Well, did you all remember to put your clocks forward last night!   I admit that I did not but in retirement it's not so important!!!

A taster for this issue

Over 150 pictures this week with 24 contributors, a great total considering we are still in lockdown.

I have also included some more pictures from Bill Brown featuring Stagecoach East Scotland-Fife.

Paul Bateson provides a record of the last day of Trolley Buses in Hastings on May 31st 1959.

I was pleased to see “Happy Harold”, fleet number 3 (DY 4965), the 1928 Guy BTX with bodywork by Christopher Dodson. 
Its electric motor had been
replaced by a Commer TS3 diesel engine and to the best of my knowledge the bus has survived in preservation. 
This bus was probably out and about as this was the final day of trolleybus operation in Hastings.

Ben Studley

Ben has provided some interesting destination displays which kind drivers were able to put up for him in Witney recently.

How one would have liked that at a time when in our early years, drivers are a little more understanding these days.
Taken on March 11th in Witney.

Rhys Cutting

Rhys has provided some nice pictures of service X9 in Charlbury. The main batch can be found under Pulhams below.

A rather nice country picture with nice colours and daffodils. GL20PUL works the X9.

Jack Cooper

Jack notes that Oxford's 362 has returned in 2 road livery plus more for the 13 seen under the company heading below.

Nice branding on 362 I hope some car users take note - the rear of 362 on March 26th.

Indeed Oxford is a rainbow of bus colours as seen in the picture at Carfax on March 26th.

He  also makes mention of Diamond who are now branding the 250 StreetLites with Diamond livery.

SM19KKP arrives in Oxford from Bicester on March 26th.

For further Jack Cooper pictures see under the various operator headings below.

Monday, March  29th will see the resumption of many services especially the express ones such as the Oxford tube  Twenty four of the new Panoramas are ready for the first services this year,

Withe lockdown easing in the coming months I wonder how many running days will happen in 2021.

Richard Stiles

Will we see any rallies or runs this year?

On the ADMBS Chesham Running Day, October 6th 2019, this ex LT RLH32 is seen by Chorley Wood Common.

Good news from Carousel, see under that operators heading. 

Fleet news and developments

Simon Mathieson of Arriva advises following my asking why there are so many Solos on the 300 Aylesbury-High service at present.

"We have too many for the 8/9 in Aylesbury at the moment and the extras were being spread across the 300/500 (can't go on the 280). 

However, we have a lot of heavy loadings on the 500 for schools so have to prioritise the deckers on the 500 which leaves the Solos with only the 300 to go on.  

Not ideal but with the higher frequency on the 300 it seems to work ok."

Gavin Francis

Gavin was in Wycombe last week and recorded the use of Solos, hence the question.

Three pictures show this, the first two of 2401 in Wycombe on March 24th and before renumbering in Northampton on July 10th 2009 as 2501.

As a memory, 2401 in its first life was a Versa and is seen here working the 340 in Stokenchurch on June 22nd 2011.

Solo selection, 2492, 2493 and 2498 all working the 300 on March 24thnin Wycombe.

Solos 2491 and 2492 at Wycombe when new on August 29th 2007 for use on the Stokenchurch route at that time operated by Arriva.

In Milton Keynes 2498 is seen working route 1 to Cranfield on April 19th 2011.

VDLs 2704 and 2787 seen at work in Wycombe on March 24th.

Versa 2990 is working the 30 between Downley and the bus station on March 24th.

Citaro 3921, a recent repaint, is seen turning out of Bridge Street with a 41 service to Great Missenden on March 24th.

Two of the few remaining deckers with Arriva at Wycombe include 4819 with a service 48 and 6000 with a 41 on March 24th.

Thomas Walker

Thought you'd appreciate a few recent pictures from the Milton Keynes area. Both of Arriva MK's two wheel-forward StreetLites have now gained house colours, replacing the previous green livery.

Current services using Solo SR and Wrights buses.

Many of Milton Keynes' Council-supported services will end on April 1st, route 300 will become the 3, the 14 will combine back into the 4, and route 33 to Northampton will be taken over by Arriva. As always, photos and captions for all this and more are on my Smugmug site:


Jack Cooper

Hallmarks SM19 KKP has received Diamond branding on the move from Hallmark to Diamond South East, I did note the timetables still say Hallmark! I do wonder if the buses will be painted into the blue Diamond livery?

Pictures taken on March 26th in Oxford of SM19KKP.

With this move it should be easier to move buses around, so I wonder if bigger buses will be sent here for the 250 as a lot of 250 services are duplicated due to the little capacity of the StreetLites, 11 people I am told they can carry with social distancing! Quite a big drop in capacity from the Citaros that ran the service when OBC had it!

Jack Cooper

Go North West have acquired Ex Thames Travel Solo's 702/703/704 from Go North East. So far 702 has been renumbered 5001. 

Here is a tweet from the Managing Director, Nigel Featham with a picture of 5001


Carousel Buses passes 50% Euro VI with £200,000 investment

Go-Ahead Group subsidiary Carousel Buses has taken to more than 50% the proportion of its fleet that meets Euro VI standards with a self-funded, £200,000 retrofit exercise on 12 buses.

Four Scania Alexander Dennis Enviro400s from 2010 and eight Mercedes-Benz Citaros from 2009 have been treated by Eminox and HJS, respectively.

No external funding was sourced to assist with the work. It grows to 28 the total number of Euro VI compliant buses in the Carousel fleet. The upgraded vehicles will go into service this month on Chiltern Hundreds services between High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Uxbridge.

Managing Director Phil Southall says: “This investment is a positive step forward in our ongoing commitment to introducing more sustainable modes of transport.

“The addition of more ultra-low emission vehicles will further help to improve air quality in our communities. It is another step in helping to build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Ciaran Bird

Unusually Ciaran got a picture of a Carousel Citaro on the Oxford Ring Road.

I am sure it was being used as a taxi as it was back in service at Wycombe. March 25th.

Gavin Francis

Scania 241 is seen in Oxford Street, Wycombe with a 36 service on March 24th.

860, recently repainted shows redONE branding in Oxford Street on March 24th.

938 working a 39 service on March 24th.

940 with service 27 on March 24th.

Citaro 886 is seen heading up New Road, Stokenchurch making its way to Thame on March 26th.
This and 887 are really regular performers as branded with link40 logos.
I do however wonder what happened to 885 which has disappeared without entering service? 

Malcolm Crowe

A surprise on March 22nd was four Citaro sisters, ex London, 880, 881, 882 & 883 with Scania 242.

Nigel Peach

Carousel's 938 (LX58 CWG) the unique VDL DB300 in Flackwell Heath on Friday, March 26th on route 36.
I can't understand why this bus has no fleet names or fleet numbers? It looks so anonymous and detracts from its appearance.

Pete Cabin

Carousel have used 940 LX05EZO seen passing my house in Cock Lane nearly all week. 

Richard Stiles

Carousel 878 heading along Common Road, Chorleywood on the 103 on March 13th
 with the 1655 from Chorleywood to Wycombe (from Watford).

I often think we live in a very nice part of the U.K. Ed. 

Click on the picture for details

Ciaran Bird

Citaro 840 is seen in Kidlington working a 2 road service on March 25th.

Jack Cooper

362 has returned from repaint this week and is on 2 road, 353 has been painted into city13 colours, I am unsure if it has returned.  

More buses are appearing with the new city13 branding.

351 and 352 seen in the City with 13 road services on March 13th.

Shortly due for repainting 356 and 358 are seen in High Street, maybe the last pictures in red?

361 and 362 now repainted and branded for city2 seen in Magdalen Street East on March 26th.

OPCSG branded 368 is seen by Carfax on a wet Friday, March 26th.

The Chiltern Railways wrap is not always so clear on 602,  seen with a 35 service in St Aldates on March 26th.

MMC 606 is seen with a 5 road service in St Aldates on March 26th. I have not seen a trace of 653 recently, anyone know where it is?

Red 660 is seen in St Aldates heading for the station on March 26th with a 5 road service.

X3 branded 663 is seen in Abingdon on March 24th.

Only one of the Park & Ride buses is seen working a P&R route, the others are spread around.
668 with 2 road, 669 on 400 road, 679 with a 35 and 681 working the X3, all taken over the past week.

Maybe the 300 service will return from April 12th and such events will become rare?

I'm not the greatest fan or overall route branding but I do like the 3 and 8/9 colours.
Generally they are kept to the correct routes though two so close together on the 8 is odd ! Ed.

902 and 665 make an interesting comparison in St Aldates on March 26th.

902 is seen in Abingdon with an X3 during a rainy day with some sun on March 25th.

Services may return to pre Covid-19 times in the not too distant future but below is coach 35 working a service to Heathrow.

Taken on March 23rd in Gloucester Green, seemingly very quiet.

Luxury continues on the 11X with older Airline coaches used each day with 22, 23, 24 and 25 on March 26th. 

                   Click on the picture for details

Jack Cooper

203 has been out and about on training duties, ahead of the City Sightseeing operations returning on April 12th, just over 2 weeks away! 


Ciaran Bird

An unusual working on March 24th was 513 working an 11 road service into Oxford.

Jack Cooper

Scania 209 with a 45 service heading along Wootton Road on March 25th.

Repainted in connector livery Scania 225 runs along Oxford Road with an X2 working on March 25th.

Scania 228 seen in Berinsfield with anX39 working on March 23rd.

Scania 229 seen as it waits time at Queens Lane with an X38 working to Henley on March 23rd.

Now this 2was 1656 with B&H but now carries fleet number 56 when working this X32 in St Aldates on March 26th.
The fleet number should be 245 !!

247 now carries fleet number 663 when seen in Radley road on March 22nd.

StreetLite 442, bearing its new livery, is seen by Didcot Parkway with a 99A service on March 23rd.

Citaro 842 proclaiming to be a number 4 for Wood Farm leaves Didcot Parkway on March 23rd with 98 service.

Another city4 branded Citaro 846 is seen in St Aldates with an X38 working on March 26th.

Well the connector brand is well represented in this picture of Didcot Parkway on March 23rd.

909 is seen at Carfax with an X2 on a wet March 26th.

Now I wonder if this means 939 will return to Carousel since after several days with Thames Travel, here working the 136
on March 23rd it still shows no signs of its current operator ! 

Theo Freeman

 Johnson’s OmniLink YT13 HKZ leaving Banbury Bus Station on March 27th working the 50A. 

Rhys Cutting

On Tuesday, March 16th 2021, I went down to the bottom of my street to capture Pulhams Coaches 'GL20 PUL' on route X9 (in Charlbury). This is a very unusual working since 'YJ14 BWH' & 'YJ65 EUY' typical operate the route. I did also capture 'YJ14 BWH' since both met in Charlbury. This is due to both the centre of Charlbury being closed and the Finstock Railway Station bridge being closed (now for another month!) so they must go via Leafield up to Chadlington and Spelsbury each time they go from Finstock to Charlbury or vice versa. It felt odd seeing buses go each way! I've attached the best of the pictures for you to sift through. 


Chris Maxfield

The first is former Lothian Volvo PUI 9429 pictured in Chipping Norton ready to work the 1802 X8 to Kingham Station. 

The second is Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/Illesbus i-city demonstrator CK70 LVX which is on loan. 

The next are the three Lothians at rest on the yard. 

Finally we have Mercedes-Benz C class KK19 EDX and Solo YJ06 YRF.
Two Mercedes C class joined the fleet earlier this year for work picked up requiring smaller vehicles. 

Thanks to both for their contributions. 

An advert in the trade press shows 2004 Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse, 42 seats, Good Condition, Long MOT, choice of 2. Ed.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Here it is… as we prepare for the remaining local bus services to resume from Monday, April 12th we are making use of the “quiet” time to catch up with our planned repaint schedule following the end of the greenwave contract last November and the introduction of our much simpler and frequent network in partnership with Green Park and RIBP.

Part of the plan for greenwave 50 is to maintain capacity by switching from single deck to double deck, and to use dual door buses to give a ‘rapid transit’ feel along the dedicated bus lanes. Whilst the increase in capacity hasn’t been an urgent priority during the pandemic, allowing us to continue running single deckers, the current reduced frequencies are providing a good opportunity to refresh the fleet ready to build patronage back without disrupting services.

Three buses, 706, 708 and 709 have been selected to receive the new greenwave branding, with the first now away and the second to follow shortly. They will be supplemented by 707 Mondays- Fridays which will remain in generic silver to allow use elsewhere when the vehicle requirement is lower at weekends. All four buses are surplus to requirements on purple 17 which only requires 13 buses out of the 17 we have under normal schedules. Vehicle allocations may be disrupted in the short term whilst double deckers are required for extra services for social distancing, and patronage to Green Park remains suppressed.

We have chosen three messages to highlight the really great features of the service:

We also, of course, have our lovely team of dedicated drivers for greenwave (and the other A33 routes) to help wow our customers with a friendly smile and safe travel advice. 

Gavin Francis

Many of this companies buses now carry the latest red and white livery.

E200 YX65RGV is seen arriving in Wycombe with a 130 service from Aylesbury on March 24th.

Jack Cooper

On a wet March 23rd, E200 YX61FZH is seen in St Aldates with a 275 working to High Wycombe

Ben Studley

MMC 10439 is seen taking avoiding action due to "Planters" in the normal road area with a 233 service on March 23rd.

The driver was showing Ben various route displays as seen with 47833 on March 23rd.

Witney as darkness falls on on March 23rd and with the Witney Weaver on March 27th.

This shows the variety of operators even in a small town like Witney.

Ciaran Bird

E400 10071 is seen in the yard at Horspath depot on March 25th.

Ciaran travelled with 10678 for his return to city on March 25th.

MMC 10681 was working the 700 service on March 25th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10685 is working a number 8 heading down St Aldates on March 23rd.

MMC 11239 leans somewhat as it enters Gloucester Green with an S2 working on March 23rd.

Hybrid flagship 12001 is seen running down St Aldates with a number 10 on March 23rd.

GGold Scania 15759 looking good but with S5 branding working the S8 to Wantage on March 23rd.

Gold Scania 15832 is seen in Abingdon with a 34 to Oxford March 25th.

Rhys Cutting

On Thursday, March 25th 2021, whilst on a walk I managed to get a good photo of 15836 waiting time in Charlbury, despite the centre of Charlbury being clear (my dad, Gordon Cutting, you'll likely know him) checked as he's a team leader for route S3.

15836 waiting time on March 25th.

Theo Freeman

I have some updates with regards to the Banbury fleet. Two short E200s are due from West and dart 34618 at Oxford. The two E200s are 36079/80 and 80 has already arrived. These are to replace the three MAN E200s that come from Midlands at the start of the year, but their future is now uncertain. One rumour is that they are staying with Oxfordshire but 2 transferring to Oxford to help with various dupe services with one staying at Banbury, but nothing official.

Bill Brown

Two pictures from Bill for this issue with more for the next issue.

27139, AD E30D/AD Enviro300 new to Fife working the X37, followed by 53810, in the new livery for longer distance,
from Kirkcaldy on March 23rd. 

Gary Seamarks

Bedford Revisions from Monday, April 12th, will see an Hourly X5 extended back to Oxford, the 905 to Cambridge will be every 30 minutes M-Sa, and every 60 on Su, other changes are planned for Bedford that virtually restores an 'normal service'. 

MMC 11279 has been repainted so I hope to get into town soon.

Martyn Sacaloff

SC Northampton

37050 37055 37064 37072 are transferring to Rugby tomorrow with 37056 when it comes in later on in return Rugby.

Rugby then sending to Northampton 36948 36949 36950 36951 36952 for the X7 Service Northampton to Leicester 36950 36952 or in the new livery. 

Jack Cooper

MMC Gold 10986 leaves Gloucester Green for Swindon with an S6 working on March 23rd.
Shouldn't the destination display say Faringdon for Swindon? 

Whether you’re travelling from Oxford to London or returning from London to Oxford, the Oxford Tube is the perfect option.

Returning to service on Monday 29th March, Oxford Tube coaches will run up to every 10 minutes*, delivering a very reliable service for commuters or those looking for a day out in the Capital or University city of Oxford. You can view the Oxford Tube timetable online to start planning your journey.

Social distancing measures will be in place on board our vehicles with reduced capacity implemented in line with government guidelines. We'd like to remind customers that unless you are exempt, a face covering is now a legal requirement for travel on public transport. Click here for more information.

The Oxford Tube is fitted with free 4G Wi-Fi, at seat wireless and USB charging and individual tables for a convenient and comfortable journey.

Take the coach to London or Oxford and buy your tickets for your journey here.

*10 minute frequency during morning peaks from Oxford. Average 20 minute frequency Monday to Friday and 12-15 minutes at weekends.

Ciaran Bird

Astromega 50237 has been working an H4 duplicate service as the current H4 operated by a Scania Single Decker I'm told is packed out by the time it gets to Kidlington so Stagecoach have been using the Oxford Tube coach on a duplicate run. It holds time at the Bladon Roundabout (pictured) before heading right to near Shipton on Cherwell, then making a right and following the usual H4 from there!

Holding time on March 17th.

Seen again, this time on March 23rd with close detail of the displays. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin also caught up with 50237 at Bladon Roundabout heading for the J R on March 25th. Nice clean wheels with trims !!!!



Contributions on local operators from Thomas Walker, Paul Coley & Nick Ross

Thomas Walker

The Traveller's Choice (based in Carnforth) have been running school duplicates of public routes 5/6 and 300 since the schools reopened two weeks ago. We recently had an unexpected visitor from the Birmingham area in the form of an Aziz Coach Service Panther 3.


Z&S YX16OHV is returning to Milton Keynes working the 33 and seen in Bradwell on March 19th.

 As always, photos and captions for all this and more are on my Smugmug site:


Aylesbury Schools by Paul Coley & Nick Ross

On my way back from Aylesbury today, March 26th, I stopped off at what has become the unofficial daytime parking area for buses and coaches used on school services - Pearson Close, just off the A418 Oxford Road in Aylesbury 

A bit of an eclectic mix, with the Beeston-liveried Omnidekka showing no outward ownership at all. Feel free to use on this week’s updates, which I will duplicate on the Facebook page as usual.

Scania YV03PZM, ex Metrobus 442 working in the Bromley Area.

Marshalls Volvo B7TL ALX400 Tridents W821PAE and W824PAE both ex First West of England.

Arriva London DLA372 LJ03MVD DAF/ALX now with Masons

Caetano Levante Y3YCH in Aylesbury on March 26th.

All pictures taken in Pearson Close, just off the A418 Oxford Road in Aylesbury.

Nick Ross with Buses in the Landscape

A Masons DAF in the landscape climbing the Leighton Buzzard bypass to Wing Road roundabout
with a "dead" Long Marston - Milton Keynes early morning working on March 22nd.

Former Herberts, now Marshalls Olympian P349ROO on the LB1 schools passing along tree lined Mentmore Road Leighton Buzzard on March 26th.

Gary Seamarks

Two First Glasgow's involved in the depot fire last Tuesday Evening, taken in 2019 for 32657, and 2017 for 33981, looking at post fire image would say 33981 will be written off, 32657 is totally destroyed.

The buses mentioned above in 2017 and 2019.

The Weberbus is a recent arrival, last used at Kettering by Stagecoach and taken a couple of weeks ago, waiting to take up a school run near to me.


The Sharpes was taken on Sunday, March 21st at Ampthill Park, where Nottingham were playing Championship Rugby and lost to Ampthill, we were on way to Vaccination Centre so bit of luck !


Michael Wadman

Here’s another unusual acquisition by Red Rose. 

E737 WOK was a Leyland Tiger with Plaxton body new to the Ministry of  Defence (87 KF 11), acquired in September 1998.

I first found it Leighton Buzzard shortly after acquisition on October 24th of that year working an unidentified service.

By January 19th1999 it had been fitted with a destination display but unfortunately it appears to be showing the wrong number.

According to TLB 52 was Milton Keynes – Wing and this would more likely have been 59 (Milton Keynes – Leighton Buzzard). It appears that both routes were operated by the same vehicle.

Many thanks to Michael for an interesting memory. I do not remember this bus with Red Rose but did travel on a similar one from The Gateway Hotel to the Air Terminal at RAF Brize Norton in 1994.



I was fortunate to visit Hastings on May 31st. 1959 for the last day of trolleybuses.  The Hastings trolleybus system had opened on April 1st. 1928 with a total of 10 routes and 58 trolleybuses and by May 1929 the system had grown to 21 miles making it one of the longest in the world.  The trolleybuses were operated by The Hastings Tramway Company.  The Company was taken over by Maidstone & District Motor Services in November 1935 although the fleet name was not changed until 1957.  The opening fleet was single-deckers and these were replaced by 20 AEC double-deckers in 1940 and 25 Sunbeam double-deckers in 1947.



My first stop was at Cooden Beach at the end of route 8 where I pictured 41 (BDY 816) and 33 (BDY 808),
Weymann-bodied Sunbeams new in 1947/8.  The advertising for Player’s would not be allowed today!


This Beadle-bodied bus operated by Maidstone and District was new in 1952 numbered CO241
 but had now been downgraded to a service bus as SO110 (OKP 969).


On 31 May 1959 trolleybus route 8 was also operated by the replacing diesel double-deckers. 
Gleaming new DH493 (493 DKT) was a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Metro-Cammell bodywork.


Maidstone & District SO42 (LKT 990) was an ECW-bodied Bristol L6A operating on route 35 at Cooden Beach.


I left Cooden Beach and headed into Hastings. 
At Silverhill I photographed Weymann-bodied Sunbeam 25 (BDY 800) on route 11.


8 (BDY 783) was an AEC 661T with Weymann bodywork and new in 1940.  It was operating on route 6.


Parked at the M&D Garage at Silverhill was SO45 (LKT 993), ECW-bodied Bristol L6A.



Signed up for route 11 at Silverhill was this Weymann-bodied AEC 661T, fleet number 2 (BDY 777).


This view inside the Silverhill garage shows how the engine of Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 DH492 (492 DKT) was accessible by the maintenance staff.


It appeared that 15 (BDY 790), a Park Royal-bodied AEC 661T had already been withdrawn from service.


Photographs by PAUL BATESON

As ever a nice memory from Paul and lovely to see brand new Leyland Atlanteans which looked resplendent in Maidstone & District livery. 

Phil Clark

Thank you for an excellent edition of the bus page. I was very sorry to read the news of Andy Carter passing away. Like so many, I had great respect for Andy and always valued his comments to me regarding ‘2 Road’. It was good to see the bus and the staff paying their tribute. Grahame’s words were poignant and it does not surprise me that he and Andy got on well. They were both fine ‘busmen’ who had a passion for their work.

I remember my days at COMS with great affection, helped by working with people like you, Grahame, and Andy.

Phil Clark
Commercial Co-ordinator - Arriva London

Gavin Francis

On the Carousel Rail Replacement section are you sure M 57 went to USA ??. I know M 1432 the one in the section top right went but Ian's Bus Stop just shows M 57 being sold for preservation in 2011. The link you give shows M 1432.

Thanks to Gavin for correcting that.

Tony Bungay

May be of interest, found a couple of photos of Bristol RE vehicles that were used by City of Oxford that possibly relate to the fleet list in last weeks news page.


All taken between 1982 – 1984 approx., with the exception of the poppy red South Midland vehicle which was photographed in Aylesbury on the 260 Service to Thame via Long Crendon, the rest were caught in Oxford. 

The poppy red photograph is mine, whereas the others are copyright of The Bus Archive if you decide to use them, as they are scanned copies  of my colour slides which I have since donated to them.

P.S. After I sent the last e-mail I realised there are actually two poppy red Bristol RE photos! The Bus Archive copyrighted one is the PMT example at Gloucester Green should choose to use it!

James Freeman

I might of found the owner of the Wright Gemini bus and it's Neales Taxis (Hussain),Hazlemere, High Wycombe -LK04HZY ex First later Tower Transit VNW32387.

Thanks James. 

Anthony Shaw on Government funding in Scotland

Funding made available through Scottish Government’s Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme 22 double-deckers and 24 single-decker electric buses for Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and Perth Major investment totalling £11m in Aberdeen, £6m in Kilmarnock and £4.4m in Perth Buses all built in Scotland by leading bus manufacturer ADL with Perth and Aberdeen infrastructure provided by SSE Boost for Scotland’s world-leading bus manufacturing sector helping protect and grow jobs Stagecoach has today (March 22nd 2021) announced that it will be introducing a further 46 new fully electric buses representing an investment of £21.4m across Scotland as part of its drive to improve air quality and support the Scottish Government’s environmental targets.

The order for new electric buses follows today’s announcement by Scottish Government of additional funding being awarded through a second round of the Scottish Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme. The initiative helps bus companies invest in electric vehicles and associated infrastructure to support a green recovery out of the coronavirus pandemic, improve air quality and advance Scotland’s ambitions for a net-zero economy. Scottish Government has set a legally binding target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2045. Transport has a critical role to play in the economy reaching net zero, as rising car use has resulted in a rise in carbon emissions from the sector. Stagecoach has recently announced that it is targeting a zero-emissions bus fleet by 2035.

Funding has been awarded to bus operators following a competitive bidding process with Scottish Government investing £8.9m from its grant scheme in the new Stagecoach buses. The new electric bus order is made up of: 22 electric double-decker ADL E400 buses for use in Aberdeen City 15 electric single-decker ADL E200 buses for use on Kilmarnock Town Services 3, 6 and 7 9 electric single-decker ADL E200 single-deckers for use in Perth on bus routes 1 and 2 The investment provides a boost for Scotland’s world-leading bus manufacturing sector, helping to protect and grow jobs in Scotland. The new buses will all be built in Falkirk by leading independent global bus manufacturer ADL in partnership with BYD, the company’s partner for electric buses in the UK and Ireland.

The award from Scottish Government also includes funding for electric infrastructure for depots. Stagecoach is partnering with Scottish-headquartered low carbon energy company SSE to deliver the new electrical infrastructure needed in Aberdeen and Perth depots.