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Issue 123

Sunday 10th April 2005
next update week ending 10th April 2005

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After the previous week, this last week has been somewhat quieter but still with lots of interest.

I recently invested in a telephoto lens for my EOS300D and am including a few early results taken on the nature reserve alongside the cutting on the M40 between junctions 5 and 6.

Having just left Lewknor, this Tube starts the long climb through the cutting on the M40 London bound on 10th April.
The climb will bring the Neoplan to some 800ft above sea level as it passes junction 5 at Stokenchurch.

Oxford's 62 follows the Neoplan, above, on an X70 working this evening, Sunday 10th April.
Having not had the stop at Lewknor, the Scania is making good time on the long climb.

By the way one solution I've found to those elusive electronic destination blinds, which on the one important shot show a blank screen. I now use another mode such as a sports mode and then use the multi shot capability and I find out of three or four shots one normally has the blind showing.

Reading to London with Thackray's Way with an interesting question.

I have been rereading the excellent history of Thackray's Way by Paul Lacey. This volume charts the history of this coach company and its Reading-London coach service which, it is believed, started on 25th September 1929. To begin there was an ambitious half hourly service starting at 7.00am until a final return from London at 11.30am. The adult return was 4s.0d equivalent to 20p in today's money. A fleet of six Gilford 166Sd coaches were used to launch the service and these were bodied by Duple of Hendon, a one time famous coach builder, doubtless familiar to older readers of this page.

The official title of the operator was The Ledbury Transport Company Limited whose offices and main garage were located at Crown Colonnade, Reading.

The company lasted until 1st February 1936 when Thackray's were taken over by Thames Valley with whom the had run in competition for the intervening six and half years. The final fleet at take over comprised 31 coaches of varying Gilford marks with Duple or Wycombe bodies. Expansion had included services from Newbury and Henley connecting to the main line from Reading to London.

During the intervening years other operators had also offered service on this route but non succeeded in the way that Thackray's did.

The routes offered were the prime service via Maidenhead, Slough and Colnbrook and a shorter lived service via Winnersh, Wokingham, Bracknell, Ascot, Egham, Staines and Hammersmith.

I do recommend the history by Paul Lacey which makes most interesting reading for comparison with today's coaching world in the 21st century.

Copies of this book should be available from all good transport book sellers and indeed from stalls at the Slough Running Day next weekend. It is well researched and good value for 10.

The question I do have to ask is how have developments resulted in their being no comparable service in 2005.

In recent years Reading Transport ran a London express service and Thames Valley and its successors also ran a parallel service.

Today, when recently visiting Reading I could not find any coach service to London. The only option appeared to be the train.

I am sure many of you will have the answers but one wonders why the citizens of Reading do not have services which even in small way approach that of the inhabitants of Oxford. Surely the good citizens go to London or maybe they only want to use the train? Certainly when I spent that happy hour in Reading I was asked not once but several times where people could get a bus to London.

I await your comments with interest.

More old Wycombe pictures by Gavin Francis

I am sure the Peter Cartwright, now the owner of RML2440 will enjoy this picture from Gavin Francis. taken at Penn on 21st May 1977.

Thames Valley Historical by Ed Maun 

I was very interested to see the picture in Issue 122 of former Thames Valley 446 (DBL154) and 748 (JRX823), taken in Binders yard. I was somewhat taken aback by the appearance of 446 minus wing, lights and radiator! I sincerely hope it is under repair and is not being dismantled. Judging by the appearance of the engine in its silvered condition, the bus does look well cared for. It is a pity that the roof of 748 looks rather battered. These two veterans have been in preservation for a long time and must be preserved as few former Thames Valley vehicles survive today. 446 is a Bristol K6A with ECW body and was new in 1946. It has been out of Thames Valley service for 40 years having been withdrawn in 1965. It passed to Rossmore Bus Co., Sandbanks for further service which probably accounts for its survival as most of that batch went to breakers for scrapping. I am puzzled by its current appearance.  It had a major rebuild in 1962 and I have a picture showing it without a cream band under the top deck windows as the beading for the band was omitted on rebuild. The picture in issue 122 clearly shows the beading back in place as it is lined-out in black. I can only assume that some work to restore it to original condition has been carried out during its preserved career or has there been a body change at some time? not all that batch were rebuilt. There is also a picture of it (coincidentally also alongside 748) on page 94 of the Thames Valley history published by The Transport Publishing Co in July 1984. This was taken at the Alder Valley, Aldershot open day in 1983 and shows it with an upper cream band.    A check of body and chassis numbers would prove it one way or another assuming they are still affixed.  A picture of it in service with Rossmore might prove interesting!  748 is a Bristol KSW6B with ECW body and was new in 1955. It survived with Thames Valley to be transferred to Alder Valley in 1972 along with only two other KSW6Bs out of the once large fleet. These last 3 had been in use as driver trainers. 748 went straight into preservation when finally withdrawn by Alder Valley in December 1974. It had also escaped having its front destination screens rebuilt to T type.

748 has a staggered seating arrangement on the upper deck as seen in this picture taken by your Editor on 30th March this year.


A blast from the past - Crosville rides again

Whilst taking a scheduled break in Green Line during my tube duty last Saturday, I thought my ears were deceiving me when I heard the noise of an RE. It was however real and there was Crosville CRG106 proclaiming Liverpool on its destination blind passing my Neoplan 50123. As luck would have it I was not ready with my camera.

However Martyn Banham was on hand when it passed through Gloucester Green in Oxford later that day and his result is shown below. He says that he went out on a photo shoot on Saturday and "Two 'golden oldies' were about: firstly, the Nostalgia Travel Bristol FLF (Lodekka)/ECW, also in Gloucester Green was restored Crosville CRG106, Bristol RELH/ECW. It seemed to be carrying a fair few passengers."

Forthcoming events.

Slough/Windsor Running Day
17th April 2005

the timetable booklets for Slough/Windsor Running Day on Sunday 17th April are now available price 5 inclusive of postage from

Peter Cartwright
54 Guinions Road, HIGH WYCOMBE HP13 7NX.

Cheques payable to Amersham & District Motorbus Society please. 

For those in the Oxford area there is a special X20
connecting with the X39 at Henley.
It will leave Henley (Hard St) @ 10.37 & 14.37
via Hurley & Maidenhead
Windsor St Leonard's Rd 11.30 & 15.30,
Windsor Castle 11.33 & 15.33
arriving Slough Bus Stn 11.45 & 15.45. 

Returning from Slough @ 13.25 & 17.25
via Windsor, Maidenhead & Hurley
arr Henley @ 14.33 & 18.33
for X39 departures to Oxford @ 14.40 & 18.40. 

There are 136 scheduled departures from Slough Bus Stn on the day
and full details are incorporated in the timetable booklet.


The timetable for the Thames Travel bus service from Oxford, for those wishing to attend, is as follows.

Route X39/X20 Oxford-Henley-Slough
Sunday 17th April 2005

Oxford St Aldates 0940 1340
Berinsfield A4074 Lay-by 0953 1343
Wallingford Market Place 1005 1405
Nettlebed 1022 1422
Henley Hart St. arr 1033 1433
Henley Hart St dep 1037 1437
Maidenhead Frascatti Way 1108 1508
Windsor Castle 1133 1533
Slough Bus Station 1145 1545
Slough Bus Station 1325 1725
Windsor Castle 1337 1737
Maidenhead Frascatti Way 1402 1802
Henley Hart St arr 1433 1833
Henley Hart St dep 1440 1840
Nettlebed 1448 1848
Wallingford Market Place 1505 1905
Berinsfield A4074 Lay-by 1514 1914
Oxford St Aldates 1530 1930

Now on to this week's News and photos. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week. I have not received so much news this week and so the operator reports are predominantly photographic in nature. I do however realise that many of you enjoy the photos more than the text.

Malcolm Crowe - Sunday 10th April 2005

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News of the local companies 10th April 2005

The Volvos launched on 4th April experienced problems that same evening with parked cars in Downley and I am lead to understand that they had to be withdrawn and replaced by smaller buses for the evening services. I do not have any formal confirmation of this fact.

News from bus Monkey relates to:-

Fri 8th
3377 M267VPU on 280, an Aylesbury based bus.

Steve Warwick writes with a couple of pictures saying "We have a Optare Solo demonstrator being assessed on the Silver Rider for two weeks (photo attached)

Also a new addition to Aylesbury depot for schools is a Leyland Olympian 5836 (WLT916) ex London. (Arrived 080405 as seen on the M40 by your Editor.)


Martin Banham also sent this picture of another Arriva transfer to Aylesbury, 5121 showing a rather amusing super rear ad.

Oxford Bus continues to provide photographers with some unusual workings seemingly still quite prolific.

Even though there are three "extra" green Tridents, red buses are often appearing on the P&R routes.
Here we see Volvo 814 last Saturday morning.

Although originally purchased for the 500 route three of the dual door Citaros have been repainted red.
Here last of the batch 827 is back on its old route last Saturday and captured in the lens of Martyn Banham.

Understood to have been purchased for the 16 route, Dart 411 was working the 13A last Saturday morning

Having just re-entered service last week, Airline branded Volvo 67 is seen here on Saturday evening departing
Gloucester Green on another working to London, having spent its whole day on the X90s.
It has been retro fitted with big mirrors and electronic destination screen.
It appears that the screen is not working yet and a hand written paper sticker sufficed for destination details.

Bus Monkey writes

Mon 4th
102 on 13/13A

Tue 5th
407 on 4A

Fri 8th
412 on 2

My own sightings were

Thu 7th

52 and 60 on the X90s plus at least a further two X90 workings with other blue coaches.

Sat 9th

67 and 70 on the X90s

Sadly 70 suffered mechanical problems later in the afternoon and was recovered to the depot.

Still in service

Following my picture of the ex Oxford Metroliner last week I notice another one still with Arriva London, being B240LRA.

M K Metro

Matt Cooper writes "I hope that you are well.  Thought I'd keep you up to date on events here at MK Metro!  We have had a number of recent acquisitions in preparation for service changes on April 17th.  Of interest to the page would be ex Wevaway Optare Solos (YN03NCF/NEF).  Both were painted white when collected on 4th April and are of B31F layout, each seat complete with its own seat belt. Both are currently away being re-painted into a purple version of the fleet livery for use on a new branded service in the City.  Both the Solos were turned out very well indeed and are a credit to their previous owner. 

Another two Solos were acquired from Choice Travel, a fellow Status Group member based in Wolverhampton.  We are also due another double deck vehicle next week, which will make the total 4 in the fleet (5 including the PD3)

I have attached a copy of our current fleet list compiled by myself.  It was nice to see the web site attachment of '
Adams bus photos', good to see that there is still interest from the younger community to this hobby!

Many thanks to Matt for this input.

    MK METRO FLEET LIST 8th APRIL 2005    
F/No. Reg. No. Chassis Type Chassis Number Body Type Seat Type 1st Registered Notes & Comments
1 S401 ERP Optare Solo 9.2M VN6083 Optare B35F 07/01/1999  
2 S402 ERP Optare Solo 9.2M VN6084 Optare B35F 07/01/1999  
3 S403 ERP Optare Solo 9.2M VN6085 Optare B35F 07/01/1999  
4 S404 ERP  Optare Solo 9.2M VN6086 Optare B35F 07/01/1999  
5 T405 ENV Optare Solo 8.5M VN6107 Optare B31F 01/03/1999  
6 T406 ENV Optare Solo 8.5M VN6108 Optare B31F 01/03/1999  
7 T407 ENV Optare Solo 8.5M VN6109 Optare B31F 01/03/1999  
8 T408 ENV Optare Solo 8.5M VN6110 Optare B31F 08/03/1999  
9 T409 ENV Optare Solo 8.5M VN6111 Optare B31F 08/03/1999  
10 T410 ENV Optare Solo 8.5M VN6112 Optare B31F 01/03/1999  
11 S903 DUB Opatre Solo 9.2M VN6002 Optare B33F 21/09/1998 Tacho Fitted
12 V912 UNH Optare Solo 8.5M VN6226 Optare B31F 01/10/1999  
13 V913 UNH Optare Solo 8.5M VN6277 Optare B31F 01/10/1999  
14 W414 KNH Optare Solo 8.5M VN6380 Optare B31F 22/03/2000  
15 W415 KNH Optare Solo 8.5M VN6381 Optare B31F 22/03/2000 MK Car Share o/a
16 W416 KNH Optare Solo 8.5M VN6382 Optare B31F 22/03/2000  
17 X417 BBD Optare Solo 9.2M VN6495 Optare B35F 24/09/2000  
18 X418 BBD Optare Solo 9.2M VN6496 Optare B35F 24/09/2000  
19 X419 BBD Optare Solo 9.2M VN6497 Optare B35F 24/09/2000  
20 V82 EVU Optare Solo 9.2M VN6320 Optare B37F 11/11/1999  
21 MK02 BUS Optare Solo 9.2M SAB19000000000847 Optare B33F 22/05/2002 W/Chair Space, CCTV fitted
22 KU02 JXT Optare Solo 9.2M SAB19000000000848 Optare B33F 01/06/2002 W/Chair Space, CCTV fitted
23 W681 DDN Optare Solo 9.2M VN6413 Optare B33F 01/07/2000 CCTV fitted
24 YN53 SVG Optare Solo 9.2M SAB19000000001218 Optare B33F 09/10/2003 W/Chair Space, CCTV fitted
25 YN04 LXM Opatre Solo 9.2M SAB19000000001179 Optare B33F 11/03/2004 W/Chair Space, CCTV fitted
26 YJ05 JXU Optare Solo 10.2M   Optare B37F 01/03/2005 W/Chair Space, CCTV fitted
27 YJ05 JXV Optare Solo 10.2M   Optare B37F 01/03/2005 W/Chair Space, CCTV fitted
? YN03 NCF Optare Solo 8.5M   Optare B31F 0/0/2003  
? YN03 NEF Optare Solo 8.5M   Optare B31F 0/0/2003  
? T45 KAW Optare Solo 8.5M   Optare B31F 0/0/1999  
? X349 AUX Optare Solo 8.5M   Optare B28F 0/0/2000  
45 HDZ 2611 Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11611 Plaxton Pointer B43F 05/01/1998 Prev. Reg. R511 NJM
46 HDZ 2607 Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11617 Plaxton Pointer B43F 05/01/1998 Prev. Reg. R512 NJM
47 HDZ 2605 Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11624 Plaxton Pointer B43F 05/01/1998 Prev. Reg. R513 NJM
48 HDZ 2604 Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11857 Plaxton Pointer B43F 05/01/1998 Prev. Reg. R514 NJM
49 W986 WDS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW14306 Caetano B44F 02/05/2000  
50 HDZ 2606 Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1VGW11160 UVG Urban Star B38F 19/09/1997 Prev. Reg. R808 WJA
51 HX51 LSO Dennis Dart SLF SFO322BR1XGW14276 Caetano B45F 01/10/2001  
52 W3 CTS Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW14449 Caetano B44F 01/05/2000  
53 NDZ 7935 Dennis Dart SLF SFD322BR1XGW13178 Caetano B42F 21/04/1999 CCTV fitted, P/reg.T410 LGP
54 NDZ 7933 Dennis Dart SLF   Caetano B42F 01/04/1999 Prev. Reg. T406 LGP
55 NDZ 7919 Dennis Dart SLF   Caetano B42F 22/04/1999 Prev. Reg. T409 LGP
56 NDZ 7926 Dennis Dart SLF   Caetano B42F 13/07/1999 Prev. Reg T422 LGP
57 NDZ 7921 Dennis Dart SLF   Caetano B42F 13/07/1999 Prev. Reg T423 LGP
58 NDZ 7918 Dennis Dart SLF   Caetano B42F 25/03/1999 Prev. Reg T404 LGP
59 KX54 AVE DAF SB120 XMGDE12BS0H011766 Wright Cadet B39F 01/10/2004 CCTV fitted
60 KX54 AVD DAF SB120 XMGDE12BS0H011767 Wright Cadet B39F 01/10/2004 CCTV fitted
61 YG52 CMU DAF SB120   Wright Cadet B39F 0/10/2002 CCTV fitted
105 K949 OEM Mercedes Benz 811D 6703032N008164 Marshall  B27F 17/03/1993  
106 M70 TGM Mercedes Benz 709D 6690032N029636 Plaxton Beaver B23F 01/04/1995  
107 R107 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703732N064651 Plaxton Beaver 2 B27F 18/09/1997 Green Travel
108 R108 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703732N064671 Plaxton Beaver 2 B27F 18/09/1997 Green Travel
109 R109 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703732N064637 Plaxton Beaver 2 B27F 18/09/1997 Seat belts fitted
110 R110 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703732N067387 Plaxton Beaver 2 B27F 18/09/1997  
111 R825 MJU Mercedes Benz 0814D WDB6703742N067176 Plaxton Beaver 2  B31F 01/10/1997  
112 R112 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703732N067422 Plaxton Beaver 2  B27F 29/09/1997  
113 R113 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703732N067564 Plaxton Beaver 2  B27F 01/10/1997  
114 R826 MJU Mercedes Benz 0814D WDB6703742N067173 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/10/1997  
115 R949 AMB Mercedes Benz 0814D WDB6703742N063403 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 20/04/1998  
116 R116 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703732N069167 Plaxton Beaver 2 B27F 01/05/1998  
117 R117 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N066046 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/06/1998  
118 R118 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N066053 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/06/1998  
119 R119 DNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N069219 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/06/1998  
120 R120 NVV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N069255 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/06/1998  
121 R121 NVV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N071000 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/06/1998  
122 S122 KBD Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N078014 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/01/1999  
123 T93 JBA Mercedes Benz 0814D WDB6703642N078763 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/04/1999  
124 S124 KBD Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N078028 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/01/1999  
125 T125 LRP Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N085549 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 13/07/1999  
126 T126 LRP Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N085506 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/08/1999  
127 T127 LRP Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N085556 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 01/08/1999  
128 V128 UNH Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N085520 Plaxton Beaver 2  B31F 20/08/1999  
129 T587 HGB Mercedes Benz 0814D WDB6703732N07983 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 24/06/1999  
130 R824 MJU Mercedes Benz 0814D WDB6703742N066063 Plaxton Beaver 2  B31F 15/08/1997 Green Travel
131 R827 WBC Mercedes Benz 0814D WDB6703742N068131 Plaxton Beaver 2 B31F 18/11/1997 Green Travel
140 S340 SET Scania L94 1832738 Wright Renown B45F 05/11/1998  
202 K302 FYG DAF DB250 XLVDEO2HSOH002505 Optare Spectra H44/26F 18/09/1992 Tacho Fitted
224 F124 PHM Volvo D10M   Alexander RV H47/39F 01/10/1988  
236 F136 PHM Volvo D10M YV31MGC14JA018293 Alexander RV H47/39F 07/10/1988  
266 PAX 466F Leyland PD3 PD3/4703981 Massey L35/33R 01/06/1968 Preserved
407 H137 MOB  Dennis Dart   85SDL3003/354 Carlyle B28F 07/01/1991  
416 L711 JUD Dennis Dart 98SDL3035/1713 Plaxton Pointer B37D 21/03/1994 Training Vehicle
418 L713 JUD Dennis Dart 98SDL3035/1715 Plaxton Pointer B37D 21/03/1994  
419 L709 JUD Dennis Dart 98SDL3035/1711 Plaxton Pointer B37D 21/03/1994  
420 M10CLA Dennis Dart 98SDL3040/2013 Plaxton Pointer B40F 01/01/1995 Woodfine o/a
421 J941 MFT Dennis Dart 98SDL3017/847 Wright Handybus B40F 01/07/1992 Work Personnel o/a
423 N133 XND Dennis Dart 98SDL3054/2768 Plaxton Pointer B40F 27/09/1995 Borneo Linnels o/a
424 N134 XND Dennis Dart 98SDL3054/2769 Plaxton Pointer B40F 27/09/1995 Metro Saver o/a
426 K379 RTY Dennis Dart 98SDL3017/1245 Wright Handybus B40F 28/01/1993 Green Travel
427 H858 NOC Dennis Dart 98SDL3004/473 Carlyle B37F 20/05/1991  
428 M801 OJW Dennis Dart 98SDL3040/2196 Plaxton Pointer B40F 06/01/1995 MK College vehicle
601 T701 RBX Renault Traffic 1.9D VF1F8ALA518977479 Cymric   23/03/1999  
602 T702 RBX Renault Traffic 1.9D VF1F8ALA519297473 Cymric   01/03/1999  
603 T703 RBX Renault Traffic 1.9D VF1F8ALA519072416 Cymric   23/04/1999  
604 T704 RBX Renault Traffic 1.9D VF1F8ALA519027809 Cymric   29/03/1999  
605 T705 RBX Renault Traffic 1.9D VF1F8ALA519072417 Cymric   29/03/1999  
606 K426 FAV Mercedes Benz 709D 6690032N007412 Marshall DP16FL 10/05/1993  
607 T622 RBX Renault Traffic 1.9D VF1F8ALA518843245 Cymric   29/03/1999  
608 K428 FAV Mercedes Benz 709D 6690032N005834 Marshall DP16FL 10/05/1993  
609 K419 FAV Mercedes Benz 709D 6690032N005680 Marshall DP16FL 10/05/1993  
610 T692 LNV Mercedes Benz 0814D 6703742N085513 Plaxton Beaver 2 B18FL 13/07/1999  
611 F393 DHL Mercedes Benz 709D   Reeve Burgess B18FL 09/11/1988 MK Metro livery
612 K616 HVV Mercedes Benz 709D 6690032N003360 Alexander AM B14FL 05/03/1993  
614 T214 BBR Renault Master   Master T35 B10FL 12/08/1999  
617 R517 NTF Ford Escort   Van   22/12/1997  
653 RX53 RYW Renault  VF10DCUG528967983 Rohill Harrier B16FL 11/11/2003 Hanslope Harrier


I had seen the coach pictured below several times on the M40 working the 420 service to Birmingham. A chance came to catch this coach in my lens last Thursday.

YN04GPF has had its normal NEx livery replaced this self explanatory livery as seen at VCS

Suzy Scott writes with some links related to vehicles which operated in our area and have now moved on. Suzy says "A few of these are more for your own collection than publication, but you can use any of these you like for the website."

Former Oxford Stuff

Motorvator tube 66 getting ready to leave Glasgow for Dundee & Aberdeen - Sunday 3 April 2005
(a little boxed in but my bus was leaving before this one was)

Tube 41 on the same day, M8 heading into Glasgow

Former Stagecoach Oxford J410 PRW ow XIL 6474 with JP Mini Coaches Ltd., Forfar. The bus is used on a school run from Forfar around the country to
Froickheim School (Service 705) on schooldays, but now works Service 81 (Monifieth - Forfar) on Saturdays only. The vehicle is seen in Monifieth High Street on 13th March 2005.

The rear of former Tube 58 at Perth Park & Ride, on the early morning Perth Mill St - Edinburgh commuter Megabus. 8th March.

On 5th March, the 2nd last day of using the Yeaman Shore stop in Dundee. Taken from the footbridge above are these pics of former Tube coach 42.

At Buchanan Bus Station Glasgow, 28th February

Tuesday 8th March, Dundee Discovery Point. Very early morning Neoplan 50130 on the 0620 Dundee - London departure, vehicle worked by Perth depot.

Many thanks to Suzy for those interesting links.

Stagecoach also produced a number of interesting workings this last weekend and some pictures are shown below.

Saturday afternoon saw Olympian 16520, now with single door, working its old route 1 for which these buses were purchased.

Normally a Dart route for SC, M A N 22931 was working the 10 last Saturday around 1800hrs.

more surprisingly sister bus 22932 was working the X31 around the same time.

The oddities on the 1 were not confined to 16520 but 20694 also put in appearance at Carfax around the same time.

Martyn Banham writes "Went out for a quick photo-shoot.. and found many an oddity. Both 16520 and 20694 running on the 1, whilst Brookes 18199 had a go on 3-road. Finally secured a picture of a BrookesBus on the elusive U6 to Bicester - 18196 providing the service. (see below Ed.)


Bus Monkey writes "This week's sightings from the jungle:

Tue 5th
16523 on 1
22936 on X4 (partially route 3 branded - it's not had the side strips put back, contrary to what I suspected last week)

Thu 7th
20228 on 7
22207 on X31

Fri 8th
20822 claiming to be on the 5B this morning, suspect it was actually on the 1 as both 33821 and 33822 were covering the 5A/5B at the same time.

Finally a photo that I rather liked.

Dart 33654 working the branded 10 service, is seen crossing Magdalen Bridge last Saturday morning.

Neoplan Megabus 50136 LX05BWL is seen here operating into London last Thursday. It and sisters 50137 and 50138 have now been
delivered to Leyton Garage and work the Bristol and Birmingham services. 50138 was only collected from Mentor last Friday.

Another interesting vehicle on tonight's 17:30 M/cr to London Megabus 10th April)
, after being operated again last Sunday by Volvo Olympian 16002 (P802GMU),
tonight's was operated by Stagecoach London Dennis Trident 17781 (LX03BVT) as attached below.
Manchester to London really is an awfully long way on a Trident bus.

Whites of Abingdon

This "white" Solo was seen on the 108 last Saturday but earlier another unidentified bus was on this service.


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