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Issue 134

Sunday 26th June 2005
next update week ending 8th July 2005

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Due to changing over computers this week's page will be somewhat limited. I am also in the process of getting broadband installed but it seems to take weeks.

The event of the week for me was seeing a National Express "South West " coach approaching Victoria last Friday morning and then passing some royal blue coaches on the A40 near Hanger Lane on my way back out of London.

I can tell you, I dashed for my camera as I saw this old girl coming along.

Seemingly it was the 125th anniversary of royal Blue and a weekend of events was organised to commemorate the event. you can read all about it on the following web link.

Gavin Francis secured some photos later in the morning as my duty ensured I was in and out of London like a jack rabbit.



From this pages point of view there was a connection since Royal Blue coaches could be seen in Oxford on services to the Midlands from Bournemouth many years ago.

Waterden road - Stagecoach open day.

Last Saturday ace reporter and roving photographer, Gavin Francis, visited the open day at the Stagecoach depot at Waterden Road. I have included a few pictures taken by him which I believe are of interest to readers.

RML 3, the Leyland version of the Routemaster was on hand for the day.

The fuel cell Citaros are still in regular use in London, one is seen above.

London General NVs

Keith Wood wrote following an item in last week's page. Keith says "Just read your latest newsletter and saw mention of the two ex LG NV's that Mullany's have bought recently. Here is a pic of NV172 in its training livery. NV169 was in the same livery (albeit with a few minor variations)."

I would still like some pictures of the NVs with Mullany's though ???

Letters from readers.

Noam Bleicher writes regarding those digital displays

I know very little about destination blinds nor digital photography, but am guessing that the LEDs show brief pulses of light to save energy. Our eyes will not notice this, but your camera must have a very short exposure and appears to catching the "dark phase" between pulses - digital CCDs are more sensitive than all but the fastest photographic emulsions and don't need to be exposed for long. If your camera has a longer exposure setting, try using this. The bus would have to be stationary of course, e.g. at traffic lights.

Ex South Midland Optare City Pacer sighted.

York Bus Driver writes "Noted in the Wakefield area last week was former South Midland Optare City Pacer D230TBW. It is in the ownership of Star Travel (Unsure of exact location, but possibly Dewbury or Ossett).It still looks in good condition." 

A link to this correspondent's site is recorded below. 



ow on to this week's News and photos. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week. Please note that next week's page will be published on Monday evening and not Sunday as usual.

Malcolm Crowe - Sunday 26th June 2005

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News of the local companies 26th June 2005

Arriva's Olympian/Palatine IIs continue to give good service on the 280. 5158 is seen here at Oxford Station.
Photo by Steve Warwick.

Seen today on the 329 to Reading was a Vario from the 219x batch and then 2171 on the 326. Obviously patronage is limited on Sunday morning on these routes.

An unfortunate accident occurred last week in Luton and details can be found at the following link.

I made a quick visit to Carousel this morning and took the following pictures. Painting of the fleet in the new livery is now well under way.

As can be seen from the photos Dart 323 is repainted, Metrobus M524 is also repainted.
DRL153 has yet to have a coat of paint but has Carousel logos.

The route changes for 3rd July have been summarised for us by Curly who asks for the following information to be put on the page.

Routes 2/2A/2D/2C/2B changes; route 2 will now run from Magdalen street-Kidlington {Grove lands-High street-Evans La or vv. All journeys en Sundays run as the 2A which operates Magdalen St-Kidlington {Evans La>High St>Grove lands or vv. Also the 2D will operate Magdalen St-Kidlington {Exeter hall and Airport} at Mon-Fri peak. Route 2C will depart from Magdalen St and run more frequently en both directions till 714hrs. Route 2B will operate Magdalen St-Kidlington {Grove lads>Exeter hall>Line mead} and return from Line mead and Grove lands. No more 2s/2As/2Bs will depart Oxford airport so all journeys will run as 2D/c 

Routes X3/X13; Journeys will increase with peak journeys running as far as St Aldate's and all journeys after 745hrs will run via Redbridge car park {till 1158hrs}, but the X13 will be withdrawn

Routes 4/a/b/c; Journeys will call at Seacourt Car park after 750hrs, daily if requested, buses will set down only

Routes 8/A; New service 8 Will operate daily between Barton and Speedwell St every 7 or 8 mins. Route 8a will operate daily except Suns Risinghurst-Speedwell St every 7 or 8 mins

Route 2 freedom card will also be valid en new routes 8 and 8a

Routes X13/13/13A/13C; The 13 Will run every 20 mins and there'll b more journeys. The X13 will b withdrawn. The 13a will operate every 20 mins. The 13c will only run en Sunday and run via Oxford rd, Elsfield Rd, Marsh La then continue to Northway and JR

Routes 14/a; the 14 will operate JR-Churchill en Mon-Fri and Sat, City-JR. The 14A will operate Rail Stn-JR via Marston village. Mon-Fri continues to Churchill Hosp

Routes 35a/C; route 35a will run every hour Mon-Sat. New route 35c will operate Didcot-Oxford direct.

Volvo 601 was the first of the Volvo/Plaxton Verdes for Oxford and continues in service, normally on 2 road.

The NCME Paladins will doubtless be the first single decks to be replaced, when and if any new buses arrive
for OBC. Some are looking a little care worn now.

I may not have recorded that coach 68 has also received a digital display as 67 above.

Steve Warwick has sent a picture of one of the allocation of Volvo coaches at High Wycombe.

UK Host Spin sent this picture of an MK Metro Solo.

Selwyn's operate the 303 service and one of the DAF/Van Hools is seen leaving Gloucester Green last week.

Another operator on National Express services is Yorkshire Traction and here 68 operates a 310 service.
This coach was registered YS02YXR and is a Volvo B12M with Plaxton Paragon bodywork.

Perhaps a surprising arrival in Manchester was a batch of Tridents bearing KX05 registrations.
I wonder if these were maybe intended for Oxford or somewhere else in the south midlands area?
KX05TWG is seen above.

Chris Lowe who took the picture above writes "I have managed to take a photo of one of the batch of five Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents (KX05 TWG/TWK/TWL/TWM/TWM) which have arrived at Manchester's Hyde Road garage of the last few days."

Surprise visitor to Horspath last week was Olympian 16079 once based in Oxford but now up country with Warwickshire.

One of the Witney based Tridents 18133 heading up George Street last week at the end of its run in from Witney.

One of the Varios or a Sprinter is used each day to provide staff transport from Horspath to either BMW or Exel were vehicles are parked overnight.
Here 42371 is waiting its time for the short run to BMW.

It would appear that 16525 has returned to Oxford from Banbury where it is no longer required for schools.

Stagecoach in Swindon

Dave Rogers sent some pictures of buses loaned unexpectedly to Swindon by Oxford a week or so ago.

34466 is seen in Manchester road, Swindon on the 49 route.

22057 is seen in Swindon on the 49 again this time bound for Trowbridge.

both buses are back in Oxford now and thus it was a very short term loan.

Stagecoach United Counties.

I'm sure this coach used to be on X5s ?

A surprise arrival spooted en route to Horspath last week was M A N Tube nr 40 min an overall red livery. It is not known as yet if it will enter service on the London service.

50040 in Horspath depot.

There are three "express" workings to London on the Tube, departing at 0600, 0624 and 0700.
These services operate non stop from Thornhill to Marble Arch with one return journey at 0925 on the same routing.
50119 displays, albeit incorrectly due the time, the "express" destination.
The driver changed the destination very quickly when he saw my camera !!!

Olympian 13606 unexpectedly visited Horspath last week and ended up being parked next to  M A N 50058.
How much taller the Olympian looks next to the M A N

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