The past week or so has seen many contributions from readers which are of course much appreciated.

Additionally there have been roadworks in Botley Road causing significant traffic jams and service delays. This can be seen in the picture from Andrew Webb below.

"Roadworks have reduced Botley Road, west of the railway bridge, to a single lane controlled by temporary traffic lights.  The ensuing congestion along several roads converging here is causing significant disruption to buses, as shown in this view of Park End Street on June 3rd."

June 3rd saw this traffic queue in Park End Street of vehicles waiting to head west down the Botley Road.

Whilst in London Gavin Francis sent an interesting picture taken in Park Lane approaching Marble Arch on June 3rd.

"They are building a massive structure at Marble Arch. The centre road is now closed.
It is understood that it will be something like a static Millennium Wheel
with people being able to climb to the top and look out over park lane and Hyde Park."

One can also see the traffic delays caused by the cycle track, which appears empty, replacing the old bus lane in Park Lane !!

On June 7th in Buckingham Palace Road are seen three of the new Panoramas ready for their return journeys to Oxford.
50437 is leading and all the  coaches are very well presented.

Hugh Jaeger

Please feel welcome to publish my photographs of Thames Travel StreetDeck 906 in the unusual setting of Cutteslowe Park. It was here on private charter on Bank Holiday Monday, May 31st and lay over outside the miniature railway. 


Behind the StreetDecks' windscreen was a railway-style headboard saying "Reggie Watts on tour" and displaying the shed code 81F, which I believe was the code for Oxford motive power depot. If Reggie is not a follower of your page, I suspect one or two of his friends and guests may be!

I was slightly confused as on this day the bus was being used at The Oxford Bus Museum??

Peter Edgar

Here are a selection of photographs from today’s rally at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton.

I've presented these like a postcard as they were somewhat smaller than I usually use but do give an excellent idea of the variety at the event.

A postcard from Quainton Road

As readers can see there were a really excellent variety of buses and coaches attending.

Ciaran Bird

On May 31st Ciaran also visited the Museum and provided some more pictures.

AEC Regent 166 looks great in the afternoon sun.

Loline 304 with AEC Reliance 756 are seen in the depot.

The old Oxford next to the new Oxford (TT) for comparison and then 906 next to 371.

 Ex Oxford Olympian 214 is seen in the livery of its last operator long ceased trading Woottens. It is now at museum.

The Reggie Watts moment for 906.

Jack Cooper  

Last Friday I had taken my first picture of the 143 worked by 871! I seem to always miss the service when I am in Reading, and a chance sighting from a gap in Train connections!


I have included a picture of a c2c 387, I wonder if this is of interest to you? These are loaned to GWR to enable other class 387 units to run longer services, covering for the class 800/802 IET units. 

387 306 at Reading on June 4th.

Nick Ross

A bus in the cityscape EH39 YX16OBT crossing Tower Bridge
with a Southbound 42 to East Dulwich on a sunny, warm May 27th 2021.

Ciaran Bird

Gold 15836 working the S3 along the B4437 on June 1st by Ciaran Bird.

Jim Wright

Pulhams work in a beautiful area and above we see Citaro PC18BUS working an 801 service in Bourton on June 5th.
This is unusual for this bus which is normally used on a hospital service. 

Many services including the open top tours are returning to normal with a wide variety of vehicles.

"Gradually getting back to normal with Golden Tours/Evan Evans coaches about. The English Tea Bus is back. It is former Metroline TE725. Also picture when new in 2007.

Golden Tours have also returned their English Tea Bus service using an ex Metroline E400 seen on April 18th 2007 when new
and as it is now seen in Bulleid Way early June 2nd 2021 all by Gavin Francis.

Golden Tours LF19FYD also seen in Bulleid Way on June 2nd by Gavin Francis.

Tour coaches are also reappearing in Oxford as seen in the picture of Dunwood Irizar i8, YN18SUF, in St Giles on June 4th by Gavin Francis.

Now it is fingers crossed for June 21st. Will it or wont it?

Rail Replacement services at Luton  took place the weekend of May 29th-31st and the following weekend with pictures of the two weekends from Mike Penn (first date) and Gary Seamarks (second weekend.)

Mike Penn for May 30th.

"Over the bank holiday weekend there was engineering work on the Thameslink railway line with no trains running between Mill Hill and West Hampstead Thameslink and additionally all East Midlands trains terminating at Luton."

"This led to a large scale rail replacement operation with a number of interesting vehicles on display.  For Thameslink passengers there was a bus service from Luton to Hitchin.  This was run almost entirely by London General (who also run the shuttle service from Luton Airport Parkway station to Luton Airport) using a fleet of buses and coaches they have put together for just that sort of operation.  For East Midlands Railway passengers there was a bus service from Luton to Stanmore Underground station.  This was run by a number of different operators, mainly using double deckers."

 Photographs are as follows:

London General Volvo B7RLE/Wright VWL51-53 (HF54HGP/HGU/HHK) which came from Go South Coast, originally Wilts& Dorset.

London General  Enviro 200 SE90 (YX11CPU).

London General Caetano bodied Volvo B9R VC11-13 (FJ60HYB/KVM/KVO) which came from Go North East.

London General Caetano bodied Volvo B9R VC10 (FJ61GZC) which came from Go North East.

London General Caetano bodied Volvo B9R VC8/9 (FN62CEU, YY63OEK) which came from East Yorkshire.

Arriva The Shires E40D 5464 (SN15LPP) from Aylesbury.

Arriva Kent Thameside E40D 6526 (YX17NFD) from Hemel Hempstead.

Tates Scania/Caetano BX65WBJ.

Imperial of Slough E40D SK19EVR, SL69XWU and SK21FKA.  Others of the type noted were SK19EVP, SL69XWV, SK70BVS and SK21FKB.

Westbus E40D SK70BUJ.  Another of the type noted was SK70BUH.

Richard Taylor of St Ippolyts Caetano bodied Volvo B9R FJ61GZL which came from Bournemouth Transport.

Westway E40D 600CXS ex YX17NUJ and 600SCX ex YY66PXR.  Plenty of scope for confusion with these registrations!

A very comprehensive report from Mike with a lot of interest for those who have followed National Express and the Caetano story.

Gary Seamarks

Rail Replacement services for May 31st.

Rail replacement at Luton Sat-Mon 29-31 May, these all from Monday, of note the amount of E400's in a town usually devoid of these. The Arriva ones were Southern counties, few other ex NX Caetanos also on the RR.


Arriva SC 3302 and 3893

London General  Enviro 200 SE90 (YX11CPU).

Imperial SK19EVP, SK19FKA and SK21FKB.

Tates YN64LYF with Honk for Hope !

Richard Taylor with FJ61GZN.

Westbus BG65YXF.

Gary sent more but those duplicated those by Mike Penn.

Two very useful report to show just how many vehicles were involved in this Rail Replacement over the Bank Holiday weekend. 


Fleet news and developments

Simon Mathieson writes to advise of a new routes saying "I can tell you that we are starting a new X16 on summer Saturdays between Aylesbury and Bicester Village (terminate at the Bicester Village Station) from July 17th.

four return trips and comes from driver feedback that this might be attractive to local people in Aylesbury.  We are giving it a go to see what happens."

Here is the latest fleet list for Arriva in our area courtesy Paul Swann of Arriva.

Arriva SR Enthusiast Fleet 1 Jun 21.xlsx

The following sold to Shelton Motors in May





































































It is interesting to note that very shortly all the withdrawn vehicles will have gone from those depots still holding them, including 3539 at Wycombe which is shown as delicenced at this time.

Neil Gow

Princes Risborough on Wednesday, May 26th.

With nine buses per hour in each direction currently serving the section between Princes Risborough town centre and Upper Icknield Way/Woodway I stopped off there for 45 minutes on my way to Luton to capture a few in this relatively scenic location. Here are some results.

2498 working 300, 2783 and 3038 both working the X30.

4019 and 5463 both working the 300. 

Nigel Peach

Wycombe bus station on May 28th May.  

Citaro 3038 has returned to service, May 28th after repaint and looking very smart. Seen next to VDL 2790 which I believe was the previous bus repainted.

StreetLite 2325 ("Frances") sports an unusual version of the "eco" livery! 

Two Mercedes Sprinters caught together.

Arriva's 1029 (RX18LNG) which I notice shows Arriva Merseyside legal ownership, and Carousel's 980 (RN19WSV).

Paul Coley

An interesting couple of walks over the last few days, in the week after Arriva increased their service on their remaining Aylesbury town service 9 to every 10 minutes. I think they cited ‘capacity issues’ resulting in the increase.

Yesterday and today, they fielded everything from a minibus, through to a double decker within a 1 hour period. Today, I noted 6 services to/from Stoke Mandeville hospital (between 1710 and 1755) and just 2 passengers between them.

Seen as mentioned on June 3rd, 1002 then 6044 after several depots and 2495.

Seen as mentioned on June 4th, 3861 (new to Wycombe)  then 2451 (once at MK) in two locations.

Gavin Francis

Gavin tells me he does not see 758 working so often now but here is 7205 in Bulleid Way on June 4th.

Gary Seamarks

On May 31st in amongst all the Rail Replacement was 7205 seen in Luton on May 31st. 

Binders Yard, Cryers Hill

Gavin Francis

Dropped into Binders yard this morning, June 6th.

In Chiltern Automotive was ex-Arriva Solo 2494 and also a plain red Solo YJ09OTV which is ex-Courtney.
This is the bus they use in the Hatfield/Welwyn area. 

Also noticed a white and a red Routemaster tucked away in an area I could not reach. 

Gavin Francis

Linburg L20URG in full Flixbus colours with a 005 working for Derby on June 2nd.

Turners Irizar i6 with an 042 to Swansea in Semley Place on June 4th.

Richard Sharman

Please, see news story- 



M A N 423 has now returned from major engine work but so far has not left the depot. I am advised that Citaro 869 is on loan to Thames Travel.

Malcolm Crowe

The depot on June 5th with 979 by two Citaros on June 5th.

Tucked away in the overflow yard 711 and an E400 share the place with the Chiltern Buses school fleet on June 5th.
I think 710 was also in the far left of the picture.

Pete Cannon

Solo 710 is seen hurrying down Cock Lane with a 27 service on June 2nd.

Now for some current pictures of Oxford vehicles.

Gavin Francis

StreetDeck 651 is seen from the offside rear with a 5 road service from St Aldates on June 2nd.

Jack Cooper

364 makes a smart exit from Oxford train station with a 13 road service on June 4th.

Quite often now all the batch 651-661 are to be seen working 5 road as here at Oxford train station on June 4th.

Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrid 903 is seen climbing Lodge Hill heading for Barton on June 1st. 

Daniel Harwood

This week I have some photos from Didcot Parkway.

212 and 224 at Didcot on June 3rd.

Two of the Brighton & Hove Scanias including 248 are seen at The Parkway on June 3rd.

StreetLite 442 with a 99A service at The Parkway on June 3rd.

E20D MMC 454 is seen working an X36 service at Kingsgrove, Wantage on June 3rd.
This bus normally works the X2.

Gavin Francis

Scania 223 in front of Carfax Tower heading for the Thames valley on June 2nd. 

Gavin Francis

Following my comments in the last issue it seems the A1 has restarted as seen in the picture below.

Here Start Hill's 243 is seen with an A1 service in VCS on June 6th.

Also Ridleys Tourismo was in VCS on June 4th but was it a NEx relief? 

Gavin caught this Levante tri-axle making a 3-point turn in Buckingham Palace Road to gain parking on June 4th.
Lack of parking follows the restrictions on Elizabeth Bridge.

Jim Wright

Jim had a few days  off and took these pictures of Pulhams workings.

Little Rissington, Pulhams Solo YJ06YRF ex Marchants, 802 Service to Kingham Station. 

AA68PUL Volvo MCV on 801 for Cheltenham, not usually used on 801.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Jack Cooper

Jack visited Reading last week.

424 YN14MXT an Alexander Dennis Enviro 300SG is seen heading for Aborfield Green working route 3 on June 4th.

 Scania/East Lancs Omnidekka, 806 YN54AEX is seen with a 26 working to Calcot IKEA on June 4th.

Martin Dowling

You mentioned recently that Reading Buses were going to run a free open top bus service on two Saturdays, May 29th and June 5th.  Here is a photo of 520 an open top Dennis Trident bought to be used for tree lopping but also with an eye to being hired out for special occasions.  In the summer it runs from time to time on route 17 when the weather is suitable.  The bus is semi-officially known as Fernanda.  This arose after a local paper mixed up the name of the driver with the bus when they reported on it some while ago. 

Pictures taken on May 29th and March 2nd 2021.

Although travel is free, RB are asking for donations to the charity they are supporting this year which is a  mental health sports charity, Sport in Mind.  Normally the depot open day would be the major fund-raiser, but that has had to be cancelled this year.   

It is described as the Two Rivers and Banksy Tour as it crosses the Kennet and the Thames and passes the mural painted by Banksy on the prison wall. The top deck of a bus is definitely the best way to see the Banksy as it now has railings around it to protect it.

Just a quick addition to the item I sent regarding Reading Buses open top tour last weekend and this.

It is then going to Cardiff for the summer.  Robert Williams stated that 520 is being 'borrowed' but I assume there must be something in this arrangement for Reading ...


Tony Bungay

I know you featured this in your latest page, but as you said it would be nice to have a photo in service. By chance on my way to work this morning caught it near the end of it’s journey working service 164 on June 2nd.


Neil Gow

Near Princes Risborough on Wednesday May 26th.

With nine buses per hour in each direction currently serving the section between the town centre and Upper Icknield Way/Woodway where I stopped for 45 minutes on my way to Luton to capture a few in this relatively scenic location. Here are some results from red eagle.

Think this one, MX61BAO, was heading for Wycombe for school service and then YX65RGW heading for Wycombe with a 130 working.


Paul Coley

An interesting couple of walks over the last few days, in the week after Arriva increased their service on their remaining Aylesbury town service 9 to every 10 minutes.

I saw two Red Rose buses during the same time on the competing route 10, with just a single passenger arriving at Hawkeslade Farm. 



New Scanias now delivered with chassis and body details.

  15350 YT21DVA Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917876 AD L406/1 H43/28F 5/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
  15351 YT21DVB Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917877 AD L406/2 H43/28F 5/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
  15352 YT21DVC Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917878 AD L406/3 H43/28F 5/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
  15353 YT21DVF Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917879 AD L406/4 H43/28F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
  15353 YT21DVG Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917880 AD L406/5 H43/28F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester
  15355 YT21DVH Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001917881 AD L406/6 H43/28F /2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester


Ciaran Bird

May 30th, Wootton Turn:

15832 OU62CHO on an S3 with a friendly wave from the driver (Adrian)

June 1st, Combe/Stonesfield/B4437 by Charlbury:

Ex Banbury 36769 OU62BYV leaving Wootton Turn on a 7.

10782 SN66VZD at the Combe Turning. This made for a good "Buses in the Landscape" shot,
 although I want to recreate it again by getting on top of the dashed lines to make it more symmetrical!

15836 OU12FGA seen at Combe Turning, Stonesfield Straight and the tree avenue on the B4437 later that day

Gavin Francis

Not everything goes well all the time !

MMC 10683 is recovered by R&S in George Street on June 2nd. 

Gary Seamarks

Two Elites are seen in Luton on May 31st, with 54306 heading dead to Bedford and 54312 heading to Milton Keynes on the 99.
Weekdays changeovers occur at Milton Keynes end but it would seem the Sunday changeover is at Luton end.

Gavin Francis

54305 is seen passing the Victorian Gothic monument, completed in 1843, memorializing three Oxford martyrs of the 16th century.

Martyn Sacaloff

Nice surprise when I came in work on June 2nd was 26205 SN67XCX from Nuneaton apparently it’s on loan with seven others

Brent Ricketts

Brent is working with Stagecoach at Nuneaton and has provided some information relating to the seven buses loaned to Northampton.

"Regarding the nine Golds are going to Northampton for the x7 to Leicester as it’s now euro 6 in Leicester and were getting nine 63 plate Enviro 200s for the next 9 weeks even though the 63 plate Enviro 200 are euro 6 compliant ?"  

Daniel Harwood

50443 seen working the X9 Wantage-Oxford service on June 2nd.

Stefan Doon

Ex Oxford tube coaches seen working for West Scotland on the X76 in Glasgow.

50282 and 50283 on June 6th.

Gavin Francis

Panorama 50409 is seen crossing Elizabeth Bridge with M20 after arrival on June 3rd.

Interdecker 54274 is seen running round for a Cardiff service on June 2nd.

Interdeck 54610, still with F1 advertising is seen with a Manchester/Liverpool service in Elizabeth Street on June 2nd.

Stefan Doon

A nice picture of ex tube 50274 entering Dundee bus station on June 6th. 

London operators

Jim Wright

London June 2nd :

Abellio LT166 Paddington

BigBus  PN09EOA  Victoria

London General SEe39 Waterloo 

Michael Wadman

So, in our look at Red independents in the area, we have now reached Red Kite. 

Red Kite differs in a number of ways. They have no connection with the other Reds. They are based in Bedfordshire, whereas the others are in Buckinghamshire. They have had two owners. And they have only had limited involvement with local bus services, and currently have none at all. 

PBH539R - Bedford YMT / Plaxton, new to Don’s Coaches of Great Dunmow, at Dunstable Square on service 74, June 18th 1997 

HWG208W - Former East Midland Bristol VRT / ECW, at Leighton Buzzard station on layover off service 73, January 19th1999 

When new details

G284UMJ Leyland ONCL10/1RZ ON10891 Leyland DD1013 H47/31F 11/1989 London Country (North West) LR84

G284UMJ - Former London Country North West Leyland Olympian in central Milton Keynes on service 152, March 16th 2004.
Red Kite had bought a number of buses from Go Northern and liked the livery so much that they adopted it as their own.

MX08DFV - Optare Solo in Leighton Buzzard on service 162, June 5th 2010  

SL52BFU - Optare Solo, new to Perryman’s of Berwick-upon-Tweed, in Leighton Buzzard on service 73, June 5th 2010

Plus a couple of Michael's pictures from Cheltenham & Gloucester

Cheltenham & Gloucester no 403 (N403 LDF) Volvo B10M-55 / Alexander  Service 51 Cirencester Market  Place April 6th 1996

Cheltenham & Gloucester no 118 (LWS36Y)
Ex-Bristol OC Leyland Olympian / Roe Service 93  Gloucester bus station April 6th 1996

Many thanks to Michael for his continued support.

Memories of The Oxford Bus Company and Thames Transit becoming Stagecoach in Oxfordshire.

Malcolm Crowe

Pictures taken in 1998 provide much interest as they are now from some 23 years ago. I was a little younger then !!!!

July 25th 1998 outside Queens College on a beautiful sunny Oxford day.

Advertising Fox FM 102.6 Olympian 223 is seen in Cowley Road garage on July 25th 1998.

May 1998 was a time when low floor easy access was becoming very popular.
Above are two of the new Dennis Dart SLF Wrightbus Crusaders that were purchased for the J R Hospital service.
Both had just been delivered and are seen in Cowley Road garage being prepared for service.
At the time a big thing was made of the boarding humps provided at each stop.

Even though this Metrorider 782 was some eight years old it still looks smart after a repaint on July 25th 1998.
They were strange buses to perate as the driver sat very high up looking down on boarding passengers.

For lovers of the Leyland Titan 1998 was a good time in Oxford as the company had purchased a number from London Transport
and as seen they looked very smart in Oxford Bus livery on July 25th 1998. Some ended up on Park & Ride duties.

Ex Manchester E200 Dart 324 working route 1 in Cowley Road for Thames Transit-Stagecoach on April 25th 1998.
These buses were renumbered 31324 i.e. after the Stagecoach National Numbering system was introduced.
They were moved from Oxfordshire to Warwickshire in 2007 see this link : https://www.oxford-chiltern-bus-page.co.uk/060607.htm

Little would I have imagined that in the early days of megabus and the first service Oxford-London I would be driving 424 as 50424
on relief Oxford tube/megabus services to London some years later.
I have to confess that I really liked Olympians, fast and responsive even in the later years.
Seen above in Queen Street on April 25th 1998, the 100 now being the S1.

The first Loliners for Stagecoach in Oxfordshire were Darts with E200 bodies like 805 seen loading for Barton in Cornmarket on May 31st 1998.
At that time Cornmarket was a veritable hive of buses and coaches as well as pedestrians chancing their lives with the buses!!!

Here 813 is seen in The High with an X39 service to Heathrow on July 25th 1998.
This service no longer goes to Heathrow and is operated by Thames Travel 23 years later.

Big things with Stagecoach were the Bus Points offer by collecting your old tickets.
This NCME Volvo 912, new at the time received a special promotional livery at Horspath on April 25th 1998.
These were another bus I much enjoyed driving, nice high drivers seat and good acceleration.

Route branding was becoming popular when I took this picture of Dennis/Plaxton of Thames Transit 3045 on July 25th 1998.
with The Carousel livery for the 10 - a circular service around Oxford.

All those years ago, Carousel in High Wycombe was some years off and Oxford Bus ran The Wycombe Bus Company.
They provided a Sainsbury's Shopper service as the temporary store was some way out of the town centre beyond where Morrisons now is.
Here an ex London General  MA120 freshly painted in a special livery. It is numbered 720 in the WBC fleet on July 27th 1998.

These were days when I was still involved in my Airline career and was almost at the point of retaking my lapsed PCV licence with Oxford Bus as a part time driver. Although I had my PSV licence first in 1961, after 1974 I let it lapse as I was much involved with overseas work, travel and a growing young family.

Oh what happy days! I once remember being called on my mobile (yes bigger too than today's phones) by the Controller at Cowley Road to ask if I could help out with a late Gatwick. Just one small problem I replied "I've just got off a flight in Hong Kong and might take too long to get to Oxford" The Controller was horrified he'd called me at a time when I paid the price of his call!!!!!! 

Following comments in the last issue I have two most interesting responses on the day of The National Bus Company and Oxford-South Midland.

Thomas W W Knowles 

I was not sure what you were looking for in the comment from Grahame Wareham in issue 157, but I am attaching an extract from the Oxford City timetable dated July 11th 1976 that may be what you are looking for. 


I think this was at the time that Alan Price linked City services with country routes which led to timing unreliability of the city element of the services or so I am led to believe.

Thomas, we are indebted to you regarding this information which makes very interesting reading.

Neil Gow

Using some photos and a few dregs of memory, I have made some updates to the list of routes provided by Graham. I’ve highlighted them in red so you and Graham can discuss/review. Probably you’ll get some response from other too.

COMS Routes 1975-1985.docx 

Irritatingly I can’t remember the number of the Wantage-Faringdon route I caught a few times in 1979-80, which must have replaced the longer 370 route.

Again very many thanks to Neil who has provided more to link photos of those now long off days and the scene in Oxford at that time. (Now 46 years ago)

I hope these information's are useful to readers ? 

Ross Newman

Ensign Purfleet in May as follows : 


From RATP London : Volvo B7TLs PG04WHT / WHV    Scania’s YN08DHO / DHE / DHF / DHG / DHK   YT59PBU 

From Tower Transit : E400s SN11BPU / BPV / BPX / BPY / BPZ / BRF / BRV / BRZ / BSO / BSU / BSV / BSX / BSY / BSZ/ BTE / BTO / BTU   SN12EHC     Volvo B9TL’s  BN61MWZ / MXB / MXA / MXE / MXD / MXH / MXC / MXF / MXG / MXL   BF62UYA / UYB / UYC / UYE / UYG 

From Lothian Buses : Volvo B9TL’s SN57GNO / GNP   SN08BWJ / BWK / BWL / BWM / BWO / BWP / BWU / BWV / BWW / BWX / BWY / BWZ / BXA / BXB / BXC / BXD / BXE / BXF / BXG / BXH / BXJ / BXK / BXL / BXM.

From Stagecoach Midlands : Solos KX55PFK / KX57KGA.

From Golden Tours : Volvo B9TL’s BF62UYN / UYP   BV13ZCZ  BF63HEJ  WB12POT.

From Uno Buses : Tridents SN51SYR / SYY

From First Essex : Trident LN51GMU. 

From Go-Ahead London : Volvo B12B YN55WSV. 

From 7 Sisters Bus and Coach : Tridents T819/20RFG. 


Volvo B9TL SN57GNJ  DAF LJ51DKL  : Transdev.

Solo KX55PFK : Vectare, Loughborough. 

Spectra YJ51ZVM : St Andrews leisure, Rochester, Kent. 

Volvo B9TLs SN57GNF / GMV / GMY / GMZ : Wheelers Travel, Southampton. 

Volvo B9TL’s BJ11EBL / DTZ / EAO / DZZ  : Tyrers Coaches, Adlington. 

Volvo B7TL’s LX54GZL / GZM : Fowlers Coaches, Holbeach Drove. 

Volvo B7TL’s W542WGH  LX54GZH / GZN : GDS Travel , Long Sutton, Cambs. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN08BWJ / BWK / BWL : Als Coaches, Liverpool. 

Volvo B7L’s EU05DVW / DVX : Seven Sisters bus and coach, Eastbourne. 

Volvo B9TL’s SK07CBF / CBY / CCD / SN57DFC : Fords Coaches, Althorne  

Volvo B12B YN55WSV : Panther Travel, Harwich. 

Volvo B9TL’s SN08BWO / BWP / BWU / BXE / BXF / BXK : Brylaine Travel, Boston, Lincs. 

Volvo B9TL’s  SN08BWM / BWV / BWW / BWX / BWZ / BXA / BXB : Stotts Travel, Oldham. 

Trident LV52HHO    Volvo B7TL’s WR03YZV / YZW : C and G coaches, Peterborough. 

Volvo B11RTs BX65WDA / WDD   Volvo B7RLE’s SN57DCX / DDF : Ipswich Buses. 

E400s LK58KHU / LK58CNV / LK57AXF : Warrington Buses 


E200 601 sold to redline, Aylesbury.

New 601 is an ex ADL demo, now registered E17SGN, classic E200 shape, but fitted with a Euro 6 engine.

The one of interest in our locality is that E200 for redline.