Held over until Monday, 5th.


I am sure most readers will be delighted that things are easing now and mail bag this week contained over 500 pictures for me to choose from, not an easy task as I am sure many will appreciate. Anyway I done my best and I trust you will appreciate the effort made to give you a current look at things present and past. Just one comment I must make is STAY SAFE and don't take chances but your contributions are always welcome.

A taster for this issue.

For those who like looking at things past, Michael Wadman and Paul Bateson have both provided some interesting pictures this week, added to by Mike Penn who has his memories of Hastings following on from Paul's discourse in the last issue.

Regular photographic contributors such as Gavin Francis and Jack Cooper have been joined by those old and new such as Barry Pickett and Phil Rumsby who both provided pictures of the return to service, last Monday, of the Oxford tube.

Panorama 50427 is ready for the first service to London at 03:15 on Monday, March 29th as seen by Barry Pickett.

One of the longest supporters of the service, Phil Rumsby was waiting for the 08:30 to London from Thornhill on that morning.
This service is seen approaching Thornhill worked by 50437.

Another contributor was Andrew Webb who caught up with services in London.

These pictures of 50429 and 50440 taken on April 3rd.

Changes in Oxford Bus have seen more freshly branded buses taking to the road on 2 road and 15 road caught by Jack Cooper.

363 for 2 road and 353 for 13 road are seen during one of their first days after returning to service on March 30th.

A lovely spring picture with blossom of 909 in Haydon Road with an X36 working on April  1st.

Gavin Francis having returned to work after a long furlough looked in to VCS on March 29th in the early morning to find only one coach there, a megabus Panorama, 50407 from Glasgow.

50407 is seen in Victoria Coach Station at 09:10 on March 29th, the place otherwise deserted.

Go North West strike continues

Hundreds of bus drivers at Go North West in Manchester are continuing their strike against the company’s “fire and rehire” policy. Now in its 30th day in an indefinite strike that began February 28th at the Queens Road depot.

Go North West intends to impose inferior terms and conditions on nearly 500 workers in a fire and rehire plan, including a 10 percent pay cut, and the tearing up of the sick pay policy. Their £24,000 annual average wage would be reduced by £2,500. 

Martyn Sacaloff was in Manchester for his birthday and found some interesting buses and coach replacing the Go North West buses on routes affected by GNW's month long strike.

A long way from home, BV19XRO once with Edwards is seen working the 135 to Manchester on March 30th.
The covering over the National Express fleet names is interesting as is such a vehicle on the 135.

More vehicles on hire to work the 135 Manchester-Bury service, the blue single deck being ex Stagecoach.

More pictures from Martyn at this link.



March 2021 details for Ensign Bus sales are published below.


Richard Sharman

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend Chiltern Railways had buses operating between Bicester North and Banbury, with some services using smaller buses diverting via Kings Sutton. This was due to a new railway bridge being moved into place.  

On Saturday, April 3rd Walters Coaches were using two Optare Solo SR Micro Hybrids, Oxford Bus Company x1 Enviro400MMC and Arriva Aylesbury x1 Enviro 400.

Now we know who sup[plied the paint for Arriva !!!

More pictures from other contributors are included under operator headings below.


One point to mention is that I try to use contributed pictures which show a destination screen.

By April 12th in just over the week, we will be finding life much easier. I hope readers will enjoy their new found freedom and hope that this weekly page has help brighten those dull winter days.

Oxford Bus will be returning to more normal situations from April 11th.
Click here for more information

Fleet news and developments

I am delighted to include the last Arriva South fleet list which includes much of our area. You will notice that Sheerness is included and I am told that this depot is due to close in the near future.

Arriva SR Enthusiast Fleet - March 31st 2021.xlsx

Additional information provided by Paul Swann who writes:

Ten vehicles come out of Milton Keynes this weekend and are going elsewhere  

2493 To Shrewsbury , 3578,3579,3580 to North Repaint spare  

3619 and 3621 to Luton one as a Paint spare other as a PVR increase  

3640,3641,3927 to Aylesbury or High Wycombe for fleet replacement to Cascade for paint spare, not sure what coming out yet 

3618 Possible Repaint spare Southern Counties TBC

Interesting times ahead for local watchers!  I notice 2159, for long a regular performer at High Wycombe has now been delicenced !

Now photos from various contributors.

Ciaran Bird

Citaro 3018 on 280 (recent transfer from Wycombe) in Oxford on March 18th.

One time Platinum branded 5460 is still to be seen working the 280 by Westgate, Oxford on March 31st.

Jack Cooper

Citaro 3031 with a 280 working in Frideswide Square on March 30th.

Wrights 3796 also with a 280 working in Frideswide Square on March 30th.

E400 5469 is seen heading for Aylesbury with a 280 working on March 30th.

Nigel Peach notes the same buses parked up at Cressex depot, High Wycombe.

"Pictures taken at Cressex the afternoon of March 30th.  Withdrawn 2735 and Trainer 9558 haven't moved for weeks. 2731, which like 2735 only came to Wycombe as a withdrawn bus, has reappeared in this back row. Next to it is Citaro 3926 which hasn't moved since your last picture a month ago (issue 144). But it has lost one of its headlights since then. 

Unfortunately the much needed sunshine was in the wrong place for these photos! 

Behind them, 2328 and 3915 which have both been off the road for a week or two and 3539 which was withdrawn in February, but has reappeared once or twice since then." 

These taken on March 30th show 3926 which is now being robbed for parts !

Ciaran Bird

KKP working the 250 near Woodstock on March 9th still in Hallmark branding.

Daniel Harwood

SM19KKS leaves with a 250 service passing The Randolph Hotel on April 2nd.

Richard Sharman

All three Bicester allocated Diamond South East Wrightbus StreetLite's have now received the updated branding and are seen in Bicester on April 3rd.

An improvement on the last few weeks! 

Kevin Fuller


First provides a single return school journey on the Slough - Burnham route, numbered S12.
On 31st March, Wright Streetlite Max 63313 is seen leaving Burnham after completing the afternoon run from Slough.


Jack Cooper advises as follows:

Gloucester Green Travel Shop, and the City Sightseeing ran Oxford Information Centre at Queens Lane will be once again opening on the April 12th. 

Gloucester Green will be open with the following hours

Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00

Saturday - Sunday 09:00 - 16:00

The visitor information point at Queens Lane will be open with the following hours

Monday - Sunday 09:30 - 17:00

As mentioned before, Carfax tower will remain closed until May due to restrictions.  

Nothing to report this week except to compliment the depot for keeping 886 and 887 on the 40 even at weekends, well done! 

Service changes from April 11th

In preparation for the changes to lockdown restrictions, from Sunday, April 11th 2021, we will be increasing our service levels and amending some of the timetables.

Click here for more information

Ciaran Bird

352 and 353 show off the new livery for 13 road on March 31st.

360 had an mechanical problem at Grovelands on April 3rd.

374 is seen near The Westgate with a U1 service on March 31st.

Daniel Harwood

351 is seen in High Street in the view showing the offside to good effect on March 27th.

Gavin Francis

Hybrid 308 is seen heading for Wolvercote on March 31st.

660 and 661 are seen having a change of scene with 660 serving 15 road and 661 serving 35 road both on April 2nd.

664 in X3 livery is seen in St Aldates on April 2nd.

Jack Cooper

220 and 302 working 4 road services in Frideswide Square on March 30th.

306 heads for the city and Abingdon with a 35 road service in St Giles on April1st.

A cloe up of the route detail on the newly repainted 13 road buses.

MMC 604 is seen working a Rail Replacement service in Banbury on March 3rd.

The front and back of 5 road buses by the Westgate on April 1st.

Bicester Village branded 662 and X3 branded 903 are seen with X3 services at The Boundary House, Abingdon on March 29th.

682 is imposing as it seen working a service 3A in Oxford on April 1st. 

Bicester Village service BV1

The  Bicester Village BV1 service will return to operation from Monday 12th April. The service will run from 07:25 hrs to 20:25 hrs on Mondays to Saturdays and from 08:25 hrs to 19:25 hrs on Sundays. 

On April 3rd I noticed coach 33 heading for Oxford through Stokenchurch and realised this must have been due to roadworks and road closures at junction 4 or the M40. It is like old times are returning as I have not seen an airline coach off the M40 since mid 2020. 

I have since learned that junc4 on the M40  has been closed. 


park&ride300 service will return to operation from Monday, April 12th. The Saturday service levels will be increased to operate up to every 10 minutes from 09:30 hrs from Pear Tree and from 09:45 hrs from Redbridge. No changes will be made to the Monday to Friday and Sunday timetables.

This will no doubt see the end of P&R buses appearing in Abingdon and other out of the way places !

Ciaran Bird

Heading along Speedwell Street 671 is seen working a 3B school service on March 31st. 

Gavin Francis

park & rides having a last fling working non PnR routes in the last days of March

671 with a 2B, 675 with a 2A whilst unusually 676 was working the 15 on March 30th.

Jack Cooper

669 with a 9 road service and 672 with a 2B road service show these buses off their branded routes. 

Daniel Harwood

In the shadow of some important Oxford buildings, 623 is seen turning into St Aldates with an X2 working on March 27th.

Jack Cooper

At long last the ex B&H buses have received Thames Travel fleet numbers as seen above on April 1st.
I am advised that 244 has mechanical problems at present hence its absence from service.

E20D MMC 453 is seen with an ST1 working in Broad Street on March 30th.

E20D MMC 454 is seen working an X2 service at The Boundary House on March 29th.

Shopping help, 622 is seen with service 90 at Didcot Parkway on April 1st.

Citaro 846 is seen with a 33 service  at Didcot Parkway on April 1st. Note the red wheel arch showing its red origins.

Citaro 862 is seen at the JR on April 1st and then at Wantage working the X32.

Ex Carousel Mercedes 873 and 875 and seen passing Didcot Parkway on April 1st.

906 in a dawn shot at the Boundary House whilst working the X2 on March 29th.

934 is seen crossing the River Thames along Abingdon Bridge with a 33 to Wallingford on March 31st.
Another very nice picture and there is a nice pub by the river and bridge!

Many thamks to all the contributors.

It appears that a system of coach arrival instructions is being trialled at VCS in the picture from Gavin Francis taken on March 30th.

Ciaran Bird

AA63BUS working the 63 along Speedwell Street on March 31st. 

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Kevin Fuller 

Courtney / Thames Valley have introduced a Sunday service on route 12 (Slough - Burnham). Service 12 is run by First on Monday - Saturday, on a half hourly timetable, but had discontinued the (hourly) Sunday service a few years ago. The new service, which is hourly, now reinstates that link from Burnham and the western side of Britwell to the centre of Slough on Sundays.  

On the first day of the new service, 28th March, Courtney's Enviro 200 number 672
 is seen passing the 18th Century Garibaldi pub at the end of Burnham High Street, with the 14.40 to Slough. 

The new Sunday service also operates on public holidays. On Good Friday, 2nd April,
Thames Valley branded Enviro 200 number 676 departs Burnham High Street with the 13.40 Burnham - Slough.
This new route appears to interwork with the established TV route 5 (Slough - Cippenham).


Ciaran Bird


36330 on 488 in Chipping Norton on March 5th.


 10784 working the S3 and 10437 working the 1 in Oxford on March 19th.


15835 on S3 in Woodstock on March 31st.


Gold 10779 at Oxford Airport on April 3rd.


MMC 10432 working a service 3 into the city on March 31st.


22417 with a Driver Training session along Speedwell Street on March 31st. 


Gavin Francis


MMC 10440 is seen in Magdalen Street West with an S3 working on March 31st.


No easy job fitting a new windscreen, 10674 at Horspath Depot on March 30th.


34468 now at the end of its life and next when quite new with X30 branding on June 22nd 2006.
Who remembers the Vale branding?


34618 from West not in use at the Oxford depot on March 31st.


Jack Cooper


Gold 28746 blends in with the background colours in Oxford on April 1st.


Banbury's sole E400 10067 is seen with an H4 at the JR and then 11253 with an H2 on April 1st.


S3 Gold 15834 provides a bit of comfort for passengers to Kidlington on April 1st.


Equally Blackbird Leys resident will have some luxury with 15933 working a service 1 in Frideswide Square on March 30th.


More Gold luxury for 500 customers towards Brackley with 28745 on April 3rd.


Recently transferred 36080 is seen with local service B3 in Banbury on April 2rd.
Coming from West this bus started life with Wessex (Rotala) and is an ADL Enviro200.


Midland Red heritage liveried 37401 still looks mart leaving Banbury Bus Station on April 3rd.


37630, the only new bus at Banbury is seen working the 500 service on April 3rd.


M A N - E200 36985 is seen with a B9 local working in Banbury on April 3rd. 


Theo Freeman


Not much to report on here in Banbury, the most significant thing is 10067 being used on the H4 on Thursday and the rail rep going on today. I also managed a bit of a picture shoot with 36330 and it’s bigger brother 37630 today in the depot and 36080 out on town services. 36079 hasn’t transferred yet and Phil Pointer said that 34618 might not make it to Banbury as it’s in quite poor condition.



Richard Sharman

East changes from 12 April, including the X5. See the link below.


Bill Brown

Once again Bill has provided a few interesting pictures from Fife area and one has more local connections.

Start of anew numbering system saw 10001 being used for E400s and here is 10002 working a 59 at Glenrothes on March 27th.

Who remembers 2005 when this bus was busy on the U1s for Brookes, 18197 is seen leaving Kirkcaldy on April 5th still going strong!

Levante 53734 is seen in the new  "distance" livery working the X61 from Kirkcaldy. Not sure I like this livery on the Levante!

One of the Panoramas originally destined for Oxford is seen at Halbeath with an M90 to Perth on March 30th.

SC-Rennies Plaxton eliteI 53717 with the X60 leaving Kirkcaldy on April 2nd.
I read somewhere that any vehciles in white are to be withdrawn soon. 

Ciaran Bird

Midlands 11230 on 50 in Chipping Norton on March 16th.


Martyn Sacaloff


E200, freshly repainted in local livery has been transferred from Rugby to Northampton for use on the X7.
Seen on March 28th at the depot.

Jack Cooper

Gold 10986 is seen in Frideswide Square with an S6 on March 29th.

Scania K230UB ADL Enviro 300 28688 is seen in Magdalen Street West with an 853 service on April 1st. 

Barry Pickett was on duty at Gloucester Green for the first departure from Oxford on Monday, March 29th at 03:15.

50427 at the bay and departing from Oxford with the first service for three months.

On the same day long time customer Phil Rumsby took the 08:30 from Thornhill to London.

Phil was waiting for the door of 50437 to open and riding upstairs, he was not the only customer!

More pictures from contributors


Ciaran Bird took a number of pictures in Oxford on March 31st.


Panoramas 50421, 50428, 50433, 50434 and 50444 looking pristine for vehicles which have been parked up for months.


Daniel Harwood caught up with an X9 departure from Wantage Market Place on March 30th.


50443 is waiting times for departure with this X9 Express to Oxford.


Gavin Francis was busy during his first days but happy to be back to work.


The office at Gloucester Green has received a make over during the lockdown and looks very smart now on March 29th.


50441 first in Gloucester Green, then at Thornhill and finally London on March 29th.


March 29th and 50426 turns on to Elizabeth Bridge heading back to Oxford.


50443 and 50444 in Buckingham Palace Road at the London Terminus on March 29th, the first day in service for 41-44 ! 


Jack Cooper was also out on day 1 taking the S8 tube operation to Wantage and the X9 back to Oxford.


50425 with the S8 service at Boundary House heading for Wantage.


50425 is seen in Wantage Market Square, then at Grove and finally after dropping of at Oxford Train Station.


50426 is seen in Chain Alley heading for London on April 1st.


Mike Lewis writes  "Two photos that may interest you for this week's edition on your site, 50421 is seen in Cheney Manor Industrial Estate in Swindon on April 1st 2021, it stayed no more than 3 hours, reason unknown, I have attached 2 photos, keep up the good work."

Taken at 1343 by Mike Lewis.

This was for Engineering reasons with times as follows: 

Dep OXFORD  1128  Arr SWINDON -1238 then Dep SWINDON  1353  Arr OXFORD 1459. 

The coach then went to London. Reason for Engineering movement unknown.

Andrew Webb

After an absence of three months the Oxford tube resumed service with the partial easing of restrictions on Monday, March 29th.  Even at a reduced frequency the service had more coaches around Victoria than National Express and Megabus combined when these photos were taken on April 3rd.

50429 and 50440 in London on April 3rd.

Richard Sharman

50441 is seen making a late evening arrival at St. Aldates on Thursday, April 1st.
As 50441-444 were delivered during services being suspended, this was only 50441's fourth day in service.
It is also rare to see the Christ Church Gardens wooden doors shut, a luxury afforded by the clocks going forward. 

Gavin Francis took some pictures in Victoria Coach Station on March 29th, his first day back in London.

Three operations with 54286 and 54289 on March 29th. 

This company has been involved in Rail Replacement at Banbury in the past few days.

Jack Cooper

One bus was working Banbury - Bicester North via Kings Sutton (one of the Walters Solos) and one working Banbury - Bicester North fast (another Walters Solo). 

The two Solo SRs taken at Banbury Station on April 3rd.

Another day another place, HLE is seen on a working in Didcot on April 1st. 

London operators

Gavin Francis caught up with happenings around Victoria during the week of March 29th.

Some changes and some staying the same, the use of VHs on the 211 instead of LTs is one change.

The LTs are still busy with  LT811 seen at Victoria with a 16 service.

Andrew Dyer remembers "The Queens"

I don’t know if you belong to the “Nostalgic Oxford” Facebook group, but someone has just posted a number of old COMS bus pics.  


These two in particular caught my eye! 965 at Carfax and 976 at The Plain. Known by the drivers as “The Queens” as they were the first 30ft long Regent 5s in the fleet with more powerful 9.6 litre engines. There were sixteen of them in total, half bodied by Weymann and half by Park Royal. They were down seated to 65 rather than the normal 73, apparently because of some strange Trade Union agreement and this gave them extra legroom and they were really comfortable buses to ride in.  

While I was a schoolboy in Oxford, they were on the two busiest routes The Weymann ones on Route 2, Cutteslowe - Barton and the Park Royal ones on Route 1 Station to Blackbird Leys. They were downgraded to quieter routes once the Renowns came on the scene.  

Brilliant buses! I know that 975 is preserved, but are there any more? Photographer unknown.

Thanks to Andrew for the memory which is pleasant to read.

Michael Wadman and more memories of Red Rose

Some more photos of Red Rose which give some idea of the large area that the company’s services covered 

R843 FWW - Optare MetroRider was on loan from Optare towards the end of 1999. In Watford High Street
on local route W14 on October 25th that year.

It was then acquired in August 2000 and ran for the company for nine years. In central Milton Keynes on service 3E, July 7th 2002.

H63 BKM was a Ford Transit with body conversion by Crystals, new to the Rainham Cab Company in Kent. On July 2nd 2000
it was on the High Street stand in Buckingham, apparently bound for Bicester.

N784 JBM – Mercedes 711D with UVG body bought new in 1996. At Watford Junction on the lengthy 501 to Aylesbury,
on which Red Rose ran the Sunday service for many years, on Easter Monday 2001.  

N784 JBM again in Watford High Street on service R4, June 2nd 2002

Many thanks to Michael for some ore interesting memories of Red Rose dome 20 years ago! 

After a number of years I have realised that we often get some nice pictures which certainly lend themselves to Buses in the Landscape.

Nick Ross

"Bus in the landscape view for you if needed  "Z n S" Trident LN51 KYH descends the Canal bridge on the Leighton Buzzard by-pass running dead to form the 0720 Leighton Buzzard - Aylesbury, a turn the decker stayed on for a couple of days, making a change from the usual Enviro 200 on March 22nd 2021."

Picture by Nick Ross.

Jack Cooper

Jack provides some nice pictures with foliage and flowers but the one below I think does qualify for BitL.

658 works a 5 road service in Park End Street on April 1st 2021. 



Paul Bateson is Editor of the quarterly magazine British Buses Abroad, published by Buses Worldwide. 


Over the last 50 years he has traced many British-built buses that have been exported around the world including several that previously operated with The City of Oxford Motor Services.


This Weymann-bodied AEC Regent III was new in 1949 to City of Oxford Motor Services as fleet number H395 (OFC 395). 
It was discovered parked in Mayville, NY on July 9th, 2009 and it seemed to be in reasonably good condition.


My next visit to Mayville was on March 25th, 2010 when 395 was parked next to a Roe-bodied Daimler Fleetline
 that had been new to West Riding 212 (PHL 212G) but had last operated with Unitrans in Davis, CA.


395 was tucked away in the corner of the parking area when seen for the last time on August 29th, 2012 in Mayville. 
The bus was for sale and the owner’s desire was for the bus to be preserved. 
It was acquired by The Oxford Bus Museum and shipped to the UK for preservation.  Unfortunately,
I believe the bus has been used as a source of spare parts.


The first former City of Oxford bus that I found in North America was this Park Royal-bodied AEC Regent V that was new in 1956 as fleet number L184 (WJO 184). 
It was discovered in Syracuse, New York on April 27th, 1978 but I never saw it again.


I was fortunate in a visit to Tallahassee, FL on February 26th, 2016 to find another ex-COMS bus numbered 395! 
This was 395 (MJO 395H), Northern Counties-bodied Daimler Fleetline, now owned by Five Star Limousine. 
The owner kindly took me for a short ride on the bus to a nearby location for photographs.  The rear view was taken at the garage.


Former COMS 422 (UFC 422K) was a Northern Counties-bodied Daimler Fleetline CRL6 dating from 1971. 
It had been used on sightseeing tours in Montreal, QC but by August 7th, 2005 it was being dismantled.


This ECW-bodied Bristol VR was discovered in Malta on March 25th, 2009 and identified as ex-COMS 106 (NUD 106L). 
It was scrapped a few years later.


Not what it seems!  This ECW-bodied Bristol VR with Autobus Galland, Laval, PQ displayed and carried the identity of VNV 759H,
immediately recognizable as United Counties 759, a Series 1 VR new in 1970. 
With permission of the owner on November 7th, 2004, I was permitted to exam this VR more closely and correctly identify it as ex-COMS 480 (HUD 480S).


480 was subsequently sold by Galland and joined the fleet of 76 Carriage Company dba Philadelphia Trolley Company
 operating in Big Bus livery on city tours in Philadelphia, PA.  It had been converted to open-top and was pictured on August 25th, 2012.


My first visit to Malta was in 2009 and I found this Alexander-bodied Leyland Olympian, formerly 225 (E225 CFC),
 on March 24th, 2009 being prepared for operation.


Photographs by PAUL BATESON

I am sure many readers will appreciate this journey into the past and what happened in Canada and Malta, thanks to Paul. 

Jack Cooper asks "I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to the Heyfordian Citaro registered 943 YKN?  There aren't many pictures of it on Google."  

Docherty Midland, Auchterarder

Bill Brown

SJ16 CVE is a Volvo B8RLE/MCV Evolution new to Docherty and seen here with service 19A to Perth on March 27th.

Wright StreetLite W77JDS with a 155 service in Perth on March 27th.

This is an interesting company since they owned a Leyland coach, JA5515, which can be seen at these links and which I drove some 20 years ago. This was when I took Oxford Bus Company Bowls Club members to Scotland.

Seen at Docherty's on August 4th 2004 when I was able to ride and drive this coach.
I had ridden on this coach in the late '40s when it was 715 with North Western Road Car at Altrincham.
It then carried a Harrington body fitted in 1939. NWRCC were great body swoppers!!!



I think it is now with the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum at Lathalmond but I can't get their collection list to load. Maybe someone can assist?

Hastings by Mike Penn

Following the article on Hastings from Paul Bateson in the last issue here is an interesting piece from Mike Penn.

I was interested to read Paul Bateson’s article on Hastings trolleybuses as the first family holiday I remember was to Hastings in 1957.  We travelled around on the trolleybuses but living in Middlesex at the time that wasn’t a novelty to me.  The highlight of the week was the appearance of “Happy Harold” on our last evening as an illuminated special.  Of course we jumped on it and that was a strange experience, sitting just below the overhead wires.  I presume that wouldn’t be allowed these days because of health and safety.  In answer to Paul’s question “Happy Harold“ still survives in preservation.  Here are two photographs of it taken at the first Maidstone bus rally in April 2011. 


One regret was not taking photographs of the trolleybuses at Hastings although at that time I only had a box camera (8 photos per film) so I couldn’t take many.  The other regret was not taking a photograph of one of the open top Dennis Aces used on round the town tours although I had a ride on one.   The next time I went to Hastings, in 1959, they had been replaced by cut down AEC Regals.  Remarkably all three of these remain in preservation.

After the closure of the Hastings system a number of the trolleybuses had extended lives with other operators.  Five went to Maidstone Corporation where some of them remained until the closure of that system an April 15th 1967.  Eight went to Walsall Corporation where they had their bodywork extensively rebuilt before entering service.  Most lasted until Walsall became part of the new West Midlands PTE on October 1st, 1969, being withdrawn the following year before the final closure of the Walsall system on October 3rd of that year.

One of the trolleybuses that went to Maidstone (BDY 809) is preserved and has recently been restored into full Hastings Tramways livery at the East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville.  I saw it there in 2019 but unfortunately it was in the garage so wasn’t photographable.

Here are some photographs.

BDY 807 photographed at Maidstone in March 1964.

BDY 808 photographed at Walsall in May 1965.

BDY 809 photographed at Maidstone in March 1967 after withdrawal but before its sale for preservation.

A number of the Atlanteans that were purchased for trolleybus replacement were subsequently sold to Western National to enable all of their services in Cornwall  to be converted to one man operation. 

Here is the former DH505 (502 DKT) as Western National 985 at Falmouth in August 1978.

Another Maidstone & District Atlantean later went to East Midland Motor Services.  It was originally fitted with coach seats although these were later removed and bus seats fitted. 

The former DH525 (525 DKT) is seen here as East Midland 325 at Mansfield in June 1979.

Ensign in March as follows : 


From Lothian Buses :  Volvo B9TLs  SK07CAX / CBF / CBO / CBU / CBV / CBX / CBY / CCA / CCD    SN57DDJ / DFC / DFE / DFF / DFG / DFJ / DFK / DFL / DFO / DFP / DFU / DFV / DFX / DFY .

From Nu-Venture : Trident LK05GHA.

From Abbey Travel : Volvo B7TL LF52ZPD.

From First Doncaster : Volvo B7TL’s LT52WWS / WXD

From First Devon and Cornwall : Volvo B7TL’s WR03YZV / YZW

From London Bus Group : Trident W556RSG.

From Go Ahead NE : Volvo B11RT’s BV17GVD / GVE   BX65WDD / WDE / WDA. 

From Stagecoach Highlands : Volvo B12B’s SV08GXO / GXN   SN57AAY / AAZ / DPV. 

The following buses are all from Arriva London, they are all in poor condition and all are expected to go to Shelton Motors for scrap, if any escape I will list them on monthly updates : DAF DB250s YJ54CFG / YJ55WPO / WOR   DAF SB120’s : YJ06LFE / LFF / LFG / LFH / LFK / LFL / LDK   YE06HRA / HRC / HRD / HRF / HRJ / HPA / HPF / HPJ / HPK / HPL / HPN / HPO / HPP / HPU / HNT / HNU    E200’s : LJ57UST / USU / USV / USX /  USY / USZ / UTB / UTC / ECX / ECZ / LJ58AVU / AVV / AVX / AVY / AWA / AWC / AUC / AUX    Darts : LJ54BAO / BAU / BAV / BBE / BBF / BBK / BBN / BBO / BBU / LHF / LHG / LHH / LHK / LHM / LHN / LHO / LHP / LHR / LGV   LJ05GOX / GPK / GPO / GPU    LJ56APZ / ARF / ARU / ARX / ARZ / ASO / ASU / ASV / ASX / AOW / AOX / AOY   SN06BPK / BPU / BPV / BPX / BPZ   SN56AXG    E400 LJ60AWC    Volvo B7TL’s : LJ04LFN / LFR / YWU   LJ05BLZ / BMO / BMU / BKF / BKL / BKU   LJ55BVS / BVT / BVV / BVX / BVG / BVK. 


Volvo B9TL BF62UYK : ASD Coaches , Strood. 

Volvo B9TL 07-D-121913 now FJ57CZB with Farleigh Coaches, Hoo, Kent. 

Volvo B11RT’s BX16CLZ / LCP / LCT  BV66WNY / WHO : South West Coaches , Yeovil. 

E200  LJ58AUE : Johns School of Motoring, Edmonton. 

E200’s LJ09KPR / KPT / KPU / KRD : Panther Travel , Harwich. 

E200’s LJ09KPX / KRF / KOX / KPA / KPE / KPF / KPO   GN08CHF : Go Goodwins, Manchester. 

E200’s GN08CGV / CHC : Thandhi Reds, Smethwick, Birmingham. 

E200 LJ09KPY : National Driving Centre, Croydon. 

E200s LJ09KPG / KRE : Galleon Travel, Roydon, Essex. 

E400 LK08NVF : Jorvik Tours, York. 

Solo WK11APY : Hulleys of Baslow, Derbyshire. 

Volvo B7RLE’s SN04NJF / NHV / NHD / NHZ / NHM : Clockhouse Farm, Maidstone. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN57DDJ / DFO / DFE : Als Coaches, Liverpool. 

E400 SN13CHJ : Compass Travel, Worthing. 

Volvo B9TL BJ11DZX : Bear Buses, Feltham, Middx. 

Scania YN06TFZ : Ipswich Buses. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN57DFJ / DFA / DFU / DFV / DFX / DFY : Go-Ahead North East. 

Scania’s SN57DBY / DCE : First Devon and Cornwall. 

Volvo B5TL 171-D-25062 now KD17TAU with East Yorkshire M.S. 

Versa YJ60KGG : Dreamline Travel , Blackburn. 

Scania YN04GMX  : Lower Reule Farm, Stafford. 

Scania YR10AZO : Rumwood Green Farm, Maidstone. 

Trident LR02BFJ : The Rock School Bus, Spalding, Lincs. 

Volvo B11RT BV17GVE : Lambs Car and Commercial, Stockport. 

E200 YX11CNN : East Yorkshire MS. 

Trident V516ESC : Scarborough Suncruisers. 

E200 LIG1677 : Mike Lawrenson, Preston. 

Volvo B11RT BV17GVD : SBC Leisure, Rettendon, Essex. 

Dart PO56JFE : Galleon Travel, Roydon, Essex. 

E200 LJ07ECZ : Panther Travel , Harwich, for spares only. 

DAF DB250 YJ55WOR : Jans Coaches, Soham, for spares only. 

3 Volvo / Ayats acquired for the Southend 68 service . 

They are as follows : 

 369  EU05 BZM
370  EU05 VBL
  371  EU05 VBO

All acquired from Bath Bus Co. 


Volvo 109 : Barway Services, Ely. 

E200s 719 / 720 / 721 : East Yorkshire MS. 

A new minibus for crew ferry purposes is Transit BN64HSA. 


The 5 x 11 plate B9TLs on hire to Stagecoach Northampton have been replaced by B9TL’s SK07CAX / CBO / CBU / CBV CCA. 

The Volvo B9TL with HCT has been replaced by StreetDeck SN64CTV. 

Ipswich Buses have Volvo B7RLE SN57DDF . 

Go Ahead London have E200’s GN58BUP / BUU. 

The following to Shelton Motors all for scrap :  

Versa YJ60KGP   

Tridents PX54AWU / LJ04LFN 

Volvo B7L’s KV02VWA / VVYVolvo B7TL LF52ZPD.

E200’s SN08ACV / AAZ.