Issue nr. 248
Wednesday, April 19th


A very busy issue with much of interest for everyone.
London Bus Museum's Brooklands event is fully covered and we have more on the Oxford - Botley Road changes and what is happening with Rail Replacement between Oxford and Didcot.
TV & GWOT event at Didcot h as been changed - please note.
Readers Write.
Buses in the Landscape and Coach visitors included.

Much has resulted from the Oxford-Didcot rail closure and there are lots of pictures as to what is happening. 

Brooklands Event April 2023

Gavin Francis records his visit

 Brooklands 16th April 2023

Going to The London Bus Preservation Group rallies had been a regular annual feature for me for nearly 50 years but always travelled in my own car to the event. 

RT 4482 stands outside the old Museum building in Redhill Road on 6
th April 1975. 

This year was however to be different as I had been asked to help a group of friends prepare and take RF 525 to this year’s event. The bus has only just been returned to the road following a 10 year restoration programme and this was to be its first public appearance.

It entered service in October 1952 from Dalston Garage and carried fleet number RF 306. In March 1956 it was renumbered RF 525. It was one of the RFs which entered service with no platform doors but these were fitted in May 1959. It carried on in service until May 1973 and towards the end worked from Edgware Garage on the Route 251 which it shows on its blinds display. It was withdrawn in May 1973 following 21 years of service.

We spent Saturday preparing it for the following day’s run to Brooklands. 

We are fortunate in having access to an automatic wash.

It was then back to the depot for another wash by hand, polish and carry out some small preparation jobs. 

After a day’s effort RF 525 is sparkling clean and prepared ready to roll.


It’s now 07.30 on Sunday morning and we are back at the depot and ready for the off, just one job to do and that is put some fuel in it!! 

A quick top up (£150.00 !!) and we are ready to go. 

For a bus which has basically not been on the road for 10 years it ran very well and apart from a stop in Maidenhead to pick up passengers we had a clear run to Brooklands. 

We were the last of a group of five RFs parked together all with slightly different liveries.

We left about 16.30 and had to divert via Heathrow on the return trip to drop of one of the team who was flying back home to Dublin. Again the RF ran well all the way home and so ended a very enjoyable day out which hopefully will be repeated sometime in the future.

A selection of pictures from Gavin


 Tony Bungay at this event

As you can see below I attended the annual spring gathering at Brooklands today, which was blessed with dry but somewhat cloudy weather at times, though this probably made for better photography.

Whether you will get submissions from other contributor’s or not, obviously I do not know, so apologies in advance if a number of photos submitted are duplicated by other submissions or vice versa!

Commenting on the gathering it is perhaps sad to say it seemed noticeably a lot less busy than many past events, whether this a reflection of the weather or more pointedly the escalating costs of everything. 

I have included in some cases the same vehicle twice showing nearside and offside views, to show either the livery or branding. So you have a choice to which you feel if any is more of interest. 

Of note on this selection the Sigma electric single decker and UNO vehicle sporting 30 on the side.


On this group I feel fairly certain that Plaxton President LT52 XAH is the unidentified vehicle in the Bus in Landscape photo I submitted the other day. The reason being that the white roof has the red somewhat untidy around it, and looking above top deck front window it looks to be similar.

According to the information board in it’s front window, the Red and White Bristol RELH was a South Midland vehicle.

And slightly amusing the Ensign StreetDeck proudly proclaims it’s independent Bus company status!


Further participants.

What the future holds !


Oxford City Station Phase 2C Botley Road | Oxfordshire County Council

Graham Low

Here are views of the unusual turning arrangements now set up on the west side of Oxford Station and a Stagecoach bus leaving for Eynsham on new route E1. The rail replacement buses for Oxford-Didcot services included a BMC dual-door bus and a King Long midicoach! 

First pictures of an E1.


Jack Cooper with pictures of the services operating from the west side

E400 variety on April 13th.

It seems to be rather cramped. 

I am also told that some Oxford tube coaches have been used on the rail replacement services. Ed.

        Notice of cancellation and replacement        

Jonathan Radley TV&GWOT

Just to let you know, that due to the volume of rail replacement coaches at Didcot Parkway, we have had to cancel our planned Didcot Festival of Transport on Sunday 14th May 2023.  

However, instead we will be undertaking a circular road run, re-creating the central sections of the two SOUTH MIDLAND Oxford-London routes of the 1960’s on the 14 May. Preserved/restored coaches from the period, including RELH’s will be taking part. In May it’ll be 60 years since the prototype BRISTOL RELH / ECW coach (reg. 521ABL) when into service with SOUTH MIDLAND of Oxford. This coach was the first rear-engined and first 36-foot long chassis built by Bristol Commercial Vehicles and Eastern Coach Works. It spent much of its career working on the Oxford-High Wycombe-London and Worcester-Oxford-Maidenhead-Slough-London routes. 

More details of our road run will be available soon from the Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust website. 


Graham Low

Our last meeting before the summer break will be on Tuesday 16 May when Geoff Bushell will talk about the history and restoration of two Maltese buses. 

Bob Chalmers

So today, Network Rail have publicly announced that the railway line will be closed until 9th June (but I still reckon it will be longer). I wish these organisations would be a bit more 'honest' with 'us' public in the first place. Anyone seeing the pictures, with even a basic understanding of structural damage, would realise it was going to go on a lot longer than 'the end of April'. This is a major failure of the infrastructure - not necessarily due to lack of maintenance or inspection - but just old-age (100 years +) and river/water erosion. Network Rail run regular inspection trains throughout the whole  country (every 2 weeks) - they have highly sophisticated equipment on board to monitor everything to do with the state of of their track and related structures. The fact that a problem was highlighted last year and speed restrictions were imposed over the bridge, which were subsequently reduced as further issues developed, means they acted correctly. Obviously something serious took place to suddenly close the line completely. Access to the area will be difficult as it is fairly remote and I suspect simply securing the bridge span from total collapse will need to be completed first, before any thought of rebuilding the parapet can begin - 2 months - wishful thinking....

Paul Hawkins

Reading, Didcot and Oxford and noticed these two route branded vehicles far from the routes they are branded for

Carousel Citaro branded for the One and a Stagecoach Distance Liveried service 94 decker in Oxford on service 1

And one on the correct route TFL Service 63 at Kings Cross. 

Jack Cooper

Heading for Sandbanks on route 5.

An great location for 904,  a Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrid seen climbing out of Oxford on April 12th with a background of a dark sky.

Tony Bungay

This photo is obviously a Bus in Landscape shot, taken by the River Thames at Runnymede on Sunday 090423,
an unidentified Plaxton President vehicle, from the colour and door layout probably a former London vehicle.

      Coach visitors to Oxfordshire     

George Candelin

I photographed this Dutch bus in the Peartree services on Saturday April 8th. 

Jack Cooper

Seen in George Street mmbandservices VDL double deck SB18MMB in George Street on April 5th.

     Fleet News and developments   

Gavin Francis

A selection of pictures of workings on April 18th in High Wycombe. 

Jack Cooper

Seen in Oxford on April13th - 5462 and 5469 in Westgate. 

Tony Bungay

Not certain if you have heard anything yourself, but the Arriva thread on UK rail users forum has mention that Arriva is possibly up for sale?  No real details other than that though.  

Gavin Francis

63315 working the X74 on April 18th in High Wycombe. 

Jack Cooper from his visit to Slough

Seen in Slough on April13th - a great variety of liveries but this seems to  be heading for Orange and Blue in the future.

Gavin Francis


A selection of pictures of workings on April 18th in High Wycombe including the recent arrival 461.

Jack Cooper

Scania 216 seen in Slough working the 107 on April 13th. 

Jack Cooper

Tourismo 38 seen at Westgate heading for Heathrow on April 13th.

Still giving useful service 69 is seen in New Road April 13th then heading for Gatwick.

203 on April 7th and 631 five days later both giving good service to city sightseers.

Mid April sees ex Hybrids busy at work on a variety of routes.

During April the Volvo B5LH Wright Eclipse Gemini 2's are gainfully employed on many routes.

The two little buses used for the 46 see service most days as seen above with 516 on April 15th.

602 seen in its new livery on the east and west sides of the station on the 5th and 15th of April.

These early MMCs are still  much employed working various city and Brookes services.

The StreetDecks carry a number of liveries now and seem to normally are to be seen working branded routes.

The remaining Citaros are still in daily service mainly working the BMW and Watlington services.

An impressive sight in this location 902,  a Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrid seen with an X3 climbs out of Oxford on April 12th.

Jack Cooper

A nice picture pof 248 working an X39 service to Reading on April 13th.

E20D MMC 513 is seen in Magdalen Street East with an ST2 on April 6th.

Rebranded 692 workin the X2 in St Aldates on April 15th.

Still carrying Carousel branding 869 and 870 continue with  Thames Travel in mid April.

904 has connector branding and is seen with an X2 turning out of ST Aldates on April 15th.

Scania 944 is seen in St Aldates with an X40 service on April 13th.


This nearly new Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrid 692 has just gained Milton Park branding seen in Oxford on April 18th. 

Charles Powell

Attached is a picture of myself in PDF567 next to Oxford’s 56 at Stansted Airport this morning, April 15th.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Jack Cooper visited Slough on April 13th

Another operator with varied liveries is Thames Valley,

Somewhat confusing is the operator for the Green Line services who seemingly can be Reading Bus or Thames Valley. 

Red Group developments

Tony Bungay

The Travel Information centre located outside Aylesbury Bus station and built some 15 years or so ago, appears to have at long last gained an occupier in the former of Mr T Khan and his Red Group  of Bus companies judging by the signage I noticed last week.

Appropriately Redline Enviro 200 is seen about to pass the premises working Town Service 14.

It still wears what originally was Green Route livery, which was a council inspired initiative as part of the Rainbow routes scheme for local services, introduced roundabout the same time as the construction of the Travel centre, all being part of the bigger Transport Hub project for Aylesbury at that time.

I understand that perhaps rather too typically once the centre was built there was little if any money to staff it! I will admit that is only what I heard, so it is quite possible another reader to your page may have fuller info. 

Jack Cooper

Serving Slough two Redline E200s are seen on local routes.

MX61BAU started life with Red Rose and is now with Redline as seen working the X20 in Oxford on April 13th. 

Tony Bungay

After the arrival of former Yellow Buses Enviros working various services, not much news worthy seems to have been seen. 

Gavin Francis

E2RRT seen working the 40 route on April 12th. 

Graham Mildenhall

A little update from North Oxfordshire regarding the Red Rose Bicester to Upper Heyford service 25. 

Last week and this the main road through the former RAF base has been closed towards the Upper Heyford village end meaning that the 25 could not run its usual route to Lower Heyford or Upper Heyford villages from Heyford Park.

Rather than divert the single vehicle operation which would have added a fair bit of running time and upset the hourly timetable two new routes were set up for the duration of the closure – the 25A (yes, brings back memories) which runs Bicester Village Station to Heyford Park via normal route as far as the closure and the 25B which runs Bicester Village Station – Lower Heyford – Upper Heyford Village. Seems a very efficient way of keeping to more or less normal schedules, they even issued emergency timetables for both routes, not so sure about the cost of running two vehicles though?

Last Thursday (6th April) I travelled into Bicester on the 25A on Red Rose Dart BU05HFZ (blinded still as 25) and found the

Tonight (13th April) I did the same thing this time on board Red Rose E200MMC E19RRT , pictures attached of these also.

Hope of interest, Red Rose have certainly been the most interesting operator on our local route in the 40 plus years I’ve lived here!

Vale Travel pictures for the 25B are under the operator heading below. Ed

Graham Mildenhall

A different Vale Travel Solo – AU54EOA -  working the 25B on April 12th.

25B (paper label in windscreen) being operated by Vale Travel Solo AU54ENY,
on April 6th.

Quite a number of West buses are in temporary use at Oxford. See details with other items described in this issue.Ed. 

David Beynon

A quick phone pic of Stagecoach 15359 while waiting time at Cowley Centre this morning, April 12th.

Jack Cooper

Seen at Westgate, 10070 is currently not in service and may have gone away for repaint.

Various deckers in service in April.
I spent many happy hours driving 15966 on London driver training when it new and Gold. Ed. 


Two of West's buses on loan to Oxford. 

Richard Sharman

Loan sightings 11th April
15359- Service 1
15736- Service 1
15766- Service S9
15858- Service S9

Jack Cooper

Not what is expected working t he X5 - 37433 in Gloucester Green on April 7th. 

Jack Cooper

Three tube coaches in Oxford looking very pristine on April 13th.

50448 seen in Gloucester Green has also been working Rail Replacement between Didcot and Oxford. 


In the last two days working Rail Replacement between Didcot and Oxford. 

On the 18th, 50441 works the Rail Replacement seen outside the car park.

On the 19th, 50434 works the Rail Replacement seen near the car park.


Jack Cooper

elite I 54268 working the M34 near Westgate on April 13th. 

     London operations    

Gavin Francis spent an interesting day in Barking

LT92 and 137 working the 248.

East London Transport operates EL services in Barking with specially liveried LTs.

Stagecoach operates in this area as with 10102 working the 238.

All the sixes - 36666 working service 366 in Barking. Pity it was too late to be a 66 plate !  

Motts Yellow Bus Memories - 2 by Stephen Archer

Stephen Archer was a part-time driver for Motts Yellow Bus between 1993 and 1995. Now - nearly 30 years later and living in the USA - he looks back fondly to those years when he spent Saturdays driving buses around Oxford and the Chilterns.


Yellow Bus Routes

While driving for Motts Yellow Bus, I kept a notebook to record the dates, duties and vehicles that I drove. That forms the basis for these memories. However, my collection of Yellow Bus fare charts and timetables has sadly disappeared during multiple moves to and within the USA since those days.

Sadly I didn’t record the specific routes I drove on specific dates. Nor - even worse - did I take any photographs.

However, my notebook does record that I learned - and drove - the following Motts Yellow Bus routes:

M1 Aylesbury - High Wycombe, Lane End.

M1 Aylesbury - Reading.

M11 High Wycombe / Lane End circular.

280 Aylesbury - Oxford.

260 Oxford - Thame.

37 Aylesbury - Oxford via “the scenic route”.

333/334 High Wycombe - Speen.



It has to be said that the route training I received as a Yellow Bus driver was a little thin. I was expected to know most of the local routes intuitively from local knowledge, supported with advice from Angus Munday, the Bus Manager, other drivers and the fare charts.

True, there was some route training. I remember having a “pilot” on one round trip of the M1 extension right down to Reading railway station - but not out the other side. Some runs were scheduled to terminate at Theale, I seem to remember, but very few drivers actually ventured out there, calling it quits at the station. I tried it a couple of times and gave up. There were no passengers out to Theale - probably due to the aforementioned erratic service.  

I also was provided once with a pilot on a 280 service to Oxford, returning on the very rural route 37 which served almost every village in a circuitous route back to Aylesbury. 

However, after one disastrous wrong turn in Stokenchurch that I shudder to think about even today, I made sure to learn every Yellow Bus route by driving it first in my car. It was better that way! 

My favorite route was the 280 from Aylesbury to Oxford. I never tired of its combination of open county speed and urban working in the city of Oxford. Mostly, loadings meant that the 280 was run with the ex-South Yorkshire PTE Metrobuses, at least on Saturdays. However Leopards  (and later Lynxes) also took their turn - particularly on the 260 short workings to Thame. 

Some of these Metrobuses had a maximum speed of about 40-41 MPH, while others could reach the dizzying heights of 43-44 MPH in open-road running. That small variation made all the difference in being able to keep time on the 280, or not, as this was a very sharply-timed route in those days. The single deckers were much faster and so there was no trouble keeping time if you had one of those models. 

One thing that surprised me was how different drivers saw the same route in different ways. One day I was discussing the 280 working with an experienced full-time driver. He admitted that he could never keep time between Aylesbury and Thame, but found it easy thereafter. 

My experience was completely the reverse! I could not help being early at Thame after leaving Aylesbury and often sat in Thame High Street for several minutes. The stop was close to Newitt’s butchers - I’m sure it still is - and there was always the temptation to hop off and buy one of their delicious sausage rolls. I still drool thinking of them… 

In those days, the 280 route passed down Churchways in Haddenham in both directions. The driver then made a complete circular turn at the end before returning in the direction from which he had come. The route today is somewhat different. 

From Thame to Oxford, I always had the accelerator flat on the floor, yet it was inevitably a struggle to reach the Dreaming Spires on time. Wheatley usually was the cause of some delays, due to cars parked on Church Road. Then the hard right junction (going towards Oxford) into Holloway Road always required the driver to “breathe in” in order to make the turn - particularly if driving a Lynx. 

One day, I had picked-up an almost full load in my Metrobus by the time we had reached Headington. There Bryan, one of Motts traveling inspectors, boarded the bus, brusquely saying “You’re late.” But then, looking around the bus, he immediately added “But you can be as late as you like with this many passengers!” 

Returning from Oxford, there was an afternoon 280 service that was scheduled to pass Headington just after an Oxford FC home match had finished. The exiting crowds always completely blocked the road in a “human wave” and some of them - of course, wanted to catch the 280. I have to admit that - if running this duty - my aim was always to be past the football ground a just little early, immediately before this outpouring! 

Fortunately, I rarely worked late duties on the 280. But one time that I did, our bus was accosted by a rowdy drunk in Oxford High Street. It was clear that he would cause trouble to the other passengers on the bus, so as he climbed on board I asked “Where do you want to go, mate?” He answered “Headington”, which of course was on our route. But I certainly did not fancy him as a passenger. So - guessing that he was as drunk as he appeared - I answered “That’s not us, you want the next bus”. He stumbled back off and I closed the doors very fast! 

That was the only time I ever turned a passenger away from my bus. 

The then-new Aylesbury bus station was - I always felt - a rather dingy place with very limited headroom and decidedly tight turning required, particularly when reversing out of the stands. Due to the inadequate ventilation, all bus drivers were strongly required by signs to switch off their engines when waiting there. 

One day I was driving a Metrobus on the 280 and decided - for once - to comply with the signs. It was a mistake. The old girl would not re-start and I had to be rescued by the engineers.  My ears were certainly burning as a result! As you may imagine, I never turned off the engine again in that bus station or anywhere else… 

Another route I enjoyed driving was the 37. This was a three (?) times a week route from Aylesbury that connected many small villages on the way to Oxford. It was a shoppers service really.  

When I joined Motts, the 37 was always operated using a Metrobus. This was in spite of the rural nature of the route, which did not demand double-deck operation. The reason for this was the very sharp turn in Beckley village - just down the High Street from the Abingdon Arms pub. It was believed than anything longer than a Metrobus could not make this turn without contact with either a very solid stone house on the inside or a dangerous-looking stone wall on the outside edge. 

However, probably during 1994, some unknown hero (definitely not me) discovered that it was possible - with great care - to thread a 36-Foot Leopard around this corner. The result was that route 37 was inevitably operated by single-deckers thereafter. 

I worked the 37 many times, usually with a Leopard. However one particular trip stands-out in my memory. Judging from my notebook, it must have been 4 March 1995.  

That day I was given a new Volvo B6 single-decker. Motts had two of these (L922 LJO and L923 LJO). Recently delivered new to the company, they were the pride of the fleet. What I remember clearly is that heavy snow was on the ground and had been for a couple of days. The roads were very icy and treacherous. 

On the way to Oxford, the road conditions were very poor. In Beckley, going uphill past the pub, I had the rear wheels spinning wildly in an effort to gain some adhesion, the only time I was ever aware of doing this with a bus. We made it - just! 

My return to the garage was over 20 minutes late. As I turned-in there was a “welcoming committee” waiting for me in the yard. This was something I had never seen before. Roger Mott, his brother Chris and the Engineering Manager all walked slowly around the bus, paying particular attention to the lower panels. 

The entire vehicle was covered with a thick coat of white road salt, but there was not even a scratch in the salt surface from an errant twig! Apparently disgusted, they walked away, without saying a word.  

While paying-in the day’s takings, another driver told me that the previous day a full-time driver had failed to complete the route and had turned-back due to the conditions, which had not changed. Hence the concern. 

I always have considered that, with that day’s trip, I had passed my unofficial “Yellow Bus driving test”. Somehow I felt that I was treated just a little differently afterwards… 

Sadly I don’t remember much at all about routes M15 and M39. They must have been involved with the early morning congregations of Yellow Bus services that seemed to happen in Watlington. (Why? I don’t remember picking-up many passengers there). I do remember the very tight clearances in the town and the difficulties that ensued with badly-parked cars and delivery vans, however! 

So far as I am aware, the only Saturday Yellow Bus route I did not work was the X15. This limited-stop service from Milton Keynes to Reading had one or - maybe - two evening journeys on Saturday, but I was never asked to learn or drive it. 

Having a full-time job on Mondays to Fridays, I was only ever a “Saturday driver” for Motts. This meant that I was never involved with routes like the 351 and 396 around High Wycombe that ran only five days a week. Nor was I involved with the many school bus contracts that were run by Yellow Bus. 

In the next part of this series, I’ll cover the vehicles run by Yellow Bus at that period.

Below are a selection of the buses, coaches past and in their earlier lives. Ed.

Michael Penn provides a selection of pictures

These are photos of vehicles running for Motts.

TGD 219R at High Wycombe on 13/8/94.

EHS 107T at High Wycombe on 13/8/94.

GGM 96W at High Wycombe on 13/8/94.

JHE 163W at High Wycombe on 13/8/94.

LCY 101X at High Wycombe on 13/8/94.

UKE 830X at High Wycombe on 13/8/94.

CUB 540Y at High Wycombe on 13/8/94.

E966 PME at High Wycombe on 8/7/95.

J171 GGG at Reading on 11/7/94.

L922 LJO at Oxford on 20/8/94.

L923 LJO at Oxford on 20/8/94.

These are photos of buses with other operators prior to Motts. 

MUS 152P with Graham’s of Paisley at Paisley on 9/5/87.

TGD 219R with Garelochhead Coach Services at Helensburgh on 31/5/78.

GGM 96W with Alder Valley at Reading on 4/6/83.

CUB 540Y with London Northern at Borehamwood on 3/5/89.

E965 PME and E966 PME with Pan Atlas at Brent Cross on 29/4/94.

JHE 164W with Cardiff Bluebird at the Bristol bus rally on 20/8/95. 
This was one of the buses purchased by LDT as dealers only and did not run for the company.

E965 PME with LDT at Aylesbury on 28/2/96.

E965 PME with Arriva The Shires at Watford on 25/6/99.

E965 PME with Arriva The Shires at Garston in driver training livery on 12/6/00 .

E966 PME with LDT at Luton on 25/4/96.

E966 PME with Arriva The Shires at Garston in driver training livery on 8/6/00.

F506 OYW with LDT at High Wycombe on 8/5/96.

F506 OYW with Arriva The Shires at High Wycombe on16/5/02.

These are more photos of buses with owners subsequent to Motts.

G360 FOP with LDT at Aylesbury on 8/5/96

G360 FOP with Arriva The Shires in white livery for Lutonian services at Luton on 2/7/99.

J171 GGG with LDT in an advertising livery at Aylesbury on 9/7/97.

K184 GDU with LDT at Aylesbury on 5/8/96.

K184 GDU with Arriva The Shires at Hitchin on 23/7/99.

K184 GDU with Arriva The Shires in Lutonian livery at Luton on 31/5/00.

K184 GDU with Lutonian Buses at Luton on 17/10/02.

L922 LJO with LDT at High Wycombe on 8/5/96.

L922 LJO with Arriva The Shires at High Wycombe on 2/5/07.

L923 LJO with LDT at Watford on 6/6/96.

L923 LJO with Arriva The Shires at High Wycombe on 12/5/08.

Kevin Fuller with his memories

I read with interest the article on Motts in the last issue, and well remember their vehicles in High Wycombe in the early - mid 1990's.

Although not having taken very many pictures of the Yellowbus fleet, I am enclosing scans of some of the few that I did manage to get at various times: 

Metrobus JHE164W originated with South Yorkshire PTE, and was seen at Micklefield on 8th February 1994 while working a 396 service. 

Leyland Leopard / Willowbrook LCY101X was previously with South Wales Transport. Photo taken on 7th February 1994 in central High Wycombe. 

 Also laying over in Wycombe centre, on 7th March 1994, is ex-Grahams Bus Services of Paisley Duple Dominant bodied Leyland Leopard EHS107T. 

At Reading rail station on 20th May 1996, Leyland Leopard / Plaxton Bustler OWG368X is seen preparing to depart for High Wycombe.
This vehicle was originally with Premier coaches in Yorkshire, and is quite an unusual chassis / body combination. 

Hope that these are of use and interest. - they are not of the best quality compared to modern digital photo technology, but they are at least a record of times that are now past!

Thomas W W Knowles provided photos of relevance

OJD 463R in High Wycombe having just left the old Bus Station on 18th January 1994. 

TGD 219R in Oxford on layover  in Speedwell Street on 26th April 1995. 

JHE 141W in Oxford followed by an Oxford Classic Tour open topper on 2nd July 1995. 

G360 FOP in Aylesbury on 13th September 1994.


Many tanks to all who contributed and added much to Steven Archer's article of which there is mo/re to come. Ed. 

Gary Seamarks

Few from Cyprus for you. the City Sightseeing are phone shots, as didn't take camera on our trip into Paphos, note one is a now rare Leyland bodied example. 

UK regs are in captions, the Metrobus was used for the wedding we was at and went like a rocket, iirc was one of the trac-line65 batch when new,

The Lodekka was about a mile from Hotel, so an after breakfast walk was needed, it is now fitted out as a cafe kitchen downstairs,
the upstairs is devoid of seating and i think used as a storeroom, not sure if engine removed as no oil traces were underneath.

Service bus work is all Citaro, think some may be ex UK/Eire but unsure.

Jim Wright

I've not done much in Oxford lately, been away to Paris & Malta though!

Paris seems to have mainly Hybrid Ivecos, Malta have had a brand nee fleet of 25 Electric King Longs, but only two prototypes operating!

I had a ride on one in Gozo. The Electrical Charging points in Malta haven't been installed yet. So they are all sitting parked up!
Had a ride on both €2-50 for 45 min trip!


Paris,1 Gare de Nord

Paris 2 & 3 Gare de Est 

Jack Cooper IOW

Friday 24th March

On Friday I had spent the day around Bournemouth, Poole and Swanage. I was after photos of the ex Go North East B7s which have recently been acquired by Go South Coast, the bulk being in Southampton for Bluestar. I had started the day taking some photos around Bournemouth before taking the m2 to Poole for a walk around the Quay and to take some photos, and then headed back to Bournemouth, this time to the Station to take some more photos. Here I was successful in hunting down 2 ex Go North East B7s within 10 minutes of each other!  

From there I headed to Swanage on the impressive Purbeck Breezer route 50, a journey I had missed out on last year as when I had gone down the Sandbanks Ferry was away for a refit. The 50 operates from Bournemouth Station to Swanage via Bournemouth Centre, Sandbanks and Studland. Again, this was a nice open top bus journey! After a walk around Swanage, and some dinner it was time to head back to Bournemouth Station on the 50 for my train back to Oxford, bringing my week away to a close.  



I have added a few photos which I thought might be of interest, these are:

Southern Vectis 1579 and 1580 were some of the Go South Coast Enviro 400s to be loaned to Oxford Bus when they were new. The buses that were loaned were 1571 - 1584, with only 1571 - 1580 ever seeing service with Go South Coast. 1581 - 1584 became 251-254, which are still in the fleet at Oxford.  

Southern Vectis are due an order of 7 new Enviro 400mmc's later this year, for service 1. This is is alongside 28 new Enviro 400mmc's for More.  

More is also adding new open top routes this summer, as well as rebranding existing routes which fall under the Purbeck Breezer brand. These will be:

Jurassic Breezer 30 / 31 (new brand - the 30 / 31 are currently ran under the Purbeck Breezer brand)

Purbeck Breezer 40 (no change)

Purbeck Breezer 50 (no change)

Harbor Breezer 60 (new brand - the 60 is currently ran under the Purbeck Breezer brand)

Beach Breezer 70 / 80 (new routes - I believe that these were the Yellow Buses Busters Beach Bus) 

Judging by the graphics it looks like there will be several new liveries in the summer, so it will be worth another visit once the routes have been launched! 

More details can be found here -

So, a very interesting selection for Jack's south coast visit. Ed.