Publication delayed until September 30th.


I noticed an ex Dublin ALX400 on a school run in High Wycombe still in full Dublin livery. Sadly I was unable to trace where it had gone to so I'm sorry, no picture.

The last few days have been an "Indian Summer" with beautiful sunshine but not so easy for photography. I managed a few in High Wycombe but was limited to the bus station in the late afternoon!

Redline's Y734TGH leaves The Eden Bus Station to take up its duty on School Service 643 to Stokenchurch on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.
I think this bus comes into Wycombe on a 325 working from Aylesbury?

Proposed "World Class City"

Once again the local Oxford paper is talking about making the High Street one way and routing eastbound traffic via Broad Street and Holywell Street with westbound heading up High Street. This would be to ease traffic congestion with both moves aiming to give more space for cyclists and "get people off the buses. This, it is said in the report, would ensure Oxford is a truly world class city.

So a world class city with more cyclists and less buses. The report was commissioned by both the City and County Councils.

Then the report says Broad Street could be made one of the UK's great public spaces -  is this with buses, taxis and cars running through? The report adds that bus passengers taking short journeys - which the report notes are under 5kms - should be encouraged to cycle, to stop such heavy bus use across the city!

Well, without going into full detail, one feels compelled to comment that cycling is fine for the young and fit members of the population but what about the elderly - this is a population which is growing rapidly - and the very young, because cycling can be dangerous or at the least risky where buses, taxis and cars are mixed with cycles as any vehicle driver will tell you or are plans verging on the idea of Bayswater in London where traffic delays are significant since the cross London cycle highway was introduced and the cyclists don't always stay in the cycle lanes provided. Also when darkness falls, especially in our long winter nights so very many cyclists ride around without lights, ignore traffic signals and often put the lives and wellbeing of pedestrians at risk as well, as they wonder about their business.

Yutong zero-emission bus trial in Oxford is hailed a success

The Yutong E12 has successfully completed operations on two routes in Oxford, the 3A and 6, over the past two weeks.

The vehicle was placed on demonstration to gain further understanding of the capabilities and benefits fully zero emission vehicles could bring into Oxford and the surrounding area.

Key decision makers on the potential Zero Emission Zone for Oxford took a ride on the vehicle and were impressed by the technology and quiet ride

The feedback from customers and drivers was extremely positive, with many commenting upon the enhanced passenger experience, as well as the associated environmental benefits, says Yutong.

By Oxford Bus. - Phil Southall with Yutong Electric Bus. 

Phil Southall, Oxford Bus Company MD says: “Oxford is predominately a double-deck city, and our mix of city and rural routes dictate that the range required for a bus to run in service all day without a recharge is over 250 miles. “The Yutong E12 surpassed our expectations, completing over 14 hours, 140 mile plus service with energy capacity to spare, providing a potential distance of 180 miles on a single overnight charge.

“The feedback from all stakeholders was very encouraging and is a great start on our journey towards zero. The challenge to Yutong is to develop the product further to meet and surpass the operational requirements of Oxford.”

Ian Downie. Pelican’s Head of Yutong Bus says: “With over 23,000 full electric buses sold to customers in 2017, Yutong is the world’s leaders in electric buses. The feedback from Oxford has been invaluable, and the next generation of batteries with enhanced capacity are now available.

Our demonstrator has travelled over 40,000km with 12 different operators with no issues, and provides fully zero emission performance with fast, DC overnight charging.”

As a point of note I read that Shenzhen’s transport commission said on Dec. 27 that it had transitioned its 16,359 buses to all-electric models. This city has the largest all electric fleet in the world with its 17000 taxis are next with 53% already electric. We really are way behind this with only Stagecoach in Manchester planning a fleet of 150 all electric BYD/ADL E400's in the near future.

Amersham Running Day revised plans

Click to see the detail

The running day will now be based in Chesham Broadway. I submitted the plans to use Water Meadow car park to Chiltern Council, and unfortunately (and predictably) they were rejected them. There were various concerns, but the main problem is that they regard the site is too small to do what we require, while keeping a necessary amount of residents parking.

To summarise, on October 7th;

·       All buses will arrive at and depart from Chesham Broadway.

·       The ADMS gazebo will be set up close to the bus stops in Chesham Broadway.

·       Programme sales and the book launch will be at this gazebo.

·       There will be NO other sales stands.

·       There will be NO ‘Big Al’ burger van.

·       There will be NO ‘book launch bus’.

·       Therefore there is NO room for any static display buses (of any kind!).

I emphasise that the council have been very encouraging, and despite their objections to the use of Water Meadow, they really want the running day to go ahead.

Obviously, there is a real risk of confusion on the day, with people going to Amersham or to Water Meadow, looking for our event.

Fleet News

Both Gavin and myself have spent time in Wycombe over the last week enjoying the Indian Summer! However this can make photography difficult but there are still some interesting workings to record.

Notably Wycombe have at least two 300 branded Citaros, I suppose for their alleged share of workings on the 300. However yet again on Wednesday last (26/9) 30919 and 30921 were working local routes as my pictures show. Equally 800/850 branded Citaros as ever appear even on the 37 workings to Maidenhead. Recent arrival 2159 was seen leaving the bus station making an awful noise, driven by an engineer, on its way back to the depot! What a change from our once nice fleet of new E200s now long gone to the Midlands.

It sounded OK earlier on its way to Totteridge, leaving the bus station very quickly! Sadly not now but she is quite elderly aged 17 years on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.

Citaro 3919 departing to Chesham with a number 1 working to Chesham on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.

3921 works the 30 on September 28th seen by Gavin Francis.
Is it really worth route branding buses if they are not used on the intended route or is it just advertising?

3009 arriving from Maidenhead on a 37 working on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.

3537 arriving to take up a 33 working is ex ARRIVA Kent & Surrey ex ARRIVA London North DWL41 a DAF SB120 - WrightBus Cadet.
This bus had a large panel missing from the offside rear where the radiator filler is and looked very down at heel from the rear!

3931 departing to Aylesbury on a 300 working on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe. The last time we saw this bus was on our trip to Derby!
It was on Rail Replacement work!

The other Citaro we saw in Derby was 3932 which is now back home and is seen above on a 280 working in Oxford by Richard Sharman on September 22nd.

"Back home" is 3863, now based at Aylesbury and seen by Gavin Francis working the 300 on September 28th.

Gavin was anxious to get a picture of the recently renumbered 41 service to Great Missenden which on September 28th was worked by 6003.

The 300 service is now a mix of single and double decks, having at one time been predominantly single deck.
Here 6010 is seen with a 300 Aylesbury bound service on September 28th by Gavin Francis. The destination screens on these are very poor in sunlight.

Tony Bungay reports "On Hertfordshire County Council website is showing that Arriva 500 is being reduced in frequency from every 20mins to half hourly Monday to Friday and a new service 520 from Hemel Hempstead – Maple Cross. As the route is jointly worked by Aylesbury and Hemel Hempstead Garages it would seem reasonable to assume there may be a vehicle reduction somewhere."

A few changes are occurring in the Carousel fleet but some allocations maybe temporary. It would appear that Citaros 869 and 870 are "floaters" going where the need calls. However in spit of having Oxford Bus Company on the sides and Carousel on the front Scania 203 seems to be a more permanent fixture at present. Of note is that Scania 214 has moved to Thames Travel.

203 arrives on a 36 working and then is seen departing with another 36 service on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.
The desintation screens on this bus prove difficult to ensure "coming out" on a photograph!!

222 with blinds almost obsured by the very bright sunlight departs with a 36 working again on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.
This bus is totally devoid of any branding at all suggesting its time at Wycombe may be limited!

StreetLite 403 with a 102 Chiltern Hundreds working arrives from Uxbridge ready for the next departure again on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.

Solo 710 arrives with a 103 working from Watford on September 26th by Malcolm Crowe.

Photography at this time of year is often fraught with direct low in the sky sunlight and one has to select your location carefully.

I am always pleased by the number of contributors who support the page, even from far away. The picture below is from Carl Berry who lives in the West of England.

Airline coach 25 EF14OXF is seen with a Snap service in Bristol heading for Oxford on September 18th by Carl Berry.

Richard Sharman found a number of interesting pictures of coaches away from their normal workings.

London branded 75 is seen in St Aldates with a Gatwick working on September 22nd.

Coach 9 is seen with an X90 working heading into Oxford along High Street, again on September 22nd.

And again on September 22nd, Richard caught coach 24 climbing up St Aldates on its way to London Victoria with an X90 service.

David Beynon caught up with new painted and branded 601 with the 2A to Kidlington on September 26th. 602 is expected to follow in this livery.

Somewhat off route, 305 was caught in the lens of Giles Woodforde with a 2B working on September 24th.

Neil Beckley provided some interesting pictures which were just too late for the last issue. They were taken on September 18th.

Scanias 202 and 204, fully debranded, with a 5 road and a 13 road service in St Aldates.

New Brookes 374 is seen heading down High Street with a U1 service for Wheatley Campus.

Grey Scania 602 fully debranded with a 13 road service in The High. Maybe this bus has turned blue by now?

At the stop by The Turl on high Street 606, now fully branded, is seen loading for Wheatley Campus. 

Ralph Adams notes that there are six minibuses but he has seen an additional slightly smaller brown minibus, probably the same one seen on three different days since the start date, which he believes is cover for servicing. Seen again on Saturday September 29th, registration is BL15KLZ but no further details. It does not have any obvious sign writing but does have a destination box. Probably does not stay in Oxford when not needed as never seen it in the yard. 

Gavin Francis noted that Thames Travel 622 was in Oxford working the X2 on September 25th.

Ralph Adams reports Route 41, Abingdon Town Service, will restart with grant money from Abingdon Town on 21st October. This is an unfortunate start date as it is the Annual Fair Day with road closures so delays and diversions. It will operate between 9;00 and 14:00 so obviously off a school bus roster in Didcot.  Also on the same day 136 (Wallingford), 94 (Didcot) and T1 are having revised timetables – no details yet published. 

Gavin Francis spent an hour in Reading on Friday September 28th having kindly taken me to the hospital for a check up. His pictures are shown below.

419 YR13PNV with the 11 Bronze near Coley Park, one of two used on this route.

Lime route 2 with 432 in Friar Street heading for Mortimer.

E400 230 SN61BDF on the 16 Sky Blue service to Purley.

I had to look tiwce at this picture and wondered why orange and what 's the score? 1104 Not in Service heads through Reading.

I think this Bio Gas Bus is on the 17 and the last time we featured this on the page it was brand new leaving ADL in Falkirk. It is currently with Reading as their 106.

Reading were quick of the mark on September 19th when they had two E400 MMCs ex Weavaway on Football Specials.
Here is SN16OHJ alongside 707 in the depot.


We have been advised that the first of the new ADL Enviro 400MMC gold-spec vehicles for the Northampton-Peterborough X4 service has arrived at Kettering.


The return to main fleet service of Dart SLF 34466 at Banbury appears to have been short-lived and the vehicle is now in the Reserve Fleet.


Marcus Lapthorn notes that on  September 26th Swindon have retained some of the ‘old’ 66 route gold buses. Saw 15967 on the S6 route today and I have seen at least one other ‘old’ gold bus on different days.

Gold 10996 SN18KVE works a 94 service in Cheltenham on September 22nd by Carl Berry.

The vehicles transferred here from Rotala have been confirmed as ADL Enviro 200s (all B29F, 8.9m versions) YX09HZE, YX09HYY, YX09HZC, YX09HYW, BA02EAA (originally SF07URJ), YX09HZD, SF07VOB, EU08FHC, (ex Rotala 20515/17/20/25/26, 20806/21, 20910) and Optare Solo M950 MX08MYT (ex Rotala 20986). None are currently in use. 

West Scotland

The six ex Oxford tube Van Hool Astromegas that had been on loan to Stagecoach Yorkshire for rail replacement duties, 50201/06/17/18/19/25, are now for disposal and are parked up at Stagecoach Yorkshire’s Chesterfield depot. Confirmed as sold are Van Hool Astromegas 50202/03/05/07/08. Let's see anyone can advise who the sold coaches turn up with. 

John Marsh's annual contribution of the latest Delaine bus.

Delaine164 in Market Deeping returning to Bourne on its first duty in service on September 19th by John Marsh.

Planned for the next issue are reports on the Bedfordshire Steam Fayre by Neil Beckley , the current Weavaway fleet by Ralph Adams which we are advised is to be based at Didcot, pictures from Belfast by Gary Seamarks and developments in the West Midlands by Dylan Jones plus a report from Showbus by Clive Middleton. Additionally there will be local area updates and a host of pictures.

Various other contributions as mentioned have been left over for the next issue, as this week I had a number of problems which prevented me publishing as normal. My apologies if held your reports and pictures over.