In a number of cases results are down for UK bus services and First is noted to being prepared to sell much of its Manchester operations. Indeed in one article I read it was suggested that there should be free bus travel to encourage drivers to leave cars at home, thereby reducing congestion and improving air quality. However in my opinion people use cars to give freedom whereas bus passengers are tied to a timetable. Indeed the only way would be to restrict cars by means of prohibiting their use in cities and towns. So in Oxford for example an improved and enlarged Park & Ride service should be applied on all main arterial roads and cars banned from going any further unless the owner lived inside that boundary. Only buses and coaches and a very limited number of cars would be on the City roads.

Nice thoughts but would it work in practice. One City I can think of that banned cars with odd numbers/even numbers on alternate days in the hope of reducing usage. However those with pennies to spend simply had two cars!!!!

On to the subject of cars and vans causing obstruction and the risk of a small town losing its' bus service is reported below.

'Inconsiderate' illegal parking could loose Watlington's T1 bus

BUSES serving a South Oxfordshire town could be scrapped if drivers keep blocking the route with badly-parked cars. Incessant illegal parking in Watlington is threatening the rural market town's main bus service,

Thames Travel's T1, which keeps getting stuck in the narrow High Street. On Monday the 6am service was cancelled and the police called out after the T1 became trapped behind parked vehicles and later buses had to terminate early to avoid the blockage.

These pictures, taken on a very cold day at lunchtime, show how even one vehicle parked on double yellow lines makes getting through difficult.

Thames Travel's Managing Director Phil Southall said parking in the road is a 'reoccurring issue', which has made it 'increasingly difficult' to run a reliable service.

Mr Southall said: "If motorists persist in parking in such a way, that means our buses are unable to use the road and the future of the bus service to and from Watlington could be threatened. We’d urge any motorists who park on High Street Watlington to please do so with care, and ensure enough room is left for larger vehicles to fit through. Many people both in Watlington and the neighbouring communities rely on our service, and the road is also a key route for emergency vehicles." He apologised for the inconvenience last Monday but said there was 'no choice' but to cancel.

Matt Reid, chairman of Watlington Parish Council, described the bus service as 'absolutely essential' saying "We have a persistent issue with selfish parking, where people stop to go into the Co-Op and block the road. There's a pinch-point in the High Street and it is frequently blocked - it's an issue that's been going on forever. Everyone here at some stage has heard the bus beeping its horn to get the attention of someone in the Co-Op. Somebody even suggested not serving them if they had parked on the lines. So I wonder what the outcome will be as I am sure that with some drivers one takes ones life in ones hands as some motorists can become quite aggressive if challenged ?"

Phil Southall writes "We have been in extensive discussions with Watlington Parish Council and Oxfordshire County Council about inconsiderate parking in Watlington. Physical improvements have been jointly agreed on the ground but unfortunately a minority of motorists continue to park inconsiderately that causes the main road to be blocked and the T1 buses to become stuck. We have tried for many years to ensure that Watlington can continue to be served by bus but we have made it very clear to all concerned that if a sustainable solution to this problem can’t be found then we might have to operate the T1 between Chalgrove and Oxford only."

More memories from  the past from Paul Bateson

I am pleased to offer a selection of pictures from Paul Bateson's significant collection. I've taken a couple to further illustrate the article below by Tony Bungay.

Green Line RF 22 LUC222, which when first delivered was used for tours and private hires, is seen working a 711 service
and is based at HE (High Wycombe) now an office supplies shop, taken on July 3rd 1961.  © Paul Bateson

Green Line RF307 NLE526, with a 359 service in Aylesbury, on July 1st 1968.  © Paul Bateson

Green Line RF563 with a 706 to Westerham in Aylesbury
on July 1st 1968.  © Paul Bateson

Nearly 10 years later and seen in the then Maidenhead Bus Station, a Bristol SUS4A 30 seat 198 - 844THY, once with Bristol Omnibus
and purchased specifically for the route to Marlow which ran over the old bridge into the town centre. Taken on July 16th 1970. © Paul Bateson

Bristol LWL6B 621 GJB259 ready for a trip on 33's outside Wycombe Marsh depot on September 22nd 1968. © Paul Bateson

Bristol FLF6B 841 WJB225 in the Frogmoor Bus Park High Wycombe on September 22nd 1968. 
© Paul Bateson

More of Paul's pictures are included in the article by Tony Bungay below. Also there will be more from Paul in the coming weeks.

For those interested in Thames Valley an excellent three volume series of books are available from Paul Lacey. See below.

From Andrew Dyer in New Zealand

"Paul Bateson's photos from the 60s certainly brought back some schoolday memories for me and in particular the one of AEC Swift GJO631F.

The Oxford-Cambridge railway line closed at the end of 1967 and a new bus service was launched to replace the railway between Oxford and Bletchley. It was a joint service between COMS and United Counties numbered 71/121 respectively. Clearly it was too much for the two companies to agree a common route number (the same applied to Oxford- Bedford being 70/131) !!

COMS allocated brand new Swifts 630 and 631 to Bicester depot to run their allocation on the route. I remember clearly 630 catching fire on the first day in service, causing a school friend from Marsh Gibbon to come into class saying "sorry I'm late today sir, my bus caught fire" …...surely the best excuse ever for being late for school!

The Swifts were horribly unreliable and were put to shame by the six year old Bristol MWs allocated by United Counties which just kept going and going! 157BRP was a regular, a bus I think now preserved.

In the background of Paul's photo I see 197KFC, the regular (and possibly only I think) bus allocated to Great Milton outstation for the 73 route at that time.

Thanks again for a great page and I hope these ramblings are of interest."

From Ed Maun

Good to see some old photos in issue 45.     

Thames Valley LS 711 HMO857 is outside the Micklefield Road entrance of Wycombe Marsh depot. As the LS is on service 36 to Lane End it would have been allocated to Fingest dormy shed. 

 The timetable allowed for a mid morning visit to the Marsh depot  to pay in the previous days takings and to refuel etc.

Thank you Andrew and Ed, I am certain that many readers will appreciate those memories and maybe some more will surface from other quarters? Already one reader commented on what were the couple by the LS 711 outside Wycombe Marsh depot!!!!

Recollections from Tony Bungay of routes now gone!

As the title suggests a follow up to my previous article you put on the page in December. 

A further brief history of some bus services that either operated a couple of times a day or indeed only a couple of days a week! The three routes mentioned below have had different outcomes in some cases and almost no change in one instance! 

Bristol VRs 642 HJB462W on the 321 in February 1985 and 644 HJB644W on the 322 nearer Saunderton in the Summer of 1985. Both pictures from Tony Bungay.

The two Alder Valley Bristol VRT’s are shown working route 321, though one shows 322 whether this is a blind error or was a variation I am uncertain, maybe other viewers can confirm this?

Prior to April 1980 the main High Wycombe- Princes Risborough – Aylesbury route was the 21/31, the former operated via Bradenham and Saunderton, the latter via Naphill and Lacey Green (todays 300) both of which were hourly on the full route giving half hourly frequency on common sections.

Earlier still in Thames Valley days the Service was 21/21A the former diverting to serve Butlers Cross,

Bristol FLF6G D52 LBL852E with a 21A service to High Wycombe from Aylesbury on August 1st 1968. © Paul Bateson 

With the recasting of services in High Wycombe and Amersham in April 1980 as a result of the ‘Chilternlink MAP the main High Wycombe -Princes Risborough – Aylesbury route became what had been the 31 with the diversion Butlers Cross included so the route became the 323/24.

The section on the main road via Bradenham and Saunderton previously the 21 was renumbered not surprisingly 321. However hence the reason for including this route in the article the previous hourly/seven days a week operation was cut to 4/5 journeys Monday to Saturday, given the somewhat sparse population density and growing affluence of the area plus a railway station probably no surprise.

Although not really anything to do with this article about 321, it is worth mentioning for a number of years any intending passengers did get an extra choice of bus on this section including Sunday! With a couple of X15 journeys that also used this road to either Reading/Milton Keynes/Northampton as their ultimate destination.  

I have to admit that I lost track of who may have operated this route at times after Alder Valley, but I understand the number of journeys probably remained similar, as it was a County Council supported Service from 1986, I know other operators have included Woottens Coaches through their Tigerline Bus operation and since their demise Redline who again use the 321 number, by a strange twist of history almost when Arriva decided to reroute their 300 service away from Butlers Cross to the main road, an exact reverse of, a few years earlier when the 323/24 became the 300 and those journeys that used the main road were routed via Butlers Cross!

Bucks County Council I think wished to maintain a Bus Service through Butlers Cross and this too is operated by Redline and it would seem the opportunity was taken to extend the 321 from Princes Risborough to Aylesbury hence almost the old Thames Valley 21 was recreated so to speak! 

Since then, as if to underline a change in outcome, Arriva introduced the X30 Service which too operates to High Wycombe after Princes Risborough via Saunderton and Bradenham originally Monday to Friday and later Saturday too, so once again after many years this road has an hourly and at times more bus service along it.

Citaro 3014 with the X30 en route to High Wycombe on February 9th 2019 by Tony Bungay.

This route, as opposed to the piece about 321, is not only infrequent but occasional as well, and also for many years given the operator a bit unique!

By the 1980’s if not before it was probably the only part of what at one time had been the mighty Midland Red to operate a bus service into Buckinghamshire.

Midland Red came to operate the route to what at one time had been the former County Town of Bucks in the early 1930’s the service even then was a market day service, Tuesdays to Buckingham market from a surrounding few villages and Thursday to Banbury Market. 

Leyland National 708 with Midland Red working the 500 service to Banbury, now worked by Stagecoach's Banbury depot.
This picture was taken by Tony Bungay in September 1984. Ironically the legal owner is shown as Midland Red South by Stagecoach!!!

By the time of the photograph of by then Midland Red South Leyland National 708 taken in Buckingham September 1984, the Service was an extension of the main Banbury – Brackley 500 Service that operated two return journeys on Tuesday and Saturday only, essentially Buckingham market days. 

The route on both days from Brackley served the small villages of Shalstone – Dadford where the bus turned around then went through part of Stowe as it headed to Buckingham.

Once reaching Buckingham it headed back to Banbury along the main Buckingham – Brackley road, the return journey was a reverse of the first. An interesting variation on the journey back to Banbury on Saturday on the second and last journey of the day, was at Brackley the service became the 508 and went through a couple of villages called Halse and Marston St Lawrence rather than on the main road via Farthinghoe.

As a bus ride for those of us who like looking at scenery or off the beaten track villages very interesting, in addition in that part of the world a number of disused railway lines existed (more of then than now), bits of which could be seen including former Great Central Booking Hall in Brackley.

If you forgive that slight digress, the service certainly on the Buckingham – Brackley section as can be seen from the photo on the second return journey not heaving with passengers, the people shown plus the photographer were the sum total on that journey! 

Again it was probably no surprise that just over a year later after just over fifty years Midland Red South stopped operating beyond Brackley. 

Again I regret that who took over operating a service for those places I cannot remember, I know somebody did, later on a service was provided by Bucks County Council under originally it’s Orange Easy Bus branding later changed to County Rider.

Now a Buckingham – Brackley service is operated by Redline as service 131, a number not unknown to Buckingham as it used to be the jointly operated Oxford COMS/United Counties Oxford – Bicester – Buckingham – Milton Keynes – Bedford route!

From the present timetable it would appear to be four journeys go all the way to Brackley and on Saturday two to Banbury, though not via Dadford and Shalstone, these are served on Tuesday only to Buckingham.

The emphasis of the present timetable is to provide the chance to go either way, in the latter days of Midland Red mainly to Buckingham though probably Brackley was possible if just over an hour was sufficient before you had to get the last one back!

I wonder if any photographer managed to get a picture of a Midland Red bus as it headed on the final leg to Buckingham down the avenue from Stowe with the Corinthian Arch in the background, wish I had ??

As can be seen not a lot of change as such, though given the frequency anything substantial would probably have been total disappearance!

Unlike to other two services in this article which have had a fairly long history this route the X4 was a newcomer. 

Introduced by Alder Valley in late 1980 just after the first bit of deregulation by the then Conservative government under Mrs Thatcher, to free up and encourage competition on longer distance services (remember British Coachways). 

This Service linked High Wycombe – Princes Risborough – Aylesbury – Bicester – Banbury – Warwick – Birmingham Airport and NEC – Digbeth and Birmingham Bull Ring Bus Station, operating two return journeys a day seven days a week, it was an ambitious but seemingly potentially useful cross country service. There were initially a number of setting down restrictions, i.e. no carriage of passengers between Aylesbury and Bicester. And even originally no set down point in Warwick, after a couple of months this was changed so any passengers could set down here, which could be useful for anybody wanting to visit this historic town or get a Midland Red service to nearby Stratford upon Avon.

As the service was extremely limited stop the journey time was comparable with a car almost, there was no M40 then and the rail service north of Princes Risborough was two hourly at best on a single track with a passing loop at Bicester North, so any late running had an instant knock on effect! 

May be this was the market Alder Valley was hoping to attract, whatever just over a year later the service was withdrawn on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays and Sunday was reduced to just one return journey.


The remaining timetable remained stable I think for the routes history. Initial vehicles used on the service were Dual Purpose Leyland Nationals like 246 as it turns towards Aylesbury Bus Station on a High Wycombe X4 journey in October 1982. As the route was introduced a few months after the Chilternlink MAP project it was branded as Chilternlink X4 as shown on this vehicle. 


A year or so later one journey each way was extended from High Wycombe to serve Southall, as no doubt many potential passengers from this area had family and friends in Birmingham, around this time the Leyland Nationals were replaced by various other vehicles, mainly coaches but also included a Dennis Falcon with Wadham Stringer bodywork, seen leaving Aylesbury on a Saturday afternoon journey in February 1985, regret not the best picture a combination of low winter sun and dirty roads from recent snow have had their effect.  

Just after Bus deregulation in October 1986 the Southall extension was withdrawn and rerouted to London Victoria, however with the service leaving London at 12.15 and not getting to Birmingham till after 17.00 did it get any passengers on this section until at least Slough timed 13:15. 

Another alteration, saw after Banbury the service was rerouted to serve Southam, Long Itchington  and Coventry before proceeding to Birmingham, obviously the diversion into Coventry increased overall journey time, again whether the company thought it could generate more custom doing this is unknown, thinking back may be the recently withdrawn north of Banbury South Midland/Midland Red South X59 had some bearing on this? 

Alder Valley 1102 WJM816T on the X4 to Birmingham in August 1987 by Tony Bungay. 

The Londonlink Liveried Leyland Leopard is seen at Banbury Bus Station as it used to be in August 1987 on a Birmingham bound service.

Alder Valleys successors Alder Valley North  later Berks Bucks Bus Company(Beeline)  continued to operate the service, as did Oxford Bus Company when they took over Beeline's High Wycombe operations, I did see a Wycombe Coach Company liveried vehicle operating the service, but had no camera on me to record this! 

Again I have lost track as to when this service disappeared and it would be interesting if any other readers can contribute any facts thoughts or photos on this and the other bus routes I have mentioned for this website ??

I would guess the services demise was down to many things, but certainly the opening of the M40 Birmingham extension and the big upgrade on the Chiltern Railway line between London – High Wycombe – Banbury – and Birmingham probably were significant  and no doubt if it had carried on a bit longer it would have come up against EU directives on Drivers time/ tachograph etc, 

So as said at the beginning of this article three route three different outcomes!

As an aside enjoyed your contributors sixties pictures, look forward to seeing more, the Thames Valley one with the Service 80 working is a good catch, it was not a frequent service even then and took a number of back roads to High Wycombe, going through Longwick and looking at the route map Great Hampden.

The copyright is with the Bus Archive

One further photo shows an unidentified X4 vehicle at the back in the dark and gloomy Bull ring Bus Station Terminus now gone. If people would like to sample what it was like Aylesbury Bus Station can give a bit of a taste! 

Sincere thanks to Tony for this very interesting article which I am sure readers will enjoy. Indeed if other readers have related picture I would be delighted to include those in a future issue.

Gavin Francis visits Staines

A previous visit was recorded in  S&J 94 : S&J 94 link

Had a good visit to Staines, sun was a bit tricky at times but over all not too bad. Believe it or not there were ten operators seen there today. I think this number has appeared because of the withdrawal of Abellio from Surrey. 

They are Metroline, London United. (I think the 203 is the last route to use Tempos and they are due for withdrawal very soon.), Abellio, White Bus, Reptons, First, Bear Buses using ex-Go Ahead LDP 183, Falcon, Carlone and Hallmark. Quite remarkable when one considers other places.

Abellio, Bear Buses and Carlone services in Staines.

Falcon Buses and First Berkshire.

Hallmark and London United services.

Metroline and Reptons.

White Bus on various services.

Staines must surely provide considerable variety compared to many other locations.

And now Slough with Gavin Francis on February 6th

Courtney's KX64AEF works the 2 during the SLOUGH VISIT

Courtney's Joshua YD63VBN seen during SLOUGH VISIT

Courtney's YJ13HNG working the 2 during SLOUGH VISIT.

At First Berkshire's Slough depot, a damaged decker and a Citaro Trainer.

44562 works the 12 TRADER route during the SLOUGH VISIT.

Citaro 64037 leaves with a 4 during the SLOUGH VISIT,

Slough's route 1 served by Citaro 64038.

Not the correct bus for the 1 when VSH699230 was seen on the SLOUGH VISIT.

London United's contribution to route 81 at Slough.

Reading Buses 134 resting during SLOUGH VISIT.

Variety on tbhe 702 and 703 at Slough during the visit.

Redline's T25RRT working the WP1 service in Slough. This bus started life with Red Rose.

Stewart's variety in Slough.

Reading THAMES VALLEY 166 with a 5 service during the SLOUGH VISIT.

Reading THAMES VALLEY 193 with a 5 service during the SLOUGH VISIT.

Another interesting and revealing visit by Gavin Francis with a lot of interest.

Fleet News

From Paul Swann  Fleet Planning Manager

Just as a quick aside DAF DB250/Wright 4752 at Thurmaston has been repainted into Midland Fox Red and Yellow to celebrate the 35years since Midland Fox’s creation.

Pictures by Paul Swann

The following are in service or expected at Derby, they are StreetLite Door Forward Micro Hybrid 3 seating 40. Eight are In service, three awaiting entry to service with eight still to be delivered

Fleet Number

Reg Nr.







































From Nigel Peach

Citaro 3921 (BK58 URO), a recent transfer from Aylesbury, has been outshopped in the new livery; seen at Cressex on Wed 5th - picture attached. It's probably the first time in its 10 year life that it has not been branded for the 300 route. 

Seen leaving the bus station on Wed 5th, another Citaro 3009 (BJ12YPU) has also been repainted.  

I was delayed in a traffic jam on Thursday evening on London Road. The cause turned out to be broken down Dart 2159 (LF51DCT) in Loudwater. Maybe time it was pensioned off!


On my way to work this morning, another broken down Arriva bus, near the cricket ground..... it was 2159 again!! I don't believe it!

Please put this bus out of its misery!

Graham Low

I attach a view taken today of an Arriva E40D on the 280, freshly repainted out of Sapphire livery.

From Luke Braham

5459 YY14WFT returned to service on 8
th February after repaint into the new Arriva blue. The low sunlight in the late afternoon made it difficult to photograph! 

Enviro400 5465 SN15LPU is currently believed to be away for engine work as well as a repaint. 

As mentioned last week Citaro 3009 BJ12YPU has been repainted, this has now been joined by sister 3014 BJ12YPZ which has also lost it’s 800/850 route branding. It was too dark to photo 3014 when I saw it.  

Wright Solar 3604 KE55FBX has returned to Luton having been on loan at High Wycombe. 

A number of 800/850 branded and Sapphire branded Citaros have appeared on the 300 to Aylesbury recently.

As shown by 3016 BD12DHY on the February 7th and 3042 (ex-3912) BV58MLF on January 28th.

Citaro 3014 BJ12YPZ has been repainted into the latest version of Arriva livery.

Earlier this afternoon - February 11th, I managed to photo 3014 on a 300 from High Wycombe.

Other photos as stated.

3619 on the 300 now Aylesbury based in High Wycombe on February 5th by Gavin Francis.

Citaro 3916 on the 300 but with X60 branding in High Wycombe on February 5th by Gavin Francis.

The discontinuation of MAX route branding which should make a difference.

3798 on a 280 service in Oxford High St still with X8 branding which now amounts to a few services a day.
Seen on February 8th by Gavin Francis.

Solo 2495 on the 34 climbs up Desborough Avenue on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe.

Cadets 2746 and 2757 at Cressex depot on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe.

3539 at Cressex depot on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe. The destination is of interest!

6000, 4707 and 3700 at Cressex depot on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe.

R215GMJ at Arriva's Cressex depot on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe. I think this bus was here for MOT?

DAF 4819 on the 30 in the Eden Bus Station on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe.

Arriva 9304 YX08FWD a Crew Bus  in the Eden Bus Station on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe. This has replaced taxis and full sized buses for now. 

From Joshua Sammons

Hope the quality is good enough for the next issue, it’s First Berkshire 44567 on the 3 Slough, Date was February 5th.


First Berks E200 44566 with an X74 in High Wycombe on February 5th by Gavin Francis.

First Berks 63314 with the X74 in the Eden Bus Station on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe.

Gavin Francis caught less than fully branded 222 working the 36 on February 5th in High Wycombe.

424 is still off the road and so last Saturday 418 was working the Link40 service picture by Malcolm Crowe.

The overflow parking at the depot was well used by various Scanias on February 9th by Malcolm Crowe.

From Tim Jones.

Thought you might like these pictures from today. One of the city3 branded street decks on 5 road. Unfortunately is was hard to get the destination blind to show up fully.......

I’ve seen quite a few other unusual workings in last couple weeks.  Citaros on 5 road and Gold buses on 1 road but wasn’t able to get photos.

I guess it’s not long now until the Tourismos and Levante IIIs will join the Oxford fleet. Eagerly awaiting to see these.

Jack Cooper

Here are some of the best pictures from last Sunday. I have started to edit my pictures so it would be interesting to get feedback from viewers of the page.

Airline 2 for LHR leaves Queen's Lane on February 4th by Jack Cooper.

Non route branded 660 with a 5 road service in 5 Castle Street on February 4th by Jack Cooper.

Brookes 376 is seen at Queens Lane with a U1 service on February 4th by Jack Cooper.

Pictures from other contributors.

Chiltern wrapped 602 works 6 road on February 10th by Gavin Francis.

An interesting addition to the Go Ahead Oxford group fleet is 1901 Publicity van seen on February 10th by Gavin Francis.

682 with Chiltern Trains Advert on February 9th by Richard Sharman.

688 with GWR advertising on February 9th by Richard Sharman.

Graham Low

A view of the loaned Pick-Me-Up MB - taken from a bus - not the best view, but they are harder to track down than buses on normal routes!!
Taken on January 31st.

Scania 209 with the T1 heads east down High Street on February 8th by Gavin Francis.

Galloway of Mendlesham's 102 BF68LCE with the G20 in Bulleid Way on February 9th by Gavin Francis.

From Andrew Churchill

Just a quick note to let you know that Oxford Hybrid 12006 is now currently being prepared for a body refurbishment and repaint and the repaint will be into corporate livery and the repaint will be done in Nuneaton which repainted E400 10070 recently .

Pictures from contributors.

E400 10067 works the 1 from the Station on February 9th by Gavin Francis.

MMC 10675 with an S9 service passes through Frideswide Square on February 9th by Gavin Francis.

Unbranded MMC 37404 with an S4 service from Banbury in St Giles on February 10th by Gavin Francis. 

Graham Low

I also attach a view of one of the new Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancs E40Ds branded for Lancaster locals and with moquette rather than leather seat furnishings - is this a new standard for Stagecoach?

MMC 11144 works the 1 in Lancaster on January 16th by Graham Low. Note the change of seating from previous MMC models with orange and blue seats.


Back in service following long-term repairs are Trident 18338 (at Cambridge) and Volvo B9R 53612 (at Bedford). Maybe this means the hire coach for the X5 will not be needed?

East's SB12NMZ with an X5 service leaves Oxford still on loan to Bedford Depot on February 9th by Ricahrd Sharman.
Seems the front destination has not been working for a number of weeks recently. I am also unaware of any fleet number.

Optare Solo 47518 has transferred from Northampton to Nuneaton whilst out of use at Northampton following recent service changes are 47508/09/11, 47653 and 47654.

MAN/Enviro 300 22841 is another of the type to transfer from Rugby to Northampton, whilst former Stagecoach South West Scania/Enviro 400 15668 is now also operating from Northampton.

Also back in service at Northampton following repairs is Trident 18149.

Oxford tube services were disrupted last Saturday evening when an individual decided to sleep in the middle of Bulleid Way for some 20 minutes! This impacted many services besides the tube.

One could imagine that this person was either very drunk or on drugs - I wonder.

Megabus 54610 "Jensen Busson" with the southbound M34 in Oxford on February 9th by Richard Sharman.
This replaces the earlier similar coach advertising Coach Supplier to Silverstone.

Independent operators and out of area matters

From Gordon Scott

Go Transit Canada Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 Super Low, first one of current order.

Go Transit Canada,  one of present order on test at Falkirk on February 8th by Gordon Scott.