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Well, I hope I'm now back on schedule for a weekly page following two issues delayed for various reason. London has been very disrupted with various road closures but matters seem to be a little better in the past few days.

There are some great pictures and news in this issue and here is one of SKMs latest pictures which is really good.

Stagecoach London's megasightseeing.com 18475 "King Henry VII by SKM Media.
These buses are now being cascaded to other areas of Stagecoach being replaced by E400 conversions.

I have only recently been advised that the main web site address is no longer working. This is http://www.oxford-chiltern-bus-page.co.uk. and I am now pleased to advised that that this problem is now resolved.

 If you want to go directly to the latest pages please use the following full address to link to my site http://www.oxford-chiltern-bus-page.co.uk/arcindex.html.

Service disruptions on both The Oxford X90 and The Oxford tube remained in place until Sunday April 28th. Thus the stops at Marble Arch, Baker Street and Notting Hill Gate remained closed. The diversions resulting have seen some delays in coaches reaching their final destinations and consequent delays to departures to schedule. This should now be completed.

Click on the Logos above, to the left, for the service you require.

With all the talk about air quality Oxford is not behind improvements as seen by the electric taxi above newly into service. April 6th by Richard Sharman

Pictures from Northampton in 2007 and 2019 by Gavin Francis (all pictures are © to Gavin)

Gavin visited this location on two occasions in 2007 and 2019. The changes are amply illustrated by the pictures below which I hope readers enjoy. Noticeable is the use of route branded buses on the correct routes!!!!!!


First 38098 on THE DRAPERY working route 27 on July 3rd 2007.

First 67203 (Dennis Lance/Plaxton Verde) on THE DRAPERY working the 208 to Rugby again on July 3rd 2007. These buses were new to Midland Red West.

First Coaches 23204 YN04YHZ with a 455 working seen heading along THE DRAPERY, NORTHAMPTON on July 3rd 2007.

I knew a spaniel called Pluto!! here is SC Midlands' 16674 with a P1 service in THE DRAPERY on July 3rd 2007.

Heading for Milton Keyes, the X4 has now been cut short. Here Midlands 18106 is seen loading in THE DRAPERY on July 3rd 2007.

We will see the Daventry service in 2019 again below, Midlands Dart 33457 loading in THE DRAPERY on July 3rd 2007.

One to bring memories back of days gone on The Oxford tube, 52033 on Training Duties in The Drapery. This coach was new to the tube in April 1996 at nr 14.


Pictures taken on April 8th by Gavin Francis.

The new bus station appears built on a hillside!!!! You may not escape problems if you fail to apply the handbrake?

Looking back to the picture from 12 years ago, the National Express 455 service is now operated by Chalfont Coaches with the Levante, BV67JZD.

22832 works a number 1, 22840 unbranded is on the 16 as is 22841, I found the variety of fleet number positioning interesting!

18127 with a 55, 18155 is on the 1, 18158 is on the 12A with 18158 going to Silverstone on the 88.
So for those who like Tridents Northampton is a good place to visit. Of interest is that 18127 started life a Witney working services to Oxford.

Originally new to Manchester this E400, 19084, is seen heading for Kettering on an X10 working.

28623. KX12ALO is a Scania K230UB with ADL E300 bodywork branded for and working the X7, which is a Milton Keynes-Leicester service along with 28624.

28624 is a brightly branded Scania as those above but this time branded for and working service 2.

34817 S22ABC started life with Glenvale in Liverpool first registered PX06DWC but now seen in Northampton working service 3.

37048 is off to Towcester, 37050 is working to Silverstone on the 88 with 37052 branded and working the 8.
It certainly is a delight to see route branded buses working the correct route!

37056 is branded and on the 15 with 37057 showing the offside and rear branding.

37062 working the 9 as branded with 37064 on the Daventry service as well as 37068 on the D1.
Northampton seems to have many of these E200s working a variety of services.

The main Gold service is the X46/X47 using as seen here 63 plate Scania E400s such as 15940.

uno have a presence here first with the elderly Trident 284, new to London United, newer double decks are represented by 67 plate MMCs,
such as 290 passing 288 in the centre working the Violet route 19 and 65 plate E200 519 branded for Lilac 21. These buses add colour and variety.

Working a service 31 Britannia Bus E200 MK63XAC was at one time with Express Motors of Caernarvon who ceased trading more than one year ago.
No branding or livery is shown on a number of these buses operating in Northampton. The fleet number, 44937, suggests First?
The company also operates the 89 in Milton Keynes.

Gavin took many more pictures but it just shows how interesting a location can be for a day visit. The current bus station is North Gate edged on one side by The Drapery.

Wellingborough event April 14th by Gary Seamarks (all pictures are © to Gary)

Gary writes "Few from the Wellingborough running day (Sun 14/4) the two NBC liveried vehicles look fantastic, RBD111M is a Bedford YRT with B53F Willowbrook body."

UCOC 111 RBD111M, a Bedford YRT with Willowbrook 53 seat bodywork looks just like new! It was new in July 1974.


UCOC 882 XNV882S a pristine Bristol VR with ECW H43/31F bodywork new in February 1978. Now over 41 years old.



Stagecoach UCOC-654-H654VVV is a Leyland Olympian with Alexander CH51/31F new in October 1990.



Western National 994, LTA 813 a Bristol KS5G with ECW L27/28R new in September 1950. Next year will be its 60th birthday!!!



New to Southern Vectis on The Isle of Wight this Leyland Olympian with Northern Counties CH41/29F bodywork was delivered in June 1993.



A Dart trainer N202NNJ looks very smart. It was new to Brighton in May 1996.



When Northampton had Corporation buses they favoured Daimler such as this CVG6 with Northern Coachbuilders H30/26R bodywork delivery in June 1947.
Like so many buses of this era a certain sagging is taking place towards the rear of the bus.



An AEC Reliance with Plaxton Panorama 41 seat bodywork new to Surrey Motors of Sutton in July 1969,
Acquired by Thomas, West Ewell from Surrey Motors, Sutton, for spares, in December 1973 after accident damage, WYP203G, an A.E.C. 6MU3R Reliance,

 had its Plaxton Panorama Elite body replaced by a Plaxton Panorama Elite III C41F body, re-entering service in November 1974.

Very many thanks to Gary Seamarks for some excellent, memory provoking pictures.

The weekly nostalgic look at the past with pictures prompted by Paul Bateson

Alder Valley's loaned buses captured by Bob Morley.

Further pictures from Paul Bateson next week 

Another look at Weymann from Mike Walker

Here's this week's collection from the Weymann files: a quintet of 'deckers. 

0005       Rochdale Corporation 319 TDK319 an AEC Regent V (D2RA659) with a H33/28RD body (M8763) one of four delivered in 12/1958. This was one of the Aurora bodies of much better quality but much rarer than the usual Metro-Cammell designed Orion. Whilst Rochdale's first batch of Regent Vs, 268 - 297,   delivered in 1956 were notable for having Gardner 6LW engines and pre-selector gearboxes, this batch had the standard AV590 and Monocontrol semi-automatic transmission.


0006       Chesterfield Corporation 230 230LRB a Leyland Titan PD2/30 (591900) with H33/28R body (M9178) delivered in 3/1960. This is a typical example of the Orion body which was a lightweight design compared to the Aurora and featured, among other weight saving features, single skin domes front and rear.


0007       South Notts 69 669BNN a Leyland Titan PD3/3 (582748) with a L35/32R body (M8337) one of a pair delivered in 1/1959. This is an even rarer example of a 30' lowbridge version of the Aurora body. Regrettably the unusual dark blue and maroon livery isn't obvious in this picture.


0008       Stockton Corporation 82 208BPT a Leyland Titan PD2/40 (582994) with H35/28R body (M8774) delivered in 12/1958. Very similar to the Chesterfield example but sporting a traditional radiator rather than the Midland Red style tin front.


0009       Trent Motor Traction 1361 ORC761 a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 (590832) with L39/34F body (M9081) delivered in 9/1959. One of the earliest production Atlanteans it was one of 11 supplied alongside a similar number of highbridge examples bodied by Metro-Cammell. During the early years of the          Atlanteans, Metro-Cammell bodied all the highbridge examples whilst Weymann concentrated on the lowbridge versions. It is often forgotten now that in its original production form the Atlantean did not have a dropped centre rear axle (the prototypes did) and therefore could not be offered with a lowheight body - a major faux pas by Leyland they would come to regret when the Daimler Fleetline came onto the market. As a result early low height Atlanteans were of a strange hybrid layout upstairs with a central gangway for the front half swapping to a traditional lowbridge layout (but with the    gangway on the near rather than offside) giving a maximum capacity of 73, as here, compared to 78 for the full height version.


Malcolm Crowe visits Reading Bus on April 15th (all pictures are © to Malcolm)

Reading 229 with a service 15 near the rail station.

Buzz 382 with a 42 service.

Gas Bus 413 with a 10 service.

530 with a route 13 working - this bus is rather popular at Reading.

1101 on a 23 working.

A selection of minibuses seen at the depot - 357, 380 and 381.

Lion service 213 at the depot.

Gas Bus 420 at the depot.

722 in the depot area with incorrect pricing, it should be £16 !!

Gas Bus 183 awaits its next duty.

Ex Stagecoach 47271 currently classified as a spare but needing some mechanical efforts.

809 and 767 await the peak hour services.

Now preserved, Morton's Optare M957VWY.

Jet Black 1202 awaiting its next duty.

Withdrawn silverstars 527, 528 and 529 alongside 899, the current Green Line MetroDecker, though only a loan version until Reading's own new buses arrive.

A variety of "VOR" vehicles at the Reading depot.

A chance to see the workshops which were busy at the time of my visit.

Many thanks to Robert Williams, the CEO for a very interesting visit.

Pictures of loaned London Transport buses to Reading from Gavin Francis next week.

Gordon Scott provides us with some interesting pictures from north of the border (all pictures are © to Gordon)

I saw this bus on Flickr and asked Gordon to get some picture. This is an impressive wrap.

BORDERS BUSES YN16CFU working the X62 on April 8th.

Later in the month three new buses, equipped to carry bicycles entered service working the X62 as seen by SK19ELV on April 20th.

Another bus for Canada seen leaving ADL's works for test run on April 26th.

Lothian's new tri-axles are now in service as seen above on April 7th, 1081 heading for East Craigs route 31.

McGills have new buses working the 23 as seen by I4209 on April 21st. I read in Sunday's paper that a snake had been found on a McGills bus!!!

West Midlands 6975 leaves with a test run from ADL, Falkirk on April 18th.

Parks KSK980 showing revised branding for the 900 service now 24/7/365. Taken on March 12th.

Paul Hawkins reports from Scotland  (all pictures are © to Paul)

One of three brand new E400MMC'S for the X62 service between Edinburgh-Peebles-Galashiels-Melrose with space for four bikes as Glentress Forest by Peebles is a busy area for Mountain Bikers. Spaces are on a first come first served basis with the Borders Bus App showing what bus is operating the service and if it can take bikes or not!

See a picture of the other side above in Gordon Scott's submissions.

McGills new MMC E200 i4211 on 23 service in Glasgow.

First 33106 SK19EOT with a 500 Airport service.

First 33389 SK19ENY working service 77 to Glasgow City Centre.

Brent Ricketts sent a picture from The Gambia

Gambia Tours Yutong BJL-2495-Q on April 24th by Brent Ricketts.

Fleet News & Developments


Tony Bungay writes to send a few more Arriva vehicles.

3019 with an X8 near the outskirts of Aylesbury on April 15th!

5461 in Exchange street Aylesbury on April 17th working Service 500!!!!
I have seen this vehicle on an X30 but was unable to get a photo,
as was a newly repainted sapphire 280 on the X60 on 18/4/19, was not near enough to get a photo or see which vehicle.

Also on April 18th, 5462 again on outskirts of Aylesbury with an X8 working. 

It seems that Motts are also being inconvenienced by the delay in delivery of new Mercedes Benz Tourismos which it is suggested will be here by May.

Motts GB19MTT at the depot on April 12th by Mark Doggett.

Motts MT19MTT at the depot on April 12th by Mark Doggett.  


Last working for Carousel - 221 operated a BB11 on the morning of April 26th and then went to Oxford in exchange for 939 branded for Carousel. 940 has also arrived at Wycombe but is unbranded.

938 is also still at Carousel and the three will operate schools for the time being.  It is understood that 941 is to be the first to have its centre door removed.

938 at the depot on April 17th by Malcolm Crowe.

940 just arrived at the depot on April 26th by Malcolm Crowe.
939 does have Carousel names on the front.

Who is going to provide the first photos of these buses in service?

Phil Southall advises that "the new Tourismo coaches for the Airline services maybe be here now before June! This is an inconvenience for Oxford Bus as they have only the last batch of Interdeckers that can be used on X90 services.

77 now all sorted (thankfully). However, all Volvo B11RTs will be going back one by one for campaign work at Volvo once Airline reverts to the lower frequency after Easter. Apparently its 40 hours per bus as per the Stagecoach ones at Bedford 54301 to 54318."

Interdecker 77 showing off its new super rear advert taken by Gavin Francis on April 24th.

Also from Phil "the new Tourismos are going to be numbered as follows: All 30-40 with 30-38 being in Airline colours (9) and 39/40 (2) will be all over adverts for The Ashmolean Museum to be used on all routes.

They will replace 1,2,3,4,5,7,9, 51, 52, 81 and 82 will be leaving the company. Coaches 6, 45 and 46 are being retained for now. This is the plan 'on paper' but things may change!"

Graham Low sent a shot of 940 (LX05 EZO) at Watlington Road depot on April 20th. He notes It has been fitted with a standard COMS destination display in place of the TfL style, but I could not see whether any changes have been made to the door configuration. I'm sorry for the poor quality picture taken on my phone.

Jack Cooper writes "Apologies this is later than I was meant to send these pictures. I have been away most of the week, so this was not possible. Pictures attached of 883 etc."

On Monday 15th April 883 appeared on the X3 (B card) replacing 363 which was meant to be on that running card.
The pictures of 883 is when driver Elliott Webb had this bus. These Citaros do go well on the A34.

220 was also working for Thames Travel on River Rapids services, in my pictures it was on an X40.
I had assumed that it was a school holiday loan, purely because it was fully branded, unlike 222 which only had small Carousel logos.

My final picture from 15th April is 606 which was working on City 35. Other Brookes MMCs on City routes were,


Tuesday 9th April

362 on the X3

 204 on City 5 and 362 on City X3
204 was driven by Demi and 362 was driven by Elliott Webb.

Note: due to traffic in the City Centre 204 was turned around early at Speedwell Street, about 5 minutes later four 10s turned up at once.

Pictures from Gavin Francis on April 24th. ©


Looking rather careworn, 205 is seen on 13 road in St Aldates.

Looking a little better Hybrid 316 waits time on a 35 road service to Abingdon.

OPCSG overall wrap 368 is seen having arrived from Abingdon on an X3 service.

Brookes branded 603 on 35 road and 604 with a 5 road service both seen in St Aldates.

Seemingly there was a gathering of 4 road service in St Aldates and here, most unusually, we see 844 on a short working to Morrell Avenue.
This was presumably to catch up on time?

Various other pictures.

72 passes Premium's RML2713 open top at Buckingham Palace Road on March 20th by Gerry Gregory.

Carousel's 220 now transferred to Oxford waits time at Queens Lane on April 11th by James Freeman.

Yellow 3 branded 685 turns out in front of Carfax Tower on April 6th by Richard Sharman.

Two ex London buses meet in Oxford, former Go Ahead London's 882 on the 3A and Thames Travel's 934 seen on April 6th by Richard Sharman.

Now that the weather is improving and following the Easter weekend the open top buses are doing much better trade.

2907 is seen heading for the station through Frideswide Square on April 11th by Gavin Francis.

By the 14th of the month good loads were carried as seen by 203 heading for the station through Frideswide Square caught by Gavin Francis.

201 is seen leaving Gloucester Green on April 24th by Gavin Francis. 

Scania 220 lately with Carousel has been in regular use by Thames Travel on services such as the X40. This can be seen above in pictures from Jack Cooper.

River branded 253 with an X40 service is seen making a tight turn to the stop and then waiting time for departure on April 24th by Gavin Francis.

Volvo Wrights Connecter branded 623 is seen loading in St Aldates for a fast run to Wallingford on April 24th by Gavin Francis.

Heading up St Aldates 850 is seen leaving for Watlington via Chalgrove with a T1 service on April 24th by Gavin Francis.

Scania 914, for a time with Carousel, is seen with n X38 service to Reading in St Aldates on April 24th by Gavin Francis.

Following a recent visit to hospital in Reading I took the opportunity to wait a Nettlebed to catch two X38 services passing at this point.

River Rapids branded 252 is seen leaving for Oxford having set down to time at Nettlebed on April 11th by Malcolm Crowe.

Scania 210 is seen in bright late afternoon sun heading for Reading with an opposite working X38 on April 11th by Malcolm Crowe.

Citaro 861 is seen in Reading at its terminus with an X40 service on April 15th by Malcolm Crowe.
A crew change was taking place suggesting that this bus is based at Reading?

Since the move to Didcot the Thames Travel buses look much cleaner and well kept!

A surprise in High Wycombe was Carousels use of this Thames Travel van, AV13UAD, seen here in the Eden Bus Station on April 18th by Gavin Francis.


A Heyfordian Beulas Jewel YG67FZP is seen in Beaumont Street, Oxford on April 6th by Richard Sharman.
Many operators have had to obtain new coaches ready to comply with London's ULEZ.

Oxford Bus provides coaches for the 737 service to Stansted and now have a full fleet of tri-axle coaches offering additional and often much required extra capacity on this popular route.

Recently entering service, Volvo/Caetano Levante III 58 is seen making its way through the new roads around the shopping centre.
Picture by Richard Sharman on April 6th.

Seen again on April 11th by Gavin Francis, 58 is leaving for Stansted on a fine sunny day, April 11th.

Older Levante I 57 is seen in High Wycombe waiting for the lights to change permitting entry into the Eden Bus Station on April 18th taken by Gavin Francis.

I am told that the new double deck dual purposes will be here in late June.

There is no further news on progress with the acquisition of Courtney. 

The UK Bus/ADL Enviro 200MMC autonomous demonstration vehicle has now been moved from Manchester and has been reported parked up at Stagecoach East's Cambridge depot.

Although unconfirmed by Stagecoach there is speculation in the City that Stagecoach could be interested in bidding for parts of DB’s Arriva bus operation in the UK.

There is still no formal confirmation from the company on the new vehicle plans for 2019/20.

The company has reported the sale of Dart SLF 34437 whilst Van Hool Astromega 50237, on loan from Megabus Operations/Stagecoach South Wales is listed as awaiting disposal here following the return to service of 50281.

Service 11 based on Witney will cease running on May 27th. Maybe someone can get some pictures, maybe of the last journey. This loss of service is due to lack of funding in common with many other services in the UK.

Recently repainted 10070 is seen working route 3 in Castle Street on April 6th by Richard Sharman.
At weekends these buses can often be seen on routes other than their planned one of the 700 which has no Saturday or Sunday services.

A rather neat picture of two MMCs, one of a local service bus and one of a Gold, 10780 is inbound from Wantage and 10440 is heading for The Leys.
Taken on April 6th by Richard Sharman.

Latest Hybrid repaint is 12006, seen above in St Aldates with a 10 service on April 24th by Gavin Francis.

E200 36767 with a B9 in Banbury during April by Theo Freeman.

E200 MMC 37404 with a B5 circular and 34468 with a B9 circular both in Banbury in April by Theo Freeman.

Dart SLF 34425 is now operational at Peterborough.

ADL Enviro 400 19697 has formally been transferred over from Go West Travel to the Cambus fleet at Peterborough.

This could turn up in London this summer so eyes peeled please.
EAST SCOTLAND's 54125 in SCAA branding seen on April 5th by Gordon Scott.

44016 now in Scotland and working route 6 to Crombie on April 12th by Gordon Scott.

All nine of the former megasightseeing.com open top Tridents which had been in use here have found new homes within UK Bus

We have previously reported that 18477 is now with Stagecoach South East and 18497 with Stagecoach North Scotland

Now we can confirm that Stagecoach East Midlands has 18473, which was at Grimsby depot yesterday, and is also due to receive 18467.

The remaining five vehicles - 18471/74/75/82/96 -  are earmarked for Stagecoach Midlands and we believe these will replace the five older open top Tridents, 17412/17/94 and 17527/75, which are used on the City Sightseeing operation in Stratford-upon-Avon.

18467/71/73/96/97 are Part Open Top with 18474/75/77/82 being fully Open Top.

There are many pictures in the special article of a visit by Gavin Francis above. 

Mention has been made of the two recently delivered Volvo B11RT's with Plaxton bodies 54364 and 54365 which have entered service with Ayr depot. This allowed 54601 and 54603 to return to full Megabus duties.

This picture is kindly provided by Paul Hawkins. 

Loaned Megabus 50237 is still with Oxford and is used each weekday morning on the Bicester (X5T) or Wantage (S9) services. During the day it can often be seen on training duties. 

Mention has been made of the two recently delivered Volvo B11RT's with Plaxton bodies 54364 and 54365 (see above) which have entered service with Ayr depot. This allowed 54601 and 54603 to return to full Megabus duties.

Megabus 54293 arriving in St. Giles with the M34 Northbound on April 6th by Richard Sharman.
My Granddaughter who uses this service, on a very regular basis, between Oxford and Portsmouth says the seats and leg room are very uncomfortable!

Once a sleeper Coach for Megabus Gold, 50308, has now been repainted into blue ready for branding and transfer to SGBC.
It is seen at Kings of Grangemouth ready for collection on April 26th by Gordon Scott.
50307 was completed the week before. So again keep eyes peeled for London workings.

Other operators including smaller companies and some London operators etc.

Bakers Coaches MA Mobipeople WB19MTB seen at Oxford services on April 6th by Richard Sharman.

Pulhams Volvo GL68PUL seen in Oxford with a private hire on April 6th by Richard Sharman.

BigBus DA2 with striking wrap passing Victoria on April 16th taken by Gavin Francis.

BM COACHES are now using the trading name YPIJ on their OUIBUS contracted services.
YT16SOH is a Scania Irizar 6 seen on April 24th by Gavin Francis.

SNCF's Ouibus 548 DX-705-BK with a 1-116 service waiting time on Elizabeth Bridge on April 14th by Gavin Francis.

Most unusual working the 170 Gavin Francis caught SEN41 by VCS on April 24th. 

In the last issue we saw a picture of the bus above now in preservation.
Gavin Francis has provided this picture of BS4 working the C11 on October 18th 1975.

Abrar Hussain now has LK04HZY for Schools work, seen above with the 901 to Stokenchurch on April 25th by Gavin Francis.
Next to that picture is this bus in a former life in London with First as 32390 with a 31 at Shepherds Bush on February 19th 2008 again by Gavin Francis.

Johnsons YY15NJF in Banbury during April by Theo Freeman. 

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