Well, already 146 photographs as I start to compile the latest issue. Readers may have noticed that all pictures used are at a size of 1000x*** pixels which produce a nice visible but not too large rendition especially if one is using an iPad or phone. So, the contributions need to be edited and if they are very large reduced in size but this even allows a better end result. This always takes time and start work on the page as I am finishing the previous issue! So when you send picture contributions as late as a Sunday I have sometimes to make a difficult choice. I hope readers understand.

This week we have some excellent contributions and interesting news and note for example that Bicester Village Park & ride is back in full swing requiring more than one bus! (662)

We have some delightful pictures including some I am including in "Buses in the Landscape".

Edward Dixon

Seen here are 50261 OW14LJZ (T40 TUBE) & 50446 YX21NNH parked up between duties at St Andrews Square, Edinburgh,
 presumably avoiding charges placed on coaches on extended layover by the bus station! 

Further pictures from Edward can be found under Stagecoach below.

Jack Cooper

Citaro connector branded 867 is seen running through Drayton with a 33 service on April 29th.

Jack always manages to get some nice "in town" pictures and above 901 is working the X3 in Abingdon on April 27th.

 A taster of contributions

Once again we have many contributions from new and regular contributors.

Chris Lodington

Last year I sent you three photos of the ex Stagecoach Oxford Gold E400s that are now with the Merseyside and South Lancs. Fleet, after a short spell with Yorkshire at Barnsley. I finally managed to catch up with the fourth example, 15609 (OU10 BHA) which was once at Witney depot.

Seen  in Liverpool last Monday, April 26th. It is seen having just exited the Queensway Tunnel from Birkenhead on cross-river route 471 from Heswall.
Please feel free to use it in your Oxford Bus Page, which I really look forward to reading every Sunday night!

It is nice to see that it remains in Gold livery after its travels. I suppose the dictate will see this adopt the new livery soon? The picture also reminds me of a 13 hour day, May 23rd 1965 when I was driving for Ribble at Manchester. My coach for the day was 1080, see the link below. It was new to Scout. The day was a tour of loco sheds in Lancashire and the Wirral. Heading through the Mersey Tunnel 1080 developed a puncture and I had to be rescued with another coach to complete the tour! The replacement was 908 which was quite elderly by this time having been new in May 1953, so some 12 years old.

The Royal Tiger Coach like 908

Picture of Ribble 1080

Simon Mathieson

Area Managing Director Operations – Midlands, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire
Covering Buckinghamshire, Derby, Leicester, Leicestershire, Milton Keynes, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Telford & Wrekin, Transport for the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

Citaro 3038 almost ready for the paint booth in Derby – thought this view might interest your readers!
A High Wycombe based bus, this shows how much work is required to bring the bus up to standard.

Tony Bungay

Tony contributes from Aylesbury on May 1st.

Not the best photo, but this next Bus due indicator seems to have gone a bit awry! The correct time was indeed 15.17

More of Tony's photographs appear under various operators headings below.

Jack Cooper 


I am sure many readers are delighted to see printed publicity for all services (except the 11X, and Airline - the Airline is still running at a heavily reduced timetable, so no point in producing new leaflets just yet). All publicity is available to collect on buses as well as at the Gloucester Green Travel Shop. I have noticed leaflets are also appearing at Oxford Rail Station and Park & Ride sites with leaflet racks.



Currently on sale at Gloucester Green Travel Shop is a range of Oxford Bus Company merchandise, they are as follows

- X90 Teddy - 50p

- X90 through the years book - £2

- Double Decker book - £4

- 125 years of Oxford Bus Company - £5

For those unable to come into the shop, these items are available at this website -  https://www.oxfordbustickets.co.uk/product-category/oxford-bus-company/merchandise/

Please support our local company. 

Not many days now until we can socialise more and by June we may not even have to wear masks.

After June I wonder if the buses and coaches will be able to meet their full capacity? 

  Fleet news and developments  

Simon Mathieson 

Area Managing Director Operations – Midlands, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire
Covering Buckinghamshire, Derby, Leicester, Leicestershire, Milton Keynes, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Telford & Wrekin, Transport for the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

A few things that might be worth mentioning in a positive light: 

Really it is a new approach since I took over the area in late 2020 – but it takes time to embed improvements and change the culture.  Anything I can, I will send through.

I am sure that readers will appreciate those frank comments from Simon an we look forward to the changes to come. Ed.

Gavin Francis

StreetLites 2317 working the 30 and 2325 working the 32 in the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

Single deck on the 300, 2495 leaves the Eden Bus Station for Aylesbury on April 30th.

Solo SR 2509 is seen working a 1A service in the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

2786 is heading for Totteridge with a 33 from the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

Citaro variety in the Eden Bus Station on April 30th. 3915 with the 30, 3013 with the 1A and 3018 working a 300.

3539 in the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

6000 in the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

A double deck on the 300, 6049 leaves the Eden Bus Station for Aylesbury on April 30th.

Nick Ross

Gemini 4017 UUI2913 arrives at Leighton Buzzard station with the 1500 Milton Keynes - Aylesbury on April 26th.
 Red Rose start their competing Aylesbury - Leighton 101 service on May 9th too....... 

Nigel Peach

Had my second Covid jab at Adam's Park today (April 29th), so I had to come home via Cressex of course!

3926 has moved - I think it was parked behind other withdrawn buses.
In its place was newly repainted 2790. I imagine they are preparing it for returning to service. 

Whilst walking in Chapman Lane, Flackwell Heath on Sunday 25th, I was taken by surprise as Citaro 3013 passed me
 on the evenings and Sundays only route 37A, so a rather hastily taken picture. 

Tony Bungay

These two photos were taken in Park Street Aylesbury on May 1st. This road does not have a scheduled bus service but was being used on diversion due to the regular route for these services being closed due to a chimney collapse.

Arriva 6043 and 6049 on the 500 along Park Street on diversion as above.


Gavin Francis

Looking clean, StreetLite 20168 is seen in Magdalen Street East on April 27th after arriving from Bicester. 

Gavin Francis

During Gavin's visit to Wycombe on April 30th two different buses appeared on the X74.
E200 44564 and StreetLite 63314 at least looking clean and tidy ! 

Gavin Francis

An update from the last week on Flixbus.

Linburg Van Hool L29URG at Victoria with a 005 on April 26th.

Turners also use Van Hool coaches and here is YJ67CZY at Elizabeth Bridge on April 27th.

Ex National Express Whippet coaches now in full livery for Flixbus FX19 and FX32 near VCS on April 29th (FX19) and April 27th. (FX32) 

Following two pictures received from James Freeman I contacted Phil.

Phil Southall

PVL138 has been acquired by us but is for spares only so it won't enter service.
Photo by James Freeman on April 27th. 

Correct on 424, it has entered service to cover 884 that will be scrapped in due course.

844 to 848 are just spare at the minute to be used wherever they are needed across all three of our companies.
Photo by James Freeman on April 27th. 

Many thanks to Phil for that most useful update. 

Gavin Francis

Ex Brighton & Hove 242 working the 35 in the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

StreetLite 403 working the 104 from the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

Now a regular working the 27, 710 leaves the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

Citaro 859 in The One  branding is working the 1 from the Eden Bus Station on April 30th.

Ex London 941 converted to single door working the 39 from the Eden Bus Station on April 30th. 

Nigel Peach

I've been tracking orange liveried 424 since its return to service last week after a very long lay off.
Today (April 29th) I found it in Flackwell Heath on 36B (a school days route), near the Chapman Lane junction.

The 36 turns down Chapman Lane to get to Bourne End, but, poised to get a good picture, I discovered that the 36B doesn't! It takes a slightly longer route.
The rather anonymous 424 is on 36B. Both carrying a number of school children. 

Pete Cannon

Change of bus at lunchtime on April 29th was 941 LX05EZP replaced with 216 EF10OXF on service 27. 

Daniel Harwood

Airline Tourismo 35 heading for Heathrow on April 19th.

Gavin Francis

Quite often at present the company uses other than Park & Ride fleet on the services.
369 in Magdalen Street East with a 300 working on April 27th.

Here the 500 is being worked by MMC 605 on April 26th.

Jack Cooper

The remaining elite fleet, 67, 68, 69, 70 and 71 at Cowley House on April 26th.

Brookes 374 seen working a U1 service in the High Street on April 30th.

MMC 603 working the 400 is seen also in High Street on April 30th.

P&R 671 taking time in Gloucester Green on April 25th.

Gavin Francis

City Sightseeing 201 seen in the sun at Broad Street on April 26th.

Daniel Harwood

Milton Park branded StreetLite 442 seen working the 999C at Didcot Parkway on April 30th.

Jack Cooper

Scania 209 seen working the 41 on April 29th.

Rebranded 225 in connector livery is seen with an X2 in Abingdon on April 29th.

Seems there was a problem using double deck on the full 33 route and so PMU Mercedes were used.

Scania 245 seen working the 33 on April 29th.

978 is also seen in Abingdon with a 33 on April 29th.

Scania 914 is not often used at present and is seen here out of service on April 29th. 

Gavin Francis

NEx SH209 BX16CMO still has the ad on the back from 2019, when seen at VCS on April 29th 2021.
Cannot believe they did not have enough time with months off the road over the past year!

NEx Chalfonts BV19XPT working the 400 from VCS on April 26th.

NEx Edwards BU18OTA ready to operate the 040 to Bristol on April 26th.

Kings Ferry's BV19XPZ with an 022 arriving at VCS on April 26th.

Levante tri-axle SH211 is ready to depart for Heathrow with the A4 from VCS on April 26th.

NEx SH243 ready to operate the 540 to Manchester on April 26th.

Stotts Levante BK14LFF is ready to depart for Leeds with the 561 from VCS on April 26th.

NEx West Midlands BV17GRF waiting at Elizabeth Bridge on April 29th.

Thanks to Gavin for the update from London. 


Gavin Francis

Now working for red eagle YJ60BZO was once with Metroline working the U1 at Uxbridge on August 1st 2014.

Tony Bungay

This photo was taken in Park Street Aylesbury today, May 1st, this road does not have a scheduled bus service, but was being used on diversion due to the regular route for these services being closed due to a chimney collapse. 

Red Eagle Enviro 200 on Service 164 to Tring and Cheddington, in United Counties days it was numbered 75 later 561,
presumably to harmonise with the 61 now ironically also operated by Red Eagle.

Gavin Francis

The University service from High Wycombe to Uxbridge has changed operation to an ex London E200 which is a Euro6 convert as seen below.

On April 30th In High Wycombe is this ex Metroline E200 LJ09KPZ.

Tony Bungay

Redline former Oxford Bus Company Coach returning to Aylesbury along the Oxford Road on the earl evening of April 30th,
unfortunately the destination did not come out, but I recall it was showing Route Number RL08.
This coach was nr 90 in the Oxford fleet - KB07OXF.

MX09HHN, MX61BAO and YX12DKA operating the 130 to Aylesbury from the Eden Bus Station on April 30th. 

Note the following service change:

Bus route 120 timetable  Valid from 10 May 2021   Aylesbury - Haddenham - Thame/Worminghall


Gavin Francis

Heading for Oxford with a 275 service on April 30th, YX61FZH from the Eden Bus Station.

Tony Bungay

Red Rose East Lancs Double Decker, YN07EYK, on school service in Friarage Road Aylesbury on morning of April 28th

This photo was taken in Park Street Aylesbury today, May 1st, this road does not have a scheduled bus service, but was being used on diversion due to the regular route for these services being closed due to a chimney collapse. 

Red Rose E11RRT working their service 7, originally competing with Arriva Service 8,
this service is now the main service to Bedgrove Estate following the large reduction in frequency
on the Arriva service which also now  no longer operates Saturday. 

           including Oxfordshire

West has a new fleet of Scania/MMC's due which may have started to arrive as you read this. Details are shown hereunder.

15350 YT21DVA Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15351 YT21DVB Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15352 YT21DVC Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15353 YT21DVF Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15354 YT21DVG Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15355 YT21DVH Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15356 YT21DVJ Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15357 YT21DVK Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15358 YT21DVL Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15359 YT21DVM Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15360 YT21DVN Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15361 YT21DVO Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15362 YT21DVP Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15363 YT21DVR Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15364 YT21DVU Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15365 YT21DVV Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15366 YT21DVW Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15367 YT21DVX Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15368 YT21DVZ Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15369 YT21DWA Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15370 YT21DWC Sca N250UD AD H??/??F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester

Rachel Geliamassi, Managing Director of Stagecoach West including Oxfordshire commented when I asked her for her thoughts.

"Yes we are very pleased to have such a great fleet of new buses coming to us.  They will cover the Gloucester - Cheltenham corridor on the service 10."

Rachel has promised further information when it is available. These must be the first Scania double decks to enter a Stagecoach fleet for quite sometime now.

The last Scania N250UD was also for West registered in January 2018. This was part of a significant number of Scanias delivered in 2017 and 2018. They were 15308 - 15349 spread across various operating companies.

15349 YP67XBY Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001905550 AD H417/10 H43/28F 1/2018 Cheltenham & Gloucester

Gavin Francis for West

Swindon's trainer 35211 seen at Oxford on April 27th and earlier on January 7th 2019 working in Guildford.

Jack Cooper

Jack was at Gloucester Green when a Swindon Gold 10984 had to be recovered after failing with an S6 service.

To the best of my knowledge these Gold ADL buses have been reliable and so unusual to see one being recovered on April 25th.

A record of the E200 transferred from Manchester to Oxfordshire.

Theo Freeman for Oxford

I’ve just got back from Manchester late on Sunday April 25th. The buses collected were 36108 and 36111 which have come to Banbury, with 36109 and 36113 going to Oxford.

E200 36018 at Middleton depot awaiting collection. 

36111 is in the new livery and was repainted to go on Coronation Street, so it even has desalination blinds to Weatherfield! Unfortunately it wasn’t used as it has an alarm if the masters are left on which was interfering with the actors microphones, so a solo was used instead.

36111 seen with the other E200 36330 in the latest local livery on arrival at Banbury. 

36111 seen in Banbury depot display its Coronation Street destination!

E400 10068 has also arrived with 36760 going to Oxford.

Other buses noted at Middleton are shown below.

Solos 47671/2, E400 19422 and E400MMC 10852 at Middleton depot on April 25th.

Many thanks to Theo for these interesting pictures.

Kevin Fitzpatrick for Oxford

36108 seen in service at Banbury on May 1st.

Gavin Francis for Oxford

36113 seen at Oxford after arrival.

Some work to remove the Manchester branding was required before 36113 entered service.

Gary Seamarks

MMC 11252 is seen in Witney with an H2 service on April 26th.

Pete Leyman

I believe four buses have transferred down from Manchester depot, two for Banbury and two for Oxford but I could be wrong. Maybe you might know more on this. 

I have attached two photos of 36109 taken April 30th,one at Bicester outstation and the other taken at the J.R hospital waiting to depart the J.R hospital towards Bicester on the new Bicester H5 route. 

Enviro Dart 36109 MX59 JDF Has recently come down from Manchester depot to help out with Oxford operations, how long this vehicle is down here for I don’t know?

 But all this week 36109 has been based out of Bicester outstation doing all the country routes for Bicester.
First seen at Bicester outstation and then at the JR both on April 30th.
I wonder how long this will retain wheel nut guards ? Ed.

Frazer Peddle

MMC 10673 is seen in Speedwell Street with an 8 service on a wet April 28th.

Gavin Francis

36760 recently transferred from Banbury seen working the 16 in St Aldates on April 27th.

M A N 39685 was still at Oxford on April 29th.

MMC 10668 is seen in Magdalen Street East with an S5 on April 26th.

MMC 11238 is seen in Magdalen Street East with an S1 on April 26th. 

Bill Brown

A selection from Bill of recent workings.

In all white livery 26530 is seen leaving Kirkcaldy bus station with an X27A on April 27th.

E300 27599 operating route 7 to Hillend in Perth on April 27th.

E200 36193 working route 2 in Perth on April 24th.

Solo SR 47873 with a 24 service to Pitlochry on April 24th.

Edward Dixon

A welcome contribution from Edward showing operation of Astromegas and Panoramas from Perth depot.

The above pic showing 50261 & 50446 enjoying the spring sunshine on April 30th.

50264 resting at St Andrews Square Edinburgh 

Early morning run out at Perth depot pic of 5026? & 50265

Perth depot left to right 50266 (YJ14LFA). 50263(OW14LKC) & 50270 (YJ14LFF)
the latter I believe despite repaint has never entered service and was dispatched for storage at Arbroath ! 

50266 Ready for its 1st trip of the day to Auld Reekie (aka Edinburgh)

Unidentifiable but included to show the full effect of the branding. despite Stirling being served and is a City,
6 Cities branding was chosen to ovoid potential legal action by ScotRail (presumably) who use 7 Cities branding on former GWR high speed trains now operating in Scotland 

50446 About to leave Perth Bus Station with an early morning run to Edinburgh 

50447 at Broxden Park & Ride,
Perth this location has been used since the interception of megabus and has seen ex Oxford coaches
such as Berkhof Excellence's, Jonckheere Deauville’s and the tubes first deckers Jonckheere Monaco’s that spent there twilight years at this location 

The ex tubes still retain internal tube branding including social distancing signage! 

Pity the monitors are not put to good use!
These Panoramas were delivered to full Oxford spec including the Hanover displays ,bike racks (now removed) and even the WiFi logon is “Oxford tube” 

I really appreciate these pictures from Edward which give a flavour of old and new in use from Perth depot.

Lorne Woolsey

A picture of the Sir Captain Tom Moore bus at Bedford bus station.
11279 at the layover on April 28th.  

         Scott - Western SMT

I am delighted to have this picture from Scott of an ex Oxford tube working the X77. The link above will take you to his flickr page and photographs.

50280 seen in Glasgow with an X77 service on April 25th. 

The following notice was issued by Stagecoach on April 24th.

Service update: Due to a protest we are currently unable to service Marble Arch and Notting Hill Gate (Oxford Bound).
Passengers are advised to use next available stop located at The Coronet Theatre Notting Hill. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 1:25 PM · April 24th 2021.

The result for one Panorama was a myriad of stickers on the rear of the coach.

50422 seen back at Gloucester Green with the "scars" from its encounter at Marble Arch.

Daniel Harwood

I met a nice driver who let me take some photos inside the new Oxford Tube coach.

These pictures of 50435 were taken on April 29th and it is nice to see a driver taking interest in an enthusiast, not always the case !

Gavin Francis

Glistening in the sun, 50437 and 50439 are seen at Horspath depot on April 26th.

Now ! those are clean wheels, so much better than dirty wheels ! 50440 and 50443 at Network Oxford on April 28th.

Gary Seamarks

Astromega 50237 is seen with driver training taking place in Witney on April 28th.

Gavin Francis

 'Bussy Galore' ME69MPT. MP Travel - Megabus liveried - Volvo B11R / Plaxton Panther 3 - ME69 MPT at Victoria on April 29th. 

London operators

Gavin Francis

Go Ahead London WSD14 with a 44 to Totting Station seen along Buckingham Palace Road on April 26th.

London United BYD BE37040 working a C1 to Victoria turning out of Elizabeth Street on April 26th. 

Michael Wadman

Continuing our look at Red Rose, 

FJ06URS – one of a pair of Dennis Dart SLF with SCC bodywork, acquired new in 2006.
Seen in Beechin Grove, Watford on service W50 on May 21st 2007.
Sadly it would be lost in a depot fire later that year when only eighteen months old. 

OU08EHP – one of a pair of Enviro 200s acquired new in 2008, seen in Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead on December 12th that year on service H10. 

OU08EHO – was the second of the pair. Departing from a rather damp Watford Junction on service W1 on April 8th 2018
after having been re-registered E6 RRT and numbered 50505.  

R102TKO – a Mercedes Vario with Plaxton body, new to Arriva Kent & Sussex.
It later ran for Arriva Cymru, Dunn Line, and East Yorkshire, before being acquired by Red Rose in 2010.
Still in East Yorkshire livery in central Milton Keynes on service 29 on May 25th 2010. 

VU02TPZ – Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton, new to Epsom Coaches, at Carpenders Park station on service W19 on July 3rd 2013.

As ever Michael provides us with some interesting reminders of this varied fleet. 

Michael Wadman

In the issue before last (April 18th) you had an item on Ourbus Bartons and questioned whether they had been featured in OCBP before.  

Actually, yes, in issue 37 (2nd December 2018), where you covered a trip that I made to Banbury which included riding on them from Kidlington to Middle Barton and on to Deddington, with some photos.

Many thanks to Michael, I did wonder but so many issues have passed ! 

Martyn Sacaloff

Martyn has made a marathon trip stretching from the south coast to the north east coast of England and provides us with a record of buses and coaches he recorded.

These can all be enjoyed at this link:


Some of local interest are shown below though Proctors have used cherished registrations and so the ex Airline coaches are unidentified when seen on April 29th.

Three of the Scania/Plaxtons now with Proctors.

Still for sale is this ex Airline Interdecker GB63OXF seen at the yard.

A useful addition in any fleet these days is this recovery truck.

More links for Martyn's trip are shown below.




Although Martyn drove more than 600 miles in his car he also used buses where he stayed thus being able to provide a fascinating insight in the areas visited on his post lockdown trip. 


Bill Brown

Bill visited this company in Pitlochry to record some of their fleet.

Two of the coaches in this fleet north of the border seen on April 24th.

Bus services are also run by the company using amongst others this one of two ADL E200s delivered in 2018 and seen at Old Struan
on April 24th. YX18KUO sister to YU18KUP.