This has been a quieter week after the last two weeks with Showbus pictures in addition. Equally the weather has not been at its best for photography. However there are some interesting items in this issue of what was in our area and I hope readers will enjoy contributions from Michael Wadman and Paul Bateson of operators and vehicles from more than 20 years ago.

A Reading Bristol VR nr 64 at the station on March 3rd 1983 by Paul Bateson.

On another front, four of the ex megabus Oxford tubes have been moved to Glenrothes via Dunfermline for use on increased contract work in that area.

Marcus Lapthorn has provided an interesting memory of an overseas bus trip in the summer of 1968 covering Eastern Europe.

In the summer of 1968, a group of friends adapted a double-decker bus and took it on a journey to Eastern Europe. Sponsored by two Scotch whisky-makers, they encountered Soviet tanks, a Romanian beer shortage and a perilous Yugoslavian mountain pass.2 days ago.

Click on this link to read more

Charlie Blagg has provided interesting pictures from The Luton & District area following those pictures from Gary Seamarks in the last issue.

Gavin Francis as ever has provided some interesting pictures from London and I have included his photo of an Emirates Airbus A380 flying over Lewisham. It is rather defining such a large aircraft when see from the earth below! I know it is not a "bus" but it is an Airbus!!!

Emirates A6-EVK an A380-842 flying over LEWISHAM on October 9th by Gavin Francis.
Sadly so many airlines have had to ground their larger aircraft as there are no longer customers to fill them!

As always we have a round up of pictures and developments in our local area and some from further away. Thanks as ever to all contributors.

TfL are in crises over mounting losses on the bus and rail services. It seems every business wants a bail out and one wonders how the money will be found.

Adverts appearing in and around Oxford are adapted to the location on which they appear so a Oxford Bus/Thames Travel will only have those companies whereas a roadside poster includes Stagecoach.

Picture from Gavin Francis.

Stagecoach megabus has found a use for its furloughed coaches in Manchester on school services and this is covered under megabus below. I am grateful to Mark Wakefield, who is presently working in Manchester for his very interesting contributions.

54218 is seen early morning with a school relief working service 231 into Manchester Piccadilly on October 14th.

Fleet news and developments

I am pleased to be able publish the fleet lists for Arriva Midlands and Shires plus Arriva Southern Counties which I hope you find of interest. I would like to thank Paul Swann for these lists.

Arriva TS Fleet     12 Oct 20.xlsx

South Counties Full Fleet 12 Oct 20.xlsx

You will see from these lists that there have been too many changes.

Charlie Blagg   Luton & Beds Transport Page

Thought I might send in some photos for you to publish on your page - please credit to "Luton & Beds Transport Page".

Pictures taken on October 13th

You mentioned VDL SB200/Plaxton Centro 3812 YJ58 FFA has returned to use at Arriva Luton and has gained a fleet number in recent weeks. It's still in all white, and in true Arriva fashion awaits the application of it's fleet number. It's seen here earlier in the month on a Full 31 service.

Some of your more observant readers may have noticed the absence of ADL E20D MMC 3133 YX17 NNJ from the fleet since last November. It was involved in a nasty accident whilst on the 321 service, and returned to use at the beginning of October this year. It had been spotted having work done at Metroline's Engineering Facility at Perivale.


Charlie Blagg   Luton & Beds Transport Page

Credit to "Luton & Beds Transport Page".

A recent arrival at Centrebus's Luton fleet is Scania Omnicity 729 YN07EYC. It was new to Nottingham City Transport in 2007, and joined Centrebus in 2018. It's spent most time at Leicester, but it's not the first time it's visited Luton, having spent a week or so here in Summer 2019 post-repaint for the University of Bedfordshire Graduation Shuttles. It's one of a number of Scanias here dedicated to Busway work, seen here on an E. There'll be more new (second-hand) entries into service later in the month on the Busway, keep an eye out for them!

Pictures taken on October 13th

Another relatively recent arrival at Centrebus is Scania L94UB/Wright Solar 693 FN04HTU. It joined from High Peak in July, initially for use on the Busway. It's no longer required on there, and has been a regular on the X31 and 366 services from Luton.


This company has two ex National Express Caetano Levante used for school services and private hire.

LRZ9948 was FJ61EXW  - This Volvo B9R was new to Your Bus (Dunn of Heanor).

   LRZ9940 was FJ11GJO  -  This Volvo B9R was new to Flights Hallmark in June 2011.

These coaches may be seen in our area and I hope someone will be able to provide pictures of them in service?

The company continues to surprise followers with some unusual allocations, for example 884 was working the 8 on Thursday, October 15th although 402 has been off the road since July 6th, whilst 421 has appeared on the 337 for the odd day in place of 423.

938 appears to be still away for repairs and although I noticed 214 on Monday last heading for the bus station. It has not appeared in service since October 9th. Maybe a ticket machine fault ?

Gavin Francis

305 is seen  in  George street returning from  Wolvercote and heading for Abingdon in George Street on October 12th.

Park & Ride 679 is heading for Redbridge in Worcester Street with a 300 road service on October 12th.

Jack Cooper

The first pictures from Jack taken with his new camera today, October 16th in Abingdon.

Autumn is here in this picture of 902 with an X13 working to the J R.

Gavin Francis  

This bus has been "SORN" until very recently but is now back on the road. It maybe because the E400s are being converted to "EV" like 2903?
2907 is seen in Park End Street on a dry October 12th.

Simon Caygill

Simon caught up with some Thames Travel buses in Didcot which are in one case interesting, the use of ex Carousel 871, now with TT working the 94.

Seen at the train station on October 14th. The same bus has worked the same duty now for three days!

933 at Didcot Parkway on a day which turned stormy, October 14th.

Rain was falling in this picture of 909 heading for Oxford with an X2 service on October 12th. 


Nick Ross

Here's an image of  drama on the Ivinghoe Road South of Leighton. With the road closed due flooding at Grove.

Marshalls Volvo LK03 NHX has to do a three point turn and find another route
to pick up its Northall and Eaton Bray school kids on October 5th.

I remember seeing this companies coaches on a London Commuter service some 10 years ago. They always looked very smart. Ed.

I notice that their servies are still running as can be seen at this link:


Simon Caygill

Simon was at Woking and caught up with the two Caetanos of Reading, 1415 and 1416 at the Woking terminus. 



Taken on October 14th at Woking, two Caetanos with service 925.

Also provided are pictures taken in Reading.

Seen in Reading, 865 is working route 21a on October 14th.

David Nutton

I visited Aylesbury earlier this week and saw this Red Rose decker which I don't think has been reported yet. A Volvo B7TL new to London United. 

PG04WHX , repainted and branded in Aylesbury on October 13th.
Gavin Francis on seeing this picture sent one of this bus with London United on October 13th 2012.

Its a matter of taste but I quite like the current livery used on Red Rose deckers.

However it does look nicely presented Ed. 

Theo Freeman

The recently acquired ADL Dart SLF/Pointer 3 buses are now entering service at Banbury as shown in  the pictures from Theo Freeman. Also 34471 has at last re-entered service first on October 15th.

34832 and 34882 which are being used on the B services on October 15th.

34471, now an elderly member of the SC Oxford fleet, another Trans Pointer Dart in the depot on October 15th.

E200 36763 with the extended B9 coming out of Gateway Retail park on October 15th.

It appears that Solo 47735 has now gone to Witney in exchange for 34471 which has taken a long time to be returned to service.

Ciaran Bird

I've got some photos for your page, chief among which is the recent transfer of Optare Solo 47735 from Banbury depot to Witney. I can report the vehicle has a very loud cooling fan and a squeaky fan belt as well as some cosmetic damage to it at the rear. These photos were taken in Woodstock on October 13th.


47735 loading for its return from Woodstock.

10783 looks smart in the afternoon sun on October 15th in Woodstock.

Gavin Francis

Recently transferred from Oxford to Witney, 10438 is seen in George Street with an S1 working on October 15th.

M A N 22418 is seen at Network Oxford still awaiting application of fleet number sand any branding on October 10th.

Jack Cooper

With an S8 working through Abingdon to Wantage, Gold 10783 looks clean and tidy on October 16th.

Simon Caygill

MMC 10679 is seen on October 12th with a Rail Replacement service at Didcot. 

Sadly as a result of Covid-19 ticket sellers at Gloucester Green and Thornhill are no longer used. Somewhat sad for me as many readers will know that my final days with Stagecoach involved me selling tickets at Gloucester Green, an interesting and enjoyable job. However very cold in winter!

The notice now at Gloucester Green.

I believe that is now well known that four ex megabus Astromegas have been moved to Glenrothes for use on the Amazon contract which is being increased and therefore there is a need for more capacity.

Gavin Francis

Seen at Network Oxford on October 10th. 

50244/5/6/7 all went to Dunfermline on October 12th and moved quickly to Glenrothes depot came from Dunfermline on October 14th.

Many thanks to Catriona Lowe and Andy Churchill for the update.


50246 and 50247 seen heading north along the M6 on October 13th.

Photos courtesy of Colin Flawes


Pictures taken at Dunfermline by Colin Flawes on October 13th.

Blair Cameron

I am indebted to Blair for him allowing me to use details and pictures of these now far north coaches.

Yesterday, October 13th, saw the arrival of four ex Stagecoach Bluebird now ex Stagecoach Oxford - Oxford tube Van Hool Astromegas.
They are being transferred to Stagecoach East Scotland Rennies Executive Coach Travel Cowdenbeath Depot for upcoming Amazon Contracts.
It Is starting to get busier For Amazon so extra staff and extra coaches will be needed.
These Van Hools arrived At Stagecoach East Scotland Dunfermline Bus Depot before being transferred through to Glenrothes Bus Depot

50244 - SV12 BZN - Stagecoach Oxford - Oxford Tube - Van Hool Astromega
50245 - SV12 DVW - Stagecoach Oxford - Oxford Tube - Van Hool Astromega
50246 - SV62 BBJ - Stagecoach Oxford - Oxford Tube - Van Hool Astromega
50247 - SV62 BBK - Stagecoach Oxford - Oxford Tube - Van Hool Astromega

All seen Sorry Not In Service heading for Glenrothes Bus Depot on Queensferry Road, Dunfermline on October 14th.
Courtesy Blair Cameron who has heard they may retain the livery at present.

Now all we need is for someone to catch the first new Panoramas leaving Scarborough for Oxford via Didcot sometime quite soon.

Gavin Francis

50271 is not too happy when seen on October 10th being recovered to Oxford from Buckingham Palace Road.


Last week week we had pictures of megabus coaches in Manchester in use for schools duplicates. Now here are some more taken this week.

Mark Wakefield

54218 with a school relief service, 118 heading for Manchester on October 13th.
The 218 was a Manchester and Ashton trolley bus route for many years.

Next pictures taken at Hazel Grove Park & Ride outstation on October 14th.

54216 - 54219.


59223/4/5 and 8 ex South Gloucester Bus & Coach.

With many thanks to Mark for his excellent pictures. I used to live in Hazel Grove in 1965 and it is hard to believe that these pictures are just round the corner from my house!!!

A recent E20D MMC YX69NWA working Rail Replacement at Didcot on October 12th by Simon Caygill.

London developments by Gavin Francis

Gavin visited Lewisham earlier in October and I thought a few of his photos would be of interest.

This E200 is operating on the 484, a route which is moving to operation by Go Ahead London shortly.

I include these pictures of the early Citaros in London many of which have joined Carousel and Thames Travel.
Those remaining in London are mainly used now on the 108.

The WVLs are now reducing in number with GAL, here are two one of which is still in the older GAL livery like 942 now with Carousel.

I was fascinated by these E20D MMCs some of which have an "offset" fleet number whilst other are central to the number plate.
To my eyes the latter, 36647 looks more correct than 36676 !!
Stagecoach operates the 284 and P4 in Lewisham.

This coach, BX65WCG, was new to South Gloucester but is now operated by Kings Ferry, part of NEx.
It is seen in Lewisham operating the 007 to Dover a route once operated by Stagecoach in Kent.

An interesting collection of pictures from the past for this week's issue which I hope readers will enjoy.

Michael Wadman

Michael continues his weekly contribution of operators past in our area.

A&A Travel of High Wycombe ran local route 327 for a while.
Former Kent County Council Ford Transit / Devon Conversions M892 EGK in High Wycombe bus station on 29th March 2004.  

Execubus of Booker Common - Iveco Daily / Carlyle G80 TBM, formerly an Iveco demonstrator,
in Henley-on-Thames on Service 356, 24th March 1994. 

Abbey Coaches of High Wycombe -  J566 DJV was a Mercedes 811D / Autobus Classique, new to Baildon Motors of Guiseley.
In Beaconsfield on 2nd April 2004. Sadly no obvious destination display, so you’ll have to take my word that it was on route 377. 

Routemaster Travel of Aylesbury. Several operators have used the fleetname “Routemaster Travel” over the years.
Peter Legg did have a Routemaster, but obviously this isn’t it.
YAE 519V was a former Bristol Omnibus Co Bristol LH6L / ECW, operating service 62 in Leighton Buzzard on 9th June 1998. 

And so to an actual Routemaster.
Thame on a Sunday wasn’t normally the most interesting of places bus-wise, except on August Bank Holiday weekend
when Messrs Bruce and partners t/as ThisBus.com
 operated route 73, a shuttle service to the nearly Towersey Folk Festival.
When he wasn’t playing with Routemasters Ken Bruce was a Radio 2 DJ. RML2394 (JJD 394D) on the service in Thame on 24th August 2008.

As ever many thanks for some very interesting memories.

Paul Bateson provides memories of the 1970's and 1980's in our area

The unique Ayats bodied Leyland Leopard PSU5, JJD802N, seen here when new with Corbels of London.
Doubtless this coach also appeared in Oxford. This picture was taken on September 4th 1977.

Charlton Services ran this ex London DMS on services into Oxford. It is seen in Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983.

Windsor Station on September 5th 1977 when this Leyland National was operating to High Wycombe.

This short Bristol RE is also seen at Windsor Station on the same day with a 48 service.

On February 28th 1983 this DP Bristol VR 934 is seen in Peascod Street, Windsor bound for High Wycombe.
Peascod Street is now pedestrianised !!

The company had a number of these Leyland Leopard / Plaxton Supreme III Express coaches seen here with a FLIGHTLINE service 767.
It is seen in VCS on March 2nd 1983.

In the last issues we have been talking about the X50 from Oxford to Birmingham.
Here a Midland Red DP is seen at Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983.

Black & White was somehow not all that the original company had been and a very standard Plaxton coach
 is also seen at Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983.

This coach, originally with National Travel North West is seen working the 783 "Eastlander" service from Ipswich to Cheltenham
not anything to Paris  is seen at Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983. John Doe is seen to the right, some may know him.

By 1985 this service was working through to Cardiff.

March 4th 1983 saw these two Bristol RE's 85, a DP Coach mainly used for London services and an ex Bristol Omnibus dual door bus.
YHY581J had come from Cheltenham with a National Bus transfer. One wonders what the circumstances were?

Once a double deck coach for the London services this Bristol VR/ECW DP had been downgraded to bus livery
when seen in Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983.

We've featured this bus before but the livery when seen from the back was a clever use of the fittings to advertise the 190 to London.
I believe it was called the 190 as the first fares were £1.90. The use of the ECW body style suited this branding.

Here working a 190 service to Witney is Bristol VR 463 in Oxford South Midland National Bus livery on March 4th 1983.

There had been a London Transport depot at Windsor used for Green Line services, the garage originally with East Surrey and in the late 1930s planned to be a large operating centre which never quite fulfilled expectations.

Here we have a fairly new AEC Reliance/Duple coach RB17 outside the depot which also provided terminal facilities.
By this time, September 5th 1977, National Bus had taken over country services hence the logo.

An RP coach nr 20 with the long 704 route through London on September 5th 1977.

A new Leyland Tiger/ECW TL5 working the 757 FLIGHTLINE service to Luton on March 2nd 1983 in Buckingham Palace Road.
This model had an inherent problem in that the rear luggage area tended to collapse after some months service.

A selection of London Country buses in Windsor including the well known 441 route. Seen on September 5th 1977.

At Uxbridge

Here London Country met London Transport, the RT, 3046 on September 5th 1977, in use on Driver Training
and DM1240 ready for the trip into West London taken on the same day.


Motts of Aylesbury were regular operators in the area. SBH102R was new to Plaskow & Margo of Uxbridge in 1977,
It is a Bedford YMT/Plaxton seen in Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983.


Percivals ran the Cambridge-Oxford service with Premier Travel until taken over by National Express.
This coach, VJF18S, a Leyland PSU5B/4R with Plaxton C57F body was new in November 1977 to Ementon, Cranfield
It is seen in Gloucester Green on March 4th 1983. 

Imperial operated services around Windsor and here JHL318P new to Diamond is seen in Peascod Street
with a local service on February 28th 1983.

White Bus Services

Whites LJB403L, a Bedford/Duple in Windsor Station on September 5th 1977, then used as a bus terminal.
The coach was new to Jeatt of Winkfield (Whites) in October 1972.

Finally I couldn't resist this picture of ST922 when working the 100 service in Covent Garden on March 2nd 1983.
I remember taking a lunch hour to travel on this service which was a memorable experience.

With many thanks to Paul for reviving some pleasant memories of times past. 

From Paul Bateson in Canada

I was advised a few days ago of a double-decker bus north of Penetanguishene, Ontario.  Naturally I had to investigate and fortunately my one friend who lives in Brampton and with whom I have formed my social bubble during this pandemic agreed to drive me the 150 kms north to investigate. 

In the small community of Tiny Township, close to the southern end of Georgian Bay and north of Penetanguishene, I was fortunate to find Routemaster RM 1448 (448 CLT).  It is a good job that I know my Canadian Routemasters as there is nothing displayed that even identifies this bus.  I simply recognised it from the time I last saw it in the Ottawa area in use as a food truck. 

Pictures by Paul Bateson taken on October 14th 2020.

There was nobody around to find out who actually owns the bus.  It is parked next door to Mailloux's General Store but that was closed..  The location is 594 Champlain Road, Tiny Township and for now I am recording as "Clarence's Classics". 


Dundee Electrics with Paul Hawkins

Paul Hawkins

A new coach service started about 2 weeks ago between Dundee and Edinburgh by Ember marketed as the first fully electric coach service in the UK using two Yutong TC-12E full electric coaches.


I managed to catch ne of them in Dundee outside the Science Centre recharging during its layover


£7.50 single