Issue nr. 237
Wednesday, January
25th 2023


The M40 saw a very bad accident last Sunday which meant many vehiles were diverted via the A40 and Gavin Francis has provided the fruits of a cold three hours photography.

Riley has provided two pictures from Frilford Farm and we also have a record of Bracknell on January 19th.

There some interesting letters from readers which provide thoughts for a while. This followed by Grahame Warehams memories of the ex Harwell Olympians one of which became 237.

As ever we have interesting pictures  of recent new wraps in London and Paul Bateson goes back 30 years in Brighton and Oxford.

Next week's issue wi.ll be a day or so late as I have a hospital visit on Tuesday. 

M40 shut between High Wycombe and Stokenchurch due to crash 


National Highways is reporting a serious multi-vehicle accident happened shortly before 8:15am last Sunday morning.

Thames Valley Police, Fire, Ambulance Services and National Highways Traffic Officers are on scene. 

Thames Valley Air Ambulance have also landed on the northbound carriageway. 

Due to the nature of the incident, the closure is expected to be protracted and in place for a considerable time. 

Gavin Francis had a useful morning in  Stokenchurch recording the diverted vehicles from the M40.

Liverpool WFC coach.

The Airline fleet was well represented.

A few private operators.

The tube provided a sight of 50272 amongst the Panorama fleet.

If the X90 were still running that would have added to those seen in the village. Ed.

PCV's at Frilford Farm


I recently discovered Oxford Taxis ltd owned Olympian TIL 6571, built in 1984 stabled at Frilford Farm in Longworth. It is kept here mostly during the day and at night, in between operating a school service to Faringdon Community College.

I also discovered J.D Travel owned J13 SCL. Built in 2007 it is also stabled at Frilford Farm during the day and at night, in between operating a school service to Farringdon Community College.


Bracknell visit by Gavin Francis

We have not had many contributions featuring Bracknell and Gavin has provided pictures taken last week for readers interest.


There is variety in liveries which although suffering from recent freezing weather and lack of wash facilities, the pictures show the variations to be seen at Bracknell Bus Station on January 19th. 

Les Burton

Having seen Harlow AEC at the museum the circumstances you described was really interesting.

Tony Bungay

Seen in Exchange Street Aylesbury on 14/1/23  

Scania/Irizar  of Central Coaches Sheffield

Neoplan Tourliner of Cawthorne’s of Rotherham, new to City Circle of Hayes as their number 74  

Another Neoplan  again of Central Coaches Sheffield, this vehicle was new to Robinsons Coaches as their number 282

Perhaps most interesting of this selection is former London Transport RM901, seen in Aylesbury today 19/1/23.

In overall promotional livery for Supermarket Aldi, it is seen outside the fairly new Sainsburys store! It reportedly was offering free travel to Aylesbury Aldi store for people from other supermarkets. I myself cannot verify if this is correct, may be some one else knows for certain ?

Chris Huntingford

“As all readers will be aware, the maximum amount payable for an adult single fare on buses is currently just two pounds. The hope, of course, is current non-bus users will try the bus as it is so cheap, and ultimately end up as regular passengers. If there was a huge surge in passenger numbers across our region, this could open up interesting changes to frequency, routes and potentially type of bus operated. As any reader of these webpages will likely be interested in ongoing good bus services, what can we do to promote the scheme further? Could we, for instance, commit to taking a relative or friend who usually drives on a “test two pound trip”?


Stagecoach buses H2 destination signs now show Brooks University instead of Brookes University !!!!

This is not the first time recently that local destinations have been spelt incorrectly by the company. Ed. 

Nick Ross

Cranfield Connect's smart looking Enviro 400 SK72CWF leaves Milton Keynes station with the 1035 C1 for Cranfield and Bedford on a chill January 23rd 2023. 

     Fleet News and developments   

The past week has been difficult for photography and we lack contributions for this issue.

It was noticeable during the past week that 980 h as not been seen in service and also 956 appears unused since January 16th.

Double decks are now often used to work the Park & Ride and today 938 is pairing 408 for the service. 

Jack Cooper

I think this is the first timé I have shown an Airline coach with Oxford Bus Company showing on the destination.

StreetDeck 657 seen in St Aldates with a 5 road service on January 20th. 


On January 23rd 685 and 664 were doing some unusual workings on the 8 and 400. Here it is at Westgate.


A quiet week and one wonders why only three of the acquired ex London Geminis are presently in  service ? 



Gavin Francis

red eagle YX10BHA in PEARSON CLOSE, AYLESBURY on January 25th. 

Gavin Francis

Redline SW16BUS r 140 Pedestal WW on January 25th. 


Gavin Francis

E16RRT was formerly Tower Transit 44262. Seen first working the 40 in Stokenchurch last Sunday
and formerly Tower Transit DM44262 in
Leytonstone on October 2nd 2016.

I have to report that the company is still not showing the 40 on Fleet list – Red Rose Travel –  

Jack Cooper

Gold 10905 seen working the S6 on January 16th.

Jack Cooper

10876 seen whilst working the X5 had engineering problems on January 17th. 

Ex Scotland 50446 is presently being repainted in full tube livery near Chipping Sodbury in Yate Road as of 0731 today. 

Tony Bungay

Z and S operate a number of contract services on behalf of Buckinghamshire Council, while this is not unusual, and if anything seems to be increasing nationally subject to various council finances! A number of the services operated by Z and S stand out as being very infrequent to say the least. A case in point shown here is Enviro 200 number 168 operating the Wednesday only one return journey service 153 to Stewkley, there is also a Friday only journey also operated by Z and S running the same route but numbered 154 that extends from and to Newton Longville.

Number 168 was new to South Wales Transport, and has been used by National Express at Heathrow and White Bus. 

     London operations    

Andrew Webb

Palladium Hotel Group, who trade under several brands, launched an advert campaign on London's buses this week. 

Arriva's LT717 carries the group advert, seen on 21 January as it approaches Waterloo bound for Euston on route 59.

A short distance away at Elephant and Castle finds Metroline's LT654 promoting the group's Hard Rock Hotel,
a spin off from the long established Hard Rock Cafe chain.

As dusk gathers over Tottenham Hale, Go Ahead's LT895 shows off an advert for the Bless Hotel brand. 
The offside promotes Madrid whilst the nearside shows off the delights of Ibiza.

Zlatan Ibrahimović, a Swedish professional footballer who plays for AC Milan and his national team, has been chosen as the figurehead for a campaign promoting H&M's range of sportswear. 

Arriva's LT600 is one recipient of the advert, seen here in New Oxford Street on 21 January.

Gavin Francis

LT 538  Wrap for H & M in Holles Street, just off Oxford Street. Looks like they chose this one to cover all the dents in the body. 

LT 762.  Wrap for Marc Jacobs. This was the same bus we saw in Stokenchurch on the Showbus flyby in September 2020.

LT 958  Wrap for M & S.  

LT 504. Wrap for Converse. 

LT 862. Wrap for Hogwarts. 

LT 854  Wrap for Hard Rock Hotels. 

Grahame Wareham

237 was new to UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE), Harwell, Oxon in April 1983,

237 arrived at OBC Cowley Road Garage from AERE Harwell in June 1991 and immediately put in the paintshop for repaint. it was also stripped of all seating for retrimming in NBC moquette by the company's trimshop and after preparation for its annual; MOT was finally put out on the road on 17th July 1991 for which I had the honour of first go on 35C evening running card.


As with the others of this quartet it settled down with the longer routes such as Aylesbury, Carterton and occasionally Reading duties together with the previous deliveries 230-235. 

237 was later transferred to Wycombe Bus in December 1995 and was renumbered 1779 then 1826 but renumbered back to 237 after a matter of days.

It received a retrim in Go-Ahead group standard grey rainbow trim prior to dispatch to High Wycombe..

Prior being sold to Hedingham Buses 237 was sold to Weavaway Travel in April 2000 to cover an ex.OBC OCC contract and then sold by OBC directly to Hedingham Buses from Weavaway in September 2000 as their L314.

In September 2011 L314 was sold by Hedingham to L.C. Transport (Ladycars), Grays, Essex for use on Palmers College, Grays, school contracts being withdrawn in March 2013 with the finish of L.C. Transport. It was sold to QualitiConversions, Southampton for conversion into a playbus but was never completed and the bus advertised on eBay. It was finally sold as scrap in March 2016.


note:- Judging by the amount of corrosion I found on my vehicle 239 then I would think they simply gave up on this one!  

Paul Bateson

It has been quite a while since I contributed anything to the weekly briefing.  My brother has been scanning my slides for me and this project has covered a trip that I made to the UK in 1993.  I have shared these with Gavin and I believe that he has sent my Oxford pictures to you.  I was planning on doing this but a little later.  Below is the suggested text for the briefing.  The vehicle details are shown in the photograph description but if you need anything for a caption please let me know. 


As we get older there is no question that time is passing by so quickly  I find it hard to believe that I have been photographing buses since 1957 although my interest in buses started about ten years earlier.  It is interesting  looking back at the memories and wallowing in a bit of nostalgia.. 

Starting with this edition of the briefing, I am presenting the views that I took during my trip to England in 1993.  First stop is 2 May 1993 and a day in Brighton that coincided with the HCVC Rally. 


Other commercials


OXFORD in 1993



All photographs by Paul A. Bateson.          

Many thanks to Paul for a chance to wallow in nostalgia.

Bournemouth by Jack Cooper


All taken on January 20th 2023.

An interesting selection from  Jack, even in winter it highlights the attraction of this area. Ed,