A really lovely surprise was this display arranged by Owain Morgan of Oxford Bus. I felt very  pleased.
Thank you to Owain and Jack in this picture by your Editor at the end of his road !

En route from Jack Cooper in a sylvan setting.

This special page is an effort to provide coverage of this event at the various location en route. The map enables me to refer the pictures to the location starting with nr. 1.  I will quote the contributors names under the respective location number.

I also include useful links for those who wish to follow up.

Entry Listing 2020

James Freeman has produced a video of the Fly-by on you tube at the following link.

1/ Oxford services, Wheatley

Three entrants seen at Wheatley-M40 Services by Ciaran Bird.

Two entrants near Wheatley by Daniel Harwood.

More entrants at Wheatley M40 services by Jack Cooper.

These pictures are but a small number of the pictures received.

4/ Thame Town Hall

Three entrants at Thame Town Hall by Daryl Major.

Thame and another four pictures of entrant by Rob Hough.

Two entrants in Thame by Tony Bungay.

6/ Aston Rowant(Lewknor)

Two pictures from Keith Wood taken in the shadow of The Chilterns at Aston Rowant.

Stokenchurch near Lowes Close by Malcolm Crowe - your Editor

Five entrants heading into Stokenchurch from the west, I wonder if this Royal Blue coach ever operated through the village?

Four entrants heading west out of the village and I am sure the Red & White coach did work through the village in its day!

This is the type of bus seen in the village in the late '40s and 1950s working to Ibstone and Watlington.
Indeed according to the allocation list of July 1st 1952, this - 446- plus sisters 447 and 451 were at High Wycombe and could have been out-stationed
at Stokenchurch dormy shed in that period. The depot building is still there but in use as a commercial warehouse.
In those long off days buses heading for Ibstone would have passed out house in Lowes Close until the M40 split the Ibstone Road into two!!

8/ Stokenchurch - Kings Arms

This selection of entrants passing through Stokenchurch was provided by Gavin Francis.

A nice group by Gary Seamarks. It 901 again showing OCBP !

Somehow 2440 seems to blend so well with the background, what a lovely colour these buses were. By Keith Wood.

Sorry if Stokenchurch got a lot of coverage but it is where I live (for the past 45 years!!)

9/ Piddington

Tony Bungay caught these three on the A40 at Piddington.

11/ High Wycombe

Entrants in High Wycombe by Gavin Francis showing the narrow streets not always used by through traffic.

Whites and Oxford Bus in the market square at High Wycombe by Jack Cooper.

Three more from Nigel Peach.


RF673 is seen in Old Beaconsfield on the A40 by Nigel Peach.

18/ M40 services Jc.2

There was something about older buses in those days which is missing today. For example the trim on KDD38 had design !
Pictures by Gavin Francis.

Keith Wood

Sunday’s event but I attach a few that I took during the day. Some nice afternoon light resulted in some nice shots at Aston Rowant. Not sure why a number of the Routemasters felt the need to display the Imber blinds but hey Ho.

Daniel Harwood

Showbus Flyby, all of the photos are taken in Thame, Oxford Road.

Daryl Major

A few photos from the Showbus flyby road running day. All taken in Thame.

Tony Bungay

Self explanatory The StreetDeck, Oxford Loline and RTL Thame Town Hall, High Street 

Thames Valley K, West Midlands Enviro 400 and Routemasters near West Wycombe passing Piddington.

Well as far as know the rain stayed away from Showbus, though when the sun went in as you obviously know it felt more winter than early autumn. Certainly the road run generated a fair amount of interest, even from non Bus enthusiast people curious at the amount of photographers that were around. I even had a older couple pull off the road near West Wycombe to ask me what was happening.

A vote of thanks to all those people who made yesterday happen against a background of unprecedented difficulty.

When I receive more pictures I will add to this page in the week's to come. I hope this gives a good review of what was running on the Fly-by.