Issue nr 276
Thursday November 16th, 2023

From the Editor

This week sees interesting news concerning new buses for our area.

Oxford Bus is taking delivery of its first electric buses.

Redline has received the four new Volvo/MCV EVoRa with the first one in service today, November 16th recorded by pig & bob

Arriva service 500 Aylesbury to Hemel Hempstead will be withdrawn in January as reported by Tony Bungay.

Jack Cooper visited Blackpool

The things one sees in Central London by Gavin Francis

Marble Arch on November 14th. Blink and you could miss it! 

Tony Bungay

Hertfordshire County Council Intalink website showing it’s update of Bus service changes for January 2024, shows that Service 500 Aylesbury to Hemel Hempstead will be withdrawn from January 7th, being replaced by Service X5 still operated by Arriva.

Seen no other details in respect of route or frequency as of yet, though evidently becoming a more speeded up service one assumes from the X suffix.

Plenty to speculate about at the moment until more details are known!

Ian McNeil

I've just looked through OCBP no 275: interesting as always!  

The Park's coach LSK 615 is certainly a busy one, as we can see it in Princes Street (not Princess Street!) in Edinburgh on rail replacement work, and then a week later in Holborn in London on what looks like a private hire job!

Neil Gow

Do you still see the school service 683 in Stokenchurch, which used to be run by Chiltern Bus and then Chiltern Automotive took over. I’m wondering what’s running on it these days. They have sold LX06 DZY now and seem to have replaced it with a 51 reg B7TL although I’ve seen that on the Harlequin Bray/Maidenhead run.

Gavin Francis responded

This is the bus Chiltern Automotive were running on the 683 this morning, November 10th.

It was WVL 149 with Go-Ahead and was a popular bus for wrapping. Seen from 2004 to 2014.

via Gavin Francis from Mike Walker

Have you seen this:

Battery electric bus in Paris.  Lithium Ion are prone to this.  Luckily, no one was on board at the time but they might not be so lucky in future.  Same goes for the rail industry. 

Also, it now appears that the Luton Airport fire was started by the batteries exploding in a diesel-hybrid Range Rover, not a simple diesel car fire as the authorities wanted everyone to believe.  Then there’s e-scooter battery fires… 

      Coach visitors to Oxfordshire     

David Beynon

Some of this week’s pics, I believe the Luxe Neoplan is a former Heyfordian vehicle.

Visitor variety on November 16th.

     Fleet News and developments   

Jack Cooper

There are now on two of these Wrights allocated to Wycombe/


The pictures above usefully show the route number changes now in use at High Wycombe


Citaros leaving The Eden with various services on November 8th.

leaving The Eden 3741 is now based at Aylesbury working a 300 service on November 8th.

4210 leaving The Eden with a local service on November 8th.
 Two more of this type have not seen use for several weeks.

These E400s are now seeing regular use in Wycombe especially on the Reading services.

5463 and 5468 with 280s at Carfax on November 8th.

Malcolm Crowe

3580 and now 2790 out of use at Cressex depot on November 11th.

4211 at rest in Cressex depot on November 11th.

Jack Cooper

StreetLite 63314 leaves High Wycombe for Slough with an X74 on November 8th.

Kevin Fuller

Picking up passengers in Thames Street opposite the theatre is First 69388, HY09AOT, Volvo / Wright Eclipse
working service 8 from Slough to Heathrow via Staines. 

Sister vehicle 69389, HY09AOU, also working on route 8, is seen in St Leonards Road, on what was the forecourt of the London Country garage,
which has been redeveloped into residential apartments. 

Service Changes from 26th November 2023 - Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel

The company will be making some changes to services in Oxford City and South Oxfordshire from 26th November to improve reliability, as well as introducing new connections funded by Oxfordshire County Council. Check the link above for full details.

Gavin Francis

Some workings of the 28 go to Stokenchurch as seen by 532 in New Road on November 15th.

This 28 worked by 987 seen in Studley Green on November 14th.

Jack Cooper

was in Wycombe on November 8th.

401. 402. 403 and 406 leaving The Eden with various services on November 8th.

409 leaving The Eden with a 28 service on November 8th.

532 and 534 leaving The Eden with 41 and 275 services on November 8th.

The two remaining ex Oxford Citaros, 860 and 870 leaving The Eden on November 8th.

Ex London 877 and 879 at The Eden on November 8th.

Ex London 882 leaving The Eden with 102 services on November 8th.

941 leaves The Eden with a 103 service on November 8th.

977 leaving The Eden not in service on November 8th.

978 working the 39 service on November 8th.

985, 986, 987 and 988 are seen in The Eden with various services on November 8th.

Kevin Fuller

Recent arrival at Carousel, ex Go-Cornwall, 2202, YY64GXK waits time at the Parish Church terminus of route 103, before returning to High Wycombe. 

Malcolm Crowe

977 is seen in the overflow yard on November 11th.

Now in preservation this Citaro, MB53, has reverted to its original livery seen on November 11th.

Alex Horwood

Vehicle no 713, the second Electroliner to be delivered, 702 being delivered last week. These are planned to enter service later this month, there are currently 4 on site at Cowley house no.s 701(713) - 704. Looking like one per day arriving this week.

The electric bus 713 to be 701 and my picture of another 713, a Solo working the 40 on November 15th 2019!

Gavin Francis

October Buses reports former OX 96 FF08OXF has passed to Alpine, Llandudno.

Jack Cooper

Still looks good, 70 seen in Gloucester Green on November 7th.

A question re route branding, is it really worth the extra cost? 610, 665, 670 and 686 on November 8th.

Citaro survivor 846 seen working 8 road at Carfax on November 8th.

One wonders how long these buses will last? Ed. 

David Beynon

513 at rest on November 16th.

Jack Cooper

248 seen in Westgate not in service on November 8th.

442 seen in Henley working the 23 on November 8th.

454 in Didcot with a X36 on November 8th.

602 seen at Carfax with an X40 on November 8th.

Richard Sharman

A new addition to the Pearces of Oxford fleet is this Yutong TC9, powered by a Cummins engine. Seen in Abingdon.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley


As a mark of respect to those who lost their lives in two world wars and other conflicts, most of the buses operated by Reading Buses will be displaying a poppy on their front in the run-up to Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. 

And as a thank you to armed forces personnel, Reading Buses will provide free travel to all those in full uniform, displaying their medals or have a veteran’s badge on show when travelling on the two special days. 

The company has also said that they have told bus drivers who wish to do so, that they can pull their buses over to observe the minutes’ silences on Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday to honour those who have given their lives. 

Reading Buses will also be making a contribution to the Royal British Legion charity appeal at the same time.

Kevin Fuller

Thames Valley 669, YX67UYL pauses outside Windsor Castle in Thames Street en-route to Dedworth with a service 2. 


I'm pleased to publish details of the four new Volvo/MCV eVoRa buses for the X20 Oxford service.

BV73MTE Vo B8RLE YV3T7U525PA213395 MCV B??F 11/2023 Redline, Aylesbury
BV73MTF Vo B8RLE YV3T7U527PA213494 MCV B??F 11/2023 Redline, Aylesbury
BV73MTJ Vo B8RLE YV3T7U529PA213495 MCV B??F 11/2023 Redline, Aylesbury Frame 458
BV73MTK Vo B8RLE YV3T7U526PA213499 MCV B??F 11/2023 Redline, Aylesbury Frame 462

Taj Khan

We have been provided with two  pictures of the new Volvos by Taj Khan.

BV73MTJ and BV73MTF from the rear near Aylesbury Station on November 16th

pig & bob

First day in service - BV73MTF works an early X20 into Oxford on November 16th.

Jack Cooper

was in Wycombe on November 8th

So long ! KH55KMH leaves The Eden with a 130 service on November 8th.

E200s leaving The Eden with 130 services on November 8th.

Gavin Francis

It was YK12AKN when seen  in March 2023 and now is Y29RRT seen at Studley Green on November 14th.

Unexpectedly, HJ02HFF worked the 40 again on November 15th.

Jack Cooper

was in Wycombe on November 8th

E3RRT and HJ02HFF leaving The Eden with 40 services on November 8th.

Dave &  Deric

Stagecoach West Period 7 Fleet Card, dated 10/11/2023. 

Here is our summary of the changes. As usual, changes affecting Stagecoach Oxford/Thames Transit highlighted in yellow.


Acquired Vehicles


Stagecoach South





Stagecoach West Scotland


Oxford Tube



Stagecoach East Scotland


Oxford Tube



Stagecoach North Scotland


Oxford Tube





















For Disposal




For Disposal



Oxford Tube


For Disposal








For Disposal







Stagecoach South



For Disposal






North Bristol (Megabus)


Stagecoach North East (Megabus)

We are aware that the new buses for Witney have started arriving, but these are not yet shown on the Fleet Card. As we write this, we have heard that 11747-11753 have so far been delivered, but you may have more up to date information.

Tony Gaze

Recently transferred 10441 on 94X (had Cheltenham & Gloucester legal address) Gloucester on November 11th.

ex Stagecoach London 18490 outside Curry's store on Eastern Avenue, Gloucester on November 11th.

New buses due for Witney are as hereunder.

11747   YX73OYS AD E40D SFD938ER7PGX32266 AD N445/1 H47/32F /2023 Thames Transit
11748   YX73OYU AD E40D SFD938ER7PGX32267 AD N445/2 H47/32F 11/2023 Thames Transit
11749   YX73OYV AD E40D SFD938ER7PGX32268 AD N445/3 H47/32F 11/2023 Thames Transit
11750   YX73OYW AD E40D SFD938ER7PGX32269 AD N445/4 H47/32F 11/2023 Thames Transit
11751   YX73OYY AD E40D SFD938ER7PGX32270 AD N445/5 H47/32F 11/2023 Thames Transit

George Candelin

Driving past Witney Depot today I saw YX73OZB in the yard, I couldn't park anywhere

Jack Cooper

Scania 15758 is seen passing Carfax on November 8th,

Colin Ashcroft

Various pictures from Bicester when South ran the Rail Replacement on November 10th.

Andrew Webb

The large Palestine rally on 11 November caused extensive traffic disruption across central London, not least around Sloane Square and Kings Road where at dusk a continuous line of buses stood either out of service awaiting an opportunity to turn or still nominally in service but without passengers who had long since opted to walk.  Also caught in the jam was the Poppy Oxford Tube.

Evoking the poem '
For the Fallen' by Robert Laurence Binyon it is seen 
'At the going down of the sun' on the 11th day of the 11th month.

David Beynon

50445 has now lost its branding ready for repaint.

Jack Cooper

Two current examples of the fleet, the old, 50427 and the new arrival 50453 at Carfax on November 8th.

Kevin Fuller

White Bus Optare Solo KFK 941 works the P1 park & ride service past the Soldiers Statue on the corner of Park Street, Windsor.

     London operations    

Andrew Webb

'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters' is a science fiction series available on Apple TV from 17 November. 
Arriva's LT739 is one of several buses wrapped to raise awareness amongst viewers, seen here on 11 November at Chancery Lane.

With Christmas rapidly approaching drinks companies are competing for a share of our festive spend. 

Travel London's LT165 urges us to raise a glass with Peroni beer.

Whilst RATP's  OME46031 prefers BruichLaddich, a single malt from Islay. 
Both are seen approaching Notting Hill Gate on 11 November. 

Fashion is another competitive sector in the Christmas market.

Travel London's LT706 is promoting Gant's flagship Regent Street store as it heads north through Elephant and Castle,
 whilst fellow fleet member LT26 is seen at Trafalgar Square advertising Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo.

It is on a short working to this point owing to road closures arising from the Armistice Day events at the Cenotaph and the large Palestine rally passing through Victoria.

The Lord Mayor's Show took place on 11 November, officially welcoming Michael Mainelli to the role, the first American to hold the title.  The show is always a good opportunity to see all over adverts which only appear for the one day and the 2023 edition was no different. 

E15 from Go Ahead's Commercial Services fleet gained this advert to promote Army Cadets to the thousands of spectators who line the street. 

Former Stagecoach London TA78 is now part of the Ensignbus fleet.  ATFX Group, an online foreign exchange broker,
used it to promote their sponsorship of The Duke of Edinburgh Cup which is a series of charity golf tournaments.

The large Palestine rally on 11 November caused extensive traffic disruption across central London, not least around Sloane Square and Kings Road where at dusk a continuous line of buses stood either out of service awaiting an opportunity to turn or still nominally in service but without passengers who had long since opted to walk. 

RATP's LT677 escaped the gridlock by performing a nifty three point turn in the Kings Road and returning west. 

Gavin Francis

visited London and profided these photos from November 14th.


Arriva and Go Ahead London.

London United and Metroline.

Tootbus and Topview

Magtec to repower 15 Tootbus B9TL open-tops to battery-electric

Magtec to repower 15 Tootbus B9TL open-tops to battery-electric - routeone (

Kevin Fuller

Not many takers on a damp morning for the Windsor tour on this Golden Tours Volvo / EvoSeti part open topper, seen in Thames Street.

  Reader's visits outside our area 

Blackpool with Jack Cooper

I found this very interesting as it is now many years since I visited the town. The buses are grey and cream, the trams are not green with the exception of vintage stock. So a far cry from my days pre National Bus with Ribble now Stagecoach and the seeming convoy of co.aches during the season  heading for the coast, however still very interesting. Ed.

Blackpool Transport - Enjoyable Travel Along the Fylde Coast 



Visiting coaches

Al's & Daish

I can cast my mind back to the '40s and '50s when as well as Blackpool Transport there was Lytham & St Annes who ran gearless Leyland's and even inb those days Blackpool's buses were full fronted with centre entrances with  platform doors. 

So many memories and the lights each year including the year In was driving a Melba Leyland Tiger Cub with Burlingham body and the rain was so strong I realised my driving position  was being rained upon and my legs and feet were soaked. The Burlingham did seem to leak ! Ed.