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Issue 136

Wednesday 13th July 2005
next update week ending 22nd July 2005

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The Oxford Chiltern Bus Page
would like to express sympathy to all those involved
in the events which took place in London
on Thursday 7th July 2005

What a tragic time it was last week. I was heading for London with the 0800hrs departure from Gloucester Green and after switching to our London radio control at Lewknor began to get snippets about it appearing that the London underground was having problems and their passengers were spilling on to the street at each of their station entrances which we pass.

Little could one appreciate what was actually happening and as I approached the Shepherd's Bush stop I could see enormous queues of people waiting for the local buses. Having dropped several people for that stop I found more than a dozen intending passengers who asked if we stopped at Marble Arch or Victoria. Of course I was only too prepared to help and as we do have single fares for this section of The Oxford Tube route boarded some very thankful people. Traffic was very heavy going up Bayswater but this was more due to two separate lorries unloading scaffolding, one in the bus lane just before Marble Arch than what was to come.

However when we got to the Marble Arch the Edgware Road was closed off by police and there were a great number of emergency vehicles and police cars and vans rushing in various directions. Having dropped the Marble Arch passengers I then made my way down to Victoria where things seemed a little quieter.

I dropped nearly all remaining passengers at our Victoria train station stop and then finalised my inbound journey at our stop in Buckingham Palace Road at just after 1000hrs. Here drivers normally slip coaches and pick up a later service. I was however scheduled to park up for the day at Notting Hill coach park but this was not to be. A colleague operated back to Oxford with my coach and this was to be the last but one service until around 1500hrs that afternoon.

I was then detailed to assist the controller as it gradually became clear that something very serious was going on in London. The first impact to us was to find that none of our mobile phones worked and whilst we had radio contact with inbound coaches our contact with Oxford control is normally by mobile phone.  I was asked to go to a land line to call our headquarters in Oxford and advise the current situation.

The police is transpired had asked us not to load any coaches for the return services to Oxford until further notice. Thus all inbound services from 1000hrs until 1200hrs were held at Victoria and we ended up with 12 coaches ready to return to Oxford immediately we were cleared so to do by the police.

Part of the line up of Oxford Tube Neoplans held in London until services could resume in the afternoon of the 7th July.
As the picture shows there was little other traffic as all bus services had stopped and there were few taxis either.

There was an eerie silence about the area broken from time to time by police and emergency vehicles passing by, no London buses and after some little time no other traffic apart from the odd taxi and car. Quite a few people were making their way to various destinations on foot and we gradually gained quite a queue of intending passengers who besides wanting Oxford also wanted Swindon, Reading, Birmingham and even Manchester.

We kept them advised as best we could and most seemed understanding and in reasonable humour. Victoria Coach Station was eventually closed and Green Line Coach Station also had no operations. Most Green Line services from the north of London were stopping short at Baker Street and services to Southend were also absent from Victoria. At one point it seemed as if the Oxford Tube was the only bus or coach in sight.

There was a heightened sense of concern and any suspect packages were immediately brought to the attention of the police. Everyone met matters with a stoicism reminiscent of long off war time days in London.

The police attend an incident near the Tube coach stop in Buckingham Palace Road.
This an the picture above were kindly provided by Gwyn Gardiner.

The Oxford Mail on Monday reported that a fleet of coaches had been sent to London by Oxford Bus for their Oxford espress service when the restrictions were lifted by the police around 1400hrs on the Thursday afternoon. Those X90 coaches at Victoria in the morning had left VCS as the police seemed to intend to close the coach station.

The heightened state of security has brought several problems to bus and coach services, even in Oxford when the city centre was seemingly closed for a short period last night, 12th July and the rail station was closed for a period on Monday.

The picture above shows the Oxford Rail Station closed off by police on Monday.
Photo by Rob Williams

Rob writes "The X3 and 5 were terminating in Castle Street, whilst City Sightseeing were using their stop in Park End Street outside Staples. I didn't see what any of the others doing, apart from an X5 travelling along Park End Street towards GG."

Double Decker loses roof at Little Kimble.

Dennis Troughton was on hand to record a double deck bus which had unfortunately tried to get under the rail bridge at Little Kimble. The accident happened on 5th July and caused some traffic diversions whilst matters were resolved. One wonders if this bus will be repaired in view of its age.

The bus and the bridge involved. Picture by Dennis Troughton - 5th July 2005

Silverstone F1 and Stagecoach involvement.

Vince Dallimore took this picture on the A4260 to Banbury last Sunday morning when a convoy of Stagecoach in Oxford buses
were heading towards Hinton in the Hedges to take up Park & Ride duties for the F1 event at Silverstone.

Around 275 buses provided by Stagecoach last Sunday to handle the Park and Ride services for this year's Formula 1 British Grand Prix. Three specific service were run, these being from Hinton in the Hedges airfield near Brackley, Towcester Racecourse and Sixfields Stadium at Northampton. The buses carried an appropriate colour coded letter back and front and the fleet was spread between the three sites. Some race goers were around as early as 0400 and services ran until 1100 from each site to ensure those using the Park & ride services were fully catered for.

Stagecoach in Oxfordshire provided buses from their operating area, with a large fleet of Tridents from Witney depot joined by nearly every decker from Oxford depot that could be mustered. Buses noted were Brookes Tridents 18051-4, 18195-9 and Olympians 16518-23, 25 and 26. All these buses were sued on the Hinton-Silverstone service.

Witney Trident 18128 is seen arriving at Silverstone and joining the Hinton queue of some 80 buses used on that service.
The H sign can be seen in the nearside lower front window.

The largest group of buses used were from Stagecoach East but there were also buses from as far away as Chesterfield and I also not "Nessy" F100NES now numbered 14000 in use. I have put a selection of photos below which give some idea of the size and scope of this event from a bus point of view.


A selection of pictures taken in the bus parking area at Silverstone.

A few pictures taken at Hinton in the Hedges on Sunday morning.

If you pass your cursor over each picture you will find its title on your bottom bar on your screen.

The day was a great success unless you were supporting Jensen Button whose 5th was not what had been hoped for. It must be said that this was a considerable undertaken for those who managed the supply of buses from Stagecoach and it also provided a unique opportunity for anyone especially interested in the Stagecoach fleet.

More on the Rail Replacement services following the tunnel collapse at Gerrards Cross on the Chiltern Line.

I have received a number of pictures from a readers showing various buses being used to ferry rail passengers from High Wycombe. Again if you put your cursor on the thumbnail you will get a title in the bottom bar on your screen. This will also reveal who provided each picture.


Seemingly it will be a number of weeks before normal services can be resumed.

Following a recent picture on this subject Andy Churchill writes "Malcolm, the Leyland Leopard that was taken by Gavin Francis actually belonged to Essex coach company Fargo of Braintree and is an ex-Associated Coachways 1980 vintage Plaxton Supreme1v C57F and it certainly looked in superb condition for a 25 year old !".


Accident closes the M40 yet again.

Tuesday 12th July saw yet another closure of the M40 due to an accident. In recent weeks there hardly seems to be a day goes by without another accident.

Last evening a car seemingly somersaulted along the M40 Oxford bound between junctions 5 and 6 and the M40 was closed for a couple of hours to resolve the situation. coaches from London heading towards Oxford who got caught up in the delays were running up to an hour late when leaving the M40 at junction 5. Those more lucky ones were able to leave the M40 at High Wycombe and I saw several X90s and Oxford Tubes coming through Stokenchurch. On one occasion an Oxford Tube leaving the motorway at junction 5 was faced with another which had come through West Wycombe on the "old road" and they both joined the A40 in convoy towards Lewknor. The light had almost gone by this time and sadly a picture was not practical.

Some idea of the congestion and delay can be seen in this picture where an X90 has just come through the village
turning right on to the A40 towards Lewknor followed by a long line of traffic which has come off the M40.

This picture shows traffic already past the junction 5 turn off being turned back up the on-slip road
to then turn left and join the long queue of traffic heading down the A40 towards Lewknor.
The railway carriage seen on the low loader was the second of the day for me as I had seen a similar coach
earlier in the day heading towards Oxford. However this earlier was partly burnt out.


Bus stop changes in our area

I note that the bus stop at Hillingdon - Oxford bound - has been resited nearer to the London end of the location. This has been need as the original stop was on a corner of a service road used as a rabbit run by motorists wishing to turn into Long Lane and avoid the traffic lights. Also the company style flags have been removed and a standard TfL style stop put up instead.

The only thing missing is somewhere for passengers to shelter in inclement weather.

Another interesting fact is that the bus stop for the Tube and X90 at Hillingdon station has been removed and so far not replaced.

Dutch buses in Cuba

Although outside our area, I did include a picture of a Dutch bus in Cuba a while ago (News Page 19th December 2004, and received a message from a Dutch reader this week. Edgar Kapp writes "I came across that bus in Cuba on your website and yes, it was a Dutch bus. There's loads of Dutch buses in Cuba, even with the Dutch registration still on them and stickers that say they're looking for drivers (in Dutch). It appears the Dutch government donates a lot of buses that are out of service in Holland."

Bus pollution causes concern in Oxford

Last week's Oxford times reports that bus companies operating in Oxford could face stringent controls after being held responsible for most of the city centre's traffic pollution. A report says that restricting access to bus priority routes such as High St and George St could cut nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by 58%.

Nigel Eggleton of Oxford Bus made a strong case for buses when he stated that "whilst buses may cause some pollution in the city centre, they cause much less pollution than the number of cars need to get the equivalent number of people into the city centre by car".

One waits with interest to see how this matter develops.


ow on to this week's News and photos. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week. M6y apologies for the delay in publishing this week's page but I hope it will have been worth waiting for.

Malcolm Crowe - Wednesday 13th July 2005

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News of the local companies 13th July 2005

Gavin Francis has been busy with his camera gain and Nigel Peach and Andy Millwood also supplied much of the information for this company.

Nigel Peach writes "...when I go park in Wycombe, my favourite car park is the surface one at the exit of the bus station. I have been puzzled that it has been closed for the last few weeks when there seems no sign of any of the Great British workmen anywhere nearby. Today (Sun 11th) I realised why - today the car park is full of Arriva buses! They are currently carrying out work in the bus station which has meant that some routes (including the cross-town 33) no longer go through it, but use the bay in the approach road. Obviously that work means that they cannot currently garage all the buses there, hence the need to use my car park!"

My picture above shows the revised parking for some Arriva buses as mentioned by Nigel Peach above. 

Andy Millwood writes "I was in High Wycombe yesterday,(7/06/05),ironically the day of the London Blasts, I noted a few different Arriva buses to normal, they were Olympian 5144,Lance/Wright Pathfinder 3378,Volvo/N counties Paladin 3118(from Aylesbury, I believe) and 3172,Dennis Dart/E.Lancs Flyte, again from Aylesbury.

Gavin Francis took the picture of loaned Olympian 5849.

Aylesbury depot's 3118 in Frogmoor, once a major bus terminus in High Wycombe.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Volvo 3867 seen in Wycombe. These buses seemed to have settled in now.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Nigel Peach writes "I notice that Carousel are now using more premises in George Street, adjoining (at the back of) that which they already had. I'd wondered what they were going to do as their fleet keeps expanding."

You write the story and I'll take the picture.
The new yard being used by Carousel now and per Nigel Peach.

When I visited Carousel last weekend on Saturday, Steve, the owner, was just leaving on a wedding.

01has been mentioned in these pages as at one time it was thought that 310 had joined.
It is seen here in a picture taken Gavin Francis.

Nigel Eggleton, the Commercial Director has written to advise that following update.

8th July 2005 

Following service changes, two buses have been withdrawn and sold: 

602 (N602 FJO) to Wilts and Dorset. Last day of use 2nd July; left Oxford 6th July

644 (K118 BUD) to Bicester Youth Bus Project. Last day of use 8th July. Still on premises.

Wilts & Dorset are a sister company within the Go-Ahead Group, whilst OBC are sponsoring the Bicester Youth Bus Project by helping to convert 644 to a specification appropriate to the needs of the project.

Our fleet list (available at has been updated.

Thanks to Nigel for this information which sees the first NCME Volvo sold. These buses joined OBC from London in 1997. They had been new in 1993 and used on The Clapham Omnibus route 88. I took the picture below when the were being prepared for service in September 1997 at the old Cowley Road garage. The Clapham Omnibus logos can be seen but by this time they had been re-registered with Oxford registrations.

They are K122BUD (K5KLL) to be 648, K119BUD (K2KLL) to be 645 and now training bus 962 and K121BUD (K4KLL) to be 647.

There were also to be changes in the destination layout on the nearside as can be seen ion the picture below taken on the 8th July 2005 in New Road.

In connection with the recent timetable changes, Oxford bus has replaced many bus stop flags in Oxford. In the pictures below by Gavin Francis, this is seen happening with the end result.

The company in pictures.

Ben Carter sent this busy picture of Trident 108 in Queen Street.

The loaned white Citaro has not been seen this week so it may have returned to Mercedes.

One problem with the very large mirrors in use today is their vulnerability in service conditions.

Here we see Scania nr 3 which has been in the wars with both mirrors having been replaced.
At least you can identify the coach from a long way off and impress your family and friends.

coach 26 shows how it should be and is indeed looking very smart in this picture.
The destination screen is also showing, how often the thing comes out blank.

The 8 is becoming more familiar now and here we have a selection of shots including which of course started life as an 88. The Chinese must love this route as they so favour the number 8.


I mentioned some weeks ago that the final coach to receive an electronic display was 68.
Here it is leaving Gloucester Green but that damned display beat my camera again.

The disadvantage of the old style displays is that when route changes occur the company
can end up with an expense in new blinds. Here 605 is on the 14 but seemingly is unable to display
the correct destination.

First Slough


Here we see First Dart DP46926 passing The Rye in Wycombe on a 74 working.

Mullanys Starline of Watford

I saw one of the ex London General Palatine 2s in London, near Buckingham Palace, in blue, as when with LG, with large owner lettering on the sides.

Once the pride of the Speedlink fleet D2, P222SAs is now on more humble duties, seen here
working on a 757 into Oxford last Friday.

Although the latest edition of The National Express handbook by British Bus Publishing states
that Volvo B12M 7087 is FCU 100, it is in fact or tin FCU 190.
It is seen here entering George Street, Oxford on a 304 service to Weymouth last Friday.


Pearces maintain a very smart fleet of coaches for work around Oxfordshire. Here we see one of their Plaxton Prismas OU04KMY, now only about a year old. It is passing Christ Church in St Aldates.

Banbury buses found in Carlisle

Last week we pictured a couple of Banbury buses in Carlisle. Their stay will be short lived as a brand new fleet of Darts is entering service. Ken MacKenzie, Oxfordshire Other Operators Sub Editor - for PSV Circle. sent this picture of 34717 prior to its entry in to service.

Ex "Oxford" Trident in Manchester

Last December, I think, we had several Manchester Tridents on loan prior to the 18195-99 batch of Brookes Bus Tridents. Chris Lowe sent this picture of one of those Tridents now firmly established in service in Manchester. It is seen on the high frequency 192 route.

18181 which first saw service in Oxford last December. Photo by Chris Lowe

Training bus Lynx 29108 with a trainee in New Road n the 8th July.

After a long wait the branding has been has now been applied to most of the Witney Tridents for route 100. The pictures below show this branding but ironically the picture of 18130 shows the bus on a 20 working.


Gavin Francis was out and about last Sunday with his camera to record unusual workings in view of the fact that most of the deckers were away at Silverstone. The X5 was being operated by an Olympian from Bedford, 14710, which was carrying a very heavy load when seen leaving Gloucester Green.

Gavin's other two shots are of M A N s on the U1, the first being 22934 in Castle Street and the second 22940 in Queen Street.


Did anyone get pictures of the 100 service on that day?

Since Oxford Bus split their Barton-Kidlington services in Oxford, the 15 minute frequency on the 7s operating through the city has seen increased loadings. The 7 pictured below, 22920, was carrying a full seated load when it turned out of Castle Street last Friday.

Olympians often fill in on city routes when there is a shortage of M A N s and here 16520 is seen on a 7 duty on Friday 8th July.

Olympian  16522 operated on route 3 on Monday and still had the H symbol in its upper deck window showing it had been to Formula 1 the previous day

Sometimes the X4 sees a different bus from its scheduled Dart and on Monday 20805 is seen turning at Carfax corner.

One to wet the appetite

Before Stagecoach took over Thames Transit there was on occasion an odd bus which turned up at Oxford. I happened to be on hand to catch this Leyland Atlantean from Plymouth.

I am sure someone is going to tell us all about this bus.

Last Saturday a Private hire was operated to Bath carrying 270 people. A Brookes Trident Brookes (probably 18052 as this has a tacho), M A N 50047 and 50058. Neoplan 50101 went to Bath to replace 50047 for the return journey.

Was there anyone in Bath who might have a picture of this event?

Chris Lowe writes ".another Megabus in Princess Road depot, Manchester where 50048 is seen."

Olympian 50048 seen in Princess road depot last week. Photo - Chris Lowe.

Chris Maxfield has kindly sent me a copy of the current Megabus allocation. you will notice how some Cwmbran coaches have moved north.

This list is prepared by the Megabus Yahoo Group who I am grateful to for the information.

Company Garage Fleet   Reg Orig Reg Type Chassis no Body Body no Seats New
West Swindon 13601 135 BiW 4977 ER 9371 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11752 Alexander RH82/1390/6 DPH53/39Ft Nov-90
East Scotland Aberdeen 13602 136 WLT 416 ER 9289 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11753 Alexander RH82/1390/7 DPH53/29Ft Nov-90
South Wales Cwmbran 13604 138 331 HWD ER 8635 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11755 Alexander RH82/1390/9 DPH53/39Ft Nov-90
North East unallocated 13605 139 SJi 4558 ES 2467 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11756 Alexander RH82/1390/10 DPH53/39Ft Dec-90
London Leyton 13606 163 J702 HMY EW 3999 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11817 Alexander RH82/1390/34 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
London Leyton 13607 164 J703 HMY EW 9215 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11829 Alexander RH82/1390/35 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
London Leyton 13608 165 J734 HMY EX  441 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11830 Alexander RH82/1390/36 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
North East Walkergate 13609 166 J701 HMY EW 8656 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11831 Alexander RH82/1390/37 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
West Swindon 13610 167 JSK 492 EW 9698 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11832 Alexander RH82/1390/38 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
East Midland Chesterfield 13611 170 OSK 784 EX  258 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11835 Alexander RH82/1390/41 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
South Worthing 13612 173 J938 MHC EW 9757 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11838 Alexander RH82/1390/44 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
South Winchester 13613 174 J939 MHC EW 8815 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11839 Alexander RH82/1390/45 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
Warwickshire Leamington 13614 175 J166 UNH EW 8584 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11840 Alexander RH82/1390/46 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
East Scotland Aberdeen 13615 176 J167 UNH EW 9231 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11841 Alexander RH82/1390/47 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
Manchester Princess Road 13616 123 G189 YRJ EL 8119 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11513 Alexander RH74/2489/6 DPH53/39Ft May-90
East Midland Chesterfield 13617 130 H445 EGU ER 1374 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11747 Alexander RH82/1390/1 DPH53/39Ft Oct-90
East Scotland unallocated 13618 131 H522 FRP ER 9169 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11748 Alexander RH82/1390/2 DPH53/39Ft Nov-90
South Wales Cwmbran 13619 132 511 OHU ER 7389 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11749 Alexander RH82/1390/3 DPH53/39Ft Nov-90
South Portsmouth 13620 134 H723 KDY ER 6587 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11750 Alexander RH82/1390/5 DPH53/39Ft Nov-90
South Portsmouth 13621 133 H724 KDY ER 6824 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11751 Alexander RH82/1390/4 DPH53/39Ft Nov-90
South Winchester 13622 140 H725 KDY ES 3710 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11757 Alexander RH82/1390/11 DPH53/39Ft Dec-90
Manchester Princess Road 13623 141 H494 LNA ES 1962 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11758 Alexander RH82/1390/12 DPH53/39Ft Dec-90
East Scotland Aberdeen 13624 143 TSU 638 ES 3771 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11770 Alexander RH82/1390/14 DPH53/39Ft Dec-90
Warwickshire Nuneaton 13625 145 H511 FRP ES 4877 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11772 Alexander RH82/1390/16 DPH53/39Ft Dec-90
Warwickshire Nuneaton 13626 146 H 41 GBD ES 5389 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11773 Alexander RH82/1390/17 DPH53/39Ft Dec-90
South Wales Cwmbran 13627 156 HiL 8410 ET  623 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11804 Alexander RH82/1390/27 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
Manchester unallocated 13629 147 H495 LNA ET 1848 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11774 Alexander RH82/1390/18 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
North East Walkergate 13630 144 H493 LNA ES 7623 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11771 Alexander RH82/1390/15 DPH53/39Ft Jan-91
North East unallocated 13631 151 H492 LNA ET 1989 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11792 Alexander RH82/1390/22 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
East Midland Chesterfield 13632 158 H778 VHL ET  160 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11806 Alexander RH82/1390/29 DPH53/39Ft Jan-91
North East Walkergate 13633 150 G127 WGX ES 8691 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11791 Alexander RH82/1390/21 DPH53/39Ft Jan-91
South Winchester 13634 155 H764 KDY ET 1163 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11803 Alexander RH82/1390/26 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
South Worthing 13635 142 H763 KDY ET 1026 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11746 Alexander RH82/1390/13 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
London Leyton 13636 148 G128 WGX ET 1613 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11789 Alexander RH82/1390/19 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
East Scotland Aberdeen 13638 111 F265 LSA EF 1523 (HK) Leyland Olympian ONCL10/5RZ ON11058 Alexander RH60/3788/6 DPH53/39Ft Jul-89
East Scotland Aberdeen 13640 113 G283 YRJ EF 6118 (HK) Leyland Olympian ONCL10/5RZ ON11071 Alexander RH60/3788/8 DPH53/39Ft Aug-89
Manchester unallocated 13643 117 G280 YRJ EF 9412 (HK) Leyland Olympian ONCL10/5RZ ON11074 Alexander RH60/3788/12 DPH53/39Ft Aug-89
West Cheltenham 13645 149 H 51 SKG ET  550 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11790 Alexander RH82/1390/20 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
East Midland unallocated 13646 153 H463 EJR ET 2205 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11794 Alexander RH82/1390/24 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
West Cheltenham 13648 157 J515 WAX EW 3034 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11805 Alexander RH82/1390/28 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
East Scotland Aberdeen 13649 159 H607 LNA ET 1023 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11807 Alexander RH82/1390/30 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
East Midland unallocated 13652 162 H462 EJR ET 1746 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11816 Alexander RH82/1390/33 DPH53/39Ft Feb-91
East Scotland Aberdeen 13653 168 J925 FPS EW 9357 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11833 Alexander RH82/1390/39 DPH53/29Ft Aug-91
Manchester Princess Road 13654 169 J688 TNF EX  166 (HK) Leyland Olympian ON3R49C18Z4 ON11834 Alexander RH82/1390/40 DPH53/39Ft Aug-91
West Scotland Glasgow 15249   E866 RCS   Volvo B10M-5000 014993 Alexander RV26/3386/5 DPH45/35F Dec-87
East Scotland Perth 15250   126 ASV E867 RCS Volvo B10M-5000 014994 Alexander RV26/3386/6 DPH43/33F Dec-87
East Scotland Perth 15259   128 ASV E909 KSG Volvo B10M-5000 014987 Alexander RV26/3386/1 DPH45/35F Oct-87
East Scotland Aberdeen 15260   127 ASV E910 KSG Volvo B10M-5000 014990 Alexander RV26/3386/2 DPH45/35F Oct-87
East Scotland Aberdeen 50042   T 42 BBW   MAN 24.350 WMAA590062H000222 Jonckheere 24953 CH53/15Ft May-99
Oxfordshire Oxford 50046   T 46 BBW   MAN 24.350 WMAA590066H000227 Jonckheere 24957 CH53/15Ft May-99
Oxfordshire Oxford 50047   T 47 BBW   MAN 24.350 WMAA590067H000228 Jonckheere 24958 CH53/15Ft May-99
East Scotland Aberdeen 50048   T 48 BBW   MAN 24.350 WMAA590068H000229 Jonckheere 24959 CH53/15Ft May-99
East Scotland Aberdeen 50055   T617 DWL T 55 UBE MAN 24.350 WMAA590075H000236 Jonckheere 24966 CH53/15Ft Jul-99
Oxfordshire Oxford 50058   T 58 BBW   MAN 24.350 WMAA590078H000240 Jonckheere 24969 CH53/15Ft Jul-99
East Scotland Aberdeen 50126   SV54 ELC   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ943000224 Neoplan PA8-0035 CH65/26Dt Jan-05
East Scotland Aberdeen 50127   SV54 ELH   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ043000225 Neoplan PA8-0036 CH65/26Dt Jan-05
East Scotland Aberdeen 50128   SV54 ELJ   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ243000226 Neoplan PA8-0037 CH65/26Dt Jan-05
East Scotland Aberdeen 50129   SV54 ELO   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ443000227 Neoplan PA8-0038 CH65/26Dt Jan-05
East Scotland Perth 50130   SV54 ELU   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ643000228 Neoplan PA8-0039 CH65/26Dt Feb-05
East Scotland Perth 50131   SV54 ELW   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ843000229 Neoplan PA8-0040 CH65/26Dt Feb-05
East Scotland Perth 50132   SV54 ELX   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ443000230 Neoplan PA8-0041 CH65/26Dt Feb-05
South Wales Cwmbran 50133   CN05 APV   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ643000231 Neoplan PA8-0042 CH65/26Dt Mar-05
South Wales Cwmbran 50134   CN05 APX   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ843000232 Neoplan PA8-0043 CH65/26Dt Mar-05
South Wales Cwmbran 50135   CN05 APY   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZX43000233 Neoplan PA8-0044 CH65/26Dt Mar-05
East Scotland Aberdeen 50136   LX05 BWL   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ143000234 Neoplan PA8-0045 CH65/26Dt Mar-05
East Scotland Aberdeen 50137   LX05 BWM   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ343000235 Neoplan PA8-0046 CH65/26Dt Mar-05
London Leyton 50138   LX05 BWN   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ543000236 Neoplan PA8-0047 CH65/26Dt Apr-05
East Scotland Aberdeen 50139   CN05 FVU   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ743000237 Neoplan PA8-0048 CH65/26Dt Apr-05
South Wales Cwmbran 50140   CN05 FVV   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ943000238 Neoplan PA8-0049 CH65/26Dt Apr-05
Warwickshire Leamington 50141   KX05 HVE   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ043000239 Neoplan PA8-0050 CH65/26Dt Apr-05
Warwickshire Leamington 50142   KX05 HVF   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ743000240 Neoplan PA8-0051 CH65/26Dt Apr-05
South Wales Cwmbran 50143   CN05 FVW   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ943000241 Neoplan PA8-0052 CH65/26Dt May-05
South Wales Cwmbran 50144   CN05 FVX   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ043000242 Neoplan PA8-0053 CH65/26Dt May-05
East Midland Chesterfield 50145   YN05 WEC   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ243000243 Neoplan PA8-0054 CH65/26Dt May-05
East Midland Chesterfield 50146   YN05 WEF   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ443000244 Neoplan PA8-0055 CH65/26Dt May-05
East Scotland Aberdeen 50147   MX05 BWP   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ643000245 Neoplan PA8-0056 CH65/26Dt May-05
Manchester Princess Road 50148   MX05 BWN   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ843000246 Neoplan PA8-0057 CH65/26Dt May-05
Manchester Princess Road 50149   MX05 BWO   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZX43000247 Neoplan PA8-0058 CH65/26Dt May-05
East Midland Chesterfield 50150   YN05 WEK   Neoplan N122/3L WAGPA8ZZ143000248 Neoplan PA8-0059 CH65/26Dt May-05
East Scotland Perth 52310   N619 USS   Volvo B10M-6200 043779 Plaxton 9512VUP3811 C44Ft Sep-95
East Scotland Inverness 52666   X676 NSE   Volvo B10M-6200 052499 Jonckheere 25717 C49Ft Oct-00
East Scotland Inverness 52668   X678 NSE   Volvo B10M-6200 052503 Jonckheere 25719 C49Ft Oct-00
East Scotland Inverness 52669   X679 NSE   Volvo B10M-6200 052505 Jonckheere 25720 C49Ft Oct-00
50134 - Aberdeen ?                    

Two M A N Jonckheere Monacos in X77 livery were seen last evening around 2000hrs heading along the M40 near Lewknor London bound. Anyone any idea what this was about?

Fred Spresser advises that they have a loan bus at present whilst the new Mercedes Sprinter receives attention.

The bus in question is:-

T546HNH  -  Dennis Dart/Plaxton MPD B29F

A more regular performer on Thames Travel services into Oxford is 313 which originated with Chiltern Queens.
I seem to remember this bus was one of two purchased for the evening 10 route in Oxford.


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