Wednesday, September 14th 2022

Commemorative Issue to mark the passing of H M Queen Elizabeth II

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth. H M seemed to be with us forever, 70 years is a long time but one supposes that the time must come as indeed it has. May H M rest in peace after a long and very busy life dedicated to our country.

I was grateful to some contributors who have provided a suitable memory of recent days when, locally, operators acknowledged the passing with some photographs from Oxford.

Andrew Webb

The passing of HM The Queen is being marked by Global, the advertising company, by displaying this portrait. 

London United's BCE47028 passes at Shepherds Bush Green on September 10th.

David Beynon

Oxford Open Doors yesterday, September 10th and the following day but I think the ribbons were to commemorate the Queens passing. Wikipedia says that they are a public display of grief which was something that I didnít know !

Graham Mildenhall

Expect you will get a few of these but waiting in Headington for a city bus last night, September 9th. Very quick reactions by Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach.

Airline 40 pulled up with a rather appropriate destination display. 

Later boarded a Stagecoach S5 to Bicester and received the attached ticket. 

Nice touch from both operators. 

Philip Bayliss

Open doors day in Oxford. 756 and 956 from the Oxford bus museum. Both dressed with black ribbons. 

Editors Comment

I have to say that these pictures do provide some rememberance and the speed with which our two main local operators acted. Well done to all. Ed.

Having just watched the television showing of the cortege from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall I feel that now is an appropriate moments to post this Special Issue.