Another week, another day and Covid-19 is still with us. One begins to more readily accept that we may have this virus with us for many more months to come. This has limited the number of pictures contributed but news is still coming through. So, we have another page with interest and much to enjoy. I am especially pleased with submissions from Keith Newton/Michael Wadman on TV&A plus Mike Penn with a glimpse at the north of Scotland many years ago.

No 320 (389 AOU), ex-Aldershot & District AEC Reliance / Weymann, at the Devil's Punch Bowl near Hindhead, circa 1973.
This section of the A3 has since been closed and replaced by a tunnel.  
Picture by Keith Newton.
This is one for Buses in the Landscape.

More contributions are from  Ciaran Bird, Daniel Harwood, Gavin Francis, Jack Cooper, Mike Penn, Nigel Peach and Paul Bateson plus many other providers.

A "Bus in the Landscape" from Ciaran Bird around Woodstock on
January 16th. 15752 heads for Oxford.

Seen at Kingsgrove laying over prior to its next service, a Citaro on January 4th by Daniel Harwood.

Gavin Francis caught up with Thames Travel 976 working the 46 from Wheatley on January 13th.
More pictures of 976 under Thames Travel heading below.

Buses in the Landscape, sees Hybrid 317 in Radley Road on January 15th by Jack Cooper.

Jack writes "My picture of 317 was taken on Twelve Acre Drive, looking across the field onto the Radley Road with the bus working a 35 road service to Oxford & Wolvercote." 

Mike Penn has provided an interesting article of travel around Scotland with G810BPG in service at Fort William in spring 1997.

Another Buses in the Landscape study is from Nigel Peach as Carousel 219 heads up Treadaway Hill on January 16th.

An interesting piece from Paul Bateson features LT Routemasters in All-over advertising liveries like RM 1737 above seen on August 28th 1970.
Paul Bateson comments below, the rest is further below in this issue.

It was back in 1970 that the first overall advertising bus appeared on the streets of London.  To show off the durability of its product, the first advertiser was appropriately Silexine Paints and to the best of my knowledge this was the only such decorated bus until 1972 when several Routemasters gained overall advertising liveries.


Routemaster RM 1737 (737 DYE) was the first Routemaster to gain an overall advertising livery on behalf of Silexine Paints.  I thought that it was quite attractive with its London scenes.  The photograph is not the best quality when the RM was captured in Chelsea on August 27th 1970.

A very interesting article for readers.

Another piece is from Peter Cartwright who has recorded bus he saw on September 26th 1964. A really fascinating item for readers.

The various historical items and pictures will give many readers much pleasure of times past. 

Once again we are now in full lockdown in England which makes getting out and about much more difficult. I would only caution readers and contributors not to break any rules since there will be people who question if someone should be taking pictures in these difficult times.

Several operators, it is suggested, are intending to reduce services or withdraw more within the next few weeks. Readers should check operators web sites to keep up to date with this development.

Last week my wife and I were lucky to be given appointments for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and Gavin Francis kindly took us to Wycombe Town Hall for the jabs! We had been concerned about this in driving ourselves having read about queues of cars and people at various locations. HW was very well organised and we were back home in less than two hours having expected to have to queue for our turn. Congratulations to the NHS in High Wycombe.

X5 passengers are advised that from Sunday, January 24th Stagecoach East will be temporarily withdrawing the service between Milton Keynes and Oxford. The updated timetable can be viewed here:


It would be very useful if readers could advise me of service reductions in their area?


Fleet news and developments

One significant move by Aylesbury/High Wycombe is the increase in services from next Monday. You can see the increase at this link.


Services will now run just ahead of Redline's 130 which is competing on several routes in the area. This includes the 280 between Aylesbury and Haddenham with service 120.

The latest changes in our area also include some reductions in local services from the same date.

Gavin Francis was in High Wycombe last Friday, January 15th and obtained a few pictures of Arriva operations.

Solo SR 2509 is seen in the Eden Bus Station working service 33, more usually operating are the green StreetLites.

Recently acquired MCV Evolution 2790 now carries fleet numbers and I read the Arriva Bus dealers is soon to close.
Maybe this is why this and other buses have joined our local allocations.

Another recent arrival to the Wycombe allocation is Versa 2990 seen above working service 1A.
This joins sister 2992 which has been with us for several months now.

The one remaining MCV Evolution in Wycombe is 3646 seen above on the 41. The other sister buses are now trainers.

Citaro 3910 is seen leaving The Eden for Reading via Henley, still with X60 MK branding !!!!!

Wright 4017 is seen working the 300 back to Aylesbury in the week before services increase significantly.

One thing of note when the above pictures were taken was the lack of customers using services in this lockdown period !

Nick Ross

"F70s meet at Leighton Buzzard station on January 12th 2021, 3951 is on the delayed 0639 Milton Keynes - Luton whereas 3896 is on the 0710 Luton - Milton Keynes,
It is quite unusual for the F70s to cross here..
 Nick Ross." 

Gavin Francis was in High Wycombe last Friday, January 15th and obtained a few picture of First Berkshire operations on the X74 with a most unusual appearance.

Fully branded for route 6, Citaro 64030 is seen leaving The Eden for Slough, an usual allocation for the X74. 

Local developments have seen loaned buses from Brighton & Hove as seen in the picture below by Adam Wareham.

B&H-666 with 657 behind seen at Cowley House on January 11th.
These two buses with 1 added to their fleet number i.e. 1666, entered service at Didcot during this last week.

Seen on January 14th on service 98

1657 YN55 NFH 98 - connector Scania N94UD OmniDekka Didcot
1666 YN55 NFG 98 - connector Scania N94UD OmniDekka Didcot

Simon Caygill noted this on a message to me last week.

To our surprise newly arrived 242 has spent several days on loan to Thames Travel but sadly no pictures have been forthcoming. Indeed during the latter part of last week it only appeared on a school service.

Gavin Francis was in High Wycombe last Friday, January 15th and obtained a few picture of Carousel operations.

Scania 219 again this time working the 101 to Uxbridge seen leaving Bridge Street.

StreetLite 407 is seen heading for the Park & Ride with an X8 direct service.

E200 502 often used on the 581 is seen with a 27 service leaving The Eden Bus Station.

On a Staff Bus working, 980 is seen in The Eden Bus Station.

In our last issue Gavin recorded link40 services on diversion in Stokenchurch. By this week service was back on New Road.

On January 10th we see 879 at the upper and 887 lower junctions of New Road.


Oxford Bus Company (OBC) mechanics Dave Cook and Ray Leach have retired after almost a combined century servicing buses for the company.

Dave joined Oxford Bus Company in August 1971, when Edward Heath was prime minister and How Can You Mend A Broken Heart by Bee Gees was Number One in the charts. He completed 49 years’ services in total.

Ray meanwhile joined the company a year later in August 1972, when School’s Out by Alice Cooper was Number One in the charts, the average bus fare was 3p and a pint of beer 15p. Ray completed 48 years’ service in total.

OBC says Dave and Ray experienced significant developments in the transport industry. The pair were “at the forefront of ever-developing transport technology during their careers”, which includes the recent transition from diesel vehicles to hybrids.

Phil Southall, Oxford Bus Company Managing Director says: “Dave and Ray have been part of the Oxford Bus Company team for many years and will be sorely missed by colleagues. We wish them both a happy and long retirement with their families.

I remember these two gentlemen when I worked part time for OBC around the turn of the century. Ed.

After service on Friday, January 15th the service will no longer operate.

Due to the most recent lockdown imposed in England and the resulting school closures, we have seen service 35A being used by an extremely low number of students. Unfortunately, these circumstances are unsustainable.

Latest arrivals from B&H

Four more vehicles have arrived from Brighton which are at Cowley House and these are:

 Brighton 652 YN05GZO - 657 YN55NFH - 663 YN55NFA - 666 YN55NFG with 242 YN05FFT for Carousel.
Metrobus 968 YT59DDYO; 969 YT59DYP; 6513 YP52CTO and 6615 YN06JXU are also on the premises awaiting inspection.

The Airline coaches 21-25 continue to operate the 11X along Cowley Road during the past week.

Jack Cooper has once again provided some interesting pictures seen below.

Hybrid 302 is seen working branded route 4 along Faringdon Road heading for the City on January 16th.

357 with an X3 service is seen at Peachcroft Roundabout on January 15th.

660 is seen near Radley Station with a 35 working on January 15th.

903 also with an X3 service is seen at Peachcroft Roundabout on January 15th.


From Sunday, January 17th, the airline coaches connecting Oxford with Lewknor, High Wycombe and Heathrow Airport will operate to a special reduced frequency timetable. Unfortunately, we will also be temporarily unable to serve Gatwick Airport until further notice.

Check out the special timetable at:   http://ow.ly/XKP850D3sbz
Mike Lewis

Interdeck 67 is seen in Swindon on January 16th working Rail Replacement.

Andrew Tyldsley

The first of the Interdecks have now arrived in the North East, being branded and fettled by Volvo before entering service in the next week or so. The one that is GoNE 7153 is registered XL10 NCL, I don’t know it’s previous. 

As I’m sticking to the spirit of the lockdown, it will be some weeks before I get some pictures.

Several have already appeared on the internet


I include the link below for readers to check where the fleet is at any given time. Although not 100% accurate it is really useful as so many of you know.


Daniel Harwood has been busy in Wantage with the pictures seen below.

936 is seen working the  38 along Denchworth Road into Wantage on January 13th.

906 seen on a dull day heading for Didcot at Kingsgrove on January 5th.

909 seen near the same location bound for Didcot at Kingsgrove on January 4th.

Jack Cooper has once again provided some interesting pictures seen below.

Scania 206 by the Peachcroft Roundabout with an X2 for Oxford on January 15th

Scania 231 by the Peachcroft Roundabout with an X2 for Didcot on January 15th

Volvo B5TL/Wright Gemini 3 623 by the Peachcroft Roundabout also with an X2 for Oxford on January 15th.

Thames Travel are busy these days but the need for special school buses seems to reduced as 45 has not been out since before Christmas. 

YJ70EWC Oe MD1114 SAB8JP2D7KS340047 Oe 340047 H41/22F 11/2020 Johnsons, Henley-in-Arden Cancelled Reading order

Services suspended until further notice

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

In this week's staff news with thanks to Robert Williams - CEO

We have rapidly worked with our Local Councils to identify and reduce services from Monday where there is an obvious lack of demand - for example services running to schools and universities, and duplicate buses which are no longer needed, in addition to some of the weekend night services which remain suspended. Beyond that, services will broadly continue to run to school holiday schedules.

This has temporarily reduced our daily requirement by 18 vehicles, so the opportunity has been taken to rest some of the older members of the fleet, along with the Vodafone fleet which doesn’t have cash vaults fitted.

A small number of employees from affected rotas have been placed on furlough, along with those who are clinically extremely vulnerable.

We stepped up some of our internal precautions in December as we went into Tier 4, in line with our agreed outbreak plan that was designed to respond to a situation where cases in the local community are increasing rapidly with a “belt and braces” approach.

We hope that no further changes will be needed, but will respond to any new guidance as it’s published. 

Gavin Francis was in High Wycombe last Friday, January 15th and obtained an interesting picture of a Maylands branded bus working the 28.

E200 YX09FMK seen working the 28 in the Eden Bus Station having arrived from Stokenchurch on the mid-day service. 

Gavin Francis

A recent arrival at Redline, MCV AE07DZC is seen with a 130 service in High Wycombe on January 8th.
This bus appeared in Wycombe last Friday and the blind was working!!

Just leaving as the bus above arrived, YX10BFZ is seen heading for Aylesbury on January 15th.

Readers should note the changes in the Arriva 300 timetables from Monday which may affect the 130 service which runs the same route part of the way from Aylesbury to High Wycombe. 

Various timetable reductions appear to be planned so please let me know of changes in your locality.


 January 14th 2021

· £4m project to strengthen existing safety measures to prevent bridge strikes

· Enhancement to GreenRoad’s leading driver safety and fuel-efficiency system

· Technology to cover 8,000 buses in England, Scotland and Wales by summer 2021

Stagecoach is working with GreenRoad on a £4m national rollout of bridge strike prevention technology. It will capture 8,000 buses by the summer and is an enhancement of the group’s existing relationship with GreenRoad, whose core safety system is already fitted to those vehicles.

Stagecoach says it has been in discussions with GreenRoad for eight months about how telematics technology could be extended to mitigate the risk of bridge strikes. The upgrade will use GPS location data and mapping to alert the driver to nearby low bridges. If it determines that the bus is heading towards one, it will sound an in-cab alert.

Says Stagecoach Chief Executive Martin Griffiths: “We have been working for many months with GreenRoad to design this important low bridge alert enhancement to its proven safety technology. We are now using it to bolster the extensive measures that we already have in place.”

Network Rail (NR) has repeatedly engaged in campaigns to highlight the financial and safety impacts of bridge strikes. It estimates that between 40 and 50 such incidents annually involve buses. In November 2020, a Stagecoach double-decker in Cambridge was involved in a bridge strike that saw its roof removed.

NR Chair Sir Peter Hendy has welcomed Stagecoach’s rollout of the enhanced prevention technology. “We’ve seen encouraging signs of incidents recently declining thanks to our engagement work with industry partners, drivers and operators, as well as the introduction of technology that assists drivers. But the transport sector has to continue working together to make bridge strikes a thing of the past.

“I commend Stagecoach on taking the initiative with its rollout of this technology. I hope to see other operators take a similar proactive approach to tackling the issue in the near future.”

Traffic Commissioners (TCs) have more recently taken a growing interest in bridge strikes. TC Kevin Rooney told a Confederation of Passenger Transport event in December 2020 that operators “have a big part to play” in preventing them.

An updated statutory document released in September 2020 by Senior TC Richard Turfitt detailed that the starting point for action against a driver that causes a bridge strike through carelessness or negligence is revocation of their vocational licence and disqualification from holding such an entitlement for six months.

This is welcome news after so many low bridge incidents across the industry. Ed.

 January 13th 2021

Timetable changes to services in Witney and Carterton from Sunday, January 17th 2021 : https://tiscon-maps-stagecoachbus.s3.amazonaws.com/Timetables/Oxford_Timetables/S2_current.pdf

The table below sees fleet movements in recent weeks.

Fleet Movements (12.20 & 1.21)
50269    YJ14LFE OX to E Scotland 14.12.20
50277 YJ14LFO OX to W Scotland 21.12.20
50278 YJ14LFP OX to W Scotland 21.12.20
50279 YJ14LFR OX to W Scotland 21.12.20
50270 YJ14LFF OX to E Scotland 30.12.20
50272 YJ14LFH OX to E Scotland 30.12.20
50273 YJ14LFK OX to E Scotland 30.12.20
39683 KX08KYV Rugby to BB 29.12.20
39685 KX08KYY Rugby to BB 29.12.20
39699 KY58JZG Rugby to BB 01.01.21
36448 OU61AUV BB to OX 30.12.20
36769 OU62BYV BB to OX 30.12.20
36770 OU62BYY BB to OX 01.01.21
15533 VX59JCU OX to Cumbria & N Lancs 08.01.21
50274 YJ14LFL OX to E Scotland 08.01.21
50275 YJ14LFM OX to E Scotland 08.01.21
50276 YJ14LFN OX to E Scotland 08.01.21

Ciaran Bird has provided some pictures of operations on January 16th around Woodstock seen below.

MMC 10677 is seen in Woodstock with an S3 working to Oxford.

Gold Scania 15832 is seen heading into Woodstock.

Many happy memories of driver familiarisation with 15966 for the SW1 to London some years ago.
It is seen heading for Charlbury and passing 10784 bound for Oxford both on the S3.

E200 36770 is seen with a 7 working arriving and leaving Wotton Turn. I am told this is an Oxford depot working.

Solo SR 47834 is seen in Woodstock at the start of a journey to Burford. 

Frazer Peddle has once again recorded the buses used on recent duties.

E200 36984  with a 3A service seen at Oxford Science Park.

MMC 10678 is seen in Speedwell Street, Oxford later that shift working a main line service 3. 

Gavin Francis remembers when 36448 was new

The E200 when new back in September 12th seen at the depot and Showbus of that year.
This follows last week's picture from Frazer Peddle.

M AN/E200 39699 working route 99 in Northampton on July 10th 2009.

Jim Wright continues his pictures of withdrawn buses at Network Oxford.

22418 is seen presently out of service with 52424 now withdrawn.
I spent many happy hours giving CPC courses during my final time with Stagecoach. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick came up with the first picture of the recently transferred from Midlands

"I’ve been told that Solo 47736 that had been taken for scrap is to return to Witney for part recovery as just before it went it had a new gearbox, so this will be used for another Solo when needed. "


M A N / ADL E200 39683 working the B5 in Banbury on January 13th.
Kevin writes "One of the recently transferred MAN E200s, 39683, heading out to Bretch Hill on the B5"

Theo Freeman updates on happenings in Banbury on his first day out following  a bout of Covid-19

Midland Red liveried 37401 is seen operating the S4 service to Oxford on January 16th.

seen in the town centre, M A N s 36985 working the B5 and 39699 working the B9 on January 16th.

This means we have pictures of the three M A N s recently arrived. 

Martyn Sacaloff writes "now here is 22842 a MAN this was new to Northampton for service one then in 2013 it went to Rugby for about 8 years when I worked there"

MAN 18.240LF/Dennis Enviro 300 22842 (KX09BHL)  in Northampton Depot on January 10th.  

Jim Wright continues his pictures of stored tube coaches at Network Oxford.

One wonders how long these fine coaches will be off the road due Covid-19? 

North of the border from Bill Brown

East Scotland 54141 seen working an X61at Halbeath Park & Ride on January 10th.

East Scotland/Rennies 53304 seen working an X59 at Halbeath Park & Ride on January 10th.

Mike Lewis

"Rail replacement between Swindon and Didcot/Reading on January 16th 2021 outside Swindon railway station."

YN70YLX Tappins (Weavaway) Mobi working Rail Replacement from Swindon on January 16th by Mike Lewis.

Michael Wadman with pictures from Keith Newton

Many thanks to all the readers who answered my query regarding the Alder Valley Dennis Loline in Maidenhead. 

Here are a few more photos from Alder Valley’s Southern Division in the ‘seventies, all taken by my friend Keith Newton. 

Another shot of no 320, crossing the River Wey in Tilford on service 46, circa 1973. 

During 1973/4, Alder Valley had several AEC Reliance / Plaxton coaches on loan from Sheffield United. AWA 350B in Aldershot bus station in October 1973. 

AWA 350B again, with AWA 353B, in Guildford Onslow Street bus station in October 1973. 

No 314 (383 AOU), ex-Aldershot & District AEC Reliance / Weymann on service 13 in Shottermill.
Another shot that’s no longer possible: since Keith took it Shottermill Road has been diverted to the west,
away from the pond and behind the trees, and the old road that the bus is on is now a footpath.

This is a really lovely picture from Keith.

Thanks so much to Michael and Keith.

Paul Bateson remembers the first overall ad Routemasters in London



Many readers of the briefing will be familiar with the new Routemaster LT class buses in London that have received vinyl advertising wraps.  But advertising buses have not always been popular in London and for many years they were not allowed.


It was back in 1970 that the first overall advertising bus appeared on the streets of London.  To show off the durability of its product, the first advertiser was appropriately Silexine Paints and to the best of my knowledge this was the only such decorated bus until 1972 when several Routemasters gained overall advertising liveries.


Routemaster RM 1737 (737 DYE) was the first Routemaster to gain an overall advertising livery on behalf of Silexine Paints.
I thought that it was quite attractive with its London scenes.  The photograph is not the best quality when the RM was captured in Chelsea on August 27th 1970.


In sunshine at the Butterwick Bus Station, Hammersmith is RM 1270 (270 CLT) advertising Sharp Car Radios on August 16th 1972.


At Chelsea World’s End on October 25th 1972 is RM 249 (VLT 249) advertising Unipart Parts and Accessories.


This design was an attempt by Ladbrokes to have passengers sitting on the horses! 
RML 2547 (JJD 547D) was pictured at Kensal Rise on October 25th 1972.
Whilst I was there RML 2573 pulled up behind RML 2547.
  Do you think the driver could have pulled up any closer?


You wait for one then three come along! 
In 1972 there were two evening newspapers in London and RML 2302 (CUV 302C) promoted the Evening News, London’s newspaper.
The bus was first captured on Oxford Street outside Selfridges sandwiched between two other Routemasters. 

In the second picture, RM 2044 is behind RML 2302 whilst the road ahead is clear for departure.


Somehow I managed to travel to Trafalgar Square with enough time to take another view as the bus headed for East Ham. 
These pictures were taken 25 October 25th 1972.


Two views of RM 686 (WLT 686) advertising VERNONS, The Best in Pools – that’s the betting variety and not the one in which you swim!
  In the first picture, the Routemaster is seen departing the Wood Green (WN) Garage followed by RM 197. 
I probably managed to jump aboard as the second view of RM 686 was taken in the forecourt of the Gillingham Street (GM) Garage in Victoria. 
These photographs were taken on November 2nd 1972.


I had good fortune in finding the advertising buses and again on November 2nd 1972
I discovered RM 971 (WLT 971) in Yellow Pages livery and parked at Aldwych on layover on route 11.


Another two views of RML 2547, this time in late afternoon of November 2nd 1972. 
It was struggling with the rush hour traffic on Queen Victoria Street.  Note the Bristol MW of Eastern National in the background.


Photographs by PAUL A. BATESON

What a great selection of pictures for the wonderful buses shown in a different guise. 

Peter Cartwright remembers more of High Wycombe in 1964

Last week I explained that these services were extended to Aylesbury from High Wycombe replacing route 30 in 1959. This was a useful trunk route but, as I highlighted, severe traffic congestion played havoc with the schedules and Maidenhead crews arriving at the Rex Cinema at 22 and 52 minutes past the hour found it impossible to walk to Frogmoor Bus Station to take over a bus to depart at 00 and 30 past the hour. Ideally they would have crossed Oxford Street and boarded the bus arriving from Aylesbury at Hearns Corner at 27 and 57 past the hour but often they missed the bus they were to take over hence the walk to the bus station. 

I have details of a survey I took from my grandparents home very near the Wycombe Marsh Post Office stops. This was Saturday, September 26th and details are attached.

PCartwright files/Route 20-20a Saturday September 26 1964.doc

PCartwright files/Routes 20 20a September 26 1964.xlsx

These days the 24 hour clock would be used and would be from 13.18 to 18.16 that Saturday. 

Timings were to the nearest half minute followed by the route  number, destination, number of passengers on board, seating capacity of the bus and finally its fleet number. Both LONDON TRANSPORT and THAMES VALLEY are shown. Where there is a dash where number of passengers should be, this indicates an out of service vehicle travelling to/from the Thames Valley garage at Wycombe Marsh and which is still extant although now with three different occupiers. 

Please see the attached sheets which shows how unreliable the service could become.   Three buses were over 15 minutes late - all had come from Aylesbury. 

How many of these vehicles now survive?

Many thanks to Peter for a most interesting piece which I am many will enjoy.

Gary Seamarks talks of Low Bridges

Attached shots all taken in my village, its unusual for the Grant Palmer E200mmc to stray of the 34 Flitwick-Ampthill- Milton Keynes but this week they seem to be working on other routes, unsure if connected with some school runs as I think they are seat-belt fitted. Anyway both 229 and 230 appeared on Friday, January 15th on following workings.


Also this sign and one the other side of the railway bridge have appeared in our village, the bridge is 11'3'' so will fit a single deck bus under but not most modern coaches or double deckers, we have the Grant Palmer 68 that passes under it and also a school run by Herbert's (usually) that's normally a Volvo B10B, though

The bridge did claim a couple of VRs of UC Bedford when they were almost new in thick fog both times running dead to take up a works contract when the driver got lost in the fog, alarmingly it was the same conductor !. UC did run under it with Nationals in the late 80's.

Thanks for a most interesting discourse.

Paul Weal

Just to say how much I have enjoyed the OCBP since I discovered it. I think it is an excellent blend of new and old. I don’t think I have seen a better blog/newsletter. 

These comments are very pleasing as it recognises the efforts required to produce the page each week. Thank you Paul.

Mike Penn visit to Scotland around 50 years ago

A few more photos for you, this time from Scotland.  What connects them is that all the vehicles operated at one time in this area.  By that I mean roughly the area between Oxford and Northampton.

The first two are former City of Oxford AEC Regents owned by Alexander (Northern). 

They were acquired from City of Oxford by Burnett of Mintlaw who were taken over by Alexander (Northern) in January 1967.
OFC 377 was NRC23 in the Alexander (Northern) fleet and was photographed at Peterhead in June 1970.  It lasted in the Alexander (Northern) fleet for 5 years.

PWL 412 was NRC25 in the Alexander (Northern) fleet and was photographed at Ellon in June 1970.  It lasted in the Alexander (Northern) fleet for 4 years.

In April and May 1997 my wife and I went on a round Britain cruise.  We stopped at various different places and surprisingly at most of the places there were buses to be seen!

At Fort William there were two very familiar looking coaches. 

These were Highland Country V810/3 (G810/3 BPG) which were Plaxton bodied Volvo B10M-60s.
They had very recently been acquired from Speedlink Airport Services and were still in Jetlink livery, promoting the service between Gatwick and Luton airports.

Also at Fort William was Highland Country B645 (RAN 645R), an ECW bodied Bristol VRT.
This was new to the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell for staff transport, later transferring to the U.K.A.E. at Dounreay.

At Edinburgh was Lowland Omnibuses 947 (A77 RRP), an East Lancs bodied Leyland Olympian which was new to Northampton Borough Transport.

At Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, I photographed four vehicles from this area.

WPH 119Y was an ECW bodied Leyland Tiger, new to London Country, then passing to London Country (North West) and Luton & District.
It then went to a succession of smaller operators, ending up with Galson-Stornoway Motor Services, with whom it was photographed.

B294 KPF was a Plaxton bodied Leyland Tiger, new to London Country, then passing to London Country (North West) and Luton & District.
It then went to Q Drive buses as part of the Slough allocation and later to Galson-Stornoway Motor Services, with whom it was photographed.

JNM 55Y was a Caetano bodied Volvo B10M-61, new to Buffalo of Flitwick, later passing to Mackay of Tarbert, with whom it was photographed.
At one time it was registered 2997 HL with Buffalo, a registration taken from a former West Riding Bedford VAL.

FBL 116K was an ECW bodied Bristol VRT, new to Alder Valley, although it had been ordered by Thames Valley prior to the merger with Aldershot & District.
It was photographed with an unknown operator promoting a particular political party for the recently held general election.

What an excellent selection of photographs of vehicles from our area in their new homes north of the border. Ed.