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 A taster of contributions

Contributors have excelled themselves this week and we have interesting modern and not so modern photographs, a recognition that Stagecoach West now adds Oxfordshire to its portfolio with a picture from Gloucester.
Also some of you have created some nice Buses in the Landscape which add much to the page and many readers enjoy such views.

Cheltenham & Gloucester 9523 LWS39Y seen in Gloucester Bus Station on November 7th 1992 by Michael Wadman.
This is an ex-Bristol OC Leyland Olympian / Roe

This picture by Dave Allen shows COMS 342 said to be at a rally in Hull during the late 1970s.
A question asked is "I wonder if it still exists? Perhaps somebody on the page could tell us."

X3 branded StreetDeck 663 is seen in the depths of Barton on May 8th with a service for Abingdon by Jack Cooper

Citaro 866 heading for Wantage along Lyndene Road on May 7th by Jack Cooper

A repeat request

As so far I have not had any response I wonder if anyone can assist. I think the location was at a Trans Pennine Rally?

Martin Sutton writes "I have been whiling away the hours by, amongst other things, cataloguing photographs for The Bus Archive.  I am presently working with Ian Manning on the late Clive King's collection, which he has left to The Bus Archive along with his books and other items.  As you can imagine, his collection is expansive.  However, he did not keep any written records of exactly what he was photographing or of locations, and it was said that he didn't need to since he could remember all the details.  He had a predilection for the obscure, including odd non-PSV types, travellers vehicles and so on.  Coupled with the fact that he wasn't really interested in the background, most of his pictures are record shots of the vehicles themselves, rarely in service, and mostly in depots and yards.  This makes identifying many of the locations a particular challenge.

One such challenge is the vehicle in the attached picture of FHT112.

Are you or your readers please able to shed any light on where this picture may have been taken, whether Messrs J A Golding & I R Watson of Wellow still owned it in 1972 

 We know this much of its history, largely derived from the Bristol Su and BusView sites:-

Sep 38

In service with Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company Limited, Bristol (3209)


Rebuilt by Bristol Tramways


Out of service with Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company Limited, Bristol (3209)

Jan 55

In service with Brighton, Hove & District Omnibus Company Limited, Hove (5995)


Converted to CO30/26R

May 56

Fleet number changed to 995


Out of service with Brighton, Hove & District Omnibus Company Limited, Hove (995)

Oct 62

Southern Vectis Omnibus Company Limited, Newport (906)


In service with Southern Vectis Omnibus Company Limited, Newport (906) - Based at Ryde

Jul 66

Out of service with Southern Vectis Omnibus Company Limited, Newport (906)

Aug 66

J A Golding & I R Watson, Wellow

Jan 75

D W Boughton, Ipswich

Dec 17

Seaford & District Motor Services, Seaford

We also know from the context with the other pictures around it that it was taken on the 1972 Trans-Pennine Run.  Checking my Buses Illustrated 1972 volume, there is a report of the Trans-Pennine Run in the October edition by David Fereday Glenn and John F Parke.  I quote from that article: "The West Yorkshire Road Car Co Ltd had generously lent its mobile inquiry office to serve as a control and commentary point - Malcolm Crowe was once again in good voice and form as a commentator".  On the basis that there can only possibly be one Malcolm Crowe, this leads me to you!

National Express have applied a visit Spain super rear on various coaches during the past few days though Spain was not included in the Green List last Friday !

NEx Levante III 292 BV69KSF working a 507 service shows off this latest advert in VCS on May 7th by Gavin Francis.

I have had to leave over some other pictures for next week including some from Martyn Sacaloff who has been in South Wales.

Something for readers to look forward to !

Well, the worst is nearly over, May 17th and June 21st are the next two important dates. We know now what the situation is for the May date but by Step 4 which will take place no earlier than June 21st, the government hopes to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact. 

  Fleet news and developments  

 changing. bit.ly/2SAkZhW

With thanks to Paul Swann of Arriva we have the latest allocation lit for our areas.

Enthusiast SR Fleet 30 Apr 21.xlsx

Making a continuing story line is this picture from Simon Mathieson of 3038 seen at Derby works.

Stage 2, ready for paint -
who will be the first with a photographs on its return to Wycombe?

Gavin Francis

E400 5464 is seen arriving at Oxford Station with a 280 service on May 2nd.

Tourismo 7210 is seen on Elizabeth Bridge heading for Luton Airport with a 757 service on May 2nd. 

Malcolm Crowe

I noticed when taking photographs that the legal lettering on Wycombe based vehicles has changed.

Citaro 3017 with 2731 in Cressex yard on May 4th.

ALX 400 6000  in Cressex yard on May 4th.

Another view of Cressex yard on May 4th. It seems that 3700 is now a repaint spare.

The Eden Bus Station always provides interest, 3539 looks better from this side May 4th. 

Gavin Francis

YJ19BBN with a Cardiff service on May 3rd. Who operates this coach?

TH21NDY and the rear of TT21NDY which shows how easy it is to get a registration wrong!
May 7th and May 3rd on  Elizabeth Bridge.

Turners YJ67CZY at the end of Elizabeth Bridge on May 2nd.

Whippet Coaches BV67JZT, not yet repainted and BV67JZP looking smart in the Flixbus livery on My 2nd and 7th.

Flixbus continue to grow and offer some very competitive prices!

E200 424 now seems a regular performer on the 337 route.

Malcolm Crowe

Scania 214 with Citaro 860 and Solo 711 at the depot on April 28th.

713 sits next to her sister which was 712 before joining Chiltern Buses both seen on April 30th.

Solo 710 is normally working the 27 by the side of Scania 218  and 941 seen on May 4th.

Mercedes ex PMU 979 in the overflow yard seen on May 4th.

Gavin Francis

On May 2nd and 3rd the 400 was worked by quite a variety of liveries and buses with 300, 356, 368 and 602.

The 500 had a Park & Ride 670 working the service on May 2nd.

Sunshine livery on 684 heading for Cowley Centre with a 3A service on May  2nd.

Jack Cooper

On Friday last I was very pleased to see 665 on the X3 showing Bus Full as it had reached its social distancing capacity, a happy sight to see as it proves people are getting back to normality, and using the bus!

665 at the J R on May 8th  

666 is seen heading towards Abingdon with an X3 working on May 4th.

On May 8th the 400 had Park & Ride bus 676 seen at Carfax on May 8th.

Orange 691 is seen in Barton with a number 8 service on May 8th.

Theo Freeman

On May 8th, Chiltern Trains 602 was busy with an X3 service seen above in St Aldates.

Thomas Walker

I visited Oxford last weekend on May 1st and got a couple of photos of note:

debranded Airline liveried Panther 23 - CF14OXF working the 11X BMW Plant service seen crossing Magdalen Bridge

StreetDecks 901 - NK20EXT and 902 NK20EKW at Bicester A41 Park & Ride on the Bicester Village shuttle

More photos from Bicester, Oxford, and Milton Keynes over the weekend are here: 


Gavin Francis

Maybe this Tourismo was acting as an overflow waiting/rest area on May 2nd ? It is on bay 5 at Gloucester Green.

Jack Cooper

Former Airline 62 has been acquired by Cymru Coaches, and was sold by dealership Procters Coach and Bus Sales. That joins 63 which was sold to Portsmouth City Coaches, and has been re registered from TO63 OXF to ORV 992. 

Tourismo 30 was parked at Gloucester Green Bay 5 all day Wednesday, this is to provide additional capacity for drivers having their breaks, as the break room in the travel shop is limited due to social distancing.  

Tourismo 30 looks impressive in Gloucester Green on May 5th. Note the easyBus logo!

Gavin Francis

Seen in Frideswide Square in the sun with happy sightseers  using 201 on May 2nd.

Back up is provided by the natty little van, 1905, seen in Gloucester Green on May 4th. 

Jack Cooper

I had forgotten to mention last week, 978 was running a 33 shuttle between Abingdon and Culham, as Culham Bridge is shut. This means that the regular 33 is unable to serve Culham Village, a shuttle bus runs the service to Culham. As of Sunday 9th, the service will be incorporated into the 4 road timetable, with buses coming off of the city4 at Abingdon, terminating in Bridge Street, and running the 33 shuttle to Culham (numbered 33C) and on return to Abingdon the 33C will terminate at Abingdon High Street with the bus continuing onto Oxford as a city4 service. 

33C timetable - https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/2021/5/6/33C-shuttle-timetable-May2021.pdf

city4 timetable - https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/2021/5/6/city4-temporary-timetable_-_May_2021.pdf

All that is different with the city4 timetable is the last stop is Bridge Street as opposed to High Street and Stratton Way. 

Many thanks to Jack for that clarification.

Malcolm Crowe

connector branded 906 is seen in Frideswide Square working the X2 to Didcot on May 3rd.
Driven on that day by an old friend of ours, Andy Pang.

Milton Park branded 907 was working a following service on May 3rd, seen at Oxford Train Station.

Jack Cooper

907 and 442 pass in Didcot showing the Milton Park branding to perfection on May 7th.

Mercedes 874 is seen in St Aldates on May 4th with an X39 working and then 875 seen at Didcot Parkway with a 94 on May 7th.

Many buses in St Aldates including 906 working an X32 on May 8th.

907 in two settings, first in Lyndene Road and then at Wantage Market Place both on May 7th.

908 in Haydon Road with Didcot Parkway in the background on May 7th.

909 is seen at Didcot Parkway ready for a journey to Wantage with the X36 on May 7th.

971 is seen at Didcot Parkway ready for a journey to Berinsfield with the 95B on May 7th.

Thomas Walker

Thames Travel Mercedes/MCV Evolution 874 AE61EWP on the 11 to Wallingford on May 1st. 

Gavin Francis

There are at least 3 coaches with this design. I attach my pictures showing two coaches and the other one I saw was Reg LDD. 

The new super rear for Spain on two of the Levante IIIs - BV69KTE and BF68LDL - in NEx livery at VCS on May 8th.

Working the 040 along Buckingham Palace Road is BV66WPM looking spruce in the sun on May 4th.

This coach has history, first with South Gloucester, then Kings Ferry and now Woods of Leicester - BX65WCF with a 440 service on May 4th. 


Kevin Fuller

Open top sightseeing tours have restarted in Windsor - on May 1st 2021, The Original Tour's Dennis Trident / Plaxton President LF52 URH is seen at the Parish Church stop. This bus was previously running for Arriva London as its DLP102.


including Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Kevin Fuller

Thames valley branded Optare Solo SR 191, YJ66AEW passes through Eton Wick
on its way to Maidenhead from Slough on route 15, on May 1st 2021. 

Kevin Fuller 

Red Eagle recently acquired three short A-D Enviro 200's from First, where they were used on a dedicated contract with Wessex Water in the Bath area, painted in a white / blue colour scheme.

Still in its previous owner's livery and showing its old fleet number, 44904, WX08LNP
is seen in Pink Lane, Burnham on the Tues / Friday only 68 service from Slough to Maidenhead on April 30th 2021. 

Thomas Walker

A surprise was this double decker at Bicester.

Marshall bodied Volvo Citybus B137GAU (ex Arriva Derby 137) working as the Bus Fayre cafe in Bicester.

Some interesting appearances on rail replacement at Milton Keynes Central over the bank holiday weekend:

Imperial Coaches ADL Enviro 400 MMC SK19EVP

South Staffs Coach Hire ADL Enviro 400 60 GBZ477 (ex Metroline LK08FMA TE1572)

Ridleys Coaches Volvo Plaxton Panorama YX70MBO

And Cymru Coaches have started running school duplicates in Milton Keynes using this former Kings Ferry Levante.

More photos from Bicester, Oxford, and Milton Keynes over the weekend are here: https://mkttransportphoto.smugmug.com/2021/May-2021/UK-Bus-Other-Transport-May-2021 

           including Oxfordshire


Richard Sharman

A very interesting interview between Punchline Gloucester and the new MD, I was very impressed with the answers given, and the insight into the future of the merged Operating Companies.


Notes on new buses

Delivery of the new Scania fleet for Gloucester has yet to commence as they are still in build.

Providing S6 branded buses seems difficult as the two pictures below show.

Gavin Francis

On May 2nd, Gavin caught Gold 15344 heading for Swindon but with the wrong destination which should be
Faringdon for Swindon.

Jack Cooper

Gold MMC 15348 arrives from Swindon at Gloucester Green with an S6 working on May 5th.


Gavin Francis

MMC 11251 seen leaving Park End Street heading for Carterton with an S1 on May 2nd.

36109 has had a rather intermittent stay so far at Oxford seen here at Horspath seen on May 7th. 

Jack Cooper

MMC 11239 is seen in Gloucester Green with an S2X on May 5th. 

Pete Leyman

Really was surprised when this turned up at Bicester 39685 KX08 KYY.

The picture was taken at Kingsmere's housing estate working the 26 route on May 5th and heading back into Bicester town.

Unfortunately the vehicle was only out here for a short while and then was returned back to Oxford depot. This was then replaced with Oxford Enviro 200 36931. 

Theo Freeman

Nothing too unusual about Saturday, May 8th.


36111 entered service at Banbury on Wednesday after having a little bit of work done and has been on the B5 all week.



 36109 in Risinghurst. 

Bill Brown

Scania 15621 recently repainted in the latest local livery seen on May 5th. 

Ex Manchester ALX400 18351 is seen leaving Kirkcaldy on May 5th. 

Gavin Francis

A question was asked recently what had happened to the four ex megabus Astromegas. Last week we showed 50237 on driver training and now Gavin caught up with 50233 and 50250 in service last Saturday.

The Astromega is a timeless design i my opinion.

Jack Cooper

Panorama 50434is seen at Gloucester Green on May 5th.  

Tony Bungay

I regret the weather today 8/5/21 has not produced the best of photos! It shows Z & S Enviro 200 working dedicated service K1 to the Kingsbrook development just outside Aylesbury.

The old style Railway Signals were put there to commemorate the fact that the Bus is on a road  built on the track bed of the former Aylesbury – Cheddington  Branch Line opened I think in 1839 closed to goods traffic in the early 1960’s. It was reputed to be the worlds first branch line and terminated at Aylesbury  High Street Station, not the present station which didn’t arrive until many years later. The track bed on which this road was built, remained disused and become totally overgrown with trees like the ones in the background until cleared for the road a few years ago.

Michael Wadman

Continuing the Red Rose story, the sudden appearance of five-character fleet numbers on the Red Rose fleet (although these now seem to have been discontinued), set the rumour mill into overdrive, with much speculation that they had been taken over by Stagecoach or First! The explanation turned out to be more mundane: they were the serial numbers of the ticket machine baseplates. 

These shots were all taken in Watford on April 24th 2015. 

50510 (W402 UGM), Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton, new to Capital Coaches, in Market Street on route 501. 

50523 (Y842 TGH), Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton, former London Central LDP142, in the High Street on route W1. 

50505 (OU08 EHO), ADL Enviro 200, in the High Street on route W1. 

50530 (KX09 ACU), ADL Enviro 200, in Market Street on route 501.

As always, Michael has provided some interesting memories of this ever developing company. 

Paul Bateson in Canada


Paul Bateson was pleased to hear that the City of Brampton, Ontario was putting its first electric bus into service on Tuesday, May 4th 2021 and was on hand to photograph this important development on its first day.  Brampton Transit has a fleet of close to 450 buses manufactured by New Flyer and NovaBus. 

A charging station has been erected at the Mount Pleasant GO Station serving route 26.  This route has a round trip time of 40 minutes serving a rapidly growing residential area.  Six New Flyer XE40 buses (2152-57) have been acquired with future plans to extend electric bus operation to a second route operating across the city to Highway 50 where another charging station will be installed. 

It is necessary when the bus arrives at Mount Pleasant to ensure that the bus is parked precisely
to allow the charging connection to be made with the roof of the bus. 

The turn around point at the north end of the route is on Clockwork Drive,
very much a residential area still under construction as can be seen by the field adjacent to the bus. 
This offside view of the electric bus shows off the new livery and attractive design of this bus. 

For the number cruncher, it is handy that the builder's plate is clearly visible at the entrance to the bus! 

The New Flyer XE40 seats 39 passengers, five more seats than most low floor buses in the fleet. 

Your correspondent had his picture taken in front of 2152. 
Not entirely flattering with his long hair thanks to the closure of hairdressers but note the Routemaster face mask!

What an excellent piece from Paul, this form of electric transport would seem to have many benefits for the approaching age of electric power.

Neil Gow

Just to respond to the caption on Tony Bungays’ picture of KB07OXF, Redline RL08 is a Lord William’s Schools to Chinnor school service so he would have seen it returning to the depot. It’s one of a group of five, three run to Princes Risborough via different routes and two to Chinnor.

If you stand in Stone (or anywhere on the A418 between Coldharbour Way and Dinton at the right time you get them passing through, also Z&S and Vale. 


https://www.flickr.com/photos/reliance590/50514952887 (and the three that follow) 

North of the Border in Scotland with Bill Brown

Borders Buses SK19ELX is seen in Edinburgh with an X62 to Peebles on May 1st.

Edinburgh Coach Lines work local service 13 seen on May 1st.

E. & M. Horsburgh run this Wrights Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban   10101 - RIG 6491 ( Previous reg: GN06 EVG.)

First 33646 - SN66WGY is seen at the Airport with an X23 to the city of Edinburgh on May 1st.

Various Lothian buses in Edinburgh on May 1st.

The older and newer1026 and 1127 so far in white on May 1st.

City Sightseeing Edinburgh style with buses seen in old Edinburgh on May 1st.

Parks Panoramas at Edinburgh Airport on May 1st. 

Ross Newman of Ensign

Purfleet in April as follows………. 


From First Devon and Cornwall : Volvo B7TL’s WR03YZW / YZV. 

From Original London Sightseeing : Volvo B7L’s LX05GDZ / GEJ / KNZ / KOA / HSC  EU05DVW / DVX      DAF DB250’s LJ51DJZ / DKE / DKK / DKL / DKF / DKV   LF52URJ / URK. 

From Arriva London : All of these are in poor condition and are likely to go straight for scrap, any that are sold elsewhere will be listed as they go. Darts LJ54LHL / LJ05GPF / SN06BPE / SN06BPF    DAF DB250 KL52CXJ     E200’s LJ58AVZ / AUW / AUY   LJ07EDU / ECT   E400  LJ08CYP    Volvo B7TL’s LJ04YWT / LJ54BCF / LJ54BCK / LJ05BKV / LJ55BVU / LJ55BVW / LJ55BVZ / LJ55BVD / LJ55BVE / LJ55BVF / LJ55BVL  

From Go Ahead NE : Volvo B9R YY63OJD 

From Go Ahead London : Volvo B7TL’s W541/542WGH   LX54GZH / GZL / GZM / GZN 

From private owner :  Spectra YJ51ZVM 

From Lothian Buses : Volvo B9TL’s SK07CAA / CAE / CAO / CAU / CAV   SN57GNJ / GNK 

From Bear Buses : Trident V479KJN 

From Stagecoach Highlands : Volvo B12Bs SV08GXO / GXN  SV09EGD / EGK   SJ57AAX / AAY / AAZ   SF57DPV   Volvo B7R SP06SVJ 


E200s GN08CHD / CGX / CGY / CGZ : Thandi Reds, Smethwick, Birmingham. 

Volvo B7R KX56JZM : Coastal Liner, Wolverhampton. 

Volvo B7RLE SN57DCO : Happy Als, Liverpool. 

Volvo B7RLE SK07CGV : Roselyn Coaches, Par, Cornwall. 

E200 LJ09KPN : Go Ahead NE. 

E200 LJ58AVE : Galleon Travel, Roydon, Essex. 

E200 LJ09KPL : Redline, Aylesbury. 

Trident V479KJN : Fourways Coaches, Chelmsford. 

Volvo B9TL LX60DXH : D and E Coaches, Inverness. 

Volvo B11RT BX65WDE : Candy Coaches, Morden, Surrey. 

Volvo B9TL BJ11DVX : Shiel Buses, Fort William. 

Volvo B12Bs SV08GXP / SJ57AAY : Panther Travel, Harwich. 

Volvo B9TL  BJ11EAF : ASD Coaches, Strood. 

Volvo B9TL SN57GMX : Wheelers Travel, Southampton. 

Volvo B9TLs BJ11EBP / DZY : London Borough of Havering . 

Volvo B9TL BJ11DSX : Tyrers Coaches, Manchester. 

Trident V517ESC : Scarborough Suncruisers. 

Volvo B9TL’s SK07CAA / CAE / CAO / CAU / CAV / SN57GNK : Catteralls Coaches, Southam, Warwicks. 

Volvo B7RLE SK07CGX : Ricardo UK Ltd, Shoreham. 

DAF LF52URJ : Riviera Tours, Torquay. 

Trident LN51GMF : First Devon and Cornwall. 

The following all to Shelton Motors for scrap : 

Volvo B7TL’s LF52ZPD / LT52WXD. 

Tridents  LK05GHA   LR02LYX 

E200s SN08ACV / AAZ / ABV / AEC. 

Scania YT59SHV 


392 sold to First Eastern Counties. 

102 / 103 sold to Imperial Coaches, Slough 

Many thanks to Ross for this update.