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Wednesday September 6th, 2023

Check the Arriva route number changes in High Wycombe with pictures by Gavin Francis

View changes to bus services and timetables | Buckinghamshire Council

From the Editor

Buses Festival 2023

DRT expanding in Buckinghamshire.

Arriva renumbers many services around High Wycombe

Dates for your Diary

A day out with Jack Cooper

Readers write

Buses in the landscape

Many changes from local operators

Readers visits to Stratford-upon-Avon and Leicester


Buses Festival | Buses Magazine (

The Buses Festival took place on 3 September, returning to Sywell Aerodrome near Wellingborough for a second time.  Blessed with glorious sunny weather, although with most of the display parked facing north this did make photography of static vehicles challenging.   

The advertised Oxford Tube coach was not able to attend but Pulhams sent this Jonckheere, displaying it with the nearside wheelchair lift fully extended. 

Whilst accessibility for all is undoubtedly important this picture does illustrate the potential difficulties rural operators face in deploying these effectively on narrow roads.  The coach now carries discreet 'Go Ahead branding on the window in front of the lift access door. 

Northampton Corporation were the last British operator to order a front engine rear entrance double decker, with the very final example being this Roe bodied Daimler CVG6 which is now preserved.


It is seen preparing to run a tour of the local area.  Two further preserved vehicles from the same operator were on static display.  154 on the left is a Northern Counties bodied CVG6 dating from 1947, whilst 146 is a Crossley with Roe body delivered a year earlier in 1946.  Under restoration, doubtless to the same high standards as its compatriots is 250, another Roe CVG6.

United Counties, another fondly remembered local operator, was represented. 

GRP260D is an ECW Bristol MW seen returning after working a local tour. 

Also working the tour was this Alexander RL Leyland Olympian ordered in the early days of the operators place in the Stagecoach group. 

Kis Coaches from Northampton sent a large selection of vehicles including this Wright Volvo B7TL which started life with Lothian.

Country Lion operated a half hourly service linking the Festival with Wellingborough railway station

using a pair of Plaxton Panthers, one of which is seen at station.

An interesting selection of vehicles ran a circular tour of the local area with departures every 10 minutes. 

The sunny weather meant the open top vehicles were especially popular including this 1933 Weymann bodied Bristol G. 
Delivered new to Norwich Electric Traction Company it is preserved in a later guide when it served Eastern Counties as an open top bus. 
It is the only surviving Bristol G and oldest Bristol bus currently roadworthy. 

RM1403 is based locally and available for private hire.  It is seen taking its turn on tour duties.

Also on the tour was this preserved example of the relatively rare Optare Vecta mounted on the >MAN 11.180. 
It carries the livery of Seamarks, the erstwhile  Luton operator who had it when new.

This West Bromwich Corporation liveried Enviro 200 has an interesting history.  Delivered new to NCP Challenger it passed to London United when they took over NCP.  Further take overs saw it finish it's London life with Go Ahead.  Now preserved (complete with operational wheelchair ramp) the owner has painted it in this livery and named it King Charles III.  Whilst purists might object to the non authentic livery, it does look very smart and it is ultimately the choice of the owner as to the livery carried by their bus.

Andy Churchill

Here is a selection of the attendees at buses Festival 2023 at Sywell aerodrome on September 3rd .


Adam Green

Photos from Sywell Buses Festval Sunday 3rd September 2023


I had some difficulty selecting the pictures from three contribur/ors so as not to be repetitive. Ed.

DRT expanding in Buckinghamshire

Carousel Bus’ PickMeUp demand responsive transport (DRT) service in the Wycombe area is expanding.

The service’s catchment area is being expanded to include Flackwell Heath. Funded by a three-year central Government Rural Mobility Fund Grant, the service runs from Monday to Friday from 6am to 7pm. Mercedes-Benz-based Sprinter conversions by EVM are currently used on the service, which in March reached the 25,000 journey milestone. As part of the route expansion, an additional EVM will operate at the morning and afternoon peak, to keep up with demand.

Residents can book the bus via a smartphone app or by phone when they need to travel and have it pick them up from a nearby location convenient to them.

PickMeUp was launched as a pilot in September 2022 and had close to 100 people per day travelling by the end of the first week of service. By December 2022, this had increased to 220 passengers per day and the service continues to attract new passengers, now providing almost 1,500 rides per week.

After reviewing how the service is being used, and in response to requests from the local community, the council and Go-Ahead-owned Carousel Buses are extending the service to more potential passengers.

Luke Marion, Managing Director of Carousel Buses, said: “It is great to be expanding the PickMeUp service even further in Buckinghamshire. Since launching last September, PickMeUp has already benefited thousands of residents, providing them with an efficient, low-carbon, on-demand mode of transport in areas where our main bus routes cannot operate due to location, demand and vehicle size.

“The continuing popularity of the service demonstrates the role that demand-responsive transport plays in improving air quality and traffic congestion in the UK. We look forward to serving passengers in Flackwell Heath.”

“Carousel are enabling us to provide better and more sustainable transport options for High Wycombe” – Steven Broadbent, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport

Steven Broadbent, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “Having spotted a gap in regular bus services in some areas of the town and listened to local views, it has been really good to see growing numbers of people embracing the Wycombe PickMeUp as a convenient and greener way to travel. Carousel are enabling us to provide better and more sustainable transport options for High Wycombe and we are pleased to be continuing on the next step with them.”

Gavin Francis provides current usage of the PMU fleet

The Sprinters are mainly used for the PMU but on September 4th were also working a local route as well.

Over the past weekend many of the services in High Wycombe have been renumbered which has drawn comment from local users. Arriva did however make a number of changes to displays to indicate what was to happen and from day one using the destination  displays to good advantage. However the positioning of the route number to the right of the screen is not in accordance with regulations !

Gavin Francis has provided a number of pictures to illustrate this.

On the 2nd most buses carried this alternate on their destination screens.

The same day the buses were showing the rou,te numbers all passengers are familiar with.

By the 4th new route numbers were in use.

Remembrance day made a small  variety to the new route numbers.

The Citaro was in good use.

Deckers transferred from Aylesbury included 5457, 5459 and 5460. The last was being used for an 800 service !

 One is not sure if all the 280 branded E400s are to lose same but here 5462 and 5463 have done so !

The changes are certainly proving of interest. Ed.

Upcoming OXBUSES meetings

A reminder about our meetings this autumn:

Wednesday 13 September

Geoff Bushell: Maltese Buses History and Preservation Part 2: restoration of the two buses he is preserving 

Wednesday 11 October

Matt Bullock Heyfordian Services 1947-2023 

Wednesday 8 November 

John Hammond: Cooks of Biggleswade - a Bedfordshire Coach Operator 

All meetings will be from 7 to 9 p.m at the Norman Brown Room 2, Rose Hill Community Centre, Carole's Way, Rose Hill, Oxford, OX4 4HF. 

Oxford Bus Co service 3 passes the centre and services 3A and Thames Travel service X40 pass within five minutes walk. 

A bar is available after the meetings. There are snacks but no meals are served. Parking is available.

    A day out with Jack Cooper   

Jack Cooper

On Thursday, August 31st, I had another great day out by bus, travelling through Newbury, Basingstoke, Heathrow T5, Bracknell and Reading. Here is a list of the journeys I had made.  

X2: Abingdon to Didcot - 230


X34: Didcot to Newbury - 622


Link: Newbury to Basingstoke - 18081 


731/730: Basingstoke to Heathrow T5 - 762 

703: Heathrow T5 to Bracknell - 737 


X4: Bracknell to Reading - 731 


X40: Reading to Oxford - 927 and X1: Oxford to Abingdon - 691 


I was also lucky enough to get photos of 10433, 10434, 10436 and 10438 in Basingstoke. 10433 and 10434 have been repainted into the new 'local' livery, however 10436 and 10438 are still in the Beachball livery. 








As readers will see there is enormous variety of vehicles and operators around Heathrow. Ed.





Many pictures with variety which I hope readers enjoy. Ed. 

Paul Coley from Stoke Mandeville

Managed to get a decent photo of the penultimate Arriva 9 journey towards Stoke Mandeville Hospital this evening, taken as the bus turns from Orwell Drive. The paper route number, I think, probably says it all about their Aylesbury operation now, which is just a shadow of its formal self. Red Rose have the route to themselves from tomorrow.

I believe the 150 journeys are also going to MK depot, leaving Aylesbury with just three routes but five ( if you include the variations) - 280/X8, 300/X30 and the 500, with work for around 22 buses.

For me, route 9 has come full circle. The 9 was operated via Walton Court by Red Rover, until that cracking little business was taken over by LDT. Of course, LDT eventually morphed in to the wider ownership of Arriva. The late Chris Day, formerly of Red Rover of course, help set up and run Red Rose, who now commence operation of route 9 again on Monday. 

A couple more photos taken at Stoke Mandeville Hospital this evening,
with a good load heading towards Wycombe on Arriva 3024.

Revised timetables are already in posted for the changes, which include the withdrawal of Arriva 9.

Red Rose 9 departures are listed, but the route is missing from the headers, which isn’t really going to help intending passengers use the replacement service.

Also, within the headers, the 300 isn’t shown, nor is the 130….just the very infrequent X30 and the scholars only S130. Not sure what the Council is doing here, but it certainly isn’t at all helpful.

Tony Bungay about Aylesbury changes with routes via Stoke Mandeville

As the last Arriva Aylesbury local service, the number 9 effectively finished today, though operationally yesterday. I thought a small brief article with photos from previous years to the final couple of days would be of interest. 

The ‘Buses’ magazine in carrying an article sometime in 1980, made the journalistic comparison regarding the MAP project in Hereford and the decision by Midland Red to cease using the towns bus station, as being akin to the Ravens leaving the Tower of London!

It is perhaps therefore that this comparison or similar no doubt has no doubt gone a number of minds since Arriva announced their withdrawal from operating the last Aylesbury local service a few weeks ago! 

While they have been in competition with Red Rose on this route for a few years now, it is ironic that the service number and some of the route was originally introduced by Aylesbury independent Red Rover in early 1979. 

At the time the then new housing estate of Walton Court and nearby Hawkslade were poorly served by Buses. The nearest services were along Churchill Avenue (which still constitutes a section of the 9)  operated by United Counties Town services 369/370.

Red Rover proposed a cross town service numbered 9 from Walton Court to at the time Rabans lane industrial area.  This was in the pre deregulation area, so objections from United Counties who also countered with a new service 355 in the traffic courts. Produced a situation where United Counties and Oxford south Midland were granted permission to operate a joint service to Walton Court, United Counties numbered 355 and Oxford extending their local service 262. Red Rover at this stage were granted permission to only operate in the morning and afternoon peaks, and for the first two weeks of their operation passengers were carried free! 

I think with the introduction of the North Buckinghamshire including Aylesbury in January 1981 a more co ordinated arrangement between the operators in the town generally took place. United Counties I think renumbered the service 551 and operated it as an across town service. 

With the break up of United Counties and deregulation, again for a short period the new Luton and District and Red Rover renumbered and revised routes. Though within 2 years Red Rover was taken over by Luton and District, which led to a period of a number of years where all Aylesbury local services were virtually with one operator other than possibly any council contracts. 

About eighteen years ago Buckinghamshire County Council launched the idea of Rainbow Routes, this being that specific buses were colour coded to their route. In the case of the number 9 a couple of fairly new mini pointer Denis Darts were painted in the then Arriva style, but in Red. Thus the number 9 become Red Route 9 and operated from Bedrove estate across town to Walton court and Stoke Mandeville Hospital. After a number of years traffic congestion impacted on reliability, so the route was split at the town centre with the Bedgrove section being renumbered 8, which was coloured Pink, no vehicles were actually painted for Pink route 8.

This left the number 9 to continue, and as Arriva withdrew from operating other local services it obtained the honour of being the last local service they were operating.    

Vehicles used on this service over the years have ranged from former London Transport DMS and a collection of secondhand Leyland Nationals by Red Rover. United Counties/Luton and District Leyland Nationals and less often Bristol VRT. Into the Iveco and Mercedes Minibus era, to for what was quite a while mainly Mini pointer Dennis Darts and Optare Solos. More recent times have seen any vehicle operating this service. 



The pictures above represent those in use from 2015 to August 31st 2023.

As always if any other readers of this news page have any information etc they can contribute, to fill in gaps in the story. This will be most welcome.

Chris Huntingford in Oxford with spikes

As many will know, the St Giles fair in Oxford is occurring, and resulting in buses rerouted. For three days, many routes are travelling out of the west end of Broad Street. But to do so, they have to fit between the building site of the new hotel that was Boswells store, and a number plate recognition camera. 

Unfortunately, the fit is extremely tight. Further, the camera has anti-climbing spikes which are horizontal, almost like knives. I suspect they are difficult to see in mirrors. Already one Stagecoach S1 has a scratch most of the way down its side, just under the upstairs window. 

However, what is really frightening is the spikes are at exactly the level of the handrail on the open-top bus. Anyone with an arm dangling over the side but looking up at the colleges is at real risk of losing a limb.

Please see the picture.

Nobody likes a “do-gooder”, but this looked so awful, I reported it at the travel centre in Gloucester Green, and the tour bus staff were brilliant. Within a few minutes, all drivers had been told to stop on Broad Street, go upstairs, and tell everyone to move away from the right-hand side of the bus. 

I hope someone will query how this happened, and why beforehand, the spikes were not removed from the camera as a temporary measure.”

 “[Update on the 4th September – OCC acted extremely quickly and have removed the spikes – so hopefully everything much safer now”.

Richard Sharman

Plaxton Panorama 50443 is seen making a late evening departure from Oxford to London
passing through the ever changing skyline of the city centre,
with a new building recently being completed opposite Westgate, seen behind The Castle Pub.

     Fleet News and developments   

View changes to bus services and timetables | Buckinghamshire Council

Adam Green

3741 on the 500 to Aylesbury yesterday afternoon, September 5th.
This has now moved from High Wycombe to Aylesbury. Ed.

Malcolm Crowe

Cressex depot on September 2nd showing 3580 seemingly withdrawn.

Gavin Francis

63315 working the X74 pull out of Bridge St, HW, on September 2nd.

September 4th sees two more buses working the X74. 63313 and 63374.

Luke Marion - Managing Director

On the fleet points Malcolm, we have two x new ex-Xelabus E200s, these are 520 and 521 and are currently at Thames Travel. These will be upgraded to Euro 6 and then transferred to Carousel for use on the County Rider services 581/583. 

At the moment we have 531-534 on loan at Carousel covering for these two x E200s and some other pending cascades, these are the 4 ex-London and ex-Cornwall vehicles you mention on your site this week! 

We have two of the four Tourismos delivered now and the remainder are due later this month. 2 will initially be loaned to Pulhams to help them until some new Irizar coaches are delivered there.

Pulham's saves the day for charity after Heyfordian closure - Bus & Coach Buyer (

We are putting some temporary TT vinyls onto 520 and 521 for the time being. 

531-534 are going to have the PCB / Cornwall vinyls removed in the near future as it is likely these will be staying with us for a while.

Grahame Wareham

I had to visit the JRH today so took advantage of the bright weather to take a few OBC shots,

665 SK66HTY and 902 NK20EKW both on X3's .........pity the destinations didn't come out.

Also 521 YY66PDZ which, although has Thames Travel legal lettering, is destined to go to Carousel along with 520.

Both 520 and 521 originated with Xelabus of Colden Common near Eastleigh and are ADL Enviro 20D 29 seat vehicles.

Andrew Webb

were using a variety of double deckers on services into Slough on August 31st.

Gavin Francis

Carousel took over the 275 to Oxford on August 28th with some interesting buses  purchased to operate this service on August 29th. However Tetsworth is currently not served due to emergency roadworks with services routing via the M40 or Thame inbound.

401 again leaving Bridge St with 505 in Oxford Road and 409 at the depot on September 2nd.

431 at the depot and 461 working the 103.

869 followed by 879 leaving Bridge St with 505 on September 2nd.

Sprinter 978 leaving Bridge St with a 39 on September 2nd.

532 at Stokenchurch with the 275 on September 1st.

534 working at Coachway Wycombe on September 1st.

Scania's working the 27 and 41 on September 4th.

Single decks hard at work on September 4th.

938 heads for Windsor on September 4th.

Graham Low

532 is seen rounding The Plain with the 275 on Septemb4er 1st.

Jack Cooper

241 is currently at Pulhams as at September 6th.

I travelled on 531 on August 29th.

Jack Cooper

Tourismo's 26 and 40 filmed at two locations in Heathrow on August 31st.

CSS 202 is seen in Magdalen Street East on August 29th.

MMC 604 in Magdalen Street West on August 29th.

668 branded for route 6 in Magdalen Street East on August 29th.

Richard Sharman

The new 'part of Go-Ahead' branding is now being rapidly being applied to the Oxford Bus Company fleet on vehicles in current liveries. Hopefully, the Pulham's Coaches fleet will follow suit and show the first signs of its new ownership.

Of particular note is the Airline-liveried Tourismo's feature the new corporate branding underneath the OxfordHeathrow&Gatwick section of the livery above the rear axles, rather than near the Airline branding, making it look like the said City and airports are now part of the Australasian-owned group!. 


Jack Cooper

241 is currently at Pulhams as at September 6th.

Kevin Fuller

Pulhams YX69NZE works route 51 in Stratford-upon-Avon on September 1st.

Graham Low

Here are views of one of the ex Xelabus E200s now with Thames Travel and on route ST2 in all red livery, at Wytham JK Field Station, and at the Plain.

They seem to have displaced two of the Connector-branded E200MMCs for the ST2 to Carousel at Wycombe, on school work, apparently. I'm sure there is a good reason for this. 

Jack Cooper

520 seen on August 29th.

Richard Sharman

Recent ADL E200 additions 520 and 521 are seen operating on Thames Travel's ST2 service, as the evenings start to draw in. 521 seemingly pressed into service prior to having its destination updated from its Xelabus days.

Recently acquired 520 working the ST2 in Oxford and 521 showing SPECIAL SERVICE on September 1st.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

August 2023 Update 

Reading Buses

TfL specification BYD AD Enviro400EV demonstrator LD72XZS arrived on 11 August for loan until 22 September, and has been allocated fleet number 1004 for the duration of its stay. It will mainly be used on greenwave 50.

Seen in Reading by Jack Cooper on August 31st.

We are expecting two diesel demonstrators from ADL in September, one existing with Voith gearbox and one new with ZF gearbox. They are likely to be used on claret 21a during their stay. 

411 returned from repaint on 7 August, renumbered 311 for its new role as a training bus. It has also been registered RG53 BUS.

717 returned from seatback replacement on 3 August

708 went away for seatback replacement and full retrim on 3 August, returning on 22 August. The retrim is to an amended design that will be used on greenwave and generic branded 706-9. Some of the replaced trim is being recycled to maintain the others as/when they are damaged.

721 went away for seatback replacement on 20 August and returned on 28 August.

714 went away for seatback replacement on 28 August. 

1208 transferred in from Thames Valley Buses on 1 September, following repaint into a special Reading Buses Pride livery.

788 transferred in from N&D on 15 August.

795 transferred to Thames Valley Buses on 21 August (ex Green Line 702).

760-2 went on loan to N&D from 21 August (ex Green Line 702). 

Withdrawn 183 remains on site, and has been registered back to its original YK05 CBV (ex RG05 BUS).

807/808 have been sold to Centurian Travel, departing on 11 August.

Ancillary vehicle 355 was sold on 11/08/23 to a private buyer.

Ancillary vehicle 357 was sold for scrap to A1 metal recycling on 18/08/23.

Newbury & District

760-2 have arrived on loan from Reading Buses, entering service on 21 August. They have received temporary Flightline 730/731 branding on base emerald livery (ex Green Line 702) for use on the new Flightline 730/731 service until the new Volvo / Plaxton coaches arrive.

788 transferred to Reading Buses on 15 August.

1402 has been withdrawn for disposal, and is currently stored at Reading.

 Thames Valley Buses

141-44 entered service on 21 August.

795 transferred in from Reading Buses on 21 August after receiving Flightline 703 lettering on base Green Line livery.

1208 transferred to Reading Buses on 1 September (ex Green Line 703).

1203 & 1204 are pending imminent transfer out (ex Green Line 703).

Martin Dowling

As usual Reading Buses provided services to the festival last weekend.  The main route was 98 from station north to the festival site.  Quite a number of vehicles are needed for this to provide a frequent service, including some from Newbury (including 1207 seen in the photo), generic buses and others liveried for particular routes. 

A second service (route 97) ran from the festival site to and from Friar Street in the town centre.  Both of these routes have run in previous years, but there was another route this year which I think is new.  This was route 99 for staff which ran to and from the station to Norcot junction via the festival staff entrance.  Passengers for this were required to show staff ID so I imagine this was a free service paid for by the festival organisers.  Gas bus 428 was in use in the photo. 

Recently an ADL Enviro 400EV demonstrator, LD72XZS, ran on route 50 to Green Park using fleet number 1004 (Reading usually numbers demonstrators as 100x).  Looking online this is, or is to be, London Ee100.  There is a short video on youtube showing it leaving St Mary's Butts and going into West Street.

TfL specification BYD AD Enviro400EV demonstrator LD72XZS arrived on 11 August for loan until 22 September, and has been allocated fleet number 1004 for the duration of its stay. It will mainly be used on greenwave 50. We are expecting two diesel demonstrators from ADL in September, one existing with Voith gearbox and one new with ZF gearbox. They are likely to be used on claret 21a during their stay. 

There is a new service from Reading to Caversham Heights on Sundays, route 40C  which is interworked with the X40 to and from Oxford.  The new 40C parallels Reading Buses route 22 which now only runs from Monday to Saturday.  This will provide a half-hourly evenly spaced service for Caversham Heights on Sundays. 


View changes to bus services and timetables | Buckinghamshire Council 

Gavin Francis

The 130 has a significant allocation and in a few minutes Gavin saw MX09HHN and YX12AZN in High Wycombe on September 2nd.

More on September 4th, LJ09KPL and YX10BFZ working the 130.

Gavin Francis

Y21RRT seen in Stokenchurch on September 3rd.

Y21RRT first saw service as YX61FZC with First London as DM44360 seen on September 2nd 2016.

E3RRT works route 40 on September 4th.

Graham Mildenhall

Appears Red Rose had an issue with a vehicle earlier this pm according to a message I got from them via Twitter so I started looking on to see what they were doing. 

Spotted ex Whitelaws SF66ARV ADL E200D showing as a 616 to Aylesbury (Waddesdon to Aylesbury schools service) but it was in fact half way between Aylesbury and Bicester and looked a likely candidate for a replacement vehicle. Sure enough on arrival in Bicester it started showing as a 25 so a well timed visit outside resulted in the attached image which you may like to use on a future page. 

Not sure how many of the hourly trips they missed as a result but I’ve not seen a 25 as heavily loaded as this one was for a while! 

10991 seems to have returned to Swindon following a short loan to Oxford.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10679 in Magdalen Street East with a 2 service on August 29th.

15987 and 15993 on August 29th fitting into their new home.

27714 works the S4 whilst 36981 and the blind is blank on August 29th.

Richard Sharman

The former Stagecoach South ADL E400-bodied Scania's seem to be doing well in the Oxford fleet, and most are in various stages of debranding. 15991 has now had most of its Coastliner vinyls removed, apart from on the rear, although the seagulls remain!.

It also seems rather ironic that the other half of this batch of the 64-plate Scania's that were at Guildford depot can also be found operating into Oxford on the S6 service from Swindon...just on the other side of the closed railway bridge.

15991 on September 1st has lost much of its Coastliner branding by September 1st.

Kevin Fuller


I had a few days in Stratford upon Avon last week, and took the attached photos which you might want to use for the weekly newsletter.  An interesting, compact town, with most services provided by Stagecoach, although some Pulhams and Diamond vehicles were also seen.  

Diamond work i.nto Stratford with  the N1 as seen on September 1st.

Livery variety in Stratford - 11227, 11229, 15672 and 15756.

CSS 18496 on a bright sunny day in Stratford.

19004 works Park & Ride whilst 10036 is seen with a 4 both in Stratford.


37138 and 37169 in the town.

All pictures were taken on 1st and 2nd September.

Andrew Webb

 Electric Leicester

Centrebus is one operator.

First also operate in the city

Roberts operate the Park & Ride

The Leicester Bus Partnership brings together Leicester City Council and all local bus companies to transform buses in the city over the next 8 years.  This includes a network of services run by electric vehicles branded 'greenlines'.  Three operators have invested in brand new electric vehicles for Leicester. 

The biggest fleet is operated by First who have selected GB Kite Electroliners for use on service across the city.  All are turned out in this striking green livery, 63559 passing Haymarket Bus Station being a typical example. 

The first electric buses to enter service in Leicester were a batch of Yutong E12s with Roberts for use on the park and ride network.  One is seen at St Nicholas Circle bound for the park and ride at Meynells. 

Centrebus has also turned to Yutong for electric buses, operating a range of models.  Smallest are a batch of three E9LFs which seat just 22 passengers and can be found working 'Hop!', a free city centre circular.  Fleet number 842 is seen in Southgates.

Despite seating just 22 passengers the E9LFs are dual doored with passengers using both sets to board and alight.  840 shows off the dual doors whilst acting as standby in St Margaret's Bus Station.  With electric vehicles being much quieter than their internal combustion powered cousins the hunt is on for a sound to alert other road users of the bus' presence.  The solution used on these buses is for them to make a croaking noise! 

Centrebus 850, a Yutong E10 shows off the generic 'greenlines' livery, seen passing Haymarket Bus Station. 

The operator also uses Yutong E12, with 823 being used on the Hospital Hopper route.  It is seen leaving Leicester Royal Infirmary.