This issue records several items of interest including more on the Magdalen Bridge cycle track, George Street to be pedestrianised during the day, Government support for buses with another £700 million and the Oxford tube reinstates the express journeys to and from London.

Well, last week's issue had some interesting information and perhaps the item of most interest was the introduction of the cycle lanes over Magdalen Bridge. Gavin Francis has provided some more pictures of the bridge road now in its present form. They certainly highlight the very narrow vehicle lanes supporting my comments from last Friday. A few comments made by readers as detailed hereunder:

Gavin Francis pictures

This picture, taken on August 13th, clearly shows the lack of road space for this "ambitious" cycle track layout.

The bus must move to the nearside even to pass a car!

If the idea is to allow cyclists to ride two abreast, I question the wisdom of this? The bus does not fit in the carriageway,
so how can the layout be justified?????????????

From Hugh Jaeger, Chair of Bus Users, Oxford.

Magdalen Bridge

Thank you for drawing attention to the recent changes to Magdalen Bridge. I have seen the new road markings. They do not look safe to me. 

Drivers for Oxford Bus Co, Stagecoach, Arriva and Red Rose are best placed to comment on whether the new markings are workable or safe. Bus Users Oxford would be interested to know what feedback those operators have received from their drivers. 

The bicycle courier service Pedal and Post has posted a video on Twitter and expressed the opinion that the new markings make the bridge less safe. In the past Pedal and Post has been unreasonably and aggressively hostile to buses. Therefore I am impressed that on this matter P&P may be in agreement with bus interests!

Showbus update from Martin Isles

A further SHOWBUSflyby update, as entries keep rolling in including what must be the first New Routemaster to visit the area, the SHOWBUS TRADERS VILLAGE, which we were looking to hold in West Wycombe Village Hall, is thanks to Peter Cartwright (Amersham & District Omnibus Soc) and Cllr Lesley Clarke is relocating to High Wycombe Market Place.

In addition to the High Street stalls will be located under the Guildhall and old Market Building.  Wycombe Town Council is supporting the event as an attraction to bring people back into the town.  We hope to display at least two old buses either side of the Market Building and Oxford-bound the flyby will be diverted along the High Street, each bus pausing for five minutes for visitors to admire.

For enthusiasts looking to visit the stalls access will be much easier by train or bus, easily within walking distance of all Wycombe services.

We also have an interesting piece from Jack Cooper on holiday in Dorset and an overseas item on Poland by Jim Wright.

An early evening picture of Swanage Station taken on August 12th by Jack Cooper.

Some of the beautiful scenery enjoyed by Jim Wright and his family whilst on holiday.

Les Burton

"You really should take credit for facilitating the production of the Gold Oxford model without your kind assistance it would not have been able to be produced."


Thanks for that Les!

News is received regarding the appointment of a new Engineering Director for Oxford. See under SC Oxford below.

Government extends coronavirus support for buses and trams, total funding tops £700 million

England’s bus and tram services will receive extra support worth up to £256 million to help them ramp up services ahead of expected increases in public transport use in September, the government has announced today (August 8th 2020).

Bus services across the country will receive up to £218.4 million of support over the next eight weeks, with rolling funding at up to £27.3 million per week afterwards, until a time when the funding is no longer needed.

From today, tram services also have access to up to £37.4 million over 12 weeks, at a rate of up to £3.1 million a week, with funding to be reviewed at the end of the period.

Currently, passenger numbers on bus and light rail services are significantly below normal levels despite the bus network now running at over 80% of normal service levels. The 5 light rail systems are also running at similar levels. The funding announced today will enable operators to mitigate the impact of the loss of revenue, while continuing to build back to normal service levels.

The latest round of funding – key to safely getting young people back in education settings and workers back to their offices – means total support during the pandemic for bus and tram services will reach at least £700 million.

More detail at this link:



 August 10th 2020 


·         Oxford Tube frequency to increase to up to every 10 minutes in morning peaks
24/7 service between Oxford and London set to return
Popular commuter express services via Baker Street reinstated
Reduced capacity and social distancing measures remain in line with government guidelines

Oxford Tube services between Oxford and London will be increasing from Monday 31st August to provide an improved frequency for commuters and visitors to the cities.

The uplift will see the frequency from Oxford to London increase to up to every 10 minutes during peak times Monday to Friday and up to every 12 minutes at weekends. Night services from London will also see additional journeys, providing a frequency of up to every 15 minutes on weekends.

The express services which run direct between Thornhill P&R and Baker Street on weekdays will also be reinstated. Four morning express journeys will run via Baker Street, providing an onward connection with Marylebone’s underground stations; a welcome return for commuters to the city.

Towards Oxford, five express journeys will operate (two in the morning, three in the afternoon) to give fast-tracked journeys from London.

The Oxford Tube was re-introduced on Monday, July 6th 2020 with a reduced temporary timetable. Although frequent departures were maintained in the peaks, the revised service will see an additional 388* journeys between Oxford and London every week.

Coaches are currently operating with a reduced capacity and therefore the increase in departures will ensure sufficient capacity is in place as the economy reopens.

Chris Coleman, Managing Director at Stagecoach in Oxfordshire, which manages the Oxford Tube, said: “Since the Oxford Tube service resumed on Monday 6th July, we have seen passenger numbers steadily rise week on week as people begin to return to work and confidence grows in the safety of public transport. With the school holidays now underway and London's museums and attractions reopening it is the right time to increase the frequency of our service to cater for increased demand.  

"Social distancing measures remain in place on our coaches; this includes the mandatory wearing of face coverings for passengers, reduced capacity and a "zig-zag" seating formation advising passengers to leave the seat next to and behind other passengers empty. Hand sanitisers have also been fitted onboard and we continue to thoroughly clean each vehicle, including touch point cleaning, at the end of each journey.

"We want to reassure customers that they can travel safely with the Oxford Tube should they wish to visit the capital's museums, parks and retail spaces as they reopen."

A full timetable is available at www.oxfordtube.com 

*Weekly departures between Oxford and London increase from 558 to 946

EX Express journeys run direct between Victoria and Thornhill P&R via Baker Street, serving Baker Street at the following times:

EX Express journeys run direct between Thornhill P&R and Victoria via Baker Street, serving Baker Street at the following times:

So we may expect the ex megabus coaches to resume service in part or in whole. 

George Street will be latest in Oxford to be part-pedestrianised

ANOTHER city centre street will be closed to traffic during the day to allow for outdoor dining and boost businesses.

George Street is set to be part-pedestrianised for one month from Saturday, August 22, to increase capacity for 11 pubs, cafes and restaurants.

A road closure will be in place between New Inn Hall Street and Cornmarket Street from 10am to 9.30pm each day, with businesses asked to clear their areas from 9pm. The move follows the pedestrianisation of St Michael’s Street, while outdoor seating has been set up in areas of Cornmarket Street and Broad Street.

An interesting collection of pictures from the past for this week's issue which I hope readers will enjoy.

An Olympian on route 66 in August 2020 !

Daryl Major was on hand to catch ex Stagecoach Olympian 14271 saying "I was lucky enough to get some night time photos of former Stagecoach West (Swindon based) Leyland Olympian 14271, recreating the 66 between Swindon and Oxford, of which this bus would of worked back in the early 2000s. Pictured in Shrivenham and Oxford. This bus is now privately owned and in very good condition! Taken on August 9th."

 now privately preserved, recreating the 66 route to Swindon via Faringdon. His pictures show the superb condition of this bus.

I always enjoyed driving Olympians, they were responsive and sounded nice Ed.

Michael Wadman

You will probably have heard that Smiths of Tring have ceased operation after 60 years, reportedly because of their services not being required by a major client during the lockdown. 

They were not a big operator of bus services, but during the early ‘nineties they ran a couple of local services into Leighton Buzzard: 62 from Tring and 71 from Northall. 

G146 TUR, a Volvo B10M-60 / Plaxton, picks up for the return journey on route 62 on 10th December 1994.

It is sad that a number of names of established companies are now ceasing trading. Ed. 

Julian Walker writes from Brixham

My next contribution is another news item and concerns two Brixham town services that were threatened with withdrawal at the end of July, but were reprieved after Torbay Council stepped in with financial support. I've also added a bonus footnote about William of Orange!

Brixham Bus Bounces Back


Country Bus of Heathfield, Devon (near Newton Abbot), cancelled the registrations for their Brixham town services 15 and 16 with effect from 1st August. However Torbay Council has stepped in with funding so the two services will continue for now. This is especially good news for residents of Summercourt Estate, which has already lost Stagecoach's 18A service; withdrawal of the 18A was already pencilled in for early September but the route was suspended from 30th March due to Covid-19 and is unlikely to return. 


Although Torbay Council has not supported any bus services for several years now, the make-up of the Council changed in 2019 when the Conservatives lost to No Overall Control. Currently the Council is run by a coalition of Liberal Democrats and an independent party known as "Torbay Independents" and they are seeking to put funding in place to support what it refers to as "secondary routes". A funding package is expected for the 2021-2022 Financial Year. 

These Solos were new to HTL in the North West!


Photo 1: Country Bus Optare Solo YJ11 EKO stands at the Bank Lane terminus in Brixham Town Centre on Friday 28th April 2017 before operating a route 16 journey to Ranscombe Road. The 15 and 16 are interworked with a single vehicle and driver and each operates hourly during Monday to Saturday shopping hours, with an hour's gap in the middle of the day for the driver's break. 



Photo 2: Two buses to Summercourt! On Friday 28th April 2017 Country Bus Optare Solo YJ11 EKO sets off on the last journey of the day, the 17.00 from Brixham Town Centre which takes in both Ranscombe Road and Summercourt, the latter normally served only by the 15. It will then run light to the depot at Heathfield. Alongside is Stagecoach South West Optare Solo 47105 "Beacon Heath" on the 17.05 route 18A departure which will operate via Summercourt on its way to Brixham. 



Photo 3: Country Bus Optare Solo at the Bank Lane terminus on Saturday 9th December 2017, about to work a route 15 journey to Summercourt. In the background is one of Stagecoach South West's then-new Hop-12 liveried ADL Enviro400 MMCs that had entered service only the previous month on the busy 12 route linking Brixham, Paignton, Torquay and Newton Abbot. 



Photo 4: Stagecoach South West Optare Solo 47692 arrives in Brixham on Monday 17th January 2019, its display already set for the return journey to Kingswear. The 18A was a self-contained service using a single vehicle, and was supplemented by route 18 which also runs hourly between Brixham and Kingswear but omitting the loop around Summercourt (for some reason referred to on the display here as Summercombe). 



Photo 5: To complete the picture, the other Brixham Town Service is the 17, linking the Town Centre with Wall Park and Furzeham. Stagecoach South West Optare Solo 47691 is seen at a near-deserted Brixham Quay on Monday 7th January 2019; in Summer this location is absolutely heaving with visitors. Note the statue of William of Orange, who landed in Brixham on 5th November 1688 at the start of what was to be known as "The Glorious Revolution"*


As route 17 takes exactly one hour for a round trip, it is interworked with route 18 which only needs 40 minutes for the run to Kingswear and back. This allows both routes to operate efficiently on an even hourly frequency using two vehicles. 


*The Dutch protestant, William of Orange, landed at Brixham at the head of a mercenary army intending to overthrow King James II, who was widely thought to have catholic sympathies. William had widespread support amongst the English nobility and James II chose, perhaps wisely, not to fight. Instead he was allowed to go into exile in France. In his absence he was deemed to have abdicated, and in 1689 Parliament offered the throne to William and his wife Mary, daughter of James II, to rule jointly as equals. 


Many of the mercenaries were Dutch and chose to settle in Brixham, marrying local women; Dutch surnames are still common in the town.


Thanks again to Julian for an interesting piece including the history. 

Jack Cooper is on holiday in Dorset


A first glimpse of Swanage depot for Go South Coast. August 10th.

There is a regular Breezer open top route from Swanage to Bournemouth, number 50.

Jack enjoyed his day  out to Bournemouth on August 12th, more of which is seen below.

Those buses not convertible have full sized rear blinds.

Another depot picture from Swanage showing non convertible eVoSeti 1703.

GSC more loading outside Swanage Station on August 10th.

Heading for Bournemouth as the evening draws in, 1704 in open top form, starts its evening run on August 10th.

Jack adds "You will notice a picture of a closed top eVoSeti. They are run in three configurations."

Damory, part of GSC, also work into Swanage as seen in the pictures below.

1013 is seen at Swanage Station.

Jack Writes "The Damory decker was on a service 30, presumably to Weymouth. This service is ran by more but seeing as Damory is Go Ahead South Coast I assume they use a mix of both companies buses." 

Bournemouth on August 12th

A stop by the station with two UNIBUS workings on route m1.

MMC 1649 is ready to leave towards Salisbury, a most pleasant trip from my memory 2008!

Working a 13 service by the station, 1674 a delivery from September 2019.

Two MMCs suitably decorated for UNIBUS service by Bournemouth Square, 1633 and 1634 on service m1

Wrights 129 with a service 4 comes up from Meyrick Park towards the train station.

Climbing out of Bournemouth Square, MMC 200 is heading east!

Levante III nr 351 seen in VCS on August 12th by Gavin Francis. (you see we have reporters from both ends!!!)

A fleet list : https://www.ukbuses.co.uk/fleet/yellowbuses.pdf

Again climbing out of Bournemouth Square, ex Lothian T502SSG seems quite well loaded.

Jack adds "I didn't stay as long as I wanted in Bournemouth due to the heat, it was unbearable if I wasn't sat in shade, but kept hydrated though. The open topper was very nice however to cool yourself down. 

So back to Swanage and a final look around this interesting two which offer steam trains, boats and buses!


A sad sight as this depot seems unused! 

For those interested here is a fleet list for Go South Coast updated August 8th.


London developments by Gavin Francis

At last a really good picture of the new Caetanos with the blind showing, 1509 on August 6th.

In a very striking livery, E400 9414 is seen in Brixton on July 30th.

E200 ENL50 is seen on diversion in Balham (Gateway to the South !

A selection of Arriva new Routemasters, LT's 1, 4, 732 and 740 seen either in Victoria or Brixton.
Gavin says that LT4 has seemingly had more wraps than any other LT!!! and LT1 is looking rather shabby now!

Go Ahead London and a variety of older buses in Morden. They are DOE15, E61 and SE33.
The E200 appears to have a Green Line route sticker but I can't believe this is fact?

HCT Group's 1760 seen near Canning Town working the 309. I can understand that a Solo might be full!!

Mum, is really a 52 says the young boy!!!! VWH249 is a recent wrap for "The NorthFace" working route 52 in Victoria.

A variety of single decks in use with RATP Quality Line seen at Morden on July 30th. 

One of the latest deliveries to SC London, MMCV 11354, working the 25 by Aldgate on August 4th.

I must say I thought that all these Scanias had left the London fleet. 15047 looks clean and tidy at Canning Town on August 4th.

A rear view of the only full electrics with Stagecoach working the 323, 29203 is seen at Canning Town on August 4th.

Trainers in varying liveries at Canning Town.  36562 and 36567 are busy training new drivers. 

Thanks as ever to Gavin for interesting pictures, selected out of some hundreds he has sent recently.  

Jim Wright's visit to Poland

Jim and his family took their car to Poland via Belgium and Germany when the opportunity was there, Jin took some pictures for interest.

Jim writes "Poland holiday, very few coaches seen, mainly Flixbus."

This was a remote bus shelter in Poland.

Photo 1, Lutomiersk, Poland, Solaris Bendi, Lodz city 9054, on Tram replacement. July 27th.

Photo 2, Konstantynow, Solaris Bendi, Lodz city 9057 on Tram replacement July 27th.

Lutomiersk, Autosans, July 28th.

Polish School Bus July 28th.

Photo 1,Solaris Bendi, HAMBURG VK 365.

Photo 2,M A N ,HAMBURG VK 201

Photo 1, Open top Mercedes Sprinter,1 LEC 814

Photo 2, De lijn, Citaro,551094 + Van Hool,5307.

Brügge was extremely quiet no tourists.

Many thanks to Jim for an interesting change. 

North of the Border with Gordon Scott - our man in Drum Brae!

Delighted to have a short report from Gordon, which readers will, I am sure, find interesting. I wish him well at this time as his wife has not been well.

Alexander Dennis Falkirk News Update

Two production lines running. 

National Express 

Alexander Dennis BYD City Electric. 


Alexander Dennis E40D's


Alexander Dennis E40D's


Alexander Dennis Enviro 500  Super Lo left Falkirk on its delivery on a low loader run last Saturday. 


Ex Airlink Volvo B8L Alexander Dennis Enviro 400XLB 1126, 1127 & 1128 are in Lothian Marine works yard painted allover white with Lothian logos.

It's good to hear the ADL are getting back into production after the lockdown.


Fleet news and developments

I am pleased to include the latest fleet allocation for Midlands and The Shires thanks to Paul Swann.

Arriva Enthusiast Fleet Aug 20.xlsx

Paul also advises that coach 7105 arrived last week.  

Phil Southall writes regarding the Oxford Group Companies.

901 and 902 were in service this week and 908 arrived with us on August 11th, joining 907 and 903 awaiting ticket machine wiring. 909 should arrive next Tuesday and all should be in service by the end of the month.

I think you may also now know we have acquired two open tops from Ensign Bus. These are the old Go Ahead London WVL369 and 372. These are for City Sightseeing and will be converted to Magtec electric before use. Vehicles 2055 and 2056 will also be converted (2055 is away at the moment). 205 is also now back from open top conversion but is awaiting a VTP5 cert that we can’t obtain yet so can’t be used.


Going forward the CSS will be the five electrics and 201 to 205 with all others disposed of. We may retain 2058 and 2059 for a time but 2906 to 2908 will be disposed of soon.


There has also been talk of W499WGH. This was acquired from East Yorkshire by us for the ‘At The Bus‘ charity. If you Google this you will see what they are trying to achieve and we are assisting them with the bus conversion. It has so far been repainted by them as they want it but the internal figment remains outstanding but we hope to have it ready by the end of the year when they want to do a launch if the bus, so we can share photos then.

Many thanks to Phil for that update. 

Graham Low

Views of 904 at Redbridge today. Their long wheelbase is clear, as well as their full height, and their Newcastle plates. They were ordered by Go Ahead NE with 6 cylinder engines according to Buses for July 2019, which makes them different from all the other COMS StreetDecks. Some people now describe new buses from Wrights as from Bamford Bus: is this correct?


Incidentally, some of your correspondents describe 621-3 as StreetDecks (e.g. in the last page): they are not StreetDecks, which are integral, but have Volvo B5TL chassis with Wright Gemini 3 bodies.  

Thanks to Graham for that correction.

Pictures from various contributors as indicated.

With only two of four E200s available for route 40 (420-424) we do get Citaros occasionally.
Above 887 is seen waiting time at Stokenchurch on August 10th. Not the offside destination screen. Taken by Gavin Francis.

I think this is 938 at the depot as it has not been in service recently taken on August 10th by Malcolm Crowe.
Phil Southall
writes "Yes, 938 was towed to OBC for front end accident damage to be repaired."

Thames Travel's 849 is still in the overflow yard having not moved now for many months.


Various photo contributions.

Gavin Francis

StreetDecks 653, 655 and 691 working their branded routes on August 11th, improving the use of such buses!

901 and 902 on August 11th, which I believe was their first day in service and seen in St Aldates.

Park & Ride 675 seen crossing Magdalen Bridge on August 9th. 

Gavin Francis

Tourismo 39, decked in Ashmolean wrap, seen at the end of The High on August 9th.
Note the wonderful Oxford college buildings in the background.

Gavin Francis

E400 open top 204 is seen in Magdalen Street East with quite a reasonable loading on August 6th. 

It is notable that in spite of pictures featuring 905 and 906 still at work www.bustimes.org states that they are not on the road??

Various photo contributions.

Daryl Harwood

New StreetDeck 904 is seen in St Aldates on August 5th.

Gavin Francis

Now one of the oldest in the fleet, Scania 206 is seen working the X32 to Wantage on August 11th in St Aldates.

Quite a kaleidoscope of colours with Scania 228 leading the pack working the X38 on August 11th in St Aldates. 

Gavin Francis has provided some recent NEx pictures.

Oxford's Levante 57 is seen with a 737 working leaving Gloucester Green on August 9th.
Interesting is that the X5 on the left is also going to Cambridge, albeit via a different route, although both will go via Milton Keynes. 

Ciaran Bird

Ciaran took some interesting pictures for the page during his visit to Cheltenham.

Volvo/MCV AP12BUS is seen working the 801 service to Moreton on August 5th.

A recent addition to the fleet is YX69NUJ with a 606 service to Winchcombe from Cheltenham on August 5th.

Charles Powell

Only recently acquired, ex demonstrator MCV EVoRa original registration BN68XTE has been decked in full livery.
It is seen at the depot now registered AA68BUS looking very smart on August 13th.

An interesting working was caught on camera by Gavin Francis on Friday, August 14th whilst in London.

E200 134 was used to replace the rostered decker, probably from Slough.
It was however only used inbound and an Emerald E400 replaced it for the return journey!

Appointment of an Engineering Director.

Simon joins from Rugby and is very familiar with the Astromega coaches, as he oversaw many of the type at Rugby. He also spent time at Oxford helping out and I am sure he is most welcome.

George Street closure changes to buses.


Picture contributors

Ciaran Bird

MMC 11233, seemingly transferred to Oxford from Witney, is seen with a 700 service on August 5th.

Daryl Harwood

I remember taking this MMC to Gaydon Buses event when new, seen here with a number 1 on August 5th.

Hybrid 12005, still in the original livery for these bus when new 10 years ago! Again it is working the 10 on August 5th.

Frazer Peddle

MMC 10440 is seen with a number 1 service at Oxford Rail Station on on August 8th.

Gavin Francis

Now five years old, MMC 10435 is seen on its regular route on August 11th.

Gold MMC 10787 is seen with an S8 working in St Aldates on August 11th.

MMC 11233 is seen at Horspath depot on on August 11th.

Hybrid 12004, with the Stay Alert warning above the destination screen due to layout of these buses,
seen working its normal route 10 in St Aldates on August 11th. 

Marcus Lapthorn

MMC 11247 seen by Clanfield Tavern on August 11th.

"One of the arguably more remote routes operated by Stagecoach in Oxfordshire is route 19. This runs from Carterton to Witney via Clanfield. This route used to be operated by s/d’s but is currently operated by d/d’s. Attached ‘photo was taken at 1445 on Tuesday, August 11th at Clanfield Tavern whilst on it’s journey to Witney."

Pictures from Luke Garley (a new contributor.)

X5 54304 working the route X99 from Bedford on August 10th, so far only one journey between Cambridge and Bedford has been worked by this coach.
The new screen for the driver has been fitted and social distancing is also enforced.

and Daryl Harwood

 Volvo B8RLE - Wrightbus Eclipse 21305 is seen leaving Gloucester Green on July 28th for Cambridge.
The pictures below show these green buses are not limited to the X5!

Richard Denny

A couple of pictures you may be interested in. Northampton is a hotbed of Tridents and here is 18149 about to depart the bus station and carrying the face covering warning that only 50% of people take notice of and secondly Bedford's on loan Evoras are casting their net wider with 21368 seen outside Northampton bus station waiting to go home on a service 41. Both taken on Aug 5th.


Ciaran Bird

Ciaran has been busy in Cheltenham following a trip there and back on the 853 on August 5th.

Despite very clear branding for the S6 to Oxford, Gold 10988 is seen with a service 51 on Cheltenham Promenade on August 5th.

Celebrating 25 years of Stagecoach West, Scania 15638 is seen in Cheltenham with service 10.

E300 2868 which worked the first day on the 853 is seen in Cheltenham working the 94U.

Now quite elderly, Dart 34615 is seen working the 66 to Stonehouse.

At the opposite end of the scale, new 37626 is seen with a 93 service in Cheltenham. 

Full details are shown under Covid-19 above regarding the increase in services and the reintroductions of express services via Baker Street. This is good news for passengers and staff alike.

Adam Green

Adam caught Gavin with 50263 heading into Oxford on August 11th in High Street.

Some nice pictures of megabus interiors have been sent by Luke Garley taken at Rugby.


As readers can see, quite an amount of effort has been made to ensure safe travel by megabus. 

Now available

Stagecoach Oxfordshire Fleet Handbook 2020 (SKM050)
28 pages. Price £5.00. A6 size, laminated card cover. Full colour illustrations throughout.
Full details of the fleet operated and liveries carried by Stagecoach's Oxfordshire fleet which includes operations from main depots in Oxford, Witney and Banbury.
A complete listing of vehicles including registrations is supported by full details of liveries and branding carried together with depot allocations.
Also included are details of the normal, pre-COVID, allocation of vehicle types to routes.

Stagecoach East Midlands Fleet Handbook 2020 (SKM051)
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The Stagecoach East Midlands area includes operations from depots in Hull, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, Gainsborough, Worksop, Skegness, Long Sutton and Lincoln.
It is a diverse fleet which has been upgraded in the last year with the cascade of mid-life vehicles from other Stagecoach companies.
More Enviro 400s are expected from Manchester in the coming months and details of these are also included.

Produced with the support of the Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire Transport Review (LEYTR) the book details all vehicles in the fleet along
with extensive information on liveries and branding as well as depot allocations.

Several vehicles in the fleet have received the new Stagecoach livery and examples are included in the full colour illustrations.
Due for publication in October 2020:
Stagecoach East Fleet Handbook 2020 (SKM052)
40 pages. Price £6.50. A6 size, laminated card cover. Full colour illustrations throughout.
 Stagecoach East operates from depots in Bedford, Fenstanton, Cambridge and Peterborough. Investment in 2019/20 has seen 12 tri-axle double decks and six Volvo saloons join the fleet.
The company has faced challenges in returning services to normal post-COVID 'lockdown' as it works to ensure it buses and coaches are COVID-secure.
This means that it may be some months before all required vehicle types are returned to service.
As a result we have taken the decision to delay the publication of this Fleet handbook until October 2020.

The book will detail all vehicles in the fleet along with extensive information on liveries and branding as well as depot allocations.

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Malta Calendar for 2021

Click to see full size