This week over 200 pictures, a bumper issue with 25 photographic contributors.


Expired driving licences automatically extended by 11 months

Photocard licences or entitlement to drive that expires between 1 February and 31 December 2020 have been extended for 11 months from the date of expiry.

Published 1 September 2020
Last updated September 3rd 2020 — see all updates

This week we have more pictures of the refreshed Oxford Bus destinations by Gavin Francis and Jack Cooper and also a visit to Birmingham from Ciaran Bird with a number of interesting pictures. Also some nice pictures in the Buses in the Landscape style.

A dull day but lots to view as 50263 sets down in St Aldates on August 28th by Gavin Francis.

During a rather atmospheric day, November 5th 2003. RML2440 passes an Arriva local in Penn by David Jackson.

I hear that customer loading are improving in recent days with good loads on many services.

What a nice change, City Sightseeing 203 displays BUS FULL as it passes The Randolph in Oxford on Saturday, August 29th.
It is so nice to see more people enjoying a day out! Picture from Jack Cooper.

It has also been interesting to see how driver's are managing loadings such as the Oxford tube. As such they must ensure spacing whilst allowing for social bubbles!

During Ciaran Bird's visit to Birmingham he witnessed a protest marc h which appears to be causing some delays on August 28th. Full details and pictures can be seen below of the vehicles seen.

Gavin Francis has as ever been busy with his camera this week now that the Oxford tube is returning to normal with several ex megabus Astromegas back in service.

Here Hybrid 316 is seen running in from Abingdon heading for Wolvercote. First it is going round Magdalen Street to the Magdalen Street West bus stop.
It appears that this is now a 35 through service and the 6 has disappeared??

Many more of Gavin's pictures are included under operator headings below.

37630 is on the road at last !

After several weeks of inactivity since being delivered from Scarborough this new E200MMC took to the road in service on September 2nd.

The new bus from the offside rear, 37630 in Brackley Market Place on September 2nd by Theo Freeman.

Branding gone awry !

Someone doubtless has the answer to branding and unlike West Midlands below both First and Arriva have problems in High Wycombe.

 Late News

Bus Fire at Hinksey Hill roundabout - September 3rd

A Citaro, once with Oxford Bus and now with Aspire Gym, previously mentioned in these pages, has burst into flames on the Hinksey Hill roundabout. This on Thursday September 3rd. The bus was Oxford's 838.




The bus was donated in November 2019.

Citaro 838 in its new guise as Aspire Gym Bus by James Freeman on September 30th 2019.


also this link on OCBP


An unfortunate event for a worthwhile charity, our sympathies go with them.

Stagecoach staff evacuated after Cowley Road Cambridge depot fire

Thursday, September 3rd 2020

Stagecoach staff have been evacuated from their Cambridge depot after a fire broke out, shutting a road and cancelling trains from the nearby Cambridge North station.

Cowley Road in Cambridge is closed in both directions and at both ends this afternoon (Thursday September 3rd), with firefighters, police and Network Rail officials on the scene.

It is understood trains are not currently stopping at Cambridge North station because of the fire and Network Rail and British Transport Police are helping to clear out the backlog of commuters caught at the station.

Speaking at the scene, Ross Barton from Stagecoach confirmed that the depot had been evacuated and no injuries have been reported.

He said: "We can confirm that the fire service are dealing with an incident at the depot on Cowley Road in Cambridge. Bus services are continuing to run as normal and we are putting in plans to accommodate our vehicles and fuelling at an alternative site overnight. Safety is our absolute priority and we will be assisting the authorities with their enquiries into the cause of the fire."

A fire service spokesperson said: “We currently have crews from Cambridge, Cottenham, Ely and Huntingdon at the scene of a fire on Cowley Road in Cambridge involving a workshop.

Oxford's attempt to attract more visitors seem to have been unsuccessful as the picture from Gavin Francis shows. This is the closed George Street on September 2nd around midday!!

A picture says a thousand words !

Coach operators organisation CPT is still pressing Government for help with their members, some of whom are close to closure following the likes of Shearings and National Holidays. One wishes them every success.

More updates from readers this week.

Andrew Webb

Normality returning at Victoria.

On May 29 I took a trip into the centre of London, still in the midst of lockdown, with places like Victoria virtually deserted. 

Visiting the same location on 29 August found normality returning with this line up of four Oxford Tubes awaiting their next run home along the M40.

Many thanks to Andrew for that most interesting comparison.

September sees many schools returning and the BBC Breakfast News on September 2nd included a nice piece on Pulhams coaches loading school services. Parents interviewed were very complimentary about the company. The coaches looked very smart indeed and in the background could be seen a Gold bus of Stagecoach.

Another new 70 plate is shown hereunder.

CC70BUS    Volvo B8RLE YV3T7U526KA197877    MCV NB1044    B??F   9/2020      Pulham,  Bourton-on-the-Water

Charles Powell

Prior to its first service on the 63 freshly repainted in Pulham's livery and re-registered AA68BUS.
It looks every inch a lovely bus which should encourage custom!

Brent Ricketts

Brent sent this nice picture of the very newest bus, a Volvo MCV eVoRa BB70BUS working service 19 to Witney.
This was the first day in service for the Volvo on September 1st and features our first 70 plate.

Hugh Jaeger

sent pictures of the 63 on its first day with PU68BUS in Fyfield. Other pictures are under operator headings.
The front view is of the bus in Fyfield approaching Old Forge.

So, all in all, quite a lot happening with Pulham's in recent days.

Dring's of Headington, Oxford circa 1950s

Laurence Waters

I wonder if you could help me please. During the late 1950s I was in a  local railway club that regularly travelled on Coaches operated by Drings of Oxford, Cumnor B&C. I am trying to find out what was the capacity of coaches operated by these companies. I would be most grateful for any info that you can supply.

 I have enclosed two images of coaches .The black and white one is a Drings coach not much of an image it is a scan of a larger picture but shows the front of the bus taken in March 1957. The other is a Frostways not sure of date.

The coach behind the group is a Beadle Commer Rochester - The Bristol LWL/ECW is ex United Counties.

A reply from Michael Wadman

The only Dring I’ve been able to find is AC & WE Dring t/a Oxford Blue of Headington. They were around in the mid-‘fifties but aren’t in the PSVC fleet list for December 1967 so must have ceased by then. 

All I know of their fleet is that they had two Beadle-Commer Rochester's including this one - https://www.flickr.com/photos/21611052@N02/31480734184/in/photolist-PXQZv3-o4VJuA - they were 41-seaters but they were new in 1955 and 1957 and would have been front line coaches so may not have been what they would provide for a railway club. 

They are both shown as acquired from Drings by H Crapper & Son Ltd in January 1965, so that may have been when they ceased. 

Drings . Headington , Oxford . XWL115
Beadle Commer TS3 integral - Beadle Rochester C41F
New to this Operator during 1955 .  

XWL115 Be-Cr TS3 JCB659 Be C41F /1955 Dring, Oxford

Another link  shows this type of coach,, albeit with PMT.


A further link shows this type of coach new in 1955 and at the time quite popular as Southdown also had some coaches of the type.


If any readers can provide more information or pictures of Dring's, Laurence Waters would be very appreciative.

David Jackson writes on the new Arriva Web Site

Thanks for your eagerly awaited weekly update. I always enjoy reading it and very much appreciate the work you have been putting in all these years.

You mentioned the new Arriva website in your most recent issue. It is truly horrible. There is no easy way to search for the 31 service from Penn Pond to Wycombe without ploughing through pages of numbers, or guessing that it might be on page 5 or 6 or whatever.

And, when you find it, some of the Hazlemere bus stops have been moved to Tyler’s Green. And someone probably got paid a lot of money for this abomination. And, of course the 31 was once the 363.

And it’s not just me:      https://busandtrainuser.com/2020/08/26/arrivas-new-website-a-brutal-review/

Oh dear, that's not a very good situation for the company !

A different operator from Andrew Webb

St Mildred's Church, Lee.

St Mildred's Church in Lee near Lewisham have two buses parked outside.  A former Manchester Olympian and ex Arriva London DLA367, an Alexander ALX400 DAF DB250LF.

The ex Manchester bus would appear not to have moved for some while!

Both are fitted out as meeting / hospitality rooms.  Not clear if they are static or get out and about to community events.

Many thanks to Andrew for an interesting item.

Tony Bungay on the current situation

Your page seems to be having more updates etc. to report, whether that is a portent of what’s to come for the bus industry remains to be seen. I have to say I found the news regarding two West Midlands operators Travel de Courcey and Johnsons of Henley to be a unpleasant surprise, and certainly not at all good for their employees.

Obviously it is probably correct to say that these and probably unfortunately more similar in the pipeline are as a result of covid19, but certainly not for the first time muddled government advice regarding using public transport will have had an effect.

On the same subject from Mike Stone and another source

DeCourcey had already lost the JLR contract !


Sorry about that Mike, my apologies.  

A source very high up within NX and your statement about De Courcey and NX cancelling their contract isn’t correct. 

‘DeCourcey terminated their contract months back. Last day of their contract was August 20th. They went bust a few days later. They declined to take on any work offered to them starting July 1st (When NEx re-started coach operations) to the end of their contract on August 20th, leaving their staff on furlough. 

11 tri-axle coaches have been returned by them to NX and are being kitted out and made ready for other operators.’ 

I am pleased to receive this correction which puts matters straight. Ed.


Star Travel & Redline from Tony Bungay

Also interesting was a report by one of your contributors regarding Star Travel deregistering services 3 and 5, before Covid these routes had competing Red Line services. Rather ironic as both these services if I recall correctly started  the  life as competitive services, that later become the 3, originally against a Luton and District former Red Rover service as well as a Red Rose/Motts Yellow Bus joint service I think at the time in the mid 1990’s. With the 5 against Arriva Blue Route 2, when Arriva deregistered this I recall the council paid for a replacement for a while operated by Red line, not the more recent competing ones. It has to be said that both routes in the main were very over bussed, it was quite common to see three different services all come along together. 

Marcus Lapthorn writes

Very surprised that Pulhams have this service. It can’t be economic to drive an empty bus across from Bourton each day? Very few passengers used the service in its previous life.

Re’ last weeks query:

Stanford in the Vale community bus service  must have ended about 5 years ago. Housing developer pays a subsidy to run 67 route instead. 

An interesting collection of pictures from the past for this week's issue which I hope readers will enjoy.

Michael Wadman - now a regular contributor

Here are a few shots of Oxon Travel of Bicester, who ran a short-lived service to Oxford in the mid-‘nineties. They were all taken in George Street on February 19th 1994. 

KJD 431P is a Bristol LH6L / ECS, former London Transport BL31 

10 OOX is a Bristol LHS6L / Plaxton, new to Frank Harris Coaches of Grays as FTW 133T 

APM 118T is an AEC Reliance / Plaxton, former London Country RS118 

OJD 17R is a Bristol LHS6L / ECW, former London Transport BS17

With many thanks to Michael for those pictures of an operator which had been forgotten by many.

David Jackson

A lovely picture of Penn on a winter's day, November 5th, showing local RML2440 with a 363 service.
An Arriva shed can be seen heading in the opposite direction !! 


A day out in Birmingham with Ciaran Bird
with a recap by your Editor.

Birmingham City Transport was the local authority-owned undertaking that provided road-based public transport in Birmingham, England, between 1899 and 1969. It was locally known as the Corporation Buses. ... It was incorporated into the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive in 1969.

Also in 1969 Walsall Corporation which had operated its first bus service on 23 May 1915 was also absorbed. The initial route ran from Walsall to Hednesford via Cannock, but this was just the beginning of an extensive network that, built up over many years, was to link the towns and villages of Walsall Metropolitan Borough into an effective system of public transport.

Wolverhampton Corporation Transport could trace its origins back to tramways in the mid to late 1800s and replaced some trams with trolleybuses and motorbuses for outlying routes. Indeed I travelled on Wolves buses when using the 17 from Bridgnorth to Birmingham whilst doing my square basing at RAF Bridgnorth. They seemed, not unsurprisingly keen on Guy buses made locally!

West Bromwich was not so well know to me except that when I worked in Birmingham I used to go to the city from the M5 using "their road" into the City in my car! The West Bromwich Corporation Act of 1913 gave the Corporation the powers to operate motor buses, the first of which were four Albion single-deckers that lasted for less than seven weeks before the chassis were commandeered for war work in October 1914. After the First World War, bus services began to expand across Britain and West Bromwich was no exception; by the early 1930s there were routes to Great Bridge, Stone Cross, Hamstead, Streetly, Tantany, Black Lake, Hill Top, Greets Green and Smethwick and the Corporation's first joint route, to Walsall, had also been developed.

The West Bromwich fleet was largely made up of single-deck vehicles until the mid-1930s, and after the Corporation's tramways were replaced on 1 January 1939, the Daimler COG6 became the standard double-decker, replaced during the Second World War by the Daimler CWA6 and nineteen Austerity buses. After the war, Daimler CVG6s and CVG6/30s became the vehicle of choice, in a beautiful blue livery that lit up West Bromwich.

The later colours were dark blue, light blue and cream with a cream roof, very smart indeed.

Of Midland Red, I am sure readers do not need any history as they were as far south a Oxford and our area and I think need to introduction except to say that they also adsorbed Harper of Heath Hayes on September 7th 1974. This was a year or so after I ended my driving with them but a sad day nonetheless. I had collected new Duple bodied Leyland Leopards from Blackpool ( a 53 seater and a 45 seater which eventually ended up in the Midland Red fleet. 

More on the area can be found at these links:  http://www.wythall.org.uk/transhisba.asp and http://midlandred.net/vehicles/fleetlist.php?type=&operator=harperbrothers

Ciaran visited Birmingham on Friday, August 28th and sent a selection most interesting pictures. As I may mentioned before I spent a happy five years of my life working in the City from1970 to 1975 when Birmingham City Transport, Walsall Transport, Wolverhampton Buses, West Bromwich and Midland Red were part of WMPTE but with a multitude of colours, route numbers and workings abounding. Ciaran's pictures show that whilst National Express West Midlands may now rule the roost, there are still many colours and also route numbers which in some cases reflect the Midland Red days of old! Certainly when I first worked in Birmingham buses carried West Midland PTE stickers but still in the original liveries with half cabs still making their presence felt.

He writes "On Friday, August 28th I took a trip to Birmingham and I ended up taking 127 photos there, mainly of the NXWM Platinum Enviro400MMCs as they were most common. While your page is mainly Oxford and Chilterns I thought I'd share them anyway, see what you think. Of interest there was a Volvo Wrecker taking away a broken down Enviro400 outside Moor Street station!"  

A Diamond Buses MAN 14.220 with Plaxton Centro bodywork 30806 seen working a service 16.

A Diamond Bus Wright StreetLite 32316 is seen with a service 16, so variety on that service.


When I was in Birmingham, I used to drive part time for Harpers of Heath Hayes who enjoyed a regular half hourly service from Cannock to Birmingham with an additional bus every 15 minutes to Aldridge, those were the days. People used buses all the time. However in the West Midlands there seems to be significant use of public transport.

Above we can see MMC 6749 with an X51 to Cannock and although not a 93x goes to Cannock but via Walsall. The 936 and 937 go via Aldridge.

Here the 935 is seen en route to Walsall via Kingstanding operated by a now elderly Dennis/ALX400 4605.

Once a West Brom' route,  Wrights 4511 is seen with an 88 service, again an elderly vehicle.

Another E400 MMC, 6740 working an X51 departure to Walsall. PLATINUM is the WM superior branding.

MMC 6753 is seen working a 934 service, slower to Walsall.

Heading for Maypole, an ALX400 is seen working route 2.

Another ALX400, 4458 is seen heading for Chelmsley Wood on route 97, a very high frequency service.

Wright Eclipse Gemini 2's are used on the 61 service to Frankley as seen by 5508 and 5515.

MMC 6780 is seen working branded route X8 to Wolverhampton a route once served by Midland Red as the 125 via Dudley.

Here another branded bus, MMC 6829, working the X2 to Solihull, south west of the City.

6836, named Cecilla Rose, working the X21 to Woodcock Hill and between the City and University will run Limited Stop.

MMC 6876, another PLATINUM bus working the 23 to Bartley Green - one of its branded routes.

Another service running via the University is the X22 to Woodcote and Bartley Green. MMC 6881 is on the duty and all these buses appear to be named.

Clear to passengers is 6910 branded for route 50 and seen heading for Druids Heath, another high frequency service.

More PLATINUM buses clearly route branded, 6923 for the 9, 6972 for the 82,
7504 for the 16 - note the PART Route working and non route branded 7521 with a service 5.

The latest 20 plate electric buses are rostered to service 6 between the City and Solihull along the Stratford Road.
Again colour denotes the route and West Midlands seem very caring about having the correctly branded buses on their correct route!!

The 17 route is served by these Scania single decks some of which are branded as is 1796 but not 1835.

Another all Scania saloon,  1942 seen working the 13 to Oldbury.

Again one branded, one not 2222 and 2226 are seen with service 4 to Solihull via Acocks Green.

A Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban is seen working a Staff Bus to and from Birmingham Central Depot.

Not everything goes to plan and above 4871 Avril is seen prior to and during receiving assistance in the centre.
The recovery truck is most impressive.

Now as readers know I am not wholly in favour of branded buses but I must admit NEx WM do their job well. 

I hope by my preamble and the details and pictures readers may be encouraged to visit the area and the Wythall Museum. Also many thanks to Ciaran Bird for prompting this article with his pictures.


Fleet news and developments

The latest fleet list has just been received from Paul Swann.

Arriva Enthusiast Fleet  3 Sep 20.xlsx

Gavin Francis

Aylesbury's 3798 is seen heading up St Aldates on its way Aylesbury FAST on September 2nd.

E400 5464 is seen in Oxford having arrived from Aylesbury with a 280 sapphire service on August 29th. 

Tony Bungay

A photo is 3859 operating service 500 on Saturday, August 29th, it would seem it was being used right up to the last moment before being returned to Harlow, as per your latest report.

Whether 3859 actually completed it’s journey I don’t know but the driver was having a job to get the doors open at this stop!

Malcolm Crowe

Pictures taken on August 31st

Elderly 3537 passes Citaro 3018 in the Eden Bus Station.

Another old DAF Wright Cadet, 3532, still proclaiming to be from Southend!!!

Route branding off track again, Citaro 3917 is only working a local service 32!

The MCV eVolution YJ60GGO is still at Wycombe and working various services. 

In light of the current situation Luton Council and Arriva are regrettably withdrawing free concessionary travel on the Green Line 755 and 757 service when travelling from Luton to London from September 1st.

Totally unbranded Tmsa coach 7104 is seen in Buckingham Palace Road on August 28th by Gavin Francis

We mentioned the coaches transferred from Stansted to be used on the Luton and Hemel routes. Gavin Francis provided pictures of these coaches taken in Buckingham Palace Road.

7204 displays the revised livery used on these coaches, taken on September 3rd.

7213 provides a slightly different view again on September 3rd.

As if reading my mind, Gain sent this picture taken this morning, September 4th, of 7213 working the 755 to Luton.
The destination displays on these coaches are very clear indeed.

The only point to make is that the website does not reflect the revised logos used on these new coaches. I wonder why???

BM Coaches, Cranford, Middx


Brand new Yutong GT12s of BM Coaches of Hayes are dedicated to BlaBlaBus

YK20YSY Ytg ZK6129HQ LZYTMTG65K1046776 C53F 3/2020 BM Coaches, Cranford
YK20YSZ Ytg ZK6129HQ LZYTMTG67K1046777 C53F 3/2020 BM Coaches, Cranford
YK20YTC Ytg ZK6129HQ LZYTMTG6XK1046773 C53F 3/2020 BM Coaches, Cranford
YK20YTD Ytg ZK6129HQ LZYTMTG61K1046774 C53F 3/2020 BM Coaches, Cranford
YK20YTE Ytg ZK6129HQ LZYTMTG63K1046775 C53F 3/2020 BM Coaches, Cranford

A new acquisition to this fleet has come from Metroline in the shape of an E400 decker to be used on the Stokenchurch - Royal Grammar School service 683 from Monday, September 7th.

Shortly after arrival at the end of August, LK56FHH is seen in its new home on August 29th by Malcolm Crowe.

Here is the bus in its past life with Metroline in the picture taken on July 20th 2018 by Gavin Francis.

Somehow heading towards Heathrow, if only to Slough 69922 working the X74 turns into Bridge Street on August 31st by Malcolm Crowe.


Turner's of Bristol operate this coach on behalf of Flixbus between London & Bristol.
The coach, BK14LFE was new to Stott's Coaches and operated mainly between London and Manchester for National Express.

BM Coaches now operate Flixbus to Manchester!!

As many of my readers will know a number of the old X90 Interdeckers are presently at Hants & Dorset trim being prepared for service in the North East. Those involved are Oxford 72-78 q.v.

Rather smart I feel with pleasing colours.

Andrew Tyldesley has advised as follows:


I gather that seven are currently at H&D Trim in Eastleigh being upseated, having usb ports fitted to every seat and being repainted. They're not due in the North East until the end of the month I gather.

It is intended that they will operate the X9/X10 Newcastle to Middlesbrough service but will use currently spare National Express Levante vehicles from this coming Saturday. Do check this link which gives full details and timetables etc.





Volvo B7TL 681 has been relicensed and is being allocated to Hull, replacing Volvo B5TL/MCV 793 which is now delicensed.

Licenced at Elloughton are Mercedes-Benz Sprinters 971-74, which are on loan from the Oxford Bus Company.

I wonder if anyone can provide pictures of these Mercedes??

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire area.

Numerous allocation changes this week.

Solos 709/711-713 now all back at HW.

Mercedes 0500s 873-875 now moved to Thames Travel

Citaros 879,80,82 and 83 moved to Wycombe along with 222.

Movements and services almost impossible to track and to see what I mean look at https://bustimes.org/operators/carousel-buses/vehicles.

Contributions from various sources this week.

Andrew Webb

Confused of Uxbridge

Seen leaving Uxbridge with a journey on route 102 to High Wycombe, on August 29th, is this Enviro 400 bodied Scania, nr 214.  Still bearing the red livery and cherished plate when it was delivered to Oxford, it carries Thames Travel fleet names but is working for Carousel. 

This bus continues not be showing on https://bustimes.org/operators/carousel-buses
According to this list it has not worked since August 3rd.

Doubtless such minor details are irrelevant to regular passengers who are probably relieved to have 'proper buses' back after the departure of the unpopular and unsuitable Interdecker coaches used at the start of 2020!

Malcolm Crowe

Two visits to the depot in recent days have produced some interesting pictures.

Buses seen at the depot on August 29th were 403, 709, 713 and 502.

Further interesting arrivals, 846, 879, 880 and 882 plus 845 in the depot on August 29th.

So far in September the only bus to have been used are 709 and 845.

On August 31st 712 was hiding behind 859 (with freshly repainted front) and 940, 710 and 216 were in the depot.

On September 1st I just had to go out in the village and see what was working the 40, as www.bustimes.org claimed that 1977 was the bus with 887 on the route. 886 had been with 887 in the morning but was the taken off.

Oh dear, we are not going to Thame but to High Wycombe as 709 approaches The Kings at Stokenchurch on September 1st.

Travelling in the opposite direction, some 30 minutes late, was 887 crossing the jc. 5 overbridge on the M40.

There are some roadworks at Downley turn with a 3 way traffic light system which may have held up this service going in and out of Wycombe?

On September 4th buses on the 40 changed from 884 and 887 with 884 being replaced mid morning by 709. This may well be a regular event as the same happened on September 1st, see above.

Since the picture of 887 above, taken on the 1st by the 4th the destination has been reprogrammed to Thame Town Hall

By the 4th 709 had acquired a faulty blind showing a big black blank.

Gavin Francis

502 appeared working the 40 on August 30th, a Sunday when the service now is extended to Thame.

 Today, September 2nd, 423 is back and 887 is out again both on Link 40.

Well it does add much to the interest of "spotting" !!!!!

Daniel Harwood

Chiltern Railway 602 is seen in Abingdon with a 35 road service to Wolvercote on September 1st.

StreetDeck 902 is seen waiting time with an X13 working to the J R . It is in Abingdon on September 1st.

Gavin Francis

Unusually double decks appeared working the 11X on August 29th as seen above - 300 and 312 adding variety on a Saturday.

Hybrid 314 was working 4 road on that day and is seen heading for Dean Court.

Hybrids 305 and 306 seen working the "35" which is rather strange as the second picture should declare 6!!!!!!
The red one, 316, first coming out of Beaumont Street and one at the 6 stop heading for Wolvercote.
Maybe someone can tell what is happening at the stops still say 6??

352 is seen working  a 4 road service in The High on August 29th.

Service 15 has reappeared and is seen here in the hands of 354 in St Aldates on September 1st.

Similar 357 is seen with an X13 working in St Aldates on August 29th.

On August 28th the 6 was still around worked by 359 in Magdalen Street West.

360 working 5 road and 362 working 8 road on August 29th. Where are the branded buses one wonders?

365 sparkles in an afternoon shower whilst working 2 road on August 28th.

Finally for this type, the decorated rear of 369 is seen with an X13 road service in St Aldates on September 1st.

This picture of 371 in High Street with a U1 service on August 29th emphasises the length of these buses.

Whilst Brookes is off their buses are used working various other road, 608 for example is heading for Thornhill on September 2nd.

A branded 5 road bus, 656, is seen in St Aldates on September 1st.

665 is seen in Beaumont Street heading for the Rail Station with a 500 service on September 1st.

677 takes on a good load at Queens Lane whilst working 400 road on August 29th.

Heading for Rose Hill, yellow 684 is seen in Westgate on August 29th.

Orange 691 is seen in High Street on August 29th.

Citaro 839 is seen in The High with an 11X working on August 29th. 

Giles Woodforde

... returns to negotiate the vicious “sleeping policemen” of Kidlington Mill Street once more!

Scania 225 appears back from a country sojourn at is works a 2A road service on August 31st.

Jack Cooper

Pink 653 is seen loading in St Aldates to Blackbird Leys on August 29th.

The three Park & Ride services are illustrated by these three pictures in the City taken on August 29th.

Jack Cooper

Sorry about the quality of the picture of 40 parked up at GG, I have included this to show the now boarding sign and how it benefits our customers waiting in the shop, it is much clearer as Heathrow/Gatwick is visible when a customer leaves the shop heading for their coach.


Jack Cooper

What a nice sight, Tour Full in these difficult days as 203 waits for the lights at The Randolph on August 29th.

Mercedes 0500's 873-875 new to Carousel have once again moved to Thames Travel.

Daniel Harwood

New StreetDeck 908 is seen  in Abingdon ready for departure to Oxford on September 1st.

Carousel 875, now branded for Thames Travel is seen in Abingdon with a 45 service to Cowley Centre on September 1st.

older 622 is seen in Abingdon with a service 33 to Wantage on September 1st. 

Gavin Francis

GWR branded 221 is seen in St Aldates having just arrived from Reading with an X40 on September 2nd.

Citaro 851  working the X38 is seen in St Aldates ready for departure on September 2nd.

Jack Cooper

StreetDeck 904 is seen in St Aldates having just arrived from Abingdon with an X2 on August 29th. 


During Ciaran Bird's visit to Birmingham, on August 28th, he also caught a couple of National Express coaches which are shown below.

Go Ahead's East Yorkshire operation has a number of services and one is the 152 from Birmingham to Hull operated by coach 7.

Locally based Levante III 289 is seen passing through Birmingham on its way to Wolverhampton with service 410.

Gavin Francis

Galloway's BF68LCM working a service 482 is seen heading for Sammy's on August 28th.

NEx own 296 is in Elizabeth Street heading for Stansted on August 28th.

Travel Star European still operating this time on a 409 service to Birmingham on August 28th.

Two Tourismos, BF68FZE and BF568ZFH, both in use for National Express approach VCS on August 28th.

Paul Hubbert

Just to say are 63 bus route is to be reinstated around the villages from Southmoor to Oxford on September 1st. Also route 15 to Witney and Abingdon is going to be run by Pulhams Coaches from September 1st instead of Stagecoach Witney.  

Hugh Jaeger

Attached are photos I took this morning of a Pulhams bus on route 63. The side and quarter views are of the bus in Southmoor approaching and passing Latton Close.

Both taken on September 1st.

Mike Stone

Pulhams timetable now on their website, but not on Traveline.


Picture by Daniel Harwood.

Ciaran Bird

A nice picture of this company working the X9 service to Witney.

The X9 service arriving in Witney along Corn Street operated by Solo SR YJ14BWH on August 28th.

Brent Ricketts

As promised I have taken a nice picture of my steed Volvo MCV eVoRa BB70BUS on the new 19 route from Carterton to Witney .

Also to note I am informed that Andy Pulham has bought three ex Lothian Volvo 04 plate Eclipse 1's that aren't to shabby and that are currently in the workshop as we speak .

Daniel Harwood

I noticed today that Pulhams Coaches have taken over Stagecoach routes 15 and 19. I have attached a photo of BB70BUS on the 15 in Abingdon. This is the first 70-plate bus I have seen. 

Photo taken in Abingdon, Stratton Way

Chris Maxfield

A picture of one of three ex Lothian single decks, Volvo/Wright Eclipse 1's taken into the fleet very recently.

Taken by Chris on September 2nd.
Chris advises that they are to be repainted into livery before entering service. 

 New look for yellow 26

Normally we would look to replace, rebrand or refresh buses about every 5/6 years to keep them looking smart and reboot customer interest. The additional details and new technology we can add make a real difference to the journey experience - almost as much as a friendly smile from the driver, making sure the bus is on time, and keeping it clean and tidy.

Yellow 26 has managed to stay untouched for nearly 10 years, and is looking tired both inside and out. As one of our busiest routes, we were planning to purchase new buses for it this year to help grow customer numbers. Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel the order, but have been able to incorporate a refresh of the existing buses within the hybrid conversion programme to replicate the same features for a much lower cost, financed
through our owner to maximise the vehicle’s life.

E400 208 is seen in the updated livery - Robert Williams & David Rouse.

All of the alternatives (e.g. doing nothing) would have cost us more through higher maintenance costs and lower customer numbers. It is important to maintain our focus on the customer’s experience - it has kept companies
afloat during lockdown, and will be an even bigger advantage in future.

Nick Ross

Redline's DART KF52 NBN passes over the narrow humpback canal bridge at Cooks Wharf near Cheddington
with the 164 to Aylesbury on August 28th 2020. 


Scania/Enviro 400 15533 is expected to remain here for around four weeks to act as a Reserve Fleet vehicle to allow duplicate workings to assist with Social Distancing capacity.

It is then expected to move to Cumbria & North Lancashire is now expected there by November.

Ciaran Bird visited Witney on August 28th and sent the pictures below taken in the town.

MMC 11242 is seen leaving the depot for service.

MMCs 11236 and 11240 are seen in Corn Street heading for Oxford.

47832 and 47833 are seen with service 233 workings in Corn Street, Witney.

11253 is seen beside 11233, just returned off loan to Oxford, in Witney Depot.

Theo Freeman

37630 finally hit the road today, September 2nd, so had a trip out to Bicester and Brackley to see it along with some other bits. Had a very quiet, smooth ride and the seats were comfortable. 

37630 in Pioneer Square and Bicester Village Station.

Gavin Francis

MMC 11233 now back at Witney is seen at the current terminus in Oxford outside The Randolph on September 1st.

The S1 now terminates in Gloucester Green during the closure of George Street are seen on September 1st.

Now unusual to see a Hybrid working service 2, here is 12007 on September 2nd loading for Kidlington.

E200 36928 is seen in St Aldates with a service 12 working on September 1st.

E200 36930is seen with a 14A working heading for the Rail Station in St Giles on September 1st.

This is the new Staff Bus for Oxford seen on August 29th at Horspath - MJ20VAM. 

Neil Bridges

Two buses arrived from Bedford - Plaxton Darts at Horspath Road on September 3rd.

It is thought that they are spare bus but nothing is confirmed. 

Late news September 4th.

Ex Witney gold 15533 on route 1 to Blackbird Leys - Friday 1530 by Neil Bridges.

Matthew Kilburn writes "I'm up in the north-east at the moment and wondered if readers might like to see this picture of a Stagecoach service in the area? "

Route 685, still run I think by Stagecoach Cumbria above with MMC 11158, rather than Stagecoach North East, on the B6528 at Throckley, heading west.

Much appreciated from a new contributor. 

See under Oxfordshire above for two buses presently at Horspath depot Oxford.


Further Volvo B11R/Plaxton elite coaches fitted with driver protection screens here are 54301/13/14.

Jim Wright notes "Seen several Interdecks back on X5 this week, some have Cambridge removed from lettering, others still have it. A very smart Perspex full cab door/screen is fitted."

See the pictures below which show this variation taken by Gavin Francis on September 3rd.


Richard Sharman

Coaches have returned to the shortened X5 service which is now truncated at Bedford. 54304 is seen  near Bicester/

54314 is seen heading out of Bicester with its Cambridge vinyl removed from the rear window.

54303 shows where the Cambridge part of the branding has now been removed. One wonders if these coaches will now gain the new yellow livery in the longer term if the route changes do not affect passenger numbers.

Pictures taken on September 3rd.

Gavin Francis

21305 is seen leaving Gloucester Green for Bedford with a revised and shortened service on September 1st.

Here is 54316 working the X5 along Beaumont Street, Oxford on September 2nd.

Jack Cooper

eVoRa 21364 is seen leaving St Giles and working round to Magdalen St West on its way to Gloucester Green on August 29th.
Other services use Beaumont Street thus avoiding the circuit of the "square"

Ray Ramsey

The Skegness to Boston service to be extended to Spalding hourly each way M-S so presumably tie up with the 505 to Kings Lynn allowing bus changes etc. !
Will allow a tie-up with 37 service from Peterborough so in future can reach Hull by SC bus from South Wales

Gary Seamarks

Three more from Skegness, this time taken by my 'Sister' Deborah Jackson... yesterday - August 28th .... 

Thank you to Deborah who has provided some nice pictures, well done. 

Theo Freeman

Midlands E400s 15668 on the 80 and 15196 on the X80. 

Gavin Francis

A picture of one of the ex megabus Astromegas back in service.

50247 is seen alongside 50261 at Gloucester Green ready for London on September 4th.

Jack Cooper

One of our major contributors, Gavin Francis, is seen at the helm of 50280. reversing off Gloucester Green for London on August 29th. 

Gavin Francis

Five coaches seen parked up in Bulleid Way on September 1st.

Panorama 50406, with the M11 service, shows two differing blinds, not exactly encouraging travel!!
Seen in VCS on August 28th.

An unusual coach working the M11 is seen by 50419 at Victoria on September 3rd. Is this a first?

Mark Wakefield included pictures of coaches once with South Gloucester acquired by SC West sometime ago. They are to provide capacity in Manchester for returning school services from next Monday.


London developments by Gavin Francis

One of the items Gavin caught up with is the "SCHOOL BUS ONLY" or OK for all.

Caetano 1514 is seen in Buckingham Palace Road with a C10 service on September 2nd. Note the window sign.

MMC 2004 seen at Hillingdon Station with a 278 to Heathrow on September 2nd. 

This bus is on School Service (170) in Buckingham Palace Road on September 2nd. 

New Electric BCE 47016 working the 148 to Shepherds Bush from Victoria on August 28th.