Spottings & Jottings nr. 89 - 22nd October 2015 

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I have been rather busy in recent weeks hence the delay in publishing this issue. However it does mean that I can bring you the very latest news from our area.

Stagecoach has just received five ADL E200 MMC saloons for use on the 500 Banbury-Brackley service which are expected to enter service sometime next week. They arrived in Oxford on the 14th and 15th October. These are the very first MMC saloons for Stagecoach provincial operations. More details may be found under the operator headings below.

New 37405 - YX65PXW - is seen at Horspath depot after arrival from Scarborough on 15th October - Malcolm Crowe.

This issue has much to interest readers including events in Blackpool, the Coach & Bus event at the NEC in Birmingham, a Running Day at Willesden, this year's Showbus at Wooburn Abbey and some pictures from Alexanders in Falkirk during an OS visit.

The E200 line at the factory as seen on September 5th by Gordon Scott.

Running Days

Hemel Bus event with pictures by Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug Arriva 3968 by Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug Arriva 5435 by Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug Arriva 5439 by Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug RF530 - Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug RM1397 - Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug RML2412 Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug RML2440 Mark Turner

Hemel Bus Rally on 16th Aug RML2456 r 310 Mark Turner


Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society 

The Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society was formed in June 2010 and aims to provide an informal monthly social meeting in  Oxford for those with an interest in buses. Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and normally take the form of a picture  show with local and guest speakers.  A small charge is made to cover the cost of hiring the function room and this is usually around £1 for members per meeting depending on numbers.  For non-members a charge of £3 per head is made.


The Tree Hotel

63 Church Way



                                                                                                      OX4 4EY                                                            

 The Tree Hotel is about 5 minutes walk from bus stops on Iffley Road served by frequent bus service number 3
(jointly operated by Oxford Bus/Stagecoach).

 For the walking route from the nearest bus stop, here is a MAP

A detailed programme of meetings can be found at the following link and we hope many of you will attend future meetings.


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Needless to say this is a theft of copyright and one which I deplore!


I would not wish to have to watermark photographs, thereby making them unsalable as such but if this practice continues I shall be left with no alternative. I am sure this would detract from the pleasure so many of you get from the OCBP.


May I please ask readers to do two things?


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The level of contribution to this page by readers, as ever, remains excellent! Thank you all. 

Malcolm Crowe - Editor - OCBP - 22nd October 2015



Observations and pictures

Gordon Scott writes "I was at Dunfermline last weekend, shots attached of Stagecoach East

Scotland Dunfermline Fife depot based Buses attached. 

53291 SSA11X Volvo B7R Plaxton route branded for route 51 Dunfermline to Livingston, taken at Lathalmond Vintage Bus Museum weekend.
15th August 2015
seen by Gordon Scott

And now various other pictures taken by Gordon.

Another shot from Perth depot last week.

SC 16763 Dunfermline Fife depot ex Manchester Magic Bus seen on 5th September by Gordon Scott.

63266 SN65 OJR taken at Gyle Shopping Centre Edinburgh on route 38A seen by Gordon Scott

Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 MMC in Demo livery.
ALX500 leaves the ALX factory on 11th September by Gordon Scott

E400 in build at ADL Falkirk on 5th September 050915 by Gordon Scott

Stagecoach Scania Enviro 400 Gold livery near completion seen by Gordon Scott

Stagecoach Enviro 300 SN65 OCP seen at Falkirk factory on a test run seen by Gordon Scott
This bus is for Teesside.

SC Cumbria 15221 YN65XFB leaves the ALX factory on 11th September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Teesside 27254 SN65OCR leaving Alexander factory on a test run on 11th September seen by Gordon Scott
For a photo in service follow this link.

SC Teesside 27248 SN65OCJ leaving Alexander factory on 18th September by Gordon Scott

Go-Konectbus 631 SN65OAM, destined for Norwich's new Park & Ride, leaves the ALX factory on 28th August seen by Gordon Scott

E200 in build at ADL Falkirk on 5th September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Manchester 10448 leaves ADL Falkirk on 1st October seen by Gordon Scott

SC Megabus Gold 50305 working the G9 at Glasgow on 1st October seen by Gordon Scott

Once with London, A101SUU seen at the OS Weekend on 5th October seen by Gordon Scott

SC Fife Hybrid 13043 during the OS Weekend on 5th September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Rennies 19543 seen during the OS Weekend - 5th September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Western 27211 - SK15 HBJ seen on the X19 in Glasgow on 1st September seen by Gordon Scott

Pictures taken in Manchester by Gordon Scott

SC Manchester 10404 loads in Piccadilly on an 86 service to Chorlton on 21st September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Manchester 17521 LX51LOA Magicbus r 141
on 21st September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Manchester 19239 MX08GLK Magicbus r 142
on 21st September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Manchester 19246 MX08 GMO Magicbus r 142
on 21st September seen by Gordon Scott

SC Manchester 36077 MX58SGV ex Bluebird r 118
on 21st September seen by Gordon Scott

Other pictures from Gordon Scott

First 39301 - SN15 ELC in Stirling on 23rd September seen by Gordon Scott

First 39305 SN65CVM in Stirling on 23rd September seen by Gordon Scott

Reays Alexander PS YSV695 ex SC 20435 on 22nd September seen by Gordon Scott

SC West Scotland 15945 having replaced Astromega coaches on the X25 in Glasgow on 4th August seen by Gordon Scott

Pictures from other readers

Stagecoach LT241 in allover advertising livery for the 2015 Rugby World Cup sponsored by Dove Care for Men.
Rear view photographed at St Paul's, front view at Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross sent by Peter Edgar

Never seen a LHD Levante in Victoria before. This one has come from Portugal!
Transdev Portugal 2782 in Semley Place London by VCS
on 1st September by Gavin Francis.

From this morning Idbus have started running Setra double deckers on their Paris runs VCS on 1st September by Gavin Francis.

ID Bus 904 near VCS on 4th September by Gavin Francis

ID Bus 143 rear view at VCS on 19th August by Gavin Francis

Strongbow Cloudy Apple overalls on LT 52 and LT's 50 & 64 carry the same, seen on 14th September by Gavin Francis

Tommy Hilfiger's on LTs 65 & 68
Go LONDON LT68 on the 11 on the 14th September by Gavin Francis

Romanian Rugby World Cup Coach in VCS on 17th September by Gavin Francis

This minibus has made it all the way from Romania for the Rugby World Cup.
Could be here for 6 weeks so with the travelling will be away from home about 8 weeks
Briannatour RO NT97UMV in Victoria
on 17th September by Gavin Francis

Adrian Hartless writes " You asked rhetorically in the latest O&C Bus Page where the Swindon 66 branded buses are going when not on the 66. I attach a picture of 15767 at Cheltenham Promenade departing on service 51 to Swindon on August 5th. Also attached one of the new E300s on the S4 in Oxford on August 22. This will become SCO 27843 when the fleet number is affixed."

SC West 15767 on the 94 in Cheltenham on 30th August.

Banbury's 28743 on the S4 in Oxford
on 30th August. 

Bob Morley of Newbury & District Transport Group writes "Attached are three pictures taken in Reading today, Thursday August 27th" 

Routemaster LT586 on loan to Reading Buses seen in Friar Street on route 17. 

1214 at The Lion promotional display in West Street. The service replaces the 90 Reading to Bracknell taken over from First Group. 

Some of the Lion liveried buses are already in service running on the 90 service as seen with 1211 in St Mary’s Mutts, Reading. 

Euro 5 Optare City on loan as demonstrator to Reading Buses seen on Vodafone service V1 at Newbury Station on Friday, August 28.
Reading Buses temporary fleet number 104.

Mercedes Benz Citaro demonstrator at Reading Buses on service 500 crossing into West Street on its way to Loddon Bridge Park & Ride
on Thursday, August 27. Reading Buses temporary fleet number 102. 

Useful information on coaches now operating National Express routes are that Go Ahead London now has four coaches in cream with purple and gold relief.

They are VC1 NX51AAA (LK53KVY), VC2 NX52AAA (LK53KWE) both ex South Gloucester B&C plus VC3 UK05BCL, Volvo B12B/Plaxton Panther, new to Burtons, Haverhill and VC4 SF05XEC a Jonckheere bodied Volvo B12M.

London United are operating coach services on behalf of National Express.

The fleet includes Levantes acquired from Yourbus, Heanor, Derbyshire. 


VL1,3,4 and 7 are in full NEx livery with VL2,5 and 6 all white. 

LUL also have other coaches including SL1 FJ09DXP and SL2 FJ09DXR originally with Arriva plus VB1 HF53OBH and VB2 HF53OBG but first with Yellow Bus of Bournemouth.

London United SL1 FJ09DXP surprisingly works the 737 from Oxford to Stansted on 29th August seen by Gavin Francis

Adam Green writes "Here are some photos from Southwold from Sunday 30th August 2015" 

Anglianbus 102-WX62HHF-On the 61 to Southwold via Kessingland 

Arriva The Shires 4070-YJ55KZS on the 900 Summer Special

Barnett's Coaches N90EDW

Go Ahead London EHV3-BJ15TWL, the New Enviro 400 on the 135

Mike Lewis writes "While visiting Oxford on 5th September I saw a Brijan Tours Dennis Dart/Alexander 109 JHZ 6109 new as N 452 PAP to Stagecoach, I am aware that Brijan ceased trading within the last few months and wondered who has this vehicle as I think it may be preserved, I hope you or someone can shed some light on it?"

Geoff Cunliffe writes "I read an article about easing congestion for buses with some interest. Clearly it is an issue which raises fiercely held views, depending which side of the fence you are on. Liverpool went through a trial last year of discontinuing all of its city centre bus lanes for twelve months. Whilst Arriva was up in arms, apparently every other group of road users was delighted. At the end of the year, I believe the outcome was that all bus lanes except (I think) three were permanently discontinued."

Richard Sharman writes "FJ56 YWF is now with Three Star Coaches, Luton having latterly been with Edinburgh Coach Lines as a spare Coach for their Megabus Contract."

and TGM

New StreetLites (2525-28) have been delivered to High Wycombe.

Arriva 2526 named Peter on 33 seen on 17th September by Malcolm Crowe

Arriva 2518 named Gareth on 33 seen on 17th September by Malcolm Crowe

Nigel Peach writes "On 26th August StreetLites 2525 and 2526 were working route 33 along with 2518. (So they were not waiting for the "65" plates!)

My son (who is a sports fan rather than a bus fan!) has pointed me to the following link which says which five "High Wycombe legends" will have their names on the five new Streetlites Arriva will be putting on route 33." 

"You will see that Wycombe Wanderers manager Gareth Ainsworth is among the five, along with Benjamin Disraeli and Peter Cartwright. It's not often you see those three names in the same sentence!

The unveiling took place at Adams Park on 11th September."

Luke Braham writes "Optare Solo 0441 YJ10 LZV arrived back to the Aylesbury depot on the 15th September after refurbishment in plain orange. On the 18th September, its branding was added ready for its first trip out, after refurbishment, to this years Showbus event. It re-entered service on route D1 on the 22nd September. 0441 is seen in the Aylesbury depot having returned from Showbus awaiting its turn in the bus wash."


"This year, Arriva Aylesbury took three buses along to Showbus with these being Optare Solo 0441 YJ10 LZV (as mentioned above), Sapphire Enviro400 5461 SN15 LPK and MAX Citaro 3932 BD12 DHK. They can been seen parked next to each other shortly before this years event was opened to the public."


"Currently, High Wycombe-based Wright Renown 3307 W134 XRO is parked up in the Aylesbury depot but it doesn't appear that it is due to be used in service."

Above pictures by Luke Braham.

Arriva 3930 on a 280 working in Park End St, Oxford on 22nd August by Gavin Francis

Arriva Southern Counties Optare 4216 on the 402 at BROMLEY NORTH on 2nd September by Gavin Francis 

Carousel 401 and 402 at the depot on 27th September seen by Lewis Nagle

Some fleet changes have taken place and I would like to thank Geoff Lovejoy for a very useful update.

The second of FIVE StreetLites is 402 – SM15HWD.They are B45F. It is now noted that a further three are due. 

Trident 120 (DXZ7120) has moved to Thames Travel.

On Friday 28/08 I drove 415 to Oxford, for storage awaiting disposal, I returned 418 to High Wycombe which is freshly painted in Carousel Red One livery, it is scheduled for service from the 3rd September, this will displace a Tempo to A40/740/730 diagrams, possibly 807.

So this is the state of the withdrawals.

415 Withdrawn and awaiting disposal, in storage at Oxford.

417 Withdrawn and awaiting disposal, in storage at Oxford.

480 Withdrawn, in reserve, in storage at High Wycombe.

804 Withdrawn, in reserve, in storage at High Wycombe.

809 Withdrawn, in reserve, in storage at High Wycombe.

I've also included a couple of photos of 871 since it's return from collision damage repairs and repaint into Carousel livery as opposed to Link branding, and two bus stop flags from the Wycombe Bus Company days which are still displayed along the A40.

Oh, by the way, we haven't received 553 as yet.

709 is out on Bucks CC County Rider services most days, I suggested using it on these as it's a small number of passengers using the services who will quickly get used to seeing a different coloured bus, rather than using it on other services and confusing more people than necessary.

Carousel 415on 28th August by Geoff Lovejoy

Carousel 418 at Tetsworth on 28th August by Geoff Lovejoy

Mercedes 871 at the Wycombe depot on 29th August by Geoff Lovejoy


422 suffered a breakdown in Stokenchurch on the 40 on 29th August as seen by Malcolm Crowe
This was an extremely unusual event as since taking over this route Carousel have gained a very good reputation from passengers.

Stephen Le Bras writes "You did ask me to provide a report on the closure of Bracknell garage but, to be honest, there was not much of a commemoration. I witnessed the last 191 leaving Windsor for Slough and its final journey towards Bracknell, a short time later. 

Since then, it has been a case of building up the driver numbers at Slough to meet the additional operation of route 200 to Legoland and the 702 Greenline services from Bracknell to London, now diverted via the old 191 service through North Ascot.


The last three years have seen the arrival of 15 hybrid Volvos to work alongside the existing Citaros, the end of the Solos replaced by new Wright saloons, the end of the Scania/Wrights and the impending departure of the last Dennis Darts. Just 5 remain in use-red 41336 and Barbi liveried 42339/41/656/673."

First 64018 on a 702 working at Bracknell on the 28th August by Lewis Nagle 

Heyfordian YJ11EJO on the 104 in High St Oxford on 19th August by Gavin Francis

 and Crusader Holidays


Bruce Salsburgh FJ14GPV on the 539 bound for Edinburgh leaves Oxford GG on 16th August as seen by Gavin Francis

Oh dear! pity the driver - ast Yorkshire 78 YY63OEJ in VCs on the 18th August by Gavin Francis

Skills Coaches - MIG 9440 once an A6 stalwart seen on the 461 in Elizabeth St W1 on 19th August by Gavin Francis

National Express West Midlands BK15AJU on the 444 seen on 13th September by Richard Sharman 

The company has now received the first two of three new coaches for the National Express 737 service as noted by Managing Director, Phil Southall.

53 at Hemel Hempstead at 1839 on 14th October seen by Adam Green

He writes "We have two new Volvo B8R coaches as follows: 

53 BX65WAO
54 BX65WAU

These will replace 48 and 49 that were only on hire from National Express and will be returning to them this week.

A third new coach to be numbered 55 is expected sometime in November and that will replace coach 50 that is also only on hire to us.

You may also have seen that we have coach 12 on hire from Volvo until the end of the year as coach 5 is long term VOR but should be back with us in early in 2016.

12 YN11AXW ex G Line of St Annes, Fylde Coast on the LHR service in Castle St on 10th October by Malcolm Crowe

12 loading at Queens Lane on 14th October seen by Graham

Jack Cooper writes "From the 3rd September Oxford bus company started a service between Kennington and Mathuarnald school  the service will operate schooldays only. It is now quite common to see the neglected hybrids from the 5 operating on X3,X13 and 13 also I have seen some unbranded citaros on the Abingdon routes."



Richard Griffin writes "Just thought you'd be amused to see & possibly to share this:


"Former OBC Dart/Marshall 513 still out and about, seen during September working a Rail Replacement service on the Thameslink line."


An unfortunate incident occurred recently as shown in the link below.


Now we have a number of other pictures of Oxford's fleet.

Busy times at Gloucester Green as coach 7 loads for Heathrow at GG on 5th September seen by Gavin Francis

The Wrights Hybrids are now appearing on longer routes having been displaced off the City 5.
356 is working the 35 in St Aldates on 29th August seen by Gavin Francis

Standing in for the more ususal green Hybrid, 360 is working the 300 on 5th September as seen by Gavin Francis

As work on Frideswide Sq progresses Park End St is temporarily one way eastbound and westbound services must use Hythe Bridge St.
Here 612 works the U1 in Hythe Bridge St on 28th August seen by Gavin Francis

659 works the 5 in Hythe Bridge St on 28th August seen by Gavin Francis

660 on 5 road seen in Worcester St before turning left into Hythe Bridge St on 29th September by Gavin Francis

New Wright Streetdeck 661 on a 3 road working seen in St Aldates on 29th August by Gavin Francis

Citaro 832 on the 3B School service in Castle St on 1st October by Gavin Francis

Citaro 833 on 400 road in Castle St seen on 1st September by Gavin Francis

225 on the Half Marathon service on 11th October by Malcolm Crowe

661 climbs St. Aldates on 26th August by Richard Sharman

Front and Rear of Elite I's on The High on 26th August by Richard Sharman

OX Streetdeck-E400MMC comparison
on 26th August by Richard Sharman

E400MMC's in Oxford with front and rear for comparison on 26th August by Richard Sharman

Once Oxford's coach nr 2, Notts and Derby R813NUD seen in Worcester on 17th October by Richard Sharman
This coach spent many years with Wilts and Dorset and then Southern Vectis on the Isle of Wight

Gary Seamarks visited Eire in July and look what he found!

Padraig Naughton Eire Tour using ex Oxford 22 now registered 00-G-15162 and seen on 13th July 2015


Brent Ricketts advises "Volvo B12M with VDL Jonckheere FJ05AOK has been sold to M and M Coaches of High Wycombe and one of the 08 plates has been sold to Angels Executive of High Wycombe bringing the fleet down to seven instead of nine."

All coaches are now all Volvo/Jonckheere SHV models. 

Pulhams Coaches

Pulhams PU15HAM seen in Oxford on 26th August by Richard Sharman

Redline vehicles KH55KMH, X458KUT and ex Oxford KB07OXF seen at the depot on 1st September by Luke Braham

Redline Buses new unregistered Enviro200 on 1st September by 1st September seen by Luke Braham


AD E20D SFD7E1AR6FGY15050 

AD F214/10 



Redline, Aylesbury 

Luke Braham writes "Redline Buses of Aylesbury have recently taken delivery of a brand new ADL Enviro200 for a new Bucks University contract that they are due to start. Currently the bus is parked up in there yard with no registration plate but, since my photo, has been given branding for the service. I will send more details of this over to you when I have it! 

Redline Buses have also repainted ADL Enviro300 KH55 KMH and ex-OBC Plaxton Panther KB07 OXF into a base red livery."



Mike Walker writes "Here are a few photographs taken in Tilehurst on August 19th of LT586 whilst on trial with Reading Buses unfortunately when it arrived at The Water Tower it had just started to rain. 

I understand that originally a vehicle from Stagecoach London was planned to be trial vehicle but in the end a LT586 was sent which as far as I know is from a batch due for either Arriva ,or GoAhead."



David Stevenson writes "Reading have this on trial. Apparently only one driver has been trained to drive it so when she is on a break so is the bus! It’s coming back from the Three Tuns so either the blind has stopped working or she forgot to set it. I think Reading screens work automatically on location, so understandable."


Reading with LT586 as their 105 on 17 at Cemetery Junction on 21st August by David Stevenson



As reported in the introduction five new ADL MMC E200 single decks have been delivered. They will work the 500 service between Banbury and Brackley.

37401 YX65 PXS
37402 YX65 PXT
37403 YX65 PXU
37404 YX65 PXV
37405 YX65 PXW



The other new buses at Banbury, the Gold Scanias, have now gained fleet numbers.

Here is a new Stagecoach Gold liveried Scania K230/ADL E300 in Oxford on the S4.  It's the 25th August and is taken by Graham.
Weighing in at 10925kg, they are heavier than the new OBS Streetdecks, and only slightly lighter than the new Stagecoach E40D/E400MMCs. 

28746 on a short working S4 to Deddington leaves Banbury on 25th August by Richard Sharman
The Deddington service is every hour alternating with the through Oxford service.

A batch of new Solos SR's has joined the Midland fleet at Leamington.

An early picture taken in a hurry, 47968 YJ65ETT a Gold Solo at Leamington by Andrew Buckingham.


Oe M990SR 1178 

Oe 291178 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR 1179 

Oe 291179 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR 1180 

Oe 291180 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR 1181 

Oe 291181 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR 1182 

Oe 291182 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR 1183 

Oe 291183 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR 1184 

Oe 291184 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR 1185 

Oe 291185 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR SABNDK2A4FS291172 

Oe 291172 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR SABNDK2A6FS291173 

Oe 291173 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR SABNDK2A8FS291174 

Oe 291174 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR SABNDK2AXFS291175 

Oe 291175 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M990SR SABNDK2A1FS291176 

Oe 291176 



Midland Red (South) 



Oe M995SR 1177 

Oe 291177 



Midland Red (South) 


Other pictures of buses and coaches in the Oxfordshire fleet are shown below.

Dart 34466 works a B8 local in Banbury on 25th August by Richard Sharman

ADL E400 10071 is seen on an X30 working heading west on Hythe Bridge St on 29th September by Gavin Francis

Recently delivered E400MMC 10440 on the X30 in New Rd Oxford on 1st October by Gavin Francis.

Another new E400MMC, the last one for Oxford, 10442 works the 8 loading in Castle St Oxford on 3rd September by Gavin Francis

St Giles Fair always means a change in the terminus of the Kidlington and other services which move to Broad Street.
12014 on a 2A working seen in Broad St during St Giles Fair diversions on 8th September by Gavin Francis

Gold 15757 branded for the S5 seen on an X30 service in New Rd on 1st October by Gavin Francis

Hybrid 12023 seen on a 10 working on Sunday 26th August by Richard Sharman
Hybrids are often used on the 10 on Sundays!

Jack Cooper reported an Enviro 400 branded for the S1 & S2 services was working on the 14:55 X15 from Abingdon to Whitney on the 14th September.

Graham writes "I was in North Devon last week and found two former Stagecoach Oxford Scanias at work on the North Devon Wave routes 21/21A, as these views of 15434 in Appledore and 15433 in Barnstaple show."

South West 15433 on the 21 seen in Barnstaple on 13th August by Graham

In a nice location South West's 15434 on the 21A at Westward Ho on 13th August by Graham
The journey to Braunton will take around 1 hour and 20 minutes and alternate with journeys to Ilfracombe.


John Marsh sent a nice picture of a recent addition to the East fleet.

East's 15213 YN15KHK in the centre of Cambridge on 19th September by John Marsh  


Several vehicles have been sold including MAN/ALX300s 22934/40 ex Oxfordshire.

Many of the Oxford E300's have transferred to Rawmarsh including 22764-71.

Pictures of these buses in their new location would be appreciated. 


A large number of Volvo Olympians taken out of frontline service and placed into the Reserve Fleet here including 16523/24/25 also ex Oxfordshire. 16523 and 16524 are now marked for disposal. Sad in a way as we used these on Saturday Megabus services back in 2004.

See this link to a previous page :

South East

Now in service at Folkestone are Scania/E400s 15436-39 where were recently transferred from Stagecoach Oxfordshire.

15438 in Hythe on 27th August by David Rouse
 The bus is working the 100 service runs from Hastings to Dover, a journey of over three hours, as part of the Wave group services

Click on the graphic to see the timetable for these routes

At Thanet Volvo B10M/Plaxton Paladins 20008 (ex Oxford), 20312 and 20642 are withdrawn for disposal leaving just 20011(ex Oxford) (see the link below) and 20956 of the type in the operational fleet. 


Demonstrator 80027 in Manchester on trials seen on 27th September by Chris Lowe


The five Astromegas previously with the Oxford Tube are now gaining Megabus livery. Now these include 50221, 50222 and 50224 so far completed. This leave 50204 and 50223 to be completed. Drivers comment that these coaches are much better than their 61 plate coaches.

Megabus 50221 arrives in London passes VCS on 11th October seen by Malcolm Crowe

Megabus 50224 meets Tube 50267 in Green Line on 11th October by Malcolm Crowe

Leaving Oxford for London 50262 heads down Hythe Bridge St on 28th September by Gavin Francis

The early morning commuter X30 service operated by 50281 heads up Park End St nearing the end of its journey
on 29th September by Gavin Francis. Your Editor is at the wheel! 

Keith Aveyard writes "On holiday in Yorkshire my son and I were taking pictures in Skipton Bus Station and Castle Coaches when T46BBW came in and laid over for a while. I believe this a former Oxford Tube coach."

The link below relates to a coach once used by the Oxford tube in 2008 but also was new to Megabus.

Swans - CN05APV ex SC Megabus 50133 in Manchester on 21st September by Gordon Scott


50204, looking rather smart, sets off for Leeds from VCS on 18th August as seen by Gavin Francis

50222 days before going for repaint sets off for Cardiff from VCS on 18th August as seen by Gavin Francis

Two days earlier 50222 is seen on Elizabeth Bridge on 16th August as seen by Gavin Francis

Megabus 54059 waiting for the lights before it turns into the street leading to VCS on 19th August as seen by Gavin Francis
Iy is ready to operate the service to Plymouth.

Another waiting Megabus, 54203, is ready for its next service on 19th August as seen by Gavin Francis.
This coach carries branding for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone when Megabus operates special services from around the UK each year.

See the special article below on Megabus Italy.


Ex Oxford 209 ready to work an X40 service on break in Castle St Oxford seen on 30th August by Gavin Francis

Ex Oxford Citaro 864, in it's new livery - rather smart I must say, arrives in Oxford from Wantage on 29th August seen by Gavin Francis

One problem with moving buses between fleets is shown by the picture of 830 - on loan to Thames Travel from the parent fleet - where the rear
corner panels have been replaced at one time or another giving a Kaleidoscope of colour when seen in Abingdon on 2nd September by Malcolm Crowe

Oxford's 828 on loan to Thames Travel, surprisingly without any vinyl's, arrives in the City by Carfax on a T2 working
seen on 26th August by Richard Sharman 



The Kings Ferry

The Kings Ferry is launching a new commuter service between Maidstone and London, taking in Grove Green and Weavering. Starting 5 October, the service will cost less than £10 per day and has a guaranteed seat policy. It will also have a brand new bespoke vehicle allocated to the route. To launch the new Maidstone service, all new customers will be offered a two week free trial, or eight weeks for the price of four. Commuters making the move from the train or other coach services can take advantage of the ‘Ticket Trade-in’ offer.

The Kings Ferry MD, Ian Fraser, said, ‘The Kings Ferry has operated tens of millions of commuter journeys directly into the heart of London for decades and we’re really delighted to launch our new Maidstone service. Our expertise is built upon almost forty years of business and we hope commuters will enjoy both the quality of the service on offer and the financial savings too. We’re really looking forward to welcoming people on board.’

Bus Travel at risk

Several transport groups have warned that ‘everyday transport’, including bus travel, is at risk. In a letter to the Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, the organisations note that his department’s unprotected budget faces a cut of 25% to 40% in the Chancellor’s spending review. Since major investment programmes for roads and railways are ring-fenced, they believe this means cuts are expected to fall disproportionately on local transport. The letter warns that as a result local bus services will see further reductions in services and increases in fares.

The groups involved in the letter include the Campaign for Better Transport (CfBT), Passenger Transport Executive Group (PTEG), Sustrans, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and Living Streets. The organisations claim such cuts to roads and public transport would have hugely damaging economic and social consequences. They wish to see the government protect and enhance everyday transport, through smarter spending, such as creating efficient cross-government funding programmes; rebalancing capital and revenue funding; and reviewing major transport programmes, especially the Road Investment Strategy.

Chief Executive of the CfBT, Stephen Joseph, said, ‘Our analysis shows that the Spending Review risks hitting very hard the everyday transport that people and communities rely on, while programmes like big road building schemes will escape unscathed. We hope the Transport Secretary will ensure that the Review has a better balance between the major capital programmes and the funding for this everyday transport.’

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee Chair, Cllr Keith Wakefield, has added his concerns to those expressed in the letter to government. He said, ‘People and businesses across West Yorkshire and the City Region rely upon bus and train services, cycling and walking provision and local roads. Cuts to these critical local links through a reduction of up to 40% in the DfT’s budget will undermine the growth to which we and the government are committed as part of the Northern Powerhouse. They could also lead to people and communities being cut off from vital local services and facilities and missing out on education, training and employment opportunities. The Combined Authority recently took the decision to extend half-fare bus and train travel to all 16 to 18 year olds living in West Yorkshire from November to increase young people’s access to apprenticeships and training. But the local services need to be there for those young people to use.’

‘Of course we need the major road and rail investment programmes that are protected in the Spending Review, although we’d like to see some firm commitments on the electrification of rail routes in the north. However, there is a danger that the investment in these high-profile schemes will be wasted if the local, everyday transport is neglected by the Government’s Spending Review.’


Yorkshire by Marcus Lapthorn

We have just returned from a 5 day break in Yorkshire. Whenever I go away I try to ensure that I take some photos of buses, for me to then share with you and your readers. On this trip I have photos from Halifax, Harrogate and York to share.


All the foregoing pictures by Marcus are taken in Halifax on 20th September.

All the foregoing pictures by Marcus are taken in Harrogate on 21st September.


All the foregoing pictures by Marcus are taken in York on the 22nd September.

Buses event at Gaydon on 23rd August - pictures from Marcus Lapthorn





Astromega TX27's enter service with Megabus Italy

In the on-going development and expansion of Megabus, the company  recently introduced services in Italy. Various members of Megabus have provided the following photographs for readers to have some idea of the operation. You can read about their routes and other details at the link below.





Willesden Garage Running Day by Adam Green


Lytham Park & Ride by Geoff Cunliffe

Geoff writes "On what many of us still regard as the August Bank Holiday Monday, Lytham Hall on the Lancashire coast is open to the public. Because there is very limited space for private car parking near the Hall, the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Group from nearby Freckleton traditionally provides a Park & Ride service from a car park outside the gates to the long driveway. On this occasion, the opportunities to ride on the vehicles was enhanced because the service was extended via Lytham Square and on to Fairhaven Lake, about a mile-and-a-half away. Some were just on display.

 Furthermore, some of the operational fleet of the RVPG was enhanced by some other local vehicles. Although many buses used were reasonably modern, there were also some gems.

 First there was a line of relatively modern vehicles on display):-

884, FCK 884, 1954 Leyland PSUC1/1T, Saro B44F; 811, NRN 811C, 1965 Leyland PSU2/3RT, Weymann DP49F;
1036, PCK 618, Leyland L2T, Harrington Cavalier C32F; 1052, UTF 732M, 1974 Leyland PSU3B/4R, Duple C49F and 338, 1971 Bristol RESL6L, ECW B47F.

Others on display included ex. Lytham St. Annes 10, JTD 381, 1948 all Leyland PD2/1, H30/26R , originally owned by Alan Rydehead now with Derek Calrow


Some vehicles providing the Park & Ride service were:-

900, B900 WRN, 1984 Leyland TRCTL11/2RH, Duple B49F (Image 3) and 2057, RN 8622, 1934 Leyland TD5 with 1949 Alexander L53R


Gems included ex. Lytham St.Annes 24, TJ 6760, a 1934 all Leyland LT5A B32R demonstrator also owned by Derek Calrow. This vehicle (Image 5) which was withdrawn as long ago as 1957, was re-imported from Canada in appalling condition and has been almost totally rebuilt. It looks superb. It features the Scottish-type cut-away rear entrance step.


Two lovely Ribbles were 1568, a 1936 Leyland LZ2 with Brush C31F (Image 6) and 1161, CK 4518, a 1931 all Leyland LT2 with B30F bodywork


Helping out were a couple of ex. Blackpool MCW bodied Leyland PD3s, ex. Fishwick 5, 528 CTF, Leyland PD2, Weymann and ex. Ribble 1397, NRN 397P, a Leyland AN68 with Park Royal body.  

Some nice vehicles, all in good condition.

Blackpool Tram event by Geoff Cunliffe





I am sure the foregoing may tempt you to visit Blackpool next year?

Gary Seamarks visit Eire

Eire Tour  in July 2015 




Bracknell by Gavin Francis

Gavin visited Bracknell on 25th August shortly before First closed their depot and many services changed or had changed operators.



Courtney continue to grow and grow.


Polski Bus

Developments continue in Poland with Polski Bus. The latest service is one called Polski Bus Gold. A luxury service not unlike Megabus Gold is illustrated below.

Amersham & Chesham 2015 by Richard Stiles



Coach & Bus 2015 at NEC Birmingham by Malcolm Crowe






Showbus 2015

By now readers will appreciate that this is becoming more than a mammouth edition and so most pictures from Showbus 2015 will be held over until the next issue.

However as a taster here are some pictures taken by Gary Seamarks.

COZY KP04GJX ex Tube 50108 on 20th September.

 East Kent WFN513  on 20th September.

 General K502 on 20th September.

General S433 on 20th September.

Selnec 2236 heads towards the Abbey through Wooburn on 20th September.

UCOC 862 passes the church near Wooburn Abbey on 20th September.

Megabus 55013 arrives at Showbus 2015 taken by D Law

Your Editor arrives at Showbus taken by Andrew Cowell

Buses in the Landscape

Buses in the Landscape - Newcastle on Tyne 26th August by Andy Churchill



Metropolitan Police Westminster LX55FFE a mobile careers office on 23rd September.

BBC PO56JFV in LEWISHAM on 11th September

London in pictures by Gavin Francis



Mike Penn's interesting web site for pictures

You might be interested to know that I have now uploaded 268 photos taken in Beds, Bucks and Herts in the year 2000 to my website -

One of the major events of the year was the purchase by Arriva the Shires of the City of Oxford operation in High Wycombe on December 13th. Two days later, as can be seen from the photographs, vehicles had received Arriva The Shires fleet names and legal lettering but retained their Oxford fleet numbers.

The other major event was the enforced sale of the Lutonian operation by Arriva the Shires.

Both Arriva The Shires and Arriva East Herts & Essex continued to repaint vehicles into Arriva livery though there were still many in previous liveries.

Elsewhere in the region M K Metro continued their policy of purchasing various interesting secondhand vehicles. Some of these came from Border Buses – the company in Lancashire that M K Metro had bought.

Buffalo Travel continued to run but Seamarks were taken over by Dunn-Line early in the year.

Many other independents are also represented. 

Mike Penn