First of all may I remind readers that ALL pictures used in this Briefing are copyright ©  to the owners and should you wish to use any seen you must contact myself as Editor and I will see what can be arranged.


Sadly we have found that some pictures have appeared elsewhere without permission, which is rather annoying to say the least.

The recent days have seen considerable road closures and traffic diversions in London. Whilst one may sympathise with the protestors, I wonder if all of them have actually carried out what they are protesting for, such as not having cars, not taking aircraft flights for holidays etc and using public transport or walking to where they wish to go. I am, of course, sure that they all ride bicycles as well!

What has happened as far as we to the west are concerned is that the Oxford X90s have been unable to serve Baker Street and Marble Arch, whilst the Oxford tube has operated via Shepherds Bush direct along the Embankment to Victoria (Green Line) and in reverse the same way.

Victoria Bus Station closed and Oxford-London services diverted via The Embankment. The tubes show missing wheel trims which does not enhance these vehicles!
Pictures by Gavin Francis. ©

Some 50 plus London bus routes have been unable to operate fully and getting to the Oxford Street area has been very difficult for commuters. I wonder if some are using their cars?

Oxford's PICKMEUP Service reaches 100,000 users

The PICKMEUP service in Oxford has this last week, reached a total of 100,000 users and plans to include Jericho and Summertown the north west of the city, following demand. This will start on April 21st.

The ground breaking achievement was reached last Wednesday in the eastern part of the city where buses have been operating. More than 22,000 registered users have signed up to the app and an average of 3,700 journeys are now completed per week.

It will be very interesting to see how this service develops in the coming months,

974, one of the regular fleet and 970 which was expected to have already gone to London General (Sutton garage) for a similar service.
Pictures by Gavin Francis. ©

London brings in new charges in ULEZ from April 8th 2019.

To help improve air quality, an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) now operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year within the same area of central London as the Congestion Charge. Most vehicles, including cars and vans, need to meet the ULEZ emissions standards or their drivers must pay a daily charge to drive within the zone.

Check your vehicle

Find out if your vehicle meets the emissions standards required for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and/or the Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

The ULEZ covers all vehicles driven within the central London area.

The LEZ only covers larger vans, minibuses, lorries, buses and coaches as well as other specialist vehicles driven within most of Greater London.

Both schemes operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year - charging days run from midnight to midnight.

You will need to pay charges if your vehicle doesn't meet the emissions standards of these schemes. You might also need to pay the Congestion Charge.

This checker doesn't yet reflect changes we're making to LEZ standards in 2020.

I hope this information proves useful to readers as should be driving a coach and come from a distance away, £100 extra for the day is not a point to miss.

Sadly some operators who have ordered new coaches (Euro 6) to meet the new requirements have been caused significant problems when said new coaches have failed to arrive in time.

The new regulations have seen a number of new buses arrive for services through the new ULEZ.

Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society

On Tuesday May 21st there will be the Annual General Meeting.


Geoff Cunliffe

Passed through Blackpool today where the Coach Rally was taking place. It seemed to be mostly centred on the Tower Headland and that section of the Promenade to the seaward side of the Metropole Hotel, both of which were inaccessible if you were just passing through. 

However I did come across a couple of vehicles elsewhere – one of the gorgeous Lothian Express coaches with the Plaxton body on a Volvo B8R chassis, and an Irizar bodied tri-axle Scania of Paul S. Winson.  I attach a photo of the Lothian Volvo. They include ones showing the central door for disabled access and a close-up of one of the external width markers, pondering how long they will last in service! It was lovely to see a vehicle displaying the traditional Blackpool green and cream livery – even if unintentionally.


During all this excitement, the Bombardier trams maintained the traditional service to Fleetwood, as shown by car 001 passing the former Hilton Hotel on the old Derby Baths site. 

Pictures by Geoff Cunliffe ©

Neil Beckley

Thought you may be interested in the attached pictures taken last week. A foreign tourist coach decided to come up the right hand side of St Aldate's. His progress was halted when he met a number 10 coming (slowly fortunately) round the corner! Realising his mistake he reversed and came back up the correct way.

Pictures by Neil Beckley ©

Mike Walker

Here’s the first batch of the Weymann pictures. As I said they are official company photos given to me by a relative after the Addlestone works closed. He was draughtsman there and after closure went to Strachans at Hamble in the same capacity but they closed soon after…

A general view inside the Addlestone works showing roof-box RTs under construction so presumably around 1947-8. 

Another view inside the works showing AEC Regals' for Lisbon being built. The note on the radiator says Job 345 which might help identify the date.

Many export orders were supplied “CKD” (Completely Knocked Down) to save shipping costs.
This interesting picture shows how the bodies were split to be supplied as “flat-packs” long before Ikea.

Here we have a part-finished Olympic integral showing the normally hidden body structure.

Mike has also kindly provided details of vehicles hired by Alder Valley between 1972 and 1974 which makes for interesting reading and explains the picture of the Bournemouth Leyland PD3 seen leaving the bus station in reading and taken by Paul Bateson back in 1974.

Alder Valley Loans 1972-1974 



6                 AJO616C       AEC ‘Reliance’                              4MU3RA 5610        Weymann                              M1817                 DP49F                 -/65        1/72                      City of Oxford

7                 AJO617C       AEC ‘Reliance’                              4MU3RA 5611        Weymann                              M1818                 DP49F                 -/65        1-2/72 3-4/72       City of Oxford

8                 AJO618C       AEC ‘Reliance’                              4MU3RA 5612        Weymann                              M1819                 DP49F                 -/65        1-2/72 3-6/72       City of Oxford

9                 AJO619C       AEC ‘Reliance’                              4MU3RA 5613        Weymann                              M1820                 DP49F                 -/65        1/72 4-7/72          City of Oxford

341             341TJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 087              Park Royal                            B50629                LD38/27F            11/64     4-12/72                  City of Oxford

342             342TJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 088              Park Royal                            B50630                LD38/27F            11/64     4-12/72                  City of Oxford

346             346TJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 092              Park Royal                            B50634                LD38/27F            11/64     4-12/72                  City of Oxford

760             760MFC         AEC ‘Reliance’                              2MU3RV 3775        Marshall                                B3002                  B44F                    -/61        4/72                      City of Oxford

765             765MFC         AEC ‘Reliance’                              2MU3RV 3780        Marshall                                B3004                  B44F                    -/61        4/72                      City of Oxford

766             766NJO          AEC ‘Reliance’                              2MU3RV 4461        Marshall                                B3063                  B44F                    -/62        6/72                      City of Oxford

778             778PJO          AEC ‘Reliance’                              2MU3RV 4560        Marshall                                B3177                  B44F                    -/63        4-6/72                   City of Oxford

782             782PJO          AEC ‘Reliance’                              2MU3RV 4564        Marshall                                B3181                  B44F                    -/63        4-6/72                   City of Oxford





332             332RJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 050              Park Royal                       B49774                     LD38/27F            12/63     5-?/73         City of Oxford

334             334RJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 052              Park Royal                       B49776                     LD38/27F            12/63     3-4/73         City of Oxford

341             341TJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 087              Park Royal                       B50629                     LD38/27F            11/64     1-5/73         City of Oxford

342             342TJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 088              Park Royal                       B50630                     LD38/27F            11/64     1-5/73         City of Oxford

346             346TJO          AEC ‘Renown’                               3B3RA 092              Park Royal                       B50634                     LD38/27F            11/64     1-5/73         City of Oxford

1392           261KTA          Bristol MW6G                                184.237                     Eastern Coach Works    12858                       C39F                   4/62       11/12/73     Western National (Royal Blue)

2244           623DDV         Bristol MW6G                                164.007                     Eastern Coach Works    11960                       C39F                   4/60       9-12/73       Western National (Royal Blue)

2246           625DDV         Bristol MW6G                                164.009                     Eastern Coach Works    11962                       C39F                   5/60       9-12/73       Western National (Royal Blue)

2266           55GUO           Bristol MW6G                                184.045                     Eastern Coach Works    12239                       C39F                   6/61       10-12/73     Western National (Royal Blue)

2255           60GUO           Bristol MW6G                                184.025                     Eastern Coach Works    12208                       C39F                   6/61       8-11/73       Western National (Royal Blue)

2256           61GUO           Bristol MW6G                                184.026                     Eastern Coach Works    12209                       C39F                   6/61       8-11/73       Western National (Royal Blue)

2257           62GUO           Bristol MW6G                                184.060                     Eastern Coach Works    12210                       C39F                   6/61       8-11/73       Western National (Royal Blue)




153             8153EL           Leyland ‘Titan’ PD3/1                   601757                      Weymann                         M9534                      H37/25D              10/60     ?-?/74         Bournemouth Corporation

158             8158EL           Leyland ‘Titan’ PD3/1                   601970                      Weymann                         M9533                      H37/25D              11/60     ?-?/74         Bournemouth Corporation

626             DFC626D      AEC ‘Swift’                                     MP2R 018                Willowbrook                     CF1269/65363         B53F                    8/66       ?-?/74         City of Oxford

790             790RJO          AEC ‘Reliance’                              4MU4RA 4820        Marshall                            B3196                       B53F                    11/63     ?-?/74         City of Oxford

----             HLX177          AEC ‘Regent III’                            O961 335                 Park Royal                       (LT) 5807                 H30/26R              4/48       9-12/74       Continental Pioneer RT360

860        860ATA          AEC ‘Reliance’                              2MU3RV 2127        Willowbrook                     59291                       B41F                    3/59       ?-?/74         Devon General 860

RT3253      LLU611           AEC ‘Regent III’                            O961 4102               Weymann                                                          H30/26R              7/50       ?-?/74         London Country

8                 998AKT          Leyland ‘Titan’ PD2/30                 571437                      Massey                             2287                         H33/28R              10/57     ?-?/74         Maidstone Corporation

17               517RKR         Leyland ‘Titan’ PD2A/30               611703                      Massey                             2455                         H33/28R              11/61     ?-?/74         Maidstone Corporation

9433           PWC340K      Bristol RELH6G                             RELH4/406              Plaxton                              723387                     C47F                   5/72       ?-?/74         National Travel South East   EN 433

453             RPU868M      Bristol RELH6G                             RELH4/657              Eastern Coach Works    21447                       C47F                   5/74       ?-?/74         National Travel South East   EN 453

454             RPU869M      Bristol RELH6G                             RELH4/658              Eastern Coach Works    21448                       C47F                   5/74       ?-?/74         National Travel South East   EN 454

124             STP996          Leyland ‘Titan’ PD3/6                   583942                      Metro-Cammell                                                H36/28R              7/59       ?-?/74         Portsmouth Corporation

206             2717HJ          Leyland ‘Leopard’ L1                    612501                      Weymann                         M54                          B43D                   11/61     ?-?/74         Southend Corporation

207             2718HJ           Leyland ‘Leopard’ L1                    612502                      Weymann                         M55                          B43D                   11/61     ?-?/74         Southend Corporation

323             7087HJ           Albion ‘Lowlander’ LR7                62108K                     Alexander                          7262                         LD41/29F            3/63       4-?/74         Southend Corporation

325             7089HJ           Albion ‘Lowlander’ LR7                62109A                     Alexander                          7264                         LD41/29F            3/63       4-?/74         Southend Corporation

326             7090HJ           Albion ‘Lowlander’ LR7                62109B                     Alexander                          7265                         LD41/29F            3/63       4-?/74         Southend Corporation

327             7091HJ           Albion ‘Lowlander’ LR7                62109D                     Alexander                          7266                         LD41/29F            3/63       4-?/74         Southend Corporation

328             7092HJ           Albion ‘Lowlander’ LR7                62109F                     Alexander                          7267                         LD41/29F            3/63       4-?/74         Southend Corporation

331             7095HJ           Albion ‘Lowlander’ LR7                62109H                     Alexander                          7270                         LD41/29F            3/63       4-?/74         Southend Corporation

332             7096HJ           Albion ‘Lowlander’ LR7                62109J                      Alexander                          7271                         LD41/29F            3/63       4-?/74         Southend Corporation

1388           257KTA          Bristol MW6G                                184.233                     Eastern Coach Works    12854                       C39F                   4/62       11-12/74     Western National (Royal Blue)

1392           261KTA          Bristol MW6G                                184.237                     Eastern Coach Works    12858                       C39F                   4/62       11-12/74     Western National (Royal Blue)

1393           262KTA          Bristol MW6G                                195.043                     Eastern Coach Works    12859                       C39F                   6/62       6-7/74         Western National (Royal Blue)

1397           266KTA           Bristol MW6G                               195.051                     Eastern Coach Works    12863                       C39F                   7/62       1-5/74          Western National (Royal Blue)
Readers who have pictures of the above vehicles in service with Alder Valley are invited to submit for publication. Paul Bateson has provided some of the Southend hired buses see below.

GNE’s Andrew Tyldsley retires after 40 years in industry

Go North East’s Andrew Tyldsley has retired, following nearly 30 years with the operator and 40 years in the industry.

Having studied at Aston University in Birmingham in Transport Planning and Business, Andrew joined Lancashire United Transport as a bus conductor and then as a scheduler.

Following the acquisition of OK Travel by Go-Ahead in 1995, Andrew moved to Go North East as Commercial Manager. He was part of the original senior team tasked to launch the merged group of Go-Ahead businesses based in the region now known collectively as Go North East.

At the de-regulation of the British bus industry in 1986 he joined Shearings, launching new operations at this revolutionary time for the profession, before moving to the North East in 1989 to be traffic manager at OK Motor Services in Bishop Auckland.

Since then, Andrew has played a pivotal role developing Go North East's commercial strategies as Head of Network Analysis, so particularly during the period of Managing Director Peter Huntley and former Commercial Director Martin Harris, under which the business saw a transformation of its network and branding activities.

Readers will see Martijn Gilbert, until recently CEO of Reading Buses making the presentation to Andrew.

Paul Bateson's weekly contribution

The ex-Bournemouth bus wasn’t actually ex-Bournemouth but on loan to Alder Valley.  At that time Alder Valley had a critical shortage of buses and hired buses from various sources.  The Bournemouth bus is shown departing the Reading Bus Station.  This has long been closed and from what I recall it was not a very welcoming place. See the correspondence from Mike Walker above.

As I had worked for Southend Corporation Transport in the 1960s, I was interested in finding the Southend Leyland Lowlanders on loan to Alder Valley.  I was lucky in finding these in Bracknell and Wokingham on 31 October 1974.  To save you searching, photographs are attached.

Pictures are © to Paul Bateson

The above pictures are taken at Bracknell depot.

Southend 7092HJ working the 192 through Wokingham on October 31st 1974 by Paul Bateson.

Southend 7092HJ works the 192 through Earley past The Three Tuns towards Windsor on October 31st 1974 by Paul Bateson.

Further pictures from Paul.

House's of Watlington Bedford VAM SJO400N with the Reading service to Watlington on October 29th 1974.

Newbury Buses 332 GPC730N with a 102 in Newbury Bus Station on May 4th 1993.

Demonstrator Optare Vecta J367BNW with a 110 service in Newbury on May 4th 1993.

By November 1993 this bus had joined Seamarks as their 229 (J367BNW) being an M A N 11.190 / Optare Vecta which as seen above was formerly an Optare demonstrator.

DAF/Plaxton 140 J140NJO working a 190 London Express laves Gloucester Green on May 4th 1993.

Volvo/Ikarus 29 F23LBW which had joined this from McLean's of Witney two months earlier seen leaving Gloucester Green on May 4th 1993.

Brooklands Museum - London Bus Museum Spring Gathering with pictures by Gavin Francis

The South East’s biggest, longest-running and best-loved bus show took place on Sunday, April 7th and was a fabulous day out for transport enthusiasts alike. The show attracted visiting buses and coaches, old and new, from London and all over the UK.

There were extensive bus displays, heritage bus trips and a huge selection of trade stalls. Inside the London Bus Museum, workshop tours will demonstrate the preservation work carried out by their team of volunteer engineers.

All the Brooklands Museum attractions and displays will be open including cars, motorbikes, bicycles and aircraft.

Gavin Francis attended and recorded a large number of pictures too numerous for all to be recorded here but there are a varied selection to provide a taste of how the day turned out.

Pictures from Brooklands by Gavin Francis ©

Some general views showing the variety attending to make this a most interesting day.

RM1000 and LT1000 were both in attendance showing two iconic buses to have served or are serving Londoners.

An AEC Q which with its sisters served Green Line and bus routes in London before and after the second world war.

The Rf was famous as well in its time and the first picture shows RF19, a sightseeing and private hire version.

Retaining the AEC RF type but specially built for British European Airways to run from the West London Air Terminal to Heathrow.

RT's in various guises from the first to nearly the last RT 4779, the last being 4825 an amazing total for one model albeit with different body builders.

RT 3316 under rebuild and restoration showing some of the detail in the bodywork.

The third Routemaster - RML3 - L signifying Leyland with that manufacturers running units.

Green Country area Routemaster RMLs 2412 and 2440 both regular attendees at shows.

One of the most important things for bus crews is a canteen and London had some fine examples as shown above.

Another iconic design, ths time from the Midlands was Midland Red's own build S15, a dual purpose bus from Birmingham.

Once a Southdown bus with NCME body, this Leyland PD3 ended its life in the North East.

Another AEC with Weymann bodywork was this Carris of Lisbon example of some 100 similar buses,
 which your Editor much enjoyed travelling on in Lisbon during 15 years service with TAP.
In rush hours the carried two conductors, one up and one down to cope with the crowds.

Compass Bus uses this E200MMC on services around Brighton.

Originally with GMT, Manchester and then taken over by Stagecoach this Dennis/NCME ended its working life with SC's Magic Bus.

Arriva who now operates in the old Maidstone & District area has painted this bus to remember the older operator.

Operating Winchester's Park & Ride MMC 26044 carries a striking livery in the Stagecoach style.

Westway had this Van Hool Altano in service working the 462 show service. Love the registration!

A recent arrival with NEx West Midlands is this MMC 6943 in Platinum livery and called Nikki!

And so from one of the newest to one of the oldest, a wonderful 1922 Tilling Stevens Petrol Electric double deck.

Although the weather was poor to begin the day matters improved later and Gavin told me he enjoyed the day very much. 

Heritage Transport Show at Detling by Tony Bungay

Tony Bungay writes "Went to the Kent Heritage vehicle rally at Detling, sadly despite the periods of at times exceptional weather we have had in the past month or so, today was more like a November day as can probably be seen in the photos!

They are mainly self explanatory, the Bristol LH according to the information sheet on the bus had been in dry storage in Cornwall for twenty years

Arriva had quite a strong showing here both past and present, if DB sells the business, then it could be quite possible in a few years that the livery could have become almost as historic as the NBC livery here!"

Pictures from Detling by Tony Bungay ©

Arriva run a click paygo service on the south east coast area.

The StreetLite is popular with Arriva in the operating area.

The older double decks are gaining the new livery now.

Once a London bus Arriva DLA23 displays the latest livery but no longer works the 29 to Trafalgar Square!

This small Mercedes was really a van with windows and seats, 1001 was new to Maidstone & District.

Once adorned in the lovely deep red and cream of East Kent, this AEC  did serve on the SEALINK connecting service.

More Maidstone double decks.

Ensign had one of their MMC service buses looking smart in their livery.

Weavaway ran Newbury & District and has a fleet of black MMCs that then taken over by Reading have acquired Jet Black livery as seen on 788.

An ex LT Bristol LH looking rather folorn.

2019 UK Coach Rally in Blackpool

The 65th annual UK Coach Rally was held in Blackpool over the weekend of April 6th & 7th April. The 2019 rally began on the Saturday with a road run commencing from Middle Walk, the coaches arriving back there about two hours later. Following the road run a series of individual driving tests for each of the coach drivers took place on the lower promenade below the Metropole Hotel. After each entrant had completed their driving test, they drove to the Tower Headland where they were lined up for display with the other coaches.

Pictures courtesy The Blackpool Tram Blog
taken by Alan Robson

DJ19DJT is a brand new Volvo 9900 making its debut in the fleet of D.J. Thomas of Port Talbot

Volvo B9R Plaxton Elite A8EYC of East Yorkshire Coaches leaving Middle Walk

Neoplan Tourliner MC17BEE of Manchester Bee Coach Hire

A 1981 Volvo B58-56 with Plaxton Supreme IV body, new to Johnson Bros of Hodthorpe

A Van Hool TX17 Astronef of Go Goodwins from Eccles, Manchester

A Beulas Mythos bodied MAN RR4 26.480 of Blake's Coaches from Tiverton

Coopers Tours Volvo B8R Plaxton Panther JS19JCS

PUL91Y, a preserved 1983 Mercedes-Benz O303/15 arriving on Middle Walk

Some of the coaches lined up on Middle Walk after their road run

A Van Hool Astron T917 belonging to Archway Travel of Fleetwood

Glen Valley H14GVT, a Volvo B9R Jonckheere new to Parks of Hamilton

As Saturday 6th April was the first day of the annual UK Coach Rally in Blackpool, the Heritage Tram Tours ran twice the normal number of trams for the day. Instead of the usual two car weekend service, four heritage trams were in use throughout the day, with Standard 147 and Balloon 723 along with Boats 227 and 600 all operating the Promenade Tour service.

Blackpool Boat 227 passing Stagecoach 15573 at Coral Island

I have memories of visiting Blackpool for the Coach Rally somewhere in the mid '60s! Oh gosh! that's nearly 60 years ago!

Bernard Lewendon has a few additional pictures from The Philippines

I attach a couple of pictures of more recent, but still ancient, Jeepneys. They are few in number and not easy to catch on camera.

The passenger area remains as difficult and as uncomfortable as on the earlier ones.

Pictures by Bernard Lewendon ©

Lewis Parker keeps us up to date on Cyprus

Sending these pictures from Cyprus as I thought readers to the page may be interested in developments overseas. 

The bus Station in Kato Paphos is very well used and staffed with leaflets, information and even route maps to help you get around. The main fleet run by the District consists of Citaros, with a few brand new vehicles. 

The services are well used and frequent, and the buses receive a quick clean regularly at the terminus. The buses themselves are subject to advertisements that often completely cover the windows, making the buses feel dark and small inside. The town also receives Inter city buses to Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia, as well to the nearby airport and mountainous villages.  

Rural services in Limassol district put many in the UK to shame. The mountainous village we stayed in, 30km from Limassol, received 3 return services a day as well as feeder services to the  smaller villages run on behalf of the EMEL District bus company. The whole route itself serves less than 1000 people and is well used by locals heading down the mountain.


In addition to the previous photos I sent, I managed to take some pictures of the Route 80 and Route 80 Feeder buses, demonstrating just how tight the village roads get!

Apologies for the bad lighting, these were taken early in the morning.


Photos by Lewis Parker © 

In the next issue we will have pictures I took on a visit to Reading Buses plus pictures from Northampton taken by Gavin Francis.

Fleet News and developments

Sadly at the time of writing this (Sunday p.m.) the company is still showing 8*** or 9*** fleet numbers on the https://bustimes.org/vehicles web site which has a full map of the U.K. I am assured that work is proceeding to resolve these matters but an email to the website has not even had the courtesy of a reply!

Further repaints into to the revised liveries proceeds apace with 280 branded 5467 being the latest to return to Aylesbury. Pictures from Tony Bungay and Gavin Francis show this bus on its early day's return to service.

A recent arrival to Wycombe is 2732 seen above working the 30 on April 18th by Gavin Francis. ©

Aylesbury's 4019 and 4023 seen with 300 services on April 18th by Gavin Francis. ©

Un-repainted 5464 with a 280 on the 11th and 5467 very recently "redone" in the new style on April 14th with a 280 both in Frideswide Square, Oxford by Gavin Francis. ©

Tony Bungay

Thought I would send you this, taken last Monday April 1st, no its not an April fool even if late! I just happened to see this vehicle working the 19.00 150 service and thought it was one of the X8 vehicles so took a photo just for record sake.

It was only a few days later after seeing the same journey worked by a Milton Keynes branded route vehicle, that I found so was this photo, and for some reason the destination shows Milton Keynes, despite the fact the 19.00 service is the last 150 of the day from Aylesbury and goes to Leighton Buzzard  .

After I sent you of Milton Keynes Sapphire vehicle on the 150, I found your latest newsletter was online, and yes as I said sometime ago, it is a very informative in a number of ways. So now I know how a MK vehicle appeared on the 150!

Also having seen a Wright bodied double decker that generally appeared on a Hemel working of the 500, appearing at the time an Aylesbury vehicle usually worked the 500 is explained too!

With the transfer in of some vehicles, I suppose some Aylesbury vehicles surplus from the 150 change will go elsewhere.

Looks like interesting times!


These may be of interest, with the exception of 3615 on the 150 which was taken on 4/4/19.

3615 now at Aylesbury and seen working the 150 on April 5th by Tony Bungay. ©

 All the others were taken this week.

From what I have seen 3615 seems to be the more usual type vehicle now being used on the 150, though at certain times what was an Aylesbury vehicle, the East Lancs/Scania, haven’t got the number, is being used with what appears a non working destination display, as a 150 paper sticker is used.

As can be seen a couple of Enviro 400s are working the X8 including 5461, which was working it tonight 12/4/19, Unfortunately after a bright day. The clouds rolled in causing a big drop in light levels, making the picture not quite as sharp as it could be!

Picture by Tony Bungay ©

Had a rather productive day 13/4 and managed by chance to get some better pictures,

3641 in Aylesbury High Street on the 150 ©

5459 again but on the 500, both inward and outward in Exchange street Aylesbury, and though I didn’t  know it was back, repainted 5467
then 5466 working the X8 inbound.

3875 from MK working the 150 from Aylesbury by Tony Bungay. ©



Nick Ross

Arriva London's Enviro 400 T220 LJ61CHC climbing up the hill to Ally Pally on route W3 from Northumberland Park to Finsbury Park on April 10th 2019

Picture by Nick Ross © 

Richard Sharman

New to Bakers Coaches fleet is this MAN/ Mobipeople


Mark Doggett

Two new Scania’s Motts recently had delivered as shown below.   The new Tourismos for Crusader are due imminently.


Significant news is the departure to Oxford of Scanias 219-221 joining 222 which has been in Oxford for some three weeks. These Scanias are to be replaced by 938, already at Carousel - this bus being ex LG WDL1 (the unique Wrights DAF LX58CWG) to which branding will be applied before the new school term starts. Then following acquisition from London General the under mentioned three buses will also join Carousel mainly for schools work.

938 last week at the Carousel depot overflow parking area by Malcolm Crowe. ©

Kindly advised by Luke Marion

The three are ex GAL WVL196, 197 and 198 Wright Gemini 1 Volvo B7TL 10.1m from Go Ahead London General

WVL196 LX05EZN (939)
WVL197 LX05EZO (940)
WVL198 LX05EZP (941)
until recently at
Bexley Heath

Gavin Francis has provided pictures of all three when in London General service.

WVL196 at PUTNEY BRIDGE STATION on June 21st 2010 by Gavin Francis. ©

WVL197 with a Chelsea Flower Show Special on May 21st 2008 by Gavin Francis. ©

WVL198 at WALTHAMSTOW CENTRAL STATION on February 5th 2016 by Gavin Francis. ©

However thanks to James Freeman we do have two pictures showing these buses after arrival for conversion to electronic blinds and other work at Oxford Bus's depot last week.

It was not possible to determine which was which. James Freeman ©

Later during the summer holidays all four are to go for repaint and single door conversion.

Now at Oxford 220 JF10OXF is seen at Queens Lane on April 11th by James Freeman. ©

At present 219, 220 and 222 have been moved to Oxford whilst 221 remains at High Wycombe.

221 is seen leaving for Bourne End route 36 on April 18th by Gavin Francis. ©

402 and 403 seen on April 18th by Gavin Francis. ©

M A N 421 is seen working a 35 service on April 18th by Gavin Francis © - Note the M A N badge!

Recently a number of the M A N s have been off the road for, in some cases, weeks but 423 and 424 plus 422 have now returned to service.

Solo 709 has come out to rescue 423 which failed in Stokenchurch on April 16th by Gavin Francis. ©

877 is another Citaro with a missing front fleet number and is seen with a 102 Uxbridge service on April 18th by Gavin Francis. ©

With the school holidays on at present there are no appropriate services meaning we haven't seen the ex London General buses out as yet. 

Scanias 219-221 are joining 222 which has been in Oxford for some three weeks. These are as such returning home. Branding has been removed from 222 but 221 has been in use in Oxford in full Carousel trim!

222 seen working 5 road at Oxford Station on April 14th  by Gavin Francis. © 

Interdeck 69 heading for Gatwick on April 9th taken by Gavin Francis. ©

... and 81 heading for London on an X90 working which due the new ULEZ should not happen. Picture by Gavin Francis. ©

April 11th saw flagship Hybrid 301 with a 4 to Wood Farm by Gavin Francis. ©

...and 365 working 2 road on April 14th by Gavin Francis. ©

Citaro 882, also still missing a front fleet number is seen with a 4 road service near the station on April 14th by Gavin Francis. ©

Fleet number 1900 adorns the new Engineering Support van seen above in Gloucester Green on April 9th by Gavin Francis.©

As some readers will be aware I have had to visit hospital in Reading on a n umber of occasions recently and last Thursday I was able to take two pictures of service X38 passing through Nettlebed. This service runs from Oxford to Reading via Wallingford and Henley, providing quite a trip for the avid enthusiast.

252 is seen at Nettlebed with an X40 working through to Oxford on April 11th by Malcolm Crowe. ©

...and 210 is seen around the same time Reading bound with the X38 at Nettlebed by Malcolm Crowe. ©

Gavin Francis mentioned that 220 was seen working a Thames Travel X40 last week!! 

Plenty of pictures to had for this issue which show development in 2019 to the fleet of coaches used.

East Yorkshire 85 with the blind showing "I need lane 4" for use in Sammy's taken by Gavin Francis on April 17th. ©

Chalfont Coaches unusually have this 2 axle Caetano in the old style but registered with a 19 plate, one of two for this operator.
April 16th by Gavin Francis. ©

Selwyn's have this branding for Stockport 1170-2018 applied to their 273 - Gavin Francis.©

Two of the new Caetano Levante IIIs based at Stansted by Gavin Francis on April 16th. © 

David Rouse

I thought you may like these. From Sunday when I was driving and shows bus 228 at the terminus of route 15 (IKEA) and route 16 at Purley, which I thought was rather nice with the blossom in the background.

Pictures by David Rouse ©

The next issue will contain pictures taken by me on a visit to Reading Bus.

There has been a suggestion that Stagecoach Group may seek High Court action against Transport Secretary Chris Grayling and the Department for Transport after it was disqualified from three rail franchise competitions - East Midlands, South East and West Coast.

Andy Churchill

Just to confirm that former Oxford Volvo B9R/Plaxton Elite 53702/53703 (OU10GYJ/GYK) are confirmed to be with Stagecoach South East (East Kent) at Herne Bay depot arriving there on 24th March 2019 moving from Stagecoach Midlands at Rugby and are currently in reserve and currently remain in East Midlands Trains livery and these two are of course no strangers to Kent having previously been there on NX duties , and another item of news is that former Oxford Tube Astromega 50218 (OU59AVE) is now With Portsmouth City Coaches and is already in PCC livery and has been named 'Laura ' and it has been reregistered to (K777SSE) during 02/2019.

34467 and  36448 with the B5 in Banbury by Andy Churchill. The date was March 29th. ©

Gold MMCs 10784 and 10783 in Magdalen Street East on April 16th by Gavin Francis. ©

Gold MMC 10780 passes older 10440 in the city on April 6th by Richard Sharman. ©

Recently repainted 10070 is seen with a 3 to Rose Hill on April 6th by Richard Sharman. © 

It is expected that the remaining two Optare Versas here, 25123 and 25127 which are fitted with seat belts, will be taken out of service at the end of the current school academic year
and cascaded within 
Stagecoach UK Bus

Variety on the S6

15968 is seen leaving Oxford with an S6 on April 11th by Gavin Francis.  © 

.... and 15973 on April 9th by Gavin Francis. ©

..... and 15347 a Gold for the 55 seen on the S6 on April 10th by Gavin Francis. ©

Brent Ricketts

on rail replacement at Stansted the other day and found 50208 on rail replacement.

ex 50208 seen with Rail Replacement service at Stansted on April 9th by Brent Ricketts. ©

South Gloucester Bus & Coach (29) running on behalf of Megabus has the fleet noted hereunder.

Volvo B11R 55021 55022 (as SG42/41)
Volvo B11R 55023 55024 55025 55026 55027 55028 (as SG28-32/27)
Volvo B11R 54207 54208 (as SG43/44)
Van Hool Altano 55008 55009 55010 55011 55012 55013 55015 55016 (as SG37/39/38/33/34/35/40/36)
Caetano Levante SG07 SG08 SG09 SG17 SG20 SG21 SG22 SG23 SG24 SG25 SG26

Note the SGB&C fleet numbers given as well.

Megabus 54291 with an M34 working arrives in Oxford northbound on April 6th by Richard Sharman.  © 

Other operators including Scotland by Gordon Scott

This section has been left over until the next issue due to lack of time. Apologies.