Issue nr. 258
Wednesday, July 5
th 2023

From the Editor

megabus service M17 Glasgow - Southampton calling at Oxford Parkway

WYTHALL BUSFEST @ GAYDON from Tony Bungay and Barry Hollman

Wimbledon 2023 buses services from Gavin Francis

Pride in London  2023

Service 700 in Oxford changes operator

Readers Write - Tony Bungay with some local changes

Coach Visitors to Oxfordshire

Fleet News & Developments including Red Rose registration update

Oxford Bus - changes from July 23rd

London report

Visits to Glasgow, Aberdeen, Crawley, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole recorded in pictures

Nearly 300 pictures for your interest 

New service from Glasgow to Southampton via OXFORD Parkway

Richard Sharman

A new service that not many seem to be aware of is the megabus M17 from Glasgow to Southampton via Preston, Manchester, Manchester Airport, BICESTER PARK & RIDE, OXFORD PARKWAY, Newbury and Winchester. 

The service is promoted by both Scottish CityLink and megabus and is operated by Parks of Hamilton. The coach used should be a megabus-livered Volvo 9700, but has seen a CityLink Panther and Panorama is recent days, which would make for an extremely odd site in both Bicester and Oxford.

Parks workings of the M17 on June 9th and 10th.

The service operates Thursday to Monday and seems very busy, with customers waiting at Oxford for it on the first day, which began on the 9th of June. 

Unfortunately, this service does not seem to have the ability to track on the megabus tracker, as with most third-party provided services on megabus these days. The first few days saw late operation due to congestion and accidents on the A34, so it would be handy for it to track for waiting customers. 

This service adds further interest to the Oxford scene, and the welcome occasional return of CityLink livered coaches to the city, albeit on the outskirts.



Tony Bungay

For the second year running the bus show at the British Motor Heritage Museum, has been hosted by the Midland Bus Museum, Unlike last years event which was unlucky to be held on the wettest day for weeks, this years was blessed with pleasant weather.


Modern and not so modern vehicles were on display.

A real classic was this much older Midland Red attendee.

Further selection, the destination display on the RM next to the Leyland National made me smile, as I doubt if RM vehicles ever operated on the original 707, or for that matter the later use of that route number.


Final selection Malcolm, perhaps not surprisingly there was a strong Midland area presence at the event. It is worth adding, that if people visiting have time, even if cars are not their particular interest, the Motor Heritage Centre houses a huge selection of cars from all era’s, including many concept cars. Some of which showed good potential, which poses the question if they had been developed, the British motor industry could have looked totally different today.

Barry Hollman

Barry has also provided some nice pictures recording this event.


As can be seen from the pictures from these two contributor there was much to see with old and new.

Gavin Francis

The E400 rules supreme in 2003 with variety, when I drove we had NVs which were excellent. Ed.

Pride in London | Pride in London

Andrew Webb

The annual Pride parade took place in London on 1 July, taking a route from Hyde Park to Whitehall via Piccadilly Circus.  A good number of buses were used as floats by a range of groups and organisations. 

The University of Hertfordshire's Uno bus company has this Pride liveried Enviro 400MMC, a natural choice for the parade. 

It is seen in Park Lane waiting to set off in the parade.   

RML891 is seen in the same location awaiting the green light to join in the festivities. 

At the end of the parade pedestrians in the procession were directed into Whitehall Place whilst vehicles continued along Whitehall to park, remove banners etc before heading back to their respective homes.  This meant good opportunities to photograph vehicles unobstructed. 

RM1087 and a former West Midlands PTE Metrobus are seen after a two hour journey along the route

Ensignbus, now part of First, have long specialised in hiring vehicles for parades. 

This Trident and RM371 were both used in this year's parade. 

Go Ahead London also have a fleet of open top buses as part of their Commercial Services division.  One contract operated by this unit is for Roehampton University, with routes linking the campus to nearby suburbs. 

E14 was therefore an appropriate choice for the university's entry.

Swapping the Irish capital for the UK capital is this former Dublin Bus Olympian. 

It entered Pride to promote a life sized Monopoly game in Tottenham Court Road. 

Several London football clubs took part, with Arsenal and West Ham using buses. 

RM1403 was the choice of Arsenal, whilst West ham selected this former Devon General Atlantean.

RML2697, RM191 and RM1913 also took part.

An interesting record of buses taking part. Ed. 

Service 700 in Oxford changes operator

Matthew Searle 

The 700 route in Oxford (Thornhill P&R to Kidlington via hospitals and Parkway P&R) was last operated by Stagecoach on Friday 30 June and resumed operation on Monday 3 July by Oxford Bus Co. as an Oxfordshire County Council tendered service. If memory serves, Oxford Bus used to operate the two hospital-to-P&R segments before they were amalgamated. 

My last and first day photos show Thornhill-bound buses as follows:

Stagecoach 15966 at Headington Shops on last day of Stagecoach operation 30 June (Arriva 5464 behind).

Oxford Bus 356 in Grovelands, Kidlington (at the northern end of the route) on first day of OBC operation 3 July.

Ryan Butler

358 on the first day of OBC operation of route 700. 

Gavin Francis and Paul Bateson

In recent weeks we have reported regarding the use of an RML in Stokenchurch. By coincidence pictures are shown of now and then.

RML2335 in Stokenchurch on June 27th and the same bus in Godstone some 50 years earlier.
Pictures rom Gavin and Paul.

Tony Bungay

I have seen on the UK rail forum Bus and Coach thread, that the service that currently serves Harwell, is to be extended to Newbury and numbered X34, or should I say if correct reuses the number of a service that linked the same points on a much longer route for a while in the mid 1980’s

And First are to run some new routes to London Airport, one from Watford. 

      Coach visitors to Oxfordshire     

Gavin Francis

......................  during a visit to Oxford including Redbridge Gavin has provided a very interesting selection

City Centre




     Fleet News and developments   

Toby France has kindly provided the latest fleet list for period 6. 3741 presently at Wycombe using a spare ticket machine SPHI, is a head office Midlands North spare.

Arriva fleet lists/Copy of South Fleet List P6 2023.xlsx

Gavin Francis

E400s 5460 and 5465 are seen in Oxford on July 1st.

4211 with a 48 working in Oxford Rd on July 5th. 

Peter Canon

First 34384 with an X74 to Slough seen at Wycombe Marsh on July 5th.
The large building behind this bus is the original Thames Valley depot in the area.

FlixBus teams with Newport Transport for airport first

FlixBus is unveiling its partnership with Newport Transport to launch its first-ever dedicated express airport routes in the UK.

From early August, Newport Transport will launch vehicles on the FlixBus network, offering regular daily services between Swansea, Swansea University, Port Talbot, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport. 

Gavin Francis

BV67JZR still hard to work in Park Lane, London on June 27th.

Luke Marion

956 is back at Oxford now and has been helping us with crew transfers as the 11X continues to be a challenge to run reliably with the traffic congestion levels being seen currently. 

I understand that three of the Tourismos are now at Coventry and being prepared for delivery, so hopefully we will see these in the next couple of weeks. 

We are just looking at whether 604 and 605 can stay at Pulhams for a further week. They are really busy with coach hire at the moment and so the deckers are helping out on school work to release more coaches for hire jobs! 

Gavin Francis

In daily use here 870 is seen in The Eden on July 5th.

Gavin Francis

New Tourismos 24 and 25 seen in Oxford on July 1st.

Not long to go now when these coaches are replaced by more Tourismos, 68 and 70 on July 1st.

E400s on July 1st including a recently transferred 251 seen working the 35.

These Gemini's seem to be now chosen to work the 700 service.

Most often seen working the 400, these Wright StreetDeck HEV's are seen on July 1st.

One would often refer to these or simlar buses as sweet little things, I wonder if 515 has endeared itself to the drivers ?

These early MMC's have proved excellent workhorses for the company.

662 does not carry any route branding.

Unlike the StreetDecks above which have route related branding.

Each of the routes above have a half dozen or so buses in their livery.

Latterly at Wycombe these Sprinters are now fully employed working the 11X.

Not all the CSS buses are E400's with the roof lopped off.

Jack Cooper

The 27th June provides the opportunity to view any differences with the older and newest Tourismos.

There are several liveries in the  Oxford fleet.

These StreetDecks have seen hard work with 5 road although 651 has not been on the road for many months.

Branded buses do not always appear on their rou,tes.

Only 973 is missing now in Oxford, here 971, 974 and 975 put in time with the 11X.

Charles Powell

....... Charles has sent some pictures of the Oxford MMC's at the depot.

These pictures taken on June 30th.

So far no one has provided pictures of these buses in service. Ed.

Gavin Francis

PU19HAM, a Tourismo. the only coach in the livery, is seen in Stokenchurch on June 28th at The Mowchak.

Bob Chalmers

Interesting to note today (Mon 3rd) that "River Rapids" 'deckers' 251/2/3 & 4 are all working on the 33 service between Oxford & Wallingford - this route is has normally been serviced by single deckers. Wonder if this is a trial or going to be a permanent change? Will try and get some pics tomorrow if they're on 33's again.

Gavin Francis

621 and 622 seen in Oxford on July 1st.

Citaros in three liveries on July 1st.

These ex London General deckers are now giving good service to Thames Travel.

Jack Cooper

The 27th June sees various deckers working service in Oxford.

Some of the deckers are quite new as seen above with 905 on July 2nd.

Gavin Francis

Levante III's seen in central London on June 27th.

The older Levante tri-axles are still seen in Oxford working the 737 as here, Oxford Bus 56 on July 1st.

Gavin Francis

The X20 has variety with SW16BUS and YX65RGV in Oxford on July 1st.

Gavin Francis

... working on the 40 and 275 in recent days.

E15RRT has been quite regular working the 40 as seen above on July 4th.

West Wycombe lunchtime on July 4th a picture of Y30RRT (ARZ), E20RRT went through just before it.
Also a picture of ARZ on May 16th.

E19RRT again working the 275 on July 5th.

Neil Gow

Regarding the re-registration of Red Rose E200s noted in issue 257:

YX58 DTY has been re-registered E10 RRT, which was formerly on a Mercedes minibus.

As noted by Gavin,  YX61 FZH is now E14 RRT. The previous E14 RRT (Scania N94UB) has its original registration YM55 SXO back. It is still licensed and not yet sold.

A further ten E200s have been re-registered Y21-30 RRT:

Y28 RRT is the former YX12 AKN.

Y29 RRT is the former YX12 AKU.

Y21 RRT is the former YX 61 FZC

Y22 RRT is the former YX 11 AEC

Y23 RRT is the former YX 11 HPL

Y24 RRT is the former YX 12 AEA

Y25 RRT is the former YX 12 AEF

Y26 RRT is the former YX 12 AEP

Y27 RRT is the former YX 12 AEU

Y30 RRT is the former YX 12 ARZ. 

It is also anticipated that E11-13 RRT and E15 RRT will be recycled from the Scania N94UBs. 

Dave &  Deric

Period 2 Fleet Card for Stagecoach West, dated 23/06/2023. 

Here is our summary of the changes. Changes affecting Oxford depots are shown with yellow highlight. 



Oxford (Driver trainers)


Banbury (Driver trainers)






Out of Reserve


Reserve (RTA)








To Reserve






18314, 18413











North Bristol (Megabus)


Stagecoach West Scotland





In addition, 27701/3-5 have moved from Banbury to Gloucester and 27712-4/9 have moved from Gloucester to Banbury, but these movements aren’t showing on the Fleet Card yet. 

Gavin Francis

MMC's plus 10071 hard at work on July 1st.

The Hybrids seem to be nearing their end, 12008 is seen above working the 10 on July 1st.

Was Gold and still Gold.

Recently arrived from Gloucester 27714 is seen in Oxford with  an S4 working.

The 1 does not often see single deck workings as it did on July 1st when 36933 turned out.

Gavin Francis

Seen in St Giles on July 1st, 10879 is seen nearing the end of its journey from Milton Keynes. 

Colin Garnett-Brown via Keith Hemmings

Keith has sent me Colin's picture of 50446 in Bournemouth today.  Here is a link to the map for this journey:

50446 - YX21 NNH – Stagecoach Oxfordshire –

I am advised that this was a day excursion in connection with a homeless housing charity in Oxford which is supported by Stagecoach.Ed.

Gavin Francis

Panoramas in Oxford on July 1st.

All the 4's in Notting Hill Gate on June 27th.

Gavin also found one the old tube Astromegas in Oxford.

Young's have two of the 14 plate Astromegas, one of which has been re-registered K7YCC.
It is seen in Beaumont Street, Oxford on July 1st 

Gavin Francis

Linburg's L23URG seen in St Giles on July 1st  

     London operations    

Andrew Webb

Movies and music dominate this week's advert launches. 

Barbie, the American competitor to Sindy, is a doll beloved of children since launching 64 years ago in 1959.  The doll now has her own film, launching on 21 July. 

Stagecoach's LT358 has been wrapped to promote the film, seen here heading at Tottenham Court Road on 1 July. 

Launching a week earlier on 14 July is series 2 of Foundation on Apple TV, billed as a complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire. 

LT538 is one of several wrapped in this advert to promote the series,
seen here at Hanover Square on 3 July with the blind already reset for another trip to Stoke Newington on route 73. 
This bus is favoured by advertisers, this being the 33rd wrap it has worn!

That is the professional name of Noah Olivier Smith, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. 

Go Ahead's WHV124 is wrapped to promote him, seen here on route 14 in Piccadilly on 3 July. 

Also from the Go Ahead fleet is LT867 which has been wrapped for Pepsi,
seen leaving Waterloo Place bound for Marylebone whilst working route 453 on 3 July.

Ovo Energy is another campaign that reappears on a regular basis. 

Abellio's 3422 is one of the latest recipients, seen at Kings Cross on 1 July

Gavin Francis

Shepherds Bush variety


Notting Hill Gate


Marble Arch area


Nick Ross

One of four Go Ahead London Volvo B7's with HF05 HXD/VWL 54 here out stationed in a Grovebury Road unit in Leighton Buzzard  on June 25th 2023. 

Gary Seamarks

Glasgow last Thursday  

First visit in four years and massive changes, plenty of Electrics for McGills and First, and the older stuff has gone 


Citylink has loads of Panorama's at one point 6 were parked up on the layover bays. 


Generally perhaps its quieter than before, most noticeable is the lack of Stagecoach X departures, and the almost total lack of interdecks. 



Add in to that the new Ember and Flixbus routes, still a great day out even with a 5am departure from home, back at 11.20pm.



An interesting selection with much variety in a one day visit. Ed.

Graham Low

Crawley of a new Metrobus Wright GB Kite Hydroliner on Fastway route 10 in Crawley. It was quiet, smooth and had exceptional performance.


I also attach views of a new Caetano e City Gold, also branded front and rear as a Toyota, of Abellio, seen in Croydon on route 433. 


George Candelin

Stagecoach Aberdeen 


Jack Cooper

in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch



Excelsior Coaches | Coach hire from A to B in style and comfort… (

A very good selection of pictures showing many changes in this area. Ed.