Today, apart from being a scorcher sees the 2021 Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Martyn Sacaloff is in attendance as I am sure many others of you are or were by the  time you read this. Stagecoach enjoy the provision of transport from varying locations including Park & Ride sites.

Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton in winning the event

As always trying to be up to date I include a picture from Martyn and a link to his Facebook page where readers can view vehciles in use today, July 18th 2021.


David Beynon secured a real scoop for this issue. Look under Oxford Bus in the fleet section below.

This issue has just under 200 photographs from our area and others which I hope will interest readers ?

The past week has seen more contributions than I can remember and we have some very interesting overseas reports from Paul Bateson featuring the last day of the Toronto Coach Terminal and Thomas Walker has sent pictures from Istanbul, a place to which I have never been. Find these under the Overseas Interlude section.

Arrivals area at Toronto Coach Station on the last night by Paul and a gathering of double deck buses in Istanbul, Turkey by Thomas Walker.

Service increases and changes have seen some interesting workings and unusual allocations. Contributors have provided some nice pictures for this issue which are previewed hereunder.

Gavin Francis

SC Oxford's Network Oxford yard has been cleared of disused buses and more space is now available as seen on July 16th.

Bournemouth Yellow Coaches now run for megabus and BK14LFG is seen in VCS on July 15th.

The Oxford tube is still using Elizabeth Bridge during the week as its' London terminus seen on July 15th.

Gavin was in the right place at the right time on July 14th when a Newbury & District Caetano Levante appeared in Oxford on route learning for the National  Express 210 service.

Reading Buses 1416 BV19XPD. Scania K360EB4 Caetano Levante seen in Oxford on route learning - July 14th.

Gavin also sent pictures of building work in Cornmarket, Oxford which was closed on that day, July 13th.

Martin Dowling

Reading have an electric Enviro 400 EV loaned for evaluation as seen above on July 13th.

Martyn Sacaloff

..... has been on his travels again on July 12th saw him in Cheltenham !

Amongst many pictures Martyn caught the upper deck in one of the new Gloucester Scania 250UDs now entering service.

15367 had just been delivered to Stagecoach West.

I am pleased to say we have a few pictures this week which definitely apply to Buses in the Landscape.

Ciaran Bird

Gold Scania 15751 working an S3 through the woods near Combe on July 15th.

Jack Cooper

Citaro 866, working the X32, is seen along the A34 overtaking a rather special caravan on July 10th

Peter Edgar

Here is a photograph taken at Plymouth Hoe recently of Plymouth City Bus 468 which may be useful foe Buses In Landscapes.

Tony Bungay+

Working its first return to Aylesbury is 3796 heading along the A41 from Bicester on July 17th.

Thanks to all my contributors without whom this page would not be possible. 

July 19th sees many changes to public transport with TfL saying everyone should wear masks when travelling and then just a few days ago rescinding this instruction. Then Chris Witty is saying we are not out of the woods yet and we may see another increase in the coming weeks and months. I think I'll continue to wear my mask when in crowded places, better safe than sorry.

The latest news as I complete this page is that some Ministers are going to self-isolate where they have been in contact with Sajid Javid has advised that he has tested Covid positive.

From Monday, July 19th these posters will be applied to all Stagecoach vehicles.

Oxford Airlines' Gatwick service start on Monday so that will add some more workings to the M40.


Fleet news and developments

My apologies to those who not view the Arriva Southern Counties fleet list for July 1st which was included in last week's page. The problem is corrected and I trust you can now download this.

Gavin Francis

A surprise addition of some branding has appeared right side with 7213 seen above on July 14th.

Gavin was in Wheatley on July 12th and caught these two single decks, 3796 and 3797 working the 280.

From the same location on July 12th another Arriva was E400 280 branded 5461.

John Wahome

Everything went well for the launch. On the first trip there was only one passenger, myself ! In Bicester, we drove into the railway station and we had a nice welcome from the station staff who were handy and showed us where to pick up.

3796 in Aylesbury Bus Station ready for the inaugural journey. 

On the the return trip, we had two fare paying passengers waiting! The passengers asked us why we don't go into town, and i explained its a pilot that we hope to expand if numbers are good. Am happy now, i can go home. 

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Here is Aylesbury's 3796 having just confirmed with the Chiltern Railways staff at Bicester Village where the bus is actually meant to stop on it's first journey.

Kevin visited more places by Arriva and his pictures will appear in issue nr 165 next Sunday.

Tony Bungay

Arriva's 3796 working the X16 at Waddesdon, its first trip to Bicester Village on July 17th. 

Martyn Sacaloff

...... visited this company on July 13th.

Once a main stay of National Express services, FJ60EFP has joined the main fleet for hire work.

I thought this was a nice touch from BENNETTS which be appreciated by its many customers. 

Gavin Francis

.... caught some of this operators coaches on school services at Wheatley on July 12th.

Always an interesting fleet two coaches are shown above. 

The company continues to expand services and operators. Below are a few from Gavin Francis when in London during the past week.

Corbel's contribution to the 041 service on July 15th.

Ridleys BV69LPJ in Elizabeth Street, Victoria with an 024 to Coventry on July 15th.

Working the 046 to South Wales is Turners Van Hool YJ16EPX on July 14th.
This coach started life as an Arriva Bus & Coach demonstrator.

Wycombe now has all four Mercedes Sprinter 45 s - 977-980. I think all but 980 have been painted red as the photo of 977 is showed a week or more ago. 979 was working the 581/583 on July 16th but so far I do not have pictures of this service around Uxbridge.

Citaro 869 is still on loan to Thames Travel. 

Ciaran Bird

Wright StreetDeck Micro Hybrid 373 is seen working 2 road on July 16th seen in Kidlington.
An unusual working for this bus for the second time recently.

David Beynon

...... got a real scoop this weekend.

Hybrid 300 has returned with wrap branding as "BIG BLUE DREAMBUS" seen at Cowley house on July 17th.

Gavin Francis

Due to the  absence of branded buses 222 was working 5 road on July 14th.

Seen at Wheatley on July 12th 372 is working the U1.

Regulars working 35 road are Citaros like 845 and 846 above on July 13th. The 4 road branding has been removed.

Jack Cooper

Brookes branded buses, 603 and 613, working anything but Brookes services when seen in New Road on July 13th.

Jack Cooper

I think 203 is showing a revised destination screen when seen in Gloucester Green on July 12th. 

243 is now indicating RED according to www.bustimes.org but so far has not been noted in service.

Jack Cooper

Citaro 854 is seen in Reading working service 143, a duty by a Reading depot bus, on July 16th.

868 is showing the river rapids display when seen in Reading on July16th. 

Quite something to report this week including operator route training,

Gavin Francis

NEx own Levante from Walsall, nr 91 heads for Gloucester Green with a 210 service on July 14th.

So the legals on 1416 show the owner as Newbury & District when seen in Gloucester Green on route learning for the 210 on July 14th.

Levante III SH317 is seen with a Brighton service in Elizabeth Street on July 15th. 

Jack Cooper

Newbury & District 1416, branded for the Heathrow-Working service seen in Gloucester Green on July 14th.

One of the tri-axle Levantes nr 57 seen above working the 737 to Stansted on July 12th. 

Martyn Sacaloff

...... visited this company on July 13th.

Seen in the depot yard of Pulham's Coaches of Bourton-on-the-Water is East Lancashire Omnidekka bodied Scania N20PUL.

YJ57BLF was with Fishwick's of Leyland as their nr  27 and is a VDL Plaxton Centro.

Gavin Francis

.... a Wheatley operator one of their coaches is also seen on July 12th.

A Volvo Jonckheere BV18AXP looks superb with a school service. 


including Courtney, Newbury & District & Thames Valley


Gavin Francis

758 working the 702 with a new rear wrap on July 15th.

Jack Cooper

.... from Reading on July 16th.

A lovely bright yellow makes this bus stand out - nr 206 on route 26.

A selection of the Reading "gas" buses on a variety of routes by Reading Station.

Ex Stagecoach ALX400 537 is seen working service 6 near Reading Station on July 16th.

ADL E400 City CBG buses 708 working the 50 and 713 with 17 route part of a fleet of 23 such buses in Reading.

Jet Black livery adorns this E400 MMC working route 1 from Newbury on July 16th.

Scania N94UD/East Lancs Omnidekka YN54AEZ - Reading Buses 808 is seen probably on test
 as another picture shows no engine cover on the rear.

Loaned Enviro 400 EV 1001 is seen in Friar Street.

Supporters Report

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that SF54KHV (Dennis Dart MPD/ Caetano Nimbus) has been withdrawn. This is now replaced by LX11AVW, however may remain on Red Eagle's property for the time being. 

Tony Bungay

Another e-mail from me, this time I have just seen on Buckinghamshire Councils Bus times website Red Rose is once again going to run a Service from Aylesbury to Bicester numbered 17 from July 31st


A touch ironic when if you recall what I wrote a few weeks back about the rumour then of a New X16 service. 



Martyn Sacaloff

..... visits West


Two of the new Scanias for West seen at Keltruck's Cheltenham depot being prepared for final delivery on July 11th.

15364 early in its entry into service - July 12th.

15365 and 15367 at Gloucester and Cheltenham on July 11th.

Golds 15527 and 15528 at Stroud depot on July 11th.

15848 and 15850 at Gloucester Depot on July 11th.

Well, even with numerous new buses ALX400 18088 is seen with a 10 service on July 12th.

Ex Manchester 20940, now a trainer with West is seen at Stroud depot on July 11th.
Oxford has 20933 and 20936 which have just been sold to a trader during the last week.

These came from Guildford and currently receiving the new local livery in Gloucester.
22751 is seen working the 10 to Cheltenham on July 12th.

Dart 34788 is seen in Ross-on-Wye on July 11th.

This is the Gloucester Transport Hub which serves longer distance service. July 11th.

Richard Sharman

I thought your readers maybe interested in the video for the new Scania's at Gloucester on our Coach & Bus Week YouTube channel :


Tony Gaze

Also on the 51 is this Scania 15648 branded for Cirencester College on July 6th.

Also working the 51 is Scania Gold 15858 on July 10th.

Seen in Cheltenham, S6 branded Gold 10990 is seen in Cheltenham with a 51 service on July 11th. 


Ciaran Bird

A couple of Buses in the Landscape from yesterday in Combe (July 15th) and the others from July 16th at Wootton Turn and in Kidlington.

Golds 10779 and 10782 by Combe as mentioned above on July 15th.

Manchester loan 36113 is seen working the 7 at Wootton Turn on July 16th.

Gold MMC 10780 seen working the 2A from Kidlington on July 16th. 

This company was fully involved in the 2021 Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Pictures can be found at the link below.


So far the odd use of an old Astromegas continues with no more news on the anticipated replacement by Citylink Panoramas.

50237 is seen leaving Oxford on July 13th by Jack Cooper and in London on July 15th by Gavin Francis.

The terminus in London is on Elizabeth Bridge on weekdays as seen in the pictures below by Gavin Francis.

Panorama 50436 leads a line up at Elizabeth Bridge on July 15th. 

Gavin Francis

..... caught up with megabus operations in London.

Nimbus 2000 54272 is seen in Elizabeth Street with anM12 service on July 13th.

Bus-ta-Rhymes 54606 seen in Elizabeth Street with  an M12 service on July 14th.

Road Runner 54263 with an M10 service loads in VCS on July 15th.

I am Spartabus 54276 is seen at rest in Bulleid Way on July 15th.


Applegates G6EFA is seen working for megabus seen in Elizabeth Street on July 13th.


It is always interesting to see how a contractor provides coaches when liveried ones are not available.

Gavin Francis

Levante BK14LFG is seen in Bulleid Way between journeys on July 15th.

Michael Penn

MiT Travel's OU17ORL passes through Luton Town on July 16th.
Mike question what route it was working as megabus do not usually serve Luton.


Gavin Francis

.... caught some of this operators coaches on school services at Wheatley on July 12th.

A Tourismo and a Setra show the quality of Walters coaches.

Last seen in these pages is YN56SGO which was also on school service.

ALX400 without company name T696KPU also on school service.

Ex Go Ahead London LF52TGZ is seen in Wheatley and in its earlier life as VWL22 on August 17th 2015.

This was Reading Buses 728 and is now with Walters on school service.

As this Solo SR is running with trade plates when seen near Wheatley depot. 

London operators

A few interesting pictures from Gavin Francis

Arriva New Routemaster 967 is seen at Marble Arch on July 13th with progress on The Mound continues.

The rather severe rear of MHV10 working the 185 from Victoria on July 15th. 

London United LT160 with the latest Vodafone wrap works route 24 on July 15th.

A Google wrap covers VWH2314 at its Victoria terminus of the 52 on July 15th.

Golden Tours Volvo B8L / MCV EVoSeti 204 LF20AXC, 209 LF20AXK in Bulleid Way on July 15th. 

Michael Wadman

I think I’m starting to run out of local independents, but here are a couple more, from the Aylesbury area. 

Firstly, Vale Travel:  

Optare Solo X312CBT, new to Durham County Council, in central Milton Keynes on May 25th 2010.
Unfortunately it was fitted with the type of destination display that doesn’t photograph well, but my notes say that it was on service 24. 

And a somewhat better display on another Solo, Y52HBT, new to Kent County Council
and acquired from RH Transport (and still in their livery), also on service 24 in central Milton Keynes on the same date. 

Secondly, Star Travel:  C329OFL, a former Cambus Ford Transit / Dormobile, at Wendover station on service 54 on July 7th 1996. 

D72KRL, a former Western National Ford Transit / Dormobile, in Aylesbury Market Square on service 36 on July 16th 1997.

Many thanks to Michael for some memory tugging shots from times past.

Also we have a couple of Cheltenham & Gloucester Leyland National again from the last century !!!!

314 - YFB972V in Gloucester on June 15th 1999.

This time a National 2 ex Ribble 393 LFR873X in Stroud on July 14th 1999. 


In a recent briefing I reported on the closure of the Toronto Coach Terminal.  This terminal was opened in 1931 and this was the end of an era after 90 years of use.  The final scheduled departure was delayed for a week and actually took place on Saturday, July 3rd 2021.  To celebrate this event, local enthusiast and preservationist, Adam Zhelka, brought his 1976 GMC T6H4523N into Toronto.  This bus previously operated in Woodstock, Ontario as fleet number 14.


An elite group of five, including myself, was invited to meet at Union Station at 4.30 pm to participate in a ride on Adam's bus in Toronto, dinner at a restaurant restricted to outdoor dining, a photo shoot at the Toronto Coach Terminal to coincide with the 8.15 pm Ontario Northland departure to Sudbury, an evening tour around Toronto and finally a return to the Toronto Coach Terminal for the last scheduled departure at 11.30 pm by Ontario Northland to North Bay. 

I travelled from Brampton into Toronto by local transit.  As I had reached Union Station at 2.00 pm, I had two hours to fill in with the opportunity to catch up with Toronto Transit Commission's buses and streetcars.


The NovaBus LFS40102 is fast becoming the standard bus in service with the TTC.  I rode bus number 9229 on route 19 to Dockside Drive and Queens Quay East.  This bus is in the latest livery based on that carried by the new low floor streetcars. 

9215 took its layover on Dockside Drive and the destination display clearly shows route 19.   This is a new route number, the previous number 6 being re-assigned to the new crosstown light rail line currently under construction on Eglinton Avenue. 

King Street is restricted to transit service and this has help to speed up the 504 King route. 

Pictured at King Street West and Bay Street is Bombardier 4525 carrying a wrap for the Bank of Montreal. 

NovaBus 8545 is in the old livery and was pictured turning from Wellington Street West on to Bay Street. 

The preserved Woodstock Transit GM T6H4523N was previously fleet number 14 although it has been changed to 1144 on the front to make it look similar to fleet numbers carried by GO Transit!  The owner has created some special destination signs showing TORONTO via UNION STATION.


Pictured at Cherry Beach next to TTC NovaBus fleet number 8534. 

The destination sign has been changed to HAMILTON and the GM was parked on Edward Street
with the Toronto Coach Terminal in the background. 

Parked in the old Elizabeth Street terminal and recreating what it was like when GO Transit operated from this stop. 

The GM was taken into the Toronto Coach Terminal and is seen here with Ontario Northland 2102, MCI J4500. 

Ontario Northland 2102 on Edward Street heading for Sudbury on the 8.15 pm departure. 

The opportunity was taken to photograph "1144" outside the Toronto Coach Terminal with views on Edward Street and on Bay Street. 

With three hours to spare, an evening tour of Toronto was taken on the GM transit bus. 

A photo stop on Dundas Street East outside Filmores Hotel was made. 
The hotel is best described as the home of adult entertainment! 

The opportunity was taken to position "1144" in the Toronto Coach Terminal. 

Ontario Northland 5332, Prevost X3-45, had the distinction of being the last scheduled departure
from the Toronto Coach Terminal at 11.30 pm for North Bay. 

The terminal has now been decommissioned and the ownership has reverted to the City of Toronto effective 8th July 2021.  It is expected that the area will be redeveloped although I do believe there is a heritage designation on the art deco building with its entrance off Bay Street.

With many thanks to Paul for a most interesting story and pictures.

Thomas Walker in Istanbul

I'm currently in Turkey on business. I thought you might like a few photos of the bus scene here in Istanbul for your site!

Buses from different colors in Istanbul. There are 400 bus lines in Istanbul, the majority work until midnight every night. Except for Sultanahmet (accessible by tram), buses go all over the city. Destinations and major stops are written in yellow on the sides of the buses. Links below will enable readers to see more of this fascinating city and its buses. 






Now for the pictures which as Editor I have tried to include a little more detail.

Citaro B-204  34 LA 3323 a more recent addition to the fleet.

Another recent Citaro A-113 34 BMD 678.

B-063  34 TH 4064 seen in a main thoroughfare.

Temsa A-1729 34 HL 0299 loads passengers for its journey.

This BMC appears fairly new, A-375  34 FD 6957.

With a generous covering of sticky tape, this VDL DB250 registered 34 TN 2687 was new in August 2007.

Another BMC B-1747 34 JM 0343 is in yet another route livery variation.

The links above explain the routes and fleet details but have patience as they are first shown in Turkish and then you have to translate into English.

However it gave me a pleasant few hours looking at another "world" of buses. There is even a Routemaster mentioned 282CLT, see if you can find it.

Many thanks to Thomas Walker. 


.... from issue nr 163

Why did the H4 that Kevin Fitzpatrick was on drive through Adderbury if the service is meant to go along the main road?

Why are the old 4 road Citaros used on many routes if they're branded for 4 road?  I am sure the branding has been removed off all the 4 road Citaros. Ed.

With regard to the picture of the MMC working the 14A, the route is supposed to be worked by single decks, due to the fact that it goes thru Marston Village, although I expect that instructions aren't always followed!

Also, the reason why Golds have returned to the S4 isn't because someone has reduced the size of the triangle at Adderbury, it's because the roadworks there cleared that day as Theo Freeman said.  Again the E20MMCs have returned to the S4 weekdays with the exception of one Gold on the H4. Ed.  

It is thought that covering such areas may encourage readers to visit the places revealed. Please let me know your thoughts?

Graham Welford

Here are some photos I took on a day trip to Bath with Pulham's Coaches on July 10th being driven by Chris Maxfield.

Faresaver Bath BJ11DUH also seen in Bath.

First services in Bath.

Stagecoach West 37011 on service 620 in Bath.

Once operating in London VLE611 has joined the Bath Bus Company which is explained by their Euro 5 status. 

Martyn Sacaloff


...... visited this company on July 13th.

SN09CFD with igobus in Hereford, the company much devoted to school bus services. This is ex Metroline West an ADL Enviro400 fleet nr. TE1730.


...... visited this company on July 11th.

An ex Scania demonstrator tri-axle YN08DDU is seen in Hereford on July 11th. 

I remember Yeomans from May 1958 when they operated the service for the RAF from Hereford Station to Credenhill. 

Nick Ross


Brighton and Hove's 936 crosses the level crossing outside Newhaven Town station on a service 12A to Brighton on July 14th 2021

Peter Edgar

.... has been on holiday in the West Country.

A photograph taken at Plymouth Hoe recently of Plymouth City Bus 468.

Two photographs of Stagecoach South  West Trident 13308 in traditional Stagecoach stripes photographed at Newton Abbot recently.

Stagecoach East 13812 on loan to Stagecoach South West for service 222 Teignmouth to Dawlish Warren,
sister vehicle 13813 is on loan at Dartmouth for a Park & Ride service.

Two photographs of Stagecoach South West 15893 in its Centenary livery from 2019
and still looking relatively smart although showing some deterioration around some of the window gaskets.

A selection of the open top vehicles operating in the Torbay area, it will be interesting to see if they retain their animal character theme for another season or are repainted into a more standard Stagecoach livery.

It seems such a pity that the rather attractive red and white livery applied to vehicle on hop12 service between Newton Abbot and Brixham is being phased out to the now standard  Stagecoach Local Livery.

A diminishing scene with two vehicles, 15317 and 15322 in the rather attractive red and white Stagecoach hop 12 route branding in Brixham. 
The onetime Brixham Bus Station / Garage stood on the left of the photograph. 

he soon to become normal livery for route 12 vehicles, that which is being applied to most Stagecoach vehicles
 as their 'Local Livery’, 15318 is seen arriving in Brixham.


The Golden Hop 122  open top buses operate in Torbay connecting Babbacombe, St Marychurch, Torquay Harbour and Paignton, 7 days a week.

ALX400's converted to open top - 18186, 18303 to 18307 seen on July 13th around Torquay.

A very nice contribution from Peter Edgar which encourage one to visit the area.