Following the last issue this week has produced another bumper week for contributions. The page would not be what it is without these contributions and I am impressed by the quality and interest provided.

This week we have two nice pieces from Jack Cooper who has been in Penzance and Gavin Francis who visited Blue Water. I have experimented with a little artistic licence in the heading for these visits and wonder if it makes a better presentation?

First Kernow Solo 53709 with an A17 near Penzance on September 2nd by Jack Cooper.
A very atmospheric shot indeed.

ARRIVA Kent & Surrey 4301 working route A in London Country livery leaving Bluewater on September 9th by Gavin Francis.

Jack Cooper has provided more pictures from our area seen under various heading but the one below shows The High in Oxford looking busier than of late.

Taken on September 4th looking westwards now The High looks more like its oldself.

Gavin Francis has produced a number of pictures relating to the reintroduced 63 service to Oxford showing operators past and the vehicles they used which are shown under Times of Old.

We now have updated allocation lists for the Oxford Bus Group fleets under the appropriate headings.

I always like to include up to date happenings in the industry and this week there is news of an impending retirement of note.


I am delighted to have two sets of pictures on worthwhile news for the page which you will find under City Sightseeing by Neil Bridges and Oxford's Elites being prepared for Go North East at Hants & Dorset Trim by David Gray. 

James Freeman to retire !

James Freeman, who rose from bus conductor to becoming the Managing Director of First West of England, the area’s main bus operator, has announced that he is retiring from the business next May.

Freeman, who lives in Bath, has overseen a major transformation of the bus company in the region since he arrived six years ago, including the introduction of one of the largest fleets of biomethane buses across the country and the roll out of the £230m rapid transit Metrobus development in Bristol. Prior to the impact of the coronavirus on the bus industry, the business had seen growth in passenger numbers of between 6-10% per year during his tenure.

Today, First West of England employs some 1,800 staff and has a fleet of 600 vehicles covering Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and parts of Somerset and Wiltshire.

James Freeman previously held leadership positions with Reading Buses and Stagecoach, where he was Chief Executive Officer and a Managing Director respectively. He had previously worked as Managing Director of Badgerline Transit Developments in 1987 which was eventually subsumed into First Group which is the parent company for First Bus. He was just 28 when he was appointed to his first Managing Director role at Shamrock & Rambler Coaches in Bournemouth.

James noted “I am a very lucky person in that I have been able to spend my career in a sector about which I am extremely passionate.  From an early age I was fascinated by buses and felt then that I could help to make them run. My first contact with the company was when I boarded a brand new bus on display outside Marlborough Street Bus Station in Bristol in 1968. The man I talked to on that day helped make up my mind day that I would make my career on the buses.

“I got my first paid job as a bus conductor way back in 1974. After graduating from the University of Southampton, I’ve not looked back.

“Amongst my proudest achievements have been establishing First West of England at the forefront of sustainable developments in the industry to minimise the impact of our vehicles on the environment and enhance air quality in the areas we serve; the digital innovations we have introduced before and during COVID-19 which is taking customer service to a completely new level; and the strong working relationships we have forged with local leaders to ensure buses are, and remain, a critical and prominent part of a sustainable mobility strategy for cities, towns and outlying areas across the region. Consequently, the general public, as well as local leaders, regard us an important part of local life, contributing to making the West of England a place where people want to live and work."

He added: “Last but not least I have been immensely proud of my team in the way they have helped keep the region moving during the pandemic. We have lost drivers as a result of this dreadful virus, who will be forever remembered, alongside our staff across all our regional depots who have worked tirelessly to serve key workers and now those returning to work, school and further and higher education.

“Whilst retirement will be a wrench, as I’ve made so many wonderful friends amongst colleagues and customers, it is the right time to pass the baton as the business needs constant regeneration, and therefore fresh thinking, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.”

Giles Fearnley, Managing Director of First Bus, added: “We have been very fortunate to have had James on the First Bus team for over six years. An inspirational leader, he’s made a tremendous impact across the West of England business, with our stakeholders, customers and of course, his colleagues.  Through his time not only has patronage risen at record levels but the role of the Bus and the contribution it is making to the economic, social and environmental agendas, has never been better understood across the West of England.”

James Freeman was well known in Enthusiasts Circles and a major mover in King Alfred Buses of Winchester. The New Year's Day event was always not one to be missed. The picture below taken on New Year's Day 2005 shows James driving the KAMS OU9286, the oldest member of the FoKAB fleet, 1931 and was the last of six Dennis 30cwt’s ordered by King Alfred between 1926 and 1931. Bought to serve the lighter rural routes, in particular to Morn Hill, these vehicles were one-man operated.

centered image
OU 9286 is a Dennis 30cwt with Short 16 seat front entrance body new in 1931.
James always wore the peak cap and was noted at many events as well as Winchester. One wonders if James will now have more time to devote to preservation?
Picture by Malcolm Crowe. January 1st 2005. 

General discussion with friends and contacts suggests that commuting has not yet returned to normal with comments regarding London as deserted. 

It certainly seems that commuter journeys are not recovering yet and the school services are providing some interesting workings.

Neil Bridges caught up with Oxford tube 50264 working the daily Marlborough school S3 service on September 7th.
More pictures of this working can be found under the Oxford tube heading below.

Interestingly Oxford Bus have started advertising themselves on their buses as seen in these two pictures from Gavin Francis on September 11th. It seems a very sensible idea.


Private coach operators are reappearing in Oxford.

Travellers Choice SB19GNO waits for its passengers in St Giles, Oxford on September 3rd.

Chris Loddington writes about the wanderings of one the Oxford Gold Buses!

It’s been a long time since we last communicated, but I still look forward very much each week to reading your bus page. If you remember, I live just outside Northwich in Cheshire but spent most of the 1960/70s in Bedfordshire, so I am particularly familiar with the eastern part of the area you cover.

I thought you and your readers would be interested in the attached photograph, taken yesterday. Stagecoach Merseyside, Cheshire and South Lancashire are in the process of exchanging up to seven Standard Scania Enviro400s for seven Gold examples with Stagecoach Yorkshire The incoming Gold vehicles were new to Stagecoach in Oxfordshire, and I believe so far that three have been exchanged, these being :

15535 (VX59 JCZ) and 15610/611 (OU10 BHD/E).

The latter two entered service from Rock Ferry depot around last Saturday. I went into Liverpool yesterday and saw 15610, and managed to get this very last minute shot of it, in Crossall Street.

15610 seen in Crossall Street, Liverpool on September 7th by Chris Loddington.

Unfortunately there is not much of the Liverpool background in the photo, but it does clearly show that it is working Gold route X1 to Chester. As I say, it was a very last minute photo, in fact I had to run to get it before it departed! I can’t find out what these buses are working at the moment as they haven’t appeared on the bustracker website yet. In fact, 15610 is still showing its last working on 21 August on the 67 Barnsley – Wombwell !!!

From your bus page newsletter you are obviously keeping well, and I sincerely hope you remain that way, unfortunately it’s not looking too good at the moment, lets just hope we can turn the corner again. Public transport has had a big hit, but travelling around a bit I think buses have done better than railways, in some areas bus travel seems to be quite buoyant, whereas train travel is only about thirty per cent of what it was.

How nice to hear from Chris and as he said to me, he hopes t provide some more pictures in the future

Ian Hardy about the 685 and Birmingham pictures from the last issue

The 685 is a joint operation between Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire and Arriva North East. Originally United had a depot in Carlisle so ran the whole route on its own. But when the NBC transferred the Carlisle operation to Ribble in 1969 it became a joint route between United & Ribble and it has stayed like that to the present day.  

The picture of XR blocking Moor Street Queensway is ironic, Birmingham City Council had planned to make a section of that road buses only from July 2020 (before COVID):


Which means that XR are blocking a road that is only used by public transport, if XR wanted to really make a difference, they needed to block Spaghetti Junction on the M6, but that is probably too dangerous for XR, so they took the easy way out and blocked a bus route instead?

Mike Stone on Go North East

Seems odd in the current circumstances for Go North East to replace double decks with Interdecks.

Alexander on route 6 or 35

Well done on your latest update, it was a pleasure to read as always. I saw your question about what's happening with the 6. The stops still say '6' although the bus in the picture says '35' because the 6 is only temporarily being replaced by the 35 because of social distancing (for some reason they think it will help). Several services saw changes from 8/30 (the day the 6 was temporarily replaced by the 35). For details check out this link 


Hope this helps ?

Many thanks Alexander, it explains the question I asked.

That RML picture of 2440 and Arriva's new web site

Peter Cartwright

In last week's bus page you include a photo of RML2440 at Penn on 5 November 2003.  This cannot be correct as at that date it was in red livery operating from Camberwell  (Q) garage on route 12.  I bought it in December 2004 and had it repainted green taking delivery in early 2005.

Yes that seems like the correct date.

I have also looked at the new Arriva website and find it appalling, It is not user friendly and extremely difficult to source information required.

The previous system, although not ideal, was far better.

Why was it changed, I wonder?

Why indeed ? 

David Jackson 

After a bit of a search I’m fairly sure that it was taken on the 40th commemorative run of the 363 on 19th February 19th 2006.


Thank you David, that is useful to know.

Ed Maun on Frostways FRP841

Reference Bus page nr. 120, I was intrigued to see a photo of FRP 841 with Frostways.  This was actually a Bristol LL6B with 8’ wide ECW coach body new to United Counties in 1951.  It was later fitted with 8’ wide axles by United Counties.

 It was acquired by Thames Valley in 1959 and allocated to the South Midland fleet at Oxford as No. 826.     It passed to Frostways in 1961.

Marcus Lapthorn

Whilst driving home in Faringdon on Friday afternoon last, I saw a double deck bus entering Faringdon on Coxwell Road. It was following the Stagecoach route S6. The bus looked very colourful and was branded Magic Bus. I do not know if it is now a bus perhaps used by a charity? The livery was not that of Stagecoach Magic Bus Manchester. Any thoughts from anyone?

If anyone can answer this question it would be appreciated.

An interesting collection of pictures from the past for this week's issue which I hope readers will enjoy.

All about Dring's Coaches

Andrew Dyer 

Until reading the latest OCBP, I hadn’t heard the name Dring’s of Headington for decades! They were obviously successful in the mid 50s if they could buy two new coaches, but were certainly history by the time my Oxfordshire bus spotting days started in the mid-60s. More knowledgeable people will know, but I have a feeling that the business was bought by Percivals. 

The mention of the Beadle-Commer integral coaches takes me back to Charlton-on-Otmoor where we had one which was ex-Timpson's. When launched in the early 50s they were well ahead of their time. With the TS3 Diesel engine (a three-cylinder two stroke with twin opposing pistons) and lightweight construction they had amazing fuel economy. The Charlton one did 18-20 to the gallon when most coaches of the time were around 10-12mpg. 

Not very good on emissions though I suspect and when the exhaust ports carboned up they would decoke whilst going along with clouds of black smoke and sparks coming out of the exhaust! I can remember conducting TGJ one day when we left an impressive fog on the northern by-pass! 

The TS3 and the bigger TS4 were killed off by Chrysler In favour of their own engines  when they bought the Commer business (which was part of Rootes Group). I always wonder whether without that takeover and with more technical development work we would have had much better Diesel engine efficiency in the UK long before we did!

Photo credit for TGJ 488 seen in the yard at Charlton to sct61.

I should have mentioned the fabulous farty exhaust noise in my note! 

My own experience of the Commer TS3 was when driving this Harrington bodied one, ULG521,
when I worked for Godfrey Abbott coaches in 1960s. This is on a PSV Circle trip along the M6 on July 31st 1963.
Picture courtesy Peter Roberts.

Matthew Bullock writes a comprehensive report on this company.

Seeing conversation on OCBP about Dring of Headington, I can add the following: 

Alfred Edward Dring was a haulier who set up in business from premises in Windmill Road in 1908. He began a passenger service, the Rocket Horse Bus, from Windmill Road to Oxford in 1910. Horses were stabled at the bottom of Headington Hill as well as at the top due to the steepness of the hill. Alfred’s sons Alfred Charles and Walter Edward joined the business by 1935 by which time they were listed as motor coach operators. The two sons carried on after their father’s death in May 1947. The company finally ceased in January1965 when five coaches were sold to H Crapper & Sons Limited of Oxford. Fleet livery in the early days was Oxford Blue and Maroon, and the fleetname Oxford Blue Coaches was used. In later years, the livery was predominantly cream with blue and maroon. 

Vehicles I have recorded as follows. KBD14, PFC759, RFC184, XWL115 and 999AJO passed to Crapper. 








BW 9337

Chevrolet S







EY 9700

Leyland Tiger PS2/3


Churchill FC35F



TA Milburn & Son, Gaerwen


JO 1574








JO 3289








UD 1549

Chevrolet LM


B14 (lorrybus)





WL 7987

Dennis GL







WL 9041

Star VB4







WL 9874

Star VB3


Eaton C20F





BFC 645

Leyland SKP3


Burlingham C26R





BON 883

Leyland Tiger TS7


Burlingham C32F



Worthington Motor Tours Ltd, Wolverhampton

BON 883

Leyland Tiger TS7


Windover C33F (1951)





BON 884

Leyland Tiger TS7


Burlingham C32F



Worthington Motor Tours Ltd, Wolverhampton


DJO 93

Morris Commercial







HRB 370

Leyland Tiger TS7


Duple C32F



GV Dennis {Robin Hood Coaches}, Nottingham


KBD 14

Bedford SBG


Duple Vega C38F



CF Carnell {Viceroy Coaches}, Ash


OJO 393

Morris OP/R


Theale C29F





PFC 759

Foden PVSC6


Windover C33F





RFC 184

Leyland Tiger PS1/1


Windover C33F





XWL 115

Commer-Beadle TS3


Beadle Rochester C41F





999 AJO

Commer-Beadle TS3


Beadle Rochester C41F





Laurence also mentions B&C of Cumnor - Harold J Clack traded as B&C from Cumnor. He took a tenancy of the White House Pub on Abingdon Road, Oxford, in November 1968 but continued to run coaches from his Cumnor home. The pub tenancy ceased in December 1970 and the coach operations continued until 1972.

FRP 841 was with Frostways between November 1961 and October 1963 which will narrow down the date of the picture.

KBD14 by Matt Bullock seen at Headington in the 1950s. Obviously a warm day!!

Allan James with more on Dring's, Crappers and B&C Cumnor.

I have been a reader of your bus page for some years and very much enjoy reading about the local scene in and around Oxford. Issue 120 brought back many memories as I was for a short time secretary of the Oxford Railway Club back in the early 1960s, having been on trips with them since the mid 1950s. Interestingly Laurence Waters visited me maybe 25 years of so ago for some records relating to club visits.

In answer to his queries, I recall three coaches of Dring's that were used on railway club trips.

RFC184 Leyland PS1/Windover C33F, XWL 115 Beadle-Commer/Beadle C41F and 999 AJO another Beadle-Commer C41F.

I checked and there are pictures of the coaches at this link. Just put the registration in the search box. RFC184 will come up with the link


This latter is the one pictured with its regular driver "Scottie" Allen. 

B & C Cumnor had four coaches used on these trips in the early 1960s.

CJN361 Bedford OB/Duple C29F, JNX589 another Bedford OB/Duple C29F, RHN44 Bedford SB/Duple C35F and SOM40 Bedford SBG/Duple C41F. 

Strangely I didn't remember using Frostways of Kennington, although I do recall using House's of Watlington Bedford OB's on long trips with two drivers.

Dring's of Headington was taken over by Crapper's in 1965 and XWL115 and 999AJO at least were taken into Crapper's fleet.

I have unearthed a cutting from the Oxford Times from June 1966 which refers to the takeover by Crapper's - thus putting the matter beyond doubt.

The response to Dring's has been superb and I hope proves the value of OCBP?

Gavin Francis with past operators on the 63

On reading the last issue Gavin Francis looked back in his collection and provided some interesting photos from the days when Whites Coaches and Red Rose operated service 63 from Southmoor to Oxford .

Three Whites vehicles used on the 63 in 2009 and 2010.

Believed to be unique is this Optare Versa currently owned by Whites Coaches of Culham. It was built 9.7M length and used as a demonstrator by Optare.
 It was acquired by Whites in 2008 when they took over the contract to run service 97 from Berinsfield to Didcot.
This picture by Gavin was taken on April 11th 2008 whilst working a 63 service.

The company also had a period working the 63 and Gavin's pictures show this in Oxford during  2013 and 2014.

These pictures taken in 2013 show a variety of buses used on the service in 2013.

These two were taken in 2014 again By Gavin Francis.

Following last week's item from Michael Wadman, Gavin has provided a picture of corresponding interest.

Above BS17 is seen whilst still in London service before moving to Oxon Travel.

Michael Wadman

Windrush Travel started local bus services as part of the Oxfordshire changes in October 2003, providing a service to the villages off the A420 which had previously been served by Stagecoach West 63.

LDV Convoy / Onyx  YX53CKV awaits departure from Castle Street on November 21st 2003. 

From the time when Cheney's of Banbury ran the Banbury Town services, Dennis Dart SLF/SCC W1CTS at the Bridge Street terminus on August 5th 2000.

The anonymous white coach in Witney belonged to R & B Travel and was operating service 45 to Standlake on August 13th 1994,
the operator having won the tender in May that year.. YNY 591T was a Bedford YMT / Plaxton, new to Hills of Tredegar.

For several Years Union Cars operated a Taxibus service to Bicester North station in connection with Chiltern Railways.
Ford Transit OE51 KJF was at the station on August 24th 2004.

Gavin Francis with some memories of 15 road - Oxford & Green Line three years ago

Not quite the 15 you'd expect but here is a demonstrator on May 27th 2005.

Now a fleet nr 800 on the 15 by another demonstrator on May 15th 2010.

816 received this commemorative livery working the 15 on July 24th 2010.

Finally on April 30th 2011, 817 displays another commemorative livery working the 15 in St Aldates.

When First ran the 702 - 37985 in Bracknell on November 16th 2017

With very many thanks to Gavin for those lovely and most interesting pictures from the past!

Welcome to Transport for Cornwall, a subsidiary of national company Go-Ahead.


On Sunday March 29th 2020 we heralded the start of changes to local bus services across Cornwall.


Cornwall Council recently awarded an 8-year contract to Go Cornwall Bus (Plymouth Citybus/Go-Ahead) to operate the whole of the county supported local bus network.  This equates to around half of all bus journeys made in Cornwall.  First Kernow will continue to operate commercially within the county. 


Services under contract to Cornwall Council will be branded as Transport for Cornwall. Many bus services previously operated by First Kernow will be run by Transport for Cornwall. Go Cornwall Bus will be working with three local operators, namely Hopley’s Coaches, OTS of Falmouth and Summercourt Travel Ltd, to provide the whole supported bus network. 


Transport for Cornwall is the name of the partnership between Cornwall Council, Go Cornwall Bus and other local public transport providers working towards the delivery of the vision for a high-quality, integrated and customer-focused public transport network.  


Throughout April 2020, passengers would have seen a combination of enhanced frequency, reduced fares and new buses.  Further information about the services to be run, can be obtained from

respective bus companies.  


Further changes and improvements are scheduled to take place throughout the year based on our own observations and feed back from our passengers. 

Jack Cooper

I've spent a few days down in Cornwall seeing family. Here are a few pictures from Penzance Bus Station taken on September 2nd 2020.

Although branded for Plymouth Go Cornwall Bus 161 on a 5 service to Paul, despite the blinds being set for Penzance Bus Station.
This is one of a few Cornwall buses still with logos for Plymouth Citybus.

E20D MMC 2000 is seen heading for St Just working route 8.

A brand new E20D MMC  30 seater leaves Penzance for St Ives with a 16 service.

A longer E20D MMC 2416 part of the large fleet of these buses ready to depart on a 39A service to Camborne.



First Kernow Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 32027 seen heading for St Ives with an A2 service.
New as V124LGC, London Central AVL24.

33462 an E40D MMC with a T1 to Truro loading at Penzance Bus Station.

Wrights 37002 waiting time at Penzance Bus Station before working an A17 service.

Solo M780SE B27F new October 2009 to Holmes, Clay Cross as MX59AVR and acquired from them in 2014,
heading back to the future in Penzance on service M6, showing off its in Mousehole livery.

I find these pictures very interesting as when I visited Penzance on my 2008 trip it seemed mostly First!

https://www.plymouthbus.co.uk/  - https://www.transportforcornwall.co.uk/

David Ive visits the Tamar Area, Devon

I was editing a couple of bus pictures for my website last night and thought that they may be of interest to you for the OCBP.

Both were taken on August 26th on a recent trip to the West Country.

The first shows Plymouth Citybus 556, an Enviro 400 City, with "Spark" branding for routes 21/21A,
passing through Barne Barton in St Budeaux, with the Tamar Bridges in the background.

The second shows Plymouth Citybus 524, an Enviro 400 waits at the Cremyll terminus of route 70,
 across the River Tamar from the city of Plymouth, which can be seen in the background.

Pictures by David Ive

Although close to Plymouth, it will take the bus around 90 minutes to get back to its destination via a circuitous route around the Rame Peninsula and across the Torpoint Ferry. Plymouth Citybus (PCB) run a number of bus services for Transport for Cornwall, hence the livery.

I was pleased to have these pictures and fondly remember holidays in the area and the Torpoint Ferry. Thank you David.



On September 9th Gavin visited BLUEWATER for the first time and found a delightful place to photograph the comings and goings of the buses serving this now important leisure location.

The Arriva 700 runs from Chatham to Bluewater served by Sapphire services using E20D MMCs such as 4101 above.

fastrack is another service brand connecting BLUEWATER with Dartford and local areas with buses like 4105 above.

Not all the fleet of Arriva Kent & Surrey are newish buses and a few older ones such as 1608 above
provide service on routes such as the 481.

The 483 was served by E200 4042 on the day of Gavin's visit. The dark blue ARRIVA fleet name on the front is unusual.

Driver Training is provided by this DAF/Wright Cadet 3933, bearing a pleasant livery.

Arriva click was evident here as shown by this picture of AC004.


Go-Coach were evident with these two vehicles at Bluewater, BG63VUV working the 475 and E400 SK07DZD in the bus station.

Gavin took many more pictures some of which I will include in a second part in the next issue.


North of the Border with Gordon Scott - our man in Drum Brae!

A welcome return to Gordon who has been limited in his activities recently but we have some interesting pictures for this week's issue.

citylink have been much involved in Rail Replacement work and above Edinburgh Coach Lines Scania Irizar i6 YR68NMF
seen on Rail Replacement work at Edinburgh Park Tram and Rail Link on September 1st.

Lothian 864 - SN57DFY Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini seen on Skylink route 400 taken at Gyle Centre Edinburgh.

Lothian 1001CE - LXZ5383 Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini ex First London and Tower Transit. Seen on route 2 at Edinburgh Park Tram and Rail Link.

A friend of mine told me East Coast Buses part of Lothian Buses has temporarily loaned to Stagecoach Volvo B7TL Wright Gemini.

20794 SN56 AEU
20795 SN56 AEV
20796 SN56 AEW
20797 SN56 AEX
20798 SN56 AEY
20799 SN56 AEZ
20800 SN 56 AFA

New as Lothian 794 to 800. 

East Coast Buses 20795 is seen working the 104 in Princess Street, Edinburgh on September 7th.

Many thanks to Gordon for these welcome pictures.

Fleet news and developments

The company has few if any changes to the local fleets but inevitably buses turn up working from other depots.

Tony Bungay

After weeks of relative stability, if that’s the word these days! A bit of variety. 

Seen heading for outskirts of Aylesbury on September 4th, wearing older sapphire livery 4210 on an X60 working,
this vehicle has appeared on the X60 from time to time but this was first instance I was placed to get a photo.
This bus is listed in the September allocation list as being on loan to MK.

Another older sapphire liveried vehicle, 3043 while no stranger to your Bus page, was actually working a service 500 journey
but what must have been a moment before I took the shot the destination changed! The message could be read in an amusing way!!  September 7th.
This is listed as being allocated to High Wycombe!

Also on September 7th, Red Rose on a service 16 journey, and 6462 working service 300, again this vehicle is probably no stranger to your page,
it genuinely did not have a destination display, rather than not coming out on the photo! I may be wrong
 but I think this was when new an Aylesbury 280 vehicle. It is allocated to Hemel but was a 280 branded bus.

Any way best wishes and stay safe, more so as the media reminds us it’s on the increase again, as if the virus ever really went away! I think I speak for every soul in wishing at the very least the virus would weaken, so as to not affect people as bad, if they are misfortunate to contract it.

Many thanks to Tony for his interesting discourse.

Malcolm Crowe

Citaro 3919 is seen ahead of 6000, one of only three deckers at Arriva Wycombe on September 7th.

One of the other two is 6002 seen in West Wycombe Road on September 7th.

Gavin Francis

Citaro 3042 with a service 41 in Oxford Street on September 10th.

Jack Cooper

Of interest is the advertising for drivers on 5460 working a 280 service in New Road, Oxford on September 9th.
Arriva Aylesbury have been short of drivers as mentioned in these pages before!

Richard Sharman 

Two sisters, 5465 and 5466, pass in New Road working the 280 on September 3rd.

Gavin Francis

Gavin made an early morning foray into Stokenchurch to catch the recently acquired E400 working the school service to The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe. It has now received a blind but sadly no route number.

Working the 683 on September 9th, LK56FHH is seen at Stokenchurch.

Malcolm Crowe.

I was ahead of the game on September when the E400 had yet to gain a route blind. The other bus in use is the Spectra! 

Gavin Francis

E200 44567
working the X74 service in Oxford Street, High Wycombe on September 10th.

David Gray

David visited Hants & Dorset Trim on September 10th and was lucky enough to catch four of the ex Oxford X90 Interdecks being prepared for service in the North East.

Ex Oxford 73 now OW15WKA in repainted condition ready for vinyls.

What was 78 is ready for repaint now OW15WKF.

Two unidentified Interdecks, 74, 75, 76 or 77 in preparation.
Quite some work ahead of H&D Trim as this is the second livery on at least three which was for Carousel's 102 Chiltern Hundred's services.

Many thanks to David for these timely pictures. 

Please refer to this link for an updated fleet list for Carousel:    https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/419/CAR_Fleet_and_SORN_list_as_at_01.09.2020.pdf  

This week we have a number of pictures taken to show the changing face of the company. There are allocation changed which prove interesting.

Gavin Francis 

Scanias 217 and 218 remain with 214, 215, 216 and now 222 of this type.
The pictures above show 217 with a 27 working and 218 with a 39 working on September 10th in High Wycombe.

Citaro 869, with Carousel fleet name and legal owner appeared working the link 40 on September 5th
in these two pictures, the last by Malcolm Crowe.

The regulars, on link 40, for the past week are seen to be ex East Anglia Citaros 886 and 887 still in their dull blue livery on September 10th.
The second picture is taken in Piddington.

Oxford's 844 is seen in the Eden Bus Station having just finished a stint on the 8, September 10th.

Ex London LX06DZZ still lacks fleet numbers or branding and is seen working the 39 on September 10th.

Malcolm Crowe 

The yard was emptier than usual when I visited the depot on September 7th and drawn out of the back was 418.
This bus has been off the road for many months now and I do not think it will return to service?

These two buses ,844 and 845, are now in regular use along with 846 often working School Only services - seen on September 7th.

Minibus 979 is now allocated to High Wycombe with 976 but I'm not sure what they are used on?

Please refer to this link for an updated fleet list for Oxford:    https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/72/OBC_Fleet_and_SORN_list_as_at_01.09.2020.pdf

Ciaran Bird

Park & ride 664 is seen in Woodstock with a 500 service on September 7th.

Gavin Francis

Back with Oxford Bus, 219 is seen in the city with a 35 road service to Wolvercote on September 3rd.

Hybrid 300 is seen turning at Carfax with a 15 road service to Wood Farm on September 3rd.

Hybrid 305 is seen turning out of Queen Street, now reopened to buses, with a 35 road service on September 3rd.

Jack Cooper

Another picture of 219, this time with an 11X working at Queens Lane on September 4th.

Red StreetDeck 661 is seen in St Aldates with a 400 service on September 4th.

Park & Ride StreetDecks 664, 667 and 668 are seen in Woodstock on September 7th.

New StreetDecks 901 and 902 pass in St Aldates whilst working the X13 on September 4th.

StreetDeck 903 is also seen in St Aldates with an X13 service on September 4th.

Volvo B9TLs LX60DXC/DWZ: Oxford Bus Co.

 which came from City Tour London but are ex Go Ahead London.

London Central WVL372 - LX60DXC
London Central WVL369 - LX60DWZ

Both were London Central when new.

Neil Bridges caught these two on the A34 heading northbound on September 11th now having been repainted ready for service in Oxford. His pictures are shown below.


Gavin Francis

CSS 2908 is seen working the" Hop On - Hop Off tour" on September 4th by St Giles.

Please refer to this link for an updated fleet list for Thames Travel:    https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/423/TT_Fleet_and_SORN_list_as_at_01.09.2020.pdf

A nice variety of pictures this week.

Jack Cooper

513 is seen at East Hendred on September 4th with an ST1 working.

StreetDeck 623 is working the 33 to Abingdon in this picture taken on September 4th.

Citaro 866 is seen with a school working in Abingdon on September 9th.

By now many will be aware that the Mercedes OC500 /MCV 873-875 have moved to Thames Travel from Carousel.
Here 875 is seen working the 45 route, on September 4th, which is where they can be seen generally.

StreetDeck 909 still has to enter service but above is 908 in St Aldates with an X2 inbound service on September 4th.

Several pictures of interest this week.

Richard Sharman

It would appear that Hallmark has a three bus PVR for the 250 service, allowing the drivers to keep the same bus rather than handing it over to an additional driver in Bicester or Oxford to cover the break periods.

SM19KKO is seen awaiting a midday departure to Oxford on September 3rd,
whilst SM19KKP arrives from Oxford and then continues Out of Service to go on break.

Gavin Francis

SM19KKT is seen by The Randolph Hotel in Oxford with a 250 service on September 4th.

Gavin Francis 

Levante SH204 is seen working the A1 in London on September 8th whilst the offside large fleet number indicates a base of GA??

SH (Stansted Start Hill) 291 is seen working a 470 service to Coventry passing the camera on September 8th in BPR. 

Chris Maxfield 

PUI 9424 seen on Homelands Park, Bishop's Cleeve. 040920

We have this Mercedes Bentley Sprinter 516 on loan (Demonstrator). It has Illesbus Vegas bodywork. 

Richard Sharman

Pulham's Coaches smart MCV eVoRa-bodied Volvo B8RLE BB70BUS looks fresh out of the box on its second day in revenue earning service on the 15.
September 2nd.  

Reading's 758 is seen in Buckingham Palace Road with a 702 working on September 8th.


Enviro 200s YX10BGU/YX60DZO: Red Eagle, Aylesbury.

After a good start on the 321 with the red and white buses now plain red ones are appearing and the route number has changed to 130.

Gavin Francis

Redline's YX08MDY with the 130 leaving the Eden Bus Station on September 10th.

Malcolm Crowe

On September 7th YX12DKA is seen heading for Aylesbury at Saunderton.

Tony Bungay

Ex Bournemouth HJ02HFDm resplendent in livery leaves Aylesbury working the 16 to Quainton on September 7th.

A better view of Oxford depot's staff transport seen in Gloucester Green by Gavin Francis.

Theo Freeman

I was in Oxford on September  and managed to see 15533 on the 1, managed to photo it however it’s not the best.

Gold E400 15533 working the 1 on The High.

Gold E400 15760 working the 8 on The High.

Ciaran Bird

The Witney based fleet of 69 plate MMCs are seen in the town on September 5th.

Solo 47658 seen working the 233 from Witney to Woodstock on September 5th.

MMC s 10431 and 10672 pass through Woodstock on September 7th working the Gold route S3!!

A Gold on the S3, Seat Belt fitted 15966 is seen in Woodstock on September 7th.

Solo 47451 and Solo SR 47832 are both seen in Woodstock on September 7th.

Gavin Francis

E400 10069 normally seen working the 700 was on September 3rd coming from Blackbird Leys with the 1.

Darts 34832 and 34882 seemingly loaned to Oxford for a reason not known taken on September 7th.

What seems to have been a double deck working recently is seen using 36931 in High Street on September 3rd.

Jack Cooper

Gold 10785 is seen with a terminating S7 in Woodstock on September 7th.

Often working a peak service on the 500, 10067 is seen in Banbury Bus Station on September 9th.

Solo SR 47832 is seen in Woodstock with the 233 service to Burford on September 7th.

Once at Oxford, E200 36762 is seen leaving Banbury for Brackley with service 500 on September 9th.

Another Gold on the One to Blackbird Leys, S3 branded 15835 is seen in The High on September 4th.

This time a single decker again working 900 at Thornhill, 36984 ready for The Churchill on September 4th.

Richard Sharman

..... noted a new rewards shceme by Stagecoach in Oxfordshire.

MMC 10672 shows the reward scheme in St Aldates on September 3rd.
Is it my imagination or is "on bus advertising" becoming less popular for commerce?

Gavin Francis

Gavin took this picture of the protective diver's screen fitted to the X5 coaches back in service on the Bedford-Oxford route.

More pictures this week or West buses on the 853 with one surprise.

Ciaran Bird

Pictures of 2686 freshly repainted working the 853 in Witney.

It does look smart on September 5th.

Jim Wright

First sight of 28686 freshly repainted in the new colours passing the hospital in Woodstock Road on September 5th.

Neil Bridges

E200 37241 is seen working a midday 853 in St Giles Oxford on September 8th. 

Following information just as I was finishing off last week's page, I learned that a tube was to be employed on a school service S3 each morning and afternoon. Checking this in official channels I was told this would not happen. Ironically it did and i have received many pictures of this working. Seems that on today, Friday September 11th, a general shortage of vehicles caused missing services on the Oxford tube and even an E200 on route 1. So maybe a tube did not operate the S3 today??

Ciaran Bird

Here on September 7th, 50269 is seen at Woodstock with a rear destination in use for the number and route number.

This caused a stir as many were unaware that all the 14 plate tubes were delivered new with such blinds but never used in tube service.

On September 8th it was the turn of 50277 seen heading for School with a nice clear blind!

Here 50262 on September 10th is turning round near The Marlborough Arms and it does not have the rear destination in use.

Gavin Francis

Ex megabus 50244 seen returned to service at Notting Hill Gate on September 8th. Why no wheel trims????????

50245 and 50247 at Gloucester Green on September 4th after re-entering service.
Again no wheel trims which spoils the overall appearance of a fine coach ??? It also shows complete care !!

50246, with red roof !! turns into Elizabeth Bridge with wheel trims, how much better and cared for it looks on September 7th.

Jack Cooper

A nice picture of 50282 crossing the pedestrian walkway at the top of New Road  on September 9th.

Doubtless some will say wheel trim don't matter and would probably say clean wheels also unimportant but for me it shows a lack of care !! 

Gavin Francis

Following on from the last issue, here is the rear of 50419, Panorama, on BPR - September 3rd.

Here is un-named 54271 in the latest livery (no Sid!!) working the M34 on September 4th in St Giles, Oxford.

"mega megaforce" 54291 is heading into VCS for a Bristol-Cardiff working on September 7th. 

London developments by Gavin Francis

Go Ahead LT57 working route 11 with a full wrap for 5G on September 8th.

TfL restrictive notices on September 4th, 9th and 8th for London buses.

Part of National Express

Clarkes Irizar ES15EHS leaving Elizabeth Street on September 3rd.