Part 2 - further photos

Entry Listing 2020

James Freeman has produced a video of the Fly-by on you tube at the following link.

Pictures received since the first issue on October 2nd

6/ Aston Rowant(Lewknor)

Mark E Lyons

Climbing Aston Hill, Oxford's 901 looking good.

White bus E20D MMC YY69TLX running at speed.

Peter Edgar

At the junction with the A40 and the road to Thame

An 1977 ECW bodied Bristol VR, SFJ106R, with a livery to remind us of Cornwall Busways.

A Bristol K/ECW of an older generation, Thames Valley DBL154 is facing the 300ft climb to Stokenchurch.
This bus joined Thames Valley in 1946 with a very early post war body.

Can the modern West Midlands livery compete with this lovely Crossley/Crossley body JOJ489 with a satisfied looking driver.

Redline's freshly painted E200 MX60GXJ new to the company and carrying three liveries since new!

8/ Stokenchurch - Kings Arms

Gary Seamarks

I rather liked the destination on this bus, Fowlers R155NPR, DAF DB250 Optare Spectra new to Wilts & Dorset 3155 and e Lynx and Damory.
Seen passing the Kings Arms with memories of an earlier 790 by Green Line.

AEC Harrington Camden 900SAF new to Hawkey of Newquay in 1963. After several owners passed to Camden Coaches in October 1974.

Once with Star Travel of Aylesbury, this Mercedes/Beaver looked clean and tidy.

Having spent much of the day blocking the eastbound bus stop it was finally started with the help of Royal Blue.
It recaptures the smart style of the ECW body of the period.

Pulhams provided this very smart Volvo/Plaxton looking every inch a modern touring coach.

This 1950 Dennis Lancet III / Strachan B38R HOU904 once a member of Aldershot & District,
at the time only a year away from the first underfloor engine vehicles.

Hanson sent this Mercedes Tourismo HW69HCW looking smart but is grey really such a nice colour for a coach.

Very traditional, the AEC Regal / MCW Green Line new in 1953 shows the design difference with HOU904 above.

Ex Hants & Dorset 1644, UEL564J this Bristol RELL6G with ECW Body new in 1971.

The first bus Malcolm saw on the day was this NEx WM MMC clean and tidy but on a dull midlands day not the best colour. 

Mark E. Lyons

These two Bristol/ECWs show off one of the companies excellent designs in Stokenchurch. 

9/ Piddington

Tony Bungay

Todmorden's Leyland PD2/Leyland low bridge body HWY36 new in January 1950 heading westward along the A40.

Xelabus E20D MMC G15SSP which works on three services through to Southampton city centre,
with three further short services connecting with Asda and Parkway station.
Xelabus' 442 has gained a new livery and registration plate for the service.

11/ High Wycombe

Peter Edgar

This picture captures the superb presentation of this Leyland Tiger PS1/1 from the East Kent fleet. CFN104 has Park Royal C32R body.
The chromed radiator shell was one of the first luxuries offered by Leyland at the time. Many ended up painted over which was a shame.

This February 1975 Leicester MCW/Scania Metropolitan GJF301N looks smart as it enters The Eden Bus Station.

These 36ft Bristol/ECW coaches always looked very long.

One of the newest entries this year was Banbury's 37630 used in the 505 Bicester-Brackley service.

Once a cherished bus of London Transport Country services, T792 an AEC Regal has a Mann Egerton body.

The nearside view of ex Hants & Dorset 1644, UEL564J this Bristol RELL6G with ECW Body new in 1971.


The above pictures add to the first page. I hope this gives a further review of what was running on the Fly-by, Sunday, September 27th.