My goodness, the weeks pass by so quickly it seems that Sunday comes the day after last published. What happened to those days in between especially as we have a great deal to get through for this issue since I am publishing two issues in one!

Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society

Matt Bullock, Chair OBES, advises that our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 20th at The Tree Hotel, Church Way, Iffley, Oxford, OX4 4EY, at 7.15 p.m. when Paul Statham will give us a talk with the intriguing title of "Around the world in 80 Buses".

The December meeting will be on Tuesday, December 11th (n.b. this is the second Tuesday of the month), when we shall have the Chairman's Grand Christmas Quiz, with a prize for the winner.

As always meals and drinks are available before our meetings. 

This issue of OCBP

In this issue we have details of a fire in Bristol, a report by Graham Low from the NEC on EURO BUS expo 2018, Oxford's 201 takes to road in it's new guise as a City Sightseeing open top, words from Nigel Peach on the reappearance of Arriva's 3864, another appearance of Coach Miles, Thatcham ex tube 50206 on rail work again, brand new tri-axle E400 XLBs for Lothian with pictures from Paul Hawkins and Gordon Scott, some pictures from Gavin Francis on his visit to South Kensington and much more as always.

Giving some a shock from the lettering on the side!! Oxford Bus 368 at Queens College on November 6th by Luke Marion.

Oh, where's my top gone? City Sightseeing's 201 ready for its first journey in service on November 12th seen by Luke Marion.
Sometimes the sun can be a real problem at this time of year!

Improvements planned for A40 between Witney and Oxford including an Eynsham Park & Ride.

Oxfordshire County Council has revealed plans to upgrade the stretch mentioned in the heading, including a new Eynsham Park & Ride and an eastbound bus lane between Eynsham and the Duke's Cut canal bridge, near Wolvercote. The cost of this work is expected to be £180m.

It is hoped the upgrades will ease congestion on one of the county's busiest routes, which is used by up to 32,000 cars every day.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2019, if funds are approved, but residents can have their say 
during a consultation period starting on November 30.



Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) has unveiled the brand new 100-seat Enviro400XLB three-axle double decker, developed in close collaboration with Lothian and chassis manufacturer Volvo. 42 of these high-capacity buses will enter service in Edinburgh from January onwards. They are manufactured in Falkirk, securing jobs and adding value to the Scottish economy directly and via the extensive local supply chain.

The Kelpies are 30-metre-high horse-head sculptures featuring kelpies, standing next to a new extension to the Forth and Clyde Canal, and near River Carron, in The Helix, a new parkland project built to connect 16 communities in the Falkirk Council Area, Scotland.

Lothian's 1066 seen posed for publicity pictures by The Kelpies - picture courtesy Alexander Dennis Ltd  (ADL)


Further publicity pictures from ADL.

With Lothian’s services in the Scottish capital seeing consistent patronage growth, the operator collaborated with Alexander Dennis to develop the 13.4m Enviro400XLB. Offering 100 seats and able to carry up to 131 passengers in total, it delivers unrivalled capacity for busy routes in the capital, while its front and middle doors will speed-up dwell times at bus stops. It has been built to even higher standards than bus users in Edinburgh are familiar with, with comfortable high-backed seating, Wi-Fi, USB charging, mood lighting and audio-visual stop announcements.

Alexander Dennis’s Enviro400XLB is the first bus for the United Kingdom to be mounted on Volvo’s recently launched three-axle B8L chassis, powered by the efficient 350hp Euro 6 D8K engine.

ADL Chief Executive Colin Robertson handed over the first bus to Lothian Managing Director Richard Hall on 8
th November in a ceremony at the manufacturer’s Falkirk plant that was attended by Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson, and representatives of Scottish Enterprise, Transport Scotland and CPT Scotland.

Richard Hall, Managing Director of Lothian, said: “Buses are the lifeblood of Edinburgh and the Lothians, transporting over 350,000 customers every day and are integral to the local economy. We are delighted to be able to work with other businesses who share our passion for innovation with a commitment to deliver a high quality, reliable and unique product for our operations in Scotland, which could be utilised in the wider UK market. We look forward to continuing to build on our strong relationships with both Alexander Dennis and Volvo and are excited about the future of public transport in our country.”

Colin Robertson, ADL Chief Executive, said: “Customer collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Alexander Dennis and we are proud to work with Lothian to meet their exacting requirements as they are renowned as a leader in delivering an outstanding customer experience. As a company headquartered in Scotland, building buses again for Edinburgh is a great source of pride for the employees at our Falkirk factory and we look forward to further developing our relationship with Lothian.”

Nick Page, Managing Director of Volvo Bus UK, said: “The Volvo B8L is already a well-proven chassis in demanding environments in a number of cities in Asia Pacific. I am delighted and proud that long-standing customer Lothian has once again worked with Volvo Bus to bring further innovation to the streets of Edinburgh in the form of a high specification, high capacity double deck bus. The new vehicles will help to reduce road congestion and with it further improve air quality, both of which are key to driving the quality of life in Scotland’s capital city.”

The Enviro400XLB shares its body structure with the market-leading two-axle Enviro400, which has been designed for the requirements of British and Irish bus operators. This ensures a high degree of commonality between the models for ease of maintenance and repairs.

The Enviro500 has a different body structure and remains Alexander Dennis’s three-axle double deck product for international markets.

More pictures from Gordon Scott and Paul Hawkins

Lothian 1063 on test plus 1063 and one other from the rear on November 9th by Gordon Scott.

1066 looking rather new outside the ADL works in Falkirk ready for publicity pictures to be taken. Seen by Paul Hawkins on November 8th.
Well done to Paul for sending in the first picture I received.

Lothian's crest by Paul Hawkins.

One surely has to agree that these new 100 seaters are currently the ultimate development of the U K double deck city bus! I first saw my first new bus in 1946, being a Manchester Corporation Daimler CWA6/Duple 56 seat relaxed specification utility bus. Ones vision of the future could not foresee where double decks would be 72 years on!!!

See a similar bus at this link - mine was 4216 on a Sunday morning:  https://farm5.static.flickr.com/4317/36155646036_b94816456c_b.jpg

New Abingdon service from Thames Travel
Thames Travel has introduced a new bus service in Abingdon, following funding support from Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council.
The 41 service operates hourly between peak hours, Monday-Friday. The route is similar to the previous 41, which operated until July 2017, but now continues cross-town via Audlett Drive and Hadland Road to the White Horse Leisure Centre. 

A history of route 66 now the S6

In 1922 COMS operated service 10 via Abingdon and Wantage, and 13 via the main A420 road via Kingston Bagpuize. Both COMS and BT had reached Faringdon by 1922, but it was not until 1951 that a through service was introduced.

The Bristol Omnibus timetable dated April 1947 shows eight journeys each way between Swindon and Faringdon on its 68, some of which extended to Bampton

By 1951 the main road service was 66/67 and so the through Oxford - Swindon service was numbered 66. Some of
Bristol's 30C's Swindon area routes were in the series 61-78, with gaps - others were upwards from 182. Its' 66 was a relatively minor route operating three times Mondays to Saturdays to Cricklade, so rather than renumbering that route, 74 was chosen for the Oxford service instead!

Indeed it was in 1951 that the through service was introduced between Swindon and Oxford when the through Oxford- Swindon service numbered 74. Sometime between 1956 and 1958 Oxford participated and numbered the service 66 but Bristol insisted on retaining number 74!! This continued from  Summer 1958 but from 1967 the service became 66 for Oxford buses and 466 for services operated by Bristol Omnibus (Swindon depot.) The 67 (a wholly COMS operation) operated between Oxford and Faringdon via Stanford in the Vale but there were only a limited number of services.

However, while COMS acknowledged what was now BOC's number, there was no reciprocation by the latter in its timetables.
Eventually BOC dropped its former number, and since then both operators used not only 66, but also 67, 68 and their 4xx equivalents.

In the early 1980s the two-hourly headway was continued by what had become the Cheltenham & Gloucester Omnibus Co (CGOC), trading locally as Swindon & District, and South Midland.
At this time we can trace the use of route number 68 for some departures as well ?? It may be that the Bristol controlled company still objected to the use of 66???

Swindon and District AAE659V Leyland National 2 in the then current NBC livery for that unit, this time on the 68 in 1984 by Tony Bungay.
The National 2 is seen in what was then Gloucester Green Bus Station bordered by Worcester Street.

Swindon & District Bristol RE 2070 GHY132K seen again in Gloucester Green in November 1985 by Tony Bungay, some 33 years ago!
COMS (Oxford) had some of these dual purpose Res which were used on London's and were lovely warm machines to ride on.

The above pictures have been used previously but were most appropriate to this article.

By now, though the Sunday service was down to two journeys each way, with through passengers being required to change at Faringdon, whereas before this the Sunday service was just two Oxford and two Swindon through journeys per day!

At deregulation, however, South Midland which had no depot in Oxford, diverted its weekday service to operate Wantage-Faringdon-Swindon. This left what was by now the Western Travel subsidiary in the unfortunate position of continuing its three journeys each way — surely the nadir of the route. By one of the many quirks of deregulation, the two Sunday journeys continued as before, with South Midland operating Oxford-Faringdon and Swindon & District the western section.
It took the purchase of the Western Travel Group by Stagecoach, in November 1993, to revive its fortunes — and how! Various vehicles were used from those early Stagecoach days and it was operated by service buses recorded from 1998 by Malcolm Crowe.

Those early days shows the local fleet numbering scheme used until the early 2000's when a National scheme was adopted and a revised livery introduced.
Above we see Swindon & District's 901 (later renumbered 32901) leaving Gloucester Green on September 29th 1998 by Malcolm Crowe.

As with any nationally controlled group buses and coaches from other areas migrated to different companies and this is shown below by this Volvo/Alexander PS new to Stagecoach in Manchester.

This PS was variously with Gloucester, Cheltenham and then Swindon, 417 then later renumbered in the national scheme 20817
seen leaving Gloucester Green on August 2nd 1999 by Malcolm Crowe. 

For a period from around 2005/6 a batch of 1995 Volvo/Alexander PS 48 seat DPs (401-409), originally allocated to Gloucester and Cirencester were moved to Swindon and given a refurb' used on the 66 to Oxford. They by then had fleet numbers 20681-20689 and became regular visitors to Gloucester Green.

Volvo PS 20684 seen working service 98 in Cheltenham on August 26th 2008 by Marcus Lapthorn.

20685 with a 66 working in Faringdon heading for Oxford on April 7th 2008 by Marcus Lapthorn

First is 20687 with a 66 in Faringdon on April  7th by Marcus Lapthorn and then leaving Oxford on May 24th by Gavin Francis both in 2008,
later seen at the Alton Rally on July 20th 2017 by Marcus Lapthorn, a nice development!

20688 with a 65 working to Watchfield leaves Swindon Bus Station on July 17th 2012 by Marcus Lapthorn.

A 65 working to Swindon sees 20689 with a 65 in Faringdon February 14th 2012 and then again heading out of Faringdon on July 8th 2012 both by Marcus Lapthorn.

The now withdrawn 65 route ran a few times a day between Faringdon and Swindon through Fernham, Longcot, Watchfield, Shrivenham, Bourton, South Marston with only three full journeys per day - Mondays to Fridays only.

Former 65 timetable at this link:       https://smpc.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/bus-service-65-timetable.pdf

West's Leyland Olympian 14271 with the 65 near Faringdon on April 28 2009 by Marcus Lapthorn.

On January 29th 2008 the picture above shows the one double decker which was painted in this striking Swindon & District livery.
Leyland Olympian 14272 with a 65 near Faringdon by Marcus Lapthorn.

Now some variety on the route 66.

In  2007 coaches appeared on the 66 as seen above. Volvo/Plaxton 52265 with the 66 in Faringdon on July 16th 2007 by Marcus Lapthorn.

West's Volvo/Plaxton 52400 is seen heading for Oxford nearly in Faringdon with a 66 working on July 12th 2007 by Marcus Lapthorn.

Also between 2005 and 2007 small buses such as Dennis Darts were still used in spite of increasing passenger numbers.

Only a 36 seater, E200 33914 is seen leaving Gloucester Green with a 66 working on January 10th 2005 seen by Gavin Francis.

E200 33939 with a 66 in Gloucester Green on April 24th 2006 and 33504 on October 10th 2007 both by Gavin Francis.

An interesting development took place in 2008 when a batch of M A N Lion City/ADL E300s with DP48 seat bodywork, took to the road, being used on the 66. Of interest was that due to new EU regulations regarding services of over 50 kilometers (30.1 miles), they had to operate using tachographs, which meant drivers complying to EU regulations. You can refer to these at the following link:


The mileage from Oxford to Swindon via Faringdon is 48 kms which when the various actual route is assessed is over the 50 kms. Thus later, by 2011, it was decided to split the route into two sections thereby avoiding the E U rules which improved matters for rostering drivers. U K domestic rules allow drivers to work for 13 consecutive days whereas E U rules make it 6 days before a rest must be taken.

We've tried to make this simple for readers but it is not unusual here in the U K for routes to be split to allow domestic rules to be applied. This thus accounts for the fact sometime after the introductions of these buses the route was split and buses no longer showed i.e. Oxford via Faringdon but instead Faringdon for Oxford.

The new buses.

Brand new deliveries, 22620 and 22621 at Swindon depot on May 21st 2008 by Marcus Lapthorn.

This picture from Marcus Lapthorn clearly shows the greater length of these buses, with 22622 seen above on May 3rd 2010.

22623, 22624 and two pictures of 22625 (the first of which emphasising the length, showing the branding applied promoting the 30 minute service
and the blinds showing a "through" service" Pictures taken in 2008 and 2011 by Marcus Lapthorn.
The picture of 22623 taken on May 27th 2011 clearly shows the Faringdon for Swindon destination.

Trident 18178 with a 66 working just outside Faringdon on June 17th 2009 by Marcus Lapthorn.
and a month later after it had burst into flames at Shrivenham on July 18th 2009 photographer unknown.

In 2010 despite the introduction of the new "long" M A N s on some occasions E200s often appeared as shown in the two pictures below.

E200's 36127 and 36128 are seen in Gloucester Green (picture by Gavin Francis) and 36128 outside Faringdon (picture by Marcus Lapthorn.
These were almost brand new but seating capacity was reduced by 10 to 38 as opposed to branded buses.

Gold double decks replace the single deck fleet, offering a whole new experience for customers on the 66

Both pictures provided by Marcus Lapthorn showing the launch of Scania-ADL E400 Gold buses for the route on January 20th 2012.

Scania 15763 with a 66 working for Oxford in Faringdon on February 14th 2012 by Marcus Lapthorn.
The nice branding is very apparent in spite of the poor weather conditions causing a rather dirty bus.

On a pleasant autumn day 15767 is seen on its way to Swindon passing through the outskirts of Faringdon on October 12th 2012 by Marcus Lapthorn.

Things did not always go according to plan and in a period around 2015 ordinary double decks were seen on the service
as above 15975 is working the 66, leaving Gloucester Green on June 7th 2015 by Gavin Francis.

Quite often buses fully branded for the 55 route could be seen in Oxford and single decks also appeared even on rush hour services. At that time it appeared to the observer that scant concern was given to providing Gold buses on a Gold route!

Nowadays, the service has been re-numbered from 66 to S6 to fit in with the numbering of Gold services from Oxford. It is operated entirely from Swindon, with an incredible main daytime frequency of every twenty minutes during the week (with a PVR of nine), and half-hourly on Sundays.

The number of passengers using the 66 route has tripled since 2006! This contrasts markedly with the picture in other parts of the country where routes are being severely cut back

Stagecoach West has invested a fleet of buses for the regular S6 service, investing £3 million in a dozen premium Gold S6 vehicles at £250,000 per bus.

The new buses promise passengers extra leg room, leather seats, free Wi-Fi and USB charging points, and quieter engines. Drivers have undergone extra customer care training.

Guests and councillors went to a special launch event for the buses and Chris Parkinson, public transport team leader for Swindon Borough Council, said: “This is a very important service to keep Swindon connected with the major cities around us such as Oxford."

Stagecoach West Managing Director Rupert Cox said: “It is a major investment in the future of bus travel but one we believe is well worth making, both for our customers and the environment."

He added: “Each of the 12 vehicles in the new fleet cost £250,000 and they have the latest engine technology which means a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions and other particulates by 90 per cent compared to the buses they are replacing.

“We are determined to provide the best possible service we can for our customers and we hope even more people will help the environment and relieve congestion on our roads by taking the Stagecoach Gold bus and leaving the car at home.”

Stagecoach West's S6 ADL/E400MMC 10990 with management and drivers on September 24th 2018 by Bill McCartney.

Part of the new fleet at the launch on  September 24th 2018 by Bill McCartney.

From January 2012 when a fleet of Gold Buses were introduced on the 66 bringing increased comfort and service to passengers. This was further improved in September 2018 when a brand new fleet of Gold buses with all the latest options available. You can read fully about this in the article above with a £3 million investment in twelve new ADL/E400 gold buses on the route now renumbered S6 to fall in line with other Oxford based Gold routes.

Looking very smart indeed, 10983, a few weeks after the revised service was launched, leaves Gloucester Green heading for Swindon on October 3rd 2018.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

In rush hours the frequency is now up to every 15 minutes! Indeed now every half hour on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

You can see the latest S6 timetable at the under mentioned link.


(This article has been reproduced with reference to an article published by the Omnibus Society).  

Editor's note

This has been an interesting article to publish and if anyone can add information and dates this will be most welcome. It has been pleasant to work with Marcus Lapthorn on the detail and note that he has provided, along with Gavin Francis, many pictures to give a face to the work.

EURO BUS expo 2018

The event took place at the NEC in Birmingham and was attended by many enthusiasts as well as people from the industry. Sadly, in this year due a hospital operation, I was unable to attend and so have appreciated photos provided by Graham Low which give some idea of the vehicles on display at EURO BUS expo 2018.

Graham writes "the recent show at the NEC, including a MB Citaro Hybrid, an Optare Electric MetroDecker, and an ADL E400/City for Bluestar."


A tri-axle MB Tourismo (as recently ordered by COMS) and a Volvo/Plaxton Panorama (in the running for the next Oxford Tube fleet, as recently hinted at in Buses?)

A Wright StreetDeck fuelled by hydrogen (for the forthcoming Oxford LEZ ?),

A Volvo/Plaxton Panther LE (in which I overheard people talking about how suitable it would be for the X5(Oxford-Cambridge). 

"The Panorama seemed  rather well laid out with a better staircase and more room around the cab than on the Van Hools. Also there was some luggage space upstairs, and comfy seats.
The Panther LE was good too and would work on the X5. A trip to Scotland would be interesting as both the Plaxton newcomers are on Stagecoach routes.

Also Lothian's' 42 new Tri-axle ADL H100F /Volvo B8L are impressive newcomers".

Fire at ABUS in Bristol

Shocking pictures reveal the extent of the damage after a fire at a bus depot near Bristol Temple Meads railway station. Four fire engines from Temple Back and Bedminster were called to Kingsland Road at 1.45am on November 5.

It took 
firefighters around three hours to quell the flames, which took hold of 10 buses – six double-deckers and four single-deckers. Images taken in the light of day show much of the depot is now filled with nothing but the burnt-out wreckages of the vehicles. The charred hollow bodies of the vehicles are all that's left, alongside mangled metal and empty window frames.

Speaking from the scene, Tim Loughlin, general manager of Abus, said: "There will be a number of passengers who could be left at the bus stop which obviously we fully regret but the circumstances are beyond our control at the moment." He believes at least five of the company's buses were damaged in the blaze but insisted all its services would be running today.

The fire service initially said the fire was 'believed to be deliberate' but investigations now suggest it could be non-suspicious.

Ben Thompson from the fire service said it is working closely with the police to determine the cause, and added: "The investigation into the cause is still ongoing. There are a number of CCTV cameras in the area and those are being examined by police as we speak."Hopefully we will come to a conclusion on the cause of the fire in the near future."

Update on Abus November 14th

Traffic Commissioner, Kevin Rooney, has given a decision on Abus, (not related to the above event). He said the Bristol operator’s licence will be suspended from 11:59pm on 31 January 2019 unless the way the business is run is changed. Provided the operator is working positively towards restructuring operations to be fully compliant with the law, the suspension date can
be varied.

Interlude in South Kensington by Gavin Francis

Abellio have some rather aged buses around South Kensington as seen above. Some 09 plates have left the fleet but above is a 56 plate!!

Seen working the CT8 is rebranded DLP215 with a legible destination blind not the case when City Tour was operated by the originators of this brand.

An interesting Wrap on other than New Routemaster is this one for Innocent on WHV114.

Another less obvious Warp is For Michelin seen on this 74 working.

A more obvious one, this on a route 14 is for ISABEL MARANT which is very striking.

A large number of BYD Enviro 200EVs are in use in South Ken and we see some from both Go Ahead London and London United.
I think the body design is very striking!

With many thanks to Gavin for these pictures taken on November 6th, his total taken of 109 made a difficult choice for me to use in this piece.

A Blackpool visit by Tony Bungay

Not remotely anywhere near to our area, but perhaps worth including at some stage. Has a rail trip for the illuminations, so a couple of Blackpool transport vehicles on a rather dull Saturday November 3rd.

The group of Enviro 400 city were parked up outside Blackpool North station, the other shots in Blackpool itself, one with a Citaro alongside one of the current trams.

A Trident with East Lancs Lolyne body 322 PN04XDF seen near the Tower followed by Stagecoach and a Palladium Blackpool bus.

ADL MMC 425 SN17MGX passing the Tower, showing what must be one of the most attractive liveries around these days.

MMCs 439 and 450 parked up outside Blackpool North station.

A new Tram and a Citaro in Palladium livery pass on the seafront by the Tower.

As it was illuminations I enclose a couple of pictures too.

The Boat Tram, very popular with tourists, especially the children.

Another popular tram to ride on is the train.

Outside the Pleasure Beach with bus as well!

I love this picture with the Tower in the background which changes colour. How wonderful the 1934 double deck tram looks restored to its original livery.
Two Conductors work the trams at busy times.

Well, Tony's pictures have brought back happy memories from over 50 years ago when I drove buses and coaches to Blackpool with day trippers. Oh that The Coliseum Bus Station was still there with White Ladies and Royal Tigers. You need muscle and a good heavy foot to drive those Royal Tigers with a full load.

A few odd ones now for local interest.

Ex Abellio 8753 RN52FZA at Binders Yard, Wycombe on November 12th by Gavin Francis. Not sure who owns this now?

Seen at Ward Jones, Binders Yard this unidentified Bristol Lodekka on November 8th by Gavin Francis.

From further away

Lothian in day gone taken in Princes Street, Edinburgh showing Olympian 768 taken by Geoff Cunliffe.

ADL are being successful with overseas orders, above is an E500 triple door decker for the Swiss Post by Gordon Scott on November 9th.

Coastliners in York a year ago and more recently on November 12th by Gordon Scott.

I've received a report that Wycombe's Citaro 3928 has been involved in a serious fire at Hazelmere but I can find no trace of any such so I wonder if any reader can shed light on this matter?

Arriva/Wright 3618 is seen with a 34 working leaving the Eden Bus Station on November 15th by Gavin Francis.
Most of these are still in the now surpassed livery and begin to look shabby.

Again in the old livery, though treated so minor changes such as the black above and around the windows, 3863, once the pride of High Wycombe depot
is seen on the 300 to Aylesbury, its home depot, on November 15th by Gavin Francis.

A big surprise this last week has been the appearance in Wycombe of one of the oldest buses in the Arriva fleet , a DAF/East Lancs Lowlander 4707 - Y707XJF.
This bus is an Engineering Spare from Arriva Midlands Head Office and still retains the old Arriva livery.

Nominally Wycombe's oldest bus on permanent allocation is 6310 Y527UGC, a DAF/Alexander ALX400. and still retains the old Arriva full "cow horns" livery.
seen departing on a 32 service from the Eden Bus Station on November 15th by Gavin Francis.

Joshua Sammons took this picture of Citaro 3009 to Reading on a rather damp day, November 10th.

Joshua also took this picture of Citaro Max branded 3018 with a 31 working departing from the Eden Bus Station on November 10th.

From Nigel Peach

You mentioned last week Arriva's 3864 in new livery after a period off the road. It had certainly been off for a long time. By my records it is 3½ years since this bus last ran in service. I wonder if this is a record!

Can anyone add to this?

Arriva 3864 seen in FROGMOOR - HIGH WYCOMBE  on April 19th 2006 by Gavin Francis.


I received the following note of a First Bus problem in the Midlands which readers may be totally amazed about!


Another interesting angle was caught by Gavin Francis whilst filming at the Eden Bus Station on November 15th.

StreetLite 44560 with an X74 leaving for Slough.

Scania 216 with a 1A on its way to Pond Park Estate on November 5th by Gavin Francis.

StreetLite 409 is seen showing off Remembrance displays for the 11th! Pictured by Gavin Francis.

Solo 713 with a 103 to Watford on November 5th by Gavin Francis.

Mercedes 874 on route 104 to Slough on November 15th by Gavin Francis.

Scania 203, until recently helping put at Wycombe has now gone to Hants & Dorset Trim for conversion to open top! 

Hybrid 311 with the 4 in Frideswide Square on November 10th by Gavin Francis.

Most unusually 662 appeared working 6 road on November 8th as seen by both Gavin Francis and Graham Low.

368 Wrap for OPCSG at Queens Lane on November 5th by David Beynon.

During the Remembrance Day events buses on the north side of Oxford were using Broad St where we see 227 on a 2B service.
Picture by Tony Bungay on November 11th. 

I have an interesting picture of Scania 202 and 203 under conversion to open top at H&D Trim.

Picture by H&D.

Luke Marion advises that 202-204 will be re-registered SNZ1102, SNZ1103 & SNZ1104.

Already 201 has gone into service and Gavin Francis has provided some pictures taken on November 17th


It is hard to believe that this how 201 once looked, seen by Gavin Francis on April 30th 2011.

See under Editorial about a service change. 

Grant Palmer aptly registered BU51WAY running along the Busway on November 12th by Nick Ross.
This bus was from the Centrebus fleet.

YG67FGM near Mudds Bank, Radnage Turn on November 12th by Gavin Francis.

YG67FZP near Islip by the A40 on November 16th by Gavin Francis.

Now showing fleet numbers, the new Levante III coach SH246 - BF68LDD is seen in VCS on November 16th by Gavin Francis.

Kings Ferry is owned by NEx and here we see YN67VDC with a 722 working near VCS on November 15th by Gavin Francis. 

Emerald 766 with a 702 working in Bulleid Way GLCS on November 16th by Gavin Francis.

It is expected that the Newbury & District buses will shortly receive fleet numbers as outlined in issue 33. 

Dart Y251NLK working the 306 in the Eden Bus Station on November 15th by Gavin Francis.
Not sure about the white line above the windows, anyone know what it is for? 

in Oxfordshire

MMC 10433 with a number 1 at the Train Station on November 8th by Theo Freeman.

Dart 34472 waits time in Banbury on November 8th by Theo Freeman.


There is a significant article under the Editorial above on the 66/S6.

A significant poster by the Gloucester Green office seen on November 8th.

50206 has once again turned up, this time at Gordano Service as seen by David Beynon on November 11th alongside Pulhams PU15HAM.
This coach is I believe that used by Chris Maxfield normally.

Daryl Major sent this picture of 50206, now with Coach Miles of Thatcham seen at Bristol Parkway on November 6th. 

Megabus 54602 named "Isla Smiler" in Bulleid Way on November 13th by Gavin Francis.

Megabus 54610 named "Jenson Busson" in VCS on November 14th by Gavin Francis.
This coach replaces an older one used to promote Silverstone.



Worth's P200GTA in Oxford on November 10th by Gavin Francis.

Other operators and London

An Afternoon Tea Routemaster in VCS showing the ultimate Boo-boo !!! Registered 735DYE and therefore RM1735 it shows as above.
What a shame!!!!

Go London LT483 with Wrap for Ted Baker on November 10th by Gavin Francis. Now the eye brows do amuse!

Nice one! Original Tour with Christmas message in Bulleid Way on November 16th by Gavin Francis.

Metroline LT557 with Wrap for Scotch & Soda with a 16 on November 8th by Gavin Francis.