Another week gone and July 19th and hoped for freedom is now only a week away.

So as we endTHE final on Sunday evening at 20:00hrs I hope we are successful but it's been a great achievement so far. Your Editor was much involved in the 1966 World Cup when England won !!. Your Editor was much involved in the 1966 World Cup when England won !!

I had just joined TAP Portuguese Airlines as a Sales Representative in Manchester being much surprised when I was told to look after the Portuguese Press and ensure the correct fish was delivered each day to the Portuguese teams' hotel near Manchester Airport. I was at Wembley to watch England beat the Portuguese in the semi-final and then to see England win the World Cup now 55 years ago.

It was a terrific experience for a young sales guy in his first Airline Sales appointment.

Jack Cooper

National Express were running a Wembley Special service through Oxford today at 15:40 it was due, unfortunately I didn't manage a proper picture as I was working by myself but I was able to capture the destination blind from the shop door!

The service number was W13 on July 11th at Gloucester Green. 

The NX service wasn't too well advertised, with me getting someone enquiring into it 2 minutes before the departure time! A quick search on the National Express booking portal and I was able to find it!  

I suppose for many readers this week has been dominated by football and England's win on Wednesday evening. One operator who has certainly promoted the Euros has been Arriva as shown in the picture below from Paul Coley.

Come on England   - Solo 2451 near Stoke Mandeville on July 5th with a service 9.

Gavin Francis

Gavin caught up with two Arriva buses with the "cry" on July 5th.
Come on England

A nice touch was that Gavin noticed that Stagecoach had made a ticket display for the Oxford tube
I think this was a nice touch.

Jack Cooper

E400 5462 seen in St Aldates with the cry "Come on England " in St Aldates on July 8th.

Jack has also displayed an England flag at the Queens Lane office of OBC on July 11th.

A delightful livery addition is for the Hydrogen buses in London working route 7 with more yellow and branding.

Gavin Francis

Metroline WHD 2711 showing the prominent branding of Hydrogen taken on July 7th.


Jack Cooper made in trip with Theo Freeman to Cheltenham & Gloucester and I thought the picture below was nice for an introduction showing the trees in The Broadway, Cheltenham.

What you can also notice is that is one of five Gold buses intended for Oxford and transferred to Cheltenham when new.
Stagecoach West 10905 is seen working the 94 on July 6th. These buses were delivered to Oxford.

More trees and a bridge - Magdalen Bridge with Oxford Bus 688 working the 9 into the City on July 8th.

Nick Ross has just returned from a break in The Highlands and a number of his pictures are included under other area visits. But this one is for BIL.

Aviemore Trident 18449 approaches Kingussie with the lengthy 44 mile plus 0700 32 Newtonmore to Inverness on June 30th 2021.

Ciaran Bird and Jack Cooper

...... both recorded and unusual event when a Brookes Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrid worked the Kidlington service for some 10 hours, as recorded in the many pictures provided.

375 seen in Kidlington on July 6th in very wet conditions by Ciaran Bird.

Park & Ride 675 passes 375 with a 2B to Kidlington seen in Magdalen Street West on July 6th by Jack Cooper.
For those with a penchant for coincidence two *75s together !

As recorded elsewhere by Jack Cooper the Airline Gatwick service returns from July 19th.

Well one week to go and I wonder what will happen. Certainly the Capital is getting back to normal with numerous sightseeing buses around plus Vintage Private Hires.

Gavin Francis

Stagecoach 19135 with a JULIATRAVEL in Buckingham Palace Road on July 5th.

TOOTBUS VXE728 working a Private Hire on July 5th turning into Elizabeth Bridge.


RML2402 is seen with a wedding special on July 9th.

Wrights open top 631 is seen in St Aldates during July 5th, seemingly with rain! 

Fleet news and developments

            Come on England

Thanks to Arriva we can publish the July allocation for Southern Region.

Arriva fleet lists/SR Enthusiast Fleet 1 Jul 21.xlsx

Kevin Fitzpatrick

A  surprise announcement on July 5th from Arriva Beds & Bucks, over the summer there will be a new X16 between Aylesbury and Bicester Village on Saturdays only.

I will probably have a day out on that the first day July 17th.

Malcolm Crowe

Citaro 3922 is seen at Cressex depot on July 9th. The yard now has more room for Arriva
following the departure of MM Coaches.

Gavin Francis

Gavin caught up with an interesting addition to this fleet seen in St Giles, being a BMC Condor new to the First West Yorkshire's "MyBus" school bus fleet new in 2006 the link below refers.


YK06ATO now in service with Charlton who it is said have two. The date is July 5th 2021. 

Gavin Francis

Corbel's YJ19BBE heads for Derby seen in Semley Place on July 6th. 

Linburg's L20URG is seen with a 005 service to Derby on July 5th. 

Ridleys' BV69LPJ working an 024 service seen in VCS and then Semley Place on July 5th. 

Turners AA18WEB with an 043 on July 9th and YJ67CZX with the 042 on July 5th both seen by VCS. 

Whippet's Levante tri-axle BL17XAY fleet FX20 is seen working the 002 in Elizabeth Street on July 5th.

I had a note from a reader in the past week saying that Flixbus were cancelling bookings and then reinstating services but not reinstating the booking.

This is one person's comment and not a general situation.

Also a Flixbus has been seen in Oxford but no  full record was advised.

Chucky Shaw also notes the first Cross Country service for this company.

Leeds to Bristol via Chucky Shaw.

As mentioned last week 977 has arrived repainted in red but so far I have not seen it used in service nor have I received any pictures. It appears that 980 is still working the Uxbridge service.

The fleet is busy with normal and school services which will  change from the end of school term.

Gavin Francis

Scania 214 is seen with a 102 service heading for Beaconsfield on July 9th.

Solo 711 is still busy with the 103 - Watford service as seen in the Eden Bus Station on July 9th.

Malcolm Crowe

A glimpse of the depot yard on July 9th with 215 and 218 in the picture. 

Ciaran Bird

One imagines that Ciaran got a little wet himself for these pictures of 375 in Kidlington on July 6th.

Jack Cooper

375 again this time from the rear in Magdalen Street East on July 6th.

MMC 602 wrapped for Chilternrailways with a 5 road service in St Aldates on July 8th.

In the same location on the same day another Brookesbus offline with an 11X.
Unusual workings are always worth recording.

The old 4 road Citaros appear on many routes and here is 846 with the Park & Ride 300 service in St Aldates on July 8th.

Oxford Parkway, a main reason for the 500, Wrights 670 on July 8th. 

Jack Cooper

... writes to note

As of July 19th, when restrictions are due to be lifted, the Airline to Gatwick will be starting back up! The service will be running hourly to Heathrow (under service LHR) and 2 hourly to Gatwick, via Heathrow., giving Heathrow a 30 minute frequency every 2 hours when Gatwick services run. 

Airline website: https://airline.oxfordbus.co.uk/

Direct link to the new timetable: https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/2718/202107519_the_airline_-_COVID-19_Coronavirus_Timetable_Portrait_V4.pdf

It will be good to see the Gatwick service back which will enable Oxford Bus to fully use their Tourismo fleet. 

Jack Cooper

Scania 227 with an X32 working in St Aldates on July 8th. 

Out of interest the following coaches have been moved;

Newly allocated to Start Hill are a batch of new Scania K410EB6 /Caetano Levante III C55FLT coaches

306 BF21 CYK 307 BF21 CYL 308 BF21 CYO 309 BF21 CYP
310 BF21 CYT 311 BF21 CYU 312 BF21 CYV

313 BF21 CYW

314 BF21 CYX 315 BF21 CYZ 316 BF21 CZA 317 BF21 CZB

318 BF21 CZC

319 BF21 CZD

Allocation changes

189 to 201 withdrawn
209 Start Hill to Luton
211 Start Hill to Luton
212 Start Hill to Luton
229 to 234 Luton to Walsall
244 Start Hill to Luton
251 Start Hill to Luton

252 Start Hill to Luton
255 Start Hill to Luton
285 Start Hill to Luton

288 Start Hill to Luton
290 Start Hill to Luton
301 Clarkes to Start Hill
303 Start Hill to Clarkes
303 Start Hill to Clarkes
305 Start Hill to Clarkes

Vehicles acquired

Acquired from Edwards have been seven Volvo B11R(T)/Caetano Levante C59FTs, all are allocated to Walsall.

269 BU18 OTE
270 BU18 OTG
 271 BU18 OTH
272 BU18 OTJ
273 BU18 OTK
274 BU18 OTL
 275 BU18 OTM

Quite some changes.

David Rouse

 N&D route learning the 507 last week and will be learning the 210 this week (so will be in and out of Gloucester Green). 

Gavin Francis

NEx own Levante IIIs SH309 on July 5th and SH310 July 9th both by VCS.

Bennetts Levante BV67JYN with a 445 service in Elizabeth Street on July 5th and BV69KPX with the 444 the same day.

Galloway's Levante III BF68LCM working the 482 to Ipswich on July 5th. 

Lucketts BF67LNZ with a south coast express 032 service in Elizabeth Street on July 5th.

Jack Cooper

Bennetts BV67JYN in Cheltenham heading for London with a 444 service on July 6th.

Yyour Editor well remembers spending a weekend in Gloucester driving the National Express 444 service using tri-axle Levantes such Stagecoach 59301 !



Still limited numbers of the new Scania 250UDs entering service on route 10. All 21 have now headed for Gloucester.

Jack and Theo sent some excellent pictures from the duo below of Cheltenham & Gloucester featuring the old and the new. This is an opportunity to see more of the buses from West who now control Oxfordshire.

Jack Cooper

.... who visited Cheltenham & Gloucester on Tuesday, July 6th.

Gold MMC 10760 working the A to GCHQ in Cheltenham High Street.

Gold MMCs 10902 and 10905 with 94 workings but originally intended for Oxford.

15352, 15354, 15357, 15358, 15359 and 15360 all working the 10 in Cheltenham or Gloucester.

One of the very oldest Gold Scanias 15527 working the branded 63 service in Bruton Way, Gloucester.
This bus will be moving to Midlands shortly following its sisters.

Branded for 25 years of West seen working the 10 at Cheltenham Promenade.

At Clare Street, Gloucester 10 branded Gold Scania 15855 is working its branded 10 service.

Showing the livery variations for the 94U between Cheltenham and Gloucester,
15977 working the A, 15978, 15979 working the 94U.

22746, 22751 and 22753 seen in Gloucester, two now in the new local livery whilst one retains its Gold livery
remembering new days in Guildford.

27703 in the old livery is working the 10 in Cheltenham along The Promenade.
So not all service enjoy double deckers.

Often seen in Oxford with the 853, 28685 is seen working its original branded 41 route At Clarence Street, Cheltenham.

Not so long ago 27246 was used on the 853 due to roadworks and is seen here working route E in Royal Wells, Cheltenham.

37617 and 37629 are seen on differing routes in Cheltenham. 

Theo Freeman

.... who visited Cheltenham & Gloucester on Tuesday, July 6th.

Intended for Oxford 10902 is seen with a 94X service to Gloucester via GCHQ from Cheltenham.

New Scania 250UDs 15351 and 15359 are seen working route 10 the last one outside Gloucester depot.

ALX400 18415 is seen leaving the coach station in Gloucester with a 64 service to Stroud.

A line of local services headed by 27708 working route 1 to Matson. Note all buses in new liveries.

Last pictured in Oxford for training, a loan, is 20280 seen here in Cheltenham. 


Kevin Fitzpatrick

The S4 Gold Scanias have been taken off the route temporarily because of road works and diversion in Adderbury, all on the 500 for now. One is still used on the H4 although ironically this morning that's also 36763.

Have attached a pic of 37403 leaving with the S4 this morning, July 5th.

An update to add confusion. 

The route through Adderbury is clear, so no reason why the Golds can't be used and no reason for the S4 to stick to the main road avoiding the village. I know this because, perversely, the driver on the H4 this afternoon went that way instead of the main road it's meant to...  

Maybe someone more in the know tells you otherwise. 

Theo Freeman

....... adds

It’s certainly a strange one. As mentioned the roadworks in Adderbury cleared last Saturday. It seems that the company has insisted that the the buses must do a loop of the triangle in Adderbury rather than stopping in the lay-by right opposite the normal stop. One driver complained he couldn’t make it round the triangle so the MMCs are being used as they are shorter. 

So that goes someway to explaining the change in allocations but it is correct that the H4 is still using Gold Scanias.

Ciaran Bird

Gold 15966, oh ye of happy memories, is seen in Kidlington working the 2A on July 6th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10440 is seen working the 14A in Magdalen Street East on July 5th. Isn't this supposed to be worked by single decks?

MMC 10667 is seen working route 10 in St Aldates on July 8th.

MMC 11234 is seen in Magdalen Street East with an S2X on July 6th.

MMC 11243 is seen with an S1 in Magdalen Street East on July 5th.

E200 36984 is seen heading into St Giles with a 14A on July 5th.

MMC 37403 and 37405 are working the S4 from Banbury into Magdalen Street East during the time the Gold Scania were off the route.
Interestingly from Saturday, July 10th the Golds have returned to the S4 so I wonder has someone reduced the size of the Triangle at Adderbury ?

Martyn Sacaloff

West 15526 and 15845 moved to Northampton July 4th.

Numerous pictures this week and a surprise when one of the ex megabus Oxford tube Astromegas was recorded as being used as a Vaccination Bus in Scotland. The location was The Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

50245 seen in use at Grassmarket last week by Stefan Doon.

From the Web on July 5th.

Gavin Francis

........ who has recorded several hired coaches.

Interdecker 54281 is seen in Elizabeth Street on July 5th.

From Bournemouth depot, 54285 is seen in Bulleid Way on July 5th.

54293 "Manchester Bee" outside VCS on July 9th. Remembrance for the ISIS Attack on The Manchester Arena.
The date was May 23rd 2017 and it is still a talking point !


J&B Travel of Stanningley OY67DXB a Neoplan Tourliner N2216/3SHDL working the M20 on July 5th along Elizabeth Bridge.

A Neoplan OU17ORL is seen on hire to Megabus in VCS and Semley Place on July 6th.


Delivered in March this year, MP21MPT is seen in Elizabeth Street with the M15 on July 5th.



Gavin Francis

The Vale bus I saw on its way to Watlington was X399KBV ex-Reading 534 

Maybe someone can provide a picture of this at Watlington?

Gavin Francis

On July 5th I came home through Wheatley and as I came past the school by the A40 ISIS was just dragging out Walters ex-Arriva LJ05GLZ. 

London operators

Gavin Francis

..... from Victoria on July 5th.

A Caetano of abellio 1519  with a clear destination C10 Canada Water near Victoria.

A Gorilla wrap, LT618 with a 24 to Hampstead Heath. 

LT55 now is adorned with a Gorilla wrap as seen above working the 11.

LT507 working the 11 in a Nordic wrap actually on July 6th.

GAL is certainly pulling the old ones out for the 44, WVL277 is seen by VCS. 

Another nice clear destination screen on BYD/ADL BE37029 seen on Elizabeth Street working a C1.

Zapp wrap LT131 with a 148 to Shepherds Bush from Victoria.

Stagecoach 19135 is seen in bright sun turning into Elizabeth Bridge with a limited load. 

VXE728 is seen with a Private Hire  turning into Elizabeth Bridge looking clean and smart. 

..... from Marble Arch and Oxford Street on July 7th.

Another wrap on the 148 is LT 148 for Chiquita Bananas. Picture taken at Shepherds Bush roundabout. 

Up to date picture of the Mound at Marble Arch.

                                                             Some of the new Hydrogen buses have additional branding  including WHD 2711 and 2723.

They also have cameras for mirrors and Mobitec electronic blinds. 

VWH 2314 wrap for Google.

Michael Wadman

...................... here are a few more photos of Z & S Travel. 

G706HOP, another former West Midlands Travel Mercedes 709D/Carlyle,
 outside High Wycombe bus station on route 322, August 24th 2004.
Notice the Carousel Citaro working the A40 behind. 

FJ06ZKZ, a Volvo B7R with Sunsundegui body, on Great Eastern rail replacement at Romford station on April 12th 2009 

Three shots taken in central Milton Keynes on May 25th 2010: 

LN51SBO, Dennis Dart SLF / Marshall formerly Centrewest DMS455, on service 18. 

S453LGN, former Epsom Coaches Mercedes Vario O814D / Plaxton, on service 17. 

T407AGP, Dennis Dart SLF / Marshall formerly London Central DML7, on service 18.

Finally, two views of YJ06 YPY, a VDL DB250 / Optare Spectra, in Leighton Buzzard on service 165 on June 5th 2010.

Many thanks to Michael for some interesting pictures, who remembers the Optare Spectra ? 

In the next issue we will have a special article and pictures from Paul Bateson on the last days of  the Toronto Coach Station now closed.

Ciaran Bird

I can confirm that Worth's of Enstone have sold Volvo B10M-60/Plaxton Paramount III IUI 6722, formerly F464WFX after owning it since 1994! You must've received my photo of it from the other week but I'll send it again as a reminder. Sadly I wasn't at the yard when it was picked up but I'm told that after a jump start, it fired and managed to run under it's own steam, ultimately being driven to the new owner rather than being towed! 

I'll find out who bought the coach when I can.

The pictures was in issue 162 last week. Ed.

David Gray

In the latest edition of the Bus Page, I notice a photo by Gary Seamarks of GO63OXF with an unknown Swansea operator. I can provide the answer from the latest PSV news-sheet which coincidentally I was working on this week.

It passed to Cymru Coaches, Waunarlwydd in May 2021.

Whilst writing I visited Eastleigh last Thursday and noticed 978 RF68FLX in the Hants and Dorset Trim paintshop. It was not easy to get any details but it was still in a dark blue livery and, I think, without lettering, presumably all set for preparation and repaint.

Thanks to David for those useful notes.  

Nick Ross

..... visits The Highlands

The local bovine looks away as D & E's open top Gemini leaves Culloden Battlefield for Inverness on July 4th 2021 

Aviemore based Trident 18449 and Enviro 19031 bask in the sun at Inverness bus station on July 1st.

Enviro 300 crosses the spectacular Kessock Bridge with a 27 Inverness - Strathpeffer service on July 3rd 2021.

Enviro 300 28604 approaches Fortrose on the Black Isle with the 26 Inverness -Cromarty on July 3rd.  

With many thanks to Nick for some very interesting pictures.

Martyn Sacaloff

...... visits the South Coast and his pictures are at this link  including some nice scenic shots.


Eastbourne Sightseeing uses two of these open top S19 and 20EBN
which are Ayats bodied open top Volvo B7L new to Original London as EU05DVW & EU05DVX.

The company also offers Vintage Buses for hire.


Volvo - Jonckheere N7CLC has local history for the OCBP. This was Oxford Airline nr 30 OC02OXF which went to Happy Als.
It is seen at Crawley on July 9th 2021. Also your Editor has driven this coach at Oxford in 2002 !!!!