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Issue nr. 29 - July 2nd 2010

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This page is slightly later than planned but work called and I couldn't say no!

This issue has much to interest readers and as ever your contributions have ensured and excellent read for all. The first of the twenty six Hybrid Enviro 400s have started to arrive for Stagecoach Oxford and a couple are in use for driver training as I write these notes. As is the custom with Stagecoach they have some introductory wording on each bus to draw the attention of the citizens of Oxford to the green credentials of this new fleet.

12008 is seen threading its way through the heavy traffic in the city centre on June 28th.
Picture by Peverel.

Most, if not all of the Oxford Bus Scania fleet is now on the road and following the departure of the last Darts and the remaining ex North East Tridents several of the T plate Volvo B10BLEs have gone north for further service on Tyneside. I am grateful to Barry Grice, Ben Stoves and Andrew Tyldesley for news and pictures of these buses being prepared for service in their new home with hopefully more details and photos to come. The first details are to be found under the company heading below.

Some of the new buses waiting preparation for service on Tyneside.
Picture by Barry Grice.

In the last few days several annual events have been taking place and we have pictures from Glastonbury, The Ridgeway run and of London General working the unusual special service to Wimbledon and for all events the sun has shone down making our photographic contributions more vibrant than ever. As you scroll down the page you will find reports on these various contributions.

Not unexpectedly the plans for a Coachway at High Wycombe have been placed on hold which is welcome news to some who were against the plans and a challenge to those who would like to see this development go ahead.

One thing about the layout of the page. I have moved items such as Upcoming events, Trips by readers, History items, Buses in the Landscape, discussion items and Pictureview to appear under Jottings as this seemed more appropriate. Thus Operators News and sighting are the first items you will find as you scroll down the page each week.

Beaconsfield Bus shelter stolen!!

From David Jackson

Last year, whilst waiting for a bus to take me to Slough Running Day,  noticed that South Bucks Council had decided to take action to prevent the bus stop being stolen, by chaining it to a rubbish container.

Sadly, this was to no avail, as this year, waiting for a bus for Uxbridge Running Day, I saw that the bus shelter itself had been stolen.

Seriously, this is a shame. It was a nice shelter, and in keeping with the surrounding architecture. Does anyone know what has happened to it?

Pictures by David Jackson.

Oxford City centre free of roadworks which have now moved to Headington

At long last the major road refurbishments in Oxford's city centre have concluded and a smooth ride is assured along the city's roads. Work is now in hand on improvements to London Road in Headington where the underpass has been filled in and a new pedestrian crossing installed. The work has caused some delay to traffic but not nearly so delaying as the recent works in the city centre.

However the National Express 737 service to Stansted via Luton is for the time being continuing to be diverted via the ring road to call only at Sandhills on its way to and from Oxford Gloucester Green.

Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society

Last month the first meeting of the Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society took place and was quite well attended. plans are in place for future meetings to have contributions from members and I will be including details in forthcoming issues of this page.

Indeed details of the next meeting are

Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society

Next meeting: 20th July 2010.

19.00 - 21.30pm

Meetings are held at:


Upstairs Function Room

The Folly Bridge Inn

38 Abingdon Road


A detailed programme can be found at the following look and we hope more of you will attend future meetings.

Finally and as always, my thanks to all who have contributed to this issue.

Malcolm Crowe - Editor - OCBP - July 2nd 2010.

A note regarding photographs which show drivers faces.

Some bus drivers do object to their pictures being taken, even though the photographer is taking the bus and not the driver.
So I will blank out the face to avoid any discomfort to the individual concerned. If you are the person involved send me an email to have this action taken.
I am sure people will realise that to ask everyone in advance of publication, whose face may appear in a picture is wholly impractical in both time and practice.
Now that we live in a world of human rights and political correctness which must be considered.
It is interesting to note that a change in official attitudes to pictures is changing and even companies will not support bus drivers who are abusive or threatening!


Readers varied contributions

From Graham Low

I was very pleased to meet you at the OBES on Tuesday. Following your prompt, I shall send you notes of any interesting observations I make on my almost daily visits to the city centre (I live in Iffley).  

I attach some of my recent pictures, one of Stagecoach Solo Slimline 47736 on 18 June, in the first week of operation of route 20 Rose Hill - Cowley Centre/ Cowley Tesco/Unipart. It is turning from Rose Hill into Between Towns Road. The second is of Oxford B10BLE 821 now in branded park and ride livery at Magdalen St East on 17 June. A fair number of Citaros are now devoid of all branding except at the rear.


It might also be of interest that I travelled on Thames Travel Solo 1110 on 4 June the X39 from Reading to Oxford. It had come from Bracknell via route 151 to Wokingham and 144 to Reading. I have not seen another Solo in Oxford since. According to BusZone this was its second day in service - it lacked fleet names, numbers and its livery was green and blue only.  

Do we yet know how routes, timetables and ticketing are to be coordinated in Oxford in a few months' time? 

Thank you for your great contribution to informing us about the local bus scene. 

From Glenn Knight 

Seen at the following sites:


            N695 EUR 3145 Delicenced

            N623 FJO 3843

            KE55 CKO 3702 Accident damaged

            H202 GRO 5132 Delicenced

           Training coach R909 BKO 4044

Redline Buses:
                    Accident damaged T107 JBW 107

                    Ex-London Trident V11 LGC 11

                    Plaxton Primo MX56 ABV 561 at Marston Canal

                    Dennis Dart K576 NHC masked for front and rear re-paint


            H847 UUA Binders Yard Ex-Thames Travel

            UJN 816Y at Ivinghoe converted to a chippy 

From Peverel

Just 230 VF10OXF seen and graphed today on the 2's this morning.

Picture by Peverel

I really enjoyed last night's inaugural meeting and hope everyone else did too. Smashing bunch of folks, and the knowledge-base there alone is phenomenal. I don't know if anything was actually decided last night except to have another meeting soon,

Just to update you on my sightings/photo's over the second half of the week. 

New Scania's noted were 217 (FF10OXF) and 230 (VF10OXF) - both seen on the 2's and on the 5's on different days. 

Stagecoach had 52677 (1901HE) on the 310 in NatEx livery. 47736 out and about on the 17. Freshly re-painted 33650, and finally, got a photo of former 50047 with RH Travel. 

26 Jun 

More of the same to report this week, though slightly less of it. 223, 225 and 231 are new on the road this week (photo's included) as is 218 which has eluded my camera so far. I make it now that all but four are now in service - those not seen yet are 219, 220, 221 & 222. It's also interesting that although there seems to be a fair bit of mixing new vehicles between routes 2 and 5, the way to tell the difference is that the 5 route ones have assault screens fitted and the ones for the 2 do not. Can't imagine what that might say about the difference in punters on each route. It would seem then that 212 - 221 are for the 5, and 222 - 231 are for the 2. The cut off point of course, is purely a guess on my part as they're not all on the road yet and have yet to be checked. 

Noted a failed B10 - 813, which had van R5OXF in attendance for a long period before giving up on it and driving away (maybe to get parts, or await a tow). 

28 Jun 

Two S/C Enviro400H's out and about town driver training today. Managed to photo both 12007 (GGP) and 12008 (GGV) in St Aldates. Although not the very best of shots, I was pleased at how 12007 turned out considering the busy rush-hour shots. 

30 Jun

Latest report is that all the new OBC Enviro's are now on the road. I saw 222 coming into town on Tuesday with folks aboard, but strangely, it was turning right off the Banbury Rd towards Woodstock Rd with blank destination screens. Methinks this driver was being a tad canny and avoiding the road-works queues at St Giles.
Weds saw 219, 220 and 221 all on the 5 - and all contrived to avoid my lens! I did, however, get a decent picture of 218 after several unsatisfactory attempts over the last week or so.
And finally for tonight - Saw a couple of Brookes Buses with a difference - one on the 300 and one on the 500. I've included these in case they are newsworthy enough.

Picture by Peverel


From Nathan 

Re L639 PWR was bought by a guy and then donated to a charity in oxford for 10 years. 


From Pete Cabin 

Arriva 3145 N695EUR has been withdrawn from service according to the latest lots edition 

Saw an unusual sight that old dart of Carousel's has been painted in what looks like an undercoat of kaki green its still in the same place its been for a couple of years in there baker street yard. 

From Ralph Adams


I now have a digital camera and am sending you a picture taken yesterday, July 1st.


Bus 104
Is it a Brookes bus    NO
Is it a Q Buster        Possibly
Is it a Park & Ride again  YES


There was an open day for potential University students so all car parks were full and extra buses put into service.
Also seen was an Excalibur coach with destination  A50 Stansted and London. Must have been lost, or trying to take some of the National express and Oxford Tube passengers away as it was in Magdalen Street. The driver said he could not change the destination blind.


Day out in Bracknell by Gavin Francis.


Gavin had a day out in Bracknell and sent several interesting pictures of the various operators in that town.




The two main operators are First and Thames Travel, in fact a more recent contender for town services.


Gavin Francis records buses in use on Wimbledon Tennis 2010


Several pictures were submitted by Gavin who spent some time at Wimbledon and also recording movements in London.



The NV once so numerous in the special services fleet is now dwindling fast.


From Stephen Le Bras 

A visit from London to Oxford on Saturday 19th June:

I made my way to Notting Hill Gate at around 11.20 and caught an already packed 50218. The following coach 50215 overtook us and was hoovering up passengers at Shepherds Bush. One of the passengers asked the driver to stop and pick up his friend which he did!

After Lewknor, we made a short stop on the hard shoulder- probably to check the doors were all closed and we were soon on our way. We slowed down a mile or so from Thornhill Park and Ride with traffic delays. It was around 1.15pm when I reached the last but one stop in Oxford.

Noted were new Oxford 'deckers 212/3/5-7 on the 5, 224/8 on the 2B, and 227 going out of service on the 2. Do they keep early and late numbers apart? It does seem so!

Ex Brighton and Hove saloons ran on the 6 and 9, whilst 2 have gone green for the 400- 820/1.

Stagecoach Solo 47735 on the 17- seen on the home going coach. 18393 is still around.

Back to GG for the return to London - 50211 was the bus. We were ready to leave, the driver checked his mirror and waited while another Tube parked longways behind us slowly reversed.

This time, the traffic for a mile or so along the A40 into Shepherds Bush caused a delay and I arrived at the Shepherds Bush stop at exactly the time I was due at Hammersmith to catch my 702 home. Never mind, in the hour or so before the next coach, caught in Kensington High Street, I was able to note a few more buses.

Stokenchurch in recent days by Gavin Francis


A picture set of recent happenings in our village.



From David Percy

At Jeffs, it is our stupid season again, any vehicle with a ticket is out working, schools 'day out' programme is well under way, day trips to Lulworth Cove from Cheney School in Gipsy Lane in Oxford for one, London theme parks, and Castles in Warwick and Kenilworth all in the last few days, I indeed drove 'On hire to Southern Vectis' with festival goers to the IOW music festival!

The British Grand Prix looms next weekend, this really is our busy time!
Jeffs have retained the 9 PVR contract for Akeley Wood school for the next 12 months, this will go up to an 11 route job from September, so a bit of job security for us!
Attached, a couple of images....

Northampton Daimler CVG/Roe body JVV267G seen in Winston Close in Nether Heyford (I live there, can't remember the last time I saw a bus there!) on wedding duty, 5/6/2010.

A contender for your buses in the landscape, 19/6/2010, Stagecoach YJ05XOC 47565 is seen at its destination, Kyle of Lochalsh, with the Isle of Skye as a backdrop.

I have been doing a lot of Oxford school work this week, and have noticed the new 'green' vehicles undergoing driver familiarisation in the city, no photos due to driving, but I have seen about three different vehicles on delivery/driver training.

London Interlude by Gavin Francis

Many interesting vehicles are seen by Gavin during his travels around London and I record some here for the record.

The reason for including this picture is that the registration is from a one time member of the AERE Harwell bus fleet.

Included in the "Interlude" is this picture of passengers waiting for an Oxford Tube service from London.
Not unusually the M40 had been blocked by a severe accident and services were delayed a little.

From Jaime

I just wanted to take the time to say how interesting I am finding this page at the moment, some really good information and fantastic photos 

Keep up the good work, as I keep reading.

Many Thanks

JJ (Jamie)

Southern England Bus Pictures

Southern England Train Pictures

And finally a Thornhill interlude from Gavin Francis.



And so on to fleet news with individual company happenings.

From Neil Gow 

To answer Mike Penn re fleet number duplication.  Southend is part of the Arriva Southern Counties group rather than Arriva the Shires and Essex group.  P186/204 LKJ were transferred within Arriva Southern Counties from Kent and Sussex (new to Maidstone & District) and has retained their original M&D fleet numbers which become the basis of the Arriva Southern Counties group common fleet numbering scheme.  The Luton & District renumbering which was the basis for The Shires and Essex group common numbering basically copied the M&D scheme, although it was botched in execution as it split up existing batches of vehicles (less noticeable now many have been withdrawn).  So there are two very similar numbering schemes for the adjacent groups, and duplications are only avoided within the groups not between them.  If the transfer of these two Darts to Watford is permanent then we can expect them to be renumbered.  

Further to this, information from a reliable source (The M&D and East Kent Bus Club) confirms that P204 LKJ has been allocated fleet number 3380 in the Arriva the Shires fleet and the continuing display of 3204 is an error. 

From Nigel Peach 

A few pictures taken today (Sat 26th) at the Wycombe depots: 

This view of some of the "back row" shows Scania 3145 (surprised if it is withdrawn, but it's been there a few weeks now), ex Oxford Volvo 3843, Volvo 3867 (not withdrawn but with slight frontal damage), Volvo 3240 and ex Oxford 3853. This has been reported as withdrawn in your last edition and even in "Buses" but was actually still in service earlier this week - the last of that batch of seven still working in HW.


Park and Ride 3702 was involved in a nasty accident during the snow. It doesn't look as though any attempt on repairs has yet been made. ( - maybe because of investigations after the accident?)


3843,3145,3702 (all previously mentioned) together with ex Oxford 3844, DAF 4491 and Olympian 5132.

From James Allum. 

Here s a bit of Hemel news for the page.

Arriva Decker 5149 (S149 KNK) is now missing its former Watford route 5 and 6 vinyls so maybe a repaint is due???

From Gary Seamarks


3602 KE55CTU

Arriva pictureview by Gavin Francis.

Seen at Arriva Cressex depot by your Editor.

From Nigel Peach

I saw Carousel's "new" Routemaster, an open topper, but I can't work out its registration number, can anyone help?! 

Metrobus GYE598W has been out of service (withdrawn?) for many months at the back of the yard. It's now moved to the works yard. I wonder what is under the wraps next to it!

From Gavin Francis


From Mark E Lyons 

This contrasting view of buses in Oxford might be of use...I find 928's continued use nothing short of amazing. 


This company has gained yet more routes including the 44 and 218 which serve Oxford.

A loan Solo is covering these two routes at present. Picture by Gavin Francis.


From Martin White. 

Noted the other week in service in London on the 440 was Y329HUA from NX Ops own fleet carrying legal lettering for MK Metro. I guess it’s on long term loan?? 

Also noted on Saturday at Heathrow on the 707 was FJ07TKA carrying Flt No. 4010 on the rear this was the one of the original Levantes allocated to MK when they were operating the Canary Wharf service which when finished it went to Coach Miles who put it on the 509 diagram they took over from Stagecoach Highland ( Former Rapsons working ), Now looks as if it as returned Home. 

From Ian Brown in Hemel. 

Some weeks ago I reported that there were almost 50 former National Express dot2dot vehicles parked in a secure area on the Maylands Industrial Park in Hemel Hempstead. Now they have all disappeared ! Where? I don’t know!

Some pictures from various sources. 

This coach has recently transferred to Arriva MK from Midlands. Seen in Oxford by Gavin Francis.

Super rear ads now carried by several Levantes and seen by Gavin Francis.

This Bruce tri-axle Levante often seen in Oxford on the 539 is interesting because it was once the test vehicle which I pictured at Stansted prior to the introduction of these coaches.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Two of Selwyn's new Elites seen by Gavin Francis.

A question is raised by this coach seen by Gavin Francis.
It has an NX fleet number unlike any carried by other Veolia coaches so far?

One other coach seen on NEx services was from the Weavaway empire.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

England expects, SCGB style at VCs before we lost!!!!

Airport coaches meet in VCS. Pictures above and this one by your Editor.

Glastonbury 2010

NEx operated many extra service to Glastonbury for the Festival on route G1. A number of operators were used. Gavin Francis recorded many of these.


I am repeating details of the new batch of 20 Scania deckers are as follows. (with thanks to Oxford bus for the information.) These buses  have now entered service on the 2 and 5 routes in Oxford. so far no branding has been applied and they really do look "straight out of the box".

212    AF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868444    ADL Enviro400    9425/1    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

213    BF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868445    ADL Enviro400    9425/2    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

214    CF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868446    ADL Enviro400    9425/3    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

215    DF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868544    ADL Enviro400    9425/4    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

216    EF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868545    ADL Enviro400    9425/5    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

217    FF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868546    ADL Enviro400    9425/6    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

218    GF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868547    ADL Enviro400    9425/7    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

219    HF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868639    ADL Enviro400    9425/8    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

220    JF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868640    ADL Enviro400    9425/9    H51/29F    Jun-10 City

221    KF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868759    ADL Enviro400    9425/10  H51/29F    Jun-10 City

222    LF10 OXF    Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868760    ADL Enviro400    9425/11  H51/29F    Jun-10 City

223    MF10 OXF   Scania N230UD    SZAN4X20001868753    ADL Enviro400    9425/12  H51/29F    Jun-10 City

224    OF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868853    ADL Enviro400    9425/13  H51/29F    Jun-10 City

225    PF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868854    ADL Enviro400    9425/14  H51/29F    Jun-10 City

226    RF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868751    ADL Enviro400    9425/15  H51/29F    Jun-10 City

227   SF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868955    ADL Enviro400    9425/16   H51/29F    Jun-10 City

228   TF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868956    ADL Enviro400    9425/17   H51/29F    Jun-10 City

229   UF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868957    ADL Enviro400    9425/18   H51/29F    Jun-10 City

230   VF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868958    ADL Enviro400    9425/19   H51/29F    Jun-10 City

231  WF10 OXF    Scania N230UD   SZAN4X20001868959    ADL Enviro400    9425/20   H51/29F    Jun-10 City

From Andy Churchill 

Just a note on the branding for the new OBC Scanias and it is known to be as thus ( subject to official confirmation )
212 - 220 -City 5
221-- 224 - Unbranded
225 -- 231 -City 2
It is also noted that Scanias 212-224 have driver assault screens fitted and Scanias 225-231 do not have them fitted.

Following their arrival thirteen of the older Volvo B10BLEs are moving north to Tyneside and I welcome reports and pictures from readers in that area.

From Ben Stoves 

Go North East are to receive a batch of Volvo B10BLE's from Oxford Bus Company. I am unsure as to how many they are to receive spotted in Saltmeadows Road (Go North East's paint shop) was 801 T801 CBW still wearing City 5 livery. So 801 is the first to leave Oxford Bus.

From Barry Grice 

The first batch of Volvo's B10BLE's from Oxford Bus have arrived at sister company Go North East in Newcastle. 

801, 802, 804, 809 & 810 arrived at Go North East's Saltmeadows Road engineering depot in Gateshead where they will undergo refurbishment before entering service over the next few months.  It is rumoured that 13 are headed this way.  This is the second batch of buses from down South as we are also refurbing some Ex Metro Bus P reg Olympians which are entering service at the company's Stanley depot.


Update from 30th June

More Volvo's arrived today at Go North East engineering depot in Gateshead: 803 / 805 / 806 / 807 / 808.  
Provided a few pics again for you, unfortunately the sun was bright but hopefully ok for you. 
On a couple of the pics, the yellow Double Decker is Go North East Olympian 3831 (S831OFT) and the Yellow MPD is 564 (NK53TLO).
The first batch that came down last week have already had their route branding taken off so are now plain red and have Go North East fleet numbers -5151 : T801CBW / 5152 : T802CBW / 5154 : T804CBW / 5159 : T809CBW / 5160 : T810CBW

re Volvo's arrived today at Go North East engineering depot in Gateshead: 803 / 805 / 806 / 807 / 808. 



From Andrew Tyldsley 

As you may know, Go North East are acquiring the dual door Oxford Volvo B10BLE for service in the North East - the first 5 have arrived this week (801, 802, 804, 809 & 810) with a further 5 due next week. 

I've attached a few photos of the first to arrive at our Saltmeadows Depot in Gateshead, in "straight out of service" condition. 

These will be numbered from 5151 onwards (in Oxford order) and I'm sure you'll get updates as they are prepared for service. Its intended that the first 10 go onto our Blaydon Racers services 48/49/49A and will be painted yellow.

From Gavin Francis.

Some pictures of the Volvos in their last days in Oxford service.

These were taken only days before these buses moved north.

Ones still in Oxford use include those above.
The Park & Ride ones have now gained branding.

Similar pictures from your Editor.

803 and 805 on June 21st serving 5 road.

Other buses from OBC by Gavin Francis.

Coaches on the X90 seen in London.

Some of the new double decks in Oxford with one of now older Brookes buses for comparison.

From Mike Bennett

I met Mike in Oxford earlier and he had taken a number of interesting pictures.

The first is of 103 which now carries Q buster lettering for use in the summer when Brookes have gone down for their VAC.
The second is of Scania 224 which brings back memories of the older Olympian 224, now with Hedingham. I once took that 224 to London on X90 reliefs.

A blast from the past by your Editor.

Now that the Volvos are leaving Oxford I thought readers might be interested how these buses looked when new.

801 is seen at Queens Lane in 2000 some few months after entering service. How things change!

Another picture of comparisons it this one from Tim Hall of the older and latest OBC Scanias.


Glenn Knight sent a nice picture of a Primo on a country route in Buckinghamshire.

Red Rose

Richard Sharman sent this picture of an ex Stagecoach Volvo in service on the 275 to High Wycombe and seen in Oxford.
The use of 75 is somewhat historic though  I doubt the driver or company realise this.

R H Buses

Ex Oxford Tube 50047 would appear to be working a bus service in this picture from Peverel.


New Hybrid deckers plus fleet details.

The new buses have started to arrive since the last issue and we have a number of pictures for you showing them training and also some interior pictures.

Chris Maxfield took these pictures to show the destination displays for the routes the buses will work on.

12008 is seen on driver training in the centre of Oxford by Gavin Francis.

The cab and interior views by Gavin Francis.

The missing interior view this time from your Editor.

The use of standard pattern SC seat covering but in green is interesting. The cab area is also dark green with a leather seat for the driver.

The current lack of ownership indication is interesting as anyone not involved in the bus scene may well think a new operator is coming to Oxford!!!

I once again post details of the Oxford order for 26 Hybrid buses. They take the Stagecoach fleet number series originally reserved for ex London Routemasters. The continuing use of Oxford registration numbers is noteworthy.

From Robert Williams  

Fleet Number

ADL Enviro 400 Hybrid
Cummins Engine

Chassis Number

Body Number

Registration Number


Oxfordshire (Oxford)





Oxfordshire (Oxford)





Oxfordshire (Oxford)





Oxfordshire (Oxford)





Oxfordshire (Oxford)





Oxfordshire (Oxford)





Oxfordshire (Oxford)





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From Gavin Francis

Some interesting pictures of local operations.

Night time variety

Its going a long way from Kidlington this morning!!!! Picture by the Editor.


From Mike Bennett 

Stagecoach in Oxford's latest Solo 47736 (the 2nd of a pair), seen leaving the bus stop outside The Nelson at Templars Square, at 1550 on Tuesday June 15 for the short journey to Rose Hill on the new route 20.  I would have doubled the passenger count as I wanted to be on it, but could not get a good photo before it pulled away from the stop.


Thank you so much for the kind comments you made about my latest contribution, and for making my piece so prominent.   Are you trying to get others to write their own captions by any chance?   I always prefer to read a narrative piece with photos attached, rather than just see a set of photos, don't you?  It tends to put things into the right context. 

However, today's contribution is only a single photo, but shows the new Solo 47736 on one of its first days in service on the route for which it was acquired.

29th June

It was great having a chat with you this afternoon.  Our 66 bus had been delayed by 30 minutes coming into Oxford, by an accident on the Ring Road north of the Botley interchange - so it was load up and go - only 20 minutes down.

Attached is the photo I managed to get of Stagecoach 12007 - OU10 GGV, on driver training duty at 14:20 on Tuesday 29th.  It is seen in the part of Cowley Road near The Plain from my usual position, upstairs front nearside seat on an OBC double decker, this time 224.  I later saw it in St Giles heading north at 17:35.

12008 on training duties in these pictures from Mike Bennett.

From Chris in Banbury

Just a couple of interesting sightings over the last few days. On Thursday last week ( 24/6) I noticed 2 unbranded but Stagecoach liveried Scania Double Deckers parked outside the inspection shed at Leamington Spa Depot. These were joined by a 3rd on Friday. 

All three buses have remained parked in the same place since, however the registration plates are not in view to ease identification. 

Today (29/6) I noticed a single Scania Decker parked outside the entrance to Stratford upon Avon depot, again the plates were not visible to take the number.

The "back field" at Leamington has also seen a few more additions, as withdrawn fleet is placed there. 

Maybe one of your other readers can provide more details on the new arrivals that have been sighted so far ?

From Marcus Lapthorn 

I managed to, at last, find time to ride the 66 route on a double-decker from Farringdon to Oxford and back again on Thursday 17 June. Our vehicle was 18178 which gave a very nice ride and of course nice views of the countryside that I am not used to from that height! 

Pic 491 shows 18183 on the Botley Road, Oxford. (Sorry about the cloudy glass!) 

Pics 493'/4 show 18178 at Gloucester Green. 

Pic 496 shows 18178 in Coxwell Road, Faringdon. 

In addition to the two d/d's (18178 and 18183) on the 66 route on Thursday 17 June, there were three MAN's of which pic 489 shows 22624 at Southmoor.

There was also one Dart and pic 495 shows it entering Oxford on the Botley Road.

Pic 490 shows that the newly installed traffic lights are now working at the A420/A34 junction leading down onto the Botley Road 

Cannot understand vehicle allocation from Swindon on the 66 route given that there is an apparent shortage of  MAN's for that route, when I see 22620 on the 65 route on Wednesday evening! This was the 1745 from Swindon via the villages.

From James May

Stagecoach South are in the process of receiving more Enviro300 single deckers, this time to cover the increase in PVR on route 700. The 700 increased in frequency to every 15mins from Portsmouth Hard to Brighton from 6th June. The “short” journeys from The Hard to Brighton appear to be single deck worked – and I guess that these buses will form the allocation once they have all been delivered. The “long” journeys extended to Clarence Pier appear to be in the hands of the Enviro400 double deckers. 

Some of these will be delivered to Worthing and Chichester I believe. 

27642 – GX10HBU – Chichester today. 

Note the boat on the rear of 27642 is named “Enviro300”!  

From Dave Godley 

All 10 of the new Scanias are now in service on the 57.

15664 seen here leaving Exeter bus station on 16-6-2010

From Les Smith 

Your readers might be interested in these pictures taken today, 1st July 2010.

They are of Stagecoach Aldershot Depot's Goldline route which operates from Aldershot to Camberley.

Note the spelling mistake on the destination display which shows the bus going to CamberEley.

That extra E makes a whole lot of difference. The whole batch is like it.

I realise that so far I have not posted a final fleet and registration number list of the Oxford Tube Astromega coaches, so here it is. 50216 - 50219 were actually the last coaches delivered between the 8th and 15th October. I think the list will prove useful to readers as the fleet numbers are more or less unreadable from the offside and the current registration numbering system requires an excellent memory to know each individual coach!!

By the way the reason for the "late" delivery of 50216-9 was because the next four coaches went to Megabus as their 50227-30.

Fleet Number Registration Mark
50201 T40UBE
50202 T44UBE
50203 T50UBE
50204 T55UBE
50205 T60UBE
50206 OU09 FMY
50207 OU09 FMZ
50208 OU09 FNA
50209 OU09 FNC
50210 OU09 FND
50211 OU09 FNE
50212 OU09 FNF
50213 OU09 FNG
50214 OU09 FNH
50215 0U09 FNU
50216 OU59 AVC
50217 OU59 AVD
50218 OU59 AVE
50219 OU59 AUO
50220 0O59 AUR
50221 OU59 AUT
50222 OU59 AUV
50223 OU59 AUW
50224 OU59 AUX
50225 OU59 AUY
50226 OU59 AVB

Repairing the windscreen on an Astromega is a difficult and costly job. This picture from Gavin shows the work involved which takes two men.




Some recent sightings in London from Gavin Francis.

Some history on the registration 83CBD by Gary Seamarks

The history for the number plate is:


                                83            Leyland Tiger                        Plaxton                   C46FT                     1/84

                                                new as 83 CBD,  to A294 ANH  5/89.  before it went to Malawi

                                105          Leyland Tiger                        Plaxton                   C53F                       11/83

                                                new as NBD 105Y, to 83 CBD 5/89. to RBD 397Y 1/94.

                                83            Leyland Tiger                        Plaxton                   C46FT                     1/84

                                                new as 83 CBD to A294 ANH 5/89, to BH 2612 (Malawi)

                                                to A294 ANH  2/ 83CBD 1/94. to A294 ANH 11/97. 

                                146          Volvo B10M                            Plaxton   C50F                                       xx/92

                                                new as K758 FYG   to 83 CBD 11/97 to  6/00.

                                103          Volvo B10M                            Jonckheere            C   F                        xx/93      

                                                new as  L155 LBW  to 83 CBD  6/00 to L155 LBW   11/01.

                                599          Volvo Olympian    Alexander                               CH   /  F  xx/97

                                new as R703 DNH to WLT 528  1/98  to 83 CBD   11/01 to  R34TAC was of course the X5 Olympian of which nothing has been heard for sometime now.


More coaches from Gavin.



Thames Travel

Tourex – School Bus Co.

From Mick Bedwell 

I've just looked through the latest page, all very interesting, however Johns' visit to Tourex piqued my interest, the photo of the Tigers included a B10M ,PIL6579 was new to Excelsior, and joined CQ after 2 tour seasons as D262HFX,that said I am pleased to see CQ vehicles still working.(PIL6578,new to CQ May1985 as C644SJM) 

I allowed my finger to stray when waxing lyrical about PIL6578,it was 1986,(collected as the Chernobyl cloud started to blow over UK), not '85,sorry! 

PIL 6578

Worth's of Enstone

From Matt Bullock

I saw your appeal for photos of the final day of Worth's operations and attach some photographs. I would have done this sooner but I have been away on holiday.

I travelled out to Banbury on the last service on 29 May, then back to Witney and on the final journey as far as Charlbury. A special commemorative ticket was issued to all passengers. Paul (Worth) and several of his staff made a special day of it, and we had a good pub crawl to boot! On the final journey from Witney, we were joined by Richard Worth, who brought along some further liquid refreshment to mark the occasion.


Major news

Plan for High Wycombe coach station at Wycombe Sports Centre, Handy Cross on hold

A COACH station plan for High Wycombe – which sparked a bitter running track row – has been put on hold because of Government cutbacks.

The Department for Transport – which would have funded the Handy Cross plan – has put all projects on hold, Buckinghamshire council bosses said.

The ‘coachway’ plan, for next to Wycombe Sports Centre, would have required a running track at the site to move to Sir William Ramsay School, Hazlemere.

But this was scrapped after an outcry and the £25m scheme, which would also re-locate the park and ride from nearby Cressex Island, has now been put on ice.

It was hoped the station would have connected the town to major destinations in the South East, including Maidenhead, Reading, Slough and London.

It comes after the Government prepares to outline major spending cuts in tomorrow’s budget. Several UK projects – including a hospital – have already been scrapped.

Transport Chief Cllr Valerie Letheren said: “It is on hold. They haven’t said no but they haven’t said yes.

“We still want to find a way of making it happen. It doesn’t look very promising at the moment but it is not definitely thrown out.”

Cllr Letheren, cabinet member for transportation at Buckinghamshire County Council, said it could be ‘downsized’ or cash found through contributions from developers.

Yet she said she had expected the project to win funding as it did not carry a ‘mega’ cost and ‘ticked all the boxes’ needed by Whitehall, such as getting people out of cars.

She said Commons speaker and Buckingham MP John Bercow had pledged to take the matter up with transport secretary Philip Hammond.

But Cllr Lesley Clarke, leader of Wycombe District Council, which owns the land and was backing the project, said she was ‘not surprised’.

Optare 'partner' talks 'positive'

Optare says that talks with potential partner are “positive”.


In January it revealed that it had “received a preliminary approach which may or may not lead to an offer being made for the majority of the issued share capital.”


Optare previously said that it “is at an advanced stage of talks with one of these potential partners” and promised to make an announcement by today (Wednesday), the day of its AGM.


This morning, in a brief statement to shareholders, Optare CEO Jim Sumner says: “We are pleased that these talks continue in a positive manner,” and promises a further announcement “in due course.”


He adds: “The Board continues to believe that entering into such a partnership will be a key part of Optare’s strategy to realise the full potential of the business by benefiting from joint sales activity, new distribution channels, low cost sourcing and potential technology sharing.”

History & Discussion

From Scott Mitchell via Robin Barnes – Australia 

Lewis Brothers operated this ex "City of Oxford" AEC Renown, fleet no 362.

I first had contact with this bus when I hired it for a local bus tour (my first tour I organised). At the time it was owned by the owner of the Verdun hotel, after he sold it sat at Aldinga for some time until recently being moved to Locheil, not far from Pt Wakefield. Apparently the intentions are to use it as a coffee shop or something.  

That business of chassis and their movement

From Martin Dowling 

Thank you for your latest posting. 

The photos of the hybrid chassis and the caption that the chassis are delivered on transporters reminded me of seeing Bristol chassis being driven through Reading in the sixties on their way to ECW in Lowestoft to be bodied.

No lorries then.  The drivers then were a hardy breed being completely in the open wearing goggles and covered in a tarpaulin as the chassis was bare apart from a driver's seat.  I can't remember them having lights but I suppose they must have been fitted.  Bristol to Lowestoft in the winter must have been horrible. 

I wonder if anyone else remembers seeing these or has a photo?

From Geoff Cunliffe

Following our discussions about your correspondent and his memories of Bristol chassis being driven across country to ECW for bodying, I have similar memories. 

Having lived all of my life in the North West of England and based on Blackburn, Preston and the Fylde Coast, I regularly saw chassis being delivered to Burlingham (later Duple of course) and East Lancashire Coachbuilders. It used to be a good game to try and identify what the chassis was.  

I see there is some correspondence on the Truck & Bus Forums web page from a fellow who had the dubious distinction of piloting some of those lethal missiles. We were running out of Luton with Bedford chassis cabs destined for Duple of Blackpool to have coach bodies fitted. After that, we hitched back on our trade plates. They were deemed unsafe shortly after though they had been driven like that for years and years. From about 1976 they had to deliver by transporter. You had to be a bit nuts to put up with no screen no seat, only a bit of ply, and no safety belt!”  

Another correspondent remembers seeing “lorry chassis with lights precariously placed, being driven by men sitting in plywood "boxes" and wearing bright yellow oilskins, scarves and goggles going up the M6.” 

Regrettably there are no photographs 

However, I have related memories which may be of interest to your readers. Just south of my patch was the town which contained what many of us consider to have been the finest producer of buses and trucks in the world - Leyland Motors. I wonder what went wrong! Don’t bother to email in - in reality I know.  

If you were round and about Leyland, it’s amazing what you could see. I saw, for example, those two prototype Atlanteans, STF 90 & XTC 684, several times before they went public with them. Locally, you were always coming across chassis either on test or just running between sites. Those on test usually had drivers attired as described above. They would frequently go out for the day, thrashing them up and down favourite routes with plenty of hills to play with. They covered substantial distances, often going down to Wales to try them out of the passes. I remember a black & white film which used to be in the Leyland Museum which showed a chassis climbing up a goodly gradient somewhere around Ffestiniog  

There are stories of drivers having to be lifted off chassis on their return having spent a day in foul weather. Are they true or apocryphal? 

Then the drivers got a bit of comfort and weather protection. I think it would be around the time the Royal Tigers appeared, for adapted lorry cabs were temporarily fitted to some of the test chassis. If my memory serves me right after all these years, the cab which was used was the one which followed the first World War II all-metal cab with an enclosed grille which tended to look rather austere without the winged embellishments which were soon adopted on the front apron. This one had a single though wide horizontal grille and may have first been used on the forward control Comet. It preceded the introduction of the LAD cab in 1958.  

But those of you who are following this will realise that the cab would not fit properly because of the set back front axle. To overcome this, Leyland fitted large, circular blanking discs over the cab wheel arches, and the front axle and wheels were to be seen behind the cab totally exposed. That didn’t matter - at least the drivers now had some protection and, presumably, improved safety. 

Whilst these strange beasts were a common sight around Leyland, I never photographed one. You had\ to use your 8 or 12 black & white exposures on your box Brownie with caution. I am sure I have seen photographs though, but cannot put my hands on one at this time. I’ll continue to search my archives.

From Keith Shayshutt

Have a look at the following link - fascinating!

From John Hammond 

Find attached 1/2 of old Oxfordshire buses photographed elsewhere from my recent collection. 

These are: 

NUD 106L with Ryans of Bath, taken May 1999 

H640 UWR with Stephenson's of Rochford taken September 1999 

E301 BWL with Western Greyhound taken September 2000

OWG 368X with Motts Yellow Bus on the M1 in Reading, taken May 1998 

H427 XGK in Wycombe bus colours, dumped at Stevenage bus garage, taken 2000 or so?  

Reading Mainline RM18 - Reading Station taken May 1998 

Ex Wycombe VR HJB 451W with Barfordian Coaches of Bedford taken December 2000 

HUD 495W with Roselyn Coaches of Par, taken at garage in September 2000 

J607 SJB Reading Buses Optare Metrorider in Reading May 1998 

G107 KUB in Red Rose colours, taken at depot of Robinsons Coaches of Stewkley. (Circa 2002)


Upcoming events, Trips & Running Days 

Upcoming Events

Olympian trip in our area on Saturday 24th July 2010

From Chris Martin

I'm writing to you as the provider of all information in the local area via your superb Oxford and Chiltern Bus Page to tell you about a trip I'm running in the area in a couple of months time. Firstly a bit of background; I organise trips for an online group dedicated to Leyland Olympians and we have previously visited Confidence in Leicester, Redfern in Mansfield and Alpine in Llandudno. We concentrate on the older Olympians (eg ECW bodywork) as these are so scarce in service now and our next trip will be based in High Wycombe where Heyfordian will be conveying us around the area for the day, we should ride on four different Olympians during the day and a visit to the Motts depot in Aylesbury is also included. If you would be kind enough to mention our trip on the Oxford and Chiltern bus page we would be very grateful, we tend to attract a handful of "locals" when we run these trips which provide a useful boost in numbers to our Olympian fans which come from far and wide. 

On SATURDAY JULY 24th I have arranged that we will visit Heyfordian for a day of activity on the often overlooked collection of old Leyland Olympians in the fleet there. Following a similar formula to our four previous trips on the old Olympians we will undertake a series of mini excursions around the area stopping on each trip to get our photos of the vehicle.

We will be aiming to ride on at least FOUR different Olympians from the collection of former North East area ECW bodied Olympians. 

The day will start and finish in High Wycombe and we will leave the Heyfordian depot in West Wycombe at 0945, picking up in Castle Street (ideal for rail station) in High Wycombe at 0955. Our first trip will take us out via Great Missenden to the Motts depot in Aylesbury where we have been kindly allowed to visit to see and photograph the vehicles there. We return to High Wycombe via Princess Risborough.

After swapping over buses we will head out through Stokenchurch to the small Heyfordian outbase in Yarnton which is just north of Oxford. This allows us to enjoy a long run on the bus and see and photograph the other Heyfordian vehicles. We will borrow one of the Yarnton vehicles for a trip into Oxford where we will take a one hour lunch break before returning the bus to Yarnton and running back to High Wycombe.

After another change of bus we will embark on a circular tour around Wycombe Marsh, Bourne End and Marlow- this trip will drop off in Castle Street in High Wycombe on the way back at around 1755 and our day will conclude at the depot in West Wycombe at around 1805. Each excursion has been planned so that we have plenty of time to stop a couple of times for photos of the bus away from the depot environment. 

As a courtesy to Motts Travel's helpfulness can I request that a hi-viz vest be worn at all times when within the depot. 

The price for a full day of unlimited travel is set at £15.00 per person, accompanied kids can ride for just £5.00. There is also a concessions fare of £12.50 available to any National Concession Card holder, and passengers who joined us on the Redfern/Johnsons Trip in Mansfield on May 1st can bring their pink leaflets with the discount voucher to claim £1.50 off any of those prices. 

THERE IS NO NEED TO PRE-BOOK, NOR IS THERE A NEED FOR AN "INVITATION", NOR IS THERE A REQUIREMENT TO BE A MEMBER OF THE LEYLAND OLYMPIANS YAHOO GROUP TO JOIN US. Sorry about the shouting bit, there does seem to be some confusion over that point! All you need to do is simply turn up on the day, hop on the bus and your friendly conductor will collect your fare during the journey. 

More information will be posted in the week before the date of our trip, so look out for updates. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have if you e-mail me at

I sincerely look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on this trip, please forward this message onto anyone else who you think may be interested and please cut and paste into other news groups- you don't need to be a member of the Leyland Olympians Yahoo group to join us and the success of these trips depends on getting enough passengers.


The Kemble Steam Extravaganza once again this year, which is taking place at the Cotswold Airport from Friday 6th – Sunday 8th August. 

Record bus and coach displays at South-West's largest festival of transport

The Gloucestershire Steam & Vintage Extravaganza makes a welcome return to Cotswold Airport (previously known as Kemble Airfield) this year from Friday 6th - Sunday 8th August 2010, taking the show in to its 36th year.

The show was originally conceived for steam enthusiasts, but the range of exhibits has grown year on year. It now boasts a huge array of vintage transport, including buses, coaches, motorcycles, military vehicles, classic cars, tractors, aircraft, commercial vehicles, traction engines and historic caravans. A live action arena, interactive demonstrations, rare breeds, shire horses, trade stands and a vintage fun fair along with hundreds of curiosity stalls ranging from Victorian memorabilia, antique sewing and knitting machines to model dolls houses, petrol pumps, vintage garden tools and 1940s – 1950’s home wares makes this three day extravaganza one of the UK's best value family outdoor shows.

Widely regarded as a show within a show, the bus section has grown from humble beginnings to a vintage vehicle rally in its own right. Attracting exhibits from the length of the land as well as from foreign climes as far as china, the line up of vehicles is as colourful as it is impressive.

Buses of every shape, size and configuration will be represented, with highlights including a Bristol built double-decker once operated by Lincolnshire Road Car.  You can also expect to find an array of preserved buses that you would have perhaps once travelled on as a child, such as classic Bedford OBs. The section is certainly a nostalgia trip not to be missed!

John Hitchings of the bus and coach section of Gloucestershire Steam & Vintage Extravaganza says: "Everybody enjoys seeing old buses and coaches because we each remember special journeys made on them. A ride on a vintage bus is a trip heavy with nostalgia."

A free vintage bus service will be operating to and from Kemble railway station throughout the show to connect with selected First Great Western Trains. A courtesy bus will also shuttle guests to the Bristol Aero collection. Formed in 1990, this collection records 95 years of Bristol aviation and space heritage. Based in a large wartime hangar, the collection includes aircraft, helicopters, missiles and engines. For details of the bus schedule, please refer to the website  Buses will depart from outside the main show entrance.

Pictures from last year's event

Admission Information: 

Discounted tickets are available to buy online, please visit

Discounted tickets are also available from Local Tourist Information Centres including: Stroud, Cirencester, Chippenham, Swindon, Malmesbury, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cotswolds and Tetbury. 

Prices on the Gate:

Adult:                          Friday: £7, Saturday or Sunday: £10, Weekender: £15

Concessions:            Friday: £6, Saturday or Sunday: £9, Weekender: £13

Juniors:                      Friday: £4, Saturday or Sunday: £5, Weekender: £8

Under 5’s free of charge 

Friday family ticket: £18 (2 adults & 2 children)

Saturday or Sunday family ticket:  £25 (2 adults & 2 children) 

Gates open: Friday – Sunday, 10.00am         Public enquiries contact: 01453 890891

All profits donated to the Cobalt Appeal Fund, Diabetes UK & The County Air Ambulance.



From Marcus Lapthorn 

Had a nice day out at the Black Country Museum at Dudley on Sunday 20 June.

Pic 504 shows a very jolly 'Policeman' turning the pole around ready for HIM to drive the tram back!

Pic 519 shows Derby 237 and a gorgeous Corporation Transport clock 

Pic 533 shows Walsall trolley bus 862 and Belfast 246.

Pic 510 shows KTT 689 and pic 511 explains the history of this coach.

Pics 515/516/518 show PMT L9766, which is a very smart Leyland Atlantean.
(Oh dear, more memories. I went on these when they were new and then drove similar ones when on the Ribble. Ed.)


Dave sent a picture of buses stored ready for service at the Island's festival.


From Gary Seamarks 

Attached are some shots from recent Holiday, not a Bus trip, started at Longleat, then Monkey World, Weymouth and Devon and Cornwall hope some of use. 

878 CDH  in farm on Wells Cheddar road

1411 at Corfe

1412 HF09 FVT on Sandbanks Ferry

D706 GHY near Lands end Vo Citybus

ROI 126 at Padstow.

Shearings at Looe.

Tight fit on Padstow- Newquay Road.

Stagecoach in Torquay on route 12

From Terry Wong Min

Forecast here yesterday was cloudy but Steve and myself headed from Minehead over Porlock Hill into North Devon to catch up with Stagecoach South West (aka Devon) with the recent arrival of the tridents from Oxford on the newly branded 21 which is in competition with First.  Names like with other Devon deckers have been applied and looking quite smart. Taken at Bideford and Bickington just outside Barnstaple of these quite attractive branding.

Glastonbury 2010 by John Hammond

I've just spent the last 5 days down at Glastonbury Festival helping out on the Rail & Ride shuttle services for Bath Bus Company. I've covered this massive event before but still attached some pictures of interest. 

My buses on Wednesday & Thursday were Bath Bus Mk2 Metrobus A441 UUV & preserved/operational Leyland Olympian A954 SAE which are in the Bath Bus fleet.

These are seen loading at the station and unloading at Pilton festival site.  

Recently acquired by ABus of Bristol are ex Reading Spectra's YG02 FWA & FWC, FWC is seen at Castle Cary station.  

Chepstow Classic bus hired in help in the form of RMA65 & ex Blackpool Leyland Titan PD3 HFR 518E. I feel sorry for the driver of the PD3 as it had a crash gearbox, and the route involves a steep climb up an 11% hill at Prestleigh, not much fun in a fully laden bus with a low powered engine! 

C7 HTL leaving the site (Heyfordian)

Damory VR GEL 685V performing on the Pilton-Bristol station shuttle. 

Optare Spectras of Wilts & Dorset await the midnight departures on Sunday. 

RM25 in Radstock at 1am in the morning on Monday, having brought day visitors back from Pilton that night.  

Two vehicles seen were from the TEX Coaches fleet of Banbury. 

Buses in the Landscape 

"This must qualify for 'Buses in the Landscape' right in it! " writes Gavin Francis. OK Gavin , you win!

Two more from Gavin taken in London.

From Russell Young 

Here's one from a little bit north of the Oxford & Chilterns area, you might like to use.

Bowmans of Craignure Plaxton Vario YN06 RVY, waiting outside Tobermory Post Office on the Isle of Mull, about to undertake a journey on route 494 to Dervaig.



Not one for avid England supporters I guess! Picture by Gavin Francis in Oxford.

No, not an ex Tube but one new to a North West operator. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Found parked in a pub car park in High Wycombe by Gavin Francis alst week.