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Issue nr 48 - July 19th  2011

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This issue is being published in two parts due to the large number of pictures and articles. Hereunder you will find Spottings and early next week you will be able to view Jottings*.

There have been quite a number of events and sightings since the last news issue including the arrival of the first of an order of 191 Volvo/Caetano Levantes for National Express, delivered to operators starting new contracts which replace the Veolia contracts now defunct. This means that Epsom Coaches, Whittles, Mike De Courcey Travel and Dunn Motor Traction all have diagrams on NEx routes out of Victoria Coach Station (VCS).

The day draws ever closer for the changes on Oxford resultant from Oxford Smart Zone (OSZ). New timetables have been issued by the companies involved showing co-ordinated timings on the routes.

Each company is issuing its own style of timetables but the whole of the timings are shown.




Whilst Thames Travel do not mention OSZ they will be accepting ticketing involved.

More filming of "Lewis" in Oxford has resulted in very restricted parking at Oxpens and the resultant use of The Westgate surface car parks for coach parking on Saturdays and Sundays. Gavin Francis was on hand to get some pictures of the visiting coaches.

One old friend visiting was this ex Oxford Tube Jonckheere, T615DWL once nr 44 (T44UBE) in the Tube fleet.
The coach is now run by A&P Travel of Ely, Cambs and the date was Saturday, 16th July 2011.
This coach was once in the TGM fleet hence the livery.
Pictures by Gavin Francis.

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Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society 

The Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society was formed in June 2010 and aims to provide an informal monthly social meeting in  Oxford for those with an interest in buses. Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and normally take the form of a picture  show with local and guest speakers.  A small charge is made to cover the cost of hiring the function room and this is usually around £1 per person per meeting depending on numbers.

Next meeting: Tuesday, 19th July 2011

Evening trip to Reading Buses depot.
check the link below for travel details

19.30pm - 21.30pm

Meetings are held in the upstairs function room at:

The Folly Bridge Inn

38 Abingdon Road



Some limited parking at the back of the pub, also close to bus stops (frequent X3/X13 or 35 routes stop outside)

or a short walk from Oxford City Centre - For directions click HERE 


All meetings start at 19.30pm although you are welcome to come along beforehand for food in the bar.

Future meetings are planned as follows:
Aug - No meeting, summer break
Sept 20th - Local slides (1960's 1970's) by Ian Thompson
Oct 18th - South Midland buses by Paul Lacey (visiting speaker)
Nov 22nd - Around Britain by Bus by Graham Low / Chris Bates
Dec 13th - Pictures from the John Law collection (Britain/Worldwide from 1960's onwards) by John Law (visiting speaker).

A detailed programme of meetings can be found at the following link and we hope many of you will attend future meetings.



Finally and as always, my thanks to all who have contributed to this issue.

Malcolm Crowe - Editor - OCBP - July 19th 2011.


Alex Horwood writes "I've got some photos for you from July 1st. First off and not very notable is a Trident in Abingdon on the X2, the second is a Stagecoach Enviro 300 on the 7c and third Stagecoach's only ADL e400 in the county on route 3 Rose Hill. Further is a photo of an OBC Scania, 231, on the X2 in Didcot (one on the 1615 and the other on the 1835 workings)."  {One does not often see an Enviro 400 on the X2, more usually its a Trident. Ed.}

Alex adds "I've also not seen any Citaros on the X2 all week, is it now a Trident route? Any help with this will be much appreciated."

Richard Sharman writes to send several pictures.

RH Olympian 810 with a fresh coat with freshly painted wheels

Stagecoach Oxford Elite on the A41

Motts Solo at North Weald 2011

B&H restyled Gemini at North Weald

He adds "representing three era's of Tappins livery on the Alizee are the original "paint brush" style livery that these vehicles where delivered in, the updated 
pre Heyfordian livery and the present Heyfordian style livery.
After a number of months running Mistrals on the M34, the Panthers seemed to have returned to most workings....perhaps due to the need for extra capacity over the summer months."


John Hammond sent a couple of images from Henley

 RX57 MDZ, a Solo SE of Courtney Coaches of Bracknell whilst at work on service 239, a tendered service that runs in from Maidenhead to Henley.

One for Buses in the Landscape, here is B1 CCA, the CCA galleries traveling art exhibition bus.
http://www.ccaartbus.co.uk/) which is visiting the Henley Festival this week. (6-10th July).
It is an Alexander bodied Leyland Olympian new to Merseybus, seen from across the other side of the Thames.

David Beynon sent a couple of recent photos for the page.

Flights Hallmark 1106 was taken at Luton Airport working the 777 to Stansted from Birmingham.

Reading 1201 opposite Reading Station.

Paul Hawkins of Edinburgh writes "been a lurker on your page for long enough so was wondering if you were interested in this for your page of an ex SC Oxford ALX300 now in Perth."

Fleet News 

 Arriva logo

Andrew Morgan writes "Herewith a picture taken on July 5th in Welwyn Garden City bus station of ex-Volvo demonstrator BG59 FWP now with Arriva at Stevenage in full fleet livery and numbered 3898. It was purchased by Arriva to add to the 21 brand new ones on order!

Ware is getting nine (3875-3883) to replace Tridents on the 310. These Tridents will be sent to Aylesbury and Luton to replace some old Olympians including the remaining Leyland ones.

Luton are getting seven (3891-3897) for the 31 and Stevenage are getting the other five (3884-3888) along with ex-demo 3898 for the 100/101/102 .

Andrew adds "pictures taken today (12/07/11) of Arriva odd workings taken in Welwyn Garden City and on the 301, Stevenage Volvo 3868 and the other one of Hemel DAF 3271."


Peter Cabin writes "The dreaded red paint is in the Cressex depot again with Scania 3205 R205RBM and Dart 3371 K321CVX. I presume they are for sale or scrap.


Out of the four Caetano bodied Darts imported to High Wycombe from MK, only two are in use at the moment being 3529 NDZ7933 & 3536 T424LGP which were both on blue route 32 yesterday 05/07/11. The other two, 3530 NDZ7919 & 3532 NDZ7921 are parked up at Cressex on 05/07/11. (some or all of these buses still proclaim MK Metro as their legal owner. Ed.)

He adds "a photo at the Booker Asda terminus above High Wycombe.

3532 NDZ7921

So readers should have lots to look out for in the coming days. Ed.

Arriva 3197 route 61 at Luton Airport 050711. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Arriva 3201 route 52 in Wycombe 070711. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Arriva 3203 route 74 but branded for 32 in Wycombe 070711. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Arriva 3300 route 797 in London on 120711. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Arriva 3529 route 340 in Stokenchurch on 070711. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Arriva 3536 route 37 in Wycombe on 070711. Picture by Gavin Francis

Arriva 3874 route 510 at Stansted with easyjet branding on rear on 020711. Pictures by Gavin Francis.

Arriva 4362 on rail replacement at St Giles Oxford on 090711. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Arriva Green Line tri-axle being rescued by Sovereign in London on 050711. Picture by Malcolm Crowe

Dave Oliver writes "Finally some time off so I have now got round to sorting out some news for you.

White Plaxton Primo is one of two for the Uxbridge County Rider and 580 (305) work. This one is P22. The other is P24 and whilst currently white they will be repainted into company colours and Bucks CC Colours (one of each).

We also have a shot of BL21 the BMC Hawk currently being used on the 35 service from HW Bus Station to Flackwell Heath.

YT11LPN has been on trial following service with Edwards of South Wales.

Pictures by Gavin Francis

Peter Cabin writes "Yesterday 05/07/11 all three Primos were parked up, one having been repainted into green which had fleet number 24 on the nearside front.

CB54BUS has this week been serving service 27. What a difference a bus makes, this climbed Hammersly Lane and Cock Lane with no effort at all unlike her sisters P232 & 236AAP which haven't been used on any local services this week."

Carousel RM being prepared for a wedding party on 240611. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Carousel EVL4 route 740 in Wycombe on 070711. Picture by Gavin Francis

Stephen LB writes "Red First Trident 32963 has lost its blind in favour of an orange display for route X74. Citaros 64001 and 64002 in Barbie livery remain out of use at the back of Slough yard at present"

Unusual working on the 702 was this branded Trident for the 190
. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Another First Trident was this ex London bus working the X74 in High Wycombe on July 7th. Picture by Gavin Francis.   

Heyfordian SL52CPX route 44 in Oxford on 160711. Picture by Gavin Francis.


Mike De Courcey has placed fourteen Volvo B9R/Caetano Levantes in service for NEx routes 325 / 410 / 419 / 420 / 540 as follows:

MD1. FJ11MKZ; MD2. FJ11GKO; MD3. FJ11GMF; MD4. FJ11GKL; MD5. FJ11GME; MD6. FJ11GKD; MD7. FJ11GKN; MD8. FJ11GJV; MD 9. FJ11GKZ; MD10. FJ11MLU; MD11. FJ11GMG;
MD12. FJ11GKG; MD13. FJ11GKF; MD14. FJ11GKK

Picture by Gavin Francis.

Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Whittles as follows:

84 FJ11GJX; 85 FJ11GJY; 86 FJ11GJZ; 87 FJ11GKA; 88 FJ11GKC; 89 FJ11GLV

Pictures by Gavin Francis.

Flights Hallmark as follows:

1101 FJ 11 GLK; 1102 FJ 11 GLZ; 1103 FJ 11 GKP; 1104 FJ 11 GKU; 1105 FJ 11 GKV; 1106 FJ 11 GKX; 1107 FJ 11 GJO; 1108 FJ 11 GJU
1109 FJ 11 MLE; 1110 FJ 11 MLF; 1111 FJ 11 MLK; 1112 FJ 11 MLL; 1113 FJ 11 MLN; 1114 FJ 11 MLO

Picture by Gavin Francis.

Epsom Coaches as follows:

EP01 FJ11 GLF; EP02 FJ11 GMV

These are working two franchised diagrams on the 420 to Birmingham and the 550 to Liverpool from 27th June.

Many of these replace the Veolia Scania/Irizar PBs which are no longer working for NEx.

Indeed one of the few still working can be seen below in one from first in south Wales. Also one is still in NEx own fleet seemingly based at Stansted and seen the other day on the A6. This was NXL32 and is now CO58.

Pictures by Malcolm Crowe and Gavin Francis.

Several other pictures are to hand and it is interesting to note that Crawley have changed a fleet number on a new Caetano to CY.

CY111 by Gavin Francis.

NEx Dunn Motor Traction 4028 FJ11MOA departs VCS on 010711. Picture by Gavin Francis.

A Lucketts Caetano with super rear advertising taken by Gavin Francis.

Another super rear is on this tri-axle Caetano seen in VCS. It is operated by South Gloucestershire.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Early July saw several special services operating through Oxford to Wembley and Milton Keynes.
I was unable to find out the operator of white 60 plate above?
Pictures by Malcolm Crowe.

Selwyns are also taking delivery of a few new Caetanos and one i seen leaving VCS.
This is a change from the more recently added Elites. I wonder why?
Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Another First coach, this time an early Volvo/Caetano Levante arrives in VCS on 150711. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Three new Wrights double deck coaches are due for the Green Line 702 service. They will be Volvo B9TL/Wrightbus Gemini 2 fleet numbers VNX 37985-7 due towards the end of this month.

The single deck fleet of Citaros is gaining the *****city branding first seen on the red Scania deckers. Several have already been completed as seen below.

Here we have elasticity with appropriate cove wording on Citaro 834. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

vivacity appears on these two Citaros, 835 and 853, note the changed wording on the cove panels. Pictures by Gavin Francis.

Trident 106 is seen on the X2 to Didcot though somehow the X2 has disappeared? Picture by Gavin Francis.

Volvo coaches 82 and 83 head off in different directions from Thornhill Park & Ride on July 6th.

Red Line, Aylesbury

Red Line now work the 340 on Sundays and Gavin Francis caught one on this route.

Red Rose

Adam Green notes "Red Rose Have another Dart W407UGM it was on H11 today 9/7 "

Two of Red Rose's Darts work through Stokenchurch. Pictures by Gavin Francis.

I was lucky enough to be able to work a Megabus relief from Oxford to Silverstone with Scania 15611. Herewith a list of vehicles in attendance on Sunday 10th and some pictures of same.

Stagecoach at Silverstone F1 July 10 2011.
Olympians Scanias Tridents Single Deck Coaches
16010 15401 17059 19304 20809 52366
16076 15402 17729 19306 22842 52647
16099 15403 17967 19309 34587 53033
16113 15405 18103 19312 35225 53654
16127 15445 18106 19567 36060
16128 15453 18107 19572 36157
16174 15454 18108 19573 36163
16182 15455 18110 19577 36165
16216 15457 18127 19578 36168
16217 15458 18315 19582 36169
16224 15459 18385 19584 36172
16226 15460 18386 19585 36173
16227 15461 18401 19587 36212
16230 15462 18402 19588 36213
16231 15463 18403 19589 36215
16231 15464 18407 19591 36217
16232 15526 18413 19593 36218
16454 15528 18414 19594 36219
16459 15529 18415 19595 36220
16460 15531 18416 19596
16483 15532 18437 19601
16489 15606 18443 19602
16495 15611 19603
16500 15648 19605
16590 15649 19606
16598 15650 19608
16614 15658 19610
16615 15670 19611
16616 15671 19616
16618 15672 19618
16620 15672 19619
16683 15673 19694
16684 15674 19695
16685 15675 19696
16693 15676 19697
16694 15677 19698
16698 19699
16698 19701
16782 19702
16872 19703

An ex Witney Trident was also present, 18127.

Andrew Webb notes "former Stagecoach Oxford Tube T53BBW is now with Barry's of Weymouth. It is seen leaving Castlepoint shopping centre in Bournemouth on 16 July."

Angus Munday writes "we had a trip to Plaxton's on Friday 15th July to collect six B12B coaches for the Inverness to Thurso X99 service. Four with X99 branding and two the usual Stagecoach livery. Reg numbers SV11FFU onwards but no fleet numbers as yet! Herewith a couple of pictures, taken just before the rain came down. I don`t think that any of them will be seen down in the Home Counties any time soon! {I wonder if they will appear in London on Megabus duties!!! Ed.}

Pictures by Angus Munday.

I wonder if one will venture south to London on Megabus. Lets keep our eyes open!

Variety on the 66 by Gavin Francis.

A surprise on the X5 was this ex Huntingdon & District Volvo B10BLE. Picture by Gavin Francis.

The X5 has also been seeing some of the ex Virgin Trains X99 Volvos now in corporate livery.

When the F1 was on at Silverstone an elderly Olympian appeared on Stratford's share of the S3. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Dart 33945 works the 66 a week or so ago. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.


A selection of coaches seen on Megabus duties are shown below.

The Astromegas pull trailers when a full passenger load does not give sufficient room for all the bags. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Pictures by Gavin Francis.

Sullivan Buses

Andrew Morgan writes "I am going to be sending one pic of every double decker that has worked the 330 you can use whatever ones you want if you want to use any."

{I've taken a selection but if anyone wants a particular bus let me know. Ed.}

The pictures are taken different days but all in Welwyn Garden City bus station.





Here are the dates the pictures were taken plus I have included a picture of AE1 which is used on school days only 7:24 330 from Hatfield station to Welwyn Garden City. However it was used all day on Good Friday. The only other bus used but I did not get a picture as yet is AE3 which is only used when filling in for AE1 when it is in for service, plus the only other bus fitted with 330 blinds but not used yet is TPL926 .

AE1 = 22/04/11

ALX1 = 30/03/11

ALX2 = 13/04/11

ALX3 = 30/03/11

ALX4 = 30/03/11

ALX5 = 28/06/11

DEL1 = 05/04/11

ELV6 = 15/06/11

RM1069 = 22/04/11

RML2272 = 22/04/11

RML2428 = 22/04/11

TPL927 = 11/05/11

VP113 = 31/03/11

VP119 = 30/03/11

VPL174 = 11/05/11

WVL1 = 01/07/11 

Sullivan Buses AE2 on the 330 at Welwyn Garden City after working the 7:24 from Hatfield station, it is the first time the bus has worked the route taken 13/07/11."

TTs Hybrid is seen on an early morning working in Wantage a week ago. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.


Andrew Morgan writes "Herewith a picture taken on July 5th in Welwyn Garden City bus station, of an odd uno working, an Optare Olympus bodied Scania on the 601, the uno bus in the picture is fleet number 206."

Andrew adds "two pictures taken today (14/07/11) in St Albans of a Wright Streetline demonstrator (MX11 EHC) on loan from Mistral to uno buses where it was on the S8/S9. It has been on loan from the beginning of this week for 7 days. The digital display on the back always shows not in service!

Plus DAFs 201 and 202 are back from loan to Stephensons."