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Issue 144

Sunday 11th September 2005
next update week ending 23rd September 2005

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This last week has once again produced some interesting happenings and a good crop of pictures from contributors. I would note that next Sunday the annual Showbus event is happening at Duxford and so my next News Page will be published on Monday 19th September.

Wycombe's new Park & Ride.

If you didn't see this special page last week please click on the logo below to see what happened at the launch.

The bucks Free Press reports that it was a great success and everyone concerned is pleased with developments so far.

I received a message from Ray Stenning of Best Impressions who was also pleased with the report. He reminded me that it was his company which had produced the livery, publicity and web page for the new service and I would like to acknowledge this and the help given thereby to provide the special launch page.

City Sightseeing in Oxford by Kevin Stevens

Kevin wrote with an interesting picture which bears a passing resemblance to this service in our city. Perhaps I should have kept this until April 1st.

Sentinel Steam Bus 

Even more pictures have been forthcoming from the information so far posted.

John Bristow sent this picture of M5798, a Sentinel Steam bus taken last year.

John Bristow writes "I was interested to see the picture of steam bus M5798 on your latest newsletter as I had ridden on it round the streets of Abergavenny in May 2004 in connection with a Steam Fair there.  This vehicle, which by the way is a Foden and not a Sentinel, certainly gets around!  I attach a photo which I took of it on its rounds."

Pictures from Steve Bunce

Steve writes "Please find enclosed a couple of photos I took outside Rickmansworth Tesco last weekend. They are Sullivan Buses P729RYL, a former London General Dart on the R21 and Red Rose of Aylesbury MetroRider V108LVH waiting time before it returns on the R4. The MetroRider is a very late model with only 10 chassis being produced after it. It was new to Red Rose in late 1999." (I seem to be missing the Metrorider pictures Ed.)

The missing picture, thank you Steve.

Oxfordshire and The Westgate Shopping Centre development

The Oxford Times has headline news this week about plans for The Westgate. more details can be found at the following web link. This is most interesting since it highlights plans regarding bus operations in the city centre.

Congestion around Heathrow affects Gatwick  and Heathrow services from Oxford.

Last week I mentioned the congestion caused around Heathrow following a lorry fire. Dave Rogers writes "I was In the jam that you flew over, but closer to the scene of the incident. It was not an overturned lorry, but a lorry carrying nitrogen peroxide that caught fire. I took these pics with the camera I always carry. I was stationary for 2 1/4 hours!, but at least being at the front of the queue I could proceed as soon as the fire was put out, I felt sorry for those further back, as apparently it was many miles long."

Dave sent these pictures of the fire

Pushchairs on local buses in Oxford and the Chilterns.

In many parts of the country the introduction of low floor buses has given operators the chance to "sell" the idea of Buggy friendly buses. Whilst the low floor is primarily intended to provide easy access for those physically challenged such buses do also ease the lot of mothers with children in prams or buggies as they are now called.

However the provision of such facilities can start problems, perhaps unforeseen when the facility first started. For example how many buggies can be carried on a bus, what are the rules, what is practical and how does the hard pressed driver cope when things get out of hand.

Ian Pinnell witnessed such an event last week at Headington on a bus which already had two buggies, one of which was for twins.

I wonder what the official view is from the various operators in our area?

Heritage Routes in London using Routemaster buses

Gavin Francis writes "I see Stagecoach have been awarded one of the Routemaster heritage routes with First getting the other."

Full details may be found at the following link.


Don't forget Duxford on the 18th September. Amongst the many vehicles to be seen at this year's Showbus will be Oxford Tube 50124 and Brookes Trident 18052.


Amersham Running Day - Sunday 2nd October 2005

The timetable booklets for the Amersham Running Day are now available price 5 available from the

Tourist Information Centre @ High Wycombe

Peter Cartwright @ 54 Guinions Road, HIGH WYCOMBE, HP13 7NX.

Postage is included in the 5.



ow on to this week's News and photos. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week. Please note that the next News Page will be on Monday 19th September as I will be at Duxford next weekend.

Malcolm Crowe - Sunday 11th September 2005

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News of the local companies 11th September 2005

Nigel Peach writes "An excellent "page" on the launch of the new Park & Ride service - thank you! 

I saw Arriva all Leyland Olympian 5113 (G283 UMJ) working from Wycombe depot on Tues 6th. According to my 2004 handbook this bus is based at Watford.

The ex London Darts seem to have dwindled in number to just one - 3820. 3811 has been in the carpark outside the bus station for some weeks now, and 3814 seems to have disappeared. (But 3814 has been withdrawn and come back again once or twice before!) 

Just two of the ex London Olympians appear to be working on normal services - 5851 and 5853. Three others, 5844/9/55 seem to be restricted to just schools work."

Gavin Francis took this picture of 0046 on route 158 at Newlands Bus Station

Ed Maun writes "Ref your item in Issue 143 about the new depot at Cressex nearing completion, I was puzzled by your note saying once the current bus station was vacated work could start on the new bus station!    Surely the new bus station is on a different part of the development site to the current station.   I have just had another thought; where are services going to pick up and set down before the new bus station opens.   Notwithstanding the fact that the depot is about to move, I would have thought the current bus station could be used until the new one is ready."

Maybe one of my correspondents can answer Ed's question?

Bus Monkey reports

Thu 8th
Single deck N175EUR on 280

Two very nice pictures from Gavin Francis. It seems that the Volvo above is the "spare" bus for the new Park & Ride service.

Another Gavin Francis picture, this time of 4064 on Greenline service 757 at Buckingham Palace Road , a week ago.

Peter Edgar, Chinnor took the pictures below on the 10th September of Carousel Buses RM 2198 ,on a Wedding Special, at Hanover Square, London.


Curly wrote to say "For Details of Sterling Rd, Kidlington closure view

He also notes that route 2E Bus Garage-City-Kidlington operates daily, 11 times a day (I am not sure that this is correct ? Ed.)

Bus Monkey reports

Tue 6th
831 on 4A

Thu 8th
637 on 400

A nice picture of Trident 116 taken by Chris Maxfield last Friday.

Dart 412 spends time on 13 road last Friday - taken by Chris Maxfield.

Citaro 826 works a 15 road service last Friday. Picture by Chris Maxfield.

Sister bus 827 works a 15 road service last Friday. Picture by Chris Maxfield.

Cotswold Line Railbus operated by R H Transport.

A new bus has arrived for the X8 operated by R H Transport. Chris Maxfield got some nice pictures last Friday which are included below.


Kinchs of Minety

Amongst a number of coaches which visited Oxford last Friday this ex M O D Dennis brought a number of school children to a event in the Town Hall. The photo by Chris Maxfield.

Also on the same job was this Warwickshire Scania Irizar.


Steve Warwick writes "Once again a most interesting and varied news page this week, especially news and pictures of the Wycombe Park & Ride.

I have attached a photo of a new addition to Wycombe's Heyfordian fleet  Volvo B10M,  8779 KV it replaces ex City of Oxford DAF/Plaxton  F139LJO which has been sold."

Picture by Steve Warwick


Trevor Wilson writes "We went to the Wasps vs Tigers match on Saturday 10 Sept and there was a different Metrobus on the free Wasps shuttle.  An F Reg and looked like ex West Midlands.  The other 2 buses were E153OMD Olympian and the other F reg ex East Kent Metrobus (F763EKM)"


Much has been made about the new "standard" National Express coach for 2005 and beyond. This is the Scania with Irizar PB bodywork which has been configured to National Express requirements.

Two of these coaches are now allocated to Stansted and often work the 757 service to Oxford. I was delighted to be able to view the interior of one of these coaches last week and bring you pictures taken at the time.

The first point of note was that the driver was able to open the main passenger door using a remote key such as that found on most modern cars. This was most impressive and the surprises continued. The leather seating is very comfortable and the provision of a centre arm rest for each passenger giving improved comfort and protection of personal space not found in too  many coaches these days.

One of the new Irizar coaches on National Express route 757 leaves Gloucester Green.
Picture by Chris Maxfield.

The coach seemed to ooze comfort and quality but I am not sure what the additional cost is for the many features included on these vehicles. Also included was a large screen on the front bulk head which showed the road ahead or, when the luggage lockers were open, the side of the coach adding to passengers overall feeling of security.

The screen showing the side of the coach when the luggage lockers are open.

The leather seats, nicely contoured and the curtains all add to the sumptuous interior on  these state of the art coaches.

The driver is not forgotten and the seat provided would do credit to a Rolls Royce.

Red Rose of Aylesbury

Gavin Francis took this shot of a larger than usual bus on the 275 over a week ago. It is seen passing through Stokenchurch.
The driver later told me how much better this bus was to drive than his usual Solo.

An ex Oxford Dennis Lance has appeared in service up in the midlands having been a victim of the floods in Carlisle. Ben Morroll sent this pictures of N903PFC in service last week.

Bus Monkey reports the following workings.

Tue 6th
22052 on 1 having sprouted route 7 green spots around it's destination

Thu 8th
20012 on 1

Brookes 18054 at Debenhams on route 29A last Friday - photo by Chris Maxfield.

Dart 33763 unusually works an X4 service last Friday - photo Chris Maxfield.

Volvo 20205 works a 59 service last Friday having recently been repainted. Photo Chris Maxfield.

Volvo 20617 works a 50 service to Stratford from Chipping Norton last Friday. Photo by Chris Maxfield.

Kevin Stevens reports

The VIN and chassis numbers for the new double decker Volvo: 

Chassis Number:  56101 

Vehicle Identification Number:   YV352G5205A 107025 

Kevin the goes on say " promised the update from Tappins.  The ex-Weavaway coach is back, repainted and with a fleet number.  Interestingly Paul Tappin has not changed the registration to an Irish one but then given the fact it is on a 53 plate it is understandable. This is one of the "class of 70" vehicles and as the photo shows has 5 seats per row on a 3/2 split.  It is also an automatic rather than manual.


There are 2 pictures from Gloucester Green.  Last Sunday David Strainge, CSS Special Projects Manager, put up 3 signs in the Green pointing out vehicles should not be left behind Bays 13 and 14, surprisingly they have worked all week - until today that is !  I am particularly impressed with the wording which includes the fact they will be reversed into.


Also attached is a possible extra vehicle for City Sightseeing - shame its not April 1st !!!! However looking back through my photo collection I did discover one from the early days of Classic tours when they were just starting out. Added to that is a bus for children."



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Wallace Arnold and Shearings feeder coach MV02UWL leaves Newlands Bus Station last week.

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These are three most interesting sites which I do recommend

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Chris Lowe's Photo page - mainly North West UK

The Oxford Bus Museum


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