This week has ben quieter but we still have a nice number of contributions.

Gavin Francis shows us how the Green Line Coach Station, Bulleid Way is changing seen on April 19th.

What a change from that which I remember !

Of some local interest is the completion of Seacourt Park & Ride extension and new terminal. This is amply shown in this picture report from Jack Cooper.


The pictures show  a very smart and modern facility which much improves that which was available at Seacourt.

Martyn Sacaloff visited Lincoln and there are some interesting pictures under SC Lincolnshire heading below.

A fine picture from Martyn featuring Lincoln Cathedral taken on April 21st.

Kevin Fitzpatrick caught up with a Pulhams working of the X8.

Chipping Norton and Solo SR YJ65PUL sets off  with an X8 to Kingham Station with a train to Paddington on April 21st.

Under Red Rose are details of revised and new services from this operator provided by Paul Weal.

We also have much on Stagecoach in areas other our more local operators plus more on Flixbus.

We also have some interesting memories from the past with Michael Wadman on Red Rose and Paul Bateson with the 1958 British Coach Rally in Brighton.

Finally Andrew Webb brings us up  to date with the 'LT RLHs 50 Years Later' event by organiser's Timebus. 

The latest news on April 24th is that we may not need to wear face masks from mid June. I am sure that will be a great relief to many who find the face mask an unpleasant hindrance !

This issue shows much more of National Express who are now back to more services. 

Fleet news and developments

Paul Coley

Hawkeslade Farm, Aylesbury, with Arriva 2452 and 6047 competing for absolutely no passengers at all on April 23rd. 

Tony Bungay

Possibly a most unusual angle for a Bus photo! 3864 sets down by Aylesbury Rail Station on an inbound Service 500 on April 21st.
It shows that perhaps they temporarily run out of paint! As the roof is still the previous livery!

3641 on the 300
 by Morrisons on April 21st. 

Geoff Wilcock

Gavin reported seeing ex B M Coaches Flixbus livered coaches on Coachtrader adverts they are for sale at Proctors Coach Sales.

Damon Cox

I hope you are well. I read with interest this week's briefing and noticed the paragraph regarding the quintet of new Van Hool EX coaches at Thandi, for FlixBus work. There is indeed an error with Bus Lists on the Web, which explains why NDY is listed twice. TH21 NDY is indeed one of the five, with the others actually all starting 'TT'. The list is therefore:


Thanks to Damon for that clarification.

Gavin Francis

Thandi's TT21NND departs for Manchester with service 023 on April 19th.

Martyn Sacaloff

Martyn visited the Whippet depot last week and took some interesting pictures.

BL17XBA on April 21st. 

Nigel Peach

I've just seen on bustimes.org that Carousel's 424 is back in service today, April 23rd, working the 337! But I expect you'd already spotted that!!

One presumes this bus has replaced 884's demise from last week.

Jack Cooper notes "New publicity has been printed for all Oxford Bus Company routes except the city11X and cityX3, which timetables have not changed since the service was introduced (11X) or January (X3/13). I am sure many people will be happy to see new leaflets!"

Hybrid 300 and StreetDeck 676 are seen at the rebuilt and extended Seacourt Park & Ride site on April 24th.

682 is seen at Oxford Train Station framed by the Said Business School building behind on April 20th.

Jim Wright

Two of the 35 branded buses are seen in George Street with 305 heading for Abingdon on April 14th.

Jack Cooper

Scania 205, with cherished registration NLZ5111, is seen at Oxford Train Station on April 20th. 

Jack Cooper

Ex Brighton YN05GZO now Thames Travel 244 working service 33 on April 21st in Abingdon.

Ex PMU 971 is seen at Didcot Parkway with a 95B to Berinsfield on April 21st. 


Gary Seamarks seen in Bedford

Two Darts from this fleet seen in Bedford on April 23rd. 

In recent times National Express has been noticeable by its absence. It is now back in full flow as seen by the pictures from Gavin Francis taken on April 19th below.

NEx's own 227 BV17GRK working the 561 in Buckingham Palace Road.

Bennett's of Gloucester BV19XRB working the 444 in Buckingham Palace Road.

Edwards BU18OTJ resting at Elizabeth Bridge and BU18OTL working the 507 in Elizabeth Street.

Stagecoach Chesterfield 54401 heads for Halifax with a 564 working from VCS.

Levante III SH248 is seen arriving in Victoria with an A4 service from Heathrow.

Levante III SH282 (is that still Start Hill STN?) with an 032 to Southampton.

These would appear to be NEx West Midlands based coaches working services into London.
94 and 224 in BPR with 400 services and 226 caught in Notting Hill Gate on April 21st again with a 400 service.

Martyn Sacaloff

Kingsferry BX65WCD in Canterbury with a London service on April 21st.
from London on the 022 is Kingsferry Coaches BX65WCD this coach was new to South Gloucestershire Bristol

So, this offsets the myriad of Flixbus Coaches from the last issue!

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Sadly I didn't receive the weekly news from this operator so have nothing to report. 

Tony Bungay

Redline Mini Pointer Dart, KN02XCT, wearing the latest scheme, passes Aylesbury Morrisons on Town Service 2.
There was no destination display, the route being indicated by a paper sticker, usually the 2 is worked by Enviro 200’s.
At one time everywhere Mini Pointer Darts are now gradually disappearing.

Also seen on April 22nd, Redline Enviro 200 on an inbound 130 service.

This livery is one of the most attractive liveries in use in the 2020s

Paul Weal writes with the under mentioned information regarding this and our Red Group Companies.

The following has appeared in Eastern N & P 2475. 

Section 3.1 – Registration of New Services 

10 PF0001493/145 RED ROSE TRAVEL LTD, THE BLINKING OWL GARAGE, OXFORD ROAD, HADDENHAM, AYLESBURY, HP17 8TT From: Lavendon War Memorial To: Milton Keynes Railway Station Via: Olney, Newport Pagnell. Name or No.: 21 Service type: Normal Stopping Effective date: 10 May 2021 Other details: Monday to Saturday excluding Public/Bank holidays  

PF0001493/147 RED ROSE TRAVEL LTD, THE BLINKING OWL GARAGE, OXFORD ROAD, HADDENHAM, AYLESBURY, HP17 8TT From: Aylesbury Bus Station To: West Street, Leighton Buzzard Via: Bierton Wing, Linslade Name or No.: 101 Service type: Normal Stopping Effective date: 10 May 2021 Other details: Monday to Saturday excluding Public/Bank holidays. 

The 21 is currently run by sister company Redline and the Red Rose 100 also has a revised timetable from the same date. The 100 and 101 timetables are now on the Buckinghamshire website. 

Red Rose etc. seem to have a positive approach and a good eye for suitable opportunities being locally run. I hope they succeed with the 101. 

Even allowing for the effects of Covid19 on loadings, Arriva have rather neglected the 150 over the past year. Ninety minute headways, Sunday service withdrawn and a motley collection of vehicles since operation reverted to Aylesbury. It is really sad to see the continuing decline of Arriva.

Paul Coley

Hawkeslade Farm, Aylesbury, with Red Rose, E10 & 14RRT looking rather empty on April 23rd. 


I'm going to put the combined companies in this way for the time being.

Jack Cooper with an MMC Gold from Swindon.

Gold MMC 10982 is seen leaving Frideswide Square with an inbound S6 on April 23rd.
This time displaying the first part of the S6 route on its destination display !!!!!!


At Oxford work has been taking place at Horspath depot to more clearly indicate the parking areas for buses, especially after the evening run-in!

Picture by Gavin Francis on April 20th.

Gavin Francis

M A N / E200 39699  seen at rest in Horspath Road yard on April 20th. 

Jack Cooper

A single deck E200, 36984, working the 1 at Frideswide Square heading for Blackbird Leys on April 23rd. 

Jim Wright

Reminding us of the weather only a matter of a few weeks ago!

It was April 12th on a Sunday when snow hit the area and 15966 is seen here leaving the depot
at Chipping Norton and then with an S3 heading into Charlbury. How the weather doth change.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

M A N/ADL 39699 now seen in Woodstock working an S3 school bus on April 21st.
Was this not the working sometimes operated with an Oxford tube? 

Gary Seamarks with some pictures from Bedford

Guildford registered 27522 an E300 working route 9 to Hitchin leaves Bedford bus station on April 23rd.

Dart 34827 with Bedford branding at the bus station on April 23rd.

MMC 37434 was new for Coasthopper services Hunstanton but moved to Bedford
and has still not been repainted on April 23rd whilst working route 5.

The X5 at the other end of its route X5 in Bedford Bus Station with 54313 on April 23rd.

Martyn Sacaloff

Impressive looking E500 13909 is heading to St. Ives on April 21st.

Bill Brown

Intended for the Oxford tube seen working citylink in Glasgow on April17th.

Once the pride of the 100 from Oxford to Witney and Carterton now working an Amazon Shuttle at Halbeath Park & Ride on April 21st.

KN04XJB Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53349 Tbs 3071/67 H47/28F 3/2004 Thames Transit 18127
KN04XJC Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53350 Tbs 3071/68 H47/28F 3/2004 Thames Transit 18128
KN04XJD Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53351 Tbs 3071/69 H47/28F 3/2004 Thames Transit 18129
KN04XJE Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53361 Tbs 3071/70 H47/28F 4/2004 Thames Transit 18130
KN04XJF Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53362 Tbs 3071/71 H47/28F 3/2004 Thames Transit 18131
KN04XJG Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53360 Tbs 3071/72 H47/28F 4/2004 Thames Transit 18132
KN04XJH Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53352 Tbs 3071/73 H47/28F 4/2004 Thames Transit 18133
KN04XJJ Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53363 Tbs 3071/74 H47/28F 4/2004 Thames Transit 18134
KN04XJK Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53366 Tbs 3071/75 H47/28F 4/2004 Thames Transit 18135
KN04XJL Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53365 Tbs 3071/76 H47/28F 4/2004 Thames Transit 18136
KN04XJM Tbs Tt SFD33GBR64GX53369 Tbs 3071/77 H47/28F 4/2004 Thames Transit 18137

Volvo 13045 of Strathtay on April 19th.

Martyn Sacaloff

Open top 18467 now working in Lincolnshire started open top life with megabus in London seen here on April 21st.

At Lincoln depot 53030 is seen in rail replacement livery on April 21st. 

Gary Seamarks

Bedford on April 23rd, taken early afternoon.
22834 is a Kettering based Midlands vehicle working the hourly 50 service to Rushden then Kettering. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Good morning, a Chipping Norton sighting for you on my alternative scenic route to work. 

Stagecoach Warwickshire 18398 put in a rare Trident appearance on this morning's 50 to Stratford-upon-Avon. 
This started life in Oxford !

18398 KX55TLY Dennis Trident SFD33GBR65GX53772 ALX 5410/3 H47/28F 2/2006 Thames Transit

Martyn Sacaloff

Ex Oxford Scania 15442, still going strong, seen in Canterbury with poppies on April 21st.

Ian Kirby

Stagecoach Wales Enviro 400 (ex Oxford) photographed south of Llanellen (between Abergavenny and Pontypool
with an X3 to Cardiff on April 24th 2021.  Sugar Loaf is in the background.

Many thanks to Ian for keeping us up to date with our ex Oxford buses. 

Bill Brown

Astromega 50286 which started life with the Oxford tube is seen leaving Glasgow with an X76 to Kilmarnock on April 17th.

Gavin Francis

50431 sets down at Notting Hill Gate on April 21st. It is looking pristine.

Seen at Network Oxford ready for the day's work, 50437 gleams in the morning sun.

Martyn Sacaloff

Haverhill bus station on April 21st, a nice surprise came in for me ex stagecoach Oxford tube 50202 ex T44UBE
 then went up to Scotland to do the X76 Kilmarnock to Glasgow and became WLT720
and then when it got withdrawn it became GX09OTM which Oxford put that plate on after the tube plate got took off
and it’s with Andrews coaches of Cambridge as P27MBC
Nice to see this 2009 Astromega still going strong ! Ed. 

Bill Brown

Astromega 50264 in full citylink livery arrives at Glasgow with a 909 service on April17th.

Gavin Francis

54277 and 54280 head out of Elizabeth Street, Victoria on April 19th.

Jack Cooper

54269 is seen in Beaumont Street, Oxford with an M34 southbound service on April 24th.

Bill Brown

Panorama 50407, often in London is heading northwards in this view at Glasgow with an M9 on April 17th.

Two days later 50411 is seen with an M9 on April 19th.

Martyn Sacaloff

Martyn visited the Whippet depot last week and took some interesting pictures as seen below, two Levante tri-axles still with NX fleet numbers. 

April 21st.

London operators

Gavin Francis

Abellio 1525 is seen near Victoria with service C10 on April 19th.

Arriva's LT4 seen near Victoria with service 38 on April 19th sporting a recent wrap.

BIGBUS E400 DA226 is seen in service by Victoria on April 19th.

London United BCE47013 working the 94 at Notting Hill Gate on April 21st. Gavin believes this is the only electric bus with a full wrap.

London United BCE47018 working the 148 at Notting Hill Gate on April 21st.

London United LT155 working the 27 at Notting Hill Gate on April 21st, showing another bus with a Taylors wrap.

Metroline LT12 with a wrap for Nordic Spirit with a 390 on April 19th.

Another wrap, DNKY, as London United's LT755 is seen heading for Victoria on April 19th.

Tower Transit's VH38128 with a 328 to Chelsea at Notting Hill Gate on April 21st.

Tower use a StreetLite on driving training as seen with WL44700 at Notting Hill Gate on April 21st.

Gavin Francis and an RT mentioned in the last issue

RT 1658 seen in Barking with an 87 service on August 19th 1978, a far cry from the latest pictures in issue 151.
One of Gavin's early photographs.

More Red Rose from Michael Wadman

N902 HWY was an Optare MetroRider acquired from Metrobus in 2002.
On July 7th that year it was in central Milton Keynes on Sunday service 26E. 

T341 FWR was another Optare MetroRider.
This one was acquired in 1999 having previously been an Optare demonstrator.
On April 3rd that year it was still in allover white working service W20 at Beechin Grove, Watford. 

T341 FWR again after repaint into fleet livery, at Watford Junction on service W14 on June 22nd 2002. 

OU07 FKH, one of a pair of Enviro 200s purchased new in 2007, in St Albans on route 343
on January 13th 2008, still in as-delivered allover white. 

OU07 FKH after repaint into fleet livery, on route 352 in Watford High Street, April 2
th 2009. 

OU07 FKH repainted into the current fleet livery and re-registered E8 RRT, at Beechin Grove, Watford on service W18 on 10th January 2019.

Many thanks to Michael for some most interesting photographs tracing the development of Red Rose.

Back in time with Paul Bateson

Scenes from the 1958 British Coach Rally in Brighton

The 1958 British Coach Rally took place on Madeira Drive, Brighton during the weekend of April 19th and 20th, 1958.  Here is a small selection of the participants.  The event attracted a large number of spectators who had a good overall view of the rally scene.  Note the absence of hi-vis vests! The coach rally was a two-day event. 

Venture Transport, Hendon 511 PML, a Duple-bodied AEC Reliance, waits to perform the driving tests on Saturday, April 19th, 1958.

This view shows how times have changed!  Just take a look at the lady sitting on the roof with no concern about her safety. 
The coach is a Plaxton-bodied AEC Reliance operated by Sheffield United Tours as fleet number 286 (3286 WB).

12 RMH is a Burlingham-bodied AEC Reliance operated by Valliant Direct Coaches, Ealing and parked on Madeira Drive on April 19th, 1958.

The Concours d’Elegance took place on Sunday, April 20th, 1958 with coaches presented as best as possible. 
South Wales Transport 1035 (PWN 66) is a Weymann-bodied AEC Reliance.

I hope the rally participants were not superstitious as this was entry number 13! 
Lined up for inspection by the panel of judges is ULY 491, a Duple Midland-bodied AEC Reliance operated by Timpson and Sons, Catford.

Southdown Motor Services is a much-missed company. 
Looking very smart and lined-up for judging in the Concours d’Elegance is 1845 (NUF 74),
a Duple-bodied Leyland Royal Tiger with just 26 seats for extended tours.

Photographs by PAUL BATESON

I had recently joined the Royal Air Force when these pictures were taken and the photographs certainly take me back in time! Thank you Paul. 

Martin Dowling

I came across these photos recently.  A French artist called Benedetto Buffalino transformed a bus into a heated swimming pool which was placed in several towns in northern France a year or two ago.

Very novel indeed. Ed. 

The bus was a Heuliez operated by Tadao who run routes in and around Lens and Bethune.  Here is a picture of the pool and also a photo of the bus the right way up when it was in service.

There is an article here:

(in French). 

Lower down the page are some photos of other transport themed creations by the artist. 

Thanks for all of your efforts compiling your weekly updates.

... and thank you Martin for a most unusual story and kind comments on my weekly efforts. 

Andrew Webb writes "Thanks for another very interesting page, perfect after a long day in the classroom.  Interested to see the photos of the RLHs as last Sunday all 8 UK operational based examples recreated route 178 between Clapton and Maryland.  The event, organised by Timebus, marked the 50th anniversary of the type’s withdrawal from LT service on 16 April.  Would you like me to put together another article with the RLHs in a sunny Olympic Park?"

Andrew Webb with LT RLHs 50 years later

Sunday 18 April saw all 8 UK operational based examples of the RLH recreate route 178 between Clapton and Maryland.  The event, titled 'LT RLHs 50 Years Later' by organiser's, Timebus marked the 50th anniversary of the type’s withdrawal from LT service on April 16th 1971.   When withdrawn in 1971 the class would have been plying deprived and industrial streets of the capital's East End.  In the intervening half century much has changed, the awarding of the Olympics to London on 6 July 2005 acting as a catalyst for change and regeneration which continues in 2021.  The development of the Olympic Park means that it is not possible to follow the exact 1971 route so some modern diversions were necessary. 

Before the start of the event a line up of all eight vehicles was arranged in the Olympic Park, the backdrop typifying the change to the area.  

RLH44 heads the gathering, with RLH53, RLH61, RLH48, RLH71, RLH69, RLH23 and RLH32 behind.

Timebus have been an enthusiastic operator of RLHs for many years, using the type for private hires to weddings and other special events. 

RLH53 seen heading along Penny Brookes Street, passing part of the Athletes' Village. 
After the sporting competition finished in 2012 these blocks were converted into luxury apartments, complete with a suitably large price tag.

After withdrawal by London Transport several RLHs migrated north to work for Samuel Ledgard in Leeds. 

None of this batch survive in presentation, but RLH32 has been repainted in the company's blue livery to recall this second life. 
RLH32 is seen in the Olympic Park whilst heading for the morning photo call.

RLH44 is unique amongst the UK examples in not being able to carry passengers.  Converted by LCBS to act as a mobile uniform issuing store which would tour garages, it has been preserved in this format by Timebus, recalling how many buses acted as 'service vehicles' before these roles were taken over by the ubiquitous 'Transit' van. 

Operating the first timetabled journey from Clapton Pond to Maryland,
RLH44 pauses at the (arguably) white elephant that is Stratford International - the nearest to the continent that direct trains calling here reach is Dover!

After initially being privately preserved, RLH48 passed to the London Bus Museum in April 2015.  After the hard work organising the previous weekend's route 65 running day, the museum was happy to play a supporting role in this event.  Modern street layouts in Maryland mean the original stand is no longer accessible.

 RLH48 is seen passing Maryland station at the start of a trip to Clapton Pond.

RLH53, along with RLH69 and RLH71, were exported to 'The Hill Country Wagons to Wings Collection' in Morgan Hill, California during January 1972.  After several owners 'Stateside' all three have returned to Great Britain and appeared at the running day. 

RLH53 is privately owned and is seen heading for Maryland along the A112. 
This road is a frontier between the swish Olympic Park behind the photographer and the 1960s social housing behind the bus.

RLH69 and RLH71 were both repatriated by the London Bus Company and the running day marked their re entry into UK service. 

RLH69 is resplendent in London Transport Livery as it sets off from Maryland station,

....whilst RLH71 retains an attractive livery gained overseas as it passes along the A112 en-route to Maryland.

RLH61 was exported to Canada in 1971 but by 2004 had been repatriated to UK by Ensignbus.

After a rebuild it has worked for the company since 2005 and is seen leaving Maryland in convoy with RLH71 and RLH53.

In homage to its Canadian sojourn it proudly retains it Ontario registration plate.

Very many thanks to Andrew for this insight into a rather splendid running day. Seemingly not one to be missed!

Bill Brown north of the border

Glasgow Citybus E200 SN17MUC with a Glasgow City Centre 15 service on April 21st.

Edinburgh Coach Lines Volvo B13RT Plaxton Panther, in Citylink livery, OIG1543 departing Edinburgh Bus Station operating service M92 to Dundee

This coach was new to Parks of Hamilton and is seen above on April 21st.

Ex National Express branded BV67JYU is now branded for Park of Hamilton working an M9 on April 21st.

Still in full Plaxton promotional livery but with Parks cherished registration, LSK807 is working an AIR service in Glasgow on April 21st.

Shiel Buses citylink BV70UAO seen in Glasgow on April 21st.

West Coast Motors Irizar YT15AWF working a 926 to Campbeltown from Glasgow on April 21st.

Martyn Sacaloff

Stephenson's operate this E400 in Haverhill CX14EWS, new to Express Motors in Penygroes, Wales, seen on April 21st.