London & Oxford are LEZ's and London is to increase area to ALL London boroughs from October 2021


The extension of the London ULZ is in the news again.


Maybe this will improve public transport usage on for example the Oxford tube ?

Richard Sharman

First West of England Bath Depot are operating a Chiltern Railways replacement service between Bicester and Aylesbury today, March 21st. This was operated by Oxford Bus Company last week. 

A taster for this issue

Jack Cooper as ever, has sent a number of interesting and scenic views in and around Oxford and Abingdon from the past week.

Ex P&R 666 is seen gracing Abingdon High Street amid some seasonal flowers on March 14th.

Seen at Cowley Centre, Mercedes 976 is seen with a 46 service at Cowley Centre on March 15th.

As mentioned below CSS will restart on April 12th and 203 is seen in Gloucester Green on March 19th.

Gavin Francis has also provided an interesting comparison for this issue.

Solo 709 is seen working the 46 by Wheatley Asda on March 19th and previously on January 12th 2018
working Carousel's link40 still in Thames Travel livery.

Martyn Sacaloff has also provided an interesting picture of a Ridley's bus on Rail Replacement work in Northants.

E400 MMC demonstrator YX19ONU is on loan to Ridleys coaches of Leamington spa at the moment,
seen working a railway replacement today between Rugby and Northampton, March 15th 2021.

Bill Brown north of the border has also sent some interesting pictures regarding Stagecoach East Scotland operations.

Ferryhill Motors often loan buses to Stagecoach and above we see MX14FUP as Fm36
working route 39 near Arbroath on March 14th. This has been loaned to many SC depots in recent years.

Paul Bateson writes "I am recalling visits to Brighton over 60 years ago and hope that you enjoy viewing the pictures and captions." So read on for a real treat.

Bus Back Better

Click to enlarge

This is worth looking at as it lays out Government proposals.


Any comments would be much appreciated for OCBP-WB: malcolmcrowe@oxford-chiltern-bus-page.co.uk

Tony Bungay

Nothing to contribute this week, but just to update you and anybody else who may interested in watching it. Secrets of the Transport Museum (Brooklands) starts on Yesterday CH 26 on March 30th.

No time yet advertised, but I think it is likely to be 8pm.


From Martin Isles  SHOWBUS

This is the time of year when I normally send invitations to the annual SHOWBUS display.  Little did any of us know what lay ahead when I sent out last year’s invites.  So I am a little cautious with the plans for our 2021 display.  Hopefully we will be at the Hertfordshire County Showground on September 26th with a similar package of amenities as in 2019, a shuttle to Whipsnade Zoo with reduced entry prices, the SHOWBUS TRADERS VILLAGE, the adjacent Car Boot Sale, catering, etc.  For those of you put off the journey by the doom laden weather forecast in 2019, a reminder that on the day the sun even shone in the afternoon and despite torrential rain in the week leading up to SHOWBUS the showground, with its French drainage system, was amazingly good, so do not worry, not remotely like Woburn.

I salvaged something from the train wreck of 2020 by holding the SHOWBUSflby along the A40 between Beaconsfield and Wheatley with around 70 participants running every 2-5 minutes throughout the day, which was probably the largest event of the year and received much positive feedback, so if the worst comes to the worst and talk of a third wave late summer I am holding it in reserve for this year and it features on the entry form, just in case.

If social distancing is still a requirement in September, I have concerns about the crowd of photographers that gather at the entry gate.  So the plan is to not open the Showground to all but a limited number of visitors until 11am, when most buses will be in place.  The car park will open earlier but bus services to the venue will not start until then.  However if there is no need for social distancing then the site and services will operate as in 2019.

As usual there will be celebrations at SHOWBUS, particularly for one time local operator, United Counties.  The company will be 100 years and one day old on SHOWBUS day.  It is also 50 years since the London DMS took to the roads, few now remain, but we would like to pay tribute to the Londoner.  Back in 2011 we had our Enviromania display and will be staging Enviromania 2 this year, hoping to attract many of the growing number of colourful new Enviro400MMC buses in the hands of small independent operators alongside a range of other Enviro buses.  There will also be another Hertfordshire Hub display to promote local bus services to show visitors.

It has hopefully not escaped your notice that 2022 will be a special year for us as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.  Plans are already coming together for what will be a double event, with a SHOWBUSflyby on Sunday 18th September, which we hope to start at Brunel University, site of the first event, and along the A40 via Wycombe and Thame as in 2020.  It will be a great curtain raiser for the 50th display at Herts Showground the following Sunday where we hope to have several buses from the first ever event.

Details and entry forms for 2021 can be found online at www.showbus.com/display with more information available as we get closer to September.

To make it easier to enter your vehicle, details of the last vehicle you entered are displayed at the foot of this email, if we still have them on file, so you can simply say “same again”.  Obviously if you made multiple entries only one is quoted so if you are entering them again quote the other registrations or complete an entry form for each.  Your postcode is printed below too, if we have it, so you can notify any change of address.  We do need to know two key things about each entry:

  1. Do you want it judged?
  2. Are you willing to give rides to visitors?  (You do need to have appropriate insurance and road worthiness and we will reimburse for fuel use.)

I hope you will put the 49th SHOWBUS in your diary for September 26th and look forward to seeing you – with or without a bus - at our amazing display.

I am sure that, whatever happens, we are assured of a great day in September ! 

An Obituary


On Monday, March 15th 2021 OBC driver Andy Carter made his final journey, on his old route destination through Barton, to Oxford Crematorium on board 'his bus' 678.

It was a sad but 'happy' event as many current and former OBC employees lined the route of his cortege which emphasised his popularity amongst his former work colleagues and friends and I classed myself as both of those.

Current 'Lockdown' rules prevented a normal gathering but the well organised turnout was gratifying to see. I had known Andy since he had started with COMS back in the 1988 initially on 2 road, where I also spent a lot of my 'overtime' on, the 35's and finally 300 Park & Ride.

Unfortunately Andy's health deteriorated in recent months until finally he succumbed, very suddenly, at the tender age of 57. He had married Claire, also an OBC driver, in 2007 and they had moved together with their daughter Gemma to Bicester and worked together in a 'work share' role at OBC so they could both care for Gemma and keep working.

Prior to this Andy had a flat in Kidlington and occasionally we both frequented the same pub where we would invariably talk shop which emphasised his interest in the 'job'.

Although this is in some way my personal tribute I'm sure there are many readers on here that would have come across Andy at some time and would wish to share the sorrow of his passing. He was a true busman and I feel privileged to have known, worked and advised him during his life........ R.I.P. Andy and proud to have known you. 

Grahame Wareham March 2021

At last we seem to be moving towards a little more freedom next month. I even hope to have a haircut at last!

Hopefully it means we can see more contributions to the page and news of improving services. 

Fleet news and developments

I was delighted to receive the picture below from Simon Mathieson of Arriva.

Citaro 3011 is seen in the Arriva paint shop on March 19th, losing its branding etc.

It is suggested that it is likely that 3927 and 3640/41 are heading to Aylesbury from MK at the end of the month. Wonder who will catch them before and after?

Jack Cooper in Oxford noting the 280 has seen more Citaros in recent days.

3031 is seen in Oxford heading for Aylesbury with a 280 service on March 15th - this bus was 3931.

Citaro 3019 was once High Wycombe based but is seen here at Oxford Train Station with an Aylesbury 280 working on March 19th.
This is smartly attired in the new colours now being applied across the fleet.

Kevin Fuller

Recently repainted into service 7 'blue' livery is First 69391, a Volvo B7RLE / Wright which started life in the Portsmouth area in 'Zip' branded livery.
It is seen on Wellington Street, outside Slough bus station, running on a 'short' version of its intended route to Heathrow, as far as Langley.

An interesting week with nothing see now for many weeks of Park & Ride branded 408 and more recently until last week 409. I think maybe there is a ticket machine problem?

856 has returned to service after the fitting of a new engine noted a few weeks ago. It of course bears The ONE livery.

Further down this page is an article with Rail Replacement services past and present at High Wycombe with Carousel buses featuring from earlier days prepared by Gavin Francis. 

E200's 502 and 503 once with Thames Travel have now moved to Go Anglia. I hope we may see some pictures soon of them in their new location.

David Beynon

Personal opinion, the tired red interiors don’t do much for the appearance of these older vehicles and the recent move to neutral interiors is definitely a step forwards.

360 was unusual size fleet numbers, seen in Magdalen Street East on March 17th.

Jack Cooper

Some interesting events this week 

221 was loaned to Oxford Bus on Monday due to a bus shortage, it was only there to run an afternoon 35A and was back out on Tuesday on an Oxford based River Rapids duty.  

709 is back in service and is running the 46 today, it was previously tracked at Carousel but the actual bus was still at Thames Travel! 

I had seen 361 had returned to Cowley on Monday, branded for the city2, I am yet to get pictures of it however the side branding is "Oxford is beautiful. Tread gently" similar to other city2 buses. 353 I had also seen leaving the depot on Monday for a repaint and will return in city13 colours!

Coach 21 is seen working an 11X service on March 16th.

Hybrid 300, once the pride of Thames Travel, is seen in Park End Street with a 4A road service on March 19th.

The revised 351 and the not yet revised 357 Volvo B5LH Wright Eclipse Gemini 2's seen working 13 road at Oxford Station.
357 will be gaining 15 road livery in due course.

Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrid 376 is seen working a U1 service towards Harcourt Hill on March 19th.

MMC 613 is seen on The Slade with a U5 service on March 15th.

Variety on the 5 with 652 on the 15th and 660 with 661 also on March 15th.

662 in Bicester Village livery and 664 and 665 working the X3 during the past week.

Colourful Oxford Bus with 691 and behind 682 then 685 all working their branded services during the past week.

The bus prepared for trials with the NHS, 839 seen at Cowley House on March 15th.

Most unusually 840 is seen working 35 road in George Street on March 15th.

Also rare was 848 working 2 road on March 15th.
So many buses are away for rebranding that there must be a shortage of correct buses. 

City Sightseeing buses have been running around Oxford this week, this is to train Oxford Bus drivers for the service. It will be returning to the streets of Oxford on Monday, April 12th. The service is a 30 minute frequency with the University & City Tour (open top bus) and Stepping Through Oxford Tour (walking tour) running, the walking tour commences from stop 8 and is also every 30 minutes between 11:00 and 15:30. Carfax Tower remains closed at this point until Monday 17th May, this is also when the Town and Gown Tour (walking tour) commences. https://www.citysightseeingoxford.com/oxford-bus-tour-timetable-and-tour-ticket-prices/

203 seen in Gloucester Green on March 19th. 

Once again variety from contributors with a look at current working for this company.

Daniel Harwood

Ex B&H 1650, now 243 in the TT fleet seen in early March on local services.

MMC E20D 452 is seen with ST1 services in Harwell Campus in early March.

Citaro 866 at Harwell Campus with an X32 service on March 8th.

connector 905 working the x36 in Denchworth Road on March 9th.

Not seen much these days, Scania 914 is seen near Harwell Campus on March 8th.

Jack Cooper

Scania 209 turns at Cowley Centre heading to Chalgrove with an 11 working on March 15th.

Scania 210 is seen in Park End Street with an X2 heading for Didcot on March 19th.

River Rapids Scania 228 is seen heading for Henley with an X38 passing 251 with an inbound X40 on March 16th.

connectors in Oxford on the 16th and the 19th of the month.

Citaro 861 is seen with an 11 service on the 15th and 16th.

Ex Carousel 874, now based at Cowley House is seen with service 20 near Cowley Centre on March 15th.

907 is seen by Oxford Castle Mound in New Road with an X2 on March 16th.

Mercedes 976 is seen in Watlington Road with the 46 heading for Wheatley on March 15th. 

Giles Woodforde

....nose to tail at the stop just beyond the traffic lights on the “old A43”. SM19KKT devoid of any branding on March 17th.

Gavin Francis

Seen on a school service, ex Dublin Trident LW51ZMZ is one of two such buses used on this service to Stokenchurch during last week.

Also in Stokenchurch with school service 912 is MAN 19.420 with Beulas Cygnus C55F body on March 18th. 

Nick Ross

Another dark morning has passed, should you need it here's Marshalls Coaches Volvo B7 LK03NHX crossing the canal on the Leighton Buzzard bypass returning to depot after a morning Schools turn on Friday March 19th 2021.

Photo by Nick Ross. 

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Kevin Fuller

Reading Buses run service 5 from the bus station in Slough to Cippenham, under its Thames Valley branding. Vehicles allocated are usually these AD Enviro 200MMC single deckers, such as 678, SN69ZNB, turning into the bus station with a service from Cippenham. 

Thames Valley 678 is seen in Slough on March 17th with a 5 service. 

Kevin Fuller

Redline's A-D Enviro 200 T25RRT is a regular performer on the WP1 service, running from Slough station / bus station to Wexham Park Hospital Monday - Friday, up to every 15 minutes. Here it is in Brunel Way, loading outside Slough bus station for its next trip to the hospital. 

Redline's T25RRT is seen in Slough on March 17th working WP1 Wexham Park Hospital service.

Martyn Sacaloff

Ridleys demonstrator YX19ONU on Rail Replacement at Northampton on March 15th. 

No further information on the merger of Oxfordshire and West but a transfer mentioned by Neil Bridges is interesting.

Daniel Harwood

Gold 15753, branded for the S5 but working an S8 service seen in Denchworth Road on March 9th. 

Jack Cooper

Early MMC 10435 is seen in St Aldates working service 1 on March 16th.

MMC 10686 working the 1 at Cowley Centre on March 15th.

Gold MMC 10784 looking clean and resplendent with an S3 at Oxford Train Station on March 19th.

Hybrids 12006, repainted in the now out of date corporate livery and 12012 still looking care for after 11 years in the green livery on March 15th.

Clearly branded for the S5, 15761 leaves the train station with an S3 on March 19th.

Scania Gold 15832 heading down St Aldates towards Wantage with an S8 which is often run by an S£ branded bus
within the duties of that outstation.

Two things spring to mind here, one does this prove the waste of time branding buses for specific routes or does it justify Stagecoach moving to three types of branding, basic local, longer distance services and special services with services such as megabus and the Oxford tube? There is indeed much debate on this and it seems that generally amongst enthusiasts the new local livery is far from popular.

Certainly the first two corporate liveries clearly denoted Stagecoach but the new liveries do not (in my opinion for what it is worth!!). Should a livery be changed for the sake of a fresh look?

E200s 36928 and 36983 seen hard at working the 16A on March 15th.

Neil Bridges

At Horspath depot today going I'm informed to Banbury 34618 ex reserve from Stagecoach West.

Tony Gaze

Diversions are currently in place for route 66 between Cheltenham and Stonehouse. Due to roadworks the A46 at Coopers Hill, Brockworth is closed from 4th January until 31st March 2021. Buses have been diverted via B4073 Painswick Road, Wheatway, Abbeymead Avenue, Lobleys Drive, Hurricane Road, Delta Way, Gold Club Lane, and Ermin Street to Cross Hands Roundabout where it will resume normal route. 

This has meant that Stroud allocated vehicles have been passing my house. So finally got an opportunity to photograph them.  

34806 and 34817 (S22ABC) head towards Cheltenham (with Gloucester Ski slope in the background)

34816 heads towards Stroud/Painswick up a fairly steep hill. Hope its of interest

34635, complete with a cheery thumbs up from the driver (I don't know him)

Many thanks to Tony for those notes and pictures. 

Bill Brown

Narrow and short Solo 47567 works the 43 service in Arbroath on March 13th.

Solo SR 47947, in the new livery, is seen with service 206 near Dundee on March 13th.

Branded for the X76 (Kilmarnock) 50243 is seen at Halbeath P&R with an M92 service on March 16th.
This coach started life in Cwmbran as a megabus vehicle.

Traditional stripey livery seen on 53722 at Halbeath P&R with an X56 service on March 16th.

So the latest livery on 54114 leaving Kirkcaldy with an X27 on March 16th.

The oldest and the newest, which would make a more recognisable impression on the public?

Interdeck 54233 is seen in Arbroath with anX7 to Stonehaven March 13th.

With many thanks to Bill for some interesting and varied pictures from North of the Border.

Astromega 50237 has been used on a school service in the past week. Not sure of the full details?

The tube working on the S8/X9 will be reinstated from March 29th. It is not known at present if the S5 express working will resume with a tube coach

Bill Brown

Recently painted and branded, ex tube 50261 is seen at Halbeath P&R with an M90 service on March 15th.

Panorama 50448, ordered for the tube services but delivered to citylink is seen at Halbeath P&R also with an M90 service on March 16th.

Many thanks to Bill for these excellent pictures.

Mark Wakefield

Ex megabus Astromegas 50240/2 reported sold to Moffat and Williamson



Any pictures of these coaches with their new owner would be much appreciated.



Kevin Fuller

Stewarts Coaches run the 'Bath Road Central' shuttle Monday-Friday, using several Mercedes Citaro's in a dedicated livery, bought new for the service.
Here BF68ZFB stands at Slough station in between journeys along the A4 to the Trading Estate. 

Gavin Francis muses on Rail Replacement and vehicle variety in our area past and present

Carousel some years ago

In July 2005 Carousel were busy on Rail Replacement at High Wycombe with some interesting buses!

M57 was also busy at the same time.
The link below shows this bus ended up in the USofA!

Wycombe Train Station on March 14th.

J70LCT Started life with Selwyns as FJ58AJU then on to London United and now with Lewis of Greenwich.
(Centre picture last weekend in Wycombe) FJ58AJU Picture in Bulleid Way. 
Lewis of Greenwich must have had J70LCT as a registration for some as this old picture shows.

BX65WCM working RR on March 14th and in its first life at Gloucester Green on May 21st 2016.

 Travellers Choice SA17ELD with Rail Replacement on March 14th, High Wycombe.

SJ15HBR Volvo B13RT/Plaxton Elite - Travellers Choice (Ex-Park's of Hamilton; Ex-HSK 649)
 new in March 2015 for the Scottish Citylink gold services between Glasgow and Aberdeen or Inverness and Edinburgh.

Weavaway's Scania/Mobipeople Explorer YN70YLX with Rail Replacement on March 14th, High Wycombe.

Did you notice all the RR coaches are now PVSAR compliant as they have wheelchair ramps.

Binders Yard on March 14th

A cheeky little Mercedes, very smart!

These two coaches parked up at Binders Yard.

Once owned by Buzzlines, Hythe but now owned by Cliffs of High Wycombe as BT11BUZ
Seen in the second picture when with Buzzlines on January 18th 2014 in Victoria. 

LX53BJK formerly London Go-Ahead WVL 149. Picture when new in Victoria on April 27th 2004.
This maybe with Cliffs but not sure?

Operator unknown

Operator unknown LK04HZY Former First 32390. Pictured at Golders Green on June 30th 2008.

uno Citaro BF69NHZ outside the workshops and in a previous guise as a 797 service in Buckingham Palace Road on May 6th 2015.

Just had another look through issue 146 which shows a B/W picture of RML 2411 looking brand new.  By coincidence this bus is listed in this months Buses (March) as being sold by Midland Bus Hire to Lokate Promotions so it is still alive and well. 

My picture shows it on a High Wycombe Running Day probably in the 1990s in Stokenchurch !

Reading through March Buses I see these two buses have gone for scrap ! Considering their age and they have been owned by Carousel from new they would have been better than some of the old Citaros they are using.

Certainly a short life for buses which were hardly cheap and cheerful! 

Michael Wadman

Some more photos of Red Rose from the late ‘nineties. 

N803 GRV was one of a pair of Mercedes 709D with UVG bodies purchased new in 1996.
In Watford High Street on service W20 on 12th April 1998, and Clarendon Road on route 319 on 5th December 1998. 

An unusual purchase in 1995 was WPH 132Y, a Leyland Tiger / ECW that had originally been London Country TL32.
In central Milton Keynes on 9th June 1998 having arrived on service 76, which was a weekly service from Tring. 

F190 YDA was an MCW Metrorider acquired from Westlink where it had been MRL86. It was still in Westlink livery
but without fleet names on 25th March 1999, at Bure Place, Bicester, on service 16.

H389 SYG was a Mercedes  811D with Optare body that had originally been an Optare demonstrator. Acquired in 1991,
on 1st September 1999 it was in Hemel Hempstead bus station on service 46.

Another fascinating piece on Red Rose in earlier years.


For this week’s contribution to the briefing, I am looking back to my visits to “Sunny Sussex by the Sea”, otherwise known as Brighton.  Looking back over 60 years ago, a visitor to Brighton was treated to buses operated by Brighton Corporation Transport; Brighton, Hove and District; Southdown and Maidstone and District.  The variety was interesting with elderly buses, rebodied buses, new buses and, of course, trolleybuses.


tographed on Madeira Drive on April 20th, 1958 was Brighton Corporation 92 (KCD 92), an AEC Regent III with Weymann bodywork. 
This bus was new in 1950 and withdrawn in 1969.

Southdown’s services operated from Pool Valley.  Pictured on September 20th, 1958 were 462 (MUF 462),
Northern Counties-bodied Leyland PD2/12 and 732 (LUF 232), a Leyland-bodied Leyland PD2/12.

The use of drop windows on 732 was, I believe, unique to Southdown?

Southdown 451 (GUF 191) was a Northern Counties-bodied Guy Arab II converted to open-top.  It was photographed on Madeira Drive on April 19th, 1959.


Brighton Corporation 83 (HUF 83) was a Weymann-bodied AEC Regent III new in 1947 and withdrawn in 1965.  It was parked on Madeira Drive on April 19th, 1959.

Brighton Corporation opened its trolleybus system on May 1st, 1939 with a fleet of 44 trolleybuses manufactured by the Associated Equipment Company and bodied by Weymann. 
35 (FUF 35) carried the fleet name Brighton, Hove and District above the town’s crest and was pictured at Old Steine on May 30th, 1959.

Brighton, Hove and District 385 (CPN 10) was a Bristol KS6B with ECW bodywork.  It was new in 1947 and originally numbered 6385.  Photographed on May 30th, 1959.

Parked on layover in Old Steine on May 30th, 1959 was Brighton Corporation 52 (WCD 52), a new Weymann-bodied Leyland PD2/37. 
This bus only gave 11 years’ service as it was withdrawn in 1970.

Old Steine was a good location to photograph Brighton’s trolleybuses.  25 (FUF 25) carried extensive advertising and was on route 26 to Hollingbury.

Brighton, Hove and District 438 (GPM 501) was an ECW-bodied Bristol KSW6G.  It was originally numbered 6438 and was new in 1952.

Numerically the last of the fleet of trolleybuses that opened the system in 1939 was 44 (FUF 44) and seen at Old Steine on May 30th, 1959.

Brighton, Hove and District 999 (HGC 254) was a rebodied Bristol K6A.  It had been new to London Transport as B29 with a Duple body in 1946,
  acquired by BH&D in 1953 and numbered 5999.  It was rebodied in 1955 by ECW, renumbered 999 and remained in service until 1965.

Photographed at Old Steine on May 30th, 1959 were 1 (FUF 1), 20 (FUF 20) and 34 (FUF 34).

Southdown 765 (OCD 765), Park Royal-bodied Leyland PD2/12, at Pool Valley on May 30th, 1959.

Maidstone & District DH 404 (NKT 900), Leyland-bodied Leyland PD2/12, parked in Pool Valley on May 7th, 1960.
The lack of wheel trims on this Leyland was a sign of the times to come!!


Southdown was operating elderly buses as seen in these two views taken at Old Steine on May 7th, 1960. 
239 (FUF 239) was a 1939 Leyland TD5 that had been rebodied by Park Royal in 1949 whilst 260 (GCD 360) had been rebodied by Northern Counties in 1950.
Note the Southdown on the radiator name plate.

Brighton Corporation 72 (WCD 72), Leyland PD2/37 with Weymann bodywork, was parked at Old Steine on May 7th, 1960.
Not repeated on later deliveries.


It must have been a warm day on May 7th, 1960 judging by the number of windows that had been opened on 15 (FUF 15).

This view also taken on May 7th, 1960 was Southdown 511 (JCD 511), Northern Counties-bodied Guy Arab III, preparing for departure from Pool Valley.


Another rebodied Bristol K6A was BH&D 997 (HGC 243) that had been new to London Transport as B18 with a Duple body in 1946.
It was acquired by BH&D in 1953 and numbered 5997.  It was rebodied in 1955 by ECW, renumbered 997 and remained in service until 1965.


My final trolleybus picture was of 17 (FUF 17) on May 7th, 1960. 
The trolleybuses had just over one more year to operate until the system closed on June 30th, 1961.


Brighton, Hove and District 6473 (JAP 511) was an ECW-bodied Bristol KSW6G new in 1955 and later renumbered as 473.


Another rebodied Leyland TD5 with Southdown photographed at Old Steine on May 7th, 1960 was 199 (EUF 199) that now carried a Saunders body.


I returned to Pool Valley to take my final picture on May 7th, 1960.  Southdown 341 (JCD 41) was a Leyland PD2/1 with Leyland bodywork.


Photographs by PAUL BATESON

With many thanks to Paul for some interesting memories. I remember visiting Brighton by Southdown from VCS in 1960 and travelling on one of the Southdown TDs when I arrived there. 

Dave Allen provided a couple of interesting pictures taken some years ago of "Rail Buses"

What a gem in Ireland.

And now in Mexico.  No further details but it does look travel weary.

Derek Dawson & Grahame Wareham

Derek writes "I have a query that I would imagine either you or someone on the group can answer. 

Whilst being away from spotting I have been trying to get my Oxford Bus records up to date. 

According to my records Oxford (South Midland) had a Bristol RELL / ECW YHY581J (681) you have a pic in an earlier edition which came from Cheltenham District (1201) however I also have a note that there were three more RELL/ECW B44D with fleet numbers 682-4 but not having any registration or chassis details details finding it difficult to trace them (if they exist). 

Any help would be brilliant"

Grahame replied  "Herewith the details of 680-4 from my COMS fleet history. "



Bristol RELL6L





South Midland 677 1/84;



Bristol RELL6L





Wigley, Carlton(scrap) 12/84



Bristol RELL6L





Rollinson, Carlton (scrap) 5/85.



Bristol RELL6L





Midland Red Express (Exhib.unit) 12/84



Bristol RELL6L





Midland Red Engineering (Exhib.unit) 6/83



Bristol RELL6L





Midland Red Engineering 12/84. Barnet Playbus Assoc. 3/85


Bristol RELL6L





Acquired for spares and to Wigley, Carlton (scrap) 11/82.

AHT208J,AHT211J,YHY581J,UHY634H,DAE509K and YHU518J were acquired from Bristol Omnibus in 1982 and were originally numbered 1224,1227,1201,1139,1255 and 1198 respectively.

DAE508K was acquired from Bristol Omnibus for spares in 11/82 (as a gearbox!) and scrapped immediately by Wigley, Carlton. It was originally 1254 in the BOC fleet.

677 received COMS poppy red livery in 1/84 with South Midland fleet names.

681 received COMS poppy red livery in 6/84 with Oxford fleet names.