After the last couple of weeks this one has been quieter not helped by the very wet weather towards the end. It does make working on the page easier, especially Friday when the heavens opened all day, at least in my area of The Chilterns.

The usual contributors have provided pictures of interest and variety with Michael Wadman adding his memories to the page, this time with Reading Rail-Air link.

Martyn Sacaloff continues with his "days out" and his Facebook page provides several hours of interest viewing from all over the U.K.

The England - Scotland match at Wembley produced a number of dupes on megabus services which Blair Cameron and Gavin Francis caught up with.

There are many moves afoot to take over control of large city transport systems including Manchester where Stagecoach currently predominates.

New deliveries are still only at a fraction of previous years but the electric bus is beginning to gain ground.

Rain has been a significant factor in recent days and a few pictures show how burst pipes and flooding has provided some interest.

Jack Cooper

Rain made for some excellent pictures from Jack. Buses in the floodscape!

Seen in Basil Hill Road, 207 with an X2 and 914 with a 33 on June 18th.

Theo Freeman

A varied contribution which I feel is appropriate to include here. Theo's pictures were taken on June 18th.

Most unusual was a White Bus Leopard in Berinsfield Lay-by.
Not sure what it was doing but I believe White Bus don’t come round our area often?


In Didcot a pipe had burst on Lyndene Road which allowed for pictures of the buses going through the large puddles it created.


Pictured are Thames Travel 907 and 226 on June 18th.


Stagecoach's 10781 on the 7 to Chippy and 10779 working the S5 both in Magdalen Street West.


Richard Sharman writes about the return of National Express and megabus to Oxford 


National Express coach services made a return to Oxford on Saturday, June 19th, after a long absence due to the pandemic.

The return marks the start of two new services in the area, the first being the 160 that operates between Poole and Birmingham via Bournemouth, Ringwood, Southampton and of course Oxford. This service operates one journey in each direction daily, with the service being operated by National Express-owned Lucketts Travel. The first vehicle to operate service 160 on both Saturday and Sunday was Levante 522155, BV69KTF.

Luckett's BV69KTF in Park End Street with the 160 to Poole in Dorset on June 19th by Jack Cooper .

This service partially replaces the long running 539 service from Edinburgh to Bournemouth, allowing travel from Oxford to Bournemouth again. However, if you wish to Edinburgh you now face a lengthy two coach journey with three options:

Oxford 423 0110hrs to Birmingham, arriving at 0250hrs >Depart Birmingham 0730hrs arrive Edinburgh 1715hrs

Oxford 737 0630hrs to Milton Keynes, arriving at 0755hrs >Depart Milton Keynes 1015hrs arrive Edinburgh 1910hrs

And there is a third option to go via Glasgow. It is currently unknown if the 539 service will resume at some point.

The second new daily service is the 161 between Southsea and Birmingham via Portsmouth, Southampton Coach Station and Oxford. One journey each way is operated, and although this service serves The Hard Interchange in Portsmouth.

Travelstar NX69TSE working the 161 at Gloucester Green on June 19th by Jack Cooper.

It differs from the megabus Friday to Sunday only M34 service for the rest of the route. In addition, it offers an AM departure South and a PM departure North, whilst the M34 does the opposite. The inaugural service was operated by Travelstar Europe with Levante 2 NX69 TSE, whilst the Sunday service was operated by Chalfont Coaches Levante 2 BV19XPE.

NEx Service 210 between Wolverhampton and Heathrow Airport via Birmingham and Oxford, returns daily from Monday, June 21st. Of course, it would make sense for this to be operated by West Midlands Travel, but we will find out tomorrow. Service 737 between Oxford and Stansted Airport via Milton Keynes and Luton, operated by Oxford Bus Company, also returns from the same date.

Megabus will also commence new connections through Oxford with service M38. The first trip will operate on Monday 20 June at 1105hrs to Bristol via Swindon, having originated in Nottingham. It will then commence regular operation from Thursday to Monday. Operating southbound only to Bristol on Thursdays and Monday at 1105hrs, then a return trip Friday to Sunday at 0915 to Huddersfield, and southbound to Bristol at 1105hrs. The M34 continues to operate Friday to Sunday only.  

So Oxford Bus are back on the 737 using 58, 59 and 60 as seen under NEx below in pictures from Jack Cooper.


Mark Turner provides another picture of the Harry Potter bus in Watford.

HP08BUS on June 19th at Watford Junction.

Readers write has some interesting news on this subject locally from Richard Sharman.

Finally it always seem to be the case that wherever one travels in the U.K you can find a bus or coach with memories.

Many operators have or had planned changes from June 21st, one imagines to take advantage of the restrictions with freedom at last. It seems that a number are still going ahead and one hopes that something is resolved in July. 

Fleet news and developments


Gavin Francis

In spie of one of the wettest days I can remember, Gavin caught 7203 waiting time along Elizabeth Bridge on June 18th.
The livery tends to grow on one!

Gary Seamarks

Citaro 3018 working a 280 outside Queens College, Oxford on June 16th.

Tony Bungay

Ex London Wrights 6042 is seen in Aylesbury with an S300 school working on June 17th.

Still in use as a training bus 9555 is seen in Aylesbury on June 16th. A similar bus At Wycombe has been withdrawn.

CJJ Coaches KT58FTC are seen with an SX60 laying over in Aylesbury on June 17th.
I wonder was this helping out with Arriva?

Gavin Francis

Ex Carousel MX58AAJ seen on its daily school duty, the 683 to Stokenchurch on June 17th.  

Gavin Francis

We have a couple of additional Stagecoach buses in use on this revised service.

Two recent additions are 19135 and 19136 now working the CSS London sightseeing on June 16th. 


Nigel Peach visits the depot

A couple of pictures from my visit to the Carousel depot on June 17th - my first visit  this year! 

Citaro 880 is easily identifiable by the blue stripe above its destination display, resting next to 241 and 421.

 (It's always good to get palindromic bus numbers next to one another!!) The remains of fire victim 884 can be seen behind 421, actually it's not a palindrome! Palindrome of 241 would be 142. Perhaps you need to amend my comment to "almost palindromic"!!

Ex 712, now with Chiltern Bus can still often be seen together with 713!

Citaro 860 (which has not seen service since early pm on 4th June) is behind 713. 

From Monday, June 21st 2021 there will be amendments to the 3B and 35A morning departures in line with Matthew Arnold school returning to their original school day.

Gavin Francis

It's a while since we featured the rear of one of the Park & Ride StreetDecks with 667 seen in George Street on June 16th

Gary Seamarks

Pride bus 367 is seen in St Aldates with a 35 road working on June 16th.

A gathering of Oxford city buses outside The Queen's College on June 16th.

Orange and yellow seem to make the sun even brighter on June 16th pictured outside The Queen's College.

Jack Cooper

Scania 45 has appeared at Cowley House although allocated to Didcot but has not been used for many months now.
Seen on June 17th.

601 seen during heavy rain in Abingdon on June 18th working an X3 to Barton via the J R.

The weather was better on June 19th when Jack caught 605 working the 300 in Oxford.

Another wet day picture of 680 at Thornhill Park & Ride on June 18th.

I had noticed that the ex Airline coaches used recently on the 11X were not in such regular use and above 846 was in use on June 17th.

Jack Cooper

Tourismo 38 is seen passing through Thornhill Park & Ride on the 18th.

By the 19th the weather was better and above 38 is ready for Heathrow and 35 is laying over here in Gloucester Green.
Both are well turned out and the wheels sparkle which is good to see.

Gary Seamarks

Scania 205 carries a happy load of sightseers on June 16th enjoying the lovely weather.

Jack Cooper

Recently I have been working at the City Sightseeing Oxford Visitor Information Point at Queens Lane. The last time I had worked at Queens Lane was March 2020 when it was the Oxford Bus Travel Shop! I have taken pictures of the shop which had work done to it last year before City Sightseeing moved in.  

In the Sightseeing fleet, buses 196/197 have been renumbered. 196 is now 631, and 197 is now 632. The reason I have been told for this is that the 100 series is fully electric buses, as 196/7 are diesel buses, they were renumbered into the 600 series. Some buses have now adopted new registrations, these are as follows:

199 - MIG 7119

631 - MIG 7113 seen at the station on June 15th wearing the new fleet number.

At the depot ready for service 632  - LIG 9116
 on June 17th.

631 entered service on Tuesday (June 15th), in December it was used on the Christmas bus.

Coincidentally it was December 15th when I was onboard it doing a Christmas tour
around Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill, Elms Rise and Marston! It was still 196 then and not reregistered.

Jack has also sent pictures of the revised office at Queens Lane much devoted to City Sightseeing Tours of Oxford.

This revamp is a credit to The Oxford Bus Company and is seen on December 16th. 

Jack Cooper

Citaro 871 is seen above in Wallingford with a 33 on June 18th, during a lull in the rain.

Tony Bungay

A very smart ex Lothian Wrights SN57DFG working a school service for Marshalls in Aylesbury on June 17th.

Things are returning to something like normal.

Gavin Francis

Edwards Coaches' Scania K410 UD6/Caetano Invictus BU18OTA crosses Elizabeth Bridge on June 16th.

This Madrid wrap is appearing on a number of Levante III's as seen in VCS on June 18th.

I wonder if customers can have a clear view through the windows of SH299 working a 491 to Norwich on June 18th.

National Express seem to have returned with limited services to Oxford.

Lucketts BV69KTF is seen departing for Birmingham with a 160 to Birmingham from Gloucester Green on June 18th.

Not sure where this one was going to ? Levante tri-axle 219 also seen leaving Gloucester Green on June 18th.

Jack Cooper

Jack caught up with three of the Levante IIIs in NEx livery when he passed by Cowley House, Oxford on June 17th.
Oxford Bus Company are to resume National Express 737 services from June 21st.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Gavin Francis

Green Line promoted 761 is seen heading for Legoland on June 16th turning onto Elizabeth Bridge. 

Tony Bungay

E3RRT is seen working the Express service in Aylesbury on June 17th.

E10RRT is seen passing through Whitchurch looking very smart indeed on June 16th. 

On a general note I find it difficult to understand why some Stagecoach operating companies are repainting their buses and coaches into the new corporate liveries and others, such as Oxford, are basically without any local repaints at all. I suppose there is some reason but I notice even the oldest of buses in service are receiving the new colours elsewhere. Can someone tell me why?

Some examples are shown below. Certainly Oxford stands out amongst the few if anymore who do not have any local repaints. Oh and I do appreciate vehicles may have to travel some distance to gain new colours but Oxford is hardly at the end of the world !


I am advised that new Scania double decks 15350/1/2 were pressed into service on Friday, June 18th to allow three older gold buses to be transferred to Midlands Northampton depot. The three are 15521, 15522 and 15841 and will be transferred by Sunday, June 20th.

Gavin Francis

Another recent repaint into the new corporate livery is 28688 seen with an 853 service from Gloucester.Cheltenham in Oxford on June 17th.

Gary Seamarks

This S6 is operated by Gold 15348 devoid of any routing when seen in Oxford on June 16th. 


Gavin Francis

Showing the major work to replace the windscreen of 10780 at Horspath depot on June 16th.

10442 is seen in Magdalen Street East with a service 7 on June 17th.

Gary Seamarks

Loaned E200 from Manchester is seen in Oxford's St Aldates with a 16 working on June 16th.

Jack Cooper

Jack was in Banbury to catch 34472 working the B3, 34618 with a B9 and 36079 with a B5 on June 15th.

Seemingly not in service one of the three buses at Banbury in the new livery is loaned Manchester 36111 on June 15th.

Gary Seamarks

A few changes at Stagecoach in Bedford.

X5 reverts to pre-Covid levels of every 30 minutes Mon-Sat, but stays hourly on Sunday (wise perhaps ?).

Bedford routes have revisions on the web-site, in general the 905 (Cambridge) will be every 30 Mon-Sat and Hourly on Sunday.

With some town routes, mostly the 'big bus' ones having reduced frequencies.

The 99 has a revision on leaving MK to serve a recently built distribution centre, adds just a couple of minutes to it.

Rural routes (what's left of them) are unchanged in the main.

Martyn Sacaloff

Martyn visited Plaxtons at Anston last week and this picture is of interest for East followers.

Seen in the Plaxton facility  on June 15th.

Martyn Sacaloff


East Midlands 18035 seen in Mansfield depot on June 15th.

An ageing Dart 34457 now in use as a trainer at Mansfield on May 15th.

Freshly repainted  into the new local livery and looking very smart, E200 36119, is also seen in Mansfield depot on June 15th.

Barney Staples

Two interesting pictures from Barney showing the livery changes in many Stagecoach areas.

E400 19105, converted to open top, seen in Barnstaple working route 21 to Croyde Bay on June 7th.

South West 44025 a well travelled Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 45 working the 856 in South Moulton on June 9th. 

Martyn Sacaloff

National Express branded Levante III 54405 seen with a 561 service Meadowhall Interchange on June 14th.

Many other photographs of that area can be found in Martyn's Facebook collection at:


Gavin Francis

The shortage of new Panorama coaches at Oxford is seen by 50250 working weekday services on June 16th.

50432 which has been off the road since early May is nearing completion of repairs when seen at Horspath on June 19th.

Gary Seamarks

Panoramas 50426 and 50438 busy working in Oxford on June 16th.

Jack Cooper

Panorama 50429 looks clean and tidy in this picture taken in Gloucester Green on June 19th.

Blair Cameron

50284, once when new my steed for Duxford in 2014, seen in new distance livery with an M9 working at Broxden, Perth on May 19th.

Blair noted that it was "Currently on loan from Kilmarnock Depot to Cumbernauld Depot for Scottish Citylink & megabus.com services. This Is first time I've Caught Van Hool Astromega In the new Stagecoach Livery and I must say it suits it well." 

 Blair Cameron

Not unexpectedly the match between England and  Scotland required extra service from Scotland to London which used Citylink Panoramas provided by Scottish companies.

50449 is seen in Edinburgh with an M20 dupe late on June 17th.

Blair writes "50449 - YX21 NNL And 50454 - YX21 NNT Are Currently On Loan To Rennies Cowdenbeath Depot From Perth Depot For Use On M11 And M20 Megabus Dupes Because Of The Euro 2020 Clash Between England Vs Scotland At Wembley Stadium London." 

Gavin Francis

Gavin caught ex tube 50278 having worked an extra to London from Scotland on the morning of  June 18th in Semley Place.

On June 19th Gavin caught 50449 in Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria ready to work a relief back to Scotland.

This McLean coach was also in London Bulleid Way on June 19th which may also have been working a megabus relief.

Richard Sharman

Stagecoach vehicles pass in London on June 15th.

London operators

Gavin Francis

LT44 in a new all over wrap working route 11 by VCS on June 18th.
He comments " I noticed after last's weeks notes on LT 55 being the bus SW usually use for wraps on the 11
 I see they have used LT 44 which according to my records has never been wrapped !!"

GAL LT 510 looking clean and tidy with an 11 passing along Buckingham Palace Road on June 16th.

Judging by the rear end SE212 was maybe a bit under the weather on June 17th.

London United's BYD BE37021 is seen working the C1 passing VCS on June 16th.

Michael Wadman's weekly contribution

In a recent OCBP you mentioned that the Reading – Heathrow Railair rarely features on the Page. I’m not surprised as it’s a difficult service to photograph, but I thought you might like this selection of vehicles that have been used on it over the years. 

19 (HJB 469W)  Leyland Leopard / Plaxton  Reading station  1981 

776 (E456 CGM)   Duple 425   Reading station   26th June 1989 

744 (J744 TDP)   Scania K113CRB / Berkhof   Reading station   7th November 1992 

792 (M792 TCF)   Scania K113CRB / Berkhof   Reading station   28th January 1996 

703 (T703 JLD)   Volvo B12T / Plaxton   Terminal 2    8th August 1999
(I always thought these tri-axles were the most impressive vehicles used on the service.) 

712 (YV03 UBE)   Scania K114IB4 / Irizar     Heathrow    21st December 2003  
(I’m not sure which Terminal this is – I’ve put it down as 2 but can anyone confirm?) 

20810 (YY63 WBT)   Volvo B9R / Plaxton   Reading station   31st December 2016

Finally, the current fleet is exemplified by 23608 (YT68 GXH)  
Scania K360EB4 / Irizar   Terminal 3   6th February 2019

Very many thanks to Michael who reminds me of a few that I forgotten about.

Also from Michael of some interesting pictures of a bus many old readers will remember

Gloucester Citybus 853 working a special route at Norchard on October 18th 1998. 

Gavin Francis

Gavin refers to the last issue featuring a Routemaster by Michael Wadman and provides the interesting pictures below.

RMA 11 appeared at Brooklands on April 17th 2016.

and again at Ongar on June 8th 2019.

Mike Stone regarding Oxford Station rebuild

The NR press release only refers to the new west side platform, while the illustration you have posted shows the extension of platform two through the existing station buildings which effectively means building a new station where the existing bus stops are, which I understood to be nothing more than a city council aspiration.


 That is not to say I have any information as to whether the new bus interchange will or will not be built at this stage. 

The original of that illustration is here - from 2017.;


Many thanks to Mike for this clarification.

Richard Sharman comments on electric bus trials in  Didcot


It is only a trial to see how the technology works.  

The Arrival single-decker will be operated by First Bus as they will be carrying out trails of the new bus, in normal operation, around the country. 

Also of note is that the Arrival Gamma Zero bus was developed in Banbury and production examples will be built in Bicester.

WitWith thaks to Richard for this report on a trial.

Les Burton comments on issue 159

A perfect article this weekend ,Certainly I grew in the era working at North Western Road Car from 1962 and saw the industry decline and develop change with the Transport Act changes of 1968. 

Thanks Les.

Martyn Sacaloff continues his round Britain travels

Martyn writes "Quick spin on this Go Northwest 6213 NK08MXZ on the 41 to sale station this bus was new to Go North East !"

Ironically this service in Sale, Manchester passes through my home town and brings back many memories when seen on June 14th.


Ribble reappears in Burnley with this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mellor Strata. Ribble Country of Transdev.

Johnsons & Redfern WORKSOP

A major operator in the Worksop area with many interesting vehicles.


GAL 967 is a 1944 Bedford OWB/Duple originally with W Gash & Sons of Newark as their nr 67. It was at Showbus 2017 in Johnson Brothers livery.

The yard and a selection of what there is in use.

A bus whichh maybe remembered by older readers is this Leyland National KCG627L once based in High Wycombe.

Leeds and fudge

As a man who likes fudge, Leeds is a long way to go to see and enjoy this delight!

Red Lion of Hillmorton


What delight awaits those who take a pint at Hillmorton near Rugby. A148PNC ex. East Yorkshire 529 (A529MAT)