ex 6960 TU by 3/04, C 47 CKR  7/91)

2185 NU         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON1725                 ECW        26132                    H45/32F       3/85            Arriva Durham County (DM) 7246  9/01   (ex B246 NVN by 5/03)

2622 NU         Toyota HB31R                    0003099                Caetano 051003                  C21F            5/90            NEW  5/90                         (ex G152 ELJ  by 4/94)

4078 NU         Auwarter  N122/3               91 170 39              Auwarter                              ?                  CH57/22CT  6/91                     Mayo, Caterham (SR)  8/95   (ex H297 GKN  9/95)

7958 NU         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON1724                 ECW        26131                    H45/32F       3/85            Arriva Durham County (DM) 7245  9/01            (ex B245 NVN by 3/05)

2482 NX         Volvo B10M-61                   017093                  Van Hool 13099                    C49FT          4/88            Lewis, Greenwich (LN)           by 10/00    (ex E418 JKS  10/00, 90 RYD  by 3/00, E418 JKS  2/98, 439 BUS  12/96, E743 TCS  11/93)

7209 RU         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON10108               ECW        26365                    CH42/30F     5/86            Arriva Durham County (DM) 7266  9/01      (ex C266 XEF by 10/02)

7298 RU         Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON10098               ECW        26364                    CH42/30F     5/86            Arriva Durham County (DM) 7265  9/01    (ex C265 XEF  by 10/02)                                                                                                                

2779 UE          DAF SB3000DKV601           325390                  Plaxton    8912DHB1482        C53F            4/89            City of Oxford (OX) 139  by 5/98   (ex 4128 AP  by 5/02, F139 LJO  6/98)

8548 VF          Leyland ONLXB/1R              ON1913                 ECW        26141                    H45/32F       6/85            Arriva Durham County (DM) 7255  9/01  (ex B255 RAJ by 1/04)

1435 VZ         Toyota HZB50R                  9000023                Caetano  351040                  C18F            3/94            NEW  3/94    (ex 2462 FD  by 11/02, L535 XUT  9/96)                                                                                                    

4827 WD        Scania K112CRS                1806139                Jonckheere 18843                 C51FT          3/84            BTS, Borehamwood (HT)  4/94  (ex A545 TMJ  5/91, ESU 930  4/90, A 59 JLW  4/87)

868 AVO         Scania K112CRS                1806320                Jonckheere 18998                 C49FT          5/84            O’Sullivan, Huyton  (MY) 12/92     (ex A 52 JLW  by 7/91)

481 HYE          Optare MR03                      VN1322                 Optare     1322                     B28F            4/93            London General (LN) MRL228  10/99   (ex K428 HWY  11/99)

943 YKN         Optare MR03                      VN1328                 Optare     1328                     B28F            3/93            London General (LN) MRL234  10/99    (ex K434 HWY  11/99)

B739 GCN       Leyland ONCL10/1RV          ON1831                 ECW        26007                    H45/32F       4/85            Go Coastline (TW) 3739                                10/03

L  26 CAY       MAN 11.190                       4691398G086014   Caetano 359010                  C33FT          3/94            NEW  3/94           (ex 9467 MU  1/04, L 26 CAY  9/96)

L409 GPY        Volvo B6-50                       05246                    Plaxton    9310.2VWN1953     B40F            2/94            Go Gateshead (TW) 8409  4/05

L579 JSA        Volvo B10M-60                   032080                  Plaxton    9312VCM1435        C51F            8/93            Bluebird (SN) 52169  5/05    (ex GSU 950, L579 JSA)

L584 JSA        Volvo B10M-60                   032110                  Plaxton    9312VCM1440        C51F            9/93            Bluebird (SN) 52174  5/05   (ex WLT 526, L584 JSA)  

L585 JSA        Volvo B10M-60                   032111                  Plaxton    9312VCM1441        C51F            9/93            Bluebird (SN) 52175  3/05   (ex NSU 132, L585 JSA)

L587 JSA        Volvo B10M-62                   032113                  Plaxton    9312VCM1443        C51F            9/93            Bluebird (SN) 52177  3/05   (ex ESU 435, L587 JSA)                                 

L740 YGE        Volvo B10M-62                   040934                  Jonckheere 23382                 C49FT          3/94            Park, Hamilton (SW)  12/95

L743 YGE        Volvo B10M-62                   041036                  Jonckheere 23388                 C53FT          3/94            Park, Hamilton (SW)  12/95

L745 YGE        Volvo B10M-62                   041079                  Jonckheere 23393                 C49FT          3/94            Park, Hamilton (SW)  2/96

L752 YGE        Volvo B10M-62                   041058                  Jonckheere 23391                 C53F            4/94            Durham City, Brandon (DM) ???? 8/02

M993 HHS       Volvo B10M-62                   042256                  Jonckheere 23558                 C53F            2/95            Compass Royston, Stockton (CD)  12/02   (ex KSK 986  11/95)                                                                                                                  

M833 HNS       Volvo B10M-62                   041705                  Van Hool  31862                    C49FT          2/95            Wickson, Walsall Wood (WM)  9/02    (ex WT 3667  9/02, M833 HNS  12/98, LSK 504  10/97)

M634 KVU       Volvo B10M-62                   042181                  Van Hool 32207                    C46FT          2/95            Shearings (GM) 634  4/03

M639 KVU       Volvo B10M-62                   042219                  Van Hool 32212                    C46FT          3/95            Shearings (GM) 639  4/03

N605 JGP        Mercedes-Benz 811D          670303-2N-038488 Crystals   1424                     B29F            11/95 Crystals, Dartford (KT) by 4/02

N802 NHS       Volvo B10M-62                   044265                  Jonckheere 23796                 C53F            2/96            Jeffs, Hemdon  (NO)  2/02

N803 NHS       Volvo B10M-62                   044266                  Jonckheere 23797                 C53F            2/96            Jeffs, Hemdon  (NO)  2/02

N808 NHS       Volvo B10M-62                   044271                  Jonckheere 23802                 C53F            2/96            Jeffs, Hemdon  (NO)  2/02

N809 NHS       Volvo B10M-62                   044272                  Jonckheere 23803                 C49FT          3/96            Johnson, Hodthorpe  (DE)  5/98

N722 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044371                  Jonckheere 23991                 C46FT          2/96            Shearings (GM) 722  9/04

N724 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044373                  Jonckheere 23993                 C46FT          2/96            Shearings (GM) 724  9/04

N726 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044460                  Jonckheere 23995                 C46FT          2/96            Shearings (GM) 726  9/04

N727 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044461                  Jonckheere 23996                 C46FT          2/96            Shearings (GM) 727  9/04

N728 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044462                  Jonckheere 23997                 C46FT          2/96            Shearings (GM) 728  9/04

N731 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044489                  Jonckheere 24000                 C46FT          3/96            Shearings (GM) 731  8/04

N732 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044490                  Jonckheere 24001                 C46FT          3/96            Shearings (GM) 732  8/04

N733 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044491                  Jonckheere 24002                 C46FT          3/96            Shearings (GM) 733  8/04

N734 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044492                  Jonckheere 24003                 C46FT          3/96            Shearings (GM) 734  8/04

N735 UVR       Volvo B10M-62                   044493                  Jonckheere 24004                 C53F            3/96            Shearings (GM) 735  8/04

R415 EOS       Volvo B10M-62                   060587                  Van Hool  33085                    C53F            3/98            Park, Hamilton (SW)  8/02                  (ex LSK 502  10/00)

R998 KKO       Auwarter  N122/3               301222WSP26892   Auwarter 1222455                CH57/20DT   3/98            Holmeswood, Holmswood (LA) 4/04

T723 UOS       Volvo B10M-62                   061035                  Jonckheere 25006                 C53F            3/99            Winson, Loughborough (LE)  3/03          (ex LSK 830  11/01)

T725 UOS       Volvo B10M-62                   061044                  Jonckheere 25008                 C53F            3/99            Park, Hamilton (SW)  4/03                    (ex LSK 832  11/01)

YN 53 YGZ      Optare M850                      19000000001292    Optare     ?                           B29F            by1/04         NEW    by 1/04                                                                            

August 1st 2005

Ken MacKenzie, Oxfordshire Small Operators Sub Editor writes "Malcolm, as promised a fleet list for Heyfordian as I see it on August 1st 2005. 

Not 100% certain it's correct but it's the best I can assess. Any errors or amendments would be gratefully received by your readers.

If they can e-mail me on I will amend and perhaps we can re-issue on a six month cycle.

McLeans of Witney

Chris Maxfield sent a number of pictures from McLeans coaches


Matt Cooper says "Hello!  It's been a little while since I've been in touch, hope that you are well.  Not much to report from MK at the moment.  We are due a batch of new Wright bodied Scanias very soon, six in total, to be delivered over the next few months, hopefully the first will be with us at the end of August.  I have been scanning pics, and loading my digital bus photos onto a new fotopic site which can be found at which has some recent shots of buses in the area plus some older scanned images of Oxford during my summer there and some of my collection of Wycombe Bus vehicles, including some of the D-UTF batch featured in the last news page. During my time at the Vale School in Aylesbury (1993-1995) I frequently travelled on this batch, which never seemed suited to Wycombe's hills!  They were good performers on the marathon X15 route however!

I'll be in touch again soon, keep up the good work!

Motts of Aylesbury

Gavin Francis took this picture of a Motts Metrobus F763EKM working a Football Special last Saturday.
Gavin suggest that Wycombe, when meeting Oxford next Saturday should have a winning score line.


Stephen Le Bras writes "Having checked a few more of the NXLs on the 420, I can report that NXL16- WJC and 18 is WJF. I rather think that 19 is actually WJG- my notes from my spotters' pad last week made it look like WJL."

The new Scanias as we have seen have a kind of after thought destination box
on the front dome. Here it is in close up.

Quite a lot of interesting items this week.

The Grove bridge closure is still in effect and I thought it might be interesting to show a couple of pictures of the Megabus ex Tube M A N coaches working to Wantage and Grove as a terminus. The first two are taken in Oxford and Abingdon respectively.

50058 is seen working the 0625 31 service to Wantage last Monday.
In the early morning one can find a number of unusual working and here we see 34470 on an Abingdon-Harwell working
followed by 50058 waiting time before proceeding to Wantage.

Chris Maxfield writes re the pictures below, "a few from Banbury, 42379 along with 42380 are the Varios transferred from Witney pending delivery of the Solos".

Chris Maxfield visited Banbury and took some interesting pictures.
The first is of 42379 on a 488 working to Chipping Norton, followed by 31852 on a B5 working.
Chris's last picture is of 31365 on the branded 500 trunk route from Banbury to Brackley.

Ian Pinnell took this shot of a Witney Trident working the 20 service from Gloucester Green.
These Tridents, with 100 route branding can often be found on the 20.

Chris Maxfield caught ex Witney Olympian 16514 displaying its branding for the X1.
One could be forgiven for thinking this was in Devon - cream teas etc !!!!

A nice picture of 34470 again, this time by Gavin Francis, who found it on the 1 on 4th August.

Bus Monkey writes with the following observation.

Wed 3rd
20228 on 1

I will continue the Stagecoach contributions next week as time is running out this evening.


If you wish to be included on a mailing list where I will advise of any mid week news & when each News Page is posted
please let me know on

If you have a digital camera and wish to submit photos for this page please send them to the me at


I welcome your photos for inclusion on this page. Please send them to me at

These are three most interesting sites which I do recommend

Bus Zone Logo (2421 bytes)

Mike Penn's photo page with much from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire as well as Buckinghamshire

Chris Lowe's Photo page - mainly North West UK

The Oxford Bus Museum


Bus Services in Buckinghamshire

Bus services in Oxfordshire

Where are the Chilterns?

Visit this informative site through the link below.

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Map showing the Chilterns Hills beginning in Oxfordshire in the Thames Valley and stretching north-east through Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire to Hitchin in Hertfordshire. The highest points are over 250m. There are various water courses running from the Chilterns to the South East.

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