This last week has been full of news about the industry and upcoming changes in how many passengers can be carried as the Covid-19 restrictions ease on May 17th.

The companies are preparing for increased loadings and improvements in services which we have endeavoured to cover in this issue. Also we have some interesting reports and pictures from our area and north of the border with pictures from Bill Brown, Martyn Sacaloff and Voirrey Cadle. Voirrey used to drive on the tube when I was there but has now moved to the Isle of Mull with West Coast Motors.

Indeed Martyn has some hundreds of pictures from his trip which can be seen at the link below:


I have selected a number which appear under various headings below but this will give some idea of the interesting pictures to see.

Once the flagship of the National Express 737 service between Oxford and Stansted in 2010 was 53701 (OU10GYH)
now eleven years old and registered A16RNY with the Rennies fleet at Cowdenbeath on May 14th by Martyn Sacaloff.

Ex Oxford Astromega 50261 is seen in Edinburgh on May 15th by Martyn Sacaloff.

Michael Wadman has provided pictures of Red Rose and Cheltenham & Gloucester which show how things change over time, even two years. These can found under Times of Old below.

For those in the West, David Oakley has provided a picture of the latest SC West double decks due shortly. This may surprise readers when they see the picture.

Scania 15354 - YT21DVG seen at Alexander's on May 15th ready for delivery. The distance livery is a surprise I think?

Phil Southall

840 to 843 have now all landed in Norfolk and are being launched today. so you should be fine to put something in next weekends update.

Norfolk Covid test buses rolled out ahead of third wave | Eastern Daily Press (edp24.co.uk)


There is a picture below under the Covid update.

Rob Evans


Cancellation of train services on LNER and GWR as class 800 trains are withdrawn for safety checks by Richard Sharman

Monday May 10th

There is a large scale cancellation of train services today due to safety checks on Class 800 series Hitachi trains from several train operators as a precautionary measure.

Totally understandable and the right thing to do, however, no road transport is being provided as an alternative.

Hundreds of coach operators have invested in PSVAR-compliant vehicles and are ready to go with one call, it might take some organising by the train operators, but surely its better to keep people moving than just saying don't travel?

I wonder if this will help the buses and other lines?

The 33C mentioned below under Oxford Bus

Finally I have more pictures from Martyn Sacaloff of his tour of Wales, Scotland and the Lake District which will be in the next issue 166. 

Another piece of interesting news from Phil Southall, MD of Oxford Bus is the move of five Citaros (840-843) to Norfolk as mobile vaccination centres to help with the Pandemic.

843 is seen  ready for duty on May 10th. A praiseworthy effort by the company.


Life is getting easier and the item below gives hope for us all.

Change to allow greater bus capacity in England from May 17th

The Department for Transport has accepted a risk-based case produced by the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) for the use of every forward-facing seat on bus services in England. As a result, that will be permitted outside London from Monday 17 May where capacity is currently constrained on busy journeys.

While the change will be welcomed by operators that have seen difficulties on certain trips, CPT has been careful to stress that the development does not represent a ‘big bang’ approach of a return to full capacity across the board.

The Confederation adds that the relaxation – agreed by Under-Secretary of State for Transport Baroness Vere – is in response to issues experienced on some journeys under the current limitation that allows around 40-45% of a bus’s total seating to be used. Demand is expected to further increase shortly as further restrictions in England are lifted. Rear- and side-facing seats still should not be used after 17 May, however.

“This is about trying to solve problems at peak times,” says a CPT spokesperson. They add that at less busy times, it should still be the case that passengers are expected to socially distance when on board. However, the Confederation believes that if the step was not taken now there is a risk of long-term damage to patronage and a diversion of some customers to “unsustainable modes.”

CPT’s risk-based case represents an update of a previous document from 2020. It enabled the use of one of every pair of forward-facing seats, except by those travelling in family groups where both positions can be occupied. CPT says that the 17 May change takes into account the low prevalence of COVID-19, the rapid rollout of the vaccination programme and a greater knowledge of on-bus ventilation. 

  Fleet news and developments  

Sadly Arriva had another fire last week. The bus involved is believed to be 3539 which was burnt badly working service 1 through Amersham from High Wycombe.

From Sunday, May 16th Green Line 757 between London Luton Airport, Luton Town Centre and Central London will increase to hourly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gavin Francis

Tourismo 7202 turns on to Elizabeth Bridge by Gavin Francis.

Wrights 3798 seen working the X8 in High Street, Oxford on May 11th

Gary Seamarks

A few images from a 30 minute break in MK on May 12th, very quiet both bus and passenger wise perhaps some due to the recent service revisions/cuts, again the sum was annoying.

StreetLite 3305 is seen working route 4.

Wrights 3608 is seen with an F70 to Luton leaving MK.

Wrights 3929 working route 6 is seen heading for Bletchley.

Volvo/Wrights 4217 is seen with route 3 to Amazon.

Aylesbury's 5460 is seen with a 150 service to Aylesbury via Leighton Buzzard. The date May 12th.

Jack Cooper

E 400 5460 this time with a 280 service in Oxford on May 11th.

Citaro 3018 in New Road and 5469 near The Westgate both in Oxford on May 14th and 12th respectively with 280 services.

Matt Robinson

Aylesbury’s Volvo B7TL 4022 at the Halton Camp terminus of route 8 taken today, May 12th.


Paul Weal

I see Arriva are reintroducing the X30 as a 30 minute frequency between Wycombe and Princes Risborough. Five buses an hour through largely open countryside! 



Bakers HB15MTB running through Woodstock on May 15th by Ciaran Bird

Gary Seamarks

ne image taken on May 13th near Millbrook Vehicle Test Centre.

It is one of the new First Leeds, BYD/E400's assume it was leaving the facility for the run home, perhaps in 2 stages ?
 While I have seen plenty of movements to/from Millbrook this was the first I was able to get a photo of for a long while. 

Gavin Francis

G caught up with more Flixbus services in Victoria during the past week.

Whippet 25 seen with a 002 service waiting time on Elizabeth Bridge on May 12th.

Turners has a varied fleet working for Flixbus and here is an Irizar i6 BB18WEB also waiting time on Elizabeth Bridge on May 12th.

On May 11th  Gavin caught this ex B M Coaches YJ19BBF now with Turners also near VCS on May 11th with an 041 to Bristol.
All the coaches for Flixbus were sold and some have moved to Turners.

A number of developments and issues are reported in various sections of this issue including Citaros 840-843 and the improved Airline services.

Strangely Citaro 884 is still showing as in service during the past week having initially been removed after the conflagration. 424 continues as a regular on the 337 but did appear on link40 service through Stokenchurch during the past week.

Gavin Francis

M A N  E200 421 also appeared working route 8 Park & Ride seen in Coronation Road on May 14th. 

Ciaran Bird

Park & Ride 678 "Andy Carter" working the 500 in Woodstock on May 15th.

Gavin Francis

Wrights 355 is seen waiting time at the beginning of St Giles whilst working 2 road services on May 11th.

Here an MMC Brookes/city bus 608 is seen with a 15 road service on May 11th.

Jack Cooper

Park & Ride StreetDeck 678 has been named in memory of Andy Carter, a long serving colleague of the Oxford Bus Company.

A very good tribute to such a wonderful man!

Hybrid 301 seen with a service 4A to Elms Rise on May 12th. The number plate is most appropriate !

Wright 13 branded 353 is seen near The Westgate on May 12th.

Wrights 372 shows the extra length on these buses seen working U1 road at the top of New Road on May 14th.

StreetDeck 657 seen near the train station with a 5 road service on May  11th.

StreetDeck 666 seen heading through the rain in Abingdon with an X3 working on May 13th.

Another StreetDeck, 688 branded for 8 & 9 roads heading for Barton on May 12th.

May 14th was Citaro day on the 35 as seen above with 844 and 847.

Also on May 14th most unusually a Citaro appeared working the 300 by The Westgate in Castle Street.

902 is seen heading for Barton with an X3 passed by Thames Travel 907 with an X2 to Oxford Train Station on May 13th.

Abingdon Road and Tollgate Road Closure, Culham - Thames Travel 33 and Oxford Bus Company city4 (9th May until approximately 1st June 2021) 

From Sunday May 9th until approximately 1st June 2021 (subject to roadworks finishing as planned), Abingdon Road and Tollgate Road in Culham will be closed. Your Thames Travel’s 33 services will be unable to serve Culham Village. As a result, Oxford Bus Company will be operating a temporary shuttle service as detailed below, with two journeys being operated by Thames Travel.

Please note that due to needing to operate the shuttle service, the terminus of the Abingdon-bound city4 service will be temporarily located at Abingdon, Bridge Street. Services travelling towards Oxford will not be affected.

The 33C shuttle timetable and the city4 temporary timetable can be found below.

33C Shuttle Timetable - Valid from 9th May until 1st June 2021 (PDF, 105KB)

city4 Temporary timetable - Valid from 9th May until 1st June 2021 (PDF, 890KB)

The 33C was launched on Sunday last and is operated by Oxford Bus (except 2 journeys which are ran by Thames in the evenings on weekdays). On Monday, I had put up the timetables at all the bus stops served by the 33C, whilst the timetables aren't as good looking as the proper 33 timetables, they certainly do the job as a temporary fixture!

StreetDeck 661 is seen with a 33C working through Culham on May 9th. 

Jack Cooper

You may have seen the Airline will be having a service increase from Monday 17th with the service being hourly to Heathrow. Services from Gloucester Green commence at 04:00, with the last one being 21:00, with the first service from Heathrow being 05:40 and the last being 22:40. The service requires 4 coaches. Timetable


Tourismo tri-axle 36 with a service from Heathrow on May 14th,

Paul Hawkins

Managed to catch some of the former X90 Coaches in use in Newcastle/Gateshead. Both taken outside Haymarket bus stn in Newcastle and last taken at Gateshead Interchange.

7153 X10NCL Go North East (X-Lines; Ex-Oxford Bus Company 75; Ex-X90 OXD)

7155 X10LNE OW15 WKE ex 77 OX15BUS 

OBC shakes up tourism management team with all-female trio

In anticipation of a boom in visitors to the city, Oxford Bus Company (OBC) and sister operator City Sightseeing have shaken up their tourism management teams with a new, all-female crew.

Head of Tourism Jane Marshall, Retail Manager Clarisse Garcia and former driver Val Tachy make up the new team and will focus on developing partnerships with key attractions while promoting the best the city has to offer.

Jane will focus on forming mutually beneficial partnerships while Val will oversee the management and engagement of drivers for City Sightseeing Oxford. Clarisse will be responsible for the high street visitor information point, Gloucester Green travel offices, and will also oversee colleagues and tour guides working at those locations and on the buses.

“We are pleased to announce this exciting new management team designed to help drive our visitor economy,” says OBC and City Sightseeing Managing Director Phil Southall. “The team is highly talented and we are looking forward to re-building our tourism offerings.

“Oxfordshire is an attractive destination, and we remain committed to ensuring we deliver a world-class welcome to visitors. Our visitor information point is a vital service to help visitors get the most out of their trip to the county, while our open-top bus tours remain a fantastic way to explore the city.

“Key to reigniting the visitor economy will be partnerships and all key stakeholders working together to develop packages and compelling initiatives.”

The new hires are a boost to OBC parent Go-Ahead, which is forging ahead with its Women in Bus initiative. “Go-Ahead Group’s female colleague-led networking is the first of its kind in the bus industry and we’re proud to be making a positive contribution to its success,” adds Phil. “One of our core values is embracing diversity and we want our workforce to fully reflect the great diversity of our passengers and the communities that we serve.

“There are great opportunities for people to work in our industry and we are committed to working to attract more females into the bus business.

Gavin Francis

Ford 1905 is a smartly presented SUPPORT VEHICLE for CSS seen on May 4th. 

Jack Cooper

Looking clean and well presented Scania 206 is seen at Didcot Parkway with an X2 on May 14th.

A good picture of 221 with an X2 at Oxford Train Station giving a good idea of the livery on May 14th.

Scania 224 shows a variety of destination displays some of which you may never see. Taken on May 14th.

Scania 254 originally intended for Southern Vectis but retained by OBC after working Rail connections in Oxford when new.
Here it is near the Westgate with an X39 on May 14th.

Citaro 850 with an X38 service in Speedwell Street on May 11th.

Normally the X2 is double deck worked but here Citaro 863 is seen at Oxford station on May 11th.

Mercedes 874 is seen with a 45 service to Abingdon College on May 10th.

Not seen in Oxford that often, Scania 914 is working an X40 to Reading on May 10th.

Gavin Francis

A number of contracting companies have been absorbed into the National Express family,
here Worthing Coaches BU18OSO seen working an 025 out of Elizabeth Street on May 11th.

Edwards runs this Caetano double deck BU18OTC here with an 040 from Bristol on May 11th.

Another Edwards member BU18OTM, a Levante III works the 508 to Haverfordwest on May 11th.

Jack Cooper

National Express West Midlands 214 is seen in Gloucester Green after a long absence of NEx operations on May 12th. 



GB70MTB on Rail Replacement at Oxford Train Station on May 14th by Ciaran Bird.

including Newbury & District and Thames Valley

Martin Dowling

Robert Williams posts a monthly summary of changes in the fleet here


A useful link for readers. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Redline E200 MX09 HHL on the Saturday only extension of the 132 heading for Banbury in place of the usual Dart. 

Gary Seamarks

An image from a 30 minute break in MK on May 12th, very quiet both bus and passenger wise perhaps some due to the recent service revisions/cuts, again the sun was annoying.

Working route 21 from Milton Keynes is YX10BGY on May 12th

Paul Weal

Scania E11RRT on Wing Road, Linslade heading to Aylesbury.

It appears to be a 5 bus cycle on Monday to Friday, services 101, 100, 21, 100. E200 Enviros and Scanias appear to be the usual vehicles. I took a ride into Aylesbury on Friday, well turned-out vehicle and a very good driver. A pity there were no timetable leaflets, it is a cheap and effective way of advertising a new service.  

Astromega coaches for sale.

May 2021.

Bus & Coach Buyer by Steve Knight

The latest issue of Bus & Coach Buyer has an advert for the sale of 12 Astromegas. I believe (although not from official sources) that the vehicles are all in Scotland at Kilmarnock/Cumbernauld or Glenrothes.
I suspect, therefore, that the vehicles being sold are:



Interesting that a previous template has been used for the advert which has the old Stagecoach logon and layout!


Martyn Sacaloff visited the west country on his recent travels

Gold 15765 is seen at Cabot Circus, Bristol on May 7th.

Gold 15767 is seen in the North Bristol depot on May 7th.

ALX400 newly repainted in special livery in North Bristol depot on May 7th.

Also in special livery is 59307 which along with 59306 is retained for special services.
Seen at North Bristol depot on May 7th.

Ciaran Bird

Woodstock on May 4th

36983 SN63YPF on the S3 School Bus. Due to distance not being required with School children,
Stagecoach can luckily afford to use whatever they have available and not just a decker, such as the MAN E200s which usually run the morning one

15836 OU12FGA running dead through Woodstock on May 13th after falling victim to mechanical failures in Chipping Norton prior to this.

One of two loaned Enviro200s from Manchester (Middleton Depot) at Oxford, seen on N12, about to start the 13:35 7 to Woodstock with Neil Bridges driving. We had a good chat along the way and came to the conclusion that it's a fair bit better than the 63 plate ones that Oxford have, despite the bodge job of only retrimming the required cushions and not the whole bus. As well as this, having the ticket puncher on the right hand side meaning you've got to wedge a megarider between it and the dashboard! I was expecting the common E200 rattles but this one is fairly quiet in comparison! Certainly an enjoyable journey home, being able to sample a Manchester vehicle in Oxford.

36113 MX59JDU including interior and branding ones May 13th.

10785 with a 7 and 15756 returning to Horspath depot both on May 15th in Woodstock.

Solo 47658, now somewhat long in the tooth, working a 233 service in Woodstock on May 15th.

MMC 10434 is seen at Oxford Train Station with an S3 working on May 14th.

Jack Cooper

Looking very smart indeed 10785 is seen heading for Charlbury with an S3 on May 11th.

Robert Knight

Here are a couple of photos from today when I had this little E200 on the B9 service.

E200 36079 on the B9 in Banbury on May 12th by Rob Knight. 

Gary Seamarks

An image from a 30 minute break in MK on May 12th.

Volvo/Plaxton 54314 is seen returning from Luton with a 99 service.
Very quiet both bus and passenger wise perhaps some due to the recent service revisions/cuts, again the sum was annoying.

Jack Cooper

54303 with an X5 service to Bedford is seen on its bay at Gloucester Green on May 12th. 

Stefan Doon

Cumbernauld freshly painted 50277 YJ14LFO leaving Dundee on 1615 M9 to Glasgow. One of few in later batch had been resprayed into new livery.

Seen on May 10th by Stefan Doon.

Martyn Sacaloff

Following his visit to Scotland over the past week a number of pictures from the east are below.

Variety at Kirkcaldy bus station on May 15th.

A memory of Oxford in 2004 when these buses were working the 100 later S1 to Witney
18129, 18130 and 18131 seen in Cowdenbeath, their present home, on May 14th.

citylink now runs this Volvo B13R 54101 which started life at Cwmbran, at Arbroath on May 14th.

Just out of paint, E400 19064 ex Manchester is seen in heritage Fife livery working the 7 in Leven on May 15th.

St Andrews Bus Station and depot on May 14th.

SC Fife UK BUS AWARDS winners in 2016.

E200 37065 suitably attired promoting megabus when working service 14 in Perth on May 14th.

E200 37083 route branded in a nice style working route 6 in Perth on May  14th.

Bill Brown

Scania 15621 adorned with the latest local livery is seen with a service 98 in Leven on May 12th.

Another ex Manchester bus, 18351 working the 95 to Anstruther again in Leven on May 12th.

taylink 26125 seen in St Andrews Bus Station with a 99c to Dundee on May 12th.

26116 is seen near St Andrews with a 42A on a wet May 12th. 

Many thanks to both gentlemen for the informative and great pictures.

Gary Seamarks

My image from a 30 minute break in MK on May 12th.

27681, an Enviro 300 at MK working the X91.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Spent a quick half hour in Brackley to watch some buses this afternoon, here is Stagecoach Northants 37053 having arrived on the twice a day 87. 

Martyn Sacaloff

Ex tube Astromegas sporting the new distance livery at Kilmarnock depot on May 12th.
They are 50280, 50282, 50283 and 50284 looking very different to that in their first life.

Ex tube 50285 now with a silver destination display, ready for Glasgow with an X76 working on May 12th.
Martyn was pleased to travel on this coach when returning to Glasgow.

The other tube transferred quite sometime ago now 50286 is seen on the pits at Kilmarnock on May 12th.

In heritage Western livery with a registration originally on a black and white Leyland Leopard, VCS376 KC689 in Kilmarnock on May 12th.
28689 VCS376 Stagecoach Western. Western Buses' Western SMT heritage liveried Scania K230UB/AD Enviro300 

Jack Cooper

50422 is seen heading towards The Westgate on May 11th.

This time 50428 by The Westgate when I am told Gavin Francis was driving on May 14th.

50430 is seen in Gloucester Green from the nearside. It looks very clean and well cared for on May 12th !

Martyn Sacaloff

Martyn as mentioned elsewhere has been in Scotland and has provided some interesting pictures of the Astromega fleet in May 2021. Arbroath May 14th,

50267 and 50268 at Arbroath on May 14th.

50269 at Arbroath looking somewhat careworn.

50270 which although repainted into citylink livery appears unused at this time seen in Arbroath.

50271, 50272, 50273 and 50274 currently out of service at Arbroath.

These next pictures were taken at Glenrothes on May 13th and are the ones it is suggested are for sale.

50244, 50245, 50246 and 50247 at Glenrothes.

Various pictures of the Astromegas are to be seen through this issue when in service with their new operators. 

Megabus and Yellow Buses in scheduled service tie-up

Bournemouth operator Yellow Buses is collaborating with Megabus to provide a new service between Poole, Bournemouth and London via Heathrow Airport. It will begin on 21 May and will see Megabus-owned coaches being driven by Yellow Buses staff.

Megabus says that the venture will cater to day trippers in both directions. It also has a very early departure from Poole and a late return from London. One round trip of the five to be operated daily will be extended to serve Weymouth. Megabus Managing Director Mark Venables adds that the operator also has an eye on the predicted strong staycation market in 2021.

Yellow Buses will offer connecting tickets from and to its service between Bournemouth, Christchurch and Wimborne as part of the agreement.

MD David Squire adds: “Megabus offers a great service, and like us, it expects the highest of standards from its drivers, so customers can be sure of a great experience when travelling with us. Drivers are all local to Bournemouth and the surrounding area, so they will always have some help and advice for anyone visiting for the first time.”

Plaxton Elite-i Interdeckers will be used on the service and they will be garaged overnight at Yellow Buses’ premises.

Martyn Sacaloff

From his tour of the west country in May 2021

An ex Sleeper, 50308 at North Bristol used on the Heathrow service on May 7th.

Interdeck 54263 in the latest megabus livery at North Bristol on May 7th.

London operators

Gavin Francis

Abellio Caetano 1507 is seen passing VCS with a C10 service on May 12th.

Michael Wadman

This is the final set of photos of Red Rose, as they pretty much bring the story up to date, or at least to pre-lockdown. 

No 50507 (R445 LGH) – Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton, former London Central LDP45, on route 501 in Hemel Hempstead at the Marlowes,
which nowadays functions as a de facto bus station since the closure of the real one. April 2nd 2017. 

No 50513 (W408 UGM) – Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton, new to Capital Coaches, Twickenham, in Watford High street on route W19. January 10th 2019. 

A green Red Rose! YX18 KOU is one of three Enviro 200’s acquired new in 2018
and painted in this special livery for route W30 to Croxley Business Park as part of a Hertfordshire County Council initiative.
In Watford Market Street on January 11th 2019.  

YX18 KOV  - another of the green Enviro 200’s in Watford High Street on route W19 (which I don’t think it should have been). January 11th 2019.

I've added four more of Michael's pictures relating to our new or old friends from West.

Cheltenham & Gloucester no 9533 (NTC 132Y)
Ex-Bristol OC Leyland Olympian / Roe  Service 98  Gloucester bus station November 7th 1992

Cheltenham & Gloucester no 3514 (AAE 658V)
Ex-Bristol OC Leyland National Service X51 Cirencester (Corn Hall)  23rd September 23rd 1992

Cheltenham & Gloucester no 5532 (EWS 740W)
Ex-Bristol OC Bristol VRT / ECW Service 30  Tetbury (Long Street)  23rd September 23rd 1992

Cheltenham & Gloucester no 312 (TAE 644S)
Former Cheltenham District Traction Leyland National  Service 94  Gloucester bus station NovembeNovember 7th 1992

With many thanks to Michael for his informative notes and pictures. The ones of Cheltenham & Gloucester certainly show how much things have changed in the ensuing 30 years or so. 

Neil Gow

In answer to query in OBCP 154, former City of Oxford AEC Renown 342 TJO went to Germany in the late 1990s and was active as a mobile restaurant with an operator in Bielefeld, registered BI-TJ 342 - last seen in June 2013.  Full credit to the German registration authority for managing to keep a large part of its UK registration in the new German one. The registration 342 TJO was transferred to Leyland Tiger B137 ACK by Fairway of Hull, and then onto a Bova Futura ex M62 DSJ, which was withdrawn and sold (presumably for scrap) in 2016.

Seeing Seeing the news of Stagecoach Oxford coming under common management with Stagecoach West reminded me of the picture I have from March 1984 showing City of Oxford Bristol RE 85 crossing with C&G Leyland National 3503 at Burford, during the last fortnight of operation of the short-lived jointly operated X44 service between Oxford and Gloucester.

COMS 85 and Cheltenham & Gloucester 3503 ready for service on the X44 in Burford on March 16th 1984 by Neil Gow.
The COMS contribution was provided by Witney depot, now part of Stagecoach Oxford
but back then part of the South Midland division of COMS, before it was split out as a separate company.

Tony Bungay

I can well understand the Arriva manager being less than happy with Red Rose, but unfortunately for better or for worse, depending where you stand any company is entitled to do that, subject to complying to legislation.

Arriva are probably in part the authors of their own misfortune as so far this century! They have lost routes, abandoned routes etc. While there are many different factors as to why this has happened. Along with pulling out of areas, this all appears to anybody wishing to expand an opportunity of a bit more of a push and they may go altogether leaving the victor the prize!

Sine 2000 locally Arriva have stopped operating SR 1 lost on retender, 2 abandoned, 4 again I think lost on retender, another Town Service which I think is now Redline 11, 16 to Bicester, very early on the 65 again I think lost on retender to Z & S now their 165, 60 originally main service to Buckingham but relegated to secondary status with advent of the X60. The 61 as ‘Buses’ magazine commented death by a 1000 cuts so to speak and what was the 260 now 110.

Many of these were perhaps not busy routes and council contract, but others were reasonably busy but declined to unreliability.  The 8 before it’s Wendover extension, while quite a while ago was at one time Luton and Districts most frequent Aylesbury Town Service being operated by minibuses.

Even hiEven high profile services such as the 280 before Covid have not escaped, and this I got from the horses mouth. A driver on that route said when he was on short workings to Thame it got to the stage he tried to hide from less than happy people who obviously had been waiting for some time!

Who would have thought in 1986 that the council owned bus company in Northampton, who for the most part operated busy local routes would eventually disappear as it was sold and services gradually reduced.

Whether it is quite your cup of tea Malcolm, or indeed you may already read it on occasion, Uk Rail Forum has a section on Bus and Coach. On Arriva and Greenline thread there is a fair amount of comment about the closure of Sheerness Garage and just started the 300 vs 130. 

Martyn Sacaloff visit to The Isle of Arran on May 12th


The bus terminal at the port.

Two of the StreetLites operated by Stagecoach, 39003 and 39004 at the depot.

One of the StreetLites on Arran near the port. 

Voirrey Cadle now working on The Isle of Mull with pictures

Astromega M60WCM at Brodick on the Isle of Mull and this coach when new with megabus as 50228 on August 7th 2011.
Pictures by Voirrey Cadle and Gavin Francis.

West Coast Irizar YN15EKF at Fionnphort on May 10th by Voirrey Cadle.
The Caledonian MacBrayne ferry is behind.