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Wednesday, June 21st

From the Editor

Stagecoach appoints Sam Greer in new COO role

Showbus Flyby on 18 June reported

Radders & Ruby recreate the Oxford-London South Midland memories

Visit to London Transport Museum with Gavin Francis

Buses in the Landscape

Local developments in pictures


Gordon Scott from north of the border

Jack Cooper from the south coast and Peter Edgar in Portsmouth

Tony Bungay in Brixham - Part 1

Stagecoach appoints Sam Greer in new COO role

Stagecoach has announced Sam Greer will take over in the new role of Chief Operating Officer in September.

Sam, who has been with the company since 1992 and been in the transport industry for 38 years, is currently Engineering Director and Regional Director for Scotland.

In his new post, he will be responsible for the delivery of Stagecoach’s bus operations.

Stagecoach has also announced it will set up a new Asset Management function, with the exact staff and structure yet to be defined. The company says it will bring together engineering, procurement and infrastructure activities and help it achieve its target of a zero-emissions fleet by 2035.

Ray O’Toole, Stagecoach Executive Chairman says: “We believe in bus. We believe that thriving bus services have a critical role to play in local communities and the economy.

“The changes we are announcing today will enable us to build a lean and agile business to ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding service and value to our customers and communities.”


Brunel University and RAF High Wycombe

Andrew Webb, Gavin Francis and Jack Cooper have provided pictures of the event.

Andrew Webb at Brunel

Star of the Showbus Flyby on 18 June, and dubbed the 'most famous bus in the world' when it took Paul McCartney on tour in 1972, is this former Eastern National KSW.  Having visited the first Showbus held at Brunel University in 1972 it revisited 51 years later, coincidentally the 81st birthday of Sir Paul McCartney.

Showbus flyby entry WNO481 at Brunel.

I cycled over to the event and got to Brunel University at about 12:00.  The Wings bus was there, along with Bristol RE OAX9F and a Redline E200MMC which was rally control.  A green RML left as I arrived.  Stayed about 20 minutes chatting to the owner of the Wings bus, during which nothing else left or arrived.  It all looked rather desolate in the car park. 

Carried onto central Uxbridge to await the arrival of J765CEV which couldn't go into the LEZ.  It was due in at 12:40 and away again at 13:00 but I didn't see it.  The following two arrivals (Thames Travel and OBC) also didn't show up, although I just missed a Timebus RM according to the one other photographer present.  It was then I discovered a fast puncture and exited the flyby to arrange rescue by my wife! 

Only saw a handful of other enthusiasts, one of whom said the flow had been regular early in the day, albeit there were only 15 vehicles entered over a lengthy route. 

Sadly, despite the dedication of Martin Isles and his team, I think the Showbus brand does not hold the excitement it once did for enthusiasts. 

Gavin Francis at High Wycombe

WNO outside RAF High Wycombe.

Some interesting vehicles participated as seen above but with less t/an in previous years.

Gavin mentioned that photography at RAF High Wycombe appeared discouraged !!

Jack Cooper at various location along the route

Jack was on board 621 for the flyby thereafter working the 102 service.

Radders & Ruby recreate the Oxford-London South Midland memories

by Jonathan Radley

My Ruby and KGJ 612D (front entrance Routemaster) parked at the Brunel University campus, Uxbridge.

WNO 481 and Ruby, the Bristol KSW was new to Eastern National in 1953 and re-built as an open-topper in 1966.
In 1972 it became the 'Wings' tour bus and travelled around Europe with Paul McCartney's band. Last year it had an extensive restoration.

My Ruby parked in the centre of High Wycombe near the Guildhall.   

What's on | London Transport Museum (

from a visit by Gavin Francis on June 17th.

I thought readers might be interested to see what buses are displayed.


The collection is well worth a visit even if you've seen some of the buses out along the road.

I also found the link below of much interest relating to the London  bus:

London buses through the years in 30 incredible pictures | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Several contributions this week.

First Solent Southsea COASTER 36100 passing the D Day Story Exhibition on Southsea Sea Front on June 19th from Peter Edgar.

The High in Oxford makes the background with Queens College on June 14th,
Airline 25 and StreetDeck 687 by Jack Cooper.

     Fleet News and developments   

Gavin Francis


June 16th provided an interesting selection.

Not the first 3741 at Wycombe as shown by Gavin Francis. 2023 and 2013 !!
With the Arriva numbering system we often get a bus with the same number as one we have had before and 3741 is no exception.

More variety on June 19th.

Binders Yard, Cryers Hill

Gavin Francis

Variety in the yard including some local operators on June 18th. 

Gavin Francis

Rainbow variety in June working the X74.

Gavin Francis

Carousel provides much of interest in High Wycombe as seen above.
981 is still to enter service.

One from the past. Does anyone have more pictures?

MP56BUS seen in The Eden July 7th, 2011.
MP56BUS - Bing images

Jack Cooper

Jack was in Wycombe for Showbus and sent some other pictures regarding Carousel operations.

Sunday morning and 621 shares the depot forecourt with variety.

Each Sunday, Thames Travel has a duty on Carousels 102 as seen above unusually worked by 62 on June 18th. 

Jack Cooper

The turn from St Aldates into Speedwell Street give opportunity for the avid photographer.
300, 353, 655 and 684 are seen on June 17th. 

Gavin Francis


Then 356 seen with an 11 working in  St Aldates on May 20th 2008.
This bus came from Faresaver, Wiltshire.

Jack Cooper

A very neat picture from Jack shows the new Harwell livery to advantage early on June 18th.


including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley


Exciting improvements are announced today by Reading Buses to their popular Green Line services. 

A fleet of brand new buses will accompany a new name for the Green Line 702 and 703 routes. 

Reading Buses announce that the new state of the art vehicles – representing nearly £2.5m investment – will become The London Line 702 and Flight Line 703. 

The buses will be decked out in the familiar green of the previous Green Line 702 and 703 services to help existing customers to easily adapt to the name change. 

The routes will both carry the tagline ‘Windsor Express’ on the side to reflect the common sections of the 702 and 703 routes between Legoland, Windsor and Slough which remain completely unchanged following timetable improvements earlier in the year. 

The new London Line 702 – formerly Green Line 702 – reflects the connection between Windsor, Slough and the capital, while Flight Line 703 – formerly Green Line 703 – reflects the great connections between Bracknell, Windsor, Slough and Heathrow Airport. 

Reading Buses say the new state of the art British double deck buses built by Alexander Dennis will have many attractive features to appeal to existing and new users - or even royalty. 

These include seat-back USB and wireless charging points; free WIFI; coffee shop style flooring; comfy high back seats and an area with tables on both decks.  

They will have a glazed staircase and roof lights to allow more natural light as well as an upstairs ‘air chill’ system to help keep customers cool on warmer days.  

There is a full automated next stop audio/visual announcement system; external destination announcements; and a driver PA system to help with diversions such as the changing of the guard in Windsor.  

The Flight Line 703 buses will have an additional luggage rack to ensure customers using these vehicles to get to the airport for holidays and trips with ease.

They have been sourced as part of the timetable enhancements introduced in partnership with Heathrow Airport earlier in the year, with the rest of the fleet to be similarly upgraded later in the year. 

Reading Buses say the routes themselves and the timetables will not change and the company will be updating all information over the coming weeks with the new names.  

They ask that customers are patient whilst this happens as existing Green Line naming will remain in place in the short-term in certain places, but will be phased out soon. 

Reading Buses Chief Executive Officer Robert Williams said the company was ‘excited’ to have received their first fleet of brand-new buses since the pandemic. 

“We are excited to be able to announce this significant investment in our Windsor Express routes to Heathrow and London, and to reflect that with our new branding which closely aligns with the locations we serve. 

“We have worked very hard to achieve a really fantastic specification for the vehicles. 

“We are conscious that the Green Line name has had a long association with routes in this area so we wanted to make sure that customers were not surprised by the change.  

“We have retained a green colour scheme and ‘line’ naming to make the switchover as seamless as possible in customers’ minds.” 

Robert added: “Whilst there is no change to the route or timetables, we are hoping that these new buses encourage even more customers onboard. And for the time being all single journeys cost just £2 thanks to the government fare cap - so it is a real bargain! 

“The buses are state-of-the art and are extremely luxurious both inside and out. We have even arranged a royal surprise to promote the service and the new buses.”

732 - SG23LDN in London, Slough and Windsor. 

Gavin Francis

Seen blinded for the 334, LJ08CZY is seen in The Eden Bus Station on June 16th.

FP04CFE with a 306 service in The Eden on June 19th. 

Gavin Francis

Variety working the 130 on June 16th.

WH66BUS working the 130 as usual seen above on June 19th. 

Gavin Francis

The regulars for the 40 at present are E2 and E3 of which E2RRT is seen in Oxford Road on June 16th. 

Jack Cooper

The turn from St Aldates into Speedwell Street, as mentioned already, gives opportunity for the avid photographer.
10784 seen on June 17th.

Jack Cooper

Turning from St Aldates into Speedwell Street 50439 and 50442 are seen on June 17th. 

I was puzzling where to put all these pictures and though this was the best place. I think I drove on e of these when it on loan to Stagecoach for the NEx 737 service back in 2010.

Gavin Francis

Seen in Binders Yard, High Wycombe on June 18th.

The two coaches with megabus seen in Victoria in January 2022.

Gordon Scott

Stagecoach Gilmoss Liverpool 59226 - BN64 FKU Scania K440 Caetano Levante on hire to Citylink on M90 Edinburgh to Perth.
Legal lettering on coach
Ribble Motor Services Ltd Trading as Stagecoach Gilmoss Depot
. Liverpool L11 0BB.
Taken on June 19th.

     London operations    

Andrew Webb

A key fixture in London's sporting calendar is The Wimbledon Championships, the oldest tennis tournament in the world and widely regarded as the most prestigious.  Barclays are one of the sponsors for the 2023 event and have launched this campaign on selected New Routemasters. 

LT856 from the Go Ahead fleet shows off the advert as it turns onto London Bridge whilst heading for Lewisham on route 21. 

Also headed for south London is this Abellio electric double decker at Kings Cross. 

It has been turned out in this livery to mark Pride Month. 

Andrew Dyer

HAC 256K a 1972 Leyland Leopard was acquired by Charlton-on-Otmoor Services in 1976 from Lloyds of Nuneaton. The Duple Viceroy body was not a common combination with a Leopard chassis. 

On arrival at Charlton, it was seriously lacking in power and we all thought that Lloyds had got rid of it because the engine was shot. Enter Charlton's excellent senior mechanic John Newman, who soon diagnosed that the fuel pump linkages had been connected up incorrectly. An hour in John's tender care and HAC was going like a train! 

Picture taken in Sheep St, Bicester in the late 70s. 

Gordon Scott

Three shots taken in Edinburgh in the last two weeks. 

Parks of Hamilton Volvo 9700 B11R Integral LSK 839
seen in black livery taken in Frederick Street Edinburgh.

These Volvo 9700 Integral coaches are appearing with various operators in Scotland. 

Parks of Hamilton HSK 659 Volvo B11R Plaxton Panorama
on Citylink 900 Edinburgh to Glasgow
in overall advert livery for STV Television of STV What's On Scotland
sponsor for Citylink.
Taken in St Andrew Square Edinburgh.

McGills Eastern Scottish Bright Bus Tours 2904 - CTS 917
Ex Lothian 251
and former London Metroline VW1846.
Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini taken in St Andrew Square Edinburgh.

Festival Travel Inverkeithing
ex Procters Coaches MAN Beulas Cygnus YN08 AVY looking in a sad condition.

Stagecoach East Scotland Fife
ADL Trident 2 Enviro 400 19225, 19221 ADL Trident ALX 400 18351.
Taken in Kirkcaldy Bus Station three in a row.


Jack Cooper from the  south coast

Quite a variety of photos this week including a trip to Weymouth & Lyme Regis,








Some readers may remember my visit to Lyme Regis now 15 years ago. Ed 

Peter Edgar from Portsmouth

Running day at Portsmouth of preserved ex City of Portsmouth vehicles.

One of the LRV's worked in Oxford with Stagecoach for a while.

............ from Poole

GoAhead / more Poole Depot are trialing this VOLVO / MCV ELECTRIC DEMONSTRATOR over a three week period on routes  m1 and m2.

Tony Bungay

............. from Brixham, Devon - part 1

Given the generally good weather we are having I was able to go down to Brixham for a break, and while the latest Stagecoach livery is now very much in evidence. It was possible to see all of Stagecoach groups main Bus livery on vehicles, as well as route branded and even a vehicle in Coronation livery, a quite clever in my view adaption of the now standard Bus livery. 

Seen near Brixham harbour is 15322 showing Coronation livery
a nearside view of 15322 as it heads along  New road out of Brixham
working the main service from here the 12, that links Brixham with Paignton – Torquay – Newton Abbott  

Same location  but older Scania 15799 in latest livery, behind in unidentified single decker.

Also working service 12 is 15313 seen again at the stop near the harbour and heading away from the town centre

The 12 has a daytime frequency of 10-12 minutes, but as with every where else traffic and road works impact on time keeping. Hence as shown here where three vehicles have actually all come along at one.

Again near the harbour is on the stand Scania 15866, being passed by Dennis Trident 18397 perhaps slightly surprisingly also sporting latest livery. 
All vehicles are working the 12, but camera did not capture the destination display!

To redress the previous omission 18397 pull up at next available kerbside, before departing, this time the destination was captured.

Part 2 will be in the next issue 

George Candelin

A few of Shetland 's finest

buses on shetland island - Search (