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Jack Cooper wrote some weeks ago to tell me that he was to have a Work Experience for one week at the Horspath depot of Stagecoach in Oxfordshire. He promised a a day by day report which I am pleased to publish below.  Well done Jack!


Work experience and internships. Work experience is essential for getting a job. Whether it's a short work placement or a longer internship, work experience is always viewed favourably by employers and can help you decide your future career.

At the wheel of an Oxford tube

So, Jack Cooper wrote to me advising that he was to have a week's Work Experience with Stagecoach. As a young man who is interested in a career in the industry this seemed a great opportunity and as the background says " is always viewed favourably by employers and can help you decide your future career."

Jack was pretty keen on his upcoming experience and as things job wise have changed in recent years such experience will be just what he needs. In my generation further education was not compulsory and one could leave school at 16. It didn't do that much harm in the end, since a young man with ambition could get on, whereas today most of the top jobs in the work place require a University Degree. However Stagecoach, not alone in this approach, does offer SDP "Staff Development Programme" which allows people from the "ranks" to progress into management.

When reviewing Jack's week in Stagecoach, some aspects were those of an enthusiast, however he was given the opportunity to see how the company works on a day to day basis.  It must have been in some ways a dream come true as he could sit in the driving seat and imagine what the future might hold.

An enthusiast always likes to see unusual destination display. Here a Gold bus is "on the 16".

Lets see what Jack did and look at some of his photographs.

Jack has written a short record of his five days.

Day 1: I was with Mark Shepherd and his trainees on the training bus 20936.

At the wheel of 20936

Day 2: I was with Paul Green. We were recruiting people, so I also observed an interview. We also sorted out the vehicle defect cards and Paul showed me the system of Green Road. This is the way the company records a driver's performance. We then did a first use check on 10784 a Gold Enviro 400MMC, this bus later becomes 'my bus', as I came in on the S8 every morning operated by 10784.

With Gold buses.

Day 3: in the morning I was in Customer Services where we managed to return someone's wallet.

In the afternoon I was with publicity out sorting out posters and bus stops. First stop Abingdon to sort out the timetable and replaced a tube poster at Peachcroft roundabout, next stop was Frilford crossroads to take down some bus stop closed posters and then following him taking down posters on buses.

With Publicity.

Day 4: The Control Room!! I had heard that everything had somewhat amiss and the Assistant Operations Manager Stuart Dudley was acting as Controller because various control staff had to cover driving duties.

In the afternoon I made a call out to 10069 which had an Amber ABS light on. I believe it was Papa 12 on the 700,

Watching buses being washed.

A Gold bus over the pit in Engineering.  

Day 5: I am back in publicity in the morning and I do some ticket machine training. In the afternoon I am back with Paul Green, sorting out defect cards, looking inside his training bus (it's the same as Mark's) and then going on 10784 again and get acquainted with a tube coach.

Much involved with the Oxford tube.

Ticket machine training.

I was also able to spend one hour with the Managing Director, Martin Sutton, who answered a number of questions such as Martin's background and career path.

The company reports that Jack was very enthusiastic and benefitted from the week. 


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