Well, as one of my correspondents noted "another week has flown by". How right he is and fir this issue there are more than 150 pictures from 18 contributors all of which are most welcome.

Friends north of the border have provided more pictures of the ex Oxford tube Astromegas now clothed in different hues! One that I liked very much is of our Astromega flag ship 50261.

How well I remember this coach and taking a first trip to London with guests for afternoon tea.
Looking smart in megabus livery on February 5th by Eddie Taylor.

In addition to my regular contributors we have pictures from Adam Green, Gobbiner and a historical collection from Thomas Knowles taken in and around Oxford in 1960, indeed more than 60 years ago!

Red Eagle's YX60BZO recently acquired from Metroline is seen in Hemel Hempstead on February 24th by Adam Green.

Gobbiner writes "Drivers at Go North West Queens Rd depot in Manchester which as you probably know have started an indefinite strike and GNW have drafted in small operators to run a modified timetable.

Thought this shot of a former Tube Astromega (50214 OU09FNH) now with Mostonian in Manchester as TSU 706 might be of interest for your page. It has been shuttling on Route 17 from Shudehill to Rochdale via Middleton all week it must feel great for the regular traveler having a vehicle like this on normal interurban bus work." 

Due to strike action by Go North West staff at Queens Road, private operators have been hired in to maintain services.
Above is ex tube 50214 working the 17 Manchester-Rochdale service on March 4th by Gobbiner.
I remember travelling to Rochdale on the 17 many years ago when my steed was one of Rochdale's
AEC Regent V D2RA6G with a Weymann body and fitted with a Gardner engine, not the usual engine for such a bus. 

AEC Regent II with Northern Coachbuilders lowbridge body, L129, MWL987 delivered late in 1948.
It is seen here in Gloucester Green in early 1960 still looking good for a 12 year old. Picture from T W W Knowles.

Regular contributors have provided some nice scenic shots such as the one below taken in heavy rain.

Stagecoach Gold 10782 is seen heading for Wantage along Lodge Hill on February 3rd by Jack Cooper.

Climbing Lodge Hill in heavy weather, heading for Oxford and Barton with an X3 is repainted and branded 666 the last of four ex Park & Ride StreetDecks
taken on March 3rd by Jack Cooper , the day following its re-entry into service after the livery change.

Gavin Francis has been busy in the past week during visits to High Wycombe in securing a few interesting pictures.

Arriva 6049 heads for Aylesbury with a 300 working its blind alternately showing the destination
and a nice display celebrating the life of Cpt. Sir Tom Moore who I am sure you will all remember.
The third picture shows this bus when working in London on June 24th 2008 !

A change from one of the two link40 branded Citaros, here is 880 arriving in Wycombe from Thame on March 2nd.

Harold Atkins and Mick Payne write to tell us of significant changes concerning the Milton Keynes area.

From Wednesday, March 31st 2021, the following services will cease to operate.  Where there is no alternative bus service they will be replaced by a new Demand Responsive Transport service. 

Services 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, 37, 80

From Thursday, April 1st 2021, the following services will cease to operate.  Where there is no alternative bus service they will be replaced by a new Demand Responsive Transport service. 

Services 9, 301

From Thursday, April 1st 2021, there will be changes to the following services. 

Service 11/12:  Will operate as service 11 only, using the following route - Central Rail Station, Central Milton Keynes, Oakgrove (Brickhill St), Kingston, Open University, Caldecotte.  Will serve Kents Hill by operating via H8 Standing Way, V11 Tongwell St and H9 Groveway. Revised route in Caldecotte via Heybridge Crescent. Evening journeys withdrawn.

Service 21: Withdrawn between Olney and Lavendon, and revised to operate Olney (Aspreys), Olney The Bull, Newport Pagnell, Central Milton Keynes, Central Rail Station.  The last return journey will be withdrawn.  The Saturday service will not serve MK Central Rail Station and will be revised to operate every 90 minutes.  Service 41 will continue to operate between Olney and Lavendon. 

Service 33/33A:  Service to be operated by Arriva. Revised timetable to operate every 90 minutes. Off peak journeys will operate via Gloucester Road replacing service 23.

From Friday, April 2nd 2021, there will be changes to the following services.

Service 1:  Revised to operate Whitehouse, Central Rail Station, Willen, Green Park, Newport Pagnell, Renny Lodge. Operates every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytime. Withdrawn between Central Rail Station and Newton Leys.  No evening or Sunday service (see services 2 and F70/F77 for details of partial replacements).

Service 2: Revised to operate beyond Market Hill to Renny Lodge (Tickford End). Operates every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytime. Operates evenings hourly (until around 9.30pm).  Sunday service will operate via Grange Farm, Central Rail Station, CMK, Willen, Poets Estate, Green Park, Newport Pagnell, Renny Lodge.  

Service 3:  New service replacing service 300 and operates Magna Park, Kingston, Brooklands, Coachway, CMK, Central Rail Station, Westcroft, Snelshall West. Operates every 20 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings (Magna Park to Westcroft). Operates every 30 minutes Sunday daytime and hourly Sunday evenings (Magna Park to Westcroft).

Service 4/14: Revised to operate as service 4 throughout and rerouted via Shenley Church End between CMK and Wolverton and Hodge Lea (served from V5 Gt Monks St).  Operates Monday to Saturday daytime, every 15 minutes Bletchley to CMK, and every 30 minutes CMK to Wolverton.  Operates Monday to Saturday, and Sunday evenings every 30 minutes Bletchley to CMK to mid evening, then hourly, and hourly CMK to Wolverton. 

Service 5:  Extended to serve Newton Leys (Jersey Drive). Rerouted via Manor Road, Queensway, Princes Way, instead of via Water Eaton Road (see service F70/F77 for replacement). Operates every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings, every 30 minutes Sunday daytime, and hourly Sunday evenings.

Service 6: Rerouted via Manor Road, Queensway and Princes Way instead of Water Eaton Road (see service F70/F77 for replacement). Operates every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings, every 30 minutes Sunday daytime, and hourly Sunday evenings. 

Service 7: Withdrawn between Central Rail Station and Bletchley via Furzton (see service 4 for details of partial replacement). Operates every 15 minutes Monday to Friday daytime, every 30 minutes Saturday daytime, every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday evenings (until around 9.00pm), every 30 minutes Sunday daytime and hourly Sunday evenings (until around 9.00pm).  

Service 8: Service revised to operate Walnut Tree to Westcroft. Journeys will be rerouted via H6 Childs Way to serve Oxley Park, Kingsmead and Tattenhoe Park. Operates every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings and Sundays.

Service 9: Withdrawn.

Service 300:  Replaced by new service 3.

Service 301: Withdrawn. Partly replaced by extension of service 1 to Whitehouse Monday to Saturday.

Service F70/F77:  F70 rerouted to serve Newton Leys (St Helena Ave) replacing service 1. Both F70/F77 rerouted in Bletchley to serve Water Eaton Road.  F77 extended beyond Stadium MK to CMK and both F70/F77 will operate via Leadenhall and Central Rail Station. Combined, F70/F77 operates every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly evenings (until around 9.00pm).  Sunday daytime service operating every 2 hours.

Service X60: Frequency revised from every 30 minutes to hourly. Route revised to serve Stony Stratford and V4 Watling Street.

Demand Responsive Transport begins in Milton Keynes on April 1st 2021

This new ‘MK Connect’ service will be provided by Via.

Further information on the new service will be available soon, including information at bus stops and detailed usage guides on line.

MK Connect works like a minibus that comes when you want, where you want — book a ride straight from your phone, get picked up in minutes, and be dropped within a short walk of your destination.

Passengers with a wheelchair or disability will always be matched with a fully accessible vehicle and the service is accessible to passengers with vision, hearing and other requirements.

Service hours: Monday to Saturday 6am-11pm.

Sunday 9am-6pm.

Price: £3.50 during peak hours (7am-9am, 4.30pm-6.30pm), £2.50 at all other times.

Concessionary cards and All-in-One cards will be accepted on DRT at the same times as on buses.

This is a significant change and DRT is a very different way to provide replacement services. Indeed DRT and its cousins seem to have a limited life span even though the first ones started over 40 years ago.

So to reports and pictures concerning our area plus an Overseas report from Paul Bateson, an answer to a question posed in the last issue.

Thank you to everyone for their support.

I have been advised that the Oxford tube is to restart on Monday, March 29th, operating a 20 min service and expresses to Baker Street using timetable of December 2020. Coaches are being prapred for re-entry into service after some months of "rest" and staff are very pleased to be getting back to work.

Richard Sharman reports "There is a new Diamond Bus South East 250 timetable from Monday, March 8th"



3rd March 2021


Jim Wright writes "Hi Malcolm, S3/7 going back to normal timetable as from tomorrow March 7th, including the extra S3 Yarnton to Woodstock school bus, wonder what that will be?" 

Fleet news and developments

I am pleased to include the latest fleet allocations for our area courtesy Paul Swann of Arriva.

Enthusiast SR Full Fleet 01 Mar 2021.xlsx

Nigel Peach writes to comment "Thanks as always for sending the latest fleet list. There are a few anomalies on there with some buses listed under Wycombe that we know are now at Aylesbury eg 2479, 3039. 

Also 2401 is another now listed as being at Wycombe but according to www.bustimes.org  this is another bus that is actually now at Aylesbury. 

The Amersham and District Motorbus Society Spring newsletter (personally delivered to me today by Peter Cartwright!) states "MAN Evolution 3646 (AE56 MDX) is to be downgraded to training duties joining others of this batch". I had noticed that it disappeared from bustimes."

Adam Green 

Green Line 7214 with a 759 in Hemel Hempstead on February 19th.

Gavin Francis in Wycombe

VDL 2704 working route 33 on March 4th.

Another VDL, 2786 loads for Micklefield in Oxford Street on March 4th.

Citaro 3016, looking somewhat battle scarred with a 1A to Chesham on March 3rd.

3700 is still in service and seen above with a 32 to Micklefield March 2nd.

Wrights 3796 is seen arriving in Wycombe from Aylesbury, now back to normal route, on March 2nd.

Citaro 3914 is seen working the 32 to Booker still claiming to be working the 150 !!!!!!!! on March 2nd.

Citaro 3926 in happier days first at Duxford in September 2010 when new and then in Wycombe on September 9th 2017
after transfer, sad that this bus is now laid up in Cressex depot. I wonder why?

Wrights 6043 is seen arriving in Wycombe from Aylesbury, now back to normal route, on March 4th.

Malcolm Crowe

I took these pictures whilst waiting for the Opticians in Bridge Street on March 2nd. They feature the rears of a number of buses showing the often now very tidy condition and maybe not an advert to car drivers to take the bus!

2704, 3914, 3921, (working the 1A)  and 3923 (this bus had been to Milton Keynes earlier in the day), 

Wrights 4018 with a 300 to Aylesbury also rather messy.

Tony Bungay

As a further to some photos I thought may be of use to you I sent last Saturday, mainly in respect of Arriva vehicles display a tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, which due to a mix of bright sun and rolling display did not always hit the mark!

I was able to get I think a better photo of this with 5464 yesterday, March 1st which shows the message to full effect and again is another Enviro 400 with the addition of another tribute to a long serving member of staff above passenger door. 

In so many ways Arriva does things well but this does depend on the depot concerned. 

Adam Green

Seen on a free hospital service in Hemel, YJ56YOD on February 24th. 

Adam Green

StreetLite 611 is seen in Hemel with a service 46 to Luton on February 24th.

Gavin Francis

StreetLite 63316 with an X74 in High Street, Wycombe on March 4th and for comparison
 a picture of SNB 348 taken in the High Street nearly 43 years ago.
The 441 and 443 were of course the precursors of the X74.
If you look at picture 1of 63316 I have tried to take it from the same position, of course The High Street was still a through route in 1978.

Off the 7's 69924 is seen with an X74 working in Wycombe on March 4th and in the third picture
when new at Brooklands on April 21st 2013.

Kevin Fuller

On a sunny March 1st, First's Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 44561 departs from Burnham High Street, past a display of daffodils in the park.
 This bus is one of three branded for services 12 and 13 from Slough to Burnham which run through the large Slough Trading estate. 

Phil Southall writes to note as follows:


941 was moved from Carousel in error originally. It was the only Volvo B7TL converted to single door and painted so Carousel will be keeping it. Not sure if it has happened yet but either 939 or 940 will be moving to TT to replace it. (I noticed that 941 was back at Carousel. Ed)

Seen on March 5th, 941 is looking clean and now has Carousel legals.  Malcolm Crowe.

241 is VOR for safety inspection and has been off for 8 days but it will be back soon. 408, 423 and 856 are also long term VOR but will be returning. 

Thames Travel

You may also be interested to know that we have now acquired the six ex Brighton Scania deckers so will be renumbered in due course as follows: 

1650 YN05GZJ = 243

1652 YN05GZO = 244

1656 YN55NFO = 245

1657 YN55NFH = 246

1663 YN55NFA = 247

1666 YN55NFG = 248

Oxford Bus

We have also made a start on repainting 351 to 363 and five of these are off the road for now for repainting into City 13 (351 to 355) or City 2 (359 to 363)  livery. 356 to 358 TBC.

Many thanks to Phil for those very useful notes.

Nigel Peach notes "Re Carousel, The Amersham and District Motorbus Society Spring newsletter states "Orange MAN E200 423 (RX60 DMF) suffered accident damage in January and would appear to be withdrawn. AD E200 Darts 502/3 (OU57 FGV/X) have been sold (to a GA operator in East Anglia?)".

"I've just spotted that Carousel's 502 is back on bustimes from today - maybe not withdrawn after all - but perhaps a ticket machine error!"

Adam Green in Hemel Hempstead

858 is working THE ONE on February 24th seen in Hemel.

Gavin Francis in High Wycombe

Scanias 214 and 219 in Wycombe on March 2nd.

StreetLite 407 is seen working the 8 on March 2nd. 408 has been out of service for many days now!

Branded for THE OPNE, 857, 858 and 859 also seen in Wycombe on March 2nd.

Ex Oxford 869 is seen working the 36 on March 2nd.

878 is seen with a 103 service on  March 2nd.

Some of the roads are lethal for low floor buses but 884 seems to be missing a scraping! Seen on March 4th.

Some of the days in Stokenchurch have seen a misty start. 886 is seen shrouded on March 3rd.

Malcolm Crowe at the Opticians

As a comparison with the rear ends of Arriva above, 860 looks very smart and business like on March 2nd.

Still reasonable but the small fleet number was a good test for my eyesight when 880 was working the 40 on March 2nd.

Various deckers at the Wycombe depot on March 5th.


Jack Cooper writes to include several interesting pictures from the past week around Abingdon and Lodge Hill.

222 is seen in Stratton Way with a 356 road service on March 4th.

StreetDecks 662, 663 and 666 are seen with X3 services around Abingdon and Lodge Hill.

A nice spring view of 668 with an X3 service on March 2nd. Seeing these Park & Ride branded buses may now be a rarity.


"I have just seen on Facebook that former OBC 63 has been bought from Procters Coach & Bus Sales (Northallerton) by Portsmouth City Coaches. "

Seen prior to departure from Cowley House on December 16th 2020.

Seen in George Street on July 15th 2019 in Airline colours.


David Beynon remarked that Oxford Station was host to all Wright bodied buses when he took this picture of 621 working the X2 on March 5th.

Jack Cooper

Scania 227 is now in connector colours and seen working an X2 on March 1st.

622 is seen climbing Lodge Hill with an X2 making its way to the train station on March 3rd.

Citaro 844 is seen in Abingdon with a 33 road service on March 1st.

Ex Carousel's 874 and 875 have been out of service recently but are seen here on March 4th and the 3rd.

906 and 907 seen working the X2 on February 28th.

Gavin Francis

Seemingly a recent addition to the fleet on March 6th V3BOY takes a cherished registration last seen with a Volvo Jonckheere on June 1st 2012.

Back on the road from March  29th

A reduced coach network is available for travel from Monday, March 29th. Book your journey with complete peace of mind. If your plans change our increased flexibility covers free amends on all ticket types and a full refund should we need to cancel your service.

Take a look at our interactive Route Map or Digital Timetables to see where you can travel to from your local stop.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Kevin Fuller

Seen running along Gore Road, Burnham on 23rd February is Courtney Buses 672, an Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC,
on its way from Wexham Park Hospital near Slough to Bracknell on route 53. There are 3 buses in this livery bought for the route in 2017.

Adam Green

Working its branded route in Hemel, MV59ASX on February 24th.

Adam Green

Red Rose E6RRT seen on local service in Hemel on February 24th. 


Bill Brown

Ex Oxford used on National Express 737 service, 53704 is now in Fife working the X55 on March 4th.

Frazer Peddle records the progress of the 3A now running to The Kassam Stadium for NHS jabs.

MMC 10678 and E200 36984 seen on January 14th 2021 working the old route.

36769 and 36933 seen with 3A services to The Kassam on March 6th.

Jack Cooper

Gold 10788 is seen working the 34 in Stratton Way, Abingdon on March 1st.

Theo Freeman reports on developments in Banbury.

Not too many unusual allocations at Banbury this week, the two notable ones being 36330 on 488s on Monday and 37630 on S4s. On Tuesday 36330 was put out in 500s, so has been well travelled!

34882 was out on 488s today too so a bit of variety on the Chippies this week. 

Three of the gold E300s, 28743/5/6, are off the road again with various issues, so they are certainly not being very reliable! 

All the legals were changed on Sunday morning, however some of the buses were reluctant to change as seen in the pic below (that bus was 36764)


A week ago all Banbury based buses had their legals changed to Thames Transit.

E200 36330 is seen working the 488 on March 1st.

New MMC 37630 is unusually seen working the S4 on the same day. This bus is normally on the 505.

On March 2nd 36330 had moved to the 500 seen above heading for Brackley.

On March 6th 34882 is seen leaving Banbury with a 488 service. (Interesting combination of numbers!)

No further news on the combining of Oxford and West, dates etc. 

Service restart as mentioned above on March 29th.

Continuing our reports on coaches now in a different location and livery some more this week.

50283 now seen in Kilmarnock in its new livery for the X76 from Chucky on March 5th.

It used to be 50214 but is now with Mostonian Manchester as TSU706 on March 3rd by Martyn Sacaloff.
As mentioned in the Editorial with another picture of the same coach it is working the 17 to Rochdale.

50264 and 50265 in citylink now working in Fife taken by Bill Brown on March 7th. 

Chucky Shaw

Once 50242 was with megabus, this coach is seen at Kilmarnock having been prepared for sale on March 5th.
Loo out for this turns up please? 

Michael Wadman

An unusual acquisition by Red Rose in 1998 was F49 ENF, a Leyland Tiger with Alexander (Belfast) body new to Smiths-Shearings. Here are some shots of it in Leighton Buzzard on June 9th 1998 – despite the blind display I think this was actually service 59 as from what I can tell the 52 didn’t going to Leighton Buzzard at the time; Central Milton Keynes on the same date – this may have really been on service 52; and at the old Bure Place bus station in Bicester on service 16 on March 16th 1999 after repainting into fleet livery. It was scrapped in September 2011.

June 9th 1998 in Leighton Buzzard.

As we remember this bus after repaint, it even worked through Stokenchurch!
Seen in Bure Place, Bicester on March 16th 1999. 

Nick Ross

As the "Beast from the East" howls down Leighton High street Red Kite Olympian prepares to battle through the snow with the 162 to Dagnall.
Driver Brian's last turn that day with P262 was running dead from Milton Keynes to Tilsworth after working a schools from Aylesbury.
The snow was bad by then and heavy traffic saw Brian opting to return via Leighton, Eggington and the back road to Slapton.
Brian was shocked on leaving Eggington with drifting snow covering the road with drifts, the steep climb to Slapton saw P262 slip once
 and "cough" but she made it through the drifts, a quality machine!

Thomas W W Knowles

A small number of photographs I took in Oxford over 60 years ago when I attended an event for a few days in Jesus College? Taken in Gloucester Green during April 1960. There may well be a reference to this visit in the letters page of the next Classic Bus.

Six sets of three COMS vehicles in April 1960






One scan of three Bristol Omnibus company's vehicles in Oxford in April 1960.


One scan of two South Midland coaches in Oxford in April 1960. Shame about the clarity of the Guy.


One scan of three vehicles in Oxford in April 1960. Charlton-on-Otmoor, Slatter and Thames Valley


One further scan of vehicles taken on 1960. The Worth's Bristol was taken later in the year. The Worth's Regent is not sharp I am sorry to say and the United Counties Bristol LS is on layover at Gloucester Green on what I believe was a Sunday only service from Kettering; both taken April 1960.


A scan of vehicles of possible interest taken in Newbury 1959 - 2 COMS and a South Midland. which was seen of a different day from the deckers.


Finally for interest. An acquired negative of JWL 730 on hire to Hebble (Between 12/56 and 4/57)

Many thanks to those contributors for a most interesting memory of times past. 



In 1976 a fleet of 8 Park Royal-bodied Leyland Atlanteans crossed the Atlantic for experimental service in New York City.  These buses were left-hand drive with a distinct similarity to the Mancunian Atlanteans that had been introduced in Manchester.  Unfortunately for various reasons the buses proved to be problematic.  It seems that their height made them unsuitable for use on Fifth Avenue, heavily potholed roads took their toll and the air-conditioning system could not be operated in the height of summer.  The Atlanteans spent a lot of time out of service under repair and were quietly withdrawn in 1980.


I managed a day in New York City on 29 May 1979 specifically looking for the Atlanteans.  I knew that they were operating on route M1 and after a long wait outside the New York Library fleet number D6 eventually showed up.  I managed some views as it pulled up to my bus stop and I was successful in boarding this bus for a relatively short ride.  At least I could say that I had ridden one of the Atlanteans in service!


Upon withdrawal the Atlanteans were sold to Grosvenor Bus Lines, San Francisco for sightseeing service.  I did not see the buses there but a few years later the buses were bought by Gray Line in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  I believe that 7 buses moved north, one bus having been scrapped.  It wasn’t until 2005 that I visited Victoria and discovered most of the Atlanteans parked at Gray Line’s garage.  The buses were later sold to Paul Tremblay and parked with many other older British-built buses in a field at Parksville.


One Atlantean had survived as an information bus when seen on 8 June 2017 parked at the Cruise Terminal at Ogden Point, Victoria.  It was previously Gray Line fleet number 407 but I do not know its New York number.  A small promotional double-decker was also in use promoting the Gray Line tours.



The Leyland Atlanteans in New York City were operated by Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit with fleet numbers D1 to D8. 
The only Atlantean seen during my visit on 29 May 1979 was D6.


An interesting comparison in bus styles as Atlantean D6 passes Flxble 4722 and parked at the kerb a GM “fishbowl” 8708.


Passengers boarding D6 had to deposit their fares in a farebox but progress appeared to be rather slow.


A rear view of D6 at East 42nd Street.
  The bumper was rather battered which did not add to the appearance of the double-decker.


The Atlanteans were parked at the Gray Line garage when I visited Victoria on 20 November 2005.
This front view of 401 shows the modifications made to the upper deck including a bar across the top of the bus to avoid potential roof damage from low trees.


405 received a special livery promoting the Victoria Clipper.


A close-up view of 406 at the Gray Line garage in Victoria.
It would appear that 406 was under repair judging by the opened engine compartment.


The Atlanteans were out of service when I visited the garage. 
407 was parked next to a Daimler Fleetline that had been new to Derby Corporation Transport as number 173.


The only Atlantean remaining in Victoria on 8 June 2017 was 407. 
This bus had been converted to an information unit and was parked at the Cruise Terminal at Ogden Point. 
It looked more like a Dinky Supertoy when pictured with the cruise ship Explorer of the Seas docked behind the bus.


A miniature double-deck was on display at the Cruise Terminal promoting the Gray Line sightseeing tours of Victoria on 8 June 2017.


Photographs by PAUL BATESON

I am sure we all appreciate the time and trouble Paul has taken to provide this most interesting article and pictures. 

Tony Bungay

In response to a couple of questions posed in your latest news letter, though you may have already had a number of responses! The Reading London Line coach got me thinking as I had travelled both the possible routes mentioned. Going onto street view I am fairly certain the location is Broad Street East Ilsey, as the large house behind and the barn conversions in the background seem to match up fairly well. I have to be honest I always thought the X34 finished just before deregulation day in October 1986, but whether one of the original operators kept part of it going I am unsure. 

Regarding Bus service to Maids Moreton, your writer is correct in that more recent years the village was served by Arriva on extensions of Service 60 and possibly originally certain short workings on X60. Before Arriva modified the Service and withdrew altogether from the 60.

Prior to that if it is of some help although only a mile or so outside Buckingham, I think it was served by one of Bucks County Council’s County Rider services possibly operated by Redline. The council when they launched these routes originally called it Easy bus if I recall correctly but were soon required to alter the name and colour for obvious reasons!

If it is of any additional help although outside the 10-20 years stated Maids Moreton was served for some years by a couple of journeys a day extension of Luton and District Service 66 which went onto Akeley, although this ceased sometime in the early 1990’s. The destination having come about with the cutting back of formally United Counties Aylesbury – Northampton Service in September 1980

Mike Stone with a correction to the last issue.

766 on the Banbury  496 is with National Express Accessible Transport not National Express West Midlands.

Ian Hardy regarding a location

A quick 5 minute check of Google Streetview and I have discovered whereabouts the photo of Reading 784 was taken.


It was in East Ilsey, Berkshire at the junction of Broad Street & High Street(Grid Reference SU492811). 

East Ilsey is just east of the A34 between the M4 junction & Didcot. 

The front door of the cottage on the right hand side has been repainted as is in the Google photo from October 2011 it is now black with white detailing rather than white with black detailing. 

Sorry I cannot help with the date it was taken though.

Many thanks to those three contributors who have answered or corrected recent news.