Next issue will be on December 23rd.


Next weekend will see me having a break and after this page the next issue will be on December 23rd, which being the Christmas Issue will be a bumper production!

This last week saw the opening of the new Bus Interchange in Newbury with six bays for services to use. The new Interchange is located at The Wharf, which ironically was the site of the old pre '70s facility and so results in a return "home".

Bob Morley of the Newbury & District Transport Group has provided pictures of the new facility and also the very last service bus from the now closed Newbury Bus Station in Market Street.

Jet Black 1206 is seen before departing on the 10.35pm to Thatcham Broadway on Saturday, December 1. 

Bob writes "The following day, Sunday December 2nd, all buses and National Express services started using the new facility on the Wharf. The Market Street site is now planned for redevelopment.

On Thursday, December 6 It stopped raining but was still very dull. Attached are some of my pictures of the new Newbury Bus Station in the Wharf, Newbury this afternoon."

It is very basic, open to all the weather and no real time information.

On December 6th we see various services included in Bob's pictures.

It is interesting to see Mansfield's Bus Station last summer also by Bob Morley.


Generally things have been relatively quiet over the past week but as ever there are still some items of interest.

Once again some further pictures of the 66 service from years gone are included.

It's the 66 again

From Michael Wadman

Stagecoach 66 (and in one case 65) photos attached. The filenames should be self-explanatory, but let me know if you have any queries.

All these pictures by Michael Wadman

Swindon and District 904 P904SMR in Swindon on December 7th 1996 now over 22 years ago.

Do you remember reading in a previous issue that Oxford and Marlborough services were linked when this picture was taken?
Swindon and District 903 P903SMR leaves Oxford's Gloucester Green on March 25th 1999.

Shortly before national numbering was introduced Swindon and District 411 P318EFL seen passing through Oxford's Frideswide Square on July 4th 2001.

A batch of these buses including Swindon and District's 20683 N403LDF, and seen in Faringdon, worked this route when this picture was taken on September 27th 2004.
National numbering was now applied.

Not the 66 but the 65, Swindon and District's 32319 N319AMC is seen in Swindon Bus Station on October 15th 2005.

We mentioned in the first article on the 66 that coaches worked the route, as seen above when
Swindon and District's Volvo Plaxton 52157 L157JNH is seen by Swindon's Bus Station on December 7th 2005, now over 13 years ago.

Other news

SNCF to sell loss-making Ouibus services

Ouibus Setra DV159BF seen in London's Park Lane on March 15th 2016 by Malcolm Crowe .

French state rail operator SNCF is to sell its loss-making Ouibus European intercity coach network to online ride-sharing carpool firm BlaBlaCar.

Ouibus runs a route to London and has ben hit by intense competition in the European express coach market, that also forced Megabus to exit in 2016, passing its routes to FlixBus.

Apps and a website enable BlaBlaCar users connect drivers and passengers willing to travel together between cities, sharing the cost of the journey.

This happens at as time when National Express had only recently agreed a working arrangement! I wonder what will happen now?

Undercover bus mission

The bus has more use than just a mode of transport as it appears that Police officers used a double-decker as a portable undercover base for catching motorists using their phones at the wheel.

The operation saw officers filming from the top of an out-of-service National Express bus in Great Barr. In just 90 minutes the officers caught 19 drivers who will now receive a £200 fine and points.

Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society

Matt Bullock, the Chair writes "Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 11 December, beginning at 7.15 p.m. at The Tree Hotel, 63 Church Way, Iffley, Oxford, OX4 4EY.

The main part of the meeting will be the Chairman's Annual Grand Christmas Quiz. As in previous years you are also invited to bring along any interesting models or books that you may like to show to other members. 

As usual a wide range of food and drink is available in the bar before the meeting."

Anti-Brexit bus with the slogan 'B******s to Brexit' seen in Oxfordfordshire.

Pictures were sent to me of the bus in question, an ex National Express Levante. It was seen around Oxford yesterday, December 8th.

After this the bus set off for a brief stint outside the Ashmolean Museum, before it headed towards Banbury before carrying on with the rest of its tour from Britain to Brussels

 It happened and I make no comment either way but it is a bus and of interest!

Pictures of the Caetano Levante operated by London Retro Bus Hire - FJ60EGD - with a wrap seen in Banbury taken by Theo Freeman.

Feedback on those pictures from last week.

From Jim Wright


Hi Malcolm, the picture of this bus is on A4185 between Rowstock Corner Roundabout & Harwell IBC/AERE.

Houses in distance are by roundabout, otherside is Nissan Rowstock.

Good to see some old stuff in newspage, keep up the good work.

From Andrew P. Tyldesley


I'm sure someone local will have worked this out by now, but I like these photo location challenges so my offer of the location of the photo of BSB311C as the junction of Dudley Lane/ Skirmett Road between Skirmett and Hambleden, based on the topography and road junctions, link to Google maps below:,-0.879223/Fawley,+Henley-on-Thames/@51.5911036,-0.8793245,126a,35y,359.39h,45t/

BCS 994S

The location of the second photo of BCS 994S, a former Western SMT Daimler Fleetline / Alexander with Motts, also taken in 1981 is Upper High Street, Thame - The Fox pub in the background is now Smarts Fish & Chips,  link to Google maps below:,-0.9763712,3a,75y,266.17h,77.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stNxJZX7gioQYxYP-YU0aqQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Well done to Jim Wright and Andrew Tyldesley for their correct answers.



It is with great sadness to learn of the passing of Steve Wimbush. 

Steve passed away peacefully after a short illness on 26th Nov. 

He was was an avid enthusiast of buses and lorries. He was editor and producer of newsletters to both Thames Valley & Aldershot & District Bus Interest Circle for buses and the same for the CVRTC, the lorry group.

He will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts and condolences  go to his wife Barbara and family.

His Funeral is at Breakspear Crematorium, Ruislip, HA4 75J, 17th Dec 2:45pm.   


So far there are no reports of the imminent re-numbering of certain buses within the Midlands & Shires fleets.

From Tony Bungay

"A couple of shots 3011 in Aylesbury on an awful  Wednesday 5/12/18 working the 300 despite the side branding! These vehicles do appear on the 300 not infrequently, but have been difficult to get a photograph for various reasons, even this one the light levels were bad.

Another example of questionable route branding by modern bus companies. 

On a more humorous note, it seems todays cut throat want it yesterday delivery market has affected the traditional carrier of packets, that plus working all night in the open seems to have persuaded Santa to supplement his income by working for Arriva! As a late update I since found out Santa was doing it for the noble cause of a children's charity, full praise to him!!

Here he was caught doing an X30 on 6/12/18, unfortunately destination did not come out, or he has not adjusted that he only needs to do a certain route not everywhere!!"

Charlton Services have introduced a new type of vehicles to the Oxfordshire area, the BMC Falcon.
The two vehicles formerly operated with First Halifax YJ06 ATO 68642 and Transdev 104, YK55 AUC.
Report and picture by Richard Sharman.

Sevens 69920 is seen on a working to Heathrow on December 1st taken by Joshua Sammons. 

The fleet in Wycombe seems to have settled down at present with no "odd" buses reported.

In the absence of any new pictures I am including three pictures as a "blast from the past" taken nearly 20 years ago when Oxford Bus owned what eventually became Arriva in High Wycombe.

Only very recently repainted in pseudo Thames Valley livery, Olympian 229 then Wycombe Bus
with a special 39 service at Stokenchurch on July 31st 1999 by Malcolm Crowe.

Originally purchased by Bee Line in a yellow livery, 305 is one of the buses acquired by Oxford Bus when they purchased the Wycombe operation.
This was a Leyland Lynx and in its day a rather nice bus. It is seen in High Wycombe on July 19th 1999 by Malcolm Crowe.

Some of Oxford's own buses were transferred to Wycombe as seen above with 624 in Speedwell Street, Oxford with a 275 working by Malcolm Crowe.
The picture was taken on May 3rd 2000, nearly 19 years ago.

Richard Sharman writes "COMS 304 is seen making an extremely rare stop in the Village of Yarnton whilst running dead to operate the Christmas at Blenheim car park shuttle service.




The last COMS service to operate through this village and stop at this stop would have been the X50 from Oxford to Stratford-upon-Avon, some 20 plus years ago!!!"


Airline 63 is seen operating an early Saturday morning X90 service with the new style destination display.
Report and picture by Richard Sharman.

X90 69 is seen dropping off on St. Aldates with one of the sn-ap departures from London.
With regard to the Sunday Birmingham sn-ap service, it would seem that Travel de Courcey is used on some journeys
 as a Tourismo was noted this afternoon heading for Oxford with sn-ap window signs.
Report and picture by Richard Sharman.

Citaro 846 is seen on the Botley Road heading towards Abingdon on the City 4. Seen on November 8th by Richard Sharman.



Red Wrights 660 (Southbound) and 661 (Northbound) are seen with 300 services on Sunday, December 9th by Gavin Francis.
Note the different way the destination displays are used.


From Graham Mildenhall


"Just arrived in Abingdon to attend the local beer festival and rather surprised to find COMS 659 departing on an X3 back to Oxford. Glad it was before I had a few beers or I might not have believed it!!"





Still wearing Oxford Bus Company red is is 214, now with Thames Travel and seen operating the T1 on November 8th by Richard Sharman.

From Richard Griffin

"On Friday morning (Dec 7th) I saw this Citaro which had broken down in Magdalen Street East, just as the Kardos chap finished readying it for towing and drove off."



From Ralph Adams

From 15 December, the 143 will change. At present the bus operates from Reading Bus garage Mondays – Fridays and from Wallingford on Saturdays. From this date, all services will be from Reading.

From 2 January there will be several changes.

X39 etc. The PVR is 10 with all buses starting and finishing at Wallingford. From this date, 2 start and finish at Oxford and 2 start and finish at Reading. Various morning services and evening services are either introduced or cancelled as a result.

X2 / X33 etc. Various changes with a few additional services starting and finishing in Didcot instead of Wallingford.

98/99 Great Western Park. Off peak, buses will regularly be extended to Diamond Drive will a new route 97 from Diamond Drive to the Broadway. No extra buses will be required. 

Most buses from Newbury and District now have their reading fleet numbers applied. 

in Oxfordshire

From Jim Wright

The three Bicester P&R Tridents, on loan from West, are kept at Bicester outstation.

At weekends when the Tridents are not required they are parked at Network Oxford as seen in this picture taken 18321 on Sunday, December 9th by Gavin Francis.
The branding is fun as it many miles from where the 63 runs!!

MMC 10436 is seen with a 7 working by Debenhams in Oxford on Sunday, December 9th by Gavin Francis.

Unusually for a Sunday, 106669 is seen with an S5 service in place of the expected Gold. Picture by Gavin Francis on December 9th.

From Theo Freeman

Stagecoach Banbury 37403 E200MMC with its new Rail Replacement destination screens

Banbury do a Rail Replacement from Oxford station (leaves 2210) to Banbury on behalf of GWR. At Kings Sutton there is a place called Kings Sutton Village Square which has something to do with the trains and needs a services so that's why it runs. I believe 37403 does it every night as it is the only bus with the destinations. The GWR rail replacement now uses two buses - as at December 8th!

Banbury's 34471 unusually on the 500

From Blair Cameron

My older readers will remember 18053 being a Brookes Bus many years ago.

18053 with the IK10 in Dunfermline on December 4th 2018 by Blair Cameron .

IK10 bus Route Timetable and Stops:

The IK10 bus (Direction: Inverkeithing) has 23 stops departing from Masterton Primary School, Dunfermline and ending in High School, Inverkeithing.

IK10 bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 07:58 and ends at 07:58. Normal operating days: weekdays.


From Gary Seamarks

54307 has returned to Bedford after it's issues last month, have been informed that all the Elites are having warranty work done by Plaxton's at Ely outstation of East, going across one at a time. Ely it seems is the place where problems are solved, remember that all other Depots have very little space to long term work on a vehicle without causing issues.

No news on 54208... yet..... 


From Theo Freeman

Theo writes "Leamington's 36944 on the 501/502 in Great Bourton and then Banbury Bus Station."



From Theo Freeman

Stagecoach Swindon 10984 E400MMC on the S6, but with destinations I have never seen before? The location is of course Gloucester Green, Oxford.

West's 10984 with an S6 service leaving Gloucester Green on December 7th by Theo Freeman.
The destination was incorrect and the bus should have shown Faringdon for Swindon. At Faringdon the destination should be changed to that shown!!!!

From Ralph Adams

Ralph writes "Last week I saw 20280 R720RPY as a training bus in Oxford. It was at Cheltenham but it is not showing on the fleet cards as transferred although a controller informed me that it has been around for a month."

A month ago M A N 22378 was on loan to Oxford from West as pictured below by James Freeman on November 8th.


Gordon Scott writes "Stagecoach West Scotland Cumbernauld depot has 50241 - CN61FBC Van Hool Astromega seen with Megabus  £1 branding removed. It is ex South Wales."


From Ralph Adams

Unfortunately Simon was unable to speak today but welcomed to walk around. The parking area has considerably expanded with the concrete ramp for steam cleaning almost removed, the adjacent building half demolished, the rear completely flat, the recovery lorry not in evidence and the ability to park considerably more vehicles.  The extensive workshop area for 6 buses is probably excessive for a fleet of about 35 buses.

We (Roland was with me) spoke to a member of staff who believes they are not moving but the area will be shared with Thames travel. There is now considerable room – hopefully enough for both fleets, but possibly not quite enough – see X39 above, although the X39 will now involve dead mileage to and from Wallingford

The 3 unused Olympians have now gone. Roland saw one leaving in November – destination unknown.

The 3 B7TL now have a fleet name of Camberwick and fleet numbers (all painted Green)

451 CW51 TOP  named Windy

452 CW52 TOP named McGarry

453 CW53 TOP named Snort

I presume the names have something to do with Camberwick Green but not my age group. They always seem to be in the yard – do they have school contracts?

The 3 AD E200 have had their Kennetbus names replaced with Orbiter. All are for sale by Chartwell (dealer)  at £77000 + VAT – anyone want to run a bus company? Meanwhile all are still at Didcot. One is used daily on a school contract to Our Ladies, Abingdon and then does Tesco contracts.

Also at Didcot are old Darts LK55ADV and LK55ACY. I believe these are stored on behalf of Chartwell but not on Chartwell sales list.

I was informed today that there is a sign at Wallingford garage that relocation to Didcot would be in March. No exact date on the sign.  

Other areas of interest f

From David Gray

The Steven Knight Media page reports the sale of Abellio Enviro 400s SN12APF/APK/APO/APU to Ensign Bus and thence to Big Bus, London. These were formerly Abellio 9553/4/5/6 and, of significance that 9553/5/6

 were stored this year at Walters Limousines.

From Gavin Francis

Golden Tours have this ex Stagecoach Trident with a wrap for Wembley Stadium seen in London on December 9th.

Holdsworth t/a Robinsons of Great Harwood's 290 BV66VGR, a Volvo B11R 9700 C53Ft by The Ashmolean
on December 9th.

Gordon Scott writes "Lothian Country 1032 - LXZ5418 Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini seen on new route X18 Edinburgh to Armadale which started on Sunday, December 2nd."


This was new to First Centrewest as VN37920 registered BF60VJA later moving to Metroline.
It was a dual door in London.  Picture by Gordon Scott.