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Issue 146

Sunday 25th September 2005
next update week ending 7th October 2005

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Amersham Running Day - Sunday 2nd October 2005

The timetable booklets for the Amersham Running Day are now available price 5 available from the

Tourist Information Centre @ High Wycombe

Peter Cartwright @ 54 Guinions Road, HIGH WYCOMBE, HP13 7NX.

Postage is included in the 5.

After all the excitement of last weekend I am relieved to note that this last week has been somewhat quieter and somewhat back to normal. Thank you to all those who sent congratulations on the win by Oxford Tube 50124 at Showbus.

Brookes back and running at full strength.

Oxford Brookes University came back up last week with a "Freshers" day on Monday last. I am told that nearly 10,000 passenger journeys were made on Brookes Bus last Monday, quite an achievement. Certainly the roadways near Brookes at Headington Hill were thronging with students for much of last week.

Indeed to ensure a full compliment of buses for The Brookes services both 18055 and 18056
have now returned from their summer holidays in Devon. 18056 is seen here last week in Queen St, Oxford.

City Sightseeing in Oxford get their new bus.

Kevin Stevens has kept me updated on developments with CSS's new open topper and I am pleased to be able to bring you a photographic record of progress.  The bus was due to enter service yesterday, Saturday 24th September.

Kevin writes "As I promised a few pictures of work in progress on our new decker. 

I spoke to the sticker putter-on-ers this afternoon (Tuesday) and their plan then was to stay until the job was done tonight so the bus could be PDI'd tomorrow. 

Saturday is looking very much on for the official launch although it may well be seen on driver familiarisation Friday, there are lots of new knobs and dials for us to all learn !!! 

Sorry for the slightly shaky photos, its the excitement I suppose <bg> !!!!!!!"

and then 

As promised the finished article.  It was brought into Oxford at 06.30hrs today (Thursday) to undergo its bridge test ie; under the station bridge, which it passed with flying colours.  It then returned to Didcot to be photographed and finally have its last safety check carried out by Volvo.


Tomorrow (Friday) it should be coming back to Oxford where AVT will fine tune the commentary system and if all goes well it will go out on Saturday in service although its official launch will not be until next week apparently.

I look forward to photos of this bus in service and hopefully some from the official launch.

Those pictures from Steve Bunce at Binders Yard

Last week I included a picture of a recovery bus presently at binders Yard. I received some information during the week about its history.

Alexander body new as Trent 113, now somewhat altered. It is seen here in at the Ward Jones premises in Binders Yard.

Chris Jenkinson writes "Here is a brief history of PRA 113R featured on your news page. It was a member of the Nu-Venture fleet in Kent for a few years, which is where it ended its PSV life. Attached photo taken on 11th November 1999 at Nu-Venture's Aylesford depot."

PRA 113R



Leyland Leopard PSU3C/4R 7603534


Alexander AT 6AT/1075/1

Seating Capacity



November 1976

Original Registration


Chris goes on to say "PRA 113R moved down South to join the fleet of Bygone Tours in June 1993. It initially operated in its previous owners colours before gaining Bygone red livery. In June 1994 it was acquired by Nu-Venture Coaches, retrimmed and painted into coach livery of red and blue stripes. It was later painted into bus livery of light blue skirt with white upper panels.

It was withdrawn and sold to a private owner for non-psv use on 12th June 2000. by 26th December 2000 it had been converted into a tow truck."

Some pictures to bring back memories by Andy Millwood.

Andy Millwood writes ".....thanks for being willing to print my picture of the Thames transit bus. I thought you might like some more so I'm sending two e-mails. I was hoping to do it as one. This one is an Electric Optare bus 804 L804HJO taken outside Oxford Stn ,again about `86/87,the other is of Oxon Travel Bristol BS31 at St Mary Magdalen's Church. Who were Oxon Travel?"


I'm sure some of our readers will be able to through light on the pictures sent in by Andy?

Developments in our area from Chris Duncombe

Chris writes "A couple of items of news which may be of interest for the OCBP.

Firstly, registrations have been approved in the latest edition of the Eastern area N&P for Cheney Coaches to change the timetable of their route 6 from the 5th September, and for a change in the route, timetable and stopping places of National Express route 757.

Secondly, I have 'discovered' the timetables are available on the web for the Stanford-in-the-Vale community bus, which doesn't appear on the Oxford CC website. The address is, and also includes what I assume to be a picture of the bus used in service."

(I have been unable to find out exactly what the changes to the 757 service are. Ed.)


Another nice photo site is to be found at


I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this page and look forward to your continued support in the future.

Malcolm Crowe - Sunday 25th September 2005

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News of the local companies 25th September 2005

Gavin Francis writes "Have you noticed Arriva Olympians have a new ARRIVA sign on the front.

Also 3863 was on the 326 Friday showing the destination, then have your fares ready, then Have you tried the new Park and Ride. Got the best picture I could but we need movie clips to get the whole blind detail."

Ed Maun comments "Ref your caption to photo of Volvo 3863 in Issue 144; surely this is the spare bus for green route 31. As it is not in branded livery it is available for use on any suitable route when not required for the 31. I believe it often works on service 326."

(I am led to believe that this bus can be used on a number of routes but is "first line" for the new Park & Ride when required. Ed)

New P and R VDL 3701 runs past the camera outside Newlands Bus Station a week or so ago.

Another Arriva this time a Volvo 3867 on the 31

James Cusworth noted that there was a Volvo B7/Wright Eclipse Urban on the 328 journey leaving Reading
about 1:40pm today (Monday 12th).

Nigel Peach writes "I notice that ex London Olympians 5844 and 5855 (D211/168FYM), still parked in the car park outside the bus station now have red bands around their waists. I think that indicates that they've been sold, doesn't it. Just two of this batch are still active at Wycombe: 5851 (C36CHM) & 5853 (D166FYM)."

Arriva Olympian double deck 5145 leaving NBS on a 362 working a week ago.

Nigel Peach writes "In Carousel's depot behind Desborough Road today (Thurs 22nd), were G530 & G534 VBB with Arriva London decals. They are Northern Counties bodied Leyland Olympians (numbered L530/4 in that fleet). According to my Arriva 2004 handbook these were based at Barking and were new to Kentish bus. By coincidence L530 is pictured in that book"

L109HHV leaves NBS on a 4 working last week.

Gavin Francis sent this lovely shot of M57 on a school working at High Wycombe.

Nigel Eggleton corrects a note from Curly saying "Service 2E ceased after operation on Sept 17th last year, the last day of 395 Cowley Road."

Trident 103, once red, passes Nuffield college on New Road on a 400 working a week or so ago.

Citaro 832 at the junction with Worcester St and New Road on an X3 working last week.

Lynx Trainer 971 comes up New road last week on training work.

Coachman of Swindon 

Marcus Lapthorn advises that Coachman of Swindon have repainted the former Reading D/D's into a very smart new green & cream livery and given those vehicles fleet numbers as follows: ex Reading 72 = Coachman 36; 73 = 37; 74 = 38. 

The company address has also changed to: Turnpike Road, Blunsdon, Swindon, SN26 7EA, which is just off the A419.

At least one of the former COMS VR's is still in service, being on the 67A on Friday 16 Sept.

James Cusworth writes "Although out of the area of the Chilterns, I thought it worth mentioning that the Green Line network is being further cutback with the withdrawal of First Berkshire's route X7 from Bracknell, Yateley and Camberley to London from 5th November. The timetable has seen cutbacks over the last few years and the end now appears to be in sight."

Gavin Francis caught this rather unusual performer on the 702 a few weeks ago. This bus is more used to
work in Reading but appeared in Bullied Way, Victoria, certainly far from its usual haunts.



Steve Warwick writes "Once again a most interesting and varied news page this week, especially news and pictures of the Wycombe Park & Ride.

I have attached a photo of a new addition to Wycombe's Heyfordian fleet  Volvo B10M,  8779 KV it replaces ex City of Oxford DAF/Plaxton  F139LJO which has been sold."

Gavin Francis took this nice action shot of 7298RU on a school working in High Wycombe on 16th September.

Another picture from Gavin, this time of an ex Stagecoach Bluebird Volvo L587JSA, now nicely painted in Heyfordian livery.


Trevor Wilson writes "We went to the Wasps vs Tigers match on Saturday 10 Sept and there was a different Metrobus on the free Wasps shuttle.  An F Reg and looked like ex West Midlands.  The other 2 buses were E153OMD Olympian and the other F reg ex East Kent Metrobus (F763EKM)"

Unusually this coach was on the M1 a week or so ago and is seen on layover at Stokenchurch


In News Page 144 I said "Much has been made about the new "standard" National Express coach for 2005 and beyond. This is the Scania with Irizar PB bodywork which has been configured to National Express requirements."

Rob Williams wrote "These cannot be the standard vehicles for 2005 and beyond! Any new vehicle built after 1st January 2005 and used on scheduled services has by law to be wheelchair accessible. The current Scania / Irizars appear to have been built on stock chassis built before 1st Jan to get around this. For the future NatEx currently have a wheelchair accessible coach in development in partnership with Caetano which is due to be launched soon. It may be that the interior from the Scanias is to be replicated though."

I however note that is said that NEx have ordered a further 25 of these coaches so I wonder what the configuration will be?

Red Rose of Aylesbury

I couldn't help noticing that a Red Rose bus was in Queen Street, Oxford last week, not the route for the 275 and then it had gone down to St Clements and was then seen turning right into Lomngwall. I wonder if the driver was lost?

The latest fleet list shows the following movements

fleet movements last period







Dennis Trident - Return from loan period at Devon



Dennis Trident - Return from loan period at Devon

The M A N s are all going through repaint once again and so 22933 is now having its second coat of the new colours.



fleet movement - last period



H617 ACK

Volvo B10M - Rugby to Reserve


P821 FVU

Volvo B10M - Reserve to Leamington


P677 NOJ

Volvo B6LE - Nuneaton to Leamington


H495 MRW

Mercedes 709D - Leamington to Nuneaton


N353 AVV

Mercedes 709D - Rugby to Reserve


H495 MRW

Mercedes 811D - Reserve to Rugby

vehicles in reserve



H617 ACK

Volvo B10M



N353 AVV

Mercedes 709


Most Witney based Tridents now have 100 route branding. An exception is 18137 seen here on the 100 in George Street.

George Street is the setting for this line up of buses including a Volvo on the X5 52485

The new (50111) and old (50040) seen parked up at Notting Hill Gate coach park.
50040 re entered service a week ago after a further 2 months off the road after one day in service for Live 8.
It is devoid of any branding at all. Photo by Gavin Francis

Ben Morroll came up with this shot of 50051(51) when in service on the Oxford Tube.


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Gavin Francis caught this Russian Embassy coach, again in Notting Hill Gate coach park which is by the side of the Embassy.

I welcome your photos for inclusion on this page. Please send them to me at

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Visit the "OXFORD BUS PAGE" Archive 1998 - 2002

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