This week's page as ever is full of interest for all readers. The bank holiday Monday saw events at Quainton Road and The Oxford Bus Museum. This is the reason I delayed publication to give some coverage off those events.

We have, as always, a nice selection of reports and photographs from contributors and I cannot emphasise how important these are to the success of the Weekly Briefing.

Gavin Francis

With all the construction work on Buckingham Palace Road some coach parking spaces have been lost in Bulleid Way. In consequence Elizabeth Bridge has effectively become part of Bulleid Way and therefore under the control of Arriva. The parking spaces have been marked out as Bus Stands and only coaches that normally park in Bullied Way can therefore park there.

Elizabeth Bridge seen on May 25th.   

Flixbus in particular have been laying over there so will have to find a new home. Once all NatEx, Flixbus, Tour Coaches, Foreign Coaches etc. go back to full numbers parking will be at a premium in Victoria. 

Ah, not allowed when Edwards BV66WPO was parked against the rules on May 27th.

I understand that the Inspectors from Bulleid Way have been given the responsibility of ensuring correct use of the available spaces by TfL.

Surprise find by Gavin Francis

Came across this Solo buried outside a body repair shop just around the corner from Arriva Depot. Registered as FG02BUA it looks like it was with Age Concern at Leicester.

Hidden away in Cressex Gavin found a Solo M850 FG02BUA on May 29th.
It appears to have been with Age Concern as Computer Explorer new in 2002.

Nick Ross

Volvo B7 Y417CFX  in the landscape crossing the canal bridge on the Leighton bypass
 returning to Marshalls garage in Leighton after working a schools on May 20th 2021.

Holiday weekend events

Gavin Francis was at Quainton Road on May 31st 2021

Panorama 50444 being preapred at Oxford, on arrival at Quainton Road and as a subject for the photographer.

London buses predominate the event.

Once a regular sight on London Country buses were these Atlanteans.

The longer RCL/RML was also represented, 2440 being local to the page.

SM88 looed very spruce and well worth a closer look.

Local company COMS were represented with this nice AEC Regal 703, NJO703.

Metroline sent along LT190 in its silver livery.

Motts were represnerted by MT09MTT which looked very smart.

Red Rose were there with Y359LCK now one of the oldest buses in this local fleet.

This booking hall and exterior at Quainton Road actually came from Oxford bit by bit and looks very smart.

Here is Cornwall of the LNWR built in 1847 and looking ex works in the platform area.

Some engines were in steam on the day  look very vintage in the warm sunshine of the afternoon.

The overall winner of the day was this Dennis Lancet III/Duple C35F LJH665 new to Lee of Barnet, London in December 1949.

On the way  home 50444 crosses the railway line after a happy day at Quainton Road - May 2021.

Many thanks to Gavin for great selection of photographs which enabled your Editor to gain some idea of what went on.

Jack Cooper was at The Oxford bus Museum on May 31st 2021

Jack went with 906 to the Oxford Bus Museum and also had an enjoyable day.

906 was able to provide two interesting rides for visitors.

Well these are two of the first events in 2021 and were blessed with exceptional weather. Let us enjoy many more to come. 

Well as June approach and a hoped for easing of restrictions approaches I am sure we all hope that nothing happens to disrupt this or our plans.

Capacity is now less restricted than in the foregoing months and one hopes this will; encourage customers to get out and use public transport again. It seems that the smaller towns are seeing an increase in footfall but the cities and larger towns are still slow in returning to something like normality. This is not helped by the continued home working which would appear to be ongoing. 

Fleet news and developments

Services at Luton 1/4 and Aylesbury 8, 9, 150/250 and 280 will change from Sunday May 30th. Quite a number of changes here as noted earlier.

Gavin Francis

Gavin passed by Cressex depot and caught up with this Mercedes not normally seen around High Wycombe. I wonder is it here to stay?

1029 in the depot yard on May 29th making something of interest.

Jack Cooper

Somewhat away from his usual areas, Jack visited High Wycombe and area last week on May 26th.

DAF SB120 Wright Cadet 2783 is seen working the restored X30 but only to Princes Risborough.

First picture of this recently repainted 2790 leaving The Eden Bus Station for Micklefield. It certainly looks better now!

Optare Versa 2790, one of two now based at Wycombe is leaving The Eden Bus Station for Booker Asda with a 32 service.

Seen in Wycombe are four examples of the Citaros now dressed in the latest livery.
3007 with an 850, 3011 with local service 30, 3016 with a 32 and 3042 working another 850.

When one realises the  time taken to repaint and work on the Citaros it is unsurprising that we still have a number in older liveries.
However at least the illogical branding is now removed on all these buses.
3031 and 3924 are from Aylesbury with 300 workings.

DAF DB250 Alexander ALX400 4819, looking rather care worn is seen in The Eden with a 32.

Somewhat off route, maybe they new Jack was coming, is 5463 again with a 300 to Aylesbury.

Pete Cannon

2790 YJ60GGO on route 32 Micklefield to Booker Asda May 26th.
This is  nice as it shows both ends of this bus !

Paul Coley

A few photos taken on Tuesday morning, May 25th, in Stoke Mandeville.

The Arriva Solo 2479 must have sat at the Woolpack waiting time on the 300 for around 10 minutes,
which suggests a lot of slack on a journey from Aylesbury of around the same time.
The 9c is a direct variation of route 9 from Aylesbury to the Hospital,
not operating via Walton Court and Hawkeslade on the out-bound service.
I assume it saves an extra bus on a Saturday. However, for those living on Walton Court,
it is not that convenient compared to the Red Rose service which operates direct in both directions.

Arriva 6403 seen broken down this evening at around 1900 between Wing and Wingrave crossroads.
Assume it was on a 150 working towards Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes or a dead journey to Leighton.
The driver was doing his best to direct traffic on this quite nasty bend.

This bus was Arriva Kent & Surrey GN04UDS (6403) a Volvo B7TL with Transbus ALX400 bodywork. GN04UDS was new to Arriva Medway Towns as their 6403. 

Citaro 3038 is back from Derby works and was working the 1 to Chesham and the 48 route to Booker on May 29th. So far no pictures taken. 

Tony Bungay

6049 sets down near Aylesbury Rail Station on a Service S250 working on May 27th.

This is one journey each way operation Mon-Fri Term time, May 28th was the last day this service will operate here. In future the service will terminate at Tring Road Tesco’s 

Taken May 27th in Exchange Street Aylesbury 4018 working the soon to be history Service 8, except for school S8.
Perhaps the non working destination display and paper sticker underlines the decline of this service!

The last day of Arriva operating service 8, although not the last journey, 3647 proceeds along Exchange Street Aylesbury,
looking to be completely empty, but at least working destination. 


Mike Penn

As you may know Centrebus are in the process of shutting down their Stevenage base and giving up some of the routes, with the remainder being worked from Luton.  Some of the buses have already been transferred to other Centrebus group companies or moved to Luton with the remainder to be transferred shortly.  Although those already transferred are mainly sticking to their customary routes some of them escape on to other routes in Luton which gives new opportunities for photographs, especially as some of them

are in the new Centrebus livery.   Here are some I have obtained in the last

few weeks.


237 (YJ07VRV) is the shortest Solo in the fleet with only 22 seats.
  It has previously been allocated to Luton.


328 (YJ13HJN) is an Optare Solo SR, a type not previously seen in Luton.


378  (YJ 06 FXP) and 392 (YJ59PKK) are more Solos.


514/5 (YY15GDO/V) are Alexander Dennis E20Ds, both new to Centrebus.  514 is seen in Dunstable.


547  (YX08MFN) is an Enviro 200 which came from Quality Line (previously Epsom Buses) along with 328.


558 (MX14FUO) is another E20D, recent arrived from Edinburgh Airport Services, not related to the Stevenage saga.

Many thanks to Mike for the heads up. Ed. 




Gavin Francis


StreetLite SM19KKP (no fleet number) in Magdalen Street East with the 250 service on May 27th. 


Jack Cooper

StreetLite 63314 arrives at The Eden with an X74 from Slough on May 26th.

Not often shown here the railair service from Reading to Heathrow with 23602 working a journey on May 28th.

Kevin Fuller

This week, a few First pictures from the Slough area, all taken on May 27th

1) 69391, a Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse near the start of its journey from Britwell to Heathrow on route 7. 

2) Branded for route 4, 69387, a Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse pauses at Dover Road on Slough trading estate on its way from Maidenhead to Heathrow. 

3) 44560, Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 arrives in Burnham at the end of its journey from Slough on school route S12. 

Chucky Shaw has provided a list of coaches presently committed to Flixbus services which should prove useful for readers.

Flixbus UK Fleet list.

Turners Bristol
YJ19 BBF VH EX16M (FX Livery)
YJ19 BBN VH EX16M (FX Livery)
BB18 WEB Scania Irizar

Whippets Tri Axle Mk2 Scania Levante
FX19 BL17 XAX (FB Livery)
FX21 BL17 XAZ (FB Livery)
FX26 BV67 JZL (FB Livery)
FX27 BV67 JZM (FB Livery)
FX28 BV67 JZN (FB Livery)
FX29 BV67 JZP (FB Livery)
FX32 BV67 JZO (FB Livery)

Thandi Coaches VH EX16M
TH21NDY (FB Livery)
TT21 NDY (FB Livery)
TT21NOY (FB Livery)
TT21NND (FB Livery)
TT21 NDX (FB Livery)
FL21 BUS (FB Livery)
Mercedes Tourismo
TT68 NDX (FB Livery)
TT68 TDY (FB Livery)

Linburg Coaches
Van Hool TX
Mercedes Tourismo
L20 URG (FB Livery)

This shows the routes currently offered.

Gavin Francis

On its first day in service the latest Van Hool of Thandi, FL21BUS, seen in Semley Place with an 023 to Manchester on May 21st.

Whippet's FX19 holding in the centre of Buckingham Palace Road on May 28th.

Martyn Sacaloff

Turners YJ19BBF seen waiting time Elizabeth Bridge on May 26th. 


The Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel have launched a revamped mobile app, to make travel even easier for passengers.

New features include being able to track where a bus is on a map in real time, seeing how much space is on-board, improved live travel updates, which users can tailor to their own favourite services, and an improved journey planner. The new app was created following customer feedback and redesigned to provide more intuitive menus and better real-time information.

The app includes real-time tracking of buses from Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel, as well as those from other local bus operators including Stagecoach, Arriva and Red Rose. Travel passes and multi-trip tickets can be purchased on the app. The technology continues to enable passengers to scan their phones when boarding the bus, for quick and easy travel.

It is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play. Customers with credit on the old Oxford Bus Company app will have it automatically migrated to the new one when they download it.

Phil Southall, Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel Managing Director, said: “We are committed to making bus and coach travel as accessible as possible for customers and technology helps us provide access to key information for passengers.

“Technology is constantly evolving, and we have invested in upgrading our app to take it to the next level. Many of the new features were included following customer feedback and our core focus of the new app was to make it user friendly and informative.

“One of the new features enables passengers to see how busy a bus is before it arrives, which will help manage social distancing measures while they remain in place.”

Jack Cooper

On Monday 31st we attended the Oxford Bus Museum with Thames Travel's 909. We ran trips departing the museum at 11:30 and 13:45.  

Jack Cooper in Wycombe on May 26th

Scania 214 works a Flackwell Heath 35 service in Oxford Street, Wycombe.

Scania  241 shows off its livery when leaving The Eden Bus Station with 36 service.

Park & Ride livery on StreetLites 407 and 409 which Jack used to get to Wycombe Coachway.

Solo 710 is seen working the 27 service from The Eden Bus Station.

Solo 713 is seen working a 103 service to Watford from The Eden Bus Station.

Citaro 859 branded for The ONE is seen working a 1 service from The Eden Bus Station.

Busy on the link40 when Jack visited 870 and 886 are seen leaving from The Eden Bus Station.

Citaro 878 is seen in Oxford Street with a 104 Chiltern Hundreds service to Uxbridge.

Ex London VDL WDL1 now 938 in the Carousel fleet is working a 36 service to Flackwell Heath from The Eden Bus Station.

Malcolm Crowe

link40 Inbound service worked by 870 passes Thame bound 886 running eastbound in Stokenchurch on May 26th.

On May 30th 881 was on the road heading for Wycombe through Stokenchurch.

Although link40 branded 424 is back on the road it has yet to operate on the Thame route. Pity really. 

Route branding variety from OBC

Gavin Francis

Well, it is going to the JR but as an X3 not a 13, 351 in St Aldates on May 28th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 601 heads past the daisies on its run into Abingdon on May 27th.

Variety in route branding shown off in front of Queens College on May 25th.

More branding on 682 working 3A and 686 with a 8 road service both on May 25th.

The days of the Citaro in Oxford are not yet over as these pictures of 844 with a 15 in St Aldates on May 28th
and 845 with 35 in Westgate on May 25th.

Jack Cooper

Tourismo 32 is seen Wycombe Coachway on May 26th with a Heathrow bound service.

Tourismo 34 also heading for Heathrow is seen at Queens Lane on May 25th. 

Jack Cooper

It has taken a long time for "old Editor" to realise these river rapids buses have different names on their livery.
228 with an X39 on May 22nd, 229 with an X39 on May 28th and 252 with an X40 at Benson Marina on May 28th.

Citaro 849 looks clean and tidy for a 15 years old bus with an X40 in ST Aldates on May 28th.

Something of a surprise was Carousel's Citaro 869 appearing in Oxford with the X38 to Henley-on-Thames on May 25th.

R Chalmers

Unusually working the 41, river rapids 251 is seen in Abingdon on May 27th. 

Gavin Francis

Branded for Cheltenham Town FC Irizar i6 C7FCT seen in Bulleid Way on May 24th. 


Mark Turner

Mullanys Bus LX06 EZW at Watford General Hospital with the new Blinds set on May 25th.

Gavin Francis

One presumes that the prefix LA or SH is no longer relevant to these coaches, 217 is working a 400 to Birmingham and 243 is heading for Heathrow
LA was Luton Airport and SH Start Hill by Stansted.

Indeed as further emphasis 299 (SH) is working a 561 service to Leeds. The near overall wrap could be misleading if one does not see the front! 

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Jack Cooper

Jack visited Reading on May 28th and provides us with some interesting pictures.

201 has this cherished registration borne by a number of their buses over the year, it is seen working the 33.

Gas powered 403 is seen working the 600 Park & Ride service.

537 is seen working a 15 service by Reading Station.
Stagecoach South, AD Trident/ALX400 18073 (WA04CSX) is one of a pair acquired by Reading Buses

Displaying the attractive livery style used by Reading is 711 working purple17 by the station.

Somwhat off route, GreenLine branded 760 is seen  in Central Reading with a 5 service.

emerald 773, working a 6A to the Tesco depot.

Getting a little long in the tooth, Scania 1112, still giving good service when working a Bracknell service.

An ex Courtney MMC 669 is seen heading for Wokingham when leaving Reading with a 128 service. 

Taj Khan

As promised you have the first pictures of our new
red eagle livery!! MX13BAU

Taj advises that one bus will be repainted into the new respective liveries each week.

Tony Bungay

Another vehicle to look out for if any of your regular contributor’s have not already sent you a photo, Red Eagle appears to have a new livery with the rear painted black, and the lower panel aptly in shape of an Eagle. 

Jack Cooper

Not so far in the new livery, KF52NBN seen with a 130 in The Eden Bus Station on May 26th.

Paul Coley

A few photos taken on Tuesday morning in Stoke Mandeville on May 29th.

Ex OBC KB07OXF on a school run.

L983WSC  also on a school run.

E200 MX13BCK in the latest livery with a 130 from High Wycombe.

Also working the 130 on May 29th was YX65RGW from High Wycombe. 

Gavin Francis

Highlighting a possible confusion to the red eagle bus above is MX61BAU seen in Milton Keynes on May 7th 2014.

Tony Bungay

Not certain if this is something you can use, taken from the road yesterday May  24th.

This  looks from what I can see to be a Red Rose MCV Dennis Dart? Having reached the end of the road on top of scrap metal in the ASM Scrap Yard. 


Tony Bungay

Presumably on a School contract a Three Star Coaches vehicle, FJ56YMF, in Friarage Road Aylesbury on May 28th



The new Scanias are now in process of delivery and below you can see more details on these buses.

15350 YT21DVA Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917876 AD L406/1 H43/28F 5/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15351 YT21DVB Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917877 AD L406/2 H43/28F 5/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
15352 YT21DVC Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917878 AD L406/3 H43/28F 5/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester

Allan Hollis

Stagecoach 15351/52 Scania N250UD Enviro 400 MMC. (Cheltenham & Gloucester) arrived at Grayson Thermal Systems today, May 26th 2021. They are for the 10  Tuffley - Gloucester - Brockworth - Cheltenham.

Nice looking vehicles, I wonder what branding will be appled?


Gavin Francis

MMC 11233 leaves Gloucester Green with an S2X on May 28th.

Hybrid 12008, now in the previous SC livery for local bus is seen loading with a 10 service in St Aldates on May 28th.

On loan from Manchester, E200 36113 is also seen loading with a 10 service in St Aldates on May 28th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10673 speeds up Lodge Hill with an S8 heading for Wantage on May 27th.

Unusually working the one seen at Queens Lane on May 25th, Hybrid 12002/

Probably taking a driver comfort break, Gold E300 28743 is seen in Gloucester Green on May 24th.

Theo Freeman

A few notes with regards to the Oxfordshire fleet. 10068 transferred back to Oxford from Banbury last week due to it no longer being needed. The MAN/E200 at Banbury, 39683, is going to be sent away to have some major engine work done and hopefully have it operational again. Also, the two Manchester E200s will be staying until the end of June and not go back next week as originally intended (I assume this is the same with the two at Oxford) 

Gary Seamarks

Tri-axle 13905 is seen giving driver training in St Ives on May 21st.

13907 in St Ives with route C a busway working on May 21st.

busway livery on 15291 seen in St Ives on May 21st.

A variety of single decks working the busway on May 21sy,  21222 and 21312 with route A and 21368 with route B.
Some of these buses I think have been to Oxford with the X5. 

Martyn Sacaloff

This is the display screen featured in all the new Volvo tubes taken on May 26th. Very informative.

Stefan Doon

Ex tubes 50277 working the M9 to Glasgow and 50263 working the M90 to Edinburgh on May 24th.

Gavin Francis

David Attebus 54279 is seen arriving in London on May 28th.

This time 54280 is seen in St Giles, Oxford with an M34 service northbound on May 28th.

mega mcmegaface 54291, one of the Bournemouth based coaches in London working a homebound journey on May 27th.

A Yellow Bus Bournemouth based Levante 8032 is seen bedecked with megabus stickers in Bulleid Way on May 28th.
This must have some impact on National Express after so many years working with YellowBus! 

London operators

Gavin Francis and LT55

On the last page you ask why LT 55 does not have any adverts or markings ? This bus has always been the regular "wrap" on the Route 11.  Of course because of the pandemic the number of wraps has greatly reduced. 

LT55 in its various wraps. 

Even with all the wraps this bus has worn it cannot compare with Arriva LT 4 which has just been wrapped for Taylors Latte making it the 20th wrap this bus has carried.

LT4 on April 19th 2021.

London United LT670 with the latest Korea wrap working the 211 in BPR on May 24th.

also from Gavin Francis

RM1175 open top Private Hire seen outside VCS on May 27th.

London City Sightseeing variation, this time SC London 19132 turning onto Elizabeth Bridge on May 25th.  

Malcolm Crowe

Older pictures from Oxford will be shown in the next issue but here is a taster.

Oxford Coach 57 heads for London with an X90 already FULL!! Taken on July 25th 1998 when these coaches had headrest covers!

Known in the industry at the time as "SHEDS" Wrights 746 of Thames Transit(Stagecoach) working a 7B to Wood Farm on July 25th 1998.~
These buses were transferred from SC East London.

Michael Wadman

So having looked at Red Rose and Red Eagle, the next Red independent in the area is Redline. 

V262BNV, Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton new to Supertravel, Speke, at Uxbridge station on route 459, January 28th 2008

M65HHB, Dennis Dart / Wright new Rhondda Buses, in Leighton Buzzard on service 164, June 5th 2010 

Two shots of MX56ABV, Enterprise Buses Plasma / Plaxton Primo, new in 2006
 and intended for the County Rider services around Buckingham, in Uxbridge on route 583, October 26th 2010 

T375JJC, Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton new to Silver Star, Caernarfon, in Brackley on service 132, October 3rd 2013 

KF52NBN, Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton new to Universitybus, Hatfield, in Slough on route 335, January 8th 2018 

MX60GXK, ADL Enviro 200 bought new in 2011, in Slough on the frequent WP1 link to Wexham Park Hospital, January 8th 2018

Cheltenham & Gloucester Bus Company

Leyland Tiger/Plaxton 2215 with a 712 working in VCS, this registration having many buses and coaches in its time including ex tube 50225.

CnG 700 seen in Gloucester on November 11th 1992 with a service working.

Ex West Yorkshire PTE UWW7X is seen in Gloucester on November 7th 1992. This bus also served at Swindon for Stagecoach.

Paul Bateson with more history from our area


Reading-Corporation 111 ORD111R in Reading on February 26th 1983.

Reading 64 a Bristol VR working route 10 at the station on March 3rd 1983.

Reading's 191 Metrobus seen at Hyde Park Corner on March 8th 1983.

Thames Valley

Bristol VR 608 at Reading on March 3rd 1983.

Also in National London Link Leopard 1180 on March 3rd 1983.

Thames Valley Railair Link 1197 at Reading Station on March 3rd 1983.

London Country Green Line

Also a pity that this shot of  TL9 At Hyde Park Corner on March 7th 1983.

United Counties

In heritage livery is UCOC 800 with the National symbol betraying the reality on March 8th 1983. 

Grahame Wareham

I asked Grahame if he could help with the route numbers for COMS during the days of National Bus Company.

I haven't a specific 1983 listing but have a 'snapshot' of the NBC routes covered after MAP between 1975 and 1985. I can't remember a complete timetable for that time being issued after 1976 either as they were just route leaflets. I was hoping I still had a fare-chart for that era but we had so many amendments to the fares that these got issued about twice a year, consequently I'd throw the old ones away. You couldn't really afford to keep anything older in case you got confused with updates from other companies i.e Midland Red, UCOC, Alder Valley, BOC who's T & C's were all different to COMS and I remember some of their half fares being at an older age............which could be sometimes difficult to imagine with some of the female passengers!

I hope many of you find this contribution useful, especially with older pictures as shown last week.

COMS Routes 1975-1985.docx 

Thomas W W Knowles

In the  last issue near the end, Stanways coaches is described as having a yard in Cheddleton. I do not think this is correct. Stanways (Elliot & Richman T/A) are based at Rode Heath, just over the Staffordshire border in Cheshire. Stonier, when they were part of the Berresfords empire, had vehicles at Cheddleton and I guess this is why the error occurred.

How right Thomas was, I apologise for the mistake. Ed.

Michael Wadman/Keith Newton

In 2004 the Polperro Horse Bus Company, which, unsurprisingly, ran the horse bus service in Polperro, decided to have a go with these new-fangled internal combustion things in competition with the Tram Company’s milk floats. They had a couple of Sherpas which I understand were mainly used on services to outlying camps, but the main town service was mainly worked by Land Rovers.

M394 OKS at the Crumplehorn in 2005 Photo by Keith Newton, posted with permission. 

Last week I included some pictures of the Polperro "Trams" and here is one for the record from Keith

Land Rover M394OKS and taken by Keith Newton in 2005.

Gary Seamarks visits Great Yarmouth

Border Bus 212 with the 146 at Carlton Coalville on May 18th.

Dews LK04HYW at St Ives on May 21st.

First 32059 in heritage livery for Great Yarmouth on May 17th.

First 32213 in Grwat Yarmouth on May 17th.

First operates some well branded open top buses on a sea front service seen above on May 17th, 19th and 20th.

First 37568 working route 1 on May 17th. Another coastal route.

First 32206 with a number 6 in Yarmouth on May 21st.

First 33808 wrking route X1 from Yarmouth on May 17th. Note the impressive livery.

First 47502, a StreetLite with Coastal Red on May 21st.

First 30964 with a BMH service in Yarmouth on May 17th. This bus  originally with First York-West Yorkshire.


Sanders work into Great Yarmouth with route X6 seen on May 17th.