An interesting if quieter week for pictures than in recent times. However still of interest with a few changes in our main areas.

Having highlighted in a recent issue the lack of any repainted Stagecoach buses from the Oxford fleet a surprise appearance on July 1st is seen below. Taken by Ciaran Bird on July 1st is the return of a Solo seen in Woodstock.

Arriving from Burford with service 233 is the repainted Solo which looks fresh and is one of the older buses with SC Oxfordshire.
More pictures of this bus can be seen under the SC Oxfordshire heading below.

As mentioned in the last issue much work is taking place on the building in Buckingham Palace Road where the Oxford tube and other express services pick up. Below are pictures of the recent work.

Gavin Francis

Stop 10 is seen in these pictures with only stop open at present for the 702 in the background on June 28th.

By the last weekend the road was closed again for further building works as seen below.

No those are big vehicles and cranes on July 3rd.

On July 3rd tube services were back to loading outside the Google building in BPR and waiting time in
Bressenden Place as seen in these pictures of 50444.

Oh and work on the Mound at Marble Arch continues as seen in the picture below taken on July 3rd.

Botley Road is presently restricted due works by Botley Road bridge resulting in single line working. This has caused long delays in recent days.

The cause is this hole in road at the location seen on June 28th. 

Gary Seamarks

I saw in Ventura's yard at Cranfield, the overflow yard looked full of ex-Airport Citaro's on one side and Tourismo coaches in 'dealer' white on the other, very little else visible except an RM, try and revisit later in month.

Updates on Go Ahead Oxford group

Three significant fleet changes are of note for this issue

Jack Cooper

Was out and about on June 28th to catch 514 in its first services at Bicester Village on July 1st.

The service operates between Bicester north Rail Station and Bicester Village here on June 28th.

Luke Marion

Ex Brighton & Hove YN55NFH now Thames Travel 246 shows off its new livery which is also a new variation for Thames Travel.

Malcolm Crowe

MB Sprinter 977 has now returned from repaint into Carousel red seen at the depot on July 3rd.


Ciaran Bird

A nice Mercedes Sprinter/EVM Grandtourer from Johnsons,  RO15VGV, passes near to Enstone with a background of the rolling Oxfordshire countryside on June 15th. 

Tony Bungay

Now we are getting close to the 19th and the end of the school term the sight of S buses may be nearing an end also.

I took Enviro 400 5467 on July 1st working the schools only version of the 280.
Not the best picture as its amongst rush hour traffic


Gavin Francis

More coach work as seen at Marble Arch on July 2nd.

YN17OMS rounding the Marble Arch area on July 2nd.

One of the recent additions to the fleet, IRZ363 is seen outside the Ashmolean in Oxford on July 3rd.

Last week I mentioned that the open top tour buses were back with us and some of you may have wondered about TOOTBUS ?

Click on the Logo

The Original Tour has rebranded to TOOTBUS London, offering tourists the chance to experience the vibrant cultural life and rich historical legacy of London by stepping on board and letting the city surprise them.

More details under the London section below.  

Fleet news and developments

As I write this page on Saturday afternoon (July 3rd) I should note that 3797 from Aylesbury working the 300 showed COME ON ENGLAND showing as a display. I hope they do ! However Tony Bungay has come to the rescue, see below.

Also I was surprised by my visit to Cressex depot on July 3rd to see the M&M Coaches have gone!

Also the withdrawn buses from the far fence have also seen by Malcolm Crowe on July 3rd.

Gavin Francis

Tourismo 7212 with a 757 inbound working turns into Elizabeth Bridge on June 28th.

Green Line 7205 is seen at  Marble Arch working the 757 on July 2nd.

Gary Seamarks

Nice little find in MK Thurs 1/7/21, on an Arriva MK School Dupe, belongs to an operator in Swansea according to the legals.

Milton Keynes on July 1st with ex Oxford Interdecker GO63OXF working a school service for Arriva.

A Travellers Choice Volvo SJ15HBM school extra working the Arriva SX60 in Aylesbury on July 1st.

For those who follow Arriva further north there are pictures from Martyn Sacaloff of ex Arriva buses now with Chaserider in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Tony Bungay

Today with England playing various Arriva vehicles added their support! I managed to get 5465 on an outward 280 working and Solo 2479 about to enter the darkness of Aylesbury Bus Station on an inward local 9 working both with suitable destination messages. 

The problem with a rolling display is getting the right moment, I got a much better photo of 2479 except that the destination box was blank!

5465 and 2479 in Aylesbury displaying COME ON ENGLAND on July 3rd prior to a 4-0 win !

Jack Cooper

StreetLite 20169 seen in St Giles on June 29th.
I don't believe these had fleet numbers when Diamond took over the 250 Bicester service?

Gavin Francis

Turners YJ19BBF is seen in Buckingham Palace Road waiting time on June 28th.

It also appears that another company has joined the Flixbus fold. More details are awaited.

 The David Corbel coach mentioned on a Flixbus working was YJ19BDE.
Only just managed to get a rear shot as it flew down Semley Place and out onto BPR.

Official advice regarding fleet changes is "The plan is that services 577/581/583 will be operated by Sprinters moving forward. We are in the process of painting sprinters 977-980 into Carousel colours to cover this service and a couple of other services that we expect to be operating in the High Wycombe area soon. The first of these is due back from repaint this week."

This resolves the Euro6 problem after E20D 514 transferred back to Oxford and is now in use on service BV1 - Bicester Village. This was what was first intended when the bus was delivered.

977 returned to Oxford last Wednesday repainted in red for Carousel. 980 is presently working the 577/581/583 services.

Malcolm Crowe

977 seen at the depot on July 3rd.

421 seen at the depot on July 2nd.

Scania 216 seen at the depot on July 3rd. 

Ciaran Bird

MMC 605 passes Scania 222 both working Park & Ride services in George Street on June 26th.

Gavin Francis

Gavin noted that red buses predominate working the 400 on June 28th. Seen above 222 and 313.

602 is seen  passing through the roadworks at Botley Road bridge with service 4A on June 28th.

Park & Ride 672 is seen with a 400 working at the same spot on June 28th.

Brightening up ones day 3 road 682 is seen with a 3A service to Kassam Stadium on June 28th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 605 is seen with a 2 road service in Magdalen Street West on June 29th.

 673 is seen with a 300 road service in Magdalen Street West on June 29th.

901 is seen working an X3 service in Oxford Road, Abingdon on July 1st. 

Having moved from the Uxbridge services of Carousel at Wycombe, 514 is now branded for Bicester Village as seen below. The first day in service was June 28th.

Jack Cooper

Hot to trot from June 28th is 514 seen in Bicester Village.

Jack Cooper

Looking pristine at Cowley House, Tourismo 32 rests on June 30th.

A break in the weather and some sunshine helped services in Oxford in the past week.

Gavin Francis

Scania 205 is  seen in Broad Street on July 3rd.

Jack Cooper

Scanias 206 and 210 at Cowley House where it may have been that 206 had gained a super rear advert for drivers.

PMU 971 is seen working service 45 for Berinsfield on July 1st.

Luke Marion

... who has provided pictures of repainted 246.

246 shows the revised Thames Travel livery at Cowley House on July 2nd.


Malcolm Crowe

Not everything goes according to plan and when a problem occurs it is often at a difficult spot.

This Heyfordian school bus failed in Marlow Road, Stokenchurch on June 29th.
Isis are just preparing to recover the ex Dublin E400 LW51ZMZ.

Paul Hawkins

Moffat & Williamson E200 was ex Heyfordian OU08AYF working the 44 in Leven on July 2nd. The bus also spent time in Bournemouth. 

Gary Seamarks

Also with a school service - 960 or 963 or both - GB03MTT passes Friars Square, Aylesbury on July 1st.

Mark Doggett

Mark sends this to show this new coach branded for Motts on July 1st. 

Mark Turner

Mullanys HP08Bus leaving Watford Junction on Saturday, July 3rd heading back to Harry Potter. 

Ciaran Bird

Seen in Oxford's Gloucester Green with a 210 working is Levante 1 on June 26th.

Gavin Francis

From West Midlands, Caetano 221 is seen leaving Gloucester Green with a 210 service on June 28th.

New Levante III SH31 seen rounding the junction at Marble Arch heading for Stansted on July 2nd.


Gavin Francis

Two Kingsferry coaches in Putney on July 2nd.


Jack Cooper

Seen in The Causeway, Abingdon is YN65XDE one supposes working a private hire on July 1st.
The coach is a Scania OmniExpress seemingly new to Swiftsure of Burton in September 2015.

including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley

Gavin Francis

It appears that Newbury maybe training for the National Express 507 service as seen below ?

Nr 1406 BK15AJX seen in Bulleid Way on June 30th.  

Lee Callaway

I have some news about some new services that red eagle are starting in August:

Routes 62/62A will replace route 164 which is being withdrawn after August 8th which will mean that buses will be every 30/60 mins between Aylesbury, Tring and Pitstone

These services will be part of route 61/61A which are changing on the same day.

All the information is on the Passenger Transport Info For Hertfordshire (Intalink) website just go to the changes to bus service page at:



Gary Seamarks

...... was in Aylesbury  to see a number of School specials on July 1st.

three of the companies double decks used on the school runs.

Gary Seamarks

...... was in Aylesbury  to see a number of School specials on July 1st.

Looking very bright and  summery PG04WHX an East Lancs Vyking leaves the bus station with a school special. This bus was new to London United.





Ciaran Bird

Oxford MMC 10442 is seen overtaking Gold 10991 which is heading for Swindon via Faringdon on June 25th.

Gavin Francis

Variety on the S6 brings 55 branded Scania 15347 to Gloucester Green
and then MMC 10988 is seen crossing Botley Road Bridge both on June 28th.

Jack Cooper 

Back to the regular allocation for route 853, 28683 is seen turning into Broad Street on June 29th.



Ciaran Bird

A nice surprise on July 1st was the appearance of the first Oxford fleet bus in the local livery.

47568 is seen arriving and departing from Woodstock on the Burford route.

MMC 10436, which when new worked the 1 is seen near Chipping Norton with an S3 service on June 15th.

Another of same batch of MMCs 10439, now allocated to Witney, is seen with an S1 coming out from under the railway bridge in Botley Road.
The date taken is June 25th.

And another of the same batch and the one I took to a show when new, 10441 is working the S3 at Wootton Turn on June 27th.

Gold Scania 15830 is seen leaving Oxford Train Station with an S3 to Charlbury on June 28th.

Gold Scania 28742 is seen heading Oxford bound with an H4 service along the A4260 from Banbury on June 15th.
I note that these buses appear to have moved to the 500 service and the S4 is now being worked by 3740* buses instead ?

Gavin Francis

The picture above reflects the move away from Gold services with S3 branded 15834 working the 2 and behind an MMC working the 7 service.
Taken in Magdalen Street East on June 28th.

Most unusually a double deck, Hybrid 12005, was working the 14A on June 28th when seen in Magdalen Street East.

Two MMCs are seen ready for service at Horspath Depot on July 3rd.

Jack Cooper

Looking very smart and fresh, Gold 10781 is seen working the 7 to Woodstock on June 29th.

The Training Fleet seen at Network Oxford on July 3rd. The variety in style and colour of fleet numbers is noteworthy!

Also at the same location is Dart 34829 awaiting a duty on July 3rd.

Not the best place for the bus to fail, 15835 came to a stop in George Street causing the temporary closure until it was recovered on July 3rd. 

Ciaran Bird

54316 is seen with an X5 service leaving Gloucester Green on June 26th.
Again notice that the destination layout is contrary to the rules when the route number should be nearest the pavement - i.e. opposite to that seen.
I believe that the default on the blinds is set for a right hand side route display which should be changed by the progammer.


Martyn Sacaloff

............. these Gold buses having just arrived at Northampton from Gloucester.

After arrival from West at Gloucester, 15842, 15843 & 15844 are seen on June 28th. 

Check at this link to see recent photos from Martyn which are from a wide variety of locations:


Ciaran Bird

As noted in recent days the older ex megabus Astromegas have been taking a share of the work to London.
50237 is seen in George Street having arrived from London on June 26th.


Stop Press

The latest news is that the four ex megabus Astromegas are to be replaced with four Panoramas but more details are still sketchy.

Gavin Francis

Due to rebuilding works to the building in Buckingham Palace Road where stop 10 is located, the terminus for the service to Oxford a change has been made to use a stop on Elizabeth Bridge from June 28th 2021.

A number of pictures below reflect this change:

Above are terminating coaches now on Elizabeth Bridge in London from June 28th.

The change continues above on  June 30th.

Above is stop 10 as it was on June 28th with work taking place to the upper level of the building. 

Ciaran Bird

Running out of Oxford is 54275 on June 26th.

GavGavin Francis

This picture of 54280 passing over Botley Road bridge on June 28th shows the part closure of this bottle neck in the area.

50291 was on the M20, surely this should have been a Panorama on June 28th ? Unless it was a Dupe!

The Villager

Ciaran Bird

......  caught up with this recent addition to the Villager fleet.

A Volkswagen Transporter from The Village is seen near Enstone on June 15th.
I think this is their newest addition? 

Ciaran Bird

.......paid a visit to the depot at Enstone on June 15th and provides us with pictures of the current fleet.

Part of the present fleet.

Four of the fleet which is predominately Volvo with some others.

Two more of the varied fleet which has a number of Plaxton bodied Volvos.

This coach now appears to be withdrawn. Maybe a reader can advise us of details.

London operators

Gavin Francis


Gavin has provided pictures of the buses involved in the event each year. In 2021 there doesn't seem to be a service from London but there are in Wimbledon itself. Gavin's pictures date from July 2nd.

The service involved is the 840 from Wimbledon Station to the Championships.

Two of the open toppers in use to the event in Wimbledon.

E284 from the Commercial Fleet was also in use.

Three EN class, EN1, 10 and 13 in use to the event in Wimbledon.

Not quite as many services as in earlier years but still interesting.

Gavin also took pictures in Putney on the same day.

9512 is seen at Putney with a 414 working,  which I used to see when working at Marble Arch some 5 years ago.

Another recent wrap is for Sanex seen at Marble Arch working the 137 on July 2nd.

Optare MetroDeckers are now operating the 200 through Wimbledon as seen by Me5 on July 2nd.

E20D MMC SE294 is seen in Putney with a 378 service to Mortlake.

Stagecoach E400 19132 is seen at Marble Arch on July 2nd with a good load.


Looking well for a 16 plate 125 seen at Marble Arch on July 2nd.


Some buses have been repainted others just rebranded with VLE618 and VXE736 in both liveries on June 28th.
First known as:

Read about the change at the link below:


Grahame Wareham visits London

I had the occasion to accompany my wife to a hospital appointment at the UCH, Euston Road on Wednesday, June 30th. I had a few hours to kill before heading home and being born and bred in the capital I decided to visit my favourite London pub, The Southampton Arms, near Gospel Oak, not far from where we used to live in West Hampstead. I walked to St' Pancras and caught the 214, a Moorgate to Highgate Village service which drops you right outside the pub.

SEe82 and 77 working the 214 mentioned above.

 The buses on the 214 are two year old BYD/ADL Enviro 200 EV's and when they can get going in the traffic seem quite agile, however I'm told they need 15 buses to run the actual route plus 4 spare being 'on charge' for changeovers as the 214 is a 24hr service. Personally I think that is quite a heavy financial bus investment for such a short route but perhaps not quite as heavy as the investment in the NBFL Borismasters, of which I saw many, and none of them seemed to be 'running silently'! I'm told most of them run on diesel power all the time now as their electrical infrastructure only has a short life!

LT537 working the 73 to Oxford Circus.

I try and visit my old stamping grounds about every two years but I must say I was glad to get the train back to Oxford Parkway...............London no longer has that nostalgic appeal to me!

I'm sorry to say that the larger cities are changing and I feel the same with my home city of Manchester !

Michael Wadman

Here are a few more photos of Z & S Travel. 

Former London Transport Leyland Titan T891 (A891SYE) in Eastcheap doing a DLR replacement on November 6th 1999 

G708HOP, another former West Midlands Travel Mercedes 709D/Carlyle, at Milton Keynes station on service 131,July 7th 2002 

Another former London Transport Leyland Titan, T435 (KYV435X) way out of Z&S’s normal area in Morden
 on Northern Line rail replacement, June 30th 2002. 

J159GAT, Dennis Dart / Plaxton formerly London United DR59, at Princes Risborough station on route 321, March 29th 2004

And one from Gloucester Citybus (Stagecoach).

Cheltenham & Gloucester no 844 (M844EMW)
Ex-Swindon & District Volvo B6-50/Alexander
Service 10 at Gloucester (Market Parade) June 15th 1999. 

Paul Bateson on developments in Ontario, Canada

The Ontario Government has deregulated the inter city bus business effective today, 1st July 2021 although it prefers to call it inter community.  It all looks good although my concern is that bus companies only need to give 48 hours notice of any changes including cancellations.  That compares to the UK where I believe it is 45 days notice. 

So far a company called Rider Express has been operating in Western Canada but has expanded to Ontario.  On 28 June 2021 it started a Toronto to Ottawa route and on 12th July is supposed to be starting a Toronto to Windsor service.  This replaces Greyhound Canada which has withdrawn completely from Canada.

Ontario Makes it Easier for Businesses to Offer Transportation Services

New Actions Will Increase Transportation Options for People Across Ontario

June 30, 2021

TORONTO – The Ontario government is cutting red tape and making it easier for companies to provide passenger transportation services between communities in Ontario effective July 1, 2021. This is part of the province’s efforts to improve transportation options for Ontarians as the province recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Under the previous system it was difficult for businesses that offered bus service to begin operating on a new route, even in situations where there was no service being offered,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “By cutting red tape, we are making it easier for carriers to offer transportation services to communities where there is a need.”

Previously, one carrier was given a licence to operate a certain route for a particular destination or city. Effective July 1, carriers do not need a license to operate a new route and multiple carriers may offer service along the same or complimentary routes, helping to improve travel options for Ontarians.

Safety was a critical consideration while consulting with industry on ways to modernize the sector. Intercommunity passenger transportation carriers will still be required to meet safety requirements under the Highway Traffic Act and through the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration process.

Quick Facts

  • Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost two million people did not have access to an intercommunity passenger transportation route, and half of all municipalities did not have an intercommunity passenger transportation stop within their boundaries.
  • Improving intercommunity bus services is one of the actions in Ontario’s regional transportation plans for the southwest and North.
  • Ontario is supporting transportation services in 38 unserved and underserved communities through the Community Transportation Grant Program.
  • TheThe Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC), a government agency, operates intercommunity bus services throughout Northern Ontario connecting to Toronto, Ottawa, Thunder Bay and into Manitoba to Winnipeg.

Nothing to include this week. 

Paul Hawkins

........ saw two of the new Volvo 9700 coaches on his travels.


Lochs & Glens SJ21NDG new to the company in May of this year seen outside Fort William Station
 while the passengers went on the Jacobite Steam Train to Mallaig on June 30th.


New in June 2021 to Volvo of Coventry BV21OOH is now with Parks of Hamilton working service 977 from Oban to Glasgow on the 30th.
Paul says it was registered to Parks of Hamilton but I understand it is on loan from Volvo.


The next pictures from Martyn Sacaloff are interesting to me as I drove for Harpers of Heath Hayes services from Cannock and lived in near Penkridge served now by select.


Pictures from Martyn Sacaloff in Cannock

Following the recent sale of Arriva Cannock to Chaserider here a six buses still in Arriva livery but with Chaserider fleet names and numbers.
The pictures were taken in Cannock and Lichfield on July 1st. I spent many happy weekends in Cannock when driving for Harpers.

More pictures via this link.



Pictures from Martyn Sacaloff in Stafford

Further Arriva sold buses include these two above which were originally at Cannock.

All the buses above were originally with Arriva Midlands part of the company The Shires are today, hence my interest. 

Purfleet in June as follows …..


From First Devon and Cornwall : Volvo B7TL’s LT52WWG / WWP.

From Thames Valley Buses : Versa’s YJ65EVN / EVM   Solo YJ13HJY

From Lothian Buses : SN08BXO / BXP / BXR / BXS / BXU / BXX / BXY / BXZ / BYA / BYB / BYC / BYD / BYF / BYG.

From RATP London : Scanias  YN08DHJ   YN56FCC / FCD / FCE / FCF / FCG / FCJ / FBA.

From Stagecoach Highlands : Volvo B12B  SV59CHY


Tridents T819 / 820RFG : First Devon and Cornwall  

Volvo B11RTs BX65WDA / WDD   Volvo B7RLE’s SN57DCX / DDF : Ipswich Buses. 

E400s LK58KHU / LK58CNV / LK57AXF : Warrington Buses 

B9TL’s SN57GNO   SN08BXC / BXD / BXJ / BXM : York Pullman. 

E400 LK58KHO : Aintree Coachlines. 

Volvo B9TL SN57DFK : Keane Travel, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. 

Volvo B9TLs SN57DFF / DFG / DFL / GNP / GMO : Marshalls Coaches, Leighton Buzzard.

Volvo B7L LX05KNZ     Volvo B7TL LK04HYS  : Seven Sisters Bus and Coach, Eastbourne.

Volvo B7L LX05KNZ : The Reform Party.

Volvo B9TL SN57GMU : Grant Palmer, Dunstable.

Trident LK51UYE : First Devon and Cornwall.

Volvo B9TLs BF62UYA / UYB / UYC / UYE / UYG   BN61MXG / MXL / MXC / MXF : Tyrers Coaches, Adlington, Lancs

Volvo B9TL BN61MWZ : Coach Services, Thetford.

Volvo B9R  YY63OJD : First Scotland.


Three more E400s are being used temporarily on TFL schools to release seat belted buses for private hire work. They are :

901 SN11BTU
902 SN11BPY
903 SN12EHC

With thanks to Ross Newman of Ensign.