Another busy week from contributors and which yet again I have delayed until Tuesday as I want to take advantage of the good weather to include as many contributions as possible. also sitting at a computer is not entirely easy in such weather.

An interesting contribution this week is from Paul Bateson for Overseas Interlude in which he records the closure of The Toronto Coach Terminal. Opened in 1931 as the Gray Coach Terminal, the Art Deco style structure was the main hub for Gray Coach, an interurban coach service then owned by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). It replaced an earlier open air depot, the Union Coach Terminal.

Interior of the Terminal on opening day, December 13th 1931.

The lights may have changed but here is the same location on June 7th 2021, shortly before the station closed.

The period of the late twenties and then the thirties, a period when Art Deco was popular, a number of public transport buildings aspired to the style in many parts of the world. Victoria Coach Station in London was to the style, designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners who also designed the Hoover Building at Perivale. This location has been used in a number of TV series such as Poirot as it fits the period perfectly. Another bus station remembered from my youth was that of Lower Moseley Street Bus Station in Manchester, the home mainly of long distance services, opened in 1928 and closed in 1973. For those interested in this facility you can read all the details at this link: 


Known as The Omnibus Station in early post war years queues formed at most weekends in summer
with coaches and buses leaving for destinations across the UK including Glasgow, London and east and west coast locations.  

There is a certain style in these facilities being lost in many locations across the globe, even Victoria Coach Station surviving plans to replace it in recent times.

Also Gavin Francis records a visit to Staines-upon-Thames and the variety of operators.

We have several interesting pictures this week for Buses in the Landscape, from four contributors, which I include below.

Ciaran Bird

The X9 currently operated by Pulhams is seen here at Charlbury on June 5th.

Country lanes near Combe in West Oxfordshire host Stagecoach services from Oxford and Chipping Norton.

Gavin Francis

The M40 between Stokenchurch and Lewknor sees the hourly Carousel service between Wycombe and Thame on its westbound journey
using the motorway to reach the interchange at junction 6. Citaro 870 is seen with a working on June 10th.

The Oxford tube also runs along the M40 working the Oxford to London service as seen on June 10th.
This service calls at Lewknor in both directions with exception of certain express journeys on weekdays.

Jack Cooper

Thames Travel's X36 service is seen in Station Road, Grove heading for Wantage on June 11th.
Here is the same bus in Mill Street, Wantage both attractive locations.

 Tony Bungay

A photo you may feel worth using, not exactly the best angle for lighting.
One of Waddesdon Manor’s Wright Streetlite back to working the car park shuttle after some easing in Covid restrictions.
More a Bus in Parkscape than Landscape! Seen on June 6th.

Well, I am sure readers will agree that the  above photographs are easy on the eye and highlight our recent good weather.

Well, now once again we face a continued lock down as June 21st approaches and cases of Delta increase, spreading across more of the country. I now understand Boris will impose a  further four weeks which appears to be accepted by 50% but with the other half of the population against ! I do not have any overriding views on the matter but being in lockdown is becoming somewhat part of life, especially for us oldun's !!

Operators are certainly planning things returning to a more normal situation as the poster below shows. One wonders if this may also be postponed?

Stagecoach in Oxfordshire

Go Ahead Oxford Bus news updates


Well maybe as expected the lifting of lockdown in England has been delayed until at least July 19th. This was confirmed by Downing Street yesterday afternoon, June 14th.

Fleet news and developments

Gavin Francis

Solo 2492 is seen working a 300 service in Wycombe on June 11th.

The two most recent repaints, 2790 and 3038, seen in Wycombe on June 11th.

An alternative to the Solo is this Wrights 3641 working the 300 in Wycombe on June 11th. 

Gavin Francis

Citaro 64019 is seen with an x74 working in the Eden Bus Station in Wycombe on June 11th. 

Gavin Francis

Citaro 879 seen with a 36 service in Bridge Street, Wycombe on June 11th.

Gavin was on hand to catch ex Carousel 801 when, as Oxford 962 it was seen in Stokenchurch with Driver training on June 10th.
801 is seen with The One on April 20th 2015, over 5 years ago!

Nigel Peach

Nigel notes that a StreetLite is unusual at Flackwell Heath where 403 is seen June 10th. 

Jack Cooper

This week has seen some interesting buses working on the ST1/ST2!

On Tuesday 357 ran a trip to Harwell Campus, before being replaced by 454 at Broad Street.

On Wednesday 976 ran a trip on the ST1, before being replaced by 513 with 976 going onto the ST2 replacing 513.  

I had also noticed improved signage for the city5, city13 and connectorX2 at Oxford Rail Station, a big help for customers as they can clearly see what bus stop their service leaves from!


352 is seen Oxford highlighting the difference in colour between the Brookes Bus and 13 colours on June 11th.

An interesting  angle on Brookes 371 in New Road on June 11th.

Park & Ride 673 is seen turning into New Road on June 11th with 300 road working.

684 shows off its summery yellow with an inbound 3 on June 11th.

These blue Citaros are often to be seen on 35 road as above on June 11th and 7th.

Theo Freeman

5 road branded 653 seen in Park End Street on June 11th.

Jack Cooper

Hopefully it will not be long before full airport services are reinstated for The Airline. 39 seen in Gloucester Green on June 8th. 

Jack Cooper

Running under the trees in Mill Street, Wantage 907 is seen with an X36 on June 11th.

Wantage is the setting for 835 loading for a 67 working to Faringdon on June 11th.

Loaned 244 is seen Wantage with a 38 working on June 11th.

Mark Turner

Mullanys "Harry Potter Bus" HP08BUS in Watford on June 11th. 

Chris Maxfield

Re the last issue just a quick note about PC18. It's not unusual to see it on the 801 or for that matter the 63 in Oxford as well as the 99. This is a spare bus and isn't allocated to the 99. 

As for the pictures of YRF on the 802...have you noticed who the driver is?  I think it must be Chris !

YJ14BWH is seen in Charlbury with an X9 working on June 5th.


Gavin Francis

Recently acquired LJ08CZT is in Wycombe working the 28 on June 11th. 



Further new Scanias for West are recorded.

YT21DVK Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001918015 AD L406/8 H43/28F 6/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester 15357
YT21DVL Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001918016 AD L406/9 H43/28F 6/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester 15358
YT21DVM Sca N250UD YS2N4X20001918017 AD L406/10 H43/28F 6/2021 Cheltenham & Gloucester 15359

Allan Hollis

Photos where taken at Grayson Thermal Systems on June 8th.


As the evening and night time leisure economy is set to reopen, late night services on shared city and Stagecoach routes are returning. Check out the timetables from June 20th here:


Ciaran Bird

MMC 10683 is seen in Bicester with an S5 service on June 10th.

An updated notice at the entrance to Witney depot on June 10th.

MMC 11234 is seen leaving Witney depot and then on a school service with appropriate destination display on June 10th.

MMC 11243 is seen in and around the JRH with an H2 working on June 10th.

MMC 11253 is seen working down to Headington with an H2 from the JRH on June 10th.

Gold 15830 is seen in Charlbury with an 7 heading for Chilling Norton on June 5th.

Gold 15934 is also seen heading for Chippy on June 9th.
The 7 has been extended to Chippy whereas it only used to work to Woodstock.

Seen in Bicester is 36928 working the 26 and 10683 the S5 on June 10th.

36981 is seen with a JRH to Bicester H5 service on June 10th.

36984 is seen with Bicester local service nr 28 on June 10th.

Jack Cooper

Now returned from Banbury, 10068 is seen working the 1 to Blackbird Leys on June 8th.

Golds 15753 and 15758 are correctly working the S5, as branded, in Oxford on June 7th. 

Theo Freeman 

A few from Oxford on June 11th. With the Botley Road being all clogged up it allowed for some unique pictures.

Seen on Park End Street are 11253/44 on S1s and 653 and two MMCs heading to Blackbird Leys.

AAlso pictured are 10783 on the 700 at the JR.

36982 on the 14. 34618 is also seen in Banbury Bridge Street on June 4th. 

Brent Rickards

This bus is now in use at Leamington on a contract and was previously seen in London.

Richard Denny 

With reference to Martyn Sacaloff's photo of a 48 branded Gold E200 MMC at Northampton  I enclose a couple of shots of other E200 MMCs that are also at Northampton. 

26202 seen in Rothersthorpe Avenue on delivery to Northampton near to  the depot on June 6th 2021

and 26205 seen in Harborough Road, Northampton on an X7 from Leicester on June 8th 2021.

TThe nine buses transferred to Northampton are 26202-08 26215 and 26220. Nine E200s have gone the other way including all three of the new local livery which hadn't been long in from Rugby

Ciaran Bird

50429 and 50434 at Thornhill on June 9th. The smaller fleet number on 434 is due to the fact it was delivered from Plaxtons without a fleet number.

JJack Cooper

Older Astromega 50237 is seen at Gloucester Green pressed into service due to a lack of Panoramas on June 8th.  

London operators

Gavin Francis

I forgot to tell you that TOOT on the sightseeing buses in London is:-  "The Original Open Tour !"

Michael Wadman

Last October in OCBP 126 you included a photo I took of Routemaster Travel’s YAE 519V, a former Bristol Omnibus Co Bristol LH6L / ECW, operating service 62 in Leighton Buzzard.

Here’s another shot of it, in Tring on  September 25th 1997. 

I said at the time that Routemaster Travel had indeed had a Routemaster but that unfortunately it had gone by the time that I got to see them. My friend Keith Newton has now sent me two shots of the Routemaster in question, which was former British European Airways NMY 648E, later London Transport RMA11.

These were taken in Leighton Buzzard in November 1991; and Church Street, Wingrave, at around the same time.

RMA11 had an interesting life after BEA had finished with it. It ran on route 175 for a while, then became an Aldenham staff bus. It later ran for Verwood Transport in Dorset, Routemaster Travel and Green Rover at Watford, then entered preservation for a while before going to Western Greyhound in Cornwall, then back into preservation, and is currently with London Vintage Bus Hire.

So I’ve included a couple more shots of it, with Verwood Transport in Bournemouth in June 1987 (from Keith Newton),
and with Western Greyhound in Newquay bus station on 23 June 2007.

Following on from previous weeks we now include some pictures of the early days of Stagecoach in Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Leyland National 303 TAE641S in Cheltenham on May 25th 1996.

Leyland National 2
 which was AAE647V but seen carrying cherished registration 511OHU in service to Stroud.
This was taken on April 6th 1996 and the registration did I think also adorn an ex Oxford tube in Scotland.

City of Gloucester G682AAD MMercedes-Benz 709D PMT on April 6th 1996.

Many thanks to Michael for another weekly contribution. 

Paul Bateson reports on the end of an era in Toronto

The Toronto Coach Terminal opened in 1931 and has generally speaking retained the same layout for 90 years.  It is located at 610, Bay Street in the downtown area of the city.  Coaches enter from Elizabeth Street and there are ten bays for departures throughout Southern Ontario, across Canada and into the USA.  Coaches exit left on to Edward Street.  The three major companies operating out of the terminal are Greyhound Canada, Trentway-Wagar operating as Coach Canada and Megabus.com and Ontario Northland.

The situation has changed substantially as a result of COVID-19.  In May 2020, Greyhound Canada suspended all services and the other companies reduced its services due to the lack of passengers and travel restrictions.

In May 2021, Greyhound Canada announced that it would be closing and its services would not be resuming.  This affected routes to London, Windsor, Niagara Falls and Ottawa.  This decision brought an end to Greyhound Canada.

A new commuter bus terminal known as the Union Station Bus Terminal, located at Lakeshore and Bay and built for Metrolinx, operators of GO Transit, opened on 5th  December 2020.

Megabus.com operates the Toronto to Montreal route plus a new route to Ottawa replacing Greyhound.  It reached agreement with Metrolinx to transfer its services to the new Union Station Bus Terminal effective 8th June 2021.  This left just Ontario Northland serving the Toronto Coach Terminal and it was inevitable that the company would vacate the terminal.  Its final departures for Northern Ontario on 26th June 2021 are at 0900, 1100 and 2015 to Sudbury and 0900 and 2330 to North Bay and effective 27th June 2021 its services will transfer to the new Union Station Bus Terminal.

This is the end of an iconic structure which I understand has a heritage designation.  It will be interesting to see what happens to the building as it must be located on very valuable land.  Could the bus bays be demolished, replaced by condominiums but retaining the façade and waiting room area converted to a grand entrance area to new buildings?  This thought is a purely personal thought on what could happen!

The photographs show the atmosphere of the Toronto Coach Terminal on the final day of megabus.com services on June 7th 22021.

Ontario Northland heading for Sudbury.span style="mso-spacerun:yes" 
Fleet numbers B5606 and B5605 are seen on Edward Street
having departed the Toronto Coach Terminal on the 11:00 am departure for Sudbury.


Van Hool DD42888 is seen parked inside the Toronto Coach Terminal preparing to depart at 1.00 pm for Montreal. 

It is seen after heading out on to Edward Street.


TTC route 6 on Bay Street had to detour onto Edward Street due to a road closure for construction. 
This gave a number of photographic opportunities showing Novabus LFS buses in the old and new liveries.


The main terminal building in 2021.


The spacious loading area in Edward Street.


The entrance and general view of the departure area.


Interior views of this grand building. megabus dominates the scene.


It is hoped that this stained glass window will be preserved being a major feature of this coach terminal.


The arrivals area of the terminal, looking somewhat forlorn as so few services remain.

Photographs by PAUL BATESON

To read more follow this link :   http://spacing.ca/toronto/2009/02/26/opening-day-at-the-toronto-coach-terminal/

I would like to thak Paul for these notes and pictures and hope readers enjoy this subject ?

Gavin Francis

Mike Walker sent me this. If you think the traffic is bad at the moment what will happen if they rebuild Botley Road Bridge and lower the road ???

Note the location of a revised bus interchange in the new layout.

Here’s the link to the NR website


James Freeman 

A flickr video of two Oxford City Sightseeing open top buses going back to Cowley House.


Malcolm Crowe

For those who wondered about Laser Printers, this video is worth watching and makes one wonder how long it will be before someone prints his own model bus or coach?


I found this quite fascinating.

Tony Bungay 

Looking at your news page, you certainly seem to be busy. Good selection of photos from your contributors giving a good overall view of things.

The other photo you may use, but I only really included it to illustrate my comment

! Interesting to hear of proposed X16 Service, however my first thought was haven’t we been here twice before! The picture of the Red Rose Plaxton President was taken in April 2015 and I am fairly certain a picture (not by me) appeared on your news page. As the side of the Bus shows a Service operated every 2 hours 7 days a week. Eventually however despite this enterprising attempt it was withdrawn due to insufficient patronage. Before this Arriva themselves operated a short lived Saturday and Sunday only Service, again I think on a 2 hour headway. 

IInteresting observation by your contributor regarding the 9 vs 10 Bus war. It is certainly correct that virtually any vehicle can appear on the 9. On one observation I made Red Rose did rather better on 1 journey with 5 passengers as opposed to the following Arriva Solo with 1. On this particular occasion on the Walton Court part of the route a Redline 11 also appeared which ultimately too goes to the town centre via a different route. As I commented to you before this situation  looks to be a case of which company blinks first. Of course observations only show what the situation is at that particular point in the route and also does not reveal whether those travelling are using a pass or paying full fare.

Prior to this competitive situation the 9 was fairly well used whereas the 8/50 recently withdrawn by Arriva had outside peak journeys seen less passenger usage and most of them from observations were clearly using their pass. This was probably the reason that Arriva combined the two to try and make one reasonable route. Another factor also much of the 8 operated through some very affluent areas and at one time fairly regular usage by RAF personnel had also decreased. 

Gavin Francis makes an outing to Staines

It is not  until someone goes there that one realises how interesting a place can be. Gavin went to Staines-upon-Thames on June 9th and noted the variety of vehicles and operators. Also a bus which has worked in Oxford was caught.

Abellio 8811 with the 290 in Staines Bus Station, this route once a trunk route with London Transport.

Bear Buses LDP183 operate through Staines Bus Station with this ex Go Ahead London Dart.

Carlone is another small operator using these Mercedes buses on the 442.

Which one worked in Oxford?
Three of the StreetLites used by Rotala around Staines and Heathrow.

Falcon Buses has a variety of E200 buses which provide local services.

First Berkshire comes through Staines on service from Slough to Heathrow the service providing much variety.

London United also serves Staines with a number of services inherited from London Country. The 441 used to go to High Wycombe.

Metroline runs the 117 through Staines giving further variety.

This bus was used as a Hotel Hoppa by National Express, not sure what route it is now serving.

An E200 working the 570 in Staines. The company is located at Brooklands.

Sullivan's are much involved in a service to Thorpe Park and their green livery harks back to Green Line days.

white bus have a very tidy modern fleet of E200s which must create a good impression locally.

white bus are an old established operator now celebrating 100 years of service as seen on one the buses above.

Bill Brown with pictures from Dundee

Moffatt & Williamson operate two ex megabus Astromegas in East Scotland,  CN61FBB and CN61FBD on June 10th.

E400 10005 is seen working a 59 service to Blairgowrie on June 10th.

Solo SR 47948 asking customers to use face coverings on June 10th.