Issue nr. 175
Monday, October 18th 2021


I am sorry that I missed last week's page which as advised to many was the passing of our two pet dogs within 72 hours. R I P Molly on the Friday and Toto on the following Monday.

Molly-Mae & Toto R I P
Molly loved to see what was going on in the next door garden !

One knows it will have to happen one day but it is very traumatic when it happens.

NatEx deadline to decide on offer for Stagecoach extended

For more details check this link :

A short review of reports from the last week.

This past weeks have been a difficult one in many areas, including Oxford where Citaro 848 suffered an accident whilst working 15 road and then due to the fire at The Kings in the village of Stokenchurch on Saturday, October 9th the link40 was unable to serve Stokenchurch due to the closure of the A40 in the village.

Service 40 on diversion

Today 08:00 - 23:59   October 9th 2021

Due to a road closure in Stokenchurch, service 40 is on diversion. Towards Thame, after Stokenchurch New Road, buses will run via Bledlow Ridge returning to normal line of route in Chinnor. Towards Wycombe, after Aston Rowant, bus are running via the M40, not serving Stokenchurch or West Wycombe. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The fire was still burning on Sunday morning and the fire brigade only left later when everything had calmed down. link40 was back to normal route by Sunday.

Gavin Francis took a picture of the service on Sunday morning picking up at The Kings stop and readers will see how bad the fire was.

Service link40 was diverted all day Saturday.

Red Citaro 880 with a mid morning 40 with The Kings behind showing the fire wrecked roof if the hotel on October 10th 2021.
The fire brigade were still dampening down 12 hours later.

A visitor to our area - Lymington Town FC

Neil Boxford-Faulkner

Yesterday I had the pleasure of bringing GSC Plaxton Elite bodied Volvo Excelsior 2 to Thame United with my regular team

Lymington Town FA for an FA trophy game.

First time driving a bus around the area since I left OBC in 2010 and first time on a bus in Thame since 2006 when I left Arriva, so couldn't resist a photo at Thame coop while the team went in the shop for some refreshments for the journey back south.

So much has changed around Oxford, especially Didcot power station no longer being there and lots of new housing popping up over the place.

Unfortunately Lymington lost 3-0 but it was a great day out and Thame FC ground is amazing for such a small club.

Find attached a few photos from the trip:


Keep up the great work, it's great to catch up with the goings on in my old patch.

Plymouth FC visit to Oxford United winning 3-1 !

James Freeman

Plymouth FC coaches at Oxford United on Saturday, October 16th and the supporter buses plus Thames Travel with a local service. 

The team coach is now provided by Tally Ho coaches as seen by J19THC at The Kassam Stadium on October 16th.

WJ16KCV is a VDL Bova Futura operated by Roselyn Coaches of St Blazey, Cornwall. It carries a special livery for their Just Go Holidays contract.

TAMARCOACHES provided supporters transport from Plymouth for the match.


Not to overlook local OUFC transport for supporters James caught up with a Thames Travel bus.

942 also seen at The Kassam Stadium.

Detling event

Tony Bungay

On October 10th  I went to Detling Show, I didn’t know it was on until the other day, when a person I had ordered something from said they was attending the show. In addition to the Buses there is also a lot of classic cars and other items, plus quite a good number of stall holders.

In addition Andrew Braddock gave a very informative and personal account of London Country, in actual fact he had to give a more general account from deregulation onwards as he had run out of time. 

Photos are really self explanatory,

Attendees from Arriva at Detling.

Some of the interesting entrants.

The Chatham and District Bristol K is under going a full rebuild as is obvious from the photo,
and was in the hall with a number of classic cars, which I didn’t discover until people were packing up.

 Probably would not have got an unobstructed photo if I had gone earlier!!!

Kevin Fuller

Out of our area, I know, but on Sunday 3rd October, I visited the Transport Museum Wythall, coinciding with their Midland Red running day. The day was marking the 40th anniversary of the split of the large Midland Red company into 4 units, in advance of privatisation / sale.

The museum itself is excellent, with around 90 vehicles, mainly with a Midlands connection, Midland Red and Birmingham City Transport being particularly well represented. 

The day was very well organised, with plenty of buses running, plus a 10 minute frequency 'Park and Ride' to/from the offsite car park. 

I think that there are several Harpers vehicles preserved - but I only saw one on Sunday, Leyland PD2 SBF233, converted by Midland red to a tow truck (picture included). Maybe you drove this one once?

 Midland Red built many of their own vehicles from 1923 until 1970, using the SOS and BMMO names.
Here is a NHA744,1950 SOS S12 with Brush bodywork, seen outside one of the museum buildings, taking a rest between its running day duties. 

GHA337 SOS SON / Brush 38 seater from 1940 is seen at the Maypole terminus. 

SOS S16, 6545HA from 1964 loads at the museum for its next trip to Maypole. 

Also seen at Maypole is BMMO D9 / Willowbrook from 1966. 

A much newer vehicle is EEH902Y, ECW bodied Leyland Olympian, in NBC livery,
branded for the Tamworth based Mercian services of Midland Red North. 

 Seen on the car park shuttle is West Midlands PTE 7000, Daimler Fleetline / Metro Cammell WDA700T. 

Also on the car park service is Travel West Midlands R1NEG, a DAF DB250 / Optare Spectra,
looking far too modern to be in preservation! 

On static display outside the museum was this ex Harpers of Heath Hayes Leyland PD2 / Northern Counties, converted to a tow truck.
Harpers was an independent bought out by Midland Red in 1974.

Ah, memories of the 1970s prompted with this ex Harpers bus. Ed.

Ciaran Bird

...  a few interesting ones at Showbus on September 26th from outside our area.

GNE 4922, one of the Volvo/Wrights Renown of Oxford had a fleet.

A smart turn out from Ipswich.

Metroline sent this 70 plate Wrights WHD2712. 


Jack Cooper

Crossing Foley Bridge, Abingdon Road, 665 is working an X3 on October 14th. A neat angle!

Fleet news and developments

Rather late I am posting the October fleet details for Arriva Southern Region courtesy Paul Swann.

Arriva fleet lists/Full SR Fleet 7 Oct 21.xlsx

Paul Coley

We’ll call this selection ‘15 minutes outside Aylesbury Station’ as this is what it was at 0830 this morning, October 13th.

Some of the buses serving the 300 and 500 services.

Tony Bungay

Have to say in looking at your latest news page, the drone pictures looked better on the page then on my  computer, don’t know if you performed some magic before putting them on! 

A photo 6516 on the 500 on October 5th.  

While far from a good photo, as failing light and not the best camera lens aperture wise meant a good picture was difficult to say the least.

I felt getting a shot of 6403 on a 280 duty, even if a short working was quite noteworthy, most importantly the destination come out suitably visible!

On a later day and whilst they are standard types for Service 280 numbers 3797, 5462, 5463, 4401, 4400.


A road closure in Haddenham meant that all service 280 journeys were rerouted down Churchway to the Church and then along Station Road where the original station was sited until closure in the 1960’s. Churchway was long served by buses on the Oxford – Aylesbury service until abandoned by Arriva some 12+ years ago, buses doing a double run along it turning by the church as seen in the photo of 4400.

This area of Haddenham has quite often appeared in Midsomer Murders. 5462 sports the name Jennifer Gadirova, you may have already had a photograph submitted of this or the other of the twins Jessica.

No we haven't seen these two named before.

Gavin Francis

Seen in Oxford's Beaumont Street on October 15th.
New to Ausden Clark, Leicester is Scania BIG9883 with Berkhof Axial 100DD bodywork. New as YN56NNM. 

Gavin Francis

Ridleys BV69LPJ with an 021 service in Semley Place on October 7th.

Also ready for an 021 is Ridleys BV18XZR in Buckingham Palace Road on October 12th.

Jack Cooper

Grayline E200 MX61BCO working the 21 along Bicester, Manorsfield Road on October 13th.

Theo Freeman

Also managed to catch one of the white (I believe loaned) E200s that Johnson’s are using currently.

Johnsons YY67HBF working the 50A in Banbury
on October 2nd. 

Jack Cooper

On Monday, October 25th 25 was working the X3, card X3H which is the peak bus. This card runs a few trips on the X3 in the morning, before returning to the depot, then coming out in the evening starting in Abingdon, and finishing in Barton. The only city blinds the coaches have is for the 11X, hence why it is showing 'Duplicate Coach'.


In Abingdon this week there has been the fair, meaning that the High Street and Ock Street were closed from Sunday until Tuesday, meaning X3s and 35s were terminating at Our Lady's Convent, outside of the town centre. To suitably turn around there, the routes were changed slightly. 35s heading towards Abingdon would run along the Oxford Road, then running normal route out of Abingdon on the Radley Road. X3s were running towards Abingdon on the Radley Road, then running normal route along the Oxford Road heading out of Abingdon. X2s were having to run via Bath Street, Faringdon Road and Spring Road to avoid the fair, and the 33 and 45 terminating at Hales Meadow car park, outside of town. The only exception of this is a morning 45 run which finishes at Abingdon College serving the schools which had to run via Culham, Sutton Courtenay and Drayton.  

Saturday saw the first Brookes open day, with addition Brookes services being ran between Thornhill Park & Ride, Headington Campus and Marston or Oxford City Centre and the Rail Station. Additional services to Marston were numbered U1B, and additional services to the Rail Station were numbered U1X.

Sunday, October 17th saw the return for the Oxford Half Marathon, with various road closures they will affect city services. 

There were also additional trips on the Park & Ride, services are numbered 310 and 410. These routes mimic the Park & Ride route but are especially designed for getting people to / from the half marathon. 

Gavin Francis

After the loss of link40 on Saturday, Sunday, October 10th saw 880 and 883 working through the village.

Malcolm Crowe

I had seen in that several days last week Thames Travel 866 was working the 40 and so on October 13th went out to capture same at Stokenchurch only to find it was actually 886 with an incorrectly programmed ticket machine working the route.. This continued for the rest of last week.

Here is 886 at The Kings and also heading for Thame 887 which is a regular perfomer.

A quick visit whilst shopping on Saturday, October 16th saw the following at Carousels High Wycombe depot.

The overflow yard still had 421 and 423 now unused along with 977.

218, 403, 938 and 877  were also outside the  depot.

Well, should this be here when it is supposed to be at Scania, Abingdon?
It had indeed returned on Saturday and was being prepared for an M O T.  


Both Gavin Francis and Richard Sharman sent pictures of the buses in use for service 310 on Sunday, October 17th. They were in different locations and so some nice variety is shown.


Pictures from Gloucester Green, George Street and Beaumont Street


Sunday, October 17th saw the return of the Oxford Half Marathon. A number of streets, including Banbury Road, were closed for a number of hours. Oxford Bus Company provided a frequent service to the Radcliffe Camera from Pear Tree with service 310 along Woodstock Road.

Pictures from the Woodstock Road north of  the City.

Service 310 is a familiar service number in Oxford due to it previously being used by National Express for its Southsea service.

The closure of Banbury Road meant that Woodstock Road gained the most frequent service it has probably ever seen, with the 2A/2B, 7, 500 and S5 all serving all stops to and from Oxford. A Weavaway Irizar was also seen.

An S5 of Stagecoach passes a 310 from Oxford Bus. 

Ciaran Bird

A rather unhealthy looking and sounding 221 made an appearance on 500s after a long period of time at Thames Travel. This might explain where the unhealthy sounds originated from! (29/09)


I managed to capture 665 on a 500 on 12/10, for the first time since it was repainted into cityX3!

Some diversions took place on October 3rd and 4th with 677 and 681 noted working the 500.

Gavin Francis

Now regulars working 35 road are the ex 4 road Citaros and above are seen 844 and 846 on October 14th.

Jack Cooper

662 back in its old haunts on October 13th due to servicing of the E20D 514.

Another surprise with the use of 665 working 4 road on October 13th.

Citaro 844 seen crossing Foley Bridge with a 35 service to Abingdon on October 16th.

In the same spot Sprinter 974 is seen with an 11X on the same day. 

Having been off the road for a number of weeks, 678 is seen with 500 service in Woodstock on October 14th. 

Barrie Gilbert

Edwards of Llantwit Fardre has an Oxford Plaxton Interurban in Airline livery on loan/hire for National Express duties.  The only photograph to surface so far (not mine, so can't be re-produced) shows her on trade plates.  Hence, identifying her hasn't yet proven possible.   

New owners are known for all of former 61-5, so she seems to be one of 67-71.  Have you any thoughts on which one she is, and why Oxford would loan / hire her (unless they have an Edwards Caetano Levante-bodied Volvo on loan / hire in exchange ?)

Phil Southall of Oxford Bus

This is Coach 67 and is on loan to Edwards for a period of time as they have one of their Caetano Boa Vista vehicles off the road long term and 67 will be providing additional capacity along the M4 corridor on National Express services whilst it is absent.  

Bob Chalmers

Scania 208 is still at the Scania Compound in Abingdon (today) with no sign of any movement - it appears that the last time it was in service was August 3rd where it 'stopped'  just after 9am - presumably after a breakdown.

Malcolm Crowe

Well here's a surprise with 208 back at Carousel Wycombe for an M O T on Saturday, October 16th.

Jack Cooper

More crossing Foley Bridge on October 14th.

252 with an X38, Milton Park branded 621 and 905 both working the X2.

Gavin Francis

NEx West Midlands 94 with a 210 service in Gloucester Green on October 7th.

Parks BF68LBO with a 504 and Bruce BV66WPF with a 590 working both laying over in Bulleid Way on October 8th and 15th.

Edwards BU18OTD with an 040 working to Bristol on October 12th.

Various operators working NEx services on October 8th, 12th, 13th and  15th seen in London.

Lucketts with the 160 on October 7th and Newbury (Reading) with the 210 on the 12th at Gloucester Green.

Certainly many NEx locations seem to be struggling for drivers hence the hiring of coaches. 

Malcolm Crowe

Having worked the 28 to Ibstone (school days only) FJ06URR is seen in Stokenchurch on October 13th.

Paul Coley

We’ll call this selection ‘15 minutes outside Aylesbury Station’ as this is how it was on October 13th.

LX11AVM working the 62, SN53AVK with a 61 and YX10BHA with a 61A. 

Malcolm Crowe

On October 13th LF52UFO is seen near the end of its working from High Wycombe 643 school service again on October 13th.

Paul Coley

We’ll call this ‘15 minutes outside Aylesbury Station’ as this is what it was October 13th.

Redline's X154FBB.

Tony Bungay

This area of Haddenham has quite often appeared in Midsomer Murders.

Redline and Z and S vehicles were also operating the same diversion, though in the case of Redline 120 it was recently rerouted to give Churchway a regular Bus service. 

Paul Coley

We’ll call this selection ‘15 minutes outside Aylesbury Station’ as this is what it was October 13th.

Quite a variety of machinery as you can see…unusual for Red Rose to use a route 10 Scania on the 16.

Unusually one bus in in white.

Paul Coley

with another from Aylesbury on October 13th.

Working the K1 service with E200 BU55KBK.

Further news on the proposed merger between SC and National Express

A statement this morning, October 18th, has been made by Stagecoach.

Martin Griffiths CEO of Stagecoach announced that with the agreement of both parties, the deadline for a decision has been agreed to be delayed from October 19th until November 16th. This means that discussions continue beyond the original deadline.

Chris Lodington

You may remember some time ago I reported that Stagecoach Merseyside and S. Lancs. Have acquired six Gold E400s from Stagecoach West at Gloucester, Nrs 15850 – 855. 15850/851 are at Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, and 15852-855 are at Preston. All are now in service except 15850. 15851 has been repainted into the new ‘Local’ livery, whilst the four at Preston remain in Gold livery.

I have been out today, (October 6th), and have attached a couple of photographs for possible use in you Bus Page.

The first is of 15852 (VX62 CXR) in Preston heading out on route 61 to Blackpool,

The second is of 15851 (VX62 CXL) in Liverpool, Haymarket, having just exited the Birkenhead tunnel on and X1 journey from Chester.

We much appreciate these pictures of ex SC West buses now in the North West.

Gavin Francis

Gold 10992 with an S6 service in Gloucester Green on October 14th.

Tony Gaze

Bristol Observations on October 7th with an Oxfordshire and East flavour 

ex Banbury 36330 on 462

ex Oxford 15966 on unknown service.
Looks as if it is maybe on staff bus duty.

ex X5 Stagecoach East 54306 and 54307 on Falcon service

October 11th

Caught up with ex Oxford 36448 today in Cheltenham whilst out on the 66 (Cheltenham - Stonehouse)

Certainly changes are now happening in West & Oxford. 

Andy Churchill

Newly repainted E400 15757 which is in the new Local Generic livery and arrived back at Oxford today October 14th 2021 and 15756 has left Oxford today the repaints are being done by North Bristol and all the Gold buses will be repainted into new local livery and not the Yellow distance livery.

Ciaran Bird

I forgot to mention that a few months back I asked Martin Gibbon (Operations Director) on Twitter whether any Stagecoach Oxfordshire routes would receive the orange Distance livery, to which he replied all will get Local. I further asked about the S4 and he explained that due to it serving local towns and villages along the journey, that constitutes the Local livery. Of course as I'm sure you're aware this narrative clashes with the Stagecoach Gloucester one of the 10 linking two major places, thus being the Distance or "Interurban" livery as one driver described it as. For this reason I'd take a fairly certain bet that 15757 will be in Local livery, especially as the Gold buses seem to work city routes more than they do the Gold ones! 

In regards to 10070, it is currently out on the road but on bustimes it duplicates with 10671, meaning you might see it on the map in Kidlington, then immediately in Rose Hill! I've attached a link to a good example of 10671 thinking it's in two places at once!

Photos for OCBP

15767 at Wootton Turn (10/09)

15761 in the traffic abomination thanks to the Horse Trials at Blenheim Palace (18/09)

15767 at Wootton Turn and the Duke of Marlborough on diversion due to road works and a road closure outside the turning circle.
These have since been lifted (23/09).

However the Optare Solo SR Slimlines were able to terminate at Hill Rise due to their reduced width. Note how standard width 47658 had to terminate at either Vermont Drive or Wootton Turn though.

47834, Slimline Solo on diversion.

Gavin Francis

10672 with an S5, 10787 with a 2B and 15767 with another S5 in Magdalen Street West on October 14th.

15757 from the nearside rear on October 17th.

On October 17th E20D MMC 37403 was working the S4,  now to become a more familiar sight.

Jack Cooper

MMC 10433 with an S5 service in Bicester on October 14th.

MMC 10435 is seen at Wootton Turn again on October 14th.

Gold 15832 with an S3 to Chippy on October 14th.

M A N 22418 with driver training in Abingdon Road on October 14th.

Also on October 14th E200 36932 is seen Manorsfield Road on October 14th with a 26 working.

Jim Wright

... was first with a picture of 15757 after return from repaint in Bristol on October 14th.

The first double deck in the Oxford fleet to receive the new local livery.

Theo Freeman

With regards to Banbury there are a few bits to report on. E200 36763 has returned to service after an engine rebuild and has been named in memory of former Banbury driver Tony Ford and 10067 is still in for engine repairs. Manchester E200s 36109/9/111/113 are now permanent transfers (surprise surprise!) 

I also have seen that Dart 34829 has transferred over to Swindon instead of it’s planned transfer to Banbury. 

Pictured Darts 34481 and 34882 crossing in Bridge Street on October 10th.

28743 transferred to Gloucester depot in return for 27704. which I imagine is the start of the end for the Gold E300s on the S4

I believe the plan is 27701-5 will be used on 500s and towns and the MMCs being on the S4. 28744 should be the next to go at some point in the week. Also attached is 28746/5/2 today at Magdalen Street.

27704 in Banbury depot on October 16th having just arrived from Gloucester.

Also on October 16th in Oxford are three of the remaining S4 Scanias 28742, 28745 and 28746.
Maybe not so long to go before the age of the Gold working the S4 is but a memory. 

From SKM

Former Cambridge Park & Ride ADL Enviro 400MMC 10803 entered service at Bedford on October 4th 2021 following a repaint into the amber ‘Distance’ livery. It carries Stagecoach logos but had not received the rear end livery graphics before being pressed into service.

10804 followed on October 9th 2021.

It is understood that 15 Enviro 400MMCs will get luggage racks fitted for use on the 905 Bedford-Cambridge and X5 Bedford-Oxford service. The current PVR is seven buses on the 905 and ten on the X5.

Currently Bedford has 15 Enviro 400MMCs on its books 10499, 10803/04/72-81 and 11179/80. 10499 does not have high-backed leather seating, USB sockets and lacks WiFi so is unlikely to remain part of the core 905/X5 fleet.

That means that at least another five Enviro 400MMC vehicles, at a minimum, would be required to provide PVR requirements along with operational spares The transfer of 10803/04 to Bedford leaves just two Enviro 400MMCs at Cambridge in the purple ‘Milton’ Park & Ride livery but these are being displaced from the route with Enviro 200s and Enviro 300s being deployed on weekdays.

From October 24th 2021 frequencies on Cambridge Park & Ride services are being reduced which will release further P&R branded vehicles although for some time Park & Ride-branded buses have been frequently used on other routes.

Gavin Francis

10875 with an X5 service in Gloucester Green on October 14th.

As already mentioned 10803 now yellow but lacking full branding with an X5 on October 6th.

MMC 10879 leaves Gloucester Green  with an X5 on October 7th.

Gary Seamarks

10803 seen at Bedford ready for a 905 service to Cambridge on October 9th.

Jack Cooper

Another picture of 10803 turns into Magdalen Street West on October 4th.

Also on October 14th 54314 is seen Manorsfield Road, Bicester on October 14th with an X5 working. 

Gordon Scott

Now both decked out in the new distance livery 53802 with an X51 and 54141 working the X59
are both seen in Edinburgh on September 29th.

William Brown

Hot of the press and received today, October 18th.

Seen working the M90 in Edinburgh, ex tube 50263 has been re-registered YIL8340.

Gordon Scott

ex tube 50278 is seen in Edinburgh on September 29th looking very smart. 

Gavin Francis

Looking very smart also 59225 is seen in Bulleid Way on October 15th.

megabus are also using a number of hired operators to provide services in the difficult times.

Parks and Yellow Coaches are also contracted for megabus services and above 8023 has just been repainted into megabus blue on October 18th.

This new Irizar is from Prospect Coaches of Rye working the M22 on October 5th.

PR71MEG Ir i6 VS916AD00K1016106 Ir C??Ft 9/2021 Prospect, Lye

59222 is seen in Oxford with an M34 service on October 15th.

Panorama 50407 working an M11 service in London on October 8th.

On October 7th sister 50409 was not so lucky as it required recovery whilst in London. 

James Freeman

MP Travel's MP21MPT working the M15 service along the M40 at Wheatley on October 13th.

Ciaran Bird

YN11AXS has entered service in plain white. It's currently awaiting repaint as well as something else which shall be revealed in due course! What I can reveal though is that those ugly ad frames are going which I'm relieved to learn as they look rather out of place on a coach! I'm sure Mike Bridges has sent you plenty of photos of this coach already but I finally managed to get a shot of it on camera that wasn't in pitch black, as I usually get out to the yard at 20:15 in the dark!


London operators

Gavin Francis

A new wrap for Korea with LT155 working the 24 now an Abellio contracted route on October 14th.

Big Bus DA226 serving as a mobile office outside Victoria Station on October 8th.

James Freeman

Three ex Abellio E400s seen crossing the M40 at Wheatley on October 13th, going we know not where.

Michael Wadman

Here are some recently scanned-photos that I took at the High Wycombe running day on 26th May 2002 of Arriva London RM25 in Golden Jubilee livery, at Bourne End station and on Tinkers Wood Road on the Plomer Hill estate.


.... and some early pictures from Stagecoach days in Swindon.

Taken in 1996

Taekn in 1993 and 1995.

Andy Churchill

Here are three photos from my collection this time.

COMS Daimler Fleetline 390 (MJO390H) seen in Oxford High Street

An Early Leyland National 109 of Alder Valley seen in Oxford Cornmarket Street on service 5 to Reading.

A later Leyland National of Alder Valley seen in NBC dual purpose livery on service 5 to Reading at top end of Queen Street in Oxford in 1980s
 with one on of Oxfords Leyland Olympians coming up behind.

Interesting variety seeing the livery variations with the Leyland Nationals with the Leyland Badge on the early example and the NBC logo on the other .

Many thanks for a great contribution and also, I'd forgotten, there was a 5 along towards Reading when COMS were still using 1 to Cowley.

Paul Bateson

has provided some more pictures from 1985.

I have to admit not to have seen the RMLs when given a special revision to the livery for route 15 in London.
RML893 is seen by St Paul's on May 19th 1985.

Seen at North's Dealers, PBL60F was new to Thames Valley and then swopped for VRs which the Scottish Group did not like.
Seen at Sherburn-in-Elmet on May 30th 1985.

Another Thames Valley Bristol, this time an RE 241 EBL390K sold to Jaronda Travel.
Seen with Barwick of Barlow on May 30th 1985.

Dave Russell & Deric Pemberton

We see that Michael Wadman is querying why Cheltenham & Gloucester 812 (J412PRW) was operating a Swindon service. We believe we can answer his query. 

Although he correctly states that 812 was transferred to Cirencester in March 2001, Cirencester was only an outstation and vehicles allocated received maintenance at Swindon depot. According to our notes at the time, for reasons unknown to us, 812 plus several other vehicles transferred from Swindon & District to Cheltenham & Gloucester but didn’t have their legal lettering changed. It is quite possible that 812 was at Swindon for maintenance work and it was used on a Swindon duty on that day, e.g. Service 63. 

Just to mention we enjoy reading your weekly updates. 

Martyn Sacaloff

.... has just returned from a few weeks in Scotland. His pictures can be seen at this link:

Most interesting finds are shown below.

Ex Oxford Airline FF08OXF with Merlin Travel of Dunfermline on October 14th.

Once the pride of the road for the X5 service Cambridge-Oxford. Now in Kirkwall as seen on October 4th.

New for SC Oxford's working with the 737 to Stansted 53705 is seen in Thurso on October 5th.

New for the Oxford tube 50280 and 50282 are at Kilmarnock for Glasgow express services - October 8th.
Martyn was told that 50285 and 50286 are to be repainted in the distance livery.

Nick Ross

Three from Northumbria in September and October.

Go Ahead's VolvoB9 Wright Gemini NK13 EJO fleet no 6083 departing Hexham for Newcastle on October 1st 2021 

Go Ahead's Optare NK61 FJP fleet no 635 at Streethouses of Roman fame on September 29th 2021 

Go Ahead's Volvo B9 Gemini NK62 FEU fleet no 6076 crosses the 1674 built Tyne bridge at Corbridge on September 25th 2021 

Thanks to Nick for those interesting pictures.