With thanks to Stagecoach.


As we move onwards into 2021 many things have changed, not least Covid-19 restrictions which are detailed under the COVID-19 Update heading below. One wonders when this may end. Talk now is a lifting around March but we shall have to wait and see.

There are many service changes which appear under operator heading and which I hope readers will find interesting and useful.

As ever contributions feature from Andy Wareham, Ciaran Bird, Daniel Harwood, Frazer Peddle, Gavin Francis, Jack Cooper, James Lambeth, Nick Ross, Nigel Peach and many others, so I must thank everyone for their mails.

Some changes in local service allocations make interesting reading and a taster is included below.

Adam Wareham provided some pictures of the departure of one time Park & Ride 110 fame on its way to life after!

Ciaran Bird's picture of MMC 10686 at Wootton Turn typifies recent weather in our area on January 8th.

StreetDeck 909 is seen working the new route X36 at Didcot on January 4th by Daniel Harwood.

Frazer Peddle was working this 16 duty with ex Banbury 36448 seen at Minchery Farm on January 5th.

Gavin Francis
was on hand in High Wycombe to catch Redline's YX10BFZ heading in from Aylesbury on January 8th.

Jack Cooper caught up with Bicester Village's 662 working the X3 to Abingdon on January 6th.
It appears that the Village may be out of action at present due Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions.

The 2014 Airline coaches are all back at Oxford and working the 11X service.
James Lambeth's picture shows coach 24 at Cowley House ready for another trip into the city on January 4th.
Carousel's OmniDekker 241 is seen in the background awaiting repaint.

Z & S dart T305 JRH holds up the traffic making a steady climb up Wing Hill on the 0940 165 from Leighton to Stoke Mandeville via the villages.
The Dart is just leaving a foggy, chill
Linslade on January 7th 2021
from Nick Ross.

Ex Brighton & Hove Scania OmniDekker now 242 with Carousel in Bourne End on January 6th taken by Nigel Peach.

Indeed there have been many allocation changes recorded under the operator headings below.

Coventry and Oxford set to be UK’s first all-electric bus cities


Check the link above for more details. 

The item regarding Alder Valley/Thames Valley from Michael Wadman last week has prompted several readers to write in about various matters. See under Readers Write.

Well this page has been a challenge with contributions arriving up to an hour or so ago. But, it means you have a big page with great interest to help pass the hours of lockdown. Now with over 150 pictures this week,

Once again we are now in full lockdown in England which makes getting out and about much more difficult. I would only caution readers and contributors not to break any rules since there will be people who question if someone should be taking pictures in these difficult times.

Many changes have taken place and service reduced or withdrawn in the past week.

January 7th 2021  -  Coronavirus important info: megabus England and Wales suspended. Services within Scotland continue to run



Following the government’s guidance to stay at home and stop all non-essential travel, we’ve taken the decision to temporarily suspend our megabus services in England and Wales, with no journeys running after Sunday, January 10th.

However we’ll still be continuing to run our megabus services within Scotland and a service from Glasgow to London (with intermediate stops at Manchester and Birmingham). These services are for essential travel only, in line with the latest government guidance.

Customers with a booked ticket to travel on our megabus services who have been affected by this will receive an email to either amend their booking or request a refund. If this affects you and haven’t received an email from us in 5 days, please contact our Customer Services Team on enquiries@megabus.com who will be able to help.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you and hope you understand the reasons for our decision. We continue to be on sale for travel from 26 March onwards and are continuing to offer flexible tickets – so you can book with confidence knowing you can amend your ticket up to 24 hours before you’re due to travel.

We look forward to welcoming you back on board very soon. 

Levante III BU18OTF poses for a publicity photograph when new in 2018 during happier times !

National Express has revealed it is to suspend its entire national network of scheduled coach services due to the UK’s third national lockdown. The company is one of two main long-distance coach operators in the UK. It said on Thursday that the suspension will come into effect from 11.59pm on Sunday.

Chris Hardy, managing director of National Express UK Coach: “We have been providing an important service for essential travel needs. “However, with tighter restrictions and passenger numbers falling, it is no longer appropriate to do this.

The firm said it will offer all customers whose travel has been cancelled the choice of a full refund, or a ticket change to a later day.

National Express said there was a provisional restart date of 1 March in place but warned that could change. While local bus operations have been underwritten by a government bailout, which is giving operators assistance equivalent to lost revenue, intercity coach services have not had similar financial guarantees.


Whilst services are suspended Network Oxford hosts many of the tube fleet.

Picture from Jim Wright on January 10th.

COVID-19 Temporary Timetable Changes - Last updated: 08/01/2021

Following the announcement of a third national lockdown, from Sunday, January 17th, the airline coaches connecting Oxford with Lewknor, High Wycombe and Heathrow Airport will operate to a special reduced frequency timetable available below. Unfortunately, from this date, we will also be temporarily unable to serve Gatwick Airport until further notice. 

For details, please see the special timetable below:


There are a number of other more local changes which are shown under Operator headings below.

Meanwhile do take care, seems the Police have been active in our challenging what people area doing ! 

Fleet news and developments

The operator plods on and we have the allocation list for the end of 2020 which does not reflect the changes to take place in 2021. Many thanks to Paul Swann of Arriva who adds a quick note that all 16 of the Stansted Coaches are permanently going into Luton and the leased 7xxx are being returned.

 Pictures for 137/Arriva/Enthusiast Fleet 31 Dec 2020.xlsx

Gavin Francis visited High Wycombe on January 8th.

Maybe due to social distancing, StreetLite 2318 is seen off its normal 33 route working the 30 to Downley followed by Citaro 3018
with Christmas decorations which neither Gavin or myself have seen before.

Citaro 3007 is in Bridge Street with a departure of route 37 to Bourne End.

With a few more seats for the 33, Wrights Cadet 3537 is following on to Totteridge.

Hardly well loaded Wrights 4021 and E400 5467 are seen with 300 services.

Nigel Peach

Arriva's 2328 (LK15 FFW), Benjamin (Disraeli) is behind it on Arriva's 37. At almost six years old, this batch of StreetLites are now looking quite tatty and could do with a new coat of paint!  I've noticed that they have been taken off the 33 recently, presumably to put larger capacity vehicles on that route for social distancing purposes?

Arriva's 2328 working the 37 seen at Bourne End Stn on January 6th.


Ciaran Bird


FLAGFINDERS VDL Y2FLG near Woodstock some way from its home in Braintree, Essex on January 8th. 

Phil Southall

The seven buses we have on loan from Brighton & Hove OmniDekkers are: 652, 656, 657, 663, 666, 6513, 6615. Pictures of these are provided by Paul Bateson below.

663 and 666 in Brighton on March 4th 2018.

Phil Southall adds "You may have seen today that 710 is on the 46 as 709 is VOR at Didcot. In another interesting development, service 11X is now being operated by coaches 21 to 25 for the foreseeable future."

Many thanks to Phil for this update supported by Paul Bateson's pictures. 

New tickets for young people

A new tickets range is now available for young people in Wycombe SmartZone.

Click here for more information

Service Update

On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th January, the airline services travelling in both directions will be unable to serve the High Wycombe Coachway stop due to gas works.

During the time of this closure, passengers are advised to use the temporary stop located nearby as an alternative.

Several changes in recent weeks as shown below.

Phil Southall advises that 709 and 710  have moved to Didcot and 710 is seen below.

Seen in Carousel full Chiltern Hundreds livery Solo 710 works the 46 through Wheatley on January 4th by James Lambeth.

Gavin Francis caught up with the latest arrival at Carousel as did Nigel Peach both contributors shown below.

Gavin Francis

Ex Brighton & Hove Scania OmniDekker now Carousel 242 is seen working route 39 on January 8th.

Nigel Peach

The same bus is seen in Bourne End with a 36 service two days earlier on January 6th.

Nigel writes "I will look out for the Carousel changes. It's a shame that 941 is the first of those to move to Thames Travel. It's the only one of that batch that has actually been repainted into Carousel livery - and the only one to lose its centre doors."

More pictures from Gavin Francis show operations on January 8th.

Looking quite small ADL E200 502, new with Thames Travel, is seen working the 27 local service in Oxford Road.

Citaros 869 and 870, this one now back in High Wycombe from Thames Travel, work local services out of Bridge Street.

Working a very country route link40, 886 is seen arriving in High Wycombe from Thame. The route runs along many very muddy roads.

During the past week link40 has been unable to serve New Road and Marlow Road in Stokenchurch and the service has stayed
 on the A40 throughout the week as these pictures show. One must note that Carousel have retained the blue buses on the link40 to their credit.

Finally from Gavin is this picture from December 15th 2016, shows that 242 is not the first time a Scania OmniDekker has been
with Carousel who had ex Thames Travel's 911 for many months, seen above working the 36.

 Earlier pictures from Gavin show the Thames Travel OmniDekker in its overall advertising livery for Abingdon College. It had also been in full Thames Travel livery.

154, as it then was, seen in St Aldates with an X39 service May 6th 2006. !
This bus may  still be with Vision of Horwich, Lancashire as the picture link below shows. It was in December 2019.


Following the recent announcement all of our services continue to operate to their current timetables., including School services for key worker children. Should any changes need to be made to services these will be communicated in advance.

Jack Cooper

Jack has provided a grand selection of pictures showing current operations in Oxford and Abingdon.

Hybrid 308 is seen working a 35 road service in St. Aldates on January 6th.

MMCs 604 and 607 working local city routes in Park End Street on January 6th.

Bicester Village 662 is back on city services whilst the lockdown continues, seen here in St. Aldates on January 6th.

675 is also seen  in St. Aldates on January 6th working 400 road.

With a reduction in demand Park & ride StreetDecks are now appearing on the X3 service with 676 and 681 seen in Abingdon on January 4th.

Adding a bright note to Oxford is 683 with a 3 road service in St. Aldates on January 6th.

A surprise return to its branded route is 848 with a 4 road service in Park End Street on January 6th.
Alexander also notes it was on 2 road a day later!

902 and 903 are seen back on local routes after a spell on Bicester Village Shuttles. Here in Abingdon on January 2nd.

I hope readers can keep me updated on the moves and changes in the coming week? 

Service Update

On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th January, the airline services travelling in both directions will be unable to serve the High Wycombe Coachway stop due to gas works.

During the time of this closure, passengers are advised to use the temporary stop located nearby as an alternative.

James Lambeth

As discussed earlier, please find attached my photos of Oxford Airline coaches 23, 24 and 25 with the 11X on January 4th.

Coaches 23, 24 & 25 noting that some the branding has been removed from coaches.

Jack Cooper

Jack has also provided some pictures of these coaches in Oxford.

21 to 24 seen in St Aldates on January 6th by Jack Cooper.

Jim Wright advises he saw four Interdecks working an Amazon contract from Oxford to Banbury passing through Kidlington on January 10th. They had the correct Amazon logo in their destination displays!

Anyone got any pictures?

An interesting story is played out below on the fate of 2058, once Oxford Park & Ride 110 and now almost 22 years old having arrived with OBC/COMS in July 1999.

Gavin Francis

As I first remember them when I was driving for Oxford in 1999, 110 is seen on the 300 in St Aldates.

By 2012 with new buses arriving these once green buses turned red for use on local services.
110 is seen working 8 road on July 19th  2012.

Later still in life with the roof partially removed they joined the Sightseeing fleet initially as 58 later becoming 2058.

Andy Wareham

Andy has provided pictures of 2058's final day in Oxford, January 5th 2021.

Hooked up and then being made ready for the journey north, 110 is finally seen exiting the building
- Good Bye old friend, you served us well !


Pev caught up with 110 heading northwards on the A34 during its final journey.

Seems the front offside wheel had been removed by this time on January 5th.

Didcot Zone: from January 3rd 2021

Didcot Zone allows you to travel on any Thames Travel bus services within the designated zone in and around Didcot.

Click here for more information

Daniel Harwood

Daniel provides pictures of the first days of new services in Didcot.

906 and 909 are seen working route X36 at Didcot Parkway on January 4th.

Ex Carousel 871 is seen with a 95B to Berinsfield leaving Didcot Parkway on January 4th.

621 is seen with a 98 heading for Harwell Campus from Didcot Parkway on January 4th.

864 with a tiny fleet number is seen with a 33 at Didcot Parkway on January 4th.

Doubtless ready for service in its first days.

Brand new E200 454 is seen at Didcot Parkway on January 4th.

Guy Watts

221 - the real bus at Oxford Station with its model on January 4th.

Ina Balla

Ina provides pictures of the first days of new services in Didcot.

StreetLite 441 is seen at Milton Park with service 99A on January 4th.

908 waits time at Oxford Train Station with an X2 on January 7th.

Jack Cooper

Jack provides pictures of services in Abingdon

Scanias 207 and 213 working the X2 in Abingdon on January 5th.

221, 225 and 231 also working the X2 but one day earlier on January 4th also helped by in Abingdon.

252 heads down St Aldates with an X39 on January 6th.

Park & ride 681 is seen in Abingdon with an X3 on January 4th.

The X2 was not only home to Scania deckers but also Citaro 861 on January 4th.

Citaro 864, the one with tiny fleet numbers, is seen in Abingdon working the X33 to Wantage on January 2nd.

871 nearing the end of its 33 journey to Abingdon on on January 5th.

On January 2nd, 4th and 5th 907, 908 and 909 are seen locally in Abingdon with X2 services.

StreetDecks on the X2, 622 meets 907 in Abingdon Centre on January 2nd.

Not to be outdone, elderly 933 is also seen with a 33 working  in Abingdon on January 5th.

Lewis Parker updates in Wantage

As we are all unable to travel far at the minute, I thought your page might like some photos of the new & improved services in the Wantage Area. I originally took these photos for publicity purposes on the oxonbuses project.

The X32 now runs every half hour between Wantage, Didcot, Oxford and the John Radcliffe Hospital – Monday to Saturday.
The service requires around 8-9 vehicles and alongside 862 and 842, 226 (on loan from Oxford) were seen running the service on Monday morning at Wantage, Market Place.

This improved X32 replaces the 33 and X33 (33 now runs to Wallingford, replacing part of the X2) with limited service to Chilton on route. S106 funding provides evening and Sunday service between Wantage and Didcot, Parkway. 

Because of changes to the X32/X33/33 (and perhaps the very poor reliability of the services when ‘connecting’ onwards at Wantage – services were often cancelled due to problems on the Didcot Services) Services 38 and 67 now run alone, sharing buses to allow the 67’s more frequent evening service.

Thames’ 866 and 933 were providing the services on Monday morning. Rare to see a dual door bus in rural Oxfordshire, almost unheard of to see the rear door in use!

New Service X36, running between the New Kingsgrove (Crab Hill) Estate, Wantage Market Place, Wellington Gate (Grove Airfield) Estate, Grove and Didcot, Broadway. This new link runs every 30 minutes Monday-Saturday and follows most of the lost service 36. This service is provided under an S106 contract, providing funding for the service for the next

On Monday morning, Thames’ almost brand new 904, 905, 906 and 909were operating the service, leaving the X2 running with some mis-branded buses! Due to some small errors with the service, not all buses were providing the correct route or using the wrong stops in Wantage. I understand that the company were still training drivers this morning, providing the services only passengers! 

Wantage Market Square.

Somewhat "off route" 2 branded 226 and 4 branded 842 are seen in Wantage Market Square with the X32 service to the JR on January 4th.

Citaro 866 is seen with service 38 to Wantage & Grove in Wantage Market Square on January 4th.

905, 906 and 909 predominate in Wantage Market Square with the X36 service to Didcot on January 4th.

933 again this time in Wantage Market Square with service 67 to Faringdon on January 4th.

I am most impressed with the coverage of such services in early January.

Of interest is that Carousels latest arrival, 242, was said to be working services between Oxford and Reading on Saturday, January 9th. I wonder why? 

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valleyspan

In the second half of 2020 we were planning to relaunch the yellow and lion routes with new vehicles, and then to convert their hybrid buses to diesel to replace older buses.

The new vehicles were cancelled due to COVID-19, and instead the converted hybrid buses are now staying where they are.

Yellow 26 is being given a new brighter look,
 whilst the Lions are staying as they having been upgraded when the Lion was introduced 5 years ago.

The much-anticipated Green Line 702 fleet was also cancelled. Three spare emerald vehicles were temporarily repurposed until there is more certainty on future requirements.

Our work to integrate and rebrand our sister companies outside Reading continued as planned, with Newbury & District now fully established as it’s own unit in West Berkshire, and the Courtney operations in Maidenhead & Wokingham now nearly all branded Thames Valley alongside the original micro-depot in Slough.

Kevin Fuller

The picture is of Courtney 968 - Optare Versa YJ65EVM working the long 53 service from Bracknell to Wexham Park hospital to the north of Slough, and is shown in Gore Road near the top of Burnham High Street. This service is usually operated by Enviro 200 vehicles, although Optare Solos can often be seen. However, the use of a Versa is more unusual.

Seen on January 8th by Kevin Fuller.

Kevin Fuller

Pictures this week taken on Friday 8th January, whilst on my 'daily exercise' walk - despite the inclement weather. 

Red Eagle Enviro 200 MV59ACX working the twice weekly (Tues / Friday) service 68 from Slough to Maidenhead via Eton Wick, North Burnham and Taplow.

The bus is shown on the narrow village roads turning from Poyle Lane into Pink Lane. 

Timetable changes to services in Carterton and Witney from Sunday 17th January 2021

We will be making minor adjustments to the S2 sand S7 services resulting in the renaming of the S7 and the introduction of a new Sunday service. No change to current route. Minors tweaks to certain trips to improve reliability and new S2X number for the direct express journeys between Carterton and Oxford via the A40.

S7/H2 –  We are changing the route and destination number on the S7. This will now become the H2 route. The ‘H’ denotes that this is one of our direct links to Headington and the JR Hospital.

This service will now serve Spareacre Lane in Eynsham before returning to A40 in both directions.

There will be no change to the route in Headington other than all services will now operate via Osler Road when travelling from Brookes back to the JR Hospital.

For travel to the JR/ Witney the bus stop at Brookes will change from the one within the campus (B6) to the stop on Gipsy Lane right outside the campus (B7).

View the S2, S2X and H2 timetable from Sunday, January 17th 2021 

General updater on Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Oxford tube services 

SERVICE UPDATE: 1 - St Aldates Due to temporary roadworks, 1 services will be using stop G6 on St Aldates. We will return to normal once the works are clear.


I had a message this morning to say that Scania/Enviro 400 15533 will be collected from Oxford on Friday for transfer to Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire. It will initially go to Carlisle for repaint into the new 'Local' livery before being allocated to West Cumbria.

I have also had confirmation from Stagecoach Midlands that three MAN/Enviro 200s from Kettering are being transferred to the Oxfordshire fleet. The vehicles are 39683/85/99. I. I am assuming they could be for Banbury to replace the the Enviro 200s which are now at Oxford. Its a surprising transfer as the three buses have been replaced at Kettering by two '53' plate and one '04' plate Dart SLFs.

Ciaran Bird

Some pictures from Ciaran taken on dark and damp day in and around Woodstock.

Heading for Charlbury an S3, 15835 does look in need of a good wash on January 8th.

MMC 10686 is seen at Wootton Turn working route 7 on January 8th.

Frazer Peddle

E200 36448 seen at Minchery Farm with a 16 working on January 5th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10673 heading for Oxford with an S8 service on January 4th.

Gold 15835 was working route 8 on January 6th when seen in St Aldates.

E200 36769, recently transferred in from Banbury is seen working the 1 in St Aldates on January 6th.
Unusual for a single deck on the 1 !! 

Jim Wright

MMC 10686 at Network Oxford on January 10th.

Withdrawn 12009,20933,20936,34466,34468,52424 as of January 10th with stored 22418. 


Stagecoach East has again postponed the service changes for Bedford (which had been planned for January 10th 2021) with the exception of the changes to the 905 Bedford-Cambridge. All of the vehicles (Enviro 200s and Optare Solo SRs) that had been on loan to London were returned to Bedford in December and have been parked up.

I have not had any confirmation that coach 53704 which moved to Bedford from Herne Bay (South East) in December as cover for the X5 fleet has been used. Following its move to Bedford it was also transferred from South East to Scotland so when released by Stagecoach East it will head north.


This was updated as seen below.

53704 seen working the X5 along the A34 on January 8th by Peverel.

Gary Seamarks

From MK today, essential trip for shopping, and saw this in MK Station, with impressive destination display on 53704 !

Things have changed with SC sadly!

Martyn Sacaloff

Buses of many colours this evening at Main Road Northampton on January 2nd being 10731-80073-10065-80072-10066.
These are returned from Kent.

The M40 is now barren of tube coaches

Sadly they are all lined up at the Network Oxford base in Oxford as seen in these pictures from January 10th by Jim Wright.


Jim notes that stored 50235,237,250,50421-427, 50430-440 at Network Oxford and at Horspath 50233, 50428 & 50429. 

Paul Bateson

THIS WEEK IN 1958 with photographs by Paul A. Bateson.

In the late 1950s I lived in Crawley Down, Sussex and I had regular trips up to London either by taking the 424 or 434 to East Grinstead and the Green Line 708 to Victoria or riding an RT on route 424 to Reigate and changing to an RF on the 711 for the journey up to London.  One of my favourite locations was Victoria Coach Station and to tie in with the date of this latest briefing, I am looking back to 1958. 

 Southern National was the legal owner of this ECW-bodied Bristol LS6G in Royal Blue service. 
It was fleet number 1289 (MOD 976) and seated 41 passengers.  It was photographed on 11 January 1958. 

This heavy looking coach was a Duple-bodied Dennis Lancet UF with registration number HJG 8 operated by East Kent Road Car Co. of Canterbury. 
In those days, East Kent vehicles did not carry fleet numbers.   

The Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Co, better known simply as BMMO, operated this bus built by the company. 
It was model S15, fleet number 4634 (634 AHA) and another photographed on 11 January 1958. 

In those days, there was no problem in wandering around the Coach Station to take photographs even to where the vehicles were parked.  No such freedom today! 

Michael Wadman

As requested, here are a few shots of Alder Valley’s Southern Division. 

No 782 (132 DOR) - Ex-Aldershot & District Dennis Loline III / Alexander
on service 26 in Guildford Farnham Road bus station in 1973 

One of several Southdown coaches that were on loan to Alder Valley in 1973,  no 1160 (160 AUF),
Leyland Leopard / Weymann Castilian, in Farnham (East Street) (photo by Keith Newton) 

No 302 (XHO 371) - Ex-Aldershot & District AEC Reliance / Weymann on service 23
 in Guildford Onslow Street bus station in 1973 

No 309 (378 AOU) - Ex-Aldershot & District AEC Reliance / Weymann passing the since-demolished St Andrew’s Church on Cranleigh Common
on service 23 in September 1973 (photo by Keith Newton) 

No 442 (YHO 626J) - Ex-Aldershot & District Bristol RELL6G / Marshall on service 18 in Guildford Onslow Street bus station in 1973

Many thanks to Michael

Mike Penn on Thames Valley

Following on from your vintage Thames Valley feature here are some more photos you might like.  In the 1960s Thames Valley acquired a large number of secondhand buses from various other BTC companies.  In particular they acquired 37 Bristol/ECW buses from United Welsh Services comprising 2 KSWs, 25 Lodekkas and 10 LSs, between 1966 and 1970.  Some of the Lodekkas were new with open platforms but were rebuilt with doors for Thames Valley by ECW.  As the PSV Circle are, this month, publishing a new fleet history of United Welsh I thought it would be apposite to review these.

They are as follows.

JCY 989 was a Bristol KSW which was Thames Valley fleet number 672.
  It was photographed at the old Newbury Wharf bus station in September, 1970. 
Next to it is Bristol KSW 688 (PHN 828) which was acquired from United Automobile.

JCY 990 was a Bristol KSW which was Thames Valley fleet number 673.
  It was photographed at the old Newbury Wharf bus station in August 1968. 
Next to it is Bristol LS S344 (PHW 931) which was acquired from Bristol Omnibus Company.

JCY 991 was a Bristol Lodekka
  which was Thames Valley fleet number 778.  It was photographed at High Wycombe  in August 1970.

JCY 995 was a Bristol LS which was Thames Valley fleet number S329.
  It was photographed at Newbury in August 1968.

KWN 794 was a Bristol LS which was Thames Valley fleet number S321.
It was one of two built with an experimental seating configuration consisting of a number of 3 and 2 rows towards the rear giving a total capacity of 54. 
It was not successful so was rebuilt with 40 and later 44 seats but retaining the centre rear emergency exit.
Seen here in the photograph taken in Maidenhead bus station in May 1968.

KWN 795 was a Bristol LS which was Thames Valley fleet number S322, later becoming Alder Valley 224.
It was photographed at Newbury in April 1973 having been repainted in the original dark red Alder Valley livery.

KWN 796 was a Bristol LS which was Thames Valley fleet number S323.
  It was photographed at Newbury in August 1968.

LWN 51 was a Bristol Lodekka
  which was Thames Valley fleet number 775.  It was photographed at Reading in March 1971.

MCY 39 was a Bristol LS which was Thames Valley fleet number S325.
  It was photographed at Reading in September 1966.

NCY 634 was a Bristol Lodekka
  which was Thames Valley fleet number 795.  It was photographed at Newbury in June 1969.

OCY 947 was a Bristol LS which was Thames Valley fleet number S327, later becoming Alder Valley 240.
It was photographed at Newbury, passing the then new bus station, in April 1973 having been repainted in NBC livery.

OCY 958 was a Bristol Lodekka
  which was Thames Valley fleet number 626, later becoming Alder Valley 545. 
It was photographed at Reading in August 1972.

Very many thanks to Mike for this interesting and quite extensive article on this operator. Those were the days with variety and livery interest. A livery was a livery and that denoted the operator!!

Now see under Readers Write below for more on these operators.

Keith Wood

Finding things to do during a lockdown has been a challenge, especially this time of year when the weather is cold and wet and going out, even for a long walk, is not a pleasant way to spend one’s time. 

However, it has given me plenty of time to set up a flickr site and to trawl through thousands of digital images to share - see here: (keith wood | Flickr). In doing so I have come across a couple of pictures that may be of interest for your “buses in the landscape” section of your weekly update. However they aren’t from Oxford!

I found a few images from trips to Hong Kong that your readers may be interested in. One is of the large bus station attached to the Asia World Expo exhibition centre at Hong Kong International airport showing a number of buses parked up. The bus station is used as a handy layover point for airport buses to ease congestion in the  main airport bus station. This picture was taken from the roof of Terminal 2 at Hong Kong International Airport.

I travelled by bus on a trip to HKG which is a great day to see the new roads and construction. Ed.

The other two are of the impressive Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau bridge (HZMB) that connects those three areas across the Pearl River delta by means of a humungous bridge that is approx. 31 miles in length(!). The picture labelled as “connection4” shows the man made island that is the Hong Kong border crossing point with the HZMB link with the dual carriageway in the foreground being the start of the link. You can just discern at bottom centre one of the dedicated HZMB double deck MAN buses that provide the service across the link. Despite both Hong Kong and Macau driving on the left, the bridge actually operates on the right hand rule of the road as in mainland China (I guess that’s what happens with the Chinese influence!).

The picture denoted as “connection5” is facing the opposite direction heading out to sea towards Macau and the Chinese mainland. In this pic you can make out at least 4 of the HZMB buses using the link. As the crossing has extremely limited access to private vehicles, all the time that I was there it was rarely much busier than this - it must go down as one of the most expensive bus priority schemes ever!


Both of these images were taken from the vantage point of Scenic Hill, which is one of the only parts of the whole airport Island that wasn’t man made and its a great spot for photographing planes as here:  

Dragonair A333 B-HLA HK18 | Dragonair A330 departing HKIA, N… | Flickr

The crossing actually goes through a  small tunnel under the hill before heading out to sea. 

An interesting diversion from our usual Fayre and one of interest to me as I have landed in the cockpit of a 747 Freighter at the old HKG Airport.

Many thanks to Keith for a very interesting item.

Mike Walker

You appear surprised at the presence of an AV Loline at Maidenhead in your latest missive. Nothing unusual, several were allocated to both Maidenhead and Reading at the time as the company grappled with acute vehicle shortages. As far as Maidenhead was concerned, they were not liked, not least the sliding doors. The transfer of A&D vehicles to TV depots and vice versa was fairly widespread as the pictures on LSs working in deepest A&D country testifies. 

Route 20 was the long established High Wycombe to Windsor service – at one time it continued through to Aylesbury. Between High Wycombe and Maidenhead it differed from today’s Arriva 37 in that it ran by way of Boulters Lock rather than Cookham station which was served by the out and back 23 from Maidenhead. The difference between the 20 and 20A was in the routing they took between Maidenhead and Windsor. See Paul Lacey’s superb books for the full story. The core of the present route structure mainly dates back to the 1980s MAP project. 

The only “through” routes between AV’s North and South Divisions were the traditional 12, Reading – Aldershot, and 75, Reading – Guildford, both of which pre-dated the merger and were joint operations between A&D and TV.

Nigel Peach

The Alder Valley memories continue to be extremely interesting to me. To answer Michael Wadman's question about Dennis Loline 811 (ex 484) in Maidenhead bus station, route 20A was a variant of the 20 which ran from Wycombe to Windsor, via Maidenhead. After AV was formed, there was some movement of buses from Northern Division to Southern and vice versa, and Wycombe did obtain about three Lolines, one of which was 484 KOT. Indeed in the earlier pictures, HBL 83, pictured in Farnham was a stalwart at Wycombe throughout the 1960s into the 70s and sister HBL 87, pictured in Hindhead, was also in Wycombe for a while, so these two buses were examples of those going from North to South.

Paul Weal

Regarding the item about Alder Valley in the last issue I expect you know all this already, but an explanation. 

After the merger the A & D half had spare Lolines due to the pace of OPO conversion. They also needed OPO vehicles. The TV half took quite a few Lolines to replace ageing LD Lodekkas. All the northern garages had some I believe. They were mostly the Weymann bodied buses. 484 was sent to Maidenhead.  

The 20/20A was the Wycombe – Windsor trunk route via Maidenhead.  

There were three LS vehicles sent to Aldershot, the third being 230 (PHW930). They were not popular with most drivers, who were used to Reliance's. 204 (HBL87) seems to appear in an amazing amount of photos.

Peter Cartwright

Route 20A was indeed operated by Maidenhead garage but was also operated by Wycombe Marsh garage plus the Princes Risborough outstation. 

Route 20 operated for many years between High Wycombe and Windsor Stn with an hourly projection to Windsor Hospital. The frequency was up to every 15 minutes with reliefs at peak times. 

Route 30 was the route from High Wycombe High St outside Davenport Vernon (the closed Argos store) and Aylesbury. Return journeys terminated at Castle Street. There were also projections to/from Wycombe Marsh P.O. both scheduled and unscheduled. 

In 1959 (unsure of exact date but definitely by 14 October) the two routes were combined but Maidenhead crews only went as far as the Rex Cinema in Oxford St, High Wycombe I believe. They would often arrive there at 22 and 52 past the hour and take a return journey from Frogmoor Bus Park (later Bus Stn) at 00 and 30. 

Traffic congestion along the London Road played havoc with schedules particularly on Fridays and Bank Holiday times and 45 minutes late running was common. These were the days before the M40 and the Inner Relief Road in Wycombe and EVERYTHING came through the town centre. It was not unusual to see 10 Black and White plus Red & White coaches within a few minutes on their way to Cheltenham plus South Midland and numerous HGVs heading west. 

The through routes were 20 operating via Butlers Cross and Fifield and 20A operating via Little Kimble and Braywick ( Hatch Bridge). Interestingly through passengers who did not alight at Hearns Corner (opposite Rex Cinema) were transported through Frogmoor Bus Park before it became a Bus Station. These were the only members of the public allowed there. Traffic congestion caused a rethink of the operation. 

Not sure of the exact date the routes were split again but it was by February 1966. The Northern section between Wycombe and Aylesbury became 21 and 21A the former via Butlers Cross and the latter via Little Kimble. Maidenhead vehicles no longer went north of Wycombe. Further changes were to come before a complete change in the network with the advent of Chilternlink on 13 April 1980 

Please see attachment taken from a Thames Valley timetable book in 1965.

This is rather large file and you will need to scroll when you enlarge.

Tony Bungay

Just thought I would add this comment to a statement made in the Thames Valley part of your latest news page concerning  route 20A. This service was 20/20A and run between High Wycombe and Windsor via Wooburn Green – Cookham – Boulters Lock and Maidenhead. The number disappeared with the introduction of the ‘Chilternlink’ MAP project in April 1980.

Hugh Wycombe must have had an allocation of the Dennis Loline in the mid 1970’s as they used to turn up on what was then the 21/31 Aylesbury – High Wycombe, I certainly remember one wearing the interim wine coloured livery.

All I can say wish I had taken a photo!

Yes, can all think that of our older memories I'm sure. 

Ross Newman of Ensign

December as follows : 


From First W Yorks : Volvo B7L’s YG02DLD / DLJ / DHE . 

From Abbey Travel : Tridents LR52KXB / LR02BFJ. 

From Metroline : E400Hs LK58CPO / CPU    MANs LK07AYD / AYG    LK57AYE / AYN / AYP 

From Go Ahead London : E400s LK56ETU / LX07BXY      Volvo B7TL’s LX06DZW / DZY / EAO 

From Lothian Buses : Volvo B7RLEs SK07CGX / SK07CFZ. 

From Tower Transit : Volvo B9TLs BJ11DTK / DVA / DVB / DVR / DUH. 

From Go-Coach : Volvo B7TL PJ53OUV. 

From Candy Coaches : Volvo B7TL LJ54BDZ   

From Rotala : E200s SN08AAU / AAV / AAY / AAZ / ABV / ACV / ADV / AEC / ABK / ABX / AEG.


Trident LX53JYH : Warwickshire Travel.

Volvo B9TLs BJ11EAW / EBA : Abbey Travel, Erith, Kent.

Volvo B7TL’s LJ54BDZ / LJ05BJO : Zinc Inc, Farnham.

Volvo B7TL PJ53OUV : Shoreline Suncruisers, Scarborough.

Volvo B9TL BJ11EBO : Brookline Coaches, West Malling , Kent.

Volvo B11RT BV66WNX : Jeakins Coaches , Thorpe, Surrey.

Volvo B11RT BV66WOD : Shaws Coaches , Goole , Yorkshire.

Tridents LX03BWJ / OPV : Dilwyn's Coaches, Bangor.

E200s YX10BFO / BFL : Panther Travel, Harwich, Essex.

E400s SN13CHC / CHD / CHH / CHK : RATP London.

Volvo B9TL BJ11DVB : Stanley Travel , Stanley, Co Durham.

Volvo B9TL BJ11DVA : ASD Coaches, Strood, Kent.

The following all to Shelton Motors for scrap :

Tridents LX03NFE / LR52KXB.


E200 / Dart : PX55EDO / LX07BXY.

E400s LK08FLH / FLM / LK58CPO.

Solo : KN04XKK.

Buses on hire:

The 10 deckers with Stagecoach Midlands are remaining there at present.

HCT now have B9TL BJ11DVX on hire.

All buses have been returned from Bournemouth and First Essex.

Many thanks to Ross for this interesting information.