From Jack Cooper on December 2nd.


This week is proving interesting. Following the launch of the new Oxford tube coaches last Saturday, further ones are now entering service up to 50431.

Saturday, November 28th saw 50421 make the first journey of one of the new fleet leaving Gloucester Green.
Picture by Martyn Sacaloff.

Arriving at Lewknor problems struck 50421 when the front door failed to close resulting in passengers being transferred to the following service.
This was operated by 50233 which is seen leaving Gloucester Green after 50421. Pictures by Gavin Francis and Martyn Sacaloff.

Further pictures of the first day are under the company heading below. Martyn travelled on the second new coach, 50422, to London and 50421 had returned to the depot by 1030 on the day.

Colin Ashcroft has provided pictures of the updated megabus livery seen in Portsmouth last weekend.

54272 in Portsmouth on November 29th. More pictures under megabus below.

Jack Cooper has provided pictures of Oxford, Abingdon and of some note Bicester Village Shuttles, the Village has been reopened and judging by the number of buses in use, good patronage is exepcted.

December 2nd saw all three StreetDeck Micro Hybrids in use.

During Jack's time in Oxford had secured this picture of Gloucester Green around 1330 on November 27th.

On the same day Jack captured a quiet St Giles which for a Friday is far from usual. 

As ever we have a good selection  from contributors and I do hope that readers will enjoy this issue.

We are now in revised Tiers until just before Christmas in England which once again makes getting out and about difficult. I would only caution readers and contributors not to break any rules since there will be people who question if someone should be taking pictures in these difficult times. However if you are going somewhere, shopping or work no one has said one cannot take photos!

Ciaran Bird & Jack Cooper

Maybe this shows the result of Lockdown. Gloucester Green on November 27th around lunchtime! 

Fleet news and developments

Paul Swann writes "from tomorrow the Central Area will disappear AYL, HW will move to North Area along with MK all under Simon Mathieson Luton with all remaining depots moving to the South under Simon Finnie.

 With the sale of Cannock there will be quite a few moves that will involve MK, AYL and HW to replace older vehicles I will let you know as soon as I can."

This is a significant change seemingly removing  "The Shires" as an operating entity.

Ciaran Bird

A nice picture of 5468 waiting time at Oxford Station on November 25th.

Jack Cooper

On November 27th we see 5463 working the X8 which has not featured in these pages in recent months.

Malcolm Crowe

Solo 712 has now joined this fleet but remains at its original depot in High Wycombe. All branding is removed.
Seen on November 30th. 


Kevin Fuller

On the same day, one of the oldest members of the First Berkshire fleet at Slough departs on the Wexham circular service (route 6). It is hard to believe that this bus, fleet number 64020 is over 16 years old, but still looks smart in its yellow route branded livery. I'm probably showing my age by thinking of these Citaros as 'new' vehicles, but in reality it is nearly 20 years since the first examples appeared here!


Malcolm Crowe

Views of the depot on November 30th.

Nigel Peach

A picture of Carousel StreetLite 404, making a rare appearance in Flackwell Heath late afternoon Friday 27th. Not a brilliant picture - the light was very poor, so the shutter speed was long and by the time it clicked, the bus was much further round the roundabout than I'd planned! 

😀 GOOD NEWS! From tomorrow until 27th December, you’ll be able to park for FREE at Oxford’s five Park&Ride sites! Plus, we have a great group offer to grab on the luxurious and clean park&ride buses.

Ciaran Bird

Scania 220 seen at Oxford Station on November 25th.

StreetDecks 654 and 657 seen at Oxford Station on November 25th.

670 is seen heading for Blenheim Palace route 500 seen at Oxford Station on November 25th.

Jack Cooper

On a murky day, November 27th, 653 is seen with a 5 road service.

Orange 688 emerges from the mist on November 27th with a short 8 working to Green Road.

Jack Cooper visits Bicester Village on December 2nd.

Yesterday was the first day the Bicester Village services were running since lockdown, with 662 on its usual allocation, the BV1 (Bicester North Station - Bicester Village Station - Bicester Village), 670 on the BV2 (Bicester Village - Graven Hill Park and Ride) and 666/901/902/903 on the BV6 (Bicester Village - A41 Park and Ride).

For those who follow  the route numbers BV1-6 are useful.  

662 back after part of November stood down, is seen near Bicester Village.

666 is seen heading for the A41 Park & Ride.

Street Decks 902 and 903 seen on the service. 

The services are now increased to include Gatwick as well as Heathrow.

Jack Cooper

35 seen on November 27th and then 37 heading for Gatwick on December 1st.


Ciaran Bird

A nice shot of 870 on Driver Training at Oxford Station on November 25th.

Jack Cooper

Buses on November 27th via the Westgate because services X2/X32/X38/X39/X40 were diverting around the Westgate skipping Queens Lane as there were long delays because of temporary traffic lights at Longwall, this is also why 908 and 221 are also seen going around the Westgate.   

Branded for 4 road in Oxford, 844 is seen working an X40 service to Reading via Redbridge on December 1st. 

Many more pictures of Thames Travel buses can be found under the article on the visit to Didcot Parkway by Gavin Francis below.

Now that the company no longer operates through Oxford I have to wait for someone to visit London.

Gavin Francis

First time Gavin has now worked into London he was able to send these two pictures if an Edwards double deck on the 040

Edwards BU18OTC is seen in VCS with an 040 service on a wet December 3rd.

BU18OTA was in use on December 4th.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Gavin Francis

Gavin visited Marlow last week end and caught up with the two buses used on consecutive days for Rail Replacement.

ADL 1202 in a wrap livery seen at Marlow Station on November 28th.

emerald 773 is seen on November 29th at Marlow and then earlier working a 702 in London on May 28th 2019. 

Kevin Fuller

The electric bus trial in Slough (route 4A Slough - Cippenham) seems sometimes to be substituted with diesel vehicles, both Solos and Enviros being noted on different days in the past couple of weeks. On November 26th, mid length Enviro 200 in anonymous white livery leaves Slough bus station with a mid afternoon journey to Cippenham.


Tony Bungay

As you were pleased with a new take on Bus Photography!! I have one more in this case a Red Rose vehicle, which I think carries an MCV body.

Taken on November 26th near Aylesbury. Caught in the lense of a Drone.

Details on the services over Christmas and New Year are now online. If you are travelling on our buses over the festive period make sure you take a look before you head to the bus stop.

Ciaran Bird

10681 is seen at Oxford Station working a route 1 on November 25th.

An unusual interior view on an MMC upper deck.


Gold 10787 is seen drawing in to Gloucester Green with an S3 on November 27th.

MMC 11251 is seen leaving Gloucester Green with an S2 service to Carterton on November 27th.

Gavin Francis

Driver Trainer 22417 is seen at Horspath on December 4th. 

Ciaran Bird

21223 is seen leaving Gloucester Green with an X5 to Bedford on November 27th.


Ciaran Bird

Gold 10987 is  seen leaving Gloucester Green on November 27th with an S6 to Swindon. 

Each of our new coaches is equipped with 3 multimedia TFT screens to show the coach’s current position along the route and next stop information. We’ll be able to uses these screens to display places of interest and connection points for onward travel across the city.


As mentioned in the Editorial we have a number of pictures of the first day of operations of the new Panoramas, November 28th, from various contributors.

Martyn Sacaloff

Gloucester Green first services

50421 departing with the first trip.

50422 loading and the new information screens used in the new coaches.


50422 seen at Thornhill Park & Ride.

London - Buckingham Palace Road

Arrived in London, 50422 is seen at the terminus.

50423 the third service with a new coach arrived in London.

Later in the day and in the early evening.

50424 in London with the delightful "blue" interior.

Gavin Francis


50421 stranded at Lewknor on its first in service trip.

Andrew Webb

Saturday, November 28th saw the first Plaxton coaches enter service on the Oxford Tube, heralding a period of transition as the existing Van Hools slowly cede control to the newcomers.  On one of its first revenue earning forays to the capital, Panorama 50422 is seen prior to departure from Buckingham Palace Road with Van Hools 50266 and 50288 awaiting their turn. (see blow) 

In London - BPR

50422 ready for its return to Oxford.

Jack Cooper

New coaches in service on December 1st.

50423 and 50424 seen in service on December 1st.

Many enthusiasts, including your Editor, feel this is their favourite seat - front o/s upper deck.

Other coaches in service at the end of November.

Andrew Webb

Astromegas 50266 and 50280 in London on November 28th.

Ciaran Bird

50261 is seen Gloucester Green with a London service on November 27th. 

Jack Cooper

On its last day in Oxford tube service 50261 is seen heading for London on November 27th. 

A number of older coaches have now moved north to West Scotland as seen in this copy of seen on Monday, November 30th.

50261 OW14 LJZ TUBE 28 Nov 00:05 Van Hool TX27 Astromega T40 UBE Kilmarnock last London on 271120
50262 OW14 LKA TUBE 25 Nov 22:54 Van Hool TX27 Astromega T44 UBE Kilmarnock last London on 161120
50263 OW14 LKC TUBE 27 Nov 13:27 Van Hool TX27 Astromega T50 UBE Kilmarnock last London on 261120
50281 YJ14 LFT TUBE 16 Nov 21:45 Van Hool TX27 Astromega Kilmarnock USB charging, bike storage
50282 YJ14 LFU TUBE 16 Nov 22:02 Van Hool TX27 Astromega Kilmarnock USB charging, bike storage
50283 YJ14 LFV TUBE 16 Nov 22:10 Van Hool TX27 Astromega Kilmarnock USB charging, bike storage
50284 YJ14 LFW TUBE 16 Nov 13:46 Van Hool TX27 Astromega Kilmarnock USB charging, bike storage

Latest arrivals - December 4th 2020.

50432-4 arrived by lunchtime on the 4th.

The three latest arrival are seen at the depot on December 4th by Gavin Francis.

Suggestion have appeared in recent weeks of an update to the megabus livery.

Colin Ashcroft of Stagecoach Portsmouth has provided pictures of 54272 on November 29th in Portsmouth. This shows the updated livery which is certainly much improved on the plain blue. Sadly Syd is still missing.

Seen leaving Portsmouth 54272 looks brighter and more inviting as caught by Colin Ashcroft. 

London operators

Mark Wakefield

Some pictures of the latest deliveries to London. 

All electric ADL E40 MMC 14131 ready for service on November 28th.

Optare OE34002 with Tower Transit on November 28th.

Our weekly journey into Times of Old.

Michael Wadman
A few more historical oddities for you. 

Langston & Tasker  E590PFR (formerly E444 OCW), Dennis Javelin / Duple, 
new to Tyler’s Tours of Trawdon, in Buckingham on March 16th 1999. 
No destination display, but working on the “right place at the right time” principle I recorded this as service 41 on layover, 
although I can no longer remember what service 41 was.   

A more recent shot of Langston & Tasker: Mercedes Vario / Plaxton YN05XZL in Milton Keynes on service 50, May 25th 2010. 

Turner’s of Chesham used to run several Buckinghamshire tendered services. This is “Susan” (B57 AOP ), 
a former West Midlands PTE Ford Transit / Carlyle, at Chesham Broadway on service 59 on August 2nd 1993. 

Another of Turner’s vehicles at Chesham Broadway, 
you can blame Chassis Developments for the strange body on Ford Transit NIL 3386 (formerly D343 SKX), 
new to Charnley (People to Places), Coleshill. I think this was on service 49. April 3rd 1999. 

Another independent who ran into Chesham was Hudson’s Coaches of Downley. 
Former National Welsh Freight Rover / Carlyle E178 TWO was at the Broadway on August 2nd 1993. 
I’ve no idea which service it was working at the time: presumably it says on the bit of paper lying almost flat on the dash, 
but unfortunately that’s not readable on the photo. 

A return to Canada with Paul Bateson

Paul Bateson


NovaBus Corporation builds its buses in St. Eustache, Quebec and also has a facility in New York State to comply with Buy America regulations.  This manufacturer introduced its version of the low-floor bus, known as the LFS, in 1995.  The LFS features a large, single piece windshield and a sloping front that distinguishes it from any other North American low-floor bus.  Over the years minor modifications have been made to the body but with the latest deliveries a noticeable change is to the driver's window to make visibility better and to eliminate blind spots.  I am pleased to present a selection of NovaBus LFS buses delivered to Brampton Transit between 2006 and 2020.  Brampton Transit has become a large transit system with a fleet totalling approximately 460 buses. 

Brampton Transit took delivery of its first NovaBus LFS in 2006. 

The first two digits of the fleet number indicate the year and the last two digits are the bus number. 
In this view, 0601 is seen on Knightsbridge Road approaching Team Canada Drive on 21 May 2020.

0702 was carrying a total advertising wrap when seen on Team Canada Drive
passing the Civic Centre on 26 May 2020.

0802 is seen at the Bramalea Terminal operating on route 1A eastbound
to Coventry Road on 5 August 2020.

In wintry conditions, 0917 was parked on Conestoga Drive, Heart Lake
prior to taking up service route 7A on 12 February 2020.

Route 115 is an express route linking Brampton with Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ). 
In this view, 1403 is waiting to make a left turn from Central Park Drive on to Knightsbridge Road
 on its way to the Bramalea Terminal on 16 May 2020.

A rear view of 1611 shows the revised rear end that was introduced when a new T drive was installed on the LFS. 
The bus is on Team Canada Drive approaching the Bramalea Terminal on 6 May 2020.

1806 is seen at the Trinity Common Terminal on 12 February 2020.

The rear view of 1806 shows a further revision to the rear of the LFS buses.  Compare this to the picture of 1611. 
The position of the rear route number box reminds me of London Transport RT 1 - 151 that had this feature!

The latest deliveries of the LFS are now entering service with Brampton Transit with fleet numbers 2001 to 2016. 
This view of 2008 clearly shows the modifications made to the driver's window
which I believe has been made to eliminate any blind spots that have existed on the earlier models. 
It was photographed at Trinity Common Terminal on 20 November 2020.

Waiting for time at Trinity Common Terminal on 20 November 2020 is bus number 2012 on route 5A. 
 It is worth mentioning that during the covid-19 lockdown
Brampton Transit does allow 35 passengers on a 40 foot bus.  It is mandatory to wear a face mask.

All photographs by Paul Bateson.


The Toronto Transit Commission operates three subway lines, the Scarborough Rapid Transit Line, streetcars and the largest fleet of transit buses in Canada. 

The subway is undergoing weekend closures for track and signalling upgrades as well as the construction of the crosstown LRT line.  When portions of the subway are closed, the TTC runs a shuttle bus service covering the closed sections.  The train service is split to operate either side of the closed sections.  In November 2020, two closures of portions of Line 1 occurred and with the weather co-operating I was able to take photographs of buses providing the replacement service.  These shuttle services require as many as 80 to 90 buses supplied by several TTC garages. 

My selection of photographs show the variety of the TTC fleet captured on two occasions, 8 and 28 November 2020. 

TTC 1246 was captured at Queens Park replacing the University Line 1 on 8 November 2020. 
This bus is an Orion 07.501 HEV NG, new in 2007 and carrying the latest TTC livery. 
The building in the background is the Ontario Legislature.

The older TTC livery is being phased out.
  This view of 1383 is another taken at Queens Park on 8 November 2020.

The TTC is building up a large fleet of NovaBus LFS buses. 
On Queens Park Crescent on 8 November 2020 with inevitable shadows
because of the time of year is 3130 running southbound to Union Station.

On 28 November 2020, the Yonge Line 1 was closed between Lawrence and St. Clair Stations. 
It is difficult finding good locations but 3439, NovaBus LFS HEV,
was captured in the sun on Pleasant Boulevard having just departed from St. Clair Station
 and beginning its northbound trip via Yonge Street to Lawrence Station.

There is usually a variety of buses operating the shuttle service.  7909 is one of the oldest buses in the TTC fleet. 
It is an Orion 07.501 dating from 2006 and pictured on Pleasant Boulevard on 28 November 2020.

Queens Park was a good location to capture buses in the sun with a nice background. 
8013, another Orion 07.501, is southbound on 8 November 2020.

An offside view of 8062 on Pleasant Boulevard on 28 November 2020. 
Bike racks are now a familiar feature on all TTC buses.

NovaBus LFS are now seen throughout the TTC system. 
The oldest LFS with the TTC date from 2015 and 8449 still carries the older livery that is being phased out. 
It is another view taken on 28 November 2020 on Pleasant Boulevard.

A nearside view of 8486 on Queens Park on 8 November 2020. 
From a photographer's point of view, the bike racks are rather annoying
as they block out part of the licence plate!

8811 carries the latest TTC livery which is based on that carried by the new generation of low-floor streetcars. 
Another view on Queens Park Crescent as the bus passes the Ontario Legislature on 8 November 2020.

8820 has just departed from St. Clair Station on its northbound journey to Lawrence Station on 28 November 2020. 
One advantage of the digital destination signs is being able to programme the appropriate destination.

Articulated buses are not the easiest to photograph but on 8 November 2020
I did manage to take this view of 9001 at Queens Park. 
 It is a NovaBus LFS Articulated, new in 2013, which has had a mid life overhaul and repaint into the latest livery.

This is what the NovaBus LFS articulated buses look like in the older TTC livery. 
9135 dates from 2014 so it should be in line for refurbishing in the coming year.  Another view at Queens Park, 8 November 2020.

9140 has already been refurbished into the new livery. 
It was not the easiest to photograph on 28 November 2020 as seen by the shadow on the rear end! 
Not previously mentioned is that the subway lines are all referred to by their numbers rather than names. 
The line numbers used to be assigned to bus routes which were renumbered. 
Can you imagine how confusing it would be if TfL did away with the Piccadilly, District, Central etc. names and replaced them with numbers!

Photographs by Paul Bateson

Many thanks to  Paul for a very interesting piece. I am sure that when lockdown improves some readers may wish to visit Canada.


On pictures and comments re High Wycombe and Thames Valley

Peter Cartwright

Sorry to have to correct you about Thames Valley Services. 

There were three Thames Valley Services serving Stokenchurch and until the site at Frogmoor was converted from a bus stand NOT open to the public to a bus station in the 60s , these terminated in the forecourt of the railway station. Leaving the railway station buses would proceed down Crendon Street turning right into the High Street and picking up at a stop near the former Argos store. The next stop was outside the Rex Cinema in Oxford Street but most peak hour buses would be full up by then. 

Route 39 High Wycombe - West Wycombe - Piddington - Stokenchurch - Aston Rowant Hill - Lewknor - Watlington 

Route 40  High Wycombe - West Wycombe - Piddington - Stokenchurch - Radnage


Route 41 High Wycombe - West Wycombe - Piddington - Stokenchurch - Ibstone. 

Early morning journey on Route 40 start from Wycombe Marsh P.O. being garaged at Wycombe Marsh. 2 Thames Valley double deckers operated from the dormy shed at Stokenchurch shared with City of Oxford . 

COMS operated daily service 75 from High Wycombe railway station to Oxford Gloucester Green via the A40. There was also a service 80 between Stokenchurch and Thame on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays which was back projected to High Wycombe on certain Friday and Saturday journeys to duplicate the 75. Passenger numbers were heavy in the 50s. 

The link between Watlington and Wycombe was severed many years ago. When the branch railway between Watlington and Princes Risborough was closed, Oxford bus company operated 5 return trips daily Monday to Friday and 6 on Saturday (Route 88).. Today there is an hourly service daytime on that section between Aston Rowant and Thame on Carousel Route 40. 

When I left school in July 1960 buses picked up passengers on both sides of Frogmoor - there were then 2 separate roadways separated by an island.  

Buses going north along the Hughenden Road had to turn right out of the Frogmoor bus stand onto Frogmoor then proceed along the eastern side of Frogmoor turning right into Oxford Street and almost immediately right again up the western side of Frogmoor to pick up near the old Thames Valley enquiry and booking office at 37 Frogmoor. 

Frogmoor was a hive of bus activity in the 50s as services were more frequent, heavily loaded and certain routes needed duplication. The 25 service to Flackwell Heath operated every 20 minutes and ,when the route was single decker operated, the 1605 departure had two duplicates. These were needed primarily further along the London Road as scholars left Hatters Lane Secondary School and ran down a steep hill to catch a bus at the bottom to get home to Loudwater and Flackwell Heath. The one duplicate on the 16.25 catered for the Grammar School and High School pupils who left school at 16.00 coming down Amersham Hill and Marlow Hill respectively. No dedicated school buses in those days!

Very many thanks to Peter for that correction and additional information.

Gavin Francis

Also I believe the S prefix on the TV buses may have stood for single-decker as of course the double deckers at that time when new had a D prefix as picture below taken at Reading Running Day on June 3rd 2018.

I have attached a very early B & W picture of mine taken a mere 53 years ago. It shows RT 3200 leaving Frogmoor Bus Station. The buses used to park in the background and then pull forward to the entrance area to pick up passengers. On the right is a Bristol FLF waiting to depart. The ad on the side of it is for Murrays Department Store which used to be Wycombe's main shop in White Hart Street and is now the site of Lloyds Bank.


Peter mentions The Rex cinema. Just behind where I am standing and to the left was The Palace cinema where The Chilterns Shopping Centre now is and in Castle Street The Odeon Cinema at the junction of Corporation Street.

10 years after the picture of RT 3200 was taken it appeared again in The Queens Jubilee Year of 1977 at Hillingdon Show now advertising Smiths Crisps.

Nigel Peach

I have been very interested by the pictures of Wycombe’s Thames Valley buses in the 1960s. They are wonderfully clear fantastic pictures. It is very much “my era”.  I’m afraid the few photos I took back then were poor grainy black and white snaps. Thank you to your correspondents who provided those pictures. They have taken me back to my school days and I am amazed at the detail I can recall of those days – especially compared with my powers of recall today! 

We lived in West Wycombe Road, opposite Plomer Hill, the turning up to Downley. My enthusiasm was such that I could lie in my bed, hear a bus and often correctly recognise it by the engine noise and the amount of brake squeaking as the bus pulled in to the nearby bus stop. 

Also, I can remember all the individual buses you show and at the time would probably have been able to tell you what adverts they each featured! 

Your first picture in issue 131 shows LD6B 811 and KSW 652.   811 and 810 were the only LD6Bs (Bristol engines) at Wycombe (the others were all LD6Gs with Gardener engines). 810 and 811 were usually based at the Stokenchurch Dormy Shed and would appear on routes 39 to Watlington, 40 to Radnage or 41 to Ibstone. 652 was one of the better performing KSWs in Wycombe. 

The LWLs served Wycombe very well for years. They were a batch of 21 (numbered 613-633) and I think all of them were based In Wycombe (some only as loans) during their lives. I don’t think 632 (pictured) was in Wycombe for much of its life. 

Next to 632 in the picture is MW 856. Thames Valley only had about six MWs and most were based at Newbury, but 854 and 856 were transferred to Wycombe in their later days. 

You show LS 711 outside Wycombe Marsh depot. None of that HMO batch were in Wycombe from new. Then about five of them were cascaded into Wycombe to enable “one man” operation, and to replace some of the elderly LWLs. Why can I still remember all their numbers?! They were 707, 711, 714, 719 and 722!  711 became a regular performer on the 35 to Downley, more so than the others, I seem to recall. 

In 1963 Thames Valley devised a new numbering system with prefixes, D1 onwards for double deckers, S301 onwards for single deckers and C401 onwards for coaches. So your pictured vehicles S311 (previously a South Midland LS coach) and S330 from United Welsh were numbered in that series. I don’t remember S311 being around for long, but S330 was a very nippy bus (and had green seats – different to the TV natives) and was usually found on routes 36 and 37 to Lane End and beyond, and garaged overnight at the Fingest dormy shed.  

For some reason, second-hand double deckers were given vacant numbers in the old series. So, pictured 794 (also from United Welsh) took the number of a withdrawn rebodied LL. As you rightly say, at that time TV drafted in many second hand vehicles from all over the place, to cover a severe shortage of serviceable buses. 

D52 pictured in Aylesbury was one of about 14 Thames Valley FLFs which were swapped with some Bristol VRs from Scottish Bus Group. A few of those Scottish VRs became the first VRs to be based in Wycombe. 

On the Ipswich bus question from Paul Bateson

Dave Wilkins

The contributor with the photograph of ex Ipswich SDX 20R with PAWS animal sanctuary would have taken this photo on the A507 near Shefford in Bedfordshire. It spent years there, but has disappeared in the last 8 years I would say.

It doesn’t appear to have been scrapped so it would be interesting to find out where it is now?

Gary Seamarks

from this weeks page...... the same bus at the same location, is RDX20R, taken on July 23rd 2009, the location is just west of Baldock Services on the A507 at the A1M Junction, it was based there for many months as far as I can remember, but disappeared late summer. Bit later a former Merseybus DEM763Y appeared in the area, and took over the spot where the Atlantean had been parked, this is seen here same day as the first shot but on next lay-by up.

The bus ex Ipswich and its replacement ex Merseyside.

Dave Wilkins

The contributor with the photograph of ex Ipswich SDX 20R with PAWS animal sanctuary would have taken this photo on the A507 near Shefford in Bedfordshire. It spent years there, but has disappeared in the last 8 years I would say. It doesn’t appear to have been scrapped so it would be interesting to find out where it is now.

Gavin Francis

Gavin visited Didcot in the past week and I thought it appropriate to record his visit here.

Nearing the end of their days operating this service, two of the Courtney buses used on the Milton Park service.
This is to be taken over by Thames travel next year. Taken December 2nd.

Most services from Didcot are operated by Thames Travel using buses in a variety of liveries.

Scania 208 working the X32 from Didcot Parkway.

Scania 213 is seen working a 96 School Service from Didcot Parkway.

231 is seen working service 33  from Didcot Parkway.

441 and 442 are seen at from Didcot Parkway. GWP is Great Western Park estate.

 Volvo B5TL Wright Eclipse Gemini 3's 622 and 623 with service 98s from Didcot Parkway.

Blue 4 branded Citaros are in use with the operator from Didcot Parkway.

Thames Travel's own Citaros like 868 are also in use with the operator.

Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrids including 908 above are used to work the X2 between Oxford and Wallingford.

We think this Optare, ex London United, is working for Walters in the Didcot area.

Thomas Walker

I have a few pictures for your page from my trip round Bicester and Aylesbury last week if you're interested. If you do use them, please link to the gallery: 

You can get captions there too if you need them! You're welcome to download and use any of the photos in there in addition to the ones attached here.

Arriva's depot in Aylesbury showing an interesting line-up.

Heyfordian have a depot in Bicester and here are some interesting coaches.

Grayline buses in Bicester - SM19EYJ working the E1 and original Solo OV51OOB with a school service.

Red Rose AE56LWK with a service 16 in Quainton and E4RRT in Fairford Leys both on November 24th.

X5 coach 54314 is seen in Bicester again on November 24th.

The web site mentioned by Thomas is well worth visiting.